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May 22, 2016



That race? It shows the Mittster saving us all, just ask Kristol.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So long as his enemies keep painting him as Atilla with a toothache and the government and media keep overstepping at every opportunity, Trump will flourish.
Anyone think those things will change?
Me neither.


I won't be surprised if Trump takes PA, OH, WV, IN, And KY.


Chicago Sun-Times

Hollinger International says six members of its board of directors -- Jim Thompson, Henry Kissinger, Richard Burt, Daniel Colson, Shmuel Meitar and Richard Perle -- will not stand for re-election in January. Eric Herman says the announcement follows months of pressure from shareholders, who claim the board failed to oversee management, allowing ex-chairman Conrad Black to loot the company.



That's the same Hollinger International board that transferred property in Chicago to front-man Donald Trump.


"I won't be surprised if Trump takes PA, OH, WV, IN, And KY."

I hope he does some good for them...and us all. I know what Hillary! is capable of doing with her eyes and Bill's finger.

Speaking of the devil...Bill Clinton was in our neighboring town sucking up to voters for his worn out bride. Two useful idiot Dems came to the door with Hillary! logos on their chests. I cut them off with my rejection of their champion.

Frau Nie wieder Clintons

Excellent Pieces, as usual. I've sent it off to share with others, as usual.

I'll be in Jim Miller's neighborhood for the rest of the month. I miss Jim's contributions and hope he will not stay away because of JOM static.


Scott Adams has said he'll win, many months ago.

buccaneer morgan

Vandal savage, he can fracture the timeline in three places.

Comanche Voter

We have endured almost eight years of Obama--who is a as dismissive of his opponents as Trump.

Without Obama, there would be no Trump. Pushback and Karma is a bitch. Trump may be (and probably is) a clown, but he's viewed as "Not Obama". I think the view is incorrect---Trump is simply a white skinned Obama with a bad haircut. But he looks and sounds different enough that voters, hoping for a real change, will probably go for him.


Comanche Voter

You nailed it!


Thanks, frau.
Maybe watching Obama and Holder, Lerner and Koskinen vs the GOPe tomato cans has awakened people to the fact that this is not high school debating rules.

Old Lurker

Frau "Bill Clinton was in our neighboring town sucking"

Frau, please be more careful with your phrasing...


Your comments are classic!
Bill is ineffective this time around. A detriment really.
Hillary is worse than 2008
It really shows in her unenthusiastic embrace of the public.


Can Obama sub Biden in for Hilligula without the Bern Bros going bananas? If he thinks he can, indictment in 3, 2, ...

Beasts of England

I think they could sneak in a Biden-Warren ticket by offering Sanders - with a retaking of the Senate - the chair of the budget committee.

And, yes, I threw up in my mouth a little while I typed that...


This race tells the story.

That is one incredible finish to a race, great clip.


Good Morning and God Bless my new Apple MacBook.

Before Catch-up I browsed Instapundit and wound up reading a linked Movie Review by John Podhoritz on the new Kate Beckinsale Jane Austin flick. (Kate was excellent killing Vampires in Van Helsing):

Anyhow, in writing of this new Jane Austin flick, apparently reviewers are required to litter their review with difficult words no human has used in public since before World War 1.

J'Pod obliges (ie) strictures, solipsists, gouty, epistolary, solecisms, peroration, jape, didacticism...

So thank Steve Jobs for inventing the cursor you put overtop a word and hit the "control" button and the word turns blue and you can instantly read the definition, without having to trash the computer or the article or J'Pod or the Weekly Standard.

I recall years back in pre-computer years reading in the plane Simon Winchesters book on the first Geological Map every made of Britain, "The Map That Changed The World", when at some important turn in the story Winchester said that the hero was tragically overcome by "Avuncular Parsimony." This totally clobbered me by it's indecipherability, and for the next 2 days I could not find a dictionary or anybody who had any idea what "Avuncular Parsimony" was, so I was lividly exasperated and my life was horrible for days---I recall thinking it was equivalent to having a piece of mental gristle stuck between my teeth, and I with no toothpick to get it out!@#

Anyhow, now with Mr Job's wonderful invention I simply move the little arrow thingy over J'Pod's "Jape," and voila!

jape jape
a practical joke.
"the childish jape of depositing a stink bomb in her locker"
say or do something in jest or mockery.

