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June 10, 2016



What is Brooks' problem? Trump's pant leg is at least as well creased as Obama's.


Brooks AND Kasich SUCK.


"Sure, he is a racist"

IMO people who believe that have a real problem with race.

Captain Hate

TM forgot the quotes around the word conservative to define this organ grinder monkey dancing to Carlos Slim's music box.


In the last thread Henry called me the equivalant of being a KKK member because I used the term "cuckservative".


 _peter usually a lurker now

He works for the guy who profited from the Obamaphone corruption. Has no credibility. His kneepads say "Dem" on them.

Captain Hate

Just stop using the dumb term which obviously means different things to different people. I agree with you that henry took it in a way that you didn't intend but just looking at the word, as Miss Marple said, implies it's something vulgar involving conservatives.


Peter he sounds like he's a cuckservative.

Urban Dictionary
Top Definition cuckservative

A cuckservative is a self-styled "conservative" who will cravenly sell out and undermine his home country's people, culture, and national interest in order to win approval with parties hostile or indifferent to them.

This cuckservative just spent 20 minutes trying to convince a group of communists that he really isn't as racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic as they said he was for supporting the free market. They didn't care.


I don't find anything vulgar about it all, especially compared to some of the language you use, Captain Head, which I do find vulgar.

It is combination of the word cuckold, which I have never though of as a vulgar word, and conservative.


Captain Hate, not Head, sorry.


And I don't think I'll stop using it, at the urging of the language police, when it's appropriate to use it.



Then don't get your panties in a wad and want everyone to be shocked that Henry finds it offensive.


Jimmy Kimmel anointed Obama as the coolest president ever, as if that is a manque anyone in the office would ever seek with the exception of a little boy who lost his papa and had no friends.

What is also interesting is that apparently Mr. Cool wants to stay in Washington where he can gum up the works for his successors. I really believe that he wants to be an agent of influence long after he leaves the White House. God help us.

Washington needs a good dose of political DDT and I find it uniquely interesting that so many of my Beltway friends are agog at trump. The vituperation is amazing and yet they have nary a thing to say about the Red Witch. This simply indicates how deep the rot in Washington is. Maybe we don't need DDT. Maybe we need to tent the entire place, with the exception of clarice's house and fumigate it.


My panties aren't in much of a wad as Henry's are.


Romney hosted a #nevertrump gathering. Weird. They need a Let It Go theme song.



Sure they are. Otherwise you would have left it on a dying thread.


Don't stop using the term, cheerleader. People are trying to back you down just like they do with Mr. Trump. Stay strong and continue to speak the truth instead of bowing to the stupid pc culture that has gotten us into this mess.


And I hereby resolve to use the term, "cuckservative", in its proper definition, whenever appropriate, as in "David Brooks, in not a true conservative, he is a "cuckservative".

Captain Hate

I tried to give you an easy way out from your look-at-me comment about henry, who's been here a long time and is well regarded by most, but you won't take it. This isn't that different from Judge La Raza where it's best to avoid terms that might confuse reasonable people.


Well this is a fine morning. I come in to find we have a dispute over whose panties are more in a wad.

I agree with Sue for what it is worth. Cheerleader should use whatever words she wants to use, but she should not be all that surprised (or ask for sympathy) if people react to insulting terms as though they had been insulted.


Cheerleader is correct about "cuckservative" and henry in the prior thread isn't necessarily wrong but -- and here is how the left are master's at verbal warfare -- henry's definition is what *they've* peddled and astroturfed as the preferred definition of cuckservative.

Why? Because it is an EXTREMELY effective put-down of the establishment. A cuckhold is a man that allows that which is most precious to him, his wife, to be utilized by another man sexually. Some of our Republicans have certainly exhibited behavior that makes you wonder, do they not?

Just as the left had to caricature Palin like crazy, and now Trump, so too with an effective strategy from the right side of politics. I didn't like the use of the term originally either but it is growing on me as I see more and more bizarre behavior from presumed leaders in the Republican ranks.

Verbal warfare this election cycle is going to be off-the-charts-crazy. I'm afraid we have a bunch of folks on our side who aren't ready to deal with the coming battle. Because it is not going to be pretty, but it will be necessary.


Captain Hate,

I'm not looking for "an easy way out", Captain Hate, so thank you, but no thank you.

I'll continue to use the word "cuckservative" whenever I feel it's appropriate in context, even if the older and more venerable member of the JOM club believe that my using is is equivalent to me being like the KKK.

