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May 19, 2016


Thomas Collins

Thanks, JMH. I didn't know the ink techs were working on a one year tattoo injection.

I never did utilities law, CH, so I never got to travel with AB. I had just heard of his imbibing skills, which you are now confirming.


I first started doubting Trey Gowdy's skilz, when his Benghazi committee finally got a fact-to-face with Clinton, and he couldn't even manage to lay a glove on her.

My recollection is that to any objective person, Clinton was quite obviously bobbing and weaving around the questions and looked bad. But to the MSM and Clinton fans, all she had to do was "keep her composure," which made her ab-fab fantastic.

I would agree, though, that Gowdy and others were insufficiently aggressive. As an example, if I recall correctly when asked about the e-mail to Chelsea claiming it was a video, when they already knew it was terrorism, her response was in effect, "The information we had was constantly changing." Gowdy should have done his best Sam Waterston L&O imitation, "So you are asking us to believe that..." while dripping with sarcasm. But I think he just let it slide, more or less.

Happy Birthday to TC and glasater!


I began to question Cruz's savvy, when he so clearly bungled the logistics of his climate change hearing.

Yep JMH. Sad to say but have to agree. On a Repub chaired Committee, Cruz could only get 2 Repubs to even show up as opposed to the 5 or 6 pompous Dem's, and if not for Mark Steyn's pointed outrage and courage in pushing back against Ed Markey, it would have been even a bigger debacle.

Oversight and accountability is a key Congressional function, and we've got to figure out how to do it effectively




The origin of the bizarre racist lynching theory of national parks appears to be Carolyn Finney. Finney was an actress noted for, apparently, little more than an appearance in The Nutt House. Then she became a cause célèbre for race activists when she was denied tenure by Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management because her work didn’t meet academic standards.

Her supporters blamed racism, rather than her academic shortcomings, and protested vocally.

These days she’s a diversity advisor to the U.S. National Parks Advisory Board. What wasn’t good enough for UC Berkeley is good enough for national parks. She is also the author of Black Faces, White Spaces. In it she claims that “oppression and violence against black people in forests and other green spaces can translate into contemporary understandings that constrain African-American environmental understandings.”

If there's a better example of why the [redacted] Leviathan needs to be burned to the [redacted] ground, I can't think of one.


No question that all of the pundits, Nate included, have had a tough primary season.

But my point was not his analysis but his data.

I think that the Republicans can find some encouragement if the election really does hinge on people who (a) do not consider themselves Democrats and (b) have an unfavorable view of Rodham. Of course, the fact that (c) they support Sanders is a complicating factor, but I would think that there is some reasonable chance that this group will not fall into line behind Rodham. Whether they would go all the way and vote Trump I don't know but they may not have to for him to win. Just sitting on the sidelines might be enough.

My real point is that no matter how much disunity there is on the right (and JOM certainly proves that) there is considerable disunity on the left as well and that could in the end make the difference.

Jack is Back!


That Powerline quote while funny is also incorrect. Trump owns all the country clubs he has built or bought (i.e. Doral and Turnberry for example). But the PGA Tour is going to deep six the WGC Cadillac tournament at Doral in favor of one that week at TPC Cancun.

That skinny weazel Finchem thinks he is rubbing salt in the Trump wound but is actually pissing off another huge segment of golf fans. What? No Blue Monster heroics?

One thing Trump is doing is exposing the littleness of a cretain class of people.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If I was President I would demand a bill from congress condemning for public use Google and its Alphabet soup of grasping, greedy, uber-rich SJWs and paying about .05 cents on the dollar.

I'd have to listen to all the purist Theologists whining about the rule of law, but I would rest easy knowing the example of forcing the oligarchs who spit in the face of our laws to live under those they seem to long for is more than just.

Seems to me that, with the collapse of our constitutional republic, we have an excellent opportunity for a new American experiment in "diversity" and "tolerance" of a kind that goes beyond even the SJW's pitiful rhetoric.
We retreat to something even looser than the Articles of Confederation with no Federal government save an enormous, invincible military charged with only protecting the member states and subject to the only nationwide elected civilian authority.
The new nation arranges itself in the form of each of us choosing the region to live in which the prevailing laws most closely resemble our preferences. Those who admire Che or Osama can go live in those areas that desire to live under their ideals. Those who want to live like tree hugging green weenies are free to begin accreting as many various molds and fungi on their persons as they please. And those who wish to live in libertine or traditional enclaves are free to do so.
Each person is free to emigrate from his region to one he thinks might be more amenable to his philosophy but any emigres and their descendants are denied the franchise so they can't contaminate their newfound home.
Wonder who would prosper.


well there is a point, there, the dems in their hearts want doc brown, like the abominable snow man, wants george the bunny rabbit, they don't know why, but they get angry, when they don't get it, and are offered daffy duck instead.

bugs bunny was an invaluable primer to understanding this world, snorfle,



You don't need to click. Just savor the pure, uncut idiocy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--One thing Trump is doing is exposing the littleness of a cretain [sic] class of people.--

I'm almost certain that was an attempt at "certain" but forgive me for wishing it were "cretin".


