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June 15, 2016


Captain Hate

I'd rather read something by the professional wrestler Goldberg. It couldn't be less insightful and would surely be more entertaining.


Blah blah blah blah Mr Obama is blah blah blah, but later I will explain my ELITE genius blah blah blah.

Obama is a mental midget with SEVERE pschological and emotional Daddy Moose Limb issues.


The president does not suffer illusions about the pathologies afflicting the broader Muslim world.

Obama could bring more emotional intelligence to bear on this problem:
What the hell does that mean?

He is eloquent in condemning the fear mongers"

he sometimes fails to acknowledge the legitimate fears of non-racist, non-paranoid Americans who would prefer not to be killed by terrorists acting in the name of Islam.

False. He always fails to acknowledge that.

There is no point in trying to convince Americans that what is happening is not happening.
That is what Obama tries to do each and every day.

But neither is there a point in encouraging hysteria and division.
All Obama does is encourage division.

Sorry TM,

From the little I read I thought this was written by Rube Goldberg.

Captain Hate

Obama could bring more emotional intelligence to bear on this problem:
What the hell does that mean?

At the risk of trying to figure out what an idiot intended to say, I think it means he does an obviously poor job of pretending to care about the victims and isn't fooling people who he should be smart enough to get over on.

Man Tran

Thanks everyone for the BD wishes. We are having a small dinner party in a few minutes. Nothing as fancy as you guys normally brag on. :)

Thanks for the kind comments about our house project. It sits up on live rock enough to ignore the globull warming, but if the balloon goes up on the Cascadia fault, it might be touch and go on the tsunami wave height.


"He is eloquent in condemning the fearmongers, but he sometimes fails to acknowledge the legitimate fears of non-racist, non-paranoid Americans ..."

Wonder if Goldberg ever read Catch 22?

Once a US city is dirty bombed or nuked it will become clear the "legitimate fears of non-racist, non-paranoid Americans" were hopelessly naive and it was the "fearmongers" who were sane.

Unfortunately by then it will be too late for sanity. The people whose illusions allowed that to happen will switch on a dime to exploit the rage. They'll have to, their survival will depend on it. In all likelihood they will remain true to form and make things even worse.

buccaneer morgan

that's all vizzini, I guess he was grasping for empathy, re the vaunted strategy, he drones in a narrow box in the afghan/pak border but not beyond it, much the same in yemen, the toppling of quadaffi, that really opened up pandora's box from north africa, to the niger river delta, of course,
how islamic state was allowed to rise, in a vaccuum,

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

re: Former Danish PM: Europe can take a million refugees (narciso's 3:40 post)

"There is room in Europe for a million people. There is room in Europe to look after a million people and what we just have to think about all the time is that these people are fleeing from the most dreadful war we have seen in our neighbourhood for many, many countries [sic]. Of course there is room,” she said.

I think I see the problem with the former Danish PM. She is such a one-worlder/internationalist, she *actually* believes that Syria is Denmark's neighbor.

She doesn't appear to draw any distinctions between Northern European, Caucasian, Christian Denmark, and the Middle Eastern, Arabic, Islamic Syria. Apparently, being separated by the Mediterranean Sea and nearly 2,000 miles doesn't put you in different neighborhoods.

Dave (in MA)
Ya mean the bunch who are always trying to get everybody all wee-weeed up about scary guns in order to justify them abrogating their least favorite parts of the Constitution?

Apparently, being separated by the Mediterranean Sea and nearly 2,000 miles years doesn't put you in different neighborhoods.

Well, 1,300 years anyway.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

henry - Great point. That 1,300 years may be the salient difference between those two neighborhoods.

buccaneer morgan

seriously tm, goldberg has long since crossed into enemy action,



Fearmongering, like telling the fecking world that CLIMATE CHANGE is our REAL THREAT???

Thomas Collins

Michael, there would be room for a million if Europe had a confident, assimilate to the West ethic. With the current multicultural mindset, the current level of immigration is an unfolding disaster.


Goldberg is just trying to keep the Big Lie alive. Trouble is, that is getting harder to do as the jihadist attacks keep piling up all over the place. Then there is that inconvenient Mr. Trump, who insists upon shining a yuge spotlight of truth and reality onto things. You can blame it on the gun today, but what happens tomorrow when the next guy uses a bomb?