That'll be my burden to bear, but it's not going to make me stop using it, any more than I think you should stop using vulgarity to make your points.


Thank you, RattleGator.


A good rule of thumb this cycle is whenever some issue arises that is claimed to be racist or sexist, etc., you should immediately presume otherwise until clearly proven.

The manufactured nonsense is going to be constant this cycle. Constant. Take that to the bank. To use the term tossed out by Obama, they are counting on y'all falling for the usual okie doke. And this is the genius and strength of Trump -- he's hip to the okie doke and ready to do battle, if only our folks don't get in his way.

What a lot of drama in the conservative blogosphere over an apparently trivial diss: the word “cuckservative.” I’m going to lose some friends and admirers with what follows, but who cares. Let me explain to you what you should think about this ridiculous internecine quarrel.

The drama started on July 22, when Rush Limbaugh referred to critics of Donald Trump as “cuckolded Republicans.” A day later, Red State’s Erick Erickson said the term was “coined by white supremacists” as a “slur against Christian voters.” This was echoed by a Daily Caller columnist, and then reported on in the liberal New Republic. By then, the internet was on fire with allegations that “cuckservative” was a racist term.


Old Lurker

Sure is time to start pissing outside the tent, doncha think?

The enemy is circling after all.


Another good rule of thumb...don't whine when someone is offended. Just carry on because you know better than they what is offensive.


>>>Temperament is foundational. Each candidate has to cross some basic threshold of dependability as a human being before it’s even relevant to judge his or her policy agenda.<<<

the perfectly pressed crease though, that right there is the right stuff ...


Good rule, Sue.

James D

I'm not reading the Brooks article. There is no point.

See, here's the thing. Nothing the man says can be of any value. He's demonstrated that far past any reasonable doubt by this point.

If that makes me closed-minded, so be it. There are only so many hours in the day, and there is no reason to waste even one second of one of them on a dishonest, delusional sack of garbage like David Brooks, or any of his ilk.


RG and TK, that is interesting. I'd only seen the term used by actual racists. It may be too late to recover the term. I do not listen to Rush, or read Erickson (with a rare exception this morning).

Cheerleader protests too much.



I ignore him too. Just like I ignore Chris Matthews. Tingles in their legs and pant creases don't interest me.


There's a difference between whining and being aghast.

I was aghast at the cuckservatives calling Mr. Trump a racist, and I'm aghast to learn that anyone using the term cuckservative is thought of as being like the KKK.

Miss Marple 2

I posted this at the end of the last thread:


So, why is an Iranian-American blocked from hearing Iranian immigration cases because she might be prejudiced and that's ok, but Trump talking about a Mexican-American being prejudiced against him not?

The entire controversy should be dropped and people like Ryan should shut their mouths, as they are only undermining a candidate who has a lot of support.


Please drop the subject on that term. It is not winning you friends.


As I said, most people understand it as NOT racist, but since some have identified it that way, we probably should avoid using it where it causes offence.

I prefer GOPe, or wusses, or spineless wimps, or any one of a hundred other specific terms which do not require definition.


I think it's interesting that there's a discussion about the word "cuckservative" in a thread about David Brooks because epitomizes the term.


because HE epitomizes




Miss Marple 2


On that you have a good point.



I bet Urban Dictionary gets more online hits than Webster's. Someone I respect here recently accused me of posting "snark", which UD shows is a distillation of "snide remark". Very helpful source these days.

James D

cheerleader, Trump's opponents (and even some supporters) have also been using the term "alt-right" and describing it like the KKK, too.

It's just another way for them to try and delegitimize Trump.

But we NEVER hear about the equivalent on the Dem side, the flat-out avowed Communists, the idiots who have "smash capitalism" bumper stickers and so forth. There's never anything in the press to equate them with any Dem candidate. And the GOP doesn't bother to try.

It is SO far past time that our side stops playing along with this game.

buccaneer morgan

Brucksie, just point and laugh, the huntress was a canary about much of this,

I don't see a reason to use the term, used alt right, (if needs must) the betrayed base,

Nancy Cohen, the plastic fembot that wrote that north Korean style paen to red queen is quite a piece of work,



Maybe it's an everyday thing in your world for people to call others as being like the KKK for using a word. But in my world anyone who does that has their panties in one hell of giant wad.

Thomas Collins



The Hill appears to have received a bounce from her anointment by the media as the first female POTUS nominee from a major party, and in Reuters Rolling it is now leveling off (scroll back with the mouse on the Reuters Rolling graph, and the actual numbers will appear on the right). It's too early to tell whether her bounce at RCP Average is leveling off, because RCP Average is not a rolling poll. However, the latest polls in the RCP average show a clear bounce for The Hill this week.