Well why didn't Jane Austen just say so?

Anyhow, sounds like it might be a very fun flick. Good Morning!


If only his thinking was as extensive as his vocabulary,



Kirsten Powers is looking pretty hot today in a Librarian sort of way with big rimmed glasses (horn-rimmed (?). I'll have to read Captain Hate to see what the Panel blabbed about today, but I did just catch Kirsten running apologies for Bernie's violent supporters:

Kirsten: But I want to say about this Bernie Sanders stuff, actually some of this, I think, has been exaggerated. Uhh, I guess we're out of time...

Host John Robert's: No, no, what were you going to say?

Kirsten: Yeah. No, I mean Snopes actually looked at it and nobody threw any chairs and in fact somebody picked up a chair and put it down, and I think a lot of the, actually I think the medias been hard on them and exaggerated what has happened. I think that they were upset and they were angry, but nobody was in any danger, I mean there was no actual violence.

So there you have it, cute Kirsten's nice didactic peroration on Bernie Supporters as simply solecistic japers rearranging chairs for Bab's Boxer.

Anybody buy it?


My husband just played last night's SNL, with Hillary and Bernie. Funniest sketch in a long, long, time --and devastating to Hillary, IMO


Of course. Lots of people have been saying he can and will win.

Hell, by September it will seem as if Trump’s already been president for a year.

Mickey is coming very close to plagiarism here. Scott Adams posted just this past Thursday:

Clinton’s team continues to churn out anti-Trump hit pieces that ask you to imagine President Trump in office. By November, voters will think Trump has been running the country for a year and it looked a lot like the Obama administration. That’s called “graduated exposure” and it’s a well-understood psychological phenomenon. The Democrats are working overtime to make Trump feel less scary while believing they are doing the opposite.

My prediction: Years from now, millions of people will pretend to have voted for Trump in this primary.



That's just a plain dumb prediction


Here's the Headline at Instapundit and the story that goes with it:

“Woman climbs Mount Everest to prove vegans aren’t weak, dies.”


I shouldn't laugh, daddy...but I'm laughing.


centralcal,thanks for the link about the Auschwitz mug on the last thread.

And Janet, your 11:47 was terrific.

Thomas Collins

Have you heard of Jill Bourne, Porchlight? She is currently City Librarian of the San Jose Public Library. The Boston Public Library ("BPL") just announced that Bourne will become BPL President.


He really hasn't even started yet on Hillary, but he probably will at his rallies next week ...

May 24
Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 25
Anaheim, California

May 26
Billings, Montana

May 27
San Diego, Califoria

The venues all look pretty big, arenas and convention centers.

I'm pretty sure they'll all be live-streamed.

At his rallies he usually talks 95 per cent about what needs to be done to MAGA, and the remaining five per cent attacking his enemy du jour.

I think his being more positive than negative is a large part of what people are attracted to.


That headline is hilarious, daddy.


If it's Crazy Bernie and All Talk No Action, Mr. Trump will have a good time skewering All Talk No Action. She's got the exact kind of vacuous, smug and pompous personality that he is really good at bringing down to size.


Beasts, you wrote "Biden" and I read "Crazy Bernie".


Trump Campaign Retracts Claim That It Raised $6 Million for Veterans



Agree about SNL cold open--told my husband that after seven and half long, long , long years, it's great to see them lampoon a Democrat again.

Jack is Back!

Today as Yesterday, I went for a swim. Boy does hydraulic tension work on the knees. I felt I could run a marathon just treading water for 15 minutes.

