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June 19, 2016



I don't know, I might be misreading it, but it seems to me that Donald Trump and the NRA working out their minor position difference re: the watch list is an actual good moment for Trump. He worked with people, and didn't overly insult them along the way. If, going forward, he doesn't say "I'm for some handgun control too, and the NRA will just have to do what I say because I'll have the power to make judges sign bills", then I think he can chalk this one up in his very short column.

You all know that I'm a GOPe insider; I get all the scuttlebutt, of course, which I'm forbidden to repeat (you can lose your Skull and Bones alumni rights, no more lux et veritas then!). But I just feel that, as an American, I need to spill the operative scenario being planned; although all of us "moderate Republicans" agree ideologically that the proletariat should be freed from the chains of poverty and that government should control all means of production, and we all believe politically that Trump must be denied the nomination so that we can always put our progressive stamp on Brand GOP, well, sometimes some members go too far with their dastardliness. And this is one of those times, so I'm outting the plot, the path the GOPe sees to getting 1238 delegates to go for the rule change. Over the next couple of weeks (and it really doesn't matter what Trump says or does, or if he's behaving or not), there will be a slow but steady trickle of elected officials announcing they won't support Trump, or rescinding previous support (these people are being rewarded, you can be sure, in fact most already have cash in hand). You can expect WAPO to run at least one daily story about how and why so-and-so used to think Trump was Reagan but now thinks he's Hitler. Then, in just the week before the convention, there will be several polls, albeit of somewhat dubious lineage, showing that a substantial percentage of people who voted for Trump in the primaries now regret it. That's a cover the delegates could use even if they don't all become unbound for the first ballot, i.e. "the voters don't even want him anymore. so I'm exercising my "conscience clause". Regardless, after a couple of ballots the nominee is Bob Corker, and it's off to the "we all have to unite and support the nominee" races. So now you know.

Oh, my dear JOM crowd, there's some days I need you so much, I want to bounce things off you but there's that little impediment of hating each other. So I have to Hit and Run (wasn't he a poster here, uh, I mean a commentator? I have to say though, we're all trolls on this bus. Any accusation of "troll!" levied on this board should be met with a hearty "no, you!". The implication of "concern troll" is that there even is some "correct" stance to take on the board in order to pretend to be In with the In Crowd. And it's all more farcical still, as regulars (people who imagine themselves standard-bearers and certainly non-trolls) and trolls are happily insulting each other in the mud.

In 2011 I worked myself into a position at a brokerage firm where I would get fired, so that I could pursue a contract dispute against the firm, which I won (nothing major). Time had elapsed and my book of business was depleted, plus firms arch an eyebrow when they see you've sued another firm. So now I work at Amazon, in one of their warehouses. I just turned 60, and my workday is very strenuous - I am, somehow, the fasted "boxer" in the facility, and I really love doing it. I do train some of the new people, but I don't aspire to move up the ladder, as I'm going to quit the day I turn 62. Then I'll collect Social Security while living off records (hunting them down and selling them on Ebay) and some freelance internet content writing, plus the not very considerable savings I've socked away. Right now, I have a problem with a condition that only bothered me once before, when I was 46. It's Graves disease, so right now my eyes hurt, my hairline is itchy, I've lost about 15 pounds over the last month despite eating and drinking like a madman. The first time I had it I basically lost all strength for a while, but that hasn't happened this time, at least not yet. There's treatments for some of the symptoms, like the thyroid problem, but some if it just has to run it's course and hopefully not get worse (though they can radiate or remove the thyroid, which they suggested to me when I was 46 and on which I demurred). As it is, they've put me on Zoloft to prevent panic attacks, and I've never taken an SSRI before (doesn't seem to do anything, that I can tell).

Beautiful day outside, JOM'ers, though it's supposed to hit 92 degrees here in PA. I have to catch the postman to mail a bill, then do some shopping. Cheers.


An extra drink at Happy Hour? ;)

Name your poison:)


Will there be an "unnamed source" telling us why C. Lew had it coming to him?

I'm still in shock that a businessman makes changes to his staff when he deems it prudent.


I've always loved this song


Hang in there physically hrtshpdbx, and if you get lonely, you'll always have THEO.

Captain Hate

How is clarice still here and not part of a secret clique? If there's anybody who could serve as a behavioral barometer for letting me know I've crossed a line it's her and she hasn't done so.

