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May 19, 2016




Just got to your starving Rescue dog pic on the previous page during catch-up. Thanks so much for doing that. May you receive the great love and graitification you deserve in rescuing that animal, and I hope the feelings wind up being mutual and you eventually find out you got the better part of the deal:) Bless you.


"Wilbur" is dead
Alan Young dead at 96

Mister Ed was unavailable for comment


What exactly would have made him appealing either to the Democrats or to the nation at large, were he not black?

Come now! If Obama were White he'd still have that genius of a wife who got that $375,000 job at some Chicago Hospital, and she did so good at it that they eliminated the position when she became First Lady, so he'd still have had Michelle going for him.


is this one, too cryptic, or is it self explanatory,


Michelle is on loan from the down low club.


since we're talking time travel, and in light of mr. young's passing:



interesting take,



good, but it doesn't say much, for hampden sydney that they dismissed him in the first place,



if you put george will in the helmet,




Whatever the comment I missed it completely, but if you get on the line and get Miss Marple posting back here ASAP all is forgiven:)

daddy, just read the Vietnamese want the US to come back--because CHINA.

Amazing, ain't it Clarice? What a world. As for Korb, I only know of him from his 2 appearances in 2 days on TV, but if what he's been spouting there, about how Hillary is great because we can't fight ISIS and it's all Bush's fault, then he's a total imbecile.


oh he long since removed all doubt, it was entertaining once upon a time, when he 'tussled'
with megyn, and ended up like the black knight,


if you want a glimpse into what ms. kojiyama's fan club was about, there's this novel,


which was made into an interesting film with javier bardem, describing a character like the one who actually captured comandante gonzalo, who the author didn't actually meet,

JM Hanes


"Korb simply wanted to blame Bush for everything, and told us Hillary and Obama have no responsibility whatever, and finished screaming out at the end, 'Why did Bush sign the agreement with Maliki? Why did Bush sign the agreement with Maliki?'"

But Bush did NOT sign the SOFA with Maliki, even though he could have done so. He deferred to Obama, because he didn't want to tie the next president's hands as he was leaving office.


of course, it would take a john malkovich to see the potential in the film,



ah, the good old days,


Captain Hate

But Bush did NOT sign the SOFA with Maliki, even though he could have done so. He deferred to Obama, because he didn't want to tie the next president's hands as he was leaving office.

That's what I thought because there was this outstanding issue having to do with the status of contractors being subject to being prosecuted in Iraq. And didn't 404 declare the agreement dead rather than hash things out because we know what a genius negotiator King Zippy is?


The interesting thing is if detectable genetic factors are found in transgenderism and homosexuality and pedophilia, etc,

Now that I have brand new fetal stem-cells implanted in my left eye, let me do an Eye-Test Experiment and see if I can determine if those stem cells were female stem cells or male stem cells:

So first I'll close my right eye, and then see which figure my new stem celled eye is drawn to: Ready...Begin!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's just like you to ruin everything with reality, JM.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I hope they don't change their identity, daddy.
Better keep testing periodically.


Trump Advisor: "Hillary Clinton's Platform Is To Start Wars In The Middle East, And Import All The Refugees"



I don't remember this, but it's been ages since I read catcher in the rye, read that bio of salinger
though, that informed what he was thinking,



Thanks, daddy - as a dog person you know they *always* give us more than they take! I began doing this 3 years ago when my mother died and it has been very therapeutic and rewarding.

This is the group I work with:



Male stem-cells. No question about it.


ah iowahawk still delivers in part,


Captain Hate

Momto2, as another dog person it is great work you're doing. Even though Teddy is the first dog since the 80s we've bought from a breeder, the owner of the kennel is forever trying to place dogs from the local APL.


I think vandal savage has been here, how else to explain this,


The Gipper Lives

"It’s with great pleasure that Google celebrates Yuri Kochiyama, an Asian American activist who dedicated her life to the fight for human rights and against racism and injustice." Horseshit. She loved every anti-American butcher, torturer, terrorist and dictator who ever crawled out from under a rock.

