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June 08, 2016


Old Lurker

Black or White.

Pick one or the other.


"Unexpectedly, ammo & gun sales go through the roof."

NYT headline... pick a day.

Old Lurker

Now that Obama and the WH are throwing their full support to Hillary and going on personal attacks on Trump (Obama & Earnst), does anyone still have any doubt that Obama & Lynch & Comey have decided that Hillary is truly above the law?

I never doubted all three were untrustworthy scum (and of the three Comey should sleep in James' house-on-fire), so now it is time for the few remaining officers of honor in the various National Security agencies and the various DOJ agencies to leak the true facts.

If none of that happens, then we have solid proof that our Betters have it, say, better, than the rest of us, and the burden of cleaning out the stables will be damn near impossible.

buccaneer morgan

Well I never trusted inspector dreyfys, it's striking how many still do, colonel Peters and judge jeanine, who should know better.

Random Voter

Johnson/Weld 2016!

Old Lurker

Narc, any day now Trey Gowdy and his congressional oversight pals will ride in with the truth.


buccaneer morgan

Yeah they'll be booming like the Norwegian blue.

buccaneer morgan

The power of mammon in politics.
Meanwhile the dragon swing it's tail last night.

buccaneer morgan

The truth is they greenlit operation footprint, it's a little like the backstory to they first season of 24, David Palmer signed off on the hit on Dennis hopper's character and it went sideways.


I read your post aloud to my husband and he totally agrees.


Drudge has Richard Fiona Simmons as post surgery... things that do not surprise me.

buccaneer morgan

Victor drazen, even after September 11th, the Serbs were the villains, that's the conceit with sokovia.

James D

OL @ 9:13

I don't believe there are enough people left at DoJ or the various agencies who value the oaths they took, to leak the truth out.

It will require many people to do so, and probably to resign their jobs - publicly, and in concert - in protest over Comey and Lynch's criminal cover up of Hillary's crimes.

I would love to be proven wrong.

Jack is Back!

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Beasts of England

You forgot to use the sarcasm font, OL.

buccaneer morgan

That tablet link about how deep the Soviets were involved in creating the turmoil of the middle east, including the Iranian revolution.

Captain Hate

So that [Redacted] Hewitt got unmasked today? Can I call 'em or what?

Btw, does anybody think it was always part of the POI end game to bring some of the old numbers back in an expanded role or did the CBS forced rapid finish force them to improvise? I haven't checked with the Zuckerberg addicts because they threatened immediate banishment for spoilers and I couldn't bring myself to troll them.

buccaneer morgan

I think they went to the default setting then again, nolan and plageman conjure up some complex scripts one can't rule it out,

buccaneer morgan

Her, jib.

James D

re: the latest rumors about what the GOPe is planning (along with what Hewitt is saying, and Ace's screed about it this morning). There's an apt quote from the old British sci-fi series "Blake's Seven"

"His idea of diplomacy is breaking your leg and then saying 'lean on me.'"

And that's EXACTLY what the GOPe is doing. They are doing EVERYTHING in their power to undermine Trump, to damage him, to parrot Dem criticisms of him and to provide the Dems with ready-made material for their attack ads.

When all this hurts Trump's chances, they jump up and say, "See! He can't win! We have to replace him!"

(redacted) them. (redacted) them all, with a rusty metal implement, repeatedly.


The radio #NeverTrump guys were calling Bill Kristol a statesman this morning. Oh well, back to music CDs.

buccaneer morgan

yes their iris knife handling skills, two handed btw right between the first and third vertebra,


Good one JiB!

James D

If the GOPe does somehow replace Trump, I'd like to see all the states demand that the GOP reimburse them for all the costs of running the primaries, since obviously there was no need to hold them in the first place.

And all the donations by citizens to the candidates ought to be reimbursed, too, since nobody would have given to any of the candidates if they knew the primaries were just going to be set aside and their results ignored.

And that reimbursement ought to come from the PERSONAL funds of everyone involved in the process of replacing Trump. Not from party funds, not from further donations. From their personal accounts, from their pensions, whatever it takes.

Maybe THAT would get their attention.


There are some anti-Trump personalities that I imagine I will be able to listen to again once things calm down...Hugh will NOT be one of those!