Even with the Gulag and the purges, the Soviet Union couldn't keep the Big Lie going indefinitely. Then there's Venezuela, another Big Lie that ultimately, and predictably, hit the cold hard wall of reality. It started with having to use newspapers and rags for toilet paper, and the next thing you know they're hunting down dogs in the streets for food.

Frau Steingehirn

derwill - from what I read, the Orlando perv's bomb makings were being collected. Columbine was called a shooting crime because the bombs did *not* go off.

Frau Steingehirn

Clintons and purposely unqualified help:

Bryan Pagliano, meet Craig Livingstone.


Frau, as you may know, the older of my two lil brothers was SWAT at Columbine. Henry has met him too. He was on he cover of Police Magazine the month following. It was his 1st swat event.
He told me there were roughly 80 i.e.d.'s. The coverage of Columbine was typical libtrash nonsense. The Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies were sued by some parents.

buccaneer morgan

nuking with those flying rods.


buccaneer morgan

another round of grapeshot,



HB, ManTran. I’m skipping a thread and will catch up later.

Met today with a Great Courses profesor to talk about what might be taught in elementary schools.

Several other meetings show the negative effect of MSM. I have explained to them my regular efforts to call them out on their advocacy journalism. Donald Trump NEEDED to call out the aPo and should continue to do so. Journalism Infected Ignorance is so strong.

Now back to your regular whatever. :-)

Night all!

buccaneer morgan

he has leARNED the lesson of not being seen,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Godfrey Daniel;
It's like having a conversation with psychopaths.
There was a time when Dems and libs were at least sane.
Now, their frame of reference has become so skewed and their starting point so far from reality that the beginning of any conversation is a string of unreal fantasies, projections and lies and attribution of dishonesty, racism, war mongering and every other evil motive possible to the opposition.

Then when a Republican responds with some milquetoast pabulum they go off on him as unreasonable to further manipulate him into acquiescence and silence.
There is no point in even talking to progs. They need to be bulldozed at all times and in all ways.
It would be some gigantic moral victory just to get the dumb bastards to finally admit the people killing us are muslims for Pete's sake but even after 9/11, Iran, the Taliban, AQ, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Somalia, Libyia, Syria, Sudan, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Yemen, Pakistan, Chechnya, a hundred attacks on Americans by guys shouting "allahu akbar" and more, that is still too much to ask.

Trump, rather than being a hyperbolic beast should be the minimal standard of how abusively one should respond to these suicidal psychos.

Our forefathers were shooting red coat bastards a hell of a lot more benign than these nutcake Marcusian morons because they saw where things were headed. We're heading to a very much worse place and our present "leaders" can't even get worked up over our country, our constitution and our heritage being stolen right out from under us.

What can you do with a group of people so benighted and so authoritarian and so hostile to the American project that they not only can't even say the name of the enemy killing us, all they can think to do in response is to attack us themselves by rolling up a few more of our rights, other than shoot them?
They're no more subject to reason than Napoleon the Pig, and even less benevolent.


Great post Ig, I've been SAYING THAT for 9 years.

It's called...THE FULL COMMIE. The left became unhinged when they had FULL POWER. I saw it coming and coined the term THE FULL COMMIE. More accurately these NUTS should be called FASCISTS. No lib should EVER have power. Not even a BABY SITTER. They are unstable mentally.

Dave (in MA)

The name of this week's POI episode was ".exe", which is the Windows (and many other operating systems) file extension for an executable, the most common type of computer program.

Next week's episode is "return 0", which is what a computer program or module returns to indicate success.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Include>findstr /c:"define ERROR_SUCCESS " WinError.h

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm guessing there is no real need for "return 0" with Microsoft products.

buccaneer morgan

it's the last episode, so it has to be a reset,


buccaneer morgan

well they order rioters, so why not this,


craigslist, have the moral of diseased vermin,


Darn it all!

