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June 29, 2016


new lurker

maryrose, What are you doing in your volunteer role for Trump?


Taranto has an interesting piece titled "Unthinkability Bias" but curiously ends with a thought on how this might benefit Hillary.


An unthinkability bias clearly helps Trump -- it's going to be impossible to suppress turnout for Trump based on some presumed impossibility that he wins. That ship has sailed, although many GOPe keep clinging to it.


Wow we really are using leftist tactics this election but if it gets Trump elected I guess the end justifies the means.

In general I am not a fan of heavily-moderated comment sections, but since Conceal The Record is a deep-pocket Hillary effort, it can be hard to get good information out in unmoderated comments.

Scott Adams turned off his comments rather than attempt to deal with the invasion, which would have taken a huge amount of time (although I think he could have tapped regular commenters). Troll/paid disruptor infestations are damaging, and there aren't many pro-Trump outlets.

So in this case, I support it.


Question: I received an email asking for donations to the Trump campaign. It is all emblazoned with Trump's name, photo, etc. but at the very bottom in tiny letters it says:
"Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee."

So is this legit? Is the RNC raising $ FOR him or using him to raise $? Sad to have to ask this, isn't it?


But they are solidly at 10% or so.

Seriously? What do you base that on? I hope not one of those McKinsey-type surveys that are full of participation bias. I might be willing to believe that 10% have at some point engaged in some sort of homo act, but 10% strikes me as very high without some objective evidence.


Speaking of gays and lesbos:


It's the pro forma, "sorry you were offended by your 'misinterpreting' my original statement."

Thomas Collins

My guess would be Bill is transmitting the latest offer to Lynch to transfer on to Jarret. My guess is full pardon with The Hill staying in the race. Will Jarret counteroffer full pardon for The Hill, Huma, Mills and the rest of the cabal, but The Hill drops out?

I know, wishful thinking. Probably just a general discussion of the parameters of negotiations if Comey drops a hot potato in Lynch's lap.

One thing for sure: Even if The Hill knows the game is up, she needs to continue to keep up the appearances of a steamroller campaign to negotiate the best deal she can.

Re the grandchildren talking point: It's as likely they were talking about family as it was likely The Hill was using her private server for yoga and recipe talk when she made that claim.

I agree, maryrose, that The Hill's silence on a lot of things will be a crucial part of the negotiations.

Perhaps Warren is getting so much play because Obama has decided to anoint her and not Biden as his successor if The Hill drops out "for the good of the country and to spend more time with my family, although I have done nothing wrong."


I doubt seriously any claim of the gay population that isn't somewhere around 10% -- they did a big step back to a claim of 3% years ago to seem far less threatening to the culture, etc.

Actually, that was a correction of a previous, highly flawed study that relied on self-reporting from a sample population of prisoners. Not exactly a cross-section of the general population.

3% (actually 2-4%) is correct. Those are the numbers from super-leftoid folks in psychology, so if they are willing to admit to a number that low, you know it's probably true.

Thomas Collins

If I were you, Momto2, I would call the RNC and the Trump campaign directly and check it out. I am now certifiably paranoid about any email solicitations I receive.


I mentioned this the other day, but now that it's headlining at Drudge:

Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and now the vice chair of her presidential campaign, was being deposed about the context of a November 2010 e-mail she sent Clinton that they “should talk about putting you on state email...."

Clinton responded in the 2010 exchange that she could get a “separate address or device” but said she didn’t “want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

So she's very concerned about making the personal not accessible, even at the cost of making the classified accessible? Yeah, make her President.

And I believe this was one of the e-mails withheld and deleted because it was not "work-related." What a joke.


Oops, here's the link to the story:


Miss Marple 2

V Payne Retweeted
Fox News Fan ‏@FNC_Ladies_Rule 12m12 minutes ago

#Cavuto (@cvpayne)

Banks retreat from promises to leave London

Ha! Pretty difficult to give up those fancy town homes in Mayfair.