Also, I don't know if I can listen to more HC promotions (aka GOPe types railing about the Trump judge.) Sometimes I just need to water my flowers, walk my dogs, and watch my nesting bluebirds (a mental health day!)

My foster coonhound (Jasper) is making great progress. He has gained 14 pounds and hair is back everywhere except the end of his tail. (I'll try to post a photo)

buccaneer morgan

Wonderful momto2.

Hugh is so trite, there should be warning like they do with operating heavy machinery,


Here he is - I call these dogs "diamonds in the rough" as some cannot see the potential beauty under the mangy skin and bones. The only thing I've done is get him treated for mange and feed him a good quality dog food with coconut oil (not quite 4 weeks).

some text

Miss Marple 2

I posted this at the end of the last thread because I got busy and forgot to check to see if there was a new thread:

I think it's important to remember that ANY Republican candidate would be called racist. Let's not forget that disgraceful "they dragged my father with chains" commercial against George Bush, who appointed TWO black secretaries of state.

All of the pearl clutchers should just shut up. I don't care who it is they think should replace Trump, that person will be declared a racist, too.

Mitt Romney? The Mormon Church didn't allow full participation for blacks until a few decades ago.

Paul Ryan? His anti-poverty program will be declared racist for requiring work.

Ted Cruz? His church and his statementsin the Senate would be used against him.

Jeb Bush? Please.

This is such a myopic view of how to conduct a campaign that the cowards do not see that they are pre-emptively surrendering with this behavior. If they don't want to participate in the campaign, fine. Stay home. But for the love of God, SHUT UP!

Posted by: Miss Marple 2 | June 08, 2016 at 10:01 AM

Miss Marple 2

We are waiting to see if we will get an offer accepted on a house. Keep your fingers crossed!

buccaneer morgan

Meanwhile back on casa De carta


Saying a prayer and crossing my fingers for you MM!

Captain Hate

Good luck!

buccaneer morgan

Prayers for you miss marple.

Meanwhile you'll be shocked, the Castro bros are deep in the Panama papers. Sarc


Hewitt unmasked?

More like everyone is using their Roddy Piper "They Live" shades now.

I'm trying to think of which one of the conservative mouthpieces that I have railed against that I have been wrong about.



Good Luck,MM.


I was just scrolling through past email solicitations cancelling all associated with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Most “Team Ryan”/NRCC were broadcast from Romney_List-CONGRESS.

Ain’t that precious.

Some were from Scott Walker, no doubt trying to retire his debt.

Not gonna waste time with pearl-clutchers.


One more Clintoon Foundation fraud for the press to ignore. Meanwhile, they are giving JEB! some Red Bull so he won't be low energy as he rides in to be our savior.

James D

I think it's important to remember that ANY Republican candidate would be called racist. Let's not forget that disgraceful "they dragged my father with chains" commercial against George Bush, who appointed TWO black secretaries of state.

Oh, my God. I remember that, and it made me SO angry.

Especially because the guys who did it were caught basically the next day, and were quickly tried and convicted, and two got the death penalty and the third got life w/o parole.

And the Dems brought the family onstage, and ran ads, and Gore brought it up in the debate, that because Bush opposed a hate crime law (which would have had no deterrent or preventative effect, and no impact on the law enforcement response to the crime, and no effect on the outcome of the case) he was just as bad as the murderers.

And Bush basically stood there and took it, rather than ripping Gore a new one, which to my mind was the ONLY reasonable response there.

But I guess the "kick me" signs were always there, and the unwillingness to challenge the Dems on their ugly racist lies.


This is getting pretty ridiculous - SO he thinks his dad would support Hillary?


pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Miss Marble, Hope you get it.

A good many years ago I bid on a FHA house. The powers that be said I won but I couldn't have the one I bid on because they had already given it to someone else. I called Sen Thurmond's office and asked them to help because the house was in an area I really wanted to live in. Then went to lunch.
By the time I go back from lunch, his office had called back and said the problem had been taken care of. An hour late the office handling the closing had called back and asked when I wanted to close. Strom Thurmond's office gave great customer service.

buccaneer morgan

Ron was always ridiculous, patting Davis was only slightly less so. They are likely the Buckley spawn.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

I would have only been shocked if the Castro regime had not been deep in the Panama Papers.