Kochiyama was a regular Cruella de Bolshevik. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

Captain Hate

Correction, Maggie was bought from a breeder who retired her. Emma came from the APL and Rufus the Old English Sheepdog (beautiful dog; will never eeeeeeeeever have another of those maintenance nightmares again) from the county pound after he was found running stray from whatever owner had enough of him.


But Bush did NOT sign the SOFA with Maliki, even though he could have done so. He deferred to Obama, because he didn't want to tie the next president's hands as he was leaving office.

Thanks for that JMH,

The collective mind of this place is amazing. So Korb was lying as well as dead wrong. Surely Korb would have known that. Sebastian Gorka just sat there shaking his head when Korb was talking. I'm positive he knew the truth.

The Science is Settled!!!


did we mention the vampire ghouls who will rise out of their graves,



What a terrible experience for your daughter in law's family
My dad only had a tenth grade education but he had FDR 's number from the get -go and never liked him.
My father in law was stationed in Attu for part of the war.


So glad your eye is better.
Hope your knee gets better each day.


this was the bit in the film, that suggested they had reconsidered the snowden worship"

When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell, Black Widow released HYDRA files to the public. Millions of pages, much of it encrypted. Not easy to decipher, but I have experience and patience. A man can do anything if he has those."


CH - Dog people are some of the best people! I cannot imagine taking care of a sheepdog - we once had English Springer Spaniels and that was enough hair for me!

People can be cruel - so that is a downside to being a foster - you see a very dark side of humanity. BUT you also see and meet wonderful people who open their heart and homes to save them. I try to think of those and not the others.

I have only "failed" once in the 3 years (foster-fail means you adopt the dog). She is my Emma and she came into rescue like a country western song - she was pregnant, abandoned, had been shot (buckshot), had heart worms, and had a broken leg that had never been set. Because of that lack of treatment, her leg had to be amputated. After getting her through all of that - I could not let her go.

She is full recovered and runs so fast on her 3 legs she could almost catch a deer. Her ability to overcome the ill treatment and still be sweet and loving has been a great example to me.

Here she is: (Sorry for the large photo - I've tried changing the width, height and it doesn't seem to shrink)

Thanks for indulging my dog talk! I know there are lots of animal lovers here.

some text


Hi maryrose,

Very neat about your dad in Attu. Rugged times.

Just about to head into the woods with the pups and it if Scout runs me eyeball first into another Pine tree Momto2'is going to have to hustle up to Alaska in her dog rescue boots😉


We may have to get you some "Dog walking goggles" daddy - :)


maybe it's the cheetos:



caution, rocket surgery being performed,



But Bush did NOT sign the SOFA with Maliki, even though he could have done so. He deferred to Obama, because he didn't want to tie the next president's hands as he was leaving office.

So everything really is Bush's fault.


Daddy, I was keeping up on your eye situation and semi-lurking. You are awesome, and God knows, that with your career AND SUCH, I've been praying for you. You're a strong person mentally, and maybe even physically!!! But seriously, I'm so glad to find that you will still be able to HAVE CHILDREN.... errrr, I mean, you will still have excellent vision. I just wanted to weigh in on Arnold Palmer, and you assertion that he uses STEM CELLS to GET CHIX!!! Conservatives like you and I are completely AGAINST SCIENCE and it's a well known FACT that only ABORTED BABIES have stem cells WORTHY OF ARNIE!!!
Why do you HATE SCIENCE??


JimmyK. George W.Bush was both a decent honorable man, and a naive fool, to do what he did. He did the same with TARP FUNDS. He left (if memory serves me) $350,000,000.00 for Obama to "manage", rather than make decisions that would hog tie or impinge the incoming (REDACTED) SUCKER in CHIEF.
I am proud of G.W.BUSH, in many many ways. First and foremost, W. put his popularity, polls and place in history FAR BEHIND his DUTY to America.
He wasn't always right, and he was naive or unaware of the F(REDACTED)UP nature of WHOM the LIBTARDOCRAT PARTY....IS. W.Bush is/was dumb enough to expect his rivals to be honorable and honest too. THEY ARE NOT.
The LEFT are like RABID WOLVES. They have no honor and no shame.