Dave (in MA)

Hillary Milhous Rodham Clinton
(stolen photoshop)

Miss Marple 2

Crowd awaiting arrival of Obama on his state visit to Canada:


(Linked because photo was too big.)


http://ourinternet.org/report is from the oecd and the centre for international governance innovation. It came out of a just held boondoggle in cancun to renegotiate the terms of the internet.

It looks to me like yet another way we are having plans made binding us with no heads up. It was referenced in one of the sites I follow with respect to data and privacy.


Andrea Tantaros: What do we know now about this Turkey Investigation?

Katherine Herridge:...John Brennan told us this morning that the Istanbul attack has the ISIS signature, and he believes the Terror Group is likely planning similar attacks inside the US. What has the attention of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism contacts, is a level of sophistication they have not seen before. Unlike Brussels in March, the Istanbul Bombers relied on a combination of guns and Suicide Vests, and the power of the bombs suggest they used Weapons Grade Explosives...

...Lets take another look at a piece of video that has the attention of Investigators and CounterTerrorism Experts because it suggests the goal may have been to take hostages first at that Airport and then use the Suicide Vests in a standoff...If the Bomber had only wanted to blow himself up he would have walked into the most crowded passenger line as silently and quietly as possible and then detonated. Also ISIS is one of the few Terror Groups with the capacity to build Bombs of this strength.
Here's a blast from the past: January, 2016: Pentagon releases al Qaeda bomb expert from Guantánamo


Dave, that's actually flattering to Hillary.

Miss Marple 2


Here's a question. What would they take hostages for?

It cannot be for Gunatanamo prisoner releases, as almost all of them are gone or soon will be.

Hostages indicate something to trade for. What would that be?


Gee rse, that was a pile of useless bunk, or "elites" at "work".

Beasts of England

As I said quite a while back after the golf course meeting between Slick and Ø where Vernon Jordan was in their foursome: there's big money being being gifted from the Clinton Crime Foundation to BOzo's Foundation. 'Seed money'. Quid pro quo is never cheap at those levels of power.

Jack is Back!


Its in the 2-4% range nationwide. You may have seen where DC has the highest percentage at 10%.

Even Callifornia is only 4%.

But you have to hand it to them they have a great PR department and enjoy unrivaled friendly, adoring press coverage throughout the USA. No one can play the victim card with such panache and color like the LGBTQ community.


Miss Marple 2


“It’s not gonna be a ho-hum lineup of the typical politicians,” she continued. “It’s gonna be a great combination of our great politicians, but also great American businessmen and women and leaders across industry and leaders across really all the sectors, from athletes to coaches and everything in between.”

Notice how Buzzfeed stick in "gonna" for "going to". I have heard Ivanka Trump speak many times and she speaks pretty well. Furthermore, they do not do this with Joe Biden who uses "gonna" all the time.

Another effort to hint that the Trump people are "not up to snuff" if you ask me.

The news about the convention is interesting, though.


Someone needs to repeat that e-mail story 24/7 until people realize she hid it and did not turn it over.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The scary thing on that Nixon/Hillary photoshop is they didn't even have to change her face. Just stuck his hair on her and presto; Trick Dick Clinton.


from athletes to coaches and everything in between

who or what is in between an athlete and the coach? Refs and agents?


New lurker:
I will be welcoming our guests to the convention at different hotels in downtown Cleveland.
We are not permitted to engage in political speech however but I will have give directions and in some cases check credentials.Wayfarers are outside on the streets giving guidance and direction.
Some people are located at the airports.

Miss Marple 2

I have forgotten to look this up for several days. Quite a climb in numbers:




So how much did this cost GE in terms of (a) donations to the Clinton Foundation; (b) honoraria for speeches by Fauxcahontas or Hillary; (c) Donations to the Obama Library?


Jack is Back!

As Rush has repeatedly said about the Benghazi report: No one is going to read it. Not the press, not the partisan Dems, not the independent, undecided voters. I think he is right, but he did say, you have to read the Jim Jordan-Mike Pompeo 50 page summary.