Miss Marple 2

I am still waiting for the apology for calling some of us "traitors."

Beasts of England

@hrtshpdbox: Was your second, unecessarily-long paragraph satire or wishful thinking?


Capn' Clarice is logical and evaluates people based on their track record and totality.
I've been an ass here. I've learned. I've apologized and moved on. There are a few posters who I think are phony or even idiots. Most of the time, I scroll by. Some who have become personal or STALKED will NOT get a pass from me.
Clarice probably LOVES more of us, than most, she's been here, and she interacts with most of us. As I said, I've been wrong, but most of the time, I am not. Capn' you are one of my 2 favorites here, and I think you know why.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Momto2, the President also said that these attacks and the dead Amerixan citizens are just "collateral damage" of someone else's war--

What kind of idiot says something like that?
Even if the primary war was shia v sunni does the fool think that really precludes a second front?
Uncle Joe seemed pretty adept at waging war against his own population while invading Finland and Poland and then Germany.


Words fail, but sincere prayers for you, hrtshpdbox, in case you're serious.


Lewandowski is out as Trump's campaign Mgr...



In 2011 I worked myself into a position at a brokerage firm where I would get fired, so that I could pursue a contract dispute against the firm, which I won (nothing major).

Not something I would put out there;)

Miss Marple 2


Looks to me like Manafort won the tug-of-war.

I think probably Corey was comfortable with a smaller staff where he could exert sole control, and a bigger staff is needed ramping up to and following the convention.


CH, you seem to have jumped way back from the line of late. I vicariously enjoyed your line-crossing immensely, but if your conscience requires a more subdued you, that's okiedoke.


Lewandowski is out as Trump's campaign Mgr...

Imagine that, an executive that holds people accountable for their performance.

No way Trump will fit in inside the beltway.

Miss Marple 2


She is still a liar and a drama queen.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I hope you get a handle on the Grave's, hrt.
It's way too easy on the internet to let politics become personal, in both directions. To the left, the personal is politics. Let's not be left.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Concur, MM @ 10:38.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Agreed on the fatigue re the Warriors, CH.


Exactly Buckeye. He'll make the EXECUTIVE BRANCH answerable to a different type of EXECUTIVE. An executive who loves this country and doesn't support dead weight. The TOP MEN at EPA are shyting their pants.
Come to think of it, that is exactly what the GOPe is doing. They see the "gravy train" coming to a halt quite soon. *Not to be confused with the ASSHOLE TRAIN*


Fields, who joined The Huffington Post in May to continue covering the Trump campaign, discussed the incident in her book.

That says it all re Fields and her motivations.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Vin Scully re socialism; not a fan.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the feedback, Deb; but believe me, I'm still me.


hrtshpdx: a note from our Chitown Lurker:

Hrt having Grave's with eye involvement, just like me, needs to get to a real endocrinologist, with Grave's experience. He sounds as if he's "hyperthyroid" right now, paranoia being a distinct feature of that.

He should be on Tapazole, at a minimum, unless it's run its course of efficacy.

Where is he, because I'll find a doc that handles that, now.

He also needs a Grave's familiar opthamologist, Because it seems he needs to Lacrilube his eyes at night to avoid permanent Cornea damage, because it sounds like he's not able to close his eyes at nigh anymore. Also, natural sterile tear drops at regular intervals, like every 30 minutes, during the day. Keep them in his pocket, to keep them warm and close by. When he starts that eye regime, his eyes will smart for a few weeks as the cornea starts to heal.

Please share this, he needs active Grave's management, now.


Excellent analysis of hoe the Administration (with the media's connivance) has twisted the narratives on Orlando. I think this is a must read.https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/06/19/president-obama-and-attorney-general-loretta-lynch-have-a-terror-truth-problem/#more-117694

It's true, I love (almost) all of you.

Captain Hate

Best wishes on your physical maladies, box. If you sue an employer it's usually only worth it if you go big. I once considered a class action suit that I'm positive I would've won but eventually chose not to pursue for a variety of reasons, particularly that the ones who deserved to be punished would emerge untouched and would probably make a friend of mine the fall guy.