Glad you didn't take offence :-)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'll repost my comment with an addendum at the end since the conversation continues over here;

[ˈkəkəld, ˈkəkōld]

the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.


(of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.

My objection to it, having had no clue it had any racial connotations and having never noticed it being used that way, is its overuse just to shut down debate.
It is used by rabid Trump supporters to shut up people who may be reluctant Trump supporters not #nevertrumpers but who might express even the slightest suggestion Trump may not be infallible.

Addendum; using it against a diapered dandy like Brooks is about as inoffensive as insults get at this place.
When are we going to stop being manipulated by the left? We can't say niggardly because they're idiots. The perfectly useful word gay is now perfectly useless. Criticizing them for policies which destroy America or the very minoritites they clain to be acting on behalf of are "dog whistles".
Language and it's use and misuse is one of the most important ways they wage warfare against us, control the debate and control us.

Dave (in MA)


Brian Ross has been doing some actual journalism, with a story about how some Chicago securities trader was able to buy his way onto the State Dept.'s International Security Advisory Board by donating to the Clinton Foundation.

Captain Hate

Well cheerleader has hijacked a thread to be all about him and what a horrible person henry is. Congratulations, tools.

James D

Ig, here are some words I think we can use:

"Loathsome, vile criminal traitors who ought to be dragged out and guillotined, and the streets painted red with their blood."

Does that work?

buccaneer morgan

Character is destiny, an interesting coinage, clearly not.

Cheerleader don't be a pain in the (redacted) that term is little like teabagger, it diminishes whoever uses it.


RattlerGator: To use the term tossed out by Obama, they are counting on y'all falling for the usual okie doke. And this is the genius and strength of Trump -- he's hip to the okie doke and ready to do battle, if only our folks don't get in his way.

Amen, brother. I've evolved from wondering if my conscience would allow me to vote for Trump to now viewing him as a providential "for such a time as this" guy.


Bill Maher can be diminished?

buccaneer morgan

Trump has hulk smashed through the establishment, like the shocked south Africans in ultron,



I learned a long time ago not to give a shit what anonymous people on a blog thought about me. Maybe another good rule of thumb for everyone?


cheerleader, I really enjoy your posts out here but please let it go. Use the word if you want but henry, even though he's a Packer's fan, is one of the good guys.

buccaneer morgan

Down to parimecium, occasionally He makes about radical Islam, but he despises Christianity more,


Brian Ross has been doing some actual journalism, with a story about how some Chicago securities trader was able to buy his way onto the State Dept.'s International Security Advisory Board by donating to the Clinton Foundation.

There's got to be a Tea Party angle there somehow.


I stand with Sue!

Jim Eagle

Geez, almighty. Just joined a thread and see where a hockey game has broke out.

Cheerleader, have no idea who you are - male, female or other - but I do recognize your passion and it reminds me of our old friend from the 2012 election cycle: Sara (pal2pal). Both of you are "farts in a bottle". Hound dogs on hambones just do it once and get on with it.



I was reminded of Sara too.

Beasts of England

More astronaut details: he (allegedly) tried to flee the scene of the wreck by stealing a pickup truck belonging to a Good Samaritan who stopped to help. Them there's aggravatin' circumstances.

buccaneer morgan

That poll is within the margin of error, even the nutrooters don't like brooksie, so there is a common element,

He called the huntress a cancer, yet he embraced the equivalent of hemorrhagic fever,

Miss Marple 2


The EPA.

We need to chip their high ground out from under them. They are fanatics and crooks, a terrible combination, reminiscent of Hillary and Obama.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Well cheerleader has hijacked a thread to be all about him and what a horrible person henry is. Congratulations, tools.--

Now wait a minute, let's keep this straight.
Henry, incorrectly IMO, stated matter of factly that the term is simply a racist term referring to mixed race children.
He then said; "I hope your use was in ignorance-- but that hope may be in vain."

Henry is one of the very best guys but even the very best guys occasionally make a mistake.
The best way to resolve an issue is to address it and end it, not sweep it under the rug IMO. Henry's view of the word does not seem to be correct and his implication that cheerleader's use of it was either due to ignorance or racism seems not only mistaken but the implication is not very nice.
If I present what seems to be a false choice about another commenter that they are either ignorant or a racist and its based on my own possibly mistaken view of the term I would hope somebody would be willing to point out to me I was being less than fair with someone elses reputation.

buccaneer morgan

Huldal is yiddish for mayor bane.