Had my friend from NYC who has actually lived in the same bldg. as Trump but knows him since he was a kid. He and his wife came out to look for a summer house. HIs view is that Trump will annililate Hillary. And remember he is pretty negative on Trump as a businessman.

In other news, young Mr. Spieth needs to re-learn how to drive the ball.

Fortune just did a story on the "old firm" which was pretty fair coming from a liberal propaganda issue disguised as a business only mag. So much BS about the "old firm" we need a 35 year old who I used to play catch with to set it straight. Well done, Brandon.



forgot to post it


Beasts of England

It's an easy mistake, cheerleader!! lol

Jack is Back!

Kate McKinnon is Hillary more than Hillary is Hillary. LOL.


She has her down, doesn't she?


Thinking about Jane Austen I wondered if she and Darwin's cousins, the Wedgwood Pottery folks, ever intersected. They did! Jane, while in London and possibly at Bath, visited the Wedgwood Pottery Showroom and there's a bunch of Austenology Blog's about that---f'er instance: Jane Austen and London: Wedgwood’s Showrooms

However, pecking around for that I came upon this Scientific American story from New York gal that is ecstatic because Jane Austen is going to replace Charles Darwin on the 10 Pound Note: Jane Austen is replacing Charles Darwin-and that's a very good thing

Why the hell is that a very good thing? That's stupidity.

Here's a roundup of the old notes and the proposed new notes: Bank Of England Banknote Characters

Sensible and intelligent.

Oh f'er Khrysakes:(

We already had to put up with this wanker!

Thankfully tho' they are booting Elizabeth Fry and giving us a 5 Pound Note a Brit can be proud of:

And here I thought we were the morons with money problems.

I ask you again your Highness, "Is Nothing Sacred?"

Jack is Back!


She lived in Bath on the Crescent where you can watch some great Rugby matches if you get there. Of course, she had to use a lot of skulldugglery to get her novels published. I think her Father helped. But she was a mover and shaker in her time and belonged to the landed gentry. No one understood that cult and women as ladies like Austen.


More Catholic bashing of Gay Men. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus bashes Padres after national anthem mistake

The San Diego Padres are in hot water following a mistake made during the national anthem ahead of Saturday's win over the Dodgers at Petco Park.

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was assembled and prepared to sing the national anthem on Saturday when a recorded voice of a woman singing came over the loudspeakers. When the song ended, the 100 members were escorted off the field only to be heckled by a number of fans

No word on which bathroom they went to to cry it off.

And how come the national anthem isn't capitalized?


Daddy, did they say which nation's anthem?


Well I ain't buying it, Jack. Bring back Charlie!

Of the Jane Austen Banknote the BBC Says "[Incoming Bank of England governor] Mark Carney's choice of Jane Austen as face of £10 note is great. After understandable row over lack of women, shows sense and sensibility."

I think it shows Pride and Prejudice#$%

The portrait of Jane Austen, which will appear on the banknote, is adapted from a sketch drawn by her sister Cassandra Austen. Other features include:

---A quote from Pride and Prejudice - "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!"
---An illustration of Elizabeth Bennet, one of the characters in Pride and Prejudice
---An image of Godmersham Park in Kent - the home of Jane Austen's brother, Edward Austen Knight, and the inspiration for a number of novels
---A central background design of the author's writing table which she used at home at Chawton Cottage in Hampshire

Big whoop:(

So what are you guys angry about today, or is it just me?


TC, no, I've never heard of Jill Bourne, but I'm out of the public library loop.

Jack is Back!


Okay, I am angry as hell that I am here and not in New Zealand.


So, when are you going to bid for that loop?

Miss Marple 2


I don't object to Jane Austin, but seems like they could keep Darwin.

Interesting about her connection to the Wedgwood people. I deal in a lot of Wedgwood stuff and never knew about that.

I am fascinated by the Staffordshire potteries, of which Wedgwood was one. That is an industry that grew up from nothing and was full of hard-working risk-takers. Lots of families involve, too.

The Adams family had several brothers and nephews who went on to start their own firms.