Manuel Transmission

Ran into John Nance at the club just before he headed out to do a 10:30 segment on the tube. He gave me a quick summary of his take on the whole thing.

> More likely an electrical fire than a raghead bomb/incendiary device.

> Thinks they were in control at least down to ~10k ft.

> Agrees that the 90 left turn was a distress action. (Some are trained for a 45 Left.)

> His main suspicion is a chronic cooling fan failure that the airlines don't want to fix even though the fix is $18k/plane vs $50M/yr for scrubbed missions for that problem. (Apparently it is a predictive tool, not just replacing fans.)

We'll see if he nails it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12; we have a hate crime in progress;
5 Reasons I am Teaching My Son That He Is a Boy


Hey Man Tran, good to see you.
I have no knowledge INSIDE or OTHERWISE, however, this plane did not crash because of an ELECTRICAL FAILURE. It doesn't add up.
Good news!!!! We may find out the TRUTH at the same time THE IRS and MEXICO FAST and FURIOUS investigations conclude!!!


Ig, as you probably know, I have a 15 year old SON. GUS JR. Henry knows him well.
My son is a boy. I do not feel the need to have a 5 NOR a 12 step program to teach my son, to be.......MY SON.
This TRANSGENDER CRAP, is just that. CRAP. The more we DIGNIFY IT, the longer the CRAP, remains on the MENU as a REAL SANDWICH.
It is total and utter MADE UP BULL (REDACTED). There is NO SUCH THING as TRANSGENDER.
If I want to be a ZEBRA, I am not a ZEBRA and if I take a DUMP on your DRIVEWAY, it was ME, not a ZEBRA.
The SOCIETY and the LEFTIST PROPAGANDA, that WE and SPECIFICALLY THE GOPe has/have allowed, brings us to his point.


SMOKE!!! The SENSORS indicated SMOKE on the AIRCRAFT. Hmmmmmm. So there was SMOKE. Goodness gracious, maybe someone was SMOKING in the BATHROOM. Logic is your friend.
Maybe Opie Hussein von Dimbulb should send his TOP MUZZZLIM Surgeon General candidate to the scene. SMOKE!!!!


ONCE AGAIN DEAR FRIENDS. SMOKE. Smoke was detected on board flight ZERO TERROR on FINAL to CAIRO. I mean DETECTORS INDICATE THAT SMOKE.........errrrrr....uhhhhhh.... occurred!!!!
Well SMOKE OCCURRING must mean SOMETHING NOT MUZZZZZTARD BOOM BOOM is happening. Lets eliminate any and all MUZZLIM possibilities FIRST.
Then we can blame CONSERVATIVES.

Smoke happened!!! Must be some non-Muzztard failure!!

Man Tran


It's not the size of the photo, it's the number of pixels. 400 wide is the optimum.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not satisfied with fricasseeing birds in flight right out of the sky nor providing too little power at exorbitant prices,
the Ivanpah Solar Facility decided to set itself on fire.

Good grief and good night.


It's about saving the planet!!!!
LeoTARDO DeCRAPTARDIO, is ALL IN on saving the planet.


Here's an edit of a post regarding a genius piece of legislation from the TN General Assembly.

The letter from the chancellor at UT explaining it is posted at Insty.


It saddens me to share with you that a new state law requires us to defund the Office of Diversity and Inclusion from July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017. This means that no funds can go to operate the office...

As the law requires, the university will reallocate the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s budget to minority engineering scholarships.

Way to go, TN Gen Ass!
Address the problem, offer a meaningful solution too!