Ignatz --

The rule of law remains the bulwark of civilization. I am not naïve enough to believe that the rule of law is perfectly upheld in every situation in this country today, but it is absolutely essential that we take every effort to see that it is honored as much as possible.

Fantasies like yours about dispensing with the rule of law to punish or disempower people that we do not like or agree with or approve of are somewhere between silly and dangerous. Any number can play at that game and without at least a significant level of adherence to the rule of law, civilized society ceases to exist.


Happy birthday TC and glasater! Two awesome commenters.

I really hope I can catch up here today....


One thing Trump is doing is exposing the littleness of a cretain class of people.


Given the contretempts around this joint over the past 48 hours or so, I hope this statement doesn't reignite the flamewar and f-bomb tossing... :-)


To say nothing of the slamming doors, of course. :)


Much better, narciso

Lurker Susie

Move along nothing to see here, suitcases of cash leaving Seattle.



Iggy, interesting idea. I wonder to what extent Zuckerburg understands how FB technology functions - he is a Harvard B-School guy not an MIT or Cal Tech coder. When you get to the machine learning functions behind selection of "trending" news (whether at FB, Twitter, Google or anywhere else), they may appear to be unbiased statistical results. The do start that way, but continue to self adjust based on ongoing "training" by the editors / curators (or in the case of autospell or Google search - individual users). That means that if the curator promotes a left leaning article over a right leaning article... over time the algorithm will systematically do just that and become as biased as the humans it is mimicking. This is a feature not a bug (really -- this is a desired thing for most applications of the technology). Is Zuck as hapless at the top as the Theranos gal? (or are they both frauds?) Tough to tell.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Theo, Theo, Theo...what have I proposed that violates the rule of law?
Under our duly elected legislators and executives and their duly appointed and approved judges we now have as part of the rule of law Kelo which grants unto government the power to take private property from one party and give it to another. My modest proposal was to condemn private property and convert it to a publicly owned entity. Perhaps .05 cents on the dollar is a bit authoritarian but should those who admire Che object to such benevolence?
In any event the price could be adjusted to make it fair and then my proposal is wholly within the rule of law. What's not to love?

As to my utopian proposal, it specifically contemplates a quite equitable and IMO superior rule of law to where we have presently devolved.

James D

Theo, what you consistently fail to recognize - or ignore - or downplay - whatever you want to call it, is that the Democrats are, right now, every day, destroying the rule of law.

The campus rape bill I mentioned is a perfect example. It strips men of due process. It inverts the idea of innocent until proven guilty. It relies on fabricated statistics and made-up sensationalized tales for evidence as to why its needed.

And variations on it are already the law of the land in some states and on countless college campuses.

The other side lies incessantly in order to pass bills that are clearly unconstitutional on their face, and that are harmful to everyone while providing none of the benefits their authors promise.

If you say "well, we have to play by the rules, and get enough voters onboard to elect representatives who will undo such harmful legislation next year, or five years down the line" I will scream, because that is not going to happen, and if you are remotely intellectually honest, you know that as well as I do.

Lurker Susie


Richard Grenell ‏@RichardGrenell
when the reporters covering Hillary try and tell us she wants small crowds, you know the journalism sucks


Janet posted this earlier:

Charlotte Observer: Girls must overcome 'discomfort' at seeing male genitals in locker room...Can a man go into a woman's locker room, expose himself & then just claim they ARE a woman?

Why don't Progressive/Democrat politicians have to explain this?

It reminds me of the incident 25 years ago when we lived in Alameda, and a college student at nearby Berkeley, "The Naked Guy," decided to start attending classes in the nude, wearing only flip flops.

It turned into a big stink, but the Campus and Local authorities didn't want to hinder his civil rights, so he was allowed to go au natural for months until a female student was able to successfully trump his civil rights by claiming that she considered having to be confronted by his "schlong" in classroom as aa form of Sexual Harassment, at which time the authorities sprang into action and banned his Campus nudity, then expelled him.

I recall a big protest ensued from his being booted.

