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June 07, 2016





Does Merkel speak Austrian.


A link to the story.

Captain Hate

Turkey's odd unwillingness to own up to the Armenian genocide doesn't reflect well on them.


This Judge involved in the Trump U case is a member of a group called LA RAZA. We all know that, but the media keeps saying Trump is against him, because he is MEXICAN.
That's like saying the U.S. was against Hitler because he was GERMAN.

Even FOX can't get it straight.


macht nichts

buccaneer morgan

Vizzini ftw, also see Frederick the great of Bavaria.



Does Trump say he is a member of La Raza, or does he stick to his "he's Mexican" script?

Janet S.

Yeah, Gus.
and the trans agenda is just about bathrooms in N.C. .... while a boy wins in a girls track meet in Alaska.

and this - "The document clearly instructs public schools districts to begin teaching students — beginning in Kindergarten — about gender expression, gender identity, gender roles, and sexual orientation."


"Here is where OSPI is trying to hide: by stating that curricula are determined by the local school districts, which is true, they are deflecting attention from the fact that all public school districts must use OSPI’s standards and outcomes to determine what to teach students.

You can equate OSPI’s use of semantics to Henry Ford stating that you can buy any color car you want, so long as it’s black."


Big difference Janet... people wanted cars.

Captain Hate

Who wouldn't want this highly articulate wordsmith on the campaign trail?


Dave (in MA)

The Cambridge City Council voted unanimously to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Of course they did.

buccaneer morgan

You know it's a fair point on recep's part. Hitler sought inspiration from the itijihad.

Dave (in MA)

People are suing Trump because buying the Popeil Pocket University didn't make them CEOs. If these suits prevail, will people start suing Tom Brady because they bought a Movado watch and didn't suddenly get to turn their inflatable girlfriends for a supermodel?

Captain Hate

Rupert Pupkin couldn't find out about Omaha Beach on SportsCenter:


buccaneer morgan

I linked sla marshall's account of d day, published in the atlantic, back then, a grueling tableau.

Janet S.

THis is good - " California’s Supreme Court voted Friday to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays.

The court said its seven justices unanimously voted to heed a recommendation by its ethics advisory committee barring judges’ affiliation with the organization.

Got that? It’s OK for Judge Curiel and a small army of California judges and lawyers to belong to the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association — a group openly discriminating against non-Latinos — but it’s not OK for a California judge to belong to the Boy Scouts — the Boy Scouts! — because “the group discriminates against gays.”

It doesn’t get more racist than that."


buccaneer morgan

That being said, I wouldn't have let erdogan off that easy.

Dave (in MA)

Captain, he looked it up and Omaha isn't anywhere near the ocean.


'Erdogan, I was born in a country, shattered divided occupied because of an evil cleansing,
' would pause there. That us what the word means.

Thomas Collins

I hope Merkel is lying for some supposed rhetorical effect when she says she finds Erdogan's comments incomprehensible. If she doesn't know Turkey's position on the Religion of Peace's actions against Armenians, she needs to pay more attention, especially since she seems intent on turning a good portion of her country over to the Religion of Peaceniks.

James D

This growing nonsense about Trump and the judge is EVERYTHING that's wrong with the GOP. It's like Akin all over again, except that Trump's criticisms of the judge are totally warranted.

This is what every Republican ought to say:

"Judge what's-his-name is a proud member of a racist, bigoted group, La Raza. He boasts about it in his biography. Nobody who's a federal judge has any business belonging to such a divisive, harmful organization. If a judge belonged to the KKK, everyone would criticize him, and rightly so. La Raza is no different. Next question?"

Frau Böser Blick

Janet, that ruling was made in Jan 2015 and has not been overturned;soon the Boy Scouts will have to identify as Girl Scouts and sell cookies.

The Sitzpinkler are in charge.


Janet (from last thread) - It is very convenient how that works. You can be from Indiana (red/white/blue American through and through) if that makes Trump look bad....OR.... you can be "of Mexican heritage" and a member of "La Raza" (translated - THE Race) if you are seeking an appointment and being a minority is a big plus - or if you want to support illegal immigration.

