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May 18, 2016




Dave (in MA)

Well, she's been out of the WH for 15 years.


She doesn't live a healthy life style. Her choice for VEEP is crucial, as he could be our president in a couple of years and her choices are even more radical than Obama.


Can you imagine Vice President Franken being sworn in after Hillary chokes on a lime in a Corona bottle? Or Castro?


President Cory Booker today choked back tears at the funeral of the first Woman PResident, but said that the nation needs to continue to fight for Mrs. Clinton's values....

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Do you mean Hillary chokes on Castro or he is sworn in?
Cuz, while I could see her choking on Fidel (viva la revolucion!) I couldn't see her lying back and thinking of mother Marx for just plain ol Julian.

Janet S.

after Hillary chokes on a lime in a Corona bottle?

Hahhaaaa!!! Too funny, peter!


the dog barks, the caravan moves on ...


this can't be good.


the workers paradise.


therein lies the problem, one of the lesser known ingredients in the rise of aq, was the collapse of
oil and it's impact on the kingdom's safety net, that and the balkan and caucasus insurgencies that provided the recruiting material,


[Reposted from the end of several threads ago:]

I have been busy and often, like now, play catch-up.

Besides that:

-- I have a remembry that is aging and general. -- I can retain select detail at one end of the spectrum, and
-- I can retain some philosophical concepts at the other.

What that means is that much of the noise here that causes commenters to seethe and foment goes by the board for me. That is a blessing.

I admire and appreciate many JOM long-timers, lurkers, and those who come back to revisit from time to time.

I admit to under-appreciate gross repetition, goalpost movers, and put-words-into-my-mouth twisters.

JOM is, for all its ups-and-downs and occasional warts, The Gold Standard Of Observation And Commentary.

I toast its owner, its visitors, and its ongoing success!


thank you sbw, our host permits this socratic exercise, somewhat like kingsfield,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another link to the overtime rule from Comrades Barry and Joe.
Two questions arise;
1. Is anyone truly stupid enough to not know this will simply result in adjustments by employers which will not benefit employees?
2. Under color of what law do the Feds make this imperial decree? Interstate commerce? All small businesses are engaged in IC?

OK that's four questions.


Good Morning!

Local rag has a story with some pictures on the Turnagain Hiking Trail that starts about a mile from our house and is one of our favorites. If anyone is interested, Turnagain Arm Trail

In other local news, big stink ongoing about some Native Villagers that killed an Endangered Humpback Whale. Western Alaska hunters may be in trouble after landing off-limits whale

The Humpback came into shallow water chasing herring, so the villagers went out in their skiffs with "high powered rifles" and took "hundreds of shots" to kill it.

Pitka’s son, with the same name, posted a video of the hunt on Facebook that showed rifles being fired and the water turning bloody red. The video was later removed.

Sad news of course to the Enviro's who want prosecution, but the Natives are thankful, and the paper helpfully includes a recipe: (How to eat a whale: A Barrow family describes how to prepare bowhead the Inupiaq way)



All the examples listed tonight are LIES not bullshit.
I disagree. In most of these cases the people making the propositions don't care whether they are true or not, they are merely useful for the larger purpose of expanding government, and empowering and enriching Democrats and their cronies.

jimmyk, I might have believed that except that:

1) They are ALL not true,
2) They are crafted to appear true,
3) They are designed to mislead.

No one who examines the list should have any reason to trust Democrats whose words demean them so.


Here's some help, Ig:

Secretary Perez says employers have a variety of ways they can comply with the new rule when it takes effect Dec. 1. “People are going to get at least one of three benefits,” Perez said. “They’re either going to get more money … more time with their family, or everybody is going to get clarity.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--They’re either going to get more money...--

Yes, because employers do not determine how much ones salary might be.
Of course I guess the next step is the Feds decide that also.


it's just another full employment bouffet for the bar, like the lilly ledbetter act,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Fascinating, little known story;
Stand aside Winchester and Colt for the gun that truly won the west; the BB gun.
Well, sort of.


I have run into cross-dressers in public places occasionally, and my inclination is not to harass them but to GET AWAY. In a restroom, most women would do the same thing. If I had thought Sally was a man, I wouldn't have yelled at him. I would have assumed he was there for creepy purposes and beat feet out the door.

The whole thing is bogus

Exactly, Miss Marple.

More phoniness, just like this: Another 'Racial Attack' Ruled a Hoax in College Town


so they have overmedicating kids to ward off some ephemeral condition, and now they admit, oops sorry about that,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nice article by Chaco on Hillary's email issues.


Was just advised by a company that I am familiar with that a US Commercial jet was refused entry into Iranian Airspace by the Iranians, even though the US Commercial jet had pre-approval and was on the proper route and had the proper frequencies, radar contact, transponder codes, within the proper time coordinates, etc.

Looks like the Iranian "Moderates" Ben Rhodes just helped us make a Deal with aren't so moderate.

James D

I wonder how many people have already died at the hands of weapons bought and terrorists trained using the money Obama and Kerry and Rhodea gave to Iran as part of the nuclear deal?