FWIW, he eventually wound up in mental Institutions with some schizoid diagnosis and committed suicide. How Berkeley's 'Naked Guy' met a tragic end Quelle surprise.

With the new link now that Janet posts, about "girls having to get over their discomfort at staring at male genitalia" in their formerly "safe Spaces," my guess is "The Naked Guy" could press his case to the Supreme Court, could sue for civil damages, and would probably win the case. Why not?

Jack is Back!

I apologize if Mollie Hemingway's excellent, "must read", report on the media avoidance en-masse of using the name "Little Sisters of the Poor" in their reports on the recent SCOTUS decision has previously been reported. But it is real winner.


Adam Liptak of the NYT's bent himself into a pretzel in order to avoid using their name at all in a long article on the decision.

But the Sisters don't care: They won.



Your insistence on the rule of law is admirable, but we seem to have moved past it for all of our "betters."

We have to suffer with Obamacare, but the people who passed it, and their staffers, and their friends and cronies don't. Why is that?

Man Tran linked an interesting article 5 or so threads ago about Battelle developing a clever "drone zapper" for use around important sites.

In that article, there was this paragraph:

Commercial sales of anti-drone technology are prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration, but Battelle has fielded inquiries from movie studios looking for ways to stop paparazzi drones from hovering over the homes and parties of the stars, Stambler said.

You want to make an over/under wager on when "friends" of the gov get this vital deterrent to annoyance, even though you, a common citizen, will still be prohibited?

The rule of law has become the rule of rulers, and people are noticing...


"Journalism sucks" is beyond debate.

A politician running for the highest office in the country "wants small crowds."



I think it's terrorism, but just for some other input, over at the Peanut Gallery of AirLinePilotsCentral Forum, one of the guys mentions a directive that was issued just 9 days ago, concerning rudder problems on the Airbus.

Here's a link to that short thread for anyone interested: Egypt-Air Flight Missing.

I'm actually surprised there are so few comments.



Don't forget, Trump is all for the government having the power take private property from one party and give it to another.

Lurker Susie

Vets Demand Action to Clean Mold in VA Hospital For 10 Months


Old Lurker

"Oversight and accountability is a key Congressional function, and we've got to figure out how to do it effectively"

True that but I must point out that "Oversight & Accountability" are not just words in a vacuum. I think they both apply to exactly how the executive is following the laws and budgets that were approved by Congress in the first place.


Speaking of duplicate linking:


All that student debt and they never heard about the Cold War. They never heard about consequences either. To waken to a city with the sky above on fire and zombies roaming the streets is disturbing by itself. Yet the real alarm in Jeffrey Sach's article is not that the elite cheat; but they are not above cheating each other. He complains that Harvard has proved willing to take donations ripped off of unwitting investors. Drug companies like Theranos are suspected of marketing faked treatments to the public. Hillary Clinton may have possibly provided "off-the-record favors for foreign governments". But why not when Chelsea's hedge fund husband lost 90% of the value of his bet on Greek stocks? Somebody had to lose the money so that someone could gain it. The elites are discovering that they are not only at the table, but also on the menu.

I bolded that line because seeing DrJ's reaction to the latest from WSJ on Theranos last night amused me for some reason. :)

Which brings up the question: Will that fraud, Lizzy Holmes, get to wear an orange turtleneck sweater in prison?


I thought I had been clear on this. I acknowledge that the rule of law is not always strictly adhered to. However, this does not mean that we should simply dispense with it whenever we feel like. We should deplore and correct to the extent possible every failure to live up to the rule of law. It is madness to use that as an excuse to dispense with it ourselves. If power is not tempered (even though sometimes imperfectly) with the rule of law, there is nothing but chaos and barbarity.

Ignatz of course knows that his modest proposal (or, more correctly, fantasy) wholly violates the rule of law; he is just trying to troll me. Look at it this way -- what would you all think if the Democrats won the election and passed a law taking Ignatz' (or your) house and paying you 5 cents on the dollar in value? Of course that would violate the rule of law.


Apologies if already linked.

Hillary refuses to defend Bill's honor against Trump's accusations:


She seems to be saying she's not going to allow him to bait her into a response.

Upside: She avoids mistakes.
Downside: the accusations go uncountered.

What do you all think? Good or bad strategy?


JamesD @ 3:51

A serious question -- what do you propose as a remedy to the situation you describe?



Santa Clara County wound up having to pay the mother of the dead "Naked Guy" 1 Million Dollars for failure to adequately give him the mental Health Care he needed that might have stopped him from killing himself: Santa Clara County to pay $1 million in lawsuit over Naked Guy's suicide.