So now it even extends to judges to "SELF-IDENTIFY" even if they aren't going into the bathroom!


Good Morning.

Yesterday was a long ride home as a passenger on American from Rome to Chicago O'Hare, then on to Anchorage via Seattle on Alaska Air. On the first 10 hour leg was in Business Class next to a fascinating 91 year old WW2 Enlisted Navy Vet; a Diesel Mechanic on LST's in the Pacific. "Smokey", and I became good buddies by the time we landed. Usually I sleep or read, but overall, when he wasn't nodding off or hitting the toilet each hour due to his Diabetes and Anti-Cancer drugs, we had a ball just picking each others brains, with him telling me about being an 18 year old brand new kid joining his ship in Pearl Harbor in 1943-44, and then off to "Island Hopping" Invasion campaigns.

His daughter, an off duty American Flight Attendant, was back in coach escorting and assisting him, and she and I became good buddy's also, as she needed to be up and down all flight helping my "shipmate" and she was so profusely thankful to me for doing what anyone of us here would do it was embarrassing, until it eventually turned comic, as she could tell I was enjoying not being useless. I told her she owes me a beer if we bump into each other in future in Narita on layovers:)

Anyhow, not many of the old Vets left, so I was very fortunate to have had the pleasure of making friends with "Smokey," and the good luck, because of my Navy experience, to be able to chat intelligently and to get him to open up a bit, and help make both our days. Thanks "Smokey."


This growing nonsense about Trump and the judge is EVERYTHING that's wrong with the GOP.

Even if Trump was wrong to have said anything, any GOP criticism of him should be done in private, while publicly pointing out what Obama and other Dems have done that's much worse.


Floor wax, dessert topping,

This evasion on the part of merkel ticked me off,


But Germans are all Nazis per Hillaryhttp://nypost.com/2016/06/05/hes-of-german-heritage-hillary-baits-fans-into-calling-trump-nazi/

James D

More broadly than the question of Trump's lawsuit and that specific judge is the identity politics question.

The GOP in general (and definitely most of the anti-Trump pundits) do not want to touch it at all.

But it is a legitimate question, and we have let the progressives have things both ways for FAR too long. As Janet and many others pointed out, we hear Dems talk ALL THE DAMN TIME about how their racial/ethnic/gender identity gives them a unique perspective on life and on the issues and so forth, and that it strongly influences the laws they write, policies they enact, cases they decide, etc.

They make no secret of it. They come out and say that a hispanic judge will behave differently on the bench than a white judge. A female Senator will work differently than a male Senator. Only a black teacher can possibly reach black students. We hear this kind of racist garbage every single day.

It's time to push back, and Trump, whether that was his intent or not, is doing so. If a hispanic judge will by definition behave differently than a white judge, if his heritage and history will lead him to different decisions than a white judge would make...then OF COURSE it is fair to ask how a wealthy white man will be treated in his court! Because HE ADMITTED IT HIMSELF!

But instead of punching back against this divisive, poisonous garbage, far too many Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump. As if that will save them when they run up against the same progressive identity politics.

They are cowards. And fools. And the progs and the media will turn on them in a heartbeat when the time comes.

Frau Republik

From the Spectator article Janet linked:

Let’s be blunt. There’s no room for identity politics in the party of Lincoln. The fact that Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan!) and Mitch McConnell would stand up and defend outright race-driven politics is utterly disgraceful.

Here, to refresh, is Abraham Lincoln himself on the subject of race. Lincoln, as noted in Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals, said he hoped to “‘penetrate the human soul’ until…‘all this quibbling about this man and the other man — this race and that race and the other race being inferior’” was gone from America. In more recent times, there is President John F. Kennedy telling the nation in his televised address over the racial turmoil in 1963 Birmingham, Alabama that “race has no place in American life or law.” And so it doesn’t.