Why today's full moon is so special ... Anyone believe there's more craziness afoot in/around a full moon? I didn't until my 94 yo mom with dementia went Scarlet O'Hara protecting Tara from the Yankees yesterday at her assisted living home, as relatives arrived to visit dads on Father's Day only to be confronted by a crazy lady. I rushed over, and to my asthonishment the head nurse blamed the full moon. I laughed thinking she was joking, but she then claimed her cop son's experiences as proof. This morning I related this to my retired educator husband, and he immediately verified the blue moon effect, based on his many years dealing with miscreant students sent to "the office", aka him. I was gobsmacked. So y'all be careful out there today.


Redactions have been made to aviod RE-VICTIMIZING.......

Total and utter bullshit.

Does ANYONE believe this BULLSHIT??


Gus, apparently from a survey I just read--you have to be a democrat to believe this b.s.

Maybe I should start advertising instant orgasm and weight loss pills from a Cayman Island Company on MSNBC and Slate.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

From the link that Clarice posted @10:51.

Dias also claimed “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media.” (link)

Well, they certainly wouldn't want the media spreading that info. It might ruin the lies the leftists are spreading.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

SCOTUS declines to hear assault weapons cases, leaving intact lower court rulings which arrived at the seemingly incoherent conclusion that banning guns is consistent with the right to keep and bear guns.

But boy, we'll really tear into them after 4 years of Hillary replacing Scalia and Thomas on the court. Just you wait.


Again, that narrative from Conservative Treehouse would be incredibly damning presented at the Republican Convention if presented in just this fashion.

Part of the convention should be something of a prosecution of the administration -- and this administration has left themselves incredibly exposed if only the right prosecutorial approach (and by that I mean, UNFLINCHING) is taken without the Charlie Brown-like deference to niceties.

Prosecute. Them. Publicly.


DO you remember the GOVT redacting CATHOLIC from the priest scandal?

Anyone else watching this clownish news conference.


Air kisses, rattler..I hope along with the kind of razzle dazzle you unfortunately need to get viewers' attention, we have a hard hitting public indictment of the Administration like this article's.


Anymore the Left/Dems/MSM not only lie to us, they tell us they're lying to us while they're lying to us, and over half the country still believes the lies, even in the face of having been told they are lies.

The only explanation I can come up with for this is that we are in the grips of some kind of massive, hysterical insanity.

Jack is Back!

What party had control of the Senate when it confirmed Lynch?

And some people here get their knickers in a wad when we slam or slatter the likes of McConnell or Ryan.

We are getting, seeing and hearing the Government we deserve since we have a gutless loyal opposition and a benign, unintelligent or engaged electorate.


Iggy, Deb, thank you, and henry, thanks and tell Chitown that I've finally got an endo appt tomorrow (my endo from 14 years ago isn't taking "new patients", grrrr). I agree about the Tapazole, I'll probably get some tomorrow. Hair loss and eye damage didn't happen the first time, so I'm at least officially optimistic at this point.

Hang in there physically hrtshpdbx, and if you get lonely, you'll always have THEO.
GUS, Theo and I cuddle together and hum the Internationale in each other's ears. It really does make me feel better.

I am still waiting for the apology for calling some of us "traitors."
Those who won't vote for Trump are routinely called traitors by the Trumpsters, and pretty much everyone on here is owed apologies by others, but you're right MM - sorry.

Was your second, unecessarily-long paragraph satire or wishful thinking?

Not something I would put out there;)
Oh, the firm had completely reneged on the contract and impacted heavily on my income, and the arbitrators needed no time to come up with a ruling. Still, if I'd quit any of the countless times I wanted to, instead of keeping a paper trail of what was going on and waiting for them to can me, it would have been a whole different ballgame.


RG - Part of the convention should be something of a prosecution of the administration

Wouldn't that be nice! Can't you just picture Ryan presiding over such an event?

.....(me neither!)


Excellent analysis of hoe the Administration (with the media's connivance) has twisted the narratives on Orlando.

Excellent analysis of how the Administration's "hoe" (with the media's connivance) has twisted the narratives on Orlando.

FIFY clarice.


This news conference is a masturbation circle jerk.

They are handing out PARTICIPATION TROPHIES, and expressing INTER-GOVERNMENTAL LOVE!!!!

I want to fucking puke.

My brother was on SWAT at Columbine. It wasn't about him.

ISIS will respond. They will MOCK our WEAKNESS and they will attack more, because of it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I can picture Ryan presiding over such an event.
He'd find the citizenry liable and award DC treble damages.