"In exchange for an American hostage held by the Castro regime, the Obama Administration has already released three Cuban spies imprisoned in the United States for crimes, including a conspiracy to kill Americans.

Now, in exchange for various U.S. fugitives harbored by the Castro regime, the Obama Administration is considering the release of one of the most damaging spies in history.

Either the Obama Administration is naive, doesn’t understand or simply doesn’t care that it continues to dangerously raise the value of taking American hostages and harboring fugitives from justice."


Seriously, I want to know why it is supposedly a big deal that a woman is a nominee for President when any man can just say they are a woman nowadays & we're all supposed to believe they ARE a woman. I want Democrat politicians to explain.
What's the big deal about being a woman?...anyone can claim to be one.

Miss Marple 2


we are looking at a house that is elegible for an FHA mortgage, not bidding on a foreclosure, although I wish we had time to pick and choose about those. The thing is, the market here is so tight that anything that comes up for sale is immediately taken. When we went to look at this there was already an offer on the table, so we bid $3000 OVER the asking price with them paying closing costs. We assume the other offer was the maximum those people were going to bid and it was under the asking price.

We are also looking in a price range that is in short supply, as the homes we are looking at are small, empty nester or starter home types, of which there aren't very many on the market.

James D

Two items from Insty this morning...

When an Environmental Protection Agency work-crew accidentally unleashed a three-million gallon flood of dangerous waste from Colorado’s Gold King Mine in August 2015, it turned the Animus River yellow for nearly a week. That river provides drinking water for millions of people in three states and the Navajo Nation.

Federal officials promised an “independent” review of the disaster by the Army Corps of Engineers to determine its cause and who was responsible for it, not least because the flood included 880,000 pounds of toxic materials like lead and arsenic. But when the review came out, it was full of gaps, most notably concerning who made the critical decisions that resulted in the flood.

Ethan Barton, one of the determined reporters with the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group, has been digging for months seeking the full story about Gold King Mine. His findings are being published this week and what has become clear is that officials at EPA caused the disaster and they then joined with compatriots at the Department of the Interior (which is a part-owner of the mine, oh by the way!) in a bald-faced coverup.

The review was ultimately conducted by Interior, not the Army Corps because, Barton reports today, “Army Corps, however, had already developed potential topics to probe, and its lead reviewer was highly experienced in similar investigations, documents obtained by TheDCNF show. DOI’s final scope for the Gold King Mine review, in fact, nixed crucial topics Army Corps planned to examine, including the root cause of the spill.”


Officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – the hybrid financial regulatory agency President Obama and a Democratic Congress created in 2010 – are accumulating what may well be the world’s largest database of information on American consumers. And CFPB’s bureaucrats refuse to tell Congress how or why they are doing so, or what specifically they intend to do with the data.

Now, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, chaired by Texas Republican Lamar Smith, has asked Mark Bialek, the Federal Reserve’s Inspector General, to disclose everything it knows about the CFPB data collection operation. Bialek is involved because Obama and the Capitol Hill Democrats put CFPB in the Federal Reserve, which essentially puts the bureau beyond congressional oversight.

What is known, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Richard Pollock, is the database is being created “by pulling private consumer records from 7,062 financial institutions and 300 credit card issuers without the permission of the record holders. The bureau has rebuffed previous congressional queries about its big data program and the measures it has taken to protect the security of millions of records and the privacy of the people covered by the records.”

What exactly is Congress doing about these things?

What oversight is being exercised by the House and Senate majorities that voters gave to the GOP?

What consequences will there be for the (Democrat-nominated; every single one) bureaucrats who have poisoned millions of citizens, conducted cover-ups, violated the law, ignored Congress, and on and on and on and (redacted) on?

Oh, right, Donald Trump said something mean about a judge! I guess that's more important to Paul Ryan and the many GOP senators who have spent the last few days doing nothing but complaining about Trump instead of, you know, their (redacted) jobs.