Again, WHO gets to frame the discussion? It is not the stupid party; those "leaders" cannot speak up and call the lies.
OK Joe Wilson did and was promptly chastised as a warning to others.


It's not about the judge.

The message Trump is sending is: Your PC bullshit doesn't work on me.

It didn't work when Michelle Fields was supposedly thrown to the ground by Corey Lewandowski, and it won't work now.

Voters looking for a real leader don't care what the outrage du jour might be. They see a guy being attacked on all sides who sticks to his guns.

Isn't that what we want and need? Sure it is.


Ms. Graham, McConnell, Ryan, Cruz et al are basically calling him a racist. Somehow, I don't think it's gonna stick, and I don't think he's going to "apologize".

More likely he'll say what he said to Jeb, "I'm not going to apologize because I said nothing wrong."


Every once in a while I run into a veteran from the great war. A few weeks ago in fact,

James D

Isn't that what we want and need?

Apparently most of the GOP leadership doesn't think so.

Which I guess makes sense. It's icky to talk that way. And the press and their Democratic colleagues don't like it. And being the elite, they are protected from most of the poisonous effects of this stuff.

For now.

But it's like the (very progressive) woman who wrote a piece in (I think) New York Magazine about the way her son was falsely accused of rape and victimized by one of these exciting new campus sex courts.

It didn't matter that she was a good Democrat, and it didn't matter that her son did nothing wrong. What mattered was that the full prog identity politics hysteria was going full speed, and her son got in the way. Because nobody dared to speak up while the campaign of lies and bigotry was still picking up steam and could have been stopped in its tracks.

The GOP clowns who are attacking Trump because "that's not who we are" or because being associated with Trump embarrasses them, or whyever else, will have a day like that, too, when they, or their spouses or kids, will get run over by the identity politics train. And there won't be anybody left to defend them, because THEY didn't stand up when they could have.

And I will have zero sympathy for them when that day comes.


James D, this is why I'm so very happy that Mr. Trump and none other is the presumptive nominee:

"But instead of punching back against this divisive, poisonous garbage, far too many Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump. -- James D."

I don't think Dr. Carson, who despises peecee, would ever partipate in the crap they are doing. And Christie this morning proved his mettle as well.


James D.,

Yesterday, my young co-worker (actually she reports to me) who is white, redheaded, about five feet tall, darling, and as progressive as the day is long, basically got told by a faculty member from Africa that she was racist because she asked him (in accordance with our policy) to move to another computer so that she could continue to help folks in the "express lane" at the library desk.

He berated her loudly in a booming voice that resonated through the whole lobby. I had to talk him down afterwards and she was practically crying.

He was being a complete jerk and talking about how when anyone doesn't respect him properly it triggers centuries of historical oppression.

As it happens, she did nothing wrong, and all the problems he said were our error were actually his errors.

But it was a serious learning experience for her. Yes, you really are not immune from PC bullies just because you have the correct views and vote the correct way.


If this was mid-way through the primary, the Trump supporters would be saying, "this kerfuffle should be good for another rise in his poll numbers."

And so it would always turn out. It will be interesting to watch the same dynamic play out in the general campaign.


I read nothing surprising about Hilligula's behavior in clarice's link. The only part that nonplused me was:

“Classic Hillary, shoving the knife between the ribs without leaving any fingerprints,” said conservative opinion columnist and Republican political consultant Bill O’Reilly.

If that blowhard is "conservative" then the word has lost all meaning.

Lurker Susie

Media got Hillary's back

Dr. Jill Stein
13h13 hours ago
Dr. Jill Stein ‏@DrJillStein
The Democratic Party use to at least pay lip service to overturning Citizens United. Silence as they rally behind Wall St. funded💰Hillary.
Stardust – ‏@Cold_Stare

@DrJillStein Planned attack w/ @AP Graphic delivered tonight created days ago. Worked together to do this tonight.


All Talk No Action = talking a blue streak about conservative principles, but when the crunch comes, not living them.


I'm sure the young redhead got the message that she's the problem, though. Right, Porch?