And the only person who actually stood up and offered a counter narrative to the Twisted Narrative that the Dems/MSM put out after Orlando was Trump.


"we do not want to propagate their ....blah blah blah blah blah"

How about the MOTHER FUCKING TRUTH. How about the ciizens of this COUNTRY knowing the FACTS.
Why hide the FACTS.

Muhammad, Muhammad please asnwer the RED HOUSE PHONE!


Am I too late for the mountain lion thread? We have them all over the hills where I live. They are nocturnal, so we don't see or hear them much. Last night the alpaca was acting up, so who knows what that was.

Passed by the Griffith Park cougar most likely. Daughter took me to a very nice restaurant in the former rectory of St. Vibiana's Cathedral in downtown LA and we went to the Gene Autry Museum afterwards.

Expecting some very high temps today and the a/c's on the fritz, naturally. Had the whole house fan on last night, a vestige of the 1930's when the place was built. May end up at the movies to see Dory.

Reading C.S. Lewis this morning really got to me. He wrote:

"One of the marks of a certain type of bad man is that he cannot give up a thing itself without wanting every one else to give it up. An individual Christian may see fit to give up all sorts of things for special reasons - marriage, or meat, or beer, or the cinema; but the moment he starts the things are bad in themselves, or looking down his nose at other people who do use them, he has taken the wrong turning.

One great piece of mischief has been done by the modern restriction of the word Temperance to the question of drink. It helps people to forget that you can be just as intemperate about a lot of other things. A man who makes golf or his motor-bicycle the center of his life, or a woman who devotes all her thoughts to clothes or to bridge or her dog, is being just as 'intemperate' as someone who gets drunk every evening."

This sounds so like the thought police we have seen for the past 20-30 years, except the hypocrisy at the top is overwhelming. That is what is truly evil.


Hey, apparently I was on the wall last night as well! 😬

buccaneer morgan

Sorry to hear that box.


If a neo-Nazi killed a black man, and said he had killed the black man, because xyz.

Would THE GOVERNMENT hide his motives??


http://blog.dilbert.com/post/146157026376/how-to-un-hypnotize-a-rabid-anti-trumper excellent advice here.

BTW for those urging more civilized discourse, you might want to quit calling others"trumpets, trumpkins, trumpsters" and be more respectful yourselves. Just saying.


"fangirls" is that OKAY. I mean if we don't REDACT "fangirls" we'll get MORE of them.........

Right Loretta?


If TM became a commenter on his own blog, would our resident Trumpets call him a troll?

I am appalled...and amused by the number of very loyal and emphatic conservative Republicans being labelled a troll, a concern troll, etc etc by espousing views that seem far more in accord with OGH than those espoused by folks who have (reluctantly or enthusiastically) decided to cast their vote for Trump.


Stalin redacted things he didn't want the PUBLIC to know.

I happen to have inside knowledge of what the MURDERER said.

*Ring ring ring ring
**911, what is the problem.
* Hi, this is Kobe Bryant with the JAYVEEEEEEEEE.................


What is OGH and what are their views?


hrts==my mom's 97..she had her thyroid removed decades ago and takes thyroid replacement pills every day. You'll be fine.

New Liquor


I hope you feel better soon.


OGH = Our Gracious Host. (aka TM)


Another must read:http://atimes.com/2016/06/a-pax-sinica-in-the-middle-east-redux/


What is funny is the redaction of mention of Islam or ISIS in the transcript has called more attention to it than if they had left it intact. Even the commenters on Yahoo are not having it. Good job, Obama.


Sue, Obama cannot help himself. The 2 loser Daddies that deserted him were both MUSLIM.
That is what his proclivity has been about..all along. Obama has serious psychological issues.

Obama and Lynch concocted this bullshit, and the dutiful police agencies are following DEAR LEADER.

Trump should have a field day with this.

Old Lurker

But Frack, you were being mean to Beasts.



Hrtshpdbx, you never know how bad you felt, until you feel better. Feel better soon.


Or am I Frick? Hmmm. Who do I identity as today? 😎


I was being mean to Beasts?? Oh, dear, this is all so very confusing... 😬

Dave (in MA)

For some reason I always thought the G in OGH was for Genial.

Either one fits.

Thomas Collins

From your professional experience and from where you reside, clarice, you probably know better than I that an enjoyable part of serious discussions of politics involves tweaking. Perhaps if individuals who have been with Trump from the beginning could lighten up a little about the nicknames, they might be more persuasive. I realize the chilling out and cooling one's jets mode might also be considered by those resolutely opposed to Trump.