And here's the free online Constitution Course every Hillsdale college student is required to take to graduate:


lun too


Wonderful Dog Rescue video, Momto2. Sends me up to bed with a happy heart. G'nite.

Captain Hate

That's great news to wake up to, anonamom, and calls for this:



Normally would have half a dozen news feeds to read this morning.

So just who was the asshole that pissed MM off?


Posted by: narciso | May 20, 2016 at 11:13 AM

Thank you, narciso, for that David Warren link. I haven't read him in quite some time and that was a fantastic essay.


Good Morning! Yay! Spring has arrived,I think I'll plant flowers today.
Hubby told me something interesting. He was at a trade show the other day with other local businesses participating. One of the local media asked to interview him about the overtime for salaried employees ruling. He declined. The co-ordinator of the trade show later told him that ten business owners were asked for interviews and all declined. The media on the local level are distrusted as much as the national media. It isn't worth the aggravation to voice an opinion.


That is a sad state of affairs when free speech is risky for fear of auditing or other repercussions


exactly as the dems want it maryrose.

hear something fishy ... rat them out to stasi@whitehouse.gov


buckeye,I've found it's getting impossible to keep track of who trampled on whom, and why, especially having missed some hunks here and there. And having that 'saving lives and stamping out disease' task while adding the Obamacare mandated data entry clerk and billing generator positions to my work days makes it near impossible to keep up--definitely can't read very many of the links on workdays.

(I do appreciate people who repost ones they particularly found enlightening, and note that. )

My take away though is that this shows JOM is a near family--'cause this degree of feeling is matched only but what unfolds when my husband's eight siblings gather and relive their parenting-deprived young lives.

I hope MM will modify the terms of her break to allow links to be posted.


and unsurprisingly it is raining here.

Janet S.

The co-ordinator of the trade show later told him that ten business owners were asked for interviews and all declined.

The Joe the Plumber savaging taught us all a lesson.

It happened on October 12, 2008. - Wiki - "He gained national attention during the 2008 U.S. presidential election when, during a videotaped campaign stop in Ohio by then Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama, Wurzelbacher asked Obama about his small business tax policy. Obama's response included the statement, "when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

Carrie Prejean, Brendan Eich,...

Janet S.

hear something fishy ... rat them out to stasi@whitehouse.gov




Yes it is hard to keep up sometimes.

I hear the same complaints from my son and other Dr. friends about the ridiculous record keeping requirements. One OB buddy with ~ 8000 babies delivered gave up his private practice, just wasn't worth it. At least he is at the hospital teaching residents, his insights and experience are pretty valuable.

Another cluster [redacted] we can lay at Obama's feet.

Centralcal on iPad

Marlene: very wise decision on the part of those business owners. Here in the Valley where I live all the newspapers in most larger cities/towns are owned by the same liberal publisher. I cancelled my subscription years ago.

I will check their online version a few times a year for local crime stories, but even then their bias often floats to the top of the toilet bowl.


morning Janet. Want to get together for coffee?

Centralcal on iPad

Byron York on Twitter this morning:

Seeking to bury hatchet, Trump reaches out to #NeverTrumpers National Review and Charlie Sykes. ow.ly/8Aca300r82y

Centralcal on iPad

The link:


Janet S.

morning Janet. Want to get together for coffee?

Sure Rich! Head over now & I'll take us out to breakfast at a little place in McLean.

...or we can do just coffee.

a big open rainy day.


Re: Foster families for dogs

My favorite aunt rescued four that kept her life full of joy. Same for my brother.

When I read the sweet foster comments to my wife this morning she thought they were wonderful, as were those who took on the responsibility.

Then, as an afterthought, the new elementary principal in her added ... I bet there are more foster families in America for dogs than for children; there are so my damaged children that need to be rescued, too.

Robin in the 10 Square Miles of Insanity

RattleGator, you have nailed it on race relations.