Moorcroft pottery is still in operation, having transitioned from utilitarian to art pottery for the collectible market. Had two vases from them which I sold last year for a nice price.


Two useful idiot Dems came to the door with Hillary! logos on their chests. I cut them off with my rejection of their champion.

Go, Frau! You tell 'em.


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, ex-First Lady and likely future presidential candidate threw out an odd legal suggestion to the National Press Club this week: a nationwide return to the double-nickel. According to Clinton, “The 55-mile speed limit really does lower gas usage. And wherever it can be required, and the people will accept it, we ought to do it ...”

So a woman who hasn't driven a car since 1996 is going to tell us how to drive.

"one of the few regrets I have about my public life" is a simple one: not driving a car.

"The last time I actually drove a car myself was 1996, and I remember it very well."


I still think Bernie will give Hillary a run for her money in California!
Is it a closed or open primary?
Hillary cheated to get her narrow win in Kentucky.


Closed, I think, maryrose.


Click on the link here. Ties "crooked Hillary" to Trumps rise (Hilligula's fall) in the polls. Damn. That's some coincidence.


Miss M,

I'm always interested in that because Darwin's granddad married a Wedgwood, and then his Dad did too and and then he did also, and as he learns stuff he realizes that this marrying your first cousin business was prone to not producing "the fittest to Survive." And I also like how, since he was from a family that read a ton, he and his sisters and cousins would devour Jane Austen's books, and at times in his letters home he would describe some shipmate of his on the 5 year voyage to them by likening him to a particular character in one of Jane's novels. "He's a regular Wickham", etc. Just a topic I've always found fun and interesting.


So Darwin was an early Janeite, as Henry James and Kipling were later! Also, as a gen-u-wine Austen scholar, I can assure you she did not find it easy to get published. Once Sense and Sensibility was published to general acclaim and good sales (by "a Lady"), then she had no further trouble.

Miss Marple 2

Pope Francis will greet on Monday the Imam of the biggest Sunni seat of learning (Egypt.)



Just caught up to Iggy's question on the previous link:

Simple question;
If GHWB and Ike and Nixon and Ford didn't kill conservatism over a period of 40 years and five terms in office how is little Donny Trump going to in 4 or 8?

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

And to Janet's follow-on:

Ignatz's 11:25 is a great question. Same for Jonah & the NRO crew.

Killing conservatism?...WHAT conservatism?

Here's Jonah Goldberg's piece on National Review's Presidential Endorsements in his Sorry, I Still Won’t Ever Vote for Trump essay:

As an institution, National Review has different priorities. As Rich Lowry explained on the boat, we have a sense of custodial obligation to the conservative movement. The dilemma for us isn’t simply, “What should I do with my vote?” it’s, “What should we say and write?” That’s why in 1960 we didn’t endorse Kennedy or Nixon, because neither candidate met the bar we set for a conservative candidate.


So all that said, here (If we can believe Wiki) are all the Candidates officially endorsed by National Review since 1956:

1956: Dwight Eisenhower
1960: no endorsement[38]
1964: Barry Goldwater
1968: Richard Nixon [38]
1972: John M. Ashbrook [38]
1976: Ronald Reagan
1980: no endorsement [38]
1984: no endorsement
1988: George H.W. Bush
2000: George W. Bush
2004: no endorsement; incumbent was unopposed
2008: Mitt Romney[39]
2012: no endorsement[38]
2016: Ted Cruz [40]

You'll notice Nixon failed "Conservative" muster in 1960, earned it in 1968, lost it in 1972.

You'll notice Reagan passed the "Conservative" bar in 1976, but not in 1980 or 1984.

And you'll notice both Bush's passed the "Conservative" qual initially, but lost it by their second go round, and while McCain never earned it, Mitt Romney did, but only when Mitt was running and losing to McCain.

Put all that together and you'll notice a pattern---National Review only endorses individuals who fail to win, and if they do happen to win National Review fails to endorse them for Re-Election.

Tough crowd.