Miss Marple 2


I do wish you well with your thyroid problems. My sister has to take medication for it and I know what troubles she's had.

Thanks for the apology. To the best of my knowledge I haven't called anyone a traitor except Obama. I have referred to theo as a troll because he somehow takes up a lot of space posting the same negative theme over anad over again. Maybe if he showed up to discuss other topics (music, food, evils of Obama, sports, whatever) instead of dwelling on Trump, I might not think so.

The rest of the folks who disagree with me just disagree. I disagree with them. I COULD have kept my support of Trump to myself, but that would have been sort of sneaky and dishonest, and I don't think that is the right way to behave.

So when I made my mind up, I told people.

Maybe I am wrong. Or, maybe YOU are wrong. We will find out in the months ahead.

JM Hanes


Hope you'll get the help (and the relief) you need soon!

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

" than those espoused by folks who have (reluctantly or enthusiastically) decided to cast their vote for Trump."

So giving classified USA information not just to one country but scattering it to all anti-American nations entitles one to a vote to be President of the USA. IMO, this is insane!

Old Lurker

I think you are Frack, not Frick. It IS confusing.


Obama's censorship proclivities are second nature with lefties. Their existence depends on subterfuge, lies and deception. And it follows they have no respect for the American people, most of whom they deem expendable, anyway.

So what if a few hundred Americans across the country are slaughtered at the whim of some Imam's fatwa - they're merely collateral damage, as warring factions of Islam come to some sort of 'reformation'. It has nothing to do with ISLAM. Right?


Wouldn't that be nice! Can't you just picture Ryan presiding over such an event?

.....(me neither!)

Posted by: Momto2 | June 20, 2016 at 11:16 AM

Momto2, I keep having a vision of Trump's team employing a devastating use of humor to skewer the other side. I picture Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin coming out as Tina Fey and making her the goofiest know-nuttin' ever by putting lies in her mouth. Or Stacey Dash portraying Loretta Lynch in this current episode of obfuscation.

It would be YUUUUGE !!!

Thomas Collins

As far as Lewandowski goes, he was too powerful during the primary part of Trump's campaign to take a secondary role to Manafort in the pre- and post nominating convention part of the campaign. Better for all concerned that he is out of any official role.

Thomas Collins

Hang in there, hrtshpdbox. I hope your treatments will have you feeling chipper and ready to do serious warehouse boxing soon!


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News Feed

Tom Lipscomb
7 mins ·
It now comes out that the killing at The Pulse did NOT take place as previously stated at the beginning on Mateen's entry, but no one was killed until the final police assault.
From the time Mateen called 911 on... NOTHING happened until the final assault.
So despite my snarky remarks about pizza ordering while people were bleeding to death... no one was shot as yet.
The police may have botched the final assault, just as the FBI did at Ruby Ridge and the DOJ team at Waco... but they weren't sitting around doing nothing while Mateen was killing people.
I wonder who prevented them for correcting this while misquided criticism was piling up against Orlando.... .
2David Thomson and Jill Susan Rindfuss
Clarice Feldman
Clarice Feldman Where did you get this from?
Like · Reply · 6 mins
Tom Lipscomb
Tom Lipscomb Judge Nap on Varney just now, apparently they figured it out from the redacted transcript... looks like they FIRST redacted the story the PD told us and then redacted the political/religious remarks of Mateen, while revealing what went down.

Lurker Susie

Where are the republicans regarding Obama administration censoring the 911 calls?

Sean Davis
10m10 minutes ago
Sean Davis ‏@seanmdav
What does "Never let a crisis go to waste" look like in 2016? Censoring a jihadi's own words so you can blame the whole thing on the NRA.

Sean Davis
15m15 minutes ago
Sean Davis ‏@seanmdav
Fantastic point from @RonnieBB: The Obama admin didn't "redact" anything. It is engaged in blatant censorship, an important distinction.


I pretty much scrolled through last night's contretemps, but my impression is that the disagreement was less over Trump vs. NeverTrump (OGH TM's view) and more over the wisdom of Paul Ryan exhibiting what many see as typical Stupid Party behavior by habitually rushing to the microphones to denounce Trump at every turn.