My only surprise is that it hasn't been turned into a Prime Time "Made for TV Movie."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It turned into a big stink...--

That's why civilization developed underpants.

Captain Hate

OL, you picked a good day to spend huffing glue again.



That is a terrible precedent.

Janet S.

Some of that info about Jackie Coakley's rape hoax has been known. I knew she set up the email & made up the name & showed a picture of an old high school classmate.
Hardly any MFMers reported on it, but that was known.

Captain Hate

What do you all think? Good or bad strategy?

Probably good because every time she opens her Corona intake hole she creates problems for herself.

Thomas Collins

I think it's a good strategy, Porchlight. After all, what can she say? The allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault including forcible rape against Bill Clinton are quite credible. Team Clinton probably figures they'll take the hit on social media and rely on MSM not to discuss the unsavory background of Hillary's top economic advisor.


The rule of law remains the bulwark of civilization.

Does the Government Have the Power to tell people they have to eat their broccoli?

JM Hanes

If all of us spent as much time out lobbying for our causes and serving in local institutions as we do commenting here, we wouldn't be nearly as far behind the eight ball as we are. Democrats are winning the culture wars because they are indefatigable, no matter how many times they are defeated, they just keep on coming back, and they will take any crumb from the table as long as it infinitesimally advances their objectives. Republicans want somebody to fix it, dammit, once and for all, or what the hell, just blow it all up.


I notice in reading Lyle's 03:30 PM post "Trees Are Racist", that the proponent of that insight was on the faculty at UC Berkeley.

What a surprising coincidence:)



I love Wretchard to pieces, but Theranos is not a drug company. They are (sorta?) trying to be a diagnostics company. There's a huge difference between these!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Look at it this way -- what would you all think if the Democrats won the election and passed a law taking Ignatz' (or your) house and paying you 5 cents on the dollar in value? Of course that would violate the rule of law.--

Two points;
1. Are you contending my amended proposal to pay Messrs Brin etal a fair compensation for their condemned private property that is then given to the public is in violation of any laws or the fifth amendment?
2. I did not propose Messrs Brin etal receive 5 cents on the dollar for their support of Che lovers, but five one hundredths of one cent on the dollar, which while it might technically violate the rule of law, would certainly emphasize the costs of seeking to surrender our republic to the law of rulers.

Captain Hate


Speaking for myself working in institutions, i.e. the Feds, was the most mind numbing albeit well paid waste of time I ever endured. It was horrible compared to the private or increasingly semi private sector. But the lefty apparatchiks seem to enjoy being there. I think they'll always have an advantage in that regard but I don't think that level of advantage is enough, by itself, to keep us behind the eight ball. I think a Baby Huey character like Trump is enough to more than counter it.


I know Theranos is not a drug co., I just couldn't resist posting that Wretchard bit.



Trump is a front man. That is why he will never release his tax returns.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Democrats are winning the culture wars because they are indefatigable, no matter how many times they are defeated, they just keep on coming back, and they will take any crumb from the table as long as it infinitesimally advances their objectives. Republicans want somebody to fix it, dammit, once and for all, or what the hell, just blow it all up.--

What's the problem, JM?
It is the natural order of things.
Dems are dizzgusting little moles forever embarked on tedious, busy body projects to push other people around and snatching at any crumb that falls off the productive people's table while Reps are engaged in minding their own business and improving their and their families, friends and communities lives through private means.
Being so engaged we don't have time or interest in fixing anything until it becomes large enough to effect our voluntary private lives and so we seek to blow the problem up in the tradition of Geo Washington, Abe Lincoln or Patton. And I suppose that no-nonsense, non-incremental method goes back all the way to Alexander and the Gordian Knot.
It has its drawbacks but the occasional rebellion may be more healthy than following the Dem mole people into their fetid little tunnels.

Recent interviews with the president and his advisers might confirm the impression abroad that the global order is, for a rare moment, up for grabs, as a lame-duck administration retreats from America’s role of world leader. And given that there are only eight months left to take advantage of this global void, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Islamic terrorists are beginning to believe that the U.S. will not do anything to stop their aggressions once they change global realities by force.

South Korea, Estonia, Japan, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Philippines, and much of Europe all expect provocations — and fear the U.S. might issue more red lines, deadlines, and step-over lines rather than come to their aid.

Aggressors are not sure whether Hillary Clinton, if elected, will govern more like a traditional Democratic president committed to leading the Western alliance. And if Donald Trump were to be elected, no aggressor would know exactly why, when, or how he might strike back at them.