Rush is saying that lots of Dem's are now coming to believe that Hillary may actually not have what it takes to beat Trump, and that's causing big worries, because 6 months ago they all figured she would be doing a cake walk thru the Dem Primaries right now. The dawning reality that she's a terrible candidate, generating zero enthusiasm and performing miserably against the 70 year old Socialist has even her True Believers scared to death.

I think Rush is right.

Jack is Back!

I posted that 13 minutes of lies video about 10 days back and read nary a word here. Good to see that TM found it and posted it. Very powerful if used properly.

From one of my USNA buddies:

Best to enlarge it but a good rant.


daddy --

Polls tend to show the same thing. Today there is a poll out of New Hampshire, a blue to purple state that Obama won twice.

It shows in a Trump vs. Sanders matchup, Sanders wins by SIXTEEN points. In a Trump vs. Rodham matchup, Rodham wins by only TWO points, within the margin of error.

The polls in state after state show the same thing -- the voters are not swarming to Trump, but they do not like Hillary.

It almost seems like BOTH parties this year seem destined to nominate the one candidate from their party who cannot win (or at least would have a very difficult time against any normal opponent).

Captain Hate

I think Rush is right.

Rush has been on target this whole campaign. I was ready to send him to the glue factory before this, thinking the Internet made him obsolete. But he's had his finger on the pulse every day that I've heard him for a while.


Good job JIB

Dave (in MA)

http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_GOP_2016_TRUMP_SUPREME_COURT?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-05-18-14-08-40 Any JOM legal scholars care to let us know good/bad/indifferent?


Dave --

A decent list. The Willet selection made me smile.

Trump is clearly trying to reassure conservatives with this list.

Jack is Back!

Forget Christie. He's dead in the water in Joisy.

Rumor has it that he is the John Doe who is trying to quash the release of names of the unidicted co-conspirators in BridegeGate. IOW's, he knew.

Dave (in MA)

I figured there'd be some Rotisserie League Fantasy Judiciary players here.


From the last thread:

The original purpose of _____ was to represent consumers against ________.

But _____ has instead become a breeding ground for bureaucrats becoming highly paid executives in the very industry the bureau was created to regulate.

The shorter blank was CFPB, the longer referred to the "unscrupulous" banking industry. But you could replace them with pretty much any government regulatory agency and the corresponding industry and it would fit just fine.

Dave (in MA)

3rd new thread of the day


1) They are ALL not true,
2) They are crafted to appear true,
3) They are designed to mislead.

sbw, I think our only point of disagreement is that I'm not sure the proponents of the statements know them not to be true, but I am sure they find them useful.


meanwhile back at the ranch,



jimmyk, fair enough, but I think you give them too much benefit of the doubt.

It’s like believing a guilty Democrat who never admits guilt is innocent.

daddy squinting at iPad


I still get a kick out of O'Reilly last night, angry that the NYTimes used reporters to go after Trump that personally don't like Trump, and demanding that the Times Editors only use New York Times reporters to cover Trump who don't dislike him.

There is no such creature.


yes douthat finds him least distasteful, like appleseeds rather than cyanide,


A decent list. The Willet selection made me smile.

Me, too. He's a friend of Iowahawk; in fact they appear to have had lunch together from what I see on Twitter.

But Iowahawk, who is decidedly anti-Trump, hasn't said anything about the SCOTUS list yet. Wonder if it will change his mind at all. Much as I like him, he seems like the kind of guy who would never publicly admit he was wrong, especially on something like this where he's really dug in.


Right on cue, Iowahawk tweets:

David Burge
.@Socardini Justice Willett is also on my SCOTUS short list. #Iowahawk2016

No credit to Trump for a good choice, of course.


No credit to Trump for a good choice, of course.

Porch I asked this question on another new thread and will repeat it here: do we know that this list is Trump's personal choice or is one chosen for him?


Hi centralcal, I just replied on the other thread - it's being reported as the list his campaign developed...


Good afternoon! I've been out all day. My blood pressure was good at the doctor's appointment this morning,after catching up on the threads,I'm not sure it is so great now.
I was scared to death to post on JOM the first time. I was in awe of all of all of you,so smart and funny and with wonderful stories. My silly updates from Maine pale by comparison.
Politics really sucks. Remember,my daughter works in D.C.,so I have a pretty good idea of what goes on.
Many of us are of a certain age and we know in our hearts that the country has changed and it is very frustrating.
I do hope that everyone will take a deep breath and continue to post on JOM.


I was scared to death to post on JOM the first time. I was in awe of all of all of you,so smart and funny and with wonderful stories.

Marlene - I felt exactly the same way! I had lurked here forever and didn't feel like I could say anything of comparable value but then, one day, I screwed up my courage posted.

I think it's such an amazing kaleidoscope of opinions, life experiences, and funny banter. I enjoy the rabbit trails that appear out of nowhere about all kinds of things.

I hope the election differences will not cause permanent damage.


Ha! Marlene. My first post to JOM came after TM criticized me for misspelling his name in my own, now dormant blog.

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