James D

Just to make the point more clear:

If the NeverTrumpers, and Paul Ryan and Lindsay Graham and Susan Collins and all the rest of them had taken even 1% of the time and energy they've spent fighting against and complaining about Donald Trump; and instead spent it on fighting against and trying to prevent actual CRIMES by Obama and Hillary and the Democrats that impact literally MILLIONS of their constituents...

There would BE no Trump candidacy, and no need for an outsider, "burn it all down" candidate at all.


Yeah, James...I want consequences. Criminal charges & funds cut off.

& this story - "State Department claims processing Clinton records request would take 75 years"

How 'bout Congress not give any money to the State Dept. until they hand over the records. How 'bout THAT.

We'll pay you in 75 years.

Miss Marple 2

Pardon the language on this. Havn't found an article yet, but thought this should be a heads up :



Good luck, MM.

Miss Marple 2

Thanks TK!

Obama won't be at Ali's funeral.


I would like to know the back story on that.


MM 11:02, doesn't matter. Hillary met Obama's price for a pardon.

Miss Marple 2

Here's another question: Why is he sending Valerie Jarrett and not Joe Biden?

buccaneer morgan

Seriously, that is a surprise, about the funeral,

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

MM, I've bought probably a dozen of the FHA/VA repros over the years and have never seen a market like you describe. Good Luck.

When I moved to any state side base while in the Military, I always bought one.
My problem was I didn't have enough capital to hold on to them.

buccaneer morgan

Wait, the vizier sent herself, apologies fir not realizing that,

Miss Marple 2

Frank Luntz makes way too much money:


This home is in LOS ANGELES. What do you think it's worth, being as it's right near the Getty Center?

Miss Marple 2


It's just nuts. I have never seen anything like it, either. Realtor said he's lost two houses where the offer was for 95% of the asking price and the sellers didn't consider it a serious offer!

We have lost out on 3 because by the time they appeared and we could call to go see them, they already had accepted offers!

One reason I want to get a house is that I can move my stuff out and maybe sell this one to at least cover the mortgage. (Husband had us refinance 5 years ago. Do not get me started.)

Old Lurker

I wish I had not already cancelled my subscription so I could do it again after this:


Miss Marple 2


Well, where are all the pearl-clutchers on THIS? Couldn't they have signed onto a harmless resolution?

Captain Hate

Unbelievable, OL.

Lurker Susie

Tammy Bruce
1h1 hour ago
Tammy Bruce ‏@HeyTammyBruce
Hillary makes history! First presidential nominee to have a staff person pleading the 5th Amendment about his work for her.

buccaneer morgan

He is obiwan now, I didn't click because graham Chapman silly,

Beasts of England

Exactly right, henry. In eight months we'll learn that the Clinton Foundation gave Obama's newly formed foundation $100M in 'seed money'.


So after countless posts from theo assuring us that there will always be another election, we are now witnessing members of the Republican Party openly plotting to abrogate the results of the legitimate election of a nominee, who not only won fair and square against 16 other candidates, but did so by garnering more votes than any other in the history of the party. If this happens then forget 2020, we'll already have experienced not having an election this year.

This is what happens when people in power decide that they no longer have to answer to the will of the people. There is only always another election, up until the point where the jacked-up rulers realized they can get away with not having one. Then they don't.


Not really seeing much on the numbers from the Calif. primary.

Miss Marple 2


Julian Assange finally proves useful for something.


What do you want to know, Janet? Here's the Dem vote, FWIW:

Hillary Clinton (D) 1,937,984 votes
Bernie Sanders (D) 1,499,002 votes

Old Lurker

Hey DrJ...I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed the video you posted of that 18 yo kid.

Lurker Susie

Perfect summation of Hillary

Debra Burlingame
13h13 hours ago
Debra Burlingame ‏@DebraBurlingame
Hillary's speech bore no relation to her life--the hypocritical, corrupt, criminal history which Bernies supporters have rejected


yeah Derwill, that "rule of law" thing which suggests Justice is blind -- except when Trump wins the primaries.

Sure, Trump is an asshole. However he is an asshole that won the primaries. Continued filling of your depends only helps Kimberly-Clark.

Beasts of England

Darn it, OL. Why'd you post that link to the Weekly Standard? I had planned to make it an entire day without ranting and cursing. Oh, well - maybe tomorrow... :)


Here's another question: Why is he sending Valerie Jarrett and not Joe Biden?