Ig: using it against a diapered dandy like Brooks is about as inoffensive as insults get at this place.

Could anything be more apt re Brooks than "diapered dandy"? No

buccaneer morgan

The mayor of tel aviv, mentioned above uses the occupation as an excuse for the massacre, hence mayor daggett,


Both of you are "farts in a bottle"

I am so stealing that Jack.

FWIW, I like and respect most everyone here, and both Henry and cheerleader are at the top of the list.

I'm sure after cocktail hour on The Ledge, we will all be able to let it go.


I posted this link awhile back of the Marine Band recordings of Sousa marches. Only Volume 1 was available at the time. Volume 2 has now arrived! My favorite price: FREE!

That's a total of 35 Sousa marches performed by the Marine Band...


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Paul Mirengoff makes a good point.
Barry just endorsed as his successor a woman under criminal investigation by his own DoJ.
Special prosecutors are not ideal but what is the alternative when a cop is investigating his boss's hand picked heir?


In literature I learned one should be cognizant of the “sympathetic contract” one has with people the writer is trying to convince.

When your language gets in the way, your message gets lost.

Protesters shouting “Hell, no, we won’t go” 50+ years ago were not trying to convert listeners. It was theater, pure and simple. Posturing.

You are free to use whatever language you wish, but choose wisely as your mileage may vary.

Jim Eagle


He endorsed her tepidly but right after that he met privately with Lynch. Coincidence? Obama doesn't want another Chicago Olympic bid fiasco.

buccaneer morgan

Brooksie, person, Parker, from, who captain has named pinnette because of his girth, throw then in a sack. And drop the sack in the mariannas trench, are my feelings clear about them?


good advice Old Lurker ...

Miss Marple (from the thread yesterday, and not sure if anyone else got to it):

>>>1. Did we really ever get an idea of how Obama's tech group worked?<<<

Yes because his data team told us, at least in broad strokes. < ahref="http://videolectures.net/solomon_ghani_presidential_elections/">this lecture is by Ghani at UC, Obama's chief data scientist. This series ofarticles is also pretty good for some of the nuts-and-bolts.

>>>2. How are you going to use this to GOTV if most people are now on cell phones?<<<

Alternative methods of contact or contacting people on their cell phone. Facebook, twitter, text messages, mail, display ads in the mall ... it would depend on which voters the campaign would like to talk to. Back in the late 1990's the Clinton administration polled single women in shopping malls to develop his administrations domestic policy ... school uniforms and such.

>>>3. If I am not watching network TV or a cable station, but rather Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, how am I going to see an ad?<<<

Mail, radio (still important), display ads, personal contacts, blogs &c ... however if they have a voter file on you and it shows that you have dutifully voted in the Republican **Primary** for 3 of the last 5 elections it would not be worth the effort to convince you to vote Dem-it would be a waste of their time.

>>>Was it a crummy software design, or was it sabotaged?[ re: Romney's data operation]<<<

Both is the most likely answer. A speculative piece at American Thinker at the time proposed the idea.

>>>is all of this just a shell in order to disguise some sort of tinkering with vote totals?<<<

Possibly. One of the interesting aspects of the 2012 election is that Obama won his second term with fewer votes than his first (a drop of 5.15%)-a bit unique in US political history. The only analogue I found even close was Roosevelt's 4th term but that was in the middle of WW2 and large numbers were in the military and couldn't vote. Trende had a piece at the time looking at it-his take was that those voters stayed home-white working class people betrayed by the GOP over the previous elections.

Dave (in MA)

No, Frum was "Pinette".

buccaneer morgan

Its intriguing how little attention is paid to that rich, in part because it illuminated trump's strategy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If there is a God these two videos mark the beginning of the end for one of the modern world's greatest scourges; the TED Talk.


this lecture is by Ghani at UC, Obama's chief data scientist.


I think some of these pundits--Brooks being one of them--are not really "conservatives" (whatever that term means anymore.) They just play one on TV or on the pages of the NYT. It's their gig and they get paid well for it. But they're really members of the Left at heart. They are fast losing whatever influence they ever had, though, because Trump ripped off their mask and exposed them for who they rally are.


I find the silly cutesy name calling childish (even though I've been known to engage it in myself sometimes.) It often diminishes what could be a reasonable argument, imo.

buccaneer morgan

So you sell people on relative carp like school uniforms, meanwhile they let al queda metastacize in plain sight


thanks narciso.

lol Ignatz. I saw one where a comedian sandbagged them -everyone pat yourself on the back - took the audience a while to figure out they had been had.