Lurker Susie


Stardust – ‏@Cold_Stare

Why did HRC have access to the tweet on 6/04 if it wasn't published until last night?(note no time stamp on graphic)

Lurker Susie

Damn! I do not support #FeelTheBern but this is proof Hillary coordinated with media to rig media coverage! https://twitter.com/Cold_Stare/status/740039202541211648


Make no mistake about it, the flap about the "Mexican judge" is going to hurt Trump. You can argue -- as many of you have -- that it should NOT hurt him. But this is politics, not logic.

Let's put this in context. There was a time in this country was where it was simply assumed -- even in polite elite company -- that whites where superior to people of other races. Read some of the things Abraham Lincoln said about what were then called "Negroes" and his estimation of their abilities. Read the dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson where a Supreme Court justice disagreed with the idea of discriminating against blacks BECAUSE THE CHINESE WERE WORSE. Think back to our youth, when people were outed for "passing for white" and accomplished blacks were condescendingly called a "credit to their race."

Things changed. MLK pushed for a color blind society and many people here joined that movement. I suspect most people here favor such an ideal. I certainly do.

But for the left, color blind was just a way station to their real goal of identity politics. So today in this country it is not permissible to call out any person of color on their race in any way that could be considered negative. You can't even suggest that a judge is prejudiced because of his heritage, because that seems to the elites to slide back towards racism -- a notion that these people are inferior in some way.

Of course, the one group in America that you can stigmatize all day long on the basis of race is whites, particularly white men. If it weren't for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

But there is the problem for Trump. Most people are not racists and most people do not want to be accused of racism or thought of as being racist. It is too hard to distinguish between actual racism and race or ethnic based attacks on someone, so most people don't try but just shun the whole thing.

This is particularly true of elected officials. They are not trying to keep their togas clean -- they are trying to keep being elected. It is imperative for them to distance themselves from Trump on the "Mexican judge" rant because the arguments that he is right to argue that are either too subtle to be grasped or too clearly tied to racism to be supported.

Lurker Susie

Oldies want to come back

Richard Grenell retweeted
The Daily Caller
1h1 hour ago
The Daily Caller ‏@DailyCaller
Report: Former Clinton Adviser Dick Morris Could Join Trump Campaign http://trib.al/QkTz6Fc
Embedded image



Richard Grenell retweeted


I'm sure CNN will get right on that, followed closely by the NYT. /sarc



"This Judge involved in the Trump U case is a member of a group called LA RAZA. We all know that, but the media keeps saying Trump is against him, because he is MEXICAN."

I don't think you can blame the media for this one. Unfortunately, that's exactly how Trump, himself, framed it.. The Judge was a "Trump hater" of "Mexican heritage."

We know about the La Raza affiliations etc because Trump's defenders dug up the relevant info and supplied the context, after the fact. People seem to think Trump scores points that way, but everybody responds to his initial remarks, and most of the general public never hears the evidence supporting him. It happens over and over, and It drives me crazy.

Frau Republik

Fie on the Republicans who say it is improper to criticize a judge. The preezy showed how it's done when he beat up the entire Supreme Court in front of the world during his SOTU address.

Disgust is too mild a word.

In the meantime, two Hillary! signs raised their ugly heads in the local religious left community.
As RG said yesterday it's "time to whupp azz."

Janet S.

I think some Republicans buy into the false "truth" that ALL Hispanics support la Raza...or ALL women support NOW....or Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton speak for ALL blacks. It is a lie & always has been.

Republicans gotta quit believing the meme put out by the MFM.

I gotta think that a lot of gays are against this transgender insanity too.
Who really believes that boys that say they are girls ARE girls??


Erdogan is employing this very technique, but like Patton we already know the manual they are using,

Lurker Susie

Remenber when Ann Romney got grief for wearing that expensive shirt.
Where's the outrage of Hilllary and her 12,000.00 Armani jacket

Richard Grenell
13h13 hours ago
Richard Grenell ‏@RichardGrenell
. @HillaryClinton is a total hypocrite http://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/06/hillary-clinton-wore-an-armani-jacket-during-a-speech-about-inequality.html?