I anyone read the comments to the linked CNN interview (macro-aggressive intervention) with Farage then you know exactly what the American spirit and values are up against. Bill Ayers must feel so proud to have produced a generation of seditionists.

Also, I don't think Jack Nicklaus would do anything political but I could be wrong. He has a big a brand as Trump.



I think someone has posted this already but don't miss.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Amazing video of a family in Canada trailing a lone wolf [four legged variety] on a highway in Canada as it runs down a herd of sheep right in front of their car.

Miss Marple 2


That was fascinating.

Although I have to tell you, if that had been me when my daughter was little, she would have demanded we save the sheep. LOL!


We're all gay!!! YAY!!!



Before the last election, Chavez said, “If I was from the United States, I'd vote for Obama.” And the two leaders do have some political and economic views in common. The fundamental difference is that it took Venezuela a lot less time to run out of “other people’s money” than America.

A few years ago, the left-wing site Salon was praising “Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle” and suggesting that we should follow his example of nationalizing companies. “Are there any constructive lessons to be learned from Chavez’s grand experiment with more aggressive redistribution?” its author wondered.

Someone ought to ask the starving mobs redistributing government food while dodging bullets.


Here's a question. What would they take hostages for?

Good question, Miss M. Having Hostages would elevate this thing to an entire new level. Media Wise they would entirely control the narrative, and since they wish to die and not bargain for their lives, it puts them in a unique position of power from other hostages takers. Turkey's main Airport would remain closed, and in this 24/7 Social Media age it would immediately reverse the Talking Points meme being spun by Kerry and Obama "that Daesh is losing badly," and probably boost Martyr recruiting thru the roof.

Correction: The woman asking Katherine Herridge the question was Kimberly Gilfoy, not Andrea Tantaros.

Miss Marple 2

Thanks, daddy.

Sorry it wasn't Andrea, as I miss her on Fox.

Jack is Back!

Meet Lt. Col. Darryl Green (USAF, ret.), this year's Alan West. Sent him a few bucks and you may want to consider the same.


Miss Marple 2

Here's more of Kasich. If only Trump would approach him, I am sure he wouldn't do this:



Excellent Video, Iggy.

Outstanding job of parenting by the Mom and Dad in the car to the kids.

buccaneer morgan

correct me if I am wrong, but didn't they use bombs and guns in brussels as well as paris?

buccaneer morgan

it was right near the entrance, so it seems this was their intent, there was another suicide vest that detonated at the Bursa, is that familiar to anyone,


If Kasich is still saying stuff like that in Miss M's 03:08 link at this late stage, then he is nothing more than a child.

The response to Momto2's joint Trump/RNC E-mail should be I will donate to Trump, but not a nickel to the RNC until you get your jackass members like Kasich, McConnell, and Ryan to grow up, STFU, and get on board.


The Mom and Dad in Iggy's Wolf Video are more mature than any of our bozos in leadership.

Lurker Susie

Ha ha ha

AG Loretta Lynch Has Meeting With Bill Clinton on Government Airplane And Says They Talked About Their Grandchildren (VIDEO)


Lurker Susie

Sorry Samatha you won't be UN Ambassador for 2 more years

Obama’s UN Ambassador Says U.S. Will Take 30,000 More Refugees Over Next Two Years (VIDEO)




I saw that the State Dept spokes guy today was being questioned on why they issued the 27 June Travel Advisory update on Turkey. My takeaway was that they had new input causing them to issue the update, but he did not go into any specifics of those inputs from what I heard.

I wonder if Catherine Herridge from her Intel contacts knows what the "new inputs" were that led to that new Travel Advisory, and if those "new inputs" contribute a bit to this apparent conclusion that ISIS is now at a new level of planning and terror sophistication? My guess would be that they are less "JV" and less "contained" than Obama would want us to believe.