Last week I missed picking up a spot in Seniority with the company when that angry Moose couldn't finish the job stomping the daylights out of Catherine. Now it looks like I've missed out on another move up in Seniority because sharks couldn't be bothered to eat Bill:(

Lost at Sea
​The incredible story of Bill Durden, who survived 20 hours treading water in the Gulf of Mexico

...Durden was on a roll. He'd just caught two good-sized groupers and tossed his line back into the water when he felt it snag on the bottom of his boat. The engine, he realized, wasn't in neutral. Durden gave the rod a good tug. It yanked him right back, pulling him straight out of his flip flops, off the back of the boat, and into the Gulf of Mexico—25 miles from shore...

...The gravity of his predicament hit the 60 year old Fedex Pilot immediately. "I was like, 'This is a bad, bad situation,'" he says.

buccaneer morgan

he's funded by the uae so it's little surprise,



Daddy, how much is it worth to you, for Bill to have another...."accident"....?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry for the run of bad luck, daddy.
Maybe next time.

buccaneer morgan

well that is the situation they are putting him in,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Middle of June and here in my portion of sunny CA we haven't had a single day in the 90s yet.
Today was ~64; same tomorrow with a chance of showers. Looks like it might hit 90 finally on Monday.
Darn near needed the heater this morning.


GUS and Iggy,

"Bill" is luckier than a needle in a haystack to be found and plucked out of the ocean alive. My guess is he's going to be going to Church fairly regular for the next couple months at a minimum:)

In other offbeat news, a Financial guy writing for something called "The Street", wrote an article recently suggesting my boss Fred Smith should be Trump's VP: Why Donald Trump Should Pick FedEx CEO Fred Smith as His VP Choice
'Trump-Smith: We Deliver' has a nice ring to it, but that's not the only reason Donald Trump should tap FedEx CEO Fred Smith for vice president.

It won't happen of course, but of interest is that it just made the Airline threads today, so if you care to read what the Peanut Gallery thinks about Fred as Veep, here's the link: Fred Smith for VP? (Trump/Smith?)

buccaneer morgan

interesting daddy,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

To TC's claim the Bloomberg poll is not an outlier, the gap is 4 points and 50% higher than the next highest poll within one week of it.
The only other Bloomberg poll RCP lists was in March which was 6 points and also 50% higher than the next highest poll within a week of it.
In both instances it was more than twice the RCP avg.
Sounds like an outlier to me.

buccaneer morgan

it used to be only the journal and carlos slims would cook up gumbo, like that,


Read an article awhile back that claimed all the people of the world could fit in the state of Texas.



Looks like the Atlantic and the Guardian's new anti-Western Civilization marching orders, are to find ways to exalt Islam's traditional Middle Eastern Body stench as a good thing:

The no-showering challenge: why we should all take part

Cleansing ourselves too often means wasting increasingly valuable drinking water – and it can actually backfire when it comes to good hygiene...Skip a few showers, put down the soap, and let those lovely little bacteria biomes flourish

buccaneer morgan

um, hell no!



Hey Glasater, I need to tell you. I had a tough day at the office. Your kind words from last night made my day so much better!!


Daddy, even in Milwaukee, the LIBTARD EPA FASCIST rules make me laugh.
Requiring a toilet, a SHITTER, to function on 1 gallon or whatever MORONIC LIBTARDIC number imposed is COMICAL.
The water in Milwaukee's toilets goes DIRECTLY back to it's source. Lake Michigan. You could flush with 50 gallons and no water would be lost.
Furthermore, WATER is a relatively limited commodity. All water on this planet is RECYCLED.
All H20 is recycled ALWAYS. The statements I just made are irrefutable. Water is not gained or lost MANKINDS use. In fact MAN.......CANNOT alter the amount of water on earth. The hilarity is in CREDENTIALED FUKWADS believing that their EMOTIONAL FANTASIES about ECOLOGY are REAL and TRUE.

It's so easy, so long as you are not LIBTARDED.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

With 220 sq feet per person, glasater.
Tiny house living!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry, ~1,000 sq ft per person.


Ig, it really depends on how high you STACK them.

On a serious note. Obama has subverted, the LAW and CONSTITUTION so wantonly, that we have LOST COUNT. Fast and Furious, IRS etc, PHONE and PEN, for the love of GAWD, using HOMELAND SECURITY to IMPORT and SPREAD ILLEGALS throughout the nation is SO FAR OUT OF BOUNDS THAT IT'S MADDENING.
YET......WHICH REPUBLICAN has stood at the PODIUM/MICROPHONE to decry this ILLEGAL SHIT???

no one. Our country is asleep. And Obama et al are filling the bedrooms with CARBON MONOXIDE.