Given those uncertainties, it may seem wise in the waning months of 2016 for aggressors to go for broke against the predictable Obama administration before the game is declared over in 2017.

For that reason, the next few months may prove the most dangerous since World War II.

The inestimable VDH. Have a nice day.

But before you go, does anyone doubt that a preznit Cankles would do anything other than what Zero has done--which is to say, nothing--if one of the world's bad actors makes a move against us or our allies? (Do we still have any?) Now, does anyone believe a preznit Trump would let an aggression pass?


If all of us spent as much time out lobbying for our causes and serving in local institutions as we do commenting here, we wouldn't be nearly as far behind the eight ball as we are.

Concur on that JMH.

Worth giving kudos to:

---Clarice for her weekly efforts at Am-Thinker

---Jane for her guts and willingness to start the Sturbridge Tea Party and to co-host that Political Talk Radio Show for a few Years in Boston, and to going on the cruises to learn and influence the big shots

---Janet for her continual efforts banging her head against the wall in Arlington City Council Meetings

---RSE for her book and her articles, and her speaking efforts around the country publicizing the intentions of the Left

---Po'Farmer for quitting JOM to run for Government positions

---SBW for his daily work at the paper and his unfortunate non-appointment to a position I believe of "regent"

---and all the rest of you guys that I am sure I am missing in giving credit to for your efforts. I ran for Senate against Lisa M, but it was a piddling protest and of little consequence whatever, unlike what many of you guys do on a daily basis, and sorry again for those who deserve credit that I didn't mention.


New damn thread:)

JM Hanes

In the absence of effective congressional oversight, I just made a contribution to Judicial Watch to whom we owe so much of what we know, and probably most of what we ever will know about what goes on in Mrs Clinton's back rooms basement. I'm not holding out much hope that we're ever going to hear much from the F.B.I. either.

Just a few months ago, Joe diGenova "assured" us, in no uncertain terms, that Clinton is not going to get a pass from the Justice Dept., and that if Lynch declines to prosecute:

[T]he FBI and the intelligence community would go ballistic," he declared…. [FBI Director James] Comey and the bureau and the director of Central Intelligence and [the National Security Agency] will do some incredible leaking that will burn your ears," he said.
So much for his insider connections! Now he tells us:
“There have been leaks from the Justice Department that willfulness has not been established and that there is scant evidence of any illegal conduct. That is coming from the national security section of the Justice Department and that is a sign that the fix is in on any criminal case against Hillary and her aids.”
My ears aren’t burning, are yours? I don’t know why I’m even posting this, since I've never thought Comey would have the guts to prosecute. I guess I’m still pissed that I second guessed my own better instincts when diGenova and Toensing assured us that Eric Holder would be a terrific Attorney General.

I'm putting my trust in Judicial Watch, by default, alas, to press forward with the kind of questions that nobody in our government seems willing or able to formulate.

JM Hanes


Excuses, excuses!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Perhaps, JM, but many of the group dynamics of political associations and parties are determined by the individual characteristics that predominate among conservatives/libertarians and lefties and, as we know, leopards seldom change their spots.



Comey's whole career is nothing more than one dog and pony show after another!

Captain Hate

Comey is a crooked pinworm and the fix has always been in, particularly when "intent" was tossed around from 404 on down. She broke the law period.

I want maryrose to take a pledge to never trust operatives like Comey to do their jobs other than deposit their pay checks in the future.

Captain Hate

Po'Farmer for quitting JOM to run for Government positions

How did these work out?

JM Hanes

Captain Hate & Ignatz:

I'm not just talking political or governmental institutions! I'm talking about cultural institutions of every ilk, from shelters to scouting to symphonies. The whole point is not allowing government (and academia) to be the arbiter of culture, isn't it? If you don't participate in your communities, then you can't affect the culture of your community, while other people will. There's a difference between being a libertarian and being a hermit.


>>>I first started doubting Trey Gowdy's skilz, when his Benghazi committee finally got a fact-to-face with Clinton, and he couldn't even manage to lay a glove on her.<<<

the way to have done it was to go after low and mid level staffers and when they were uncooperative have the House Sergeant at Arms take them to a DC jail until they became more cooperative. Sure it would have ended up in the courts, but it would have a. shown they were serious and b. how long would a 20 something government toady sit in a DC jail until they became more cooperative?

It would have been useful in both the IRS matter and the Clinton matters (Benghazi and server).


>>>“oppression and violence against black people in forests and other green spaces can translate into contemporary understandings that constrain African-American environmental understandings.”<<<

is this a re-play of the bullshit thread from the other day?

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