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

You can't make this BS up.

"The federal government is $19 trillion in debt, yet last week the nation’s newest major regulatory agency tossed out 1,300 pages of new rules for the payday lending industry and it did so, we are told, because it is worried about Americans getting into too much debt and being unable to repay."

Over at FB, I saw Jennifer's post on this but can't find it now.
If you have not figured out that Hillary is not on your side yet, this may make it clearer:



the flap about the "Mexican judge" is going to hurt Trump

Which hurts Trump less, "Judge hates Trump" or the planned lawfare attack using Trump U?

Maybe Trump would rather fight back on his terms instead of theirs.


Yes he does scorch the earth more than he needs to, but people aren't really interested in nuance, did we not learn that from blame, Sanford it al,

new lurker

Theo, Begone!!!!


Don't go to Ace's place this morning if you're pulling for Trump Not Cankles.


boris --

"Which hurts Trump less, "Judge hates Trump" or the planned lawfare attack using Trump U?

Maybe Trump would rather fight back on his terms instead of theirs."

I suspect that there were other and better ways to fight the Trump U lawsuit, but I don't know. But this line of attack has surely hurt him and will continue to hurt him if he keeps it up. A majority of the people in this country are not going to vote for a candidate who they think is openly racist. Other people who want to get elected are not going to support a candidate who can be credibly painted as openly racist.

I understand that one can argue that Trump's attacks on this judge are NOT racist. But the perception is clearly there and it is the perception, not the reality, that wins votes.


Yes, lyle.

I brought her a brownie today to cheer her up.


Google Trends shows a lot of people are interested in learning more about La Raza:



There's the annoying detail that the sultan cared more about hunting Kurds rather than fighting the caliphate at least initially,

Dave (in MA)

@DrJillStein had better steer clear of #FortMarcyPark



The DMB (Dishonest Media Blockade) may appear to be preventing people from hearing the evidence, but somehow the people are still getting the evidence. Otherwise, how did he ever get so many people to vote for him?

How does he get massive numbers of people to attend his rallies. Even this morning I heard that FB is on fire about his going to be in Texas next week.

He is using other means than the DMB to communicate directly with the people, and he's reaching them.


I am so fed up with the easily manipulated public and the stupid R pols I can barely stand it.

Janet S.

We need to get better at pivoting & making the Dems answer the questions. Make THEM explain their positions.

Trump shouldn't have mentioned that the judge's heritage was Mexican...okay, please explain why heritage is important for hiring & reaching diversity quotas....but it is off limits sometimes? Is it important or not? Why?

Make THEM explain.


In the ewok's defense, fur redrafting is a time consuming and painful exercise, which is why be brings his own torch,


You're sweet, Porch. I trust the young redhead confessed her thought-crime and white priviledge and promised to kow-tow to the non-white oppressed co-workers even more. That's a good girl, now.



You're describing a status quo that we should all want to change, not just sit back and say that's just how things are. Get over it. While you may "favor" a color blind ideal, you are clearly no reformer.


"But the perception is clearly there and it is the perception, not the reality, that wins votes"

The problem with that argument is "the perception" belongs to the one and only Theo Nukular Swami who Sees All and Knows All.

You can say it is whatever you want to be but since I do not have your mind reading powers I don't know if it's true and remain skeptical.


Scott Adams has a post up about the judge. Worth a read.

Great comment - and high praise from Scott Adams himself in the following comment:

Troy Morton • 2 hours ago

Where to begin...

I am very familiar with the court system, having fought for equal time with my daughter for almost 7 years. Ultimately, I lost more than I broke even.


The judge was a woman. I never had a chance...my third lawyer told me so. Any honest disagreement I had with my daughter's mother about anything was used to paint me as an evil, abusive man. Which I am not...