I just post that to show that Jonah is correct, National Review does have a record of endorsing or not endorsing candidates of the day due to their perceived "Conservativeness," yet at the same time Ronald Reagan never rose to their "Conservative" qualifications in the 2 National Elections he won. How stupid of me to think President Reagan was well grounded in Conservative principles:(

Nobody is perfect of course, but if Mitt Romney is more Conservative than President Ronald Reagan, maybe it's a good thing Trump hasn't earned National Review's endorsement.

Here's Janet continued:

Killing conservatism?...WHAT conservatism? For decades I have watched conservatives play defense in the political arena & in our culture. I see a shrinking old crew in their ivory towers writing books & pontificating with a smaller & smaller audience. They pick apart & nag & berate every NEW effort. Not all, but many hated the tea party movement too (especially here in Virginia).

Anyway...what is there to kill?...it was bedridden already.


Ann Coulter


No offense to any actual gays, but this is the gayest thing I've ever read-


Captain Hate

1980: no endorsement [38]
1984: no endorsement

Maybe somebody older than I am can comment on that because WFB was still running the show at that time and I don't recall any rift between him and Reagan.


The Grifters:

Miss Marple 2


I cannot believe The Federalist published that.


You know, conservatives like that are driving me to the center. At least MY portion of the party doesn't make up lame insulting poems about candidates and publish them.

(By the way, that poem also accuses him of being a racist.)


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The author was in the comments and frankly seeing his horn rimmed specs and pink bow tie I have to say his appearance kinda reinforced Coulter's appraisal.

Miss Marple 2

She's back!


Huffington Post!


well she'll be the envy of the editor's conference, snorfle,

So I've been lurking, mostly going through that hastings tome on spies and codes, some of this I had some inkling, but some like demiannov, who wasthe lure the NKVD had set out for gehlen, and ronald seth, the fmr?? soe official who was captured in estonia, and was traipsing all over
nazi occupied europe, also the future scourge of the balkan mentioned in the black book on ibm,
started out as an expert on Ireland


that poem also accuses him of being a racist.

And a sexist, and equivalent to ISIS, and a darling of the KKK, and Hitler, and Napoleon, and the equivalent of Nero, and etc...

In all honesty, we post far wittier stuff here every day of the week, and more interesting because it's based on truth.

Regardless the day or the hour
Her desire is Absolute Power
Like Golum she clings
To the terrible Ring
That will let her, our Freedoms, devour.

Yet this Jackass Lawyer from Yale
Says its Trump that's "beyond the pale"
Sycophant much?
You malign Clinton crutch,
God willing she'll wind up in jail, in jail
God willing she'll wind up in Jail.

And you right along with her, you talentless creep.


one also discovers how criminally foolish oppenheimer was, in rendering information to the local nkvd chief in san francisco



of course, this will be the next fainting couch moment,


but walid phares is a very solid judge of character.


the subject of my post, which reference much farther back,



she knows the truth about vegans,



I think I'd skip flying through perth,


Miss Marple 2

as they pointed out in the times, he forgot the lesson of 'not being seen;



1984 is not supposed to be a how to manual,




Maybe Trump can get Laurie Mylroie to help Walid sort it all out?

Miss Marple 2

Tornado near Big Springs, Texas, this afternoon:


Daddy, great palinode!! (Everyone can use the control to get the definition!)


this is just cruel, using his own words against him,



If only his thinking was as extensive as his vocabulary,

Posted by: clarice


I think the famous slam from Richard Dawkin's to Steven Jay Gould was "I wish he could think as well as he writes."


Since it is apparently a slow JOM day, does anybody have any updates on:

---Michelle Fields

---The investigation of what Mexicans murdered the Pike County Hillbilly family

---Whatever else we were tearing our hair out about a month ago?


well she's been absorbed by the hive, at the puffington host, ala invasion of the bee girls,

the other story, might as well not have happened daddy

Captain Hate

Thanks a lot, Slick, for bombing the Orthodox Christians in Kosovo on behalf of the rock worshippers and the MFM enabling liars. And the GOP for being worthless as usual.