Old Lurker

MM, I see your Kasich at 3:08 and raise you with this McConnell (per Lucianne):

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he has reservations about the candidate at the top the 2016 Republican ticket: Donald Trump. (Snip) McConnell: "Trump clearly needs to change, in my opinion, to win the general election. What I’ve said to him both publicly and privately: ´You’re a great entertainer. You turn on audiences. You’re good before a crowd. You have a lot of Twitter followers. That worked fine for you in the primaries. But now that you are in the general, people are looking for a level of seriousness that is typically conveyed by having a prepared text and Teleprompter..."

You KNOW what I am thinking about both of them...

Lurker Susie

Hillary -- I want you to release your tax returns

Trump-- I emailed them to you

daddy and fry  and scout on iPhone


Rush says u can't donate blood for 2 years.

Miss Marple 2

Elizabeth Warren Verified account

Elizabeth Warren Retweeted The Boston Globe

Looking for a Defense Against the Dark Arts prof, @jk_rowling? Where do I apply? Trump, Death Eaters - I got this!


This is just embarrassing.


Lurker Susie
Very funny
Kasich has consistently polled better than Trump against Hillary
No new news here.
He is expressing an opinion.
In the end it will be Trump
Alarmist Chicken Little posts are amusing but seldom relevant

Miss Marple 2

daddy, Old Lurker,

I am done with both of them. If they steal this nomination at the convention (which apparently some are still plotting to do) then I will follow Trump to whatever 3rd party he decides to form.

And I will be hard-pressed to vote for any down-ticket GOP, since they are not putting a stop to this.

That is my first question to every candidate: Are you supporting Trump or not?

If not, I will assume they are in on this kabuki theater primary voting and that they think the whole thing is just something to keep us mud people occupied while they plan their lofty goals.

Pfft. Kasich is a big jerk.

buccaneer morgan

and zaphod and zoolander are in ottawa, removing all doubt again, they worship the sky dragon so readily, you'd think they'd daenirys number


OL @ 3:26...re: the support or non-support that Trump is receiving from the GOPe. I wonder if they have been advised to avoid Trump? Our Congressman Poliquin will not be in Bangor at the Trump event. He had a "conflict." Gov. LePage will be there "with bells on."

Miss Marple 2

Forewarned if forearmed. That's my motto, so I am going to post whatever Chicken Little posts I see.

Did Kasich say it? Yes.

Is that his opinion? Yes.

Is my opinion that he is a megalomaniac jerk who wants the nomination awarded to him? YES.


The teleprompter will only work for Trump if it helps him to condense his words (avoid rambling) but stay on message with clarification and punch. But WHATEVER he says must flow naturally from his own convictions, or else he'll lose his trademark appeal.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Social Security and Medicare in worse shape than previously thought.

Imagine the perfect smash up when the funding shortage of SS and Medicare meets the normalization of interest rates on $20trillion+ of Fed debt.

Miss Marple 2


I imagine since the GOPe controls a lot of the donations through the Congressional Fundraising thing (NRCC is what it's called, I think), there is a problem if the congressional candidates go against their wishes.

buccaneer morgan

like with eagleton, 1,000 %



Elizabeth Warren Verified account

Elizabeth Form A?

Big Chief Red Tape?

buccaneer morgan

I know you couldn't make this up,


Miss Marple 2


I think it stands for "for Massachusetts."

buccaneer morgan

sometimes he is tongue in cheek:



I know, MM. :) But it's stupid-looking. Just like her.


Howie Carr is warming up the crowd for Trump.

buccaneer morgan

so the first bombing was a distraction,


shades of the kingdom,

Old Lurker

Marlene, avoiding Trump is one thing, but for the GOP leader in the Senate to refer to Trump as "a good entertainer with a big twitter following" is dismissive in the extreme.

Makes me blind with rage.

Ditto the a*hole governor of Ohio.

buccaneer morgan

yes, because they have their papers in order,


Old Lurker

While a scripted teleprompter speech by Trump might let him get all of his points out in a nice clean order, do you think the new "carefully modulated, medicated, slow talking Hillary" is going to erase the shrieking bitch we have come to see in her?