What happened??? Paul Ryan??? How did this happen??


So what happens to the water we WASH with?? Where does it go, HOW is it LOST.

Why drink water?? We are wasting it. Where does the water we DRINK, go???

Liberals are FUKTARDS.


What negative impact has there been in the 15 years of MENTALLY ILL LIB/COMMIES SCREEEECHING about CLIMATE CHANGE???

At what point does a REPUBLICAN strap on a set of balls and call BULLSHIT on this nonsense???

How can I be smarter than Little Weeping Orange Johnny Boner Mellencamp???


One last GUS tome.

PAUL RYAN, posed for HOLY PICTURES. Mr Ryan was IDIGNANT in his DISHONEST and MISREPRESENTION of what Donald Trump SAID and/or MEANT about keeping America safe for the short term VIS A VIS open and unfettered, and in FACT OBAMA ESCALATING EXECUTIVE ORDER BULLSHIT fast track immigration of many who eminated from DANGEROUS areas whom have negative feelings toward AMERICA.
MOST OF US, and YOU, are completely IGNORANT and without any KNOWLEDGE of what OBAMA IS ATTEMPING. For me to say this is DANGEROUS to me. We have been BRAINWASHED, We have been FROG in A SAUCE PANNED. A war is coming.
When the MORONS who ALLOW THIS.....WAKE UP...
It will be too late.


Well, I've never been to Texas ♫♪ :-) Ig..

But I understand it is pretty flat so maybe it could reasonably hold the world's population within its borders.

Think the author of the article I read was playing a little 'thinking' game.

Gus, I saw the vid of your son playing with Cheap Trick which was massively impressive. Plus, I think guitar players are the bomb :-)

Comanche Voter

There's a lot of camel dung in that column.


Don't mention The Donald...

Beasts of England

'...the legitimate fears of non-racist, non-paranoid Americans...'

There's not a single thing that I can learn from an article that contains virtue signaling. What an asshat.


Anyone wondering whether the left is at war with the people of the US, pay attention to weaponized prosecutors. Here the MA AG is going after Exxon's associations much as Lerner (judge, jury, executioner at IRS) or Kennedy (Lerner's pen pal at GAB) / Chisholm did in the John Doe. Process is punishment, and these tyrants hide behind sovereign and prosecutorial immunity.


Ignatz is that quote yours & you are replying to Godfrey Daniel?...or is it a quote from Godfrey Daniel?

Miss Marple 2


If Cleveland's security rules are revised and someone is hurt, I recommend suing the ACLU into oblivion.

Free James D

Exactly, Henry.

MA's state attorneys are especially vile.

Martha Coaklley?

The kidnapping and state-sanctioned abuse of Justina Pellitier?

The attempt to steal the Caswell Motel from its owners?

All the way back to the day care panics and false prosecutions. The lot of them should be executed. Hung, just like the Nazos we hung at Nuremberg. They are not one iota better.

Miss Marple 2

This poster is going up all over Los Angeles.

Here is the full story:


My guess is it's that guy that does all of the conservative street art in LA.

Miss Marple 2


He's back on board.

Good gosh, why can't these people just BE QUIET?

Now he's made a fool of himself for impetuously saying Trump should be replaced, then changing his mind.

I am glad he has changed his mind, but maybe a better idea would have been to remain silent and wait to see what Trump said and did.

Miss Marple 2


This is an account of who was at this party, what was served, topics discussed, with some photos.

It's an interesting glimpse of Beltway media and their ways.


Never mind.

"Godfrey Daniel


God damn them.

A minced oath. Much favoured by W.C.Field"

Beasts of England

They're underway at Oakmont! Happy US Open Thursday!!

Miss Marple 2


Video of PM Netenyahu's statement on Orlando.

Miss Marple 2

Another one who should just be quiet:


Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


All cultures are equal, of course.

Jack is Back!