I was listening to the weekly Ricochet flagship podcast and they were discussing how the conservative intellectuals just don't make a good case to regular people for conservatism. Trump has said he will not touch social security and Medicare, so he immediately takes that argument away from Democrats. That is a huge thing. Lots of folks on the right have said that he is going to be shocked at what can't be accomplished by a president in moving legislation and getting things done. My gut says this is exactly what he expects. He will be tweeting from the WH about the regulatory state and how it's in the way of enacting legislation people want, and making the whole DC apparatus very transparent. He will do this every single day with his direct line to the people. He's already stated that he had to make outrageous statements to get people listening to his message. Think that's going to change once he's in the WH?

His willingness to take flack for outrageous positions is so refreshing.

As an aside, had a cocktail party at my house yesterday (kids running around in the sunshine, adults drinking a fabulous drink - Tamarind margaritas). Most of my friends are doctrine liberals who live conservative lives. They are all avoiding the news, all of them. Two said they expect Trump to win and then changed the subject. I was astonished. Made for a lovely afternoon all around.



A little Saturday morning fun: An Illustrated History of Unbelievably Camouflaged Ships.

Camouflage photo Camouflage_zpsy4sajj90.jpg

As a separate article on reworking the concept for the 21st Century noted:

The idea wasn’t to conceal a ship, but to trick enemy combatants. Ships painted in these zigzag patterns were difficult to discern, making it difficult for the enemy to estimate a target’s range, speed, and heading.

Hiding in plain sight is still very much a work in progress, impeded, of course, by the usual suspects.

Centralcal on iPad

Golly, JMH, some of those ships make your eyes cross or spin in circles!


I'll give you a call at about 10-finishing up a few chores here. The usual Starbucks is fine ... see if we can scare up James D?

and I'll second RattleGator's comment earlier in the thread.

buccaneer morgan

Thanks rattler, he is an unusually perceptive fellow like steyn, so no one republished him of course.



"He's already stated that he had to make outrageous statements to get people listening to his message. Think that's going to change once he's in the WH?"

I hope so, because outrageous statements from presidents can have extremely dangerous, life and death, consequences. People around the world need to know that the U.S. President means what he says. Not everything is a "negotiation," and markets of all sorts can be thrown into chaos when people aren't sure where the US is going to come down. Stability and clarity are important too, and it's not like he will have to fight for global attention in the White House.

James D.

I am proud of G.W.BUSH, in many many ways. First and foremost, W. put his popularity, polls and place in history FAR BEHIND his DUTY to America.

Bush did put duty to country over his popularity, which is to be praised.

But he put his personal honor over duty to country (in "not wanting to tie Obama's hands" in many ways), which is to be condemned.


A friend has written a new book on the consequences of Obama's foreign policy for those of you who may be interested:http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/politics-international-relations/international-relations-and-international-organisations/retreat-and-its-consequences-american-foreign-policy-and-problem-world-order?format=PB&isbn=9781316506714

James D.

Rich, Janet, i would love to, but we're off to the doctor in 10 minutes and we'll be there for a couple of hours.

Next time, hopefully!


sbw - I've done both - I purchased an AKC Springer Spaniel years ago and I've adopted a rescue (as well as fostered dozens.) There is just a little something special about the rescued dogs as if they know they have narrowly escaped a horrid fate.

I am also a teacher and share your wife's concern for children. We can easily become overwhelmed with all the needs. I embrace the story of making a difference for that one starfish.

Robin in the 10 Square Miles of Insanity

JMHanes, good point. I was thinking more about domestic action. We need to get the economy moving again, so I think he will not hold back when pointing fingers at the problems.


JMH - People around the world need to know that the U.S. President means what he says.

Do you think people around the world share that opinion currently?
I'm reminded of red lines and such.....

Robin in the 10 Square Miles of Insanity

i suspect too that for our allies and frenemies around the world, a president who has America's best interest at heart will already be creating stability and clarity.

Robin in the 10 Square Miles of Insanity

Momto2, same page. :-)

Janet S.