I am also black. For as long as I have been alive, I have heard from other blacks that white judges, and white juries, hand out much harsher penalties to black people than anyone else. We sometimes refer to the legal/penal system as "institutional slavery"...which implies racism against blacks by the white legal system (i.e. overseers).

Only a fool would believe that racism, or race bias, only works one way...

I watched President Trumps Sunday interviews. He made a pretty compelling argument, which has since been backed up by circumstantial evidence, that this Trump U. trial is unfair, and politically motivated.

Notwithstanding the "racist" narrative reinforcement, I think this is a big win for Trump for one main reason:

No one cares about Trump U.

So, he gets to elevate a nothing burger of an issue to reinforce a few major points:

1. Activist judges are rampant
2. Political correctness is bad
3. He is being bullied by all involved, including the media
4. He will fight for his rights

And, most importantly...

You cannot shame Donald Trump. He will do what he think is right. Consequences be damned.

Sounds pretty presidential to me :-)
77 • Reply•Share ›

ScottAdams925 Mod Troy Morton • 2 hours ago

You should have a blog. I love your writing.
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Make no mistake about it, the flap about the "Mexican judge" is going to hurt Trump.
Posted by: Theo | June 07, 2016 at 01:22 PM

It's not going to hurt him, Theo, and you can take that to the bank. I'm also virtually certain he has purposely picked this guy so as to generate exactly the kind of blowback he's currently getting.

This judge has done SOMETHING that Trump is holding like an ace in the hole, only to be played down the road for maximum effect. And that something is not going to play well with the general population. That's my suspicion anyway.

So many of these Republicans are completely clueless how Trump is undressing them before the overwhelming majority of the party. Before his candidacy, I would have absolutely sworn National Review would not have done what they've already done. It would have been impossible to me.

This is definitely a conversation Trump wants, and the all the "right" people are saying all the stupid things Trump's team suspected they would. And by stupid I mean punk-azz-stupid. Strength is not what these people understand at all.

Charge hard, Donald, charge hard.

Janet S.

Here are the questions Hillary gets asked by the press - http://hotair.com/archives/2016/06/06/8-minutes-of-shame-reporters-covering-hillary-embarrass-profession-with-softball-questions/

"Allow me to break down each question the reporters asked in their precious eight minutes:

“You’re on the cusp of being the first female nominee of a major party. What does that mean to you and how are you reflecting on that?”

“No matter what happens tomorrow, Bernie Sanders says the convention in Philadelphia will be contested. Do you think there is anything you can do to change that at this point?”

“Is it setting in that you might be making serious history tomorrow?”

“Some prominent Democrats have come out saying ‘we maybe need to reevaluate the super delegate system more broadly. irrespective of what happens in this primary, do you support looking into that and, perhaps, getting rid of that?”

“Do you think Sen. Sanders will concede as you did in 2008?”

“What role would you like the president to play in your campaign?”

“Last night when you took stage in Sacramento, there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing. And she said, you know, ‘it’s time, it’s past time.’ And you see the women, you see people here. People just come up to you and, {gasp} they get tears in their eyes. Do you feel… do you feel the weight of what this means to people?”

“Do you expect the president’s endorsement some time this week?”

And that was the end of reporters’ access to Hillary Clinton today. Now they’ll have to wait another month to grill her again."

Nothing about our open borders, refugees, selling baby eyes, jobs, believing boys who say they are girls ARE girls, ....


The dishonest media can be blamed in that the side they support says and does worse things than he did all the time.

Even if he pussyfooted around to keep the the DMB from firing at him, and obeyed every rule in their invisible rulebook, like Ms. Lindsey and her friends do, they'd still find reasons to attack him, like they did Romney.

Mr. Trump's having none of it.


That Scott Adams blog post should shame every single Republican who punked-out on this issue.



Llama 2 electric boogaloo, the encravening,



Byron York, who has been perceptive about Trump, has a WashEx article talking about "perplexed" GOP insiders who cannot figure out why Trump continues to "ramble" about the judge.

Conventional wisdom turned on its head, once again.