Because she knows her way around a Muslim house of prayer.

Miss Marple 2


I just operate under the assumption that something will tick me off. If I get through the day without muttering under my breath and calling down hail and fire, I am doing pretty well.

Hugh Hewitt
Paul Ryan
Jay Cost

I have a long list. It's like Squire Danaher's in "The Quiet Man."

Lurker Susie

Wonder what the ground rules are?

Tammy Bruce retweeted
14h14 hours ago
TV NEWS WATCH ‏@TVnewscentre
CLINTON HEADS TO FOX: @HillaryClinton agrees to rare FNC interview with @BretBaier Wednesday at 6pm


derwill --

I will once again assure you that there will be other elections. I remember some hysterical lefty relative of mine assuring me that if G W Bush was re-elected in 2004, that was the last election for president that the country would ever have because he would declare himself dictator for life, etc. It was not true then and it is not true now. There will be a US presidential election in 2020.

The election of 2016 is not looking so good for the Republicans however. Conservative Republicans face the awful choice of either continuing to back the buffoon that appears to be the nominee and who seems determined to alienate enough voters to assure a landslide loss OR upset the majority of the JOM crowd and try to pull some maneuver to pick a competent nominee, who probably won't win either given the hard feelings that the maneuver would engender.

I understand that many of the commentators here think that the right thing to do is suck it up and become cheerleaders for Trump, no matter how bad a candidate he is and no matter how much damage he does to the party both down ballot and in future races. I personally think that is not a good strategy but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

My opinion is that Hewitt and the others are right and that the party should find a replacement. I doubt that it happens.

Miss Marple 2

Baier was asking for questions this morning on Twitter.

My cynical self thinks those requests are to see how many possible complaints there will be for softball questions.

buccaneer morgan

No one sends her anywhere, gack get the ipecac,

Miss Marple 2

See? Theo is here to sow poor morale and undermine Trump spport.

I only scan his posts until I find the part that contains the message he wants to convey.

I am not going to argue, just pointing up that's what he's up to.

I suggest just scrolling by those big blocks of text.

Beasts of England

My list is a lot longer than yours, Miss Marple!! Or was that just for today? :)

And good luck with the house!!

Miss Marple 2

Just for today, Beasts!

I actually think it would be pages and pages. I am down to listening to Laura Ingraham and Dave Ramesey on the radio. I ignore everyone else.


MM --

You and anyone else are free to read or not read whatever you like.

But if you only want to read things that you agree with, I am not sure why you would spend time at such an opinionated place.

I have neither the agenda nor the ability to "sow poor morale" or "undermine Trump support." How many people read these comments? Dozens? Hundreds? At most. How many are influenced by them? A tiny fraction at most. Nothing anyone posts here is going to change the course of history I assure you.

I write what I write because I believe it. I assume that you write what you write for the same reason. It is just silly to make up ulterior and nefarious motives for someone who simply has a different opinion.

buccaneer morgan

You just laugh at these people, they are like Marvin the Martian.


theo-"try to pull some maneuver to pick a competent nominee"

That right there, theo, is not an election. That is a coup. If they pull that off then the election you have assured me would always happen, just did not happen.

That you are arguing in favor of a coup, while at the same time telling yourself that there will always be another election, makes you (and pardon me for being blunt here) the worst sort of fool--one who lies to himself.

Free James D

MM @ 11:59

You are absolutely right.

buccaneer morgan

Goose graham did he garner 1%, Kirk he deserves tie get crushed by duckworth, mcturtle not worth ten candle,


James D,

If they had done their jobs, and Mr. Trump had not run for president, that would have made Mr. Trump very happy.

He said he was enjoying his life a lot, but said he felt compelled to run because he thinks that America cannot survive another eight years of more of the same.

buccaneer morgan

Mind you, this is what they did it mcmillan in Colorado, they knew about his borrowings, yet they waited till the nomination. But he was a relative nonentity,



Glad you enjoyed the video. Very impressive young man, isn't he?


As much as I despise Trump, replacing him at the convention with someone else is wrong. And will accomplish nothing.

buccaneer morgan

Well that's why it makes sense to them,

Miss Marple 2


I can't get the video to play, but the story is scary anyway!