Packaging still won't make the dogs like the dogfood.

Thomas Collins

The Jameson and Bruichladdich in my blood destroy the ink, daddy!

buccaneer morgan

nigel tufnel woud understand:


Thomas Collins

Anything McConnell has a problem with about Trump should be vetted in private with Trump. McConnell sounds like an oligarchy media talking head to me.


Politicians don't operate under the same moral code that we do.

Except for Kasich, Right? He is so wonderful.

buccaneer morgan

like the consultant asked in office space, of mcturtle, 'what is it you do here'


Believe me if Trump approached Cruz or Kasich and was rejected we would have heard about it

Very telling.

When did we hear about Lewendowski leaving the Trump campaign?

I think it was the same day it happened.

Trump doesn't suffer the same loose lips as that of Kasich and Cruz.

I'm glad he is our nominee.

buccaneer morgan

paging marko:


Lurker Susie

You're out in 6 months,

Fox News
Fox News – Verified account ‏@FoxNews

“We’re announcing a new goal...of generating 50% of our electricity with clean power by 2025.” – @BarackObama

buccaneer morgan

now this is kind of a bombshell:


Lurker Susie

My great grandparents had documents in the 1870's

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell – Verified account ‏@RichardGrenell

Wow. Obama equates early American immigrants not having documentation with today's border control policies.
1:01 PM - 29 Jun 2016

Lurker Susie

Laura quoting Obama,

Laura Ingraham
1m1 minute ago
Laura Ingraham ‏@IngrahamAngle
"Uh"..."um"..."uhhhhhh"..."um"... "Diversity"... "Um"..."global community"... Deep Thoughts

Beasts of England

I read several Howie Carr articles the other day, Marlene - he can really deliver the heat!! And from what I read, he seems like a fine warm-up for Trump!


Here's a pic of the Global Warming and Trade summit thats going on between Obama, Trudeau of Canada, and the Mexican guy married to the super hot Sopa pera chick:

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--“We’re announcing a new goal...of generating 50% of our electricity with clean power by 2025.”--

Does rendering the spermaceti oil from millions of fatheaded uniparty pols and burning it in our power plants equal clean power?
If so, count me in.


I am not allowed to say what I think should be done to my President who this instant is hammering the populist candidate running against Hillary. I am sure you can read my mind.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think I speak for millions of Stooges fans when I say, how dare you sir!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I am not allowed to say what I think should be done to my President who this instant is hammering the populist candidate running against Hillary.--

Thousands of Republicans, the Chicago Olympics, Brexit and Benjamin Netenyahu all say we should give him a bigger microphone.


Fox is still covering the Obama blah,blah. MSNBC is covering Trump. Too funny.


Obama: "Last time I visited an auto plant they were pretty happy."

Me: Last time you visited a Solyndra plant I was not "pretty happy."

Last time you visited a Coal Plant America was not "pretty happy."

Last time I visited Gibson Guitar Factory they were not "pretty happy."

Last time you visited a Slave Camp "Freedom" was not "pretty happy."


If, as Loretta Lynch tells us "Out best weapon against Islamic Terrorism is love," what is our 2nd Best Weapon?

Lurker Susie

what is our 2nd Best Weapon?

James Taylor

Beasts of England

I'm with you, OL - the statement from the Majority Leader is disgraceful. The Trump Organization employs about 25,000 people, has billions in revenue, and is one of the fifty largest privately-held companies in America*. What has Mitch done that compares?

*According to Forbes and a few other sources.

Beasts of England

lol, Lurker Susie!!


LOL, Lurker Susie.

buccaneer morgan

'So Mr. Pena Nieto, how do you handled your burgeoning illegal immigrant,

excuse me can you repeat the question,

actually we don't have that major a problem, we deport them as soon as possible,

(if there were any real journalists at that conference,)


And to think I once respected Mitch McConnell. All this time he's been deceiving the constituency with faux conservative platitudes while fattening his bank account and power base, extracting earned wealth belonging to the deceived.

No wonder Mitch fears Donald.