James D

Of course, the one group in America that you can stigmatize all day long on the basis of race is whites, particularly white men. If it weren't for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

And the reason for that is:

Most people are not racists and most people do not want to be accused of racism or thought of as being racist. It is too hard to distinguish between actual racism and race or ethnic based attacks on someone, so most people don't try but just shun the whole thing.

Which just reinforces the whole thing. It's a vicious circle, and the jackasses in his own party who are attacking Trump are only feeding it.

But like I said, and which you keep ignoring, Theo, because all you do is cherry pick what others say and continually move goalposts, because you are a troll, distancing themselves from Trump might help them today, but it will not buy them any goodwill when THEY get caught up in one of these made-up feeding frenzies.

And it certainly doesn't help the average person like Porch's young co-worker described @ 1:15.

The ONLY way to stop it is to stand up to it. It would have been a lot easier if the GOP had begun standing up to this garbage years ago, before it got entrenched as it is today. But it is easier today than it will be in six months, or a year, or five years, if they refuse to fight it and instead join in the feeding frenzy as they're now doing.


JMH --

You are right. I was describing the situation as I see it. I would change it if I could. I am sure that clarice would change the "easily manipulated public and stupid R pols" if she could.

But none of that changes the fact that this "Mexican judge" thing is hurting Trump and will continue to hurt him among the public at large if he keeps it up. The fact that we do not like this fact or that it does not hurt him with the JOM crowd does not change anything. Elections are based on persuasion and perception is more important than reality or logic. If we want to win elections we need to accept that rather than piss and moan about how easily manipulated the public is.


Rattler, let's you ad on strap on our combat gear and attack the citadel


JamesD --

You appear to agree with me and then call me names for saying what you agree with.

As I understand it, you see Republican politicians have a choice. They can distance themselves from Trump's attack on the Mexican judge in order to remove any whiff of racism that might otherwise attach to them. Or they can say "I denounce this garbage -- Trump is right about this guy and if you think I am a racist for saying so, well you are just wrong and you should just get over it."

Now, if you were advising a politician in the REAL WORLD (and not just at JOM), which advice would you give? Do you really think that the latter approach would get more Republicans elected at the state and local level? If so, just why do you think that you know more about what is best for their electoral chances than they do?


By the way, Newt was pretty strong in his condemnation of Trump's attack on the judge. Is he a clean toga RINO squish too?

Lurker Susie


Newt walked it back today


I read this morning that Newt had walked it back but no link was given.



"How does he get massive numbers of people to attend his rallies. Even this morning I heard that FB is on fire about his going to be in Texas next week."

I admit, I don't know. I guess I'm not hooked into Facebook and all the other alt media platforms. I feel like I'm hearing the converted talking to the converted, and keep wanting to see more of the substantive case for Trump breaking through into the mainstream press. I believe that is still where vast numbers of general election voters will be getting their campaign news, but I could (hopefully) be wrong.


His birthday is on Flag Day and a lot of people are going to send him a donation on that day as a birthday present.


It appears that the person who "walked back" earlier comments was Donald J. Trump.

“I don’t care if the judge is Mexican or not. I’m going to do great with the Mexican people because I provide jobs, so I don’t care about Mexican.”


One of my favorite pictures of him is the one where he's stitching up the flag.


No, Theo, but I was disappointed in his reaction.

It just goes to show you the strength of the siren call to denounce, especially when race was involved.

Trump is likely testing his supporters as well.


While no one was noticing, Trump has succeeded in turning the conversation from the merits of the case (did he swindle some people out of money) to the existence of broad-based biases in our judicial system. You think people aren't aware of this, even if only on a visceral level? Here's what the majority of Americans believe: If you're rich and can afford a dream team of lawyers you'll get off. No matter what race you are, if the judge and the jury is of a different race than you are, you're screwed. Some people get harsher sentences for the same crimes than others, and this is due to a built in-bias in the system, having to do with class, income level, or race. Divorce courts and custody courts are unfairly prejudicial against men. Prosectors pursue vendettas and will fight to keep an innocent man in prison rather than admit a mistake. A judge's political affiliation will affect how he rules on a case all the way up to the Supreme Court. If you're connected you can sometimes even literally get away with murder. And so on . . .