Normally I don't make predictions, but I feel safe in making this one:

By 2020, the GOP will have taken a page from the Dems' playbook and put in enough super delegates to insure that in the future there will never be another primary election season where the unwashed hoi polloi voters are allowed to actually choose the nominee.

Of course that assumes that there still is a Republican Party by 2020.

James D

Exactly, cheerleader!

There have been so many blatant, unquestionable violations of law by the Obama administration - and even they themselves have admitted some! - but there has been NO consequence, to ANYBODY.

Not one person has actually lost their job. Not one pension has been forfeitted. Not one day spent in jail, by anyone.

The VA lets veterans die, lies about it, and nobody is punished. Union members say openly, to the press, that they refused to bring life-and-death concerns to Congress because they didn't want to talk to a Republican, and nobody is punished. Executives commit crimes like bribery, fraud and extortion, and not only are they not fired, or even disciplined, but they get promotions.

OPM allows the personal data of tens of millions of citizens to be stolen, hides the problem until that becomes impossible, then repeatedly lies about the scale of the problem, and nobody is punished.

NSA and CIA allow a jerkoff contractor to have access to EVERY FREAKING SECRET THE NSA POSSESSES, lets him load it all onto a flash drive and waltz out of the office and straight onto a plane to China, and...say it with me...nobody is punished.

The EPA poisons a whole river, potentially impacting literally millions pf people, lies about it, covers it up, and then covers up the cover-up. And nobody is punished.

The State Department lies about the Iran deal. They openly brag about lying to the American people and manipulating the media to support the deal. They delete videos and other evidence critical of the deal. And nobody is punished.

The IRS openly, and without apology targets conservative groups and individual conservative citizens, purely for their political views. Nobody is punished.

It goes on and on and on and freaking ON, and there is NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER and punishment at all, of anyone, EVER.

It's too difficult to hold any Democrat accountable, for ANYTHING, for going on eight years now. The Republicans just can't manage it. One house of Congress wasn't enough. Both houses weren't enough. Nothing was enough. It doesn't matter that laws were violated or ignored. It doesn't matter that billions of dollars were wasted. It doesn't matter that citizens were harmed. It doesn't matter that veterans died in agony waiting for care that would never be delivered. None of that matters. There's nothing that can be done. Just impossible.

But somehow every elected Republican can find the time to get to a microphone to hold Donald Trump accountable for every single word he says or has ever said.

Amazing, isn't it?


derwill --

Good grief. When I say that there will be another election, I very specifically meant that there will be future elections for President of the United States. There will be one in November of 2020 and there will be one in November 2024. That was my point to those who seemed to argue that if Rodham wins this time all history comes to an end.

I do not think that nominees are technically "elected." They are chosen by rules established by the PARTY, not by law. The PARTY presumably has the power to change the rules through some process. It would not be anything like a "coup" if that were to happen in the Republican Party in 2016. (I seriously doubt that it does happen in any event.)

I fully appreciate and understand that a whole lot of people will be extremely upset if the rules were changed to deny Trump the nomination. I do not doubt that such anger would make it very difficult for a replacement nominee to win either.

But for crying out loud, no matter how strongly you feel that Trump should be the nominee (either because you like him or because you think he won the nomination fair and square) there is simply no basis to claim that I am inconsistent in the slightest by (a) hoping that they find a way to replace him and (b) assuring people that there will be future elections. One has simply nothing to do with the other.

Dave (in MA)



Of course that assumes that there still is a Republican Party by 2020.

Starting to look like a long shot.

jimmyk on iPhone

I think Baier will ask tough-sounding questions about Benghazi and emails. Hillary will have prepared her lies, obfuscations, and evasions masquerading as answers. The issue is whether Baier will aggressively follow up or let her get away with her canned responses. I'm guessing the latter.


Sure, there'll be future elections. You will be able to choose between a full blown commie or just your middle-of-the-road socialist. Here's why:


But, hey, the country will survive, right? RIGHT??

Uh huh.


Baier won't lay a finger on her.

Captain Hate

The bad news is Nikki Haley is the defense attorney:


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