I heard on the radio yesterday where Georgia is turning blue. The democrats expect it to be a viable state to pick up if not this cycle then the next. Minority votes being the reason. However the data shows that Hispanics don't register to vote until they are in their 30s so this election is probably still going to be Republican. That reason is why I think if Hillary picks the Castro twin as her running mate, Texas will be in play. We'll see, I guess, depending on who she chooses.



pretty much. aside from cheating, Clinton was pretty lazy.

Beasts of England

I think 'cuckservative' is the finest political portmanteau of the century. It's perfectly descriptive of the losers to which it so obviously applies.

However, more than a few regulars declared it was vulgar or racist, so I've chosen not to use it. That's out of respect for them, and in no way from political correctness.

buccaneer morgan

The Ted talk, isn't this really the story of Obama, he cites books like ghost wars he never read, series he doesn't understand, statistics he cooked up out of thin air,

Frau Anno Schnuff

It's a big country. Words have different meanings just from hearing/seeing them. I find that particular word fatally ugly and, it turns out, ambiguous. I would not like it coming out of my mouth or keyboard, and I'm no prude. Words can also derail a blog discussion, meaningful or not.

I used to love using niggardly, Iggy. I went to a summer church camp in the mountains where we were encouraged to throw a faggot in the fire to show our commitment to Jesus. I went to college with a woman named Gay. I learned the German adjective "geil" meant horny, randy, lecherous. Years later, students in middle school used it to describe a popular teacher or the latest hit song.

Frau Anno Schnuff

Another fine example of "Bama" greatness, Beasts.



What good has the "sympathetic contract", that people like David Brooks and the others extend to the left every day of the week, done to persuade the left to be less destructive and damaging? Seems to me things are getting worse every day.


Cuckservative is 2016's teabagger -- a dismissive term that sounds obscene and is designed as an alternative to saying STFU. Expect people to be offended by it, but this is a 1st amendment zone here...


Often on this blog someone's posts annoy me and I believe I am the only one who feels irritated by this poster.
Some weeks later someone else begins to feel the same way and I feel relieved that I wasn't mistaken about the emphasis of that particular poster.

Beasts of England

Not at all, Appalled. 'Teabagger' was in use well before the tea party and was only used as a slur against a fine group of people who had done nothing wrong. 'Cuckservative' was created to easily mark and insult those who had sold out their party / principles and didn't care who knew. It's a powerful term because it's accurate and because it stings.


#NeverTrump is 2016's teabagger.

buccaneer morgan

Brooksie is knave, that many times being stupid is enemy action,

Now cheerleader we regard ourselves like a family, so don't be jackass,

Frau Anno Schnuff

Sue, I had a horrible thought imagining a decrepit Hillary! [spit] choosing one of the carpy commie Castro brothers as VP. When she leaves office for health reasons (yay!), she leaves the country with a young, energetic, and dedicated Marxist (doom!).


henry is indeed a valued commenter; however, anyone who implies that another commenter is racist must be prepared for major pushback. cheerleader has every reason to protest and I think any other commenter would do the same in his/her position.

In this case I think henry is mistaken that the term itself is racist, because it and variants of it predate the racist usage (I do not contest that racists do use it).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The primary difference between Teabagger and Cuckservative is the former is directed at mostly honorable people while the latter is directed at mostly creeps.

Beasts of England

Was that positive reinforcement, Frau? I'm only trying to be nice for three entire days. Don't get excited... ;)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This story has already been linked but this Zerohedge version has many ugly details about the infinite corruption oh Hillary selling a seat on her nuclear war advisory group, ISAB, to a man as utterly unqualified for his job as she is for hers.
Another feather in Citizens United's cap.



I think you confirmed that the term is used as a way to mark people for shaming and saying stfu. Which to me means use of term guarantees harsh pushback, and don't be surprised if you get it.

Captain Hate

Having had an opportunity to think about this, and more importantly eaten lunch, I overreacted to cheerleader bringing a dustup from the dead thread here. Even though I won't use the term just because I don't like the way it sounds, I urge everyone else to use it if they feel like it.

For the record, I use niggardly far more now than I used to specifically because the notoriety makes it more likely that people understand what It means. Plus it might make a listener knowingly chuckle.


I'm grateful for your last post, Captain Hate, because I really didn't want to lose my high esteem for you and the way you use language.

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