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May 23, 2016


buccaneer morgan

how have they been going btw,



And a bonus third of the shootings occurred in Chicago over the weekend. /not sure they count all the shootings there anyway.

BLM / Ferguson effect is increasing this number.

buccaneer morgan

danger will robinson,


Captain Hate

How can something they slavishly dwell on be considered "overlooked"? Do the editors even read this swill?

Thomas Collins

And what would The Hill or Princess Liz's answer be? Aussie style gun confiscation, so that a store owner or homeowner won't be able to defend himself or herself?

buccaneer morgan

I swear it's like they see demolition man, as an instructional video,


buccaneer morgan

he assumes the gun is the vector,



Milwaukee also has booming shoot-em ups. Typically the bullets end up in innocent youths (2-9 yrs old) inside their houses. Yet all the pols talk about is too many youths in prison.


BREAKING: Baltimore officer Edward Nero acquitted of all charges for role in arrest, death of Freddie Gray (AP)

buccaneer morgan

we plow through much of this foolishness, captain,
a similar thing happened in south florida, there was a proactive police unity, the jump out boys, they exceeded their mandate, and hence were dissolved, guess what happened next?

Miss Marple 2

Judge in Freddie gray trial is African-American, according to Greta.


Congratulations to Officer Nero. Where does he go to get his reputation back?

buccaneer morgan

good question,


buccaneer morgan

that's partial vizzini,


Comanche Voter

Well out here in Los Angeles we have both brown on brown and black on black shootings. The worst times were from roughly 1985 to 2005--gang members either get taken off the street and sent to prison, or to the cemetery, or eventually grow up. A lot of the Los Angeles murders were never solved, giving rise to the complaint in the black and brown communities that the officers just didn't care about what happened or who got killed. And the officers responded that members of the community who were witnesses to the killings wouldn't talk to them. It was a circular blame game. If the community doesn't care, why should we?

The Ferguson effect is simply going to start this all over again. Black Lives Matter activists should be careful of what they wish for.

buccaneer morgan

and I call them, some lives matter, because they don't care about the majority of african americans affected, the blm were the dream defenders, which in turn were part of crump and julian's agitprop, all coordinated from the white house,

buccaneer morgan

I recall when lurch beat him a red headed stepchild in the senate race,


Frau Nie wieder Clintons

Off to the airport...as Clarice sez, "Be nice."

buccaneer morgan

so the green moonbat wins in austria,

buccaneer morgan

what are the odds,


buccaneer morgan

and mcawful wins another one

Miss Marple 2


As someone on Twitter pointed out, people at Disney aren't DYING while they're waiting in line.

Suggest going over to article to see the photo of this weasel. Keep in mind it's his official portrait so it's the BEST he could look, and he still looks like a guy whose friends would call him "Ratty."

buccaneer morgan

just a (redacted), of course, zaphod would never put someone competent in that slot,


Don't let the NEW THREAD kick you in the rear end!

Tom Maguire
And what would The Hill or Princess Liz's answer be?

Ban guns and arrest non-compliant suburban and rural whites, obviously. C'mon, this is not as complicated a plot line as Game of Thrones.


from the 11:13 legal insurrection link, Nero's defense attorney:

“The problem is they tried to make a case out of whole cloth with regards to Miller and Nero right from the beginning. They were the face of this case – this Freddie Gray case – because they were the ones who were on video, they were the ones that the public got a whiff of early on and yet, their cases were the weakest cases for the state to present.

I think what happened was is the state’s attorney decided she was going to charge someone and worked back from there. I don’t think she got the evidence and worked up to the conclusion that these individuals should be charged. I think she decided that somebody had to be charged. Obviously, it had to be Nero and Miller because they were the first ones [on the scene], they are on camera, they are these white guys taking down this black guy, and I think that is where they went wrong – right from the beginning in charging Officer Miller and Nero, especially Officer Nero and MIller of these charges.”

buccaneer morgan

daddy, how exactly does this work,


perhaps if the windows were blown out?


and praying JOMers--please say a prayer my mom is able to get a cardioversion and goes back into sinus rhythm without having a stroke, and gets the heck out of that hospital before they starve her to death.

Her "healthy heart" meal Saturday evening--lemon merengue pie and spaghetti!!! Guess they want to put her in an insulin coma...

Beasts of England

Prayers your way, anonamom.


Pilot 'attempted sudden descent' in bid to extinguish fire


I can't say about descending as some attempt "to extinguish the fire" if there was a fire, but in all our procedures of uncontrolled smoke or fire on the plane it always mandates this:

If source of smoke or fumes cannot be immediately terminated, plan and execute an immediate landing at the nearest suitable airport and perform the EVACUATION checklist. Accomplish appropriate procedure, but do not delay landing to troubleshoot systems.

They want us on deck as fast as possible, and blow off running the checklists. In all cases I can recall of uncontrolled fire, the crew either gets incapacitated, it burns thru the control systems, or it gets so hot in the cockpit the crew has to leave---in each case they die. Fire in flight is the worst case scenario, so they recommend getting it down on the deck as quick as possible and getting out.

If windows are blown out at altitude (37,000 feet) it's going to get super loud and super cold, and you're only going to have between 15 to 30 seconds maximum of useful consciousness if that, so again in such a case, first action is immediately don the Oxygen Mask then immediate emergency descent to follow to a much lower altitude.

buccaneer morgan

I thought of that, but unless they were going to augur in, they were too far from shore.


Good luck, anonamon


the blm effect: increase in murder rates in 2016 Washington d c 54%
Minneapolis 61%
Milwaukee 72%
Chicago 80%
Nashville 83%
Cleveland 90%
most of the increase were black victims. I still think blm was a creation of the federal dept of justice.

crime statistics over the last ten years show that a police officer is 18 times more likely to be shot by a black than an unarmed black is to be shot by a police officer. do you see 18 stories about a cop being shot by a black in the democrat party-media complex for every story of an armed black being shot by a cop? or is it 418 stories of an unarmed black being shot by a police officer to no story about a cop being shot?

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