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May 28, 2016



Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. They have nothing to apologize for (unlike the asshole in the White House).

common man

What Henry said.


Yes, what Henry. said.

Centralcal on iPad

Perfect way to begin this thread, Henry. Ditto.

Jack is Back!

Wish he would make the ultimate sacrifice and go back to the rock he was found under and take the rest of his Borg with him.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning, and a good way to open the thread, henry!

Miss Marple 2


Here's a little tidbit I didn't know:

Years before the attacks near the northern Jersey Shore town of Keyport, millionaire businessman Hermann Oelrichs offered a $500 prize in 1891 (more than $13,000 in today's dollars) to anyone who could prove that a shark ever bit a human in nontropical waters. The reward was never claimed.

Well-regarded scientists at the American Museum of Natural History in New York pointed to Oelrichs' wager as proof that no shark would bite a human, according to Michael Capuzzo's 2001 book "Close to Shore."

Even the New York Times in a 1915 editorial titled "Let Us Do Justice to the Sharks" cited Oelrichs' offer and said, "That sharks can properly be called dangerous in this part of the world is apparently untrue."

Centralcal on iPad

Yesterday Trump held a rally in my city. I watched the live stream from my desk at work, mostly out of concern that protesters might start something in our mostly quiet part of California. Luckily, they didn't and law enforcement had things well in hand. Imagine my surprise this morning when I see on my FB timeline pictures posted by my granddaughter and her high school classmates holding signs "Farmers for Trump" - they had attended the rally!

Sadly, they are not old enough to vote yet. Ha Ha

Miss Marple 2

Mr. "Presidentin' is Serious Business" is running a contest:


Miss Marple 2


Janet S.

a thought about Hillary's emails -
What about FOIA requests that were NOT fulfilled or only partially fulfilled before Clinton's sketchy email set up was known?

How many news organizations got back "we could find no records" or the like?

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 – February 1, 2013.
Guccifer released the hacked emails of Blumenthal in March 2013 & we found out about Hillary's private set up.

Is there any punishment for not fulfilling lawful FOIA requests?

In the "green" world CEI is suing George Mason University for lying - https://cei.org/content/cei-files-foia-lawsuit-against-george-mason-university-denying-existence-records-related

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


They're still analyzing staffing needs.



Janet S.

very cool, centralcal!

Janet S.

My daughter is out there & was maybe gonna go, but I don't know if she did.

Miss Marple 2

Thanks for that video, Momto2.

Breitbart wrote an article explaining why the bombing of Hiroshima was necessary, reviewing the crimes of Imperial Japan:


Beasts of England

Amen, henry!!

Centralcal on iPad

Janet: news reports on talk radio mentioned how many young people were in attendance, surprising some. Nearly everyone in this valley is connected to agriculture in some fashion, and water is a big issue, so not surprised at the number of "kids" who get that.

Miss Marple 2

Hillary's having a contest, too! You can win a chance to have a CAULIFLOWER PIZZA with her!



Great article MM - My dad was in the Pacific on the USS Samuel Chase in August of 1945. He had no confusion about evil. As the radio operator, he was the first one on board to receive the news of the Japanese surrender. He told me of the emotion he felt when he realized how the "boys" on his ship would now survive and go home to their families. Just the day before they were preparing to embark on a potentially deadly mission.


Thank you for posting that Breitbart article, Miss Marple. It was hard to read, but so necessary to remember. For all his talk about "the right side of history," Obama remains pathetcally incapable of recognizing it.


A few months old but bears repeating every time Obama steps up to a podium in a foreign country....Can anyone put it more succinctly than Charlie Daniels?

“You might have met our fresh-faced flower child president and his weak-kneed, Ivy League friends. But you haven’t met America.



BOzo likely learned as early as his childhood years in Indonesia that the Japanese army ended the evil, white Dutch colonial rule there. That's all he'd need to know to see them as the good guys and have no qualms re their brutality there or anywhere using "any means necessary" as his hero Malcolm X suggested.


Re MM's link--"Greens blame Trump for crumbling Paris climate accords"

If he can do that before he's even president, then that alone is reason enough to vote for the man.

buccaneer morgan

Like mua'dib his name is a killing word, snorfle, this skydragon coffee clatche was illconsidered.

buccaneer morgan

Until I read neptunes inferno I had no idea how grueling the naval component of the Solomon's were.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures; Going to Pot[ty] Edition.
Kinda "meh" this week, IMO.


buccaneer - from last night's discussion - I found this. Very interesting the things they can do.


buccaneer morgan

Yes it's remarkable and a little disturbing at the same time.


Cruz should quit whining, man up and own his failure.

The fundamental flaw with the #nevertrumpers is that they would be the first to tell others to vote for their candidate, no matter how much said person was hated.

Does any one remember if Sarah Palin campaigned at all for Mittens, or did the establishment freeze her out?

buccaneer morgan

No cheerleader, they wouldn't let her her in their 'reindeer games' and she remembers.


I was just working in the kitchen and was having all kinds of thoughts about this election.

In previous elections, political Consulting 101 rule was that the wannabes should not be their own attack dog, but let surrogates would do all the attacking. That's what Jeb did, he fronted as Mr. Nice Guy, meanwhile his surrogates ran a dirty attack campaign.

Another thing I like about Mr. Trump is that he broke that hypocritical rule and was man enough to be his own attack dog.


Media played a huge role in the primary process.


Thanks buccaneer, I couldn't remember. It's great to see her, even tho no red nose shining. :-)

I think both Mr. Trump and she are going to be at Rolling Thunder tomorrow.

Was it you who posted the link to the General Sherman statue story? I loved that story and the blog.

I enjoyed the Don Surber link you recently posted as well. I had never paid much attention to him before your links.


Mr. Trump got a billion times more negative press than Cruz, and from BOTH sides.

Cruz associating with nutcase Beck did far more damage than anything the press did. "The priesthood rising" indeed. Cruz's final epic meltdown was pathetic.

And I don't recall any NRO special edition dedicated to publishing a bunch of bs about Ted Cruz.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Andy McCarthy says what I was thinking about that judge who ordered DoJ guys into ethics classes for lying to him; ie, by what authority does he do that?
Answer? None.
Contempt of court is within his power; if the case is still in his court, which it hasn't been for a long time.
I like to see lying lawyers smacked around more than anyone but judges are no better, especially ones who make things up.

buccaneer morgan

It judge hanen, I think he has cause, if it was sirica, they would be singing his praises.

buccaneer morgan

Well they should have gone straight pro cruz, but they thought a similar effort gainst meet had success..

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hanen had cause but he did not have the remedy he selected.

Janet S.

that judge who ordered DoJ guys into ethics classes for lying to him; ie, by what authority does he do that?

Maybe he is part of the "moral revolution".

Send those guys to one more "human institution"!



When Cruz started out he made a big deal about how he was going to be the wannabe who wasn't going to say nasty things about his rivals. Do you know why he later totally changed his tactics? Maybe it was bad advice from his campaign managers? Imo the change didn't serve him well.

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