That's fine, rich.

Robin in the 10 Square Miles of Insanity

White House Eco-chamber via Instapundit:



Robin - we can only hope and pray that somewhere, hidden away in the recesses of government, there are good people who will take courage if Trump becomes President and rise up. I believe there are many more such revelations of corruption that may be revealed.

The media has been so discredited and I think their inability to stop or damage Trump has stunned them. "Why aren't those stupid people listening to what we're saying...." type attitude.

Jack is Back!


I wonder how much of Lieber's research he did here:)

Looks like a good read, so I ordered one. Right now I am reading 3 books at once:

Infintestimal, by Amir Alexander

The Reader on the 6:27, by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent [highly recoommeded\, and

A Terrible Splendor, by Marshall Jon Fisher.

In other news, the Hamptons are in their pre-zing period. Luxury cars have increased expotentially since fall and winter. Lots of Ferraris, Lambos, McLarens but the ones that stick out are the Range Rovers and Nazimobiles. Those are the young professional families from the City who don't know what a stop sign is or a crosswalk.

6 Days to Clown Posse Crazy times.



You need an old pickup with a gun rack in the back sporting a sawed-off.

That might give those young NYC professionals in their Nazimobiles pause;)


But he put his personal honor over duty to country (in "not wanting to tie Obama's hands" in many ways), which is to be condemned.

James D., that’s the advantage of hindsight.


. . . one starfish

Momto2, my wife agrees and says she’d like to meet you.





Is there a prize for four comments in a row?


a prize for four comments in a row?

Yeah, you get a life if you choose to embrace it. [Actually, off to pick up my wife’s new boat. I do have a life.]


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--there are so my damaged children that need to be rescued, too--

A single mom at our church has two kids of her own and then at any one time three or four foster kids of any possible age.
She showed up at our Monday night bible study with 12 day old Jedediah a couple of weeks ago.
She's taking care of this little dude while at the same time she has a 16 year old Gypsy [or Roma I guess is the PC term now] girl whose life consists of making up for the eight years of school she missed and testifying regarding the numerous and apparently very serious crimes she witnessed her psycho family committing.

Foster mom has a really hard time, as you would expect, dealing with having to let them go when the time comes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I hope so, because outrageous statements from presidents can have extremely dangerous, life and death, consequences.--

"We begin bombing in five minutes...."

Sometimes a little unpredictability works too. :)


I have a life too--between my consecutive posts and now, I did my Saturday loop, then I got my mother admitted to the hospital 800 miles away, her a fib controlled, gave my one brother shit for again being unreachable by phone (wife and children too), and talked with three other siblings.

Upside of living in a smallish town--her very own cardiologist saw her in the ER. And this all took place from when I woke her up at 8:40 (how I knew something was not right--we are morning people!) and 10:15. WOW! She'd still be in admitting at our place.

These four accounts of descendants of the Georgetown slaves reactions to their new-found knowledge of their heritage, and their proposals as to where to go from here, are a testament to the power of faith and forgiveness, with a whole lot of grace and love thrown it.

Don't let the source deter you from reading.



Best wishes to your mom, anonamom.

That photo is great, JMH!

Robin, I bookmarked that margaritas recipe. It looks divine. I also like to use a simple syrup simmered with fresh jalapenos. If you take them out quickly, the syrup is not too spicy and has a delightful bright flavor.

God bless all the foster parents.

And belated congratulations to OL on his daughter's graduation!

Old Lurker

Mom: "...that somewhere, hidden away in the recesses of government, there are good people who will take courage if Trump becomes President and rise up..."

Sadly, I think you are probably wrong about that. It was probably once true, but I cannot recall any recent interaction with my governments at any level in which I did not feel threatened by low IQ, low competence, all powerful thugs with redistributionist / reparations to ours attitudes. I think to them, errors are always in favor of their targeted groups and against the taxpayers and the constitution.

Sorry, but that is the way I think it is now.

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