Very few people believe our justice system is fair and impartial anymore, and while the pols and talking heads are rushing to the fainting couches, I wouldn't be at all surprised if a lot of regular voters are listening to Trump and nodding their heads.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Remember when you see and hear all of the pro Clinton liftist garbage..


Try to find someone she doesn't own.


Porchlight --

I agree that any hint of racism is something that most politicians will want to denounce in this country today. Even if the suggestion of racism is ultimately groundless, I think most politicians do not want to have to explain why something they did not denounce is not racist. It's easier to just distance yourself from it if you can.

But I am not sure what you mean by Trump "testing his supporters." Is he trying to find out if his supporters are good enough or true enough or committed enough for him? If so, that is an odd thing to do in a campaign.


My 2:22 was in reference to Gingrich.

James D

Theo, what you are advocating is "you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the other guy."

It is a short term strategy that sets you up for failure in the long run.

Going to war with Germany in 1936 would have been a potentially (relatively) easy victory, and an impossible sell politically.

Going to war in 1940, on Germany's terms, was easy to sell politically, but infinitely more costly.

Which was the wiser course? Which would YOU have advised the British and French leadership to do in 1936?

You absolutely (redacted) REFUSE to acknowledge that there are ANY economic, social or life-and-death consequences to politics besides the letter after the names of the winner and loser.

I give up. I knew better, and I engaged anyway, knowing you'd do exactly what you did. It's my own fault.


Yes, Theo, that's what I meant by testing his supporters.

I think it's smart. Wouldn't you want to know how deep their support goes? I would.

Not saying that's his only reason for doing this, just that the information provided is no doubt useful.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter


Giving aid and car bombs.


JamesD --

Of course I agree with you that elections have consequences. This is an election that the Republicans surely ought to win. Rodham is a poor candidate and the public is tired of 8 years of Obama.

But what I do think is that we can survive losing this election, as unfortunate as that will/may be. You seem to think it is literally life or death that we win this particular election.

Let me ask you this. Suppose God Almighty came to you and offered you a choice. He would allow you to pick one of two packages. The first is that the Republicans win the White House in 2016, but the Democrats win it in 2020 and 2024. The second package is that the Democrats win the White House in 2016, but the Republicans win it in 2020 and 2024.

I am not saying that this is the choice in the real world (but I think the notion that the Republicans are going to reel off 10 straight presidential elections or something like that is fantasy). I am not suggesting which choice you ought to make.

My point remains that the Republican party is going to lose some presidential election(s) in our lifetimes. We are also going to win some presidential election(s) in our lifetime. We will survive and the country will survive.


This is what Gingrich has said on this:

“Trump’s complaints about the judge and the law firm in the Trump University case are valid and reflect a growing pattern of politicized ‘justice.’ Criticizing the judge for his membership in a radical La Raza San Diego group would have been legitimate. Focusing on ethnicity was not.”

Y'all are lining up behind Trump's worst statements, which even Gingrich can't do. Which makes me wonder if a political movement or a party can come down with Stockholm Syndrome.

If you want to fight for Trump on the basis the judge belongs to La Raza --OK. That's a reasonable political argument. Just be advised Trump isn't doing that. He's arguing that the judge's heritage disqualifies him. And if that's so, let's just assign all the Hispanic judges the illegal immigration cases, and see if we end up happy with the results...

Frau Republik

God save us from the Queen

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

"I agree that any hint of racism is something that most politicians will want to denounce in this country today."

According to this, looks like most of them will be denouncing themselves.



Porchlight --

I think "testing your supporters" is a good idea if you are starting a religion or a cult. I think it is a very bad idea if you are running for office. What happens if your supporters flunk the test?

Frau Till Eulenspiegel

"We will survive and the country will survive...looking like a broken mirror which can never be mended."

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