US Open starts today. If you hae a dish or cable it is on FS1 at 1000hrs. Toughest track in all of golf. Plus 5 won last time in 2007. But then Johnny Miller shot a record 63 in the final round when he won. Ain't happening this year. My prediction is +3 or more wins.

Then tonight at 8pm USA plays Ecuador in the Copa Centario.

Great day for sports and its only Thursday.

Oh, and there is an important basketball game tonight also.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Don't they all have them?


Free James D

MM @ 7:55

And we are paying that wonderful, tolerant, open-minded woman with our tax dollars.


MM @ 7:55

And we are paying that wonderful, tolerant, open-minded woman with our tax dollars.

Anyone who believes this isn't how Barky thinks isn't paying attention.

Miss Marple 2

Wretchard still thinks it's stupidity, not malice. First time in a long time I have disagreed with him.

Those are not mutually exclusive traits.



MM @ 7:55

It is not just "Barky", it is the entire Left and their chief vehicle, the Democrat party, that thinks this way.

the Nation should be scandalized by things like this, and not just the immediate content and implications of ut, but the sheer arrogance of it.

Here we have a young lady that has absolutely nothing to do with this nation or the struggles of Western civilization telling us what to do. The sons and daughters of the veterans of WW2 have to listen to this? This is what they fought and often died for?

Pure treason.

We really must stop seeing this as just some aberration associated with Obama: he is just a figurehead.


"Due process is killing us"

Sure Joe, any other Constitutional protections in the way of your fellow Democrats? (Besides all the words older than 100 years that is).


Now he's made a fool of himself for impetuously saying Trump should be replaced, then changing his mind.

Yes, but we need to find out what Trump needs to do to win people over. If Trump loses, it is on Trump. Trump now needs to bring everyone together and be more inclusive. He needs Ohio to win and Ohio native Hewitt may not be enough. He will need to do more. Much more. Does anyone have a plan for him? He is our nominee.

Miss Marple 2


Oh, thank God he's closing that barn door!

Miss Marple 2


What he should do is publish a 67-point plan in single space and put it on his web site, then print lots of colorful brochures and mail them and finally, hire some professional media consultants like Mike Murphy and Rick Wilson.

That will solve things!

Captain Hate



This cracks me up:



Miss Marple 2, IMHO Wretchard is absolutely correct:

The only conceivable explanation for this fiasco is pure unadulterated arrogance and stupidity.

When Obama says he *needs* to stay in the good graces of the Islamic community he is telling the truth as only a frightened man can tell it.

These are educated fools, Miss Marple. I personally know more than a few of them, I'm sure you do too. Punkish responses are what they do best. Admitting the error of their ways? They'd rather curl up in the fetal position and submit.

Miss Marple 2


Donald Trump to Bernie supporters: "The system is rigged."

Here it is in black and white.


TK making a mockery of the honest concerns of hairy creatures that live under bridges.

The Richard Fernandez 8:22 link of MM's is excellent.

The developments that Megyn Kelly describes doesn't make the security situation hopeless. It has been hopeless for some time. Yet the tragedy was entirely self-inflicted. A national security team of ex-novelists and campaign drivers sort of fell into it. The same crew that gave you the Arab Spring, the Reset and Benghazi now give you ... politicians in blind pursuit of virtue signalling simply ran over the cliff.
That's not exactly saying they're stupid. Incompetent yes, but not for lack of intelligence or knowledge or information.

It derives from their toxic worldview.

Unfortunately the poison is not contained on the left. There is more than enough of it to destroy civilization on both sides.

Captain Hate

Another one who should just be quiet:

He always has to draw attention to himself rather than just sack up and make a decision. I think people are getting a good idea of what an ego laden goofball he is who should just move to New Hampshire since they seem to like that.

Based on local weather moving east, the Open will probably endure some showers today.

Lurker Susie

Tell us something we don't know

CIA Director John Brennan will tell Congress on Thursday that Islamic State militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for their territorial losses.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/national-politics/article84049057.html#storylink=cpy

Miss Marple 2


I see Sam Clovis, co-chair of the Trump campaign, shares my views:

"They haven't done anything to stop the expansion of government. They haven't done anything to work toward the balancing of the budget. They have gutted the military and they've done nothing to protect the cultural values of this country. So I'm really tired of the Republican establishment coming out and shooting their mouths off and talking about how we need to comport with them. That's not the way this works. We're the people, we're going to win this election."