My personal view is that Ryan is slitting his own throat with this behavior. Trump might be the presumptive Republican nominee but he is running as an outsider, anti-establishment, populist candidate who eschews both parties. Every time Ryan sweeps his pristine toga aside and sniffs "he's not one of us," he is burnishing Trump's street cred as the ultimate outsider. While at the same time he is royally pissing off a not insignificant portion of the party base who either supports Trump wholeheartedly, or at least vastly prefers Trump over Hillary and sees Ryan's constant carping as an attempt to help The Enemy. Ryan is succeeding in making a lot of Republican voters downright HATE their own party and I don't see that as helping the down ticket candidates either this year or in the future (which threatens his own Speakership), let alone does it help his own obvious future presidential aspirations.

I've gone from liking and respecting the man to despising him. And not because I'm a Trump "fan girl" (I'm in the NeverHillary camp), but rather because he's acting stupidly and, like Beasts, I cannot abide Teh Stupid.

James D

Via Drudge...yet another example of the oh-so-tolerant and enlughtened Democrat party:


So here's a question I would like to hear asked of Hillary Clinton:

If Paula Deen deserved to lose her TV show because she might have said the "n-word" 30 years ago, shouldn't Hillary be disqualified from the Presidency for using all those horrible, bigoted expressions, regardless of how long ago it might have been? The Presidency is a lot more important than a cooking show on the TV Food Network, right?

Lurker Susie

Ryans statement, words, just words.

12:05 p.m.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is criticizing the FBI for releasing a partial transcript of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen's conversation with a 911 dispatcher, calling it "preposterous."

The Wisconsin Republican called on the Obama administration to release the full, transcript with no redactions "so the public is clear-eyed about who did this, and why."

Ryan said in a statement Monday: "We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS. We also know he intentionally targeted the LGBT community."


"... etc by espousing views that seem far more in accord with OGH ..."

Apparently it does no good to explain that it's not the views that make one a "concern troll" but particular methods of "espousing".

Whatever ... giving up on that subject ...

However the self-martyrdom deserves some snark,
so again ...

A: Trump is evil

B: Doubt it

A: Trump is spawn of Satan

B: Oh he is not

A: Trump followers are a bunch of zombies

B: Don't be ridiculous

A: Why is everybody picking on me?

James D

I agree with derwill re: Ryan.

We were talking about this before the primaries even started, before Trump was even a remote possibility.

I recall posting quite a bit about the Planned Parenthood videos, and the GOP's complete inability (and general unwillingness) to use them to bludgeon the Democrats (even if they probably couldn't get PP defunded).

I mean, you're given a political weapon that's just a can't-miss. You've got executives from a hard-left organization that donates tens of millions of dollars exclusively to Democrat candidates (and yet receives half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding), and they're haggling over the price of human body parts and joking about how said parts are obtained.

How do you NOT use that? But the GOP didn't. Ryan didn't. McConnell didn't. The RNC didn't.

If the Democrats got videos of NRA executives discussing something horrific and unspeakably offensive, does anyone doubt that they would have used them in every way imaginable, and done everything in their power to tie every single Republican candidate at every level to it?

But our side did...nothing.

And it continues to this day. Obama calls the killing of 50 Americans "collateral damage" and the official GOP response is...crickets. How does that happen?

THIS is why so many of us are SO angry.


new thread

buccaneer morgan

he's vandal savage, and even the time masters realized they needed him to fight off the alien invasion, also ultron,


We also know he intentionally targeted the LGBT community."

I wonder how we know this? He didn't mention it to the negotiators.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

From Yahoo:

"Apple to GOP and Trump: Get lost"

If you want a couple of Apple discards you can dig them out of my trash.

To me it looks like Apple would be happier:


Captain Hate

Dolly Kyle needs to avoid Fort Marcy Park.

What clarice copied and pasted is incredible stuff which the Repub Congress should dig into if they ever stop attacking Trump.

Beasts of England

Not called a troll, Appalled, considered a troll in re: Trump comments. Big difference - read the argument. Sheesh.



I had a similar experience when visiting a child in hospital. There was a playroom on the floor, in which one of the long-term child patients was acting out abnormally, loudly and rambunctiously. The nurse just took it in stride and said he wasn't like that all the time, it only happened when the moon was full.

Beasts of England

It's a full moon on Solstice, so the cray-cray will be dialed-up to '11' tonight. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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