Miss Marple 2

One thing I would like to see is everyone in feeral office, both elected anad appointed, have to file a financial statement upon taking office, listing all bank accounts and other assets like real estate.

Every year after that, they should have to file another one and explain where the increase came from. Detail all sources of income and deposits, increases in real estate valuation, etc.

There is no excuse for these guys going into office with not much money and leaving as multi-millionaires.

(Wives, parents and children would also be tracked.)

Janet the expert

Makes me blind with rage.

Ditto the a*hole governor of Ohio.

Ditto. I will write in Trump if the Republican party nominates anyone else.

Thomas Collins

Now here's something that many if not most of my friends here will hope starts a trend.



Gorky with Trish Regan on Obama at the Press Conference:

Trish: Dr Gorka we have just seen 41 people die in that their attack in Turkey and Americans are scared, yet the President as we just heard still labels this as Xenophobia, when people are talking about profiling Muslims in this country. You are shaking your head "No", you don't see it as Xenophobia, it's mire just a reality that we need to face right now?

Gorka: I'm shaking my head Trish because I don't know how you're doing your job right now. I'm still trying to recover form that absolute mindless rambling at the end of the Presidents presentation there. What was he talking about? He was wittering on about "what is Populism", What isn't Populism, look it up in the Dictionary, sorry for this rant I'm at the end of my term." I've got whiplash from that. I'm still recovering.

Trish: I think he takes it quite personally that Donald Trump has been as successful as he is. He sees it really as an affront to everything he stands for and has worked for, and we see that come up over and over again. He takes these opportunities to really start to dig in and he really tries to emphasize what he dislikes about trump. One of the reasons Trump has seen the success he has and I'd like your perspective on this, is because Americans really feel underserved by this President.

Gorka: Yes. Can I suggest another definition for the President of Populism" Democracy. When a majority of the people are fed up with Political Correctness , fed up with a Commander in Chief who divides the Nation between Republican-Democrat, Black and White, Hetero and Gay. The Trump phenomena is a direct response to his divisive Presidency. The idea that you make Common Sense suggestions such that we don't want an influx of Migrants from Active War Zones where Jihad is occurring right now---that's Bad? That's a negative former Populism? I think you're right. I think the President is so thin skinned that he's taking the Common Sense approach that is working so well for Mister trump, and he's taking it personally . He really doesn't understand why Americans are so very, very concerned after San Bernardino, after Orlando. He still doesn't understand that the average American is really afraid, and they have every right to be.

Trish: Doesn't the average American run the risk of becoming more afraid when they have an Administration that is as seemingly as unresponsive as this one? ...here you have John Kerry right now calling this situation in Turkey as haven been done by "Non-State violent Actors" (plays clip of Kerry the moron)...Most officials are saying that this is actually ISIS. Why not just call them Terrorists? Why do we have to use this sort of coded language? Why can't we say it's Islamic Terrorism?...

Gorka: You know why? Because if they admit what it is, they'll also have to admit that their Strategy has failed. Look at whats going on. We've had more Jihadi plots on US Territory last year than in any year before. ISIS is not a JV Team. It has 6 Million people living on its Territory. It has a GDP of 500 Million Dollars. It is now executing attacks wherever it wants to execute attacks; In Paris, in Brussels, in Orlando, in Istanbul, they cannot call the enemy by it's real name because then everybody will know that that the last 7 and a half years have been a catastrophe in terms of National Security.

Trish: Some are have said he's naive, others say this is a grand plan that he has thought out, but it's just not right.

Gorka: I think it's a combo of all of those things. It's putting America back in its place. This is an Administration that thinks that America is the bad guy...

Sorry, ran out of tape.


Lurker Susie:
Trump is a known entertainer and he has a large Twitter following.
He also has built a large business which employs 25000 people as Beasts has stated.
As President he will have to display statesman like qualities.
I think that was McConnell's point.
When Kasich does embrace him as our nominee I hope everyone will say what a great guy Kasich is to do that.

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