'it's a cookbook'



and yet there has been surprising little done about it,


Manuel Transmission


Did you see my note last evening around the time you signed off?


I guess I have to cite mogatu again,


Miss Marple 2

Man Tran,

Sorry, no. Should I go back and read it?

Miss Marple 2



recall those old cannonball run films, when I didn't know the backstory,



what could go wrong, and hale hydra!


Janet S.


I don't know about the specifics with this story, but I could understand it, if true.

Where will secular Muslims go if "the West" is overtaken by religious, hard line orthodox Muslims?
Some cultural/secular Muslims fled the barbarians & now the left is letting the barbarians into the last safe places.

And you know how the left works...the orthodox nutcases become the anointed spokesmen in the MFM for All Muslims or for anyone from the ME.

After the San Bernardino massacre my U.S. Representative Don Beyer (D-VA) went & stood with Imam Shakir El-Sayed of this radical mosque - http://www.investigativeproject.org/mosques/417/dar-al-hijrah-mosque

He didn't promote a secular Muslim or a Muslim that is only culturally Muslim...no, he went straight for the barbarians.


much as sharpton or mckisson, or their interlocutors are the only acceptable community leaders, deja vu at the lun,

Manuel Transmission

Here it is:

That PanAm flight you took might have had a pal of ours serving you in the main cabin. She started about then and flew the Atlantic routes. She is German and was based in NYC in those days. More small world.

Miss Marple 2


An oldie but goodie. One that was posted as a link in the Surber article.

I think Sinatra is more of an icon than people realize, and I defy anyone to not watch this video and not laugh.

Plus, you end up being on Sinatra's side, unless you are a prog.

Janet S.

This is an old video (2006) - 3 former terrorists speak out
Walid Shoebat
Ibrahim Abdallah
Zak Anani

In the part 2 video (at about 5:20) Walid touches on 'America...the only hope we have'

Par 2 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k96YoVPoPSo

The line of thought starts around 3:40.

Miss Marple 2

Manuel Transmission,

WOW! What a coincidence. I bet she was on that plane, as there were some flight attendants with accents on that plane.

Those were the days!

By the way, my high school English teacher (senior year) who was very 60's glam, quit teaching and went to work for Pan Am. My mother (a teacher) was horrified, but I thought it was very cool and exciting.

Her name was Polly Dittmer. (A 60's type name if you ask me.) She was a great teacher, and I bet a great flight attendant!

Miss Marple 2

Regarding Sinatra:

One of my sisters got to see him perform at the Indianapolis Convention Center back in the late 70's.

She said of all the concerts she had seen (and she had been to a lot) it was absolutely the best.

I love Sinatra's music. Also Dean Martin's, which is very different but also brings back to mind those Rat Pack years.

Miss Marple 2



wonder if the same procedures that apply here, work overthere,



I'm reminded of the moscow news, in late czarist russia,



this is why we have trust issues, as nick fury would say,



Re: Micheller Fields -> Puffington Host

Journo-tainment clickbait.

Janet S.

THis linked at Insty is good - http://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=7447

"That’s the other thing. Always be on attack. In a culture war, there are two modes, offense and defense. That’s why the Left is always pushing into increasingly bizarre causes. They have to be on offense. Otherwise, they have to go on defense. If you take the red pill and decide to go shitlord, attack, attack, attack."


Narciso's 8:12 The downfall of NYC’s hottest vegan

The 43-year-old (Vegan) Melngailis restaurateur (above)

and Strangis, 35, were arrested last week at a $99-a-night Fairfield Inn & Suites in Sevierville, Tenn., after a delivery of unorganic Domino’s outed them.

Sevierville Detective Kevin Bush tells The Post: “I have excellent intelligence that [Strangis] ordered the pizza and wings.” Melngailis insists that it was Strangis who placed the fateful order, and maintains she is still a devout vegan.

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