Jeff Dobbs

Happy Anniversary of Getting in the Race, Mr. Trump

buccaneer morgan

he's the jocelyn elders of counterterror, 'we're all going to die of something' so the philby of this era, would say.


Purported Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 claims he hacked the Democratic National Committee’s web servers and obtained the DNC's 200+ page opposition research report on Donald Trump. And of course it covers Obama's ID fraud.

Complete oppo report embedded below, excerpt from the report here:...


Exit polls suggest that 5million plus birther voters will not be voting for Obama anymore and will shift to Trump.

Hillary's opposition report is a valuable as WKA.

buccaneer morgan

I caught a snippet of mailman's son, on morning joke, saying that he and trump are different companies, yes trump in macy's and he is gimbel's

Lurker Susie

This is happening now,

2h2 hours ago
Welcome to Dearborn, MI!
VIDEO: Christians Bloodied by Stone-Throwing Muslims…

Free Whitey


How many times i gotta warn ya bout the "code of silence"



gimbel's? Post Office gift shop at best.

buccaneer morgan

gimbel's went out of business, I could also say pantry pride, but you get the picture,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Coming Constitutional Crisis Over Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That 9:25 link raises an interesting question.
If Hillary is elected and the email gate thing is swept under the rug, but the Russians have a bunch of killer emails that she deleted that would sink her we would have the most easily blackmailed president since JFK was sleeping with that East German broad.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If Islam is Religion of Violence So is Chritsitanity.
Some vapid NYT fool.
Ignorant beyond words.

James D

Ig, that's true, except why would the Russians need to bother with blackmail? Obama and Hillary are already doing everything in their power to reduce America's influence in the world, wreck our alliances, weaken our military and impoverish our citizenry.

What more could Putin possibly want from her in the White House than she and Obama have already given him?

Old Lurker

I am sadly beginning to doubt this line in Iggy's 9:25 since the window is closing rapidly for making any difference and avoiding the disaster that would be Madame President: "...there are high-ranking spies who are perfectly willing to leak the sordid details of EmailGate to the media if the president pulls a Dick Nixon and tries to subvert our Constitution to protect himself and his designated successor..."

James D

Ig @ 9:34

A smart opposition party would be putting together all these articles, all these quotes, and making ads with them.

"THIS is what the media thinks of the average American citizen! THIS is what Obama and Hillary and the Democrats think of you! They despise you, they despise your values, they despise your lifestyle and every choice you make, they despise your church and your God!"


This is what I like about Trump operating in a target-rich environment: his operatives can anticipate the playbook employed by the left . . . and then PUNISH them for employing a particularly bogus strategy.

This Gay Gadsden Flag (rainbow Don't Tread on Me)? Brilliant. The left-wing has cynically tried to make the terrorist attack about guns, thereby opening themselves up for a devastating attack within their identity-politics coalition that peels off some LGBT support.

It's a methodical divide-and-conquer strategy that not only brings confusion to the left-wing but makes them vulnerable whatever cynical approach they take. Trump said he was going to change the electoral map and he is well on his way to doing just that.


Except, of course, that she does not require anyone to blackmail her in order to betray us.

Lord knows what Obama has done behind the scenes.
I imagine the Chinese have our launch codes.

The real crisis is that she has the support that she has. It is all really quite out on the open. If anyone here had done 1 thousandth of what she has done they would be in jail for the rest of their lives.

Again, the truly egregious thing here is the open bribery and influence peddling through the Clinton Foundation, along with the so called "speaker fees" to both her and her husband.

That she is evens standing for election, let alone has a serious chance of winning shows us that a substantial part of the electorate has lost not only any mental or moral bearings that we would expect out of any normal adult, but are wholly detached from reality itself. Her supported are morally and intellectually depraved--there is little other way to put it. It is doubtful that this can be remedied, but if it can be then one fears that it will take great national hardship to do so.

Beyond that, the email scandal shows how fundamentally incompetent and deeply narcissist and solipsism she is.

Yes, the national security angle, and the competency issues are frightening, but what is truly frightening is the broad and enthusiastic acceptance of outright corruption.

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