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June 19, 2016



They don't have to do jack crap for Trump who has been insulting party leadership from the get-go.
Now he needs some help and they are supposed to hop to it.
He says jump and they say how high?
I don't think so.
Politics ain't beanbag and maybe these people he had some much disdain
For might actually know something about how to win an election and it just the nomination.
A little humility on his part instead of saying I can win without them might be in order.
Oops forgot a positive comment.
Now there will be hell to pay.

buccaneer morgan

it's not about trump, it's about the record number of people, who rallied for his issues,



Politics ain't beanbag and maybe these people he had some much disdain

What does that mean?

Miss Marple

i wonder why I am in a bad mood.

Watching Star. Trek: the Wrath of Khan.

Seems to fit my current thinking.

Will check in later when I can avoid intemperate comments.



Nice, narciso.

buccaneer morgan

ah khan, the jewel of the series, jj abrams really deserves the agonizer for attempting to reinvision it,


Johnson has seven holes to choke. Day just went eagle birdie.


Comments are honest and some people can't handle the fact that Trump still has to prove himself capable of winning in November.
He needs to build momentum.
This last month has been a bit of a slog.
Charles K called Hillary his winner of the week.
That can't be good.

buccaneer morgan

where are you watching, they have the substandard search for spock, on now, not as bad as the final frontier, but nothing can be,


I know exactly how you feel.

Trump is a snazzy dresser. There's your positive comment, maryrose. Can you let us know where you get the glasses through which you view the world? I certainly want to avoid the place.


People he had so much disdain for in his comments throughout the Republican primary season.
Winning the primaries was the easy part for him.
The general election is a whole different ballgame.He needs to ask for help politely.

Miss Marple

Movie is on Netflix. We watched the first one earlier today.

Haven't seen this in years.

"You cheated!"

" I don't like to lose."

Seems to fit my mood exactly.

buccaneer morgan

I saw the first one, on a plane down to miami in 1980, without earphones,


More B.S. from Lynch:http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/19/lynch-shifts-blame-gun-shop-owner-didnt-give-us-anything-to-id-orlando-terrorist-video/?utm_campaign=thedcmainpage&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social

The shop had a security camera..one of those pecksniffs could have got the film had he pushed away from his doughnuts and coffee.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Ryan got smoked by Patty Murray, a complete idiot. Maybe if that hadn't happened Trump wouldn't be the nominee. Nobody but the cheerleaders and apparatchiks trust him.


maryrose, I don’t know where you get your news.


You must be scrolling by my comments.
I have said he is good at making deals and negotiating with people.
I have said selling himself is something he does well.
That is a lot more than a snazzy dresser.
I have seen his weaknesses as well and dared to state them and as a result I get grief.
I will continue to state my opinion as this all unfolds.I still enjoy the discussion but Am I wrong to want Trump to be the best possible president he can be?
I want him to beat Hillary.
He must beat Hillary
Whining that he is disappointed in McConnell doesn't accomplish that goal
Not defending Gope just acknowledging that it exists.


Then how does Ryan become Speaker?
Most here despised Boehner and couldn't wait for him to leave.
We go to the convention with the candidate and the party leadership we have.
Anything else is just wishing and hoping for something better.

new lurker

I don't think maryrose is a real person.


I think she must be somehow related to Ryan.


My glasses got Reagan elected twice Bush elected twice A governor elected twice a state representative and attorney general in Ohio elected 3 times Senator Portman elected once Voinovich elected twice. The only loss was Bush senior because of Perot and Couric tainting the electorate but he did win once in 88.


If this intransigence from Ryan and others continue, Trump will need to put it plain to the country.

Shame them (Ryan et al.) Shame them all.

buccaneer morgan

of course she is,

as daniel horowitz, points out above 'down with the old boss, same with the old boss,


Gonna be a tight finish to The Open. I smell playoff.


Editing that 911 transcript is as reprehensible as not showing the people jumping from the WTC towers.

Citizens have the right to know what happened, not the government's sanitized version of what happened.


maryrose, it does exist, that's for sure.

Can anyone provide an example of a past election where the GOPe fought actively against the nominee in the general? I know the leadership hated Goldwater and Reagan but surely there is a difference between lukewarm support and actual deliberate kneecapping.

The nominee should not have to court his own party's leadership after he secures the nomination. That is what the primary is for. He won the primary definitively, and now it's their turn to work to help the PARTY'S VOTERS' CHOICE take the White House. I truly can't believe anyone could argue differently.

The Dems are never this stupid. Ever.

buccaneer morgan

a real person, I should clarify,

khaan was a villain who abided by no rules, he was a terrorist or a pirate at best, kirk understood that rules were meant to be shaped to fit the circumstance,


New Lurker my son daughter husband 3 sisters 3 brothers and 19 nieces and nephews would challenge that statement.
Those of us in swing states should be on a mission to convince people to vote for Trump.
I already have my conservative sister on board.
Will work on my liberal friends this week.


We go to the convention with the candidate and the party leadership we have.
Anything else is just wishing and hoping for something better.

That is precisely what I'm saying, and the party leadership is welching on their end of the deal.

buccaneer morgan

well they went after the real candidate in 2008, no not maverick,


B-b-b-but he's not a real republican, Porch. 😬


I do appreciate your help in the swing states, maryrose.

I guess I'm just confused as to why you think it's important for you to help convince voters to vote for Trump, but you don't seem to think it's important for Paul Ryan to do so.


The Party hated the way he won the nomination.
For that reason alone he must win them over.
If you think he is too proud to ask for their help then I don't know what to tell you.
Goldwater took a lot of flak as well.
It is imperative that he gets them on his side.


anonamom: Citizens have the right to know what happened

I make it a practice to avoid characterizations like "He has a right to know".

People point at a parchment instead of a principle behind the parchment.

1) People can’t make sound decisions if they don’t know what is going on.
2) When officials withhold information, voters can reasonably decide never to trust those officials again.

Give voters a sanitized version and voter might decide to sanitize those officials out of government.


This election is going to come down to something very simple.

Vote for Trump! He's not Hillary!
Vote for Hillary! She's not Trump! And has girl parts!

What a choice.


Ryan is laser focused on the general for his House members.
He doesn't have time to nursemaid Trump.
Trump's advocates and campaign team is supposed to do that.


Tough cookies if they don't like the way he won. It is imperative that they get on his side.

How do you justify asking your friends and relatives to vote Trump and still excuse Paul Ryan for not doing the same? It's literally his job.

Another Bob

Telling Johnson that they'll talk about additional penalty after the round is a pretty BS way to handle it.

When did the USGA turn into NASCAR?


I would add this
Dems are ok with voting for a lying, cheating felon.
I think that fact is the most shocking part of this election to me.


He doesn't have to nursemaid Trump. He has to stop fighting against Trump and work to consolidate support for Trump. It is his job.

And if he doesn't do that, how on earth can he expect angry voters to turn out for the downticket?

It's so absurd. They are trying to lose.


That is a true fact.
I am willing to vote for him as is my sister knowing he is not a conservative Republican .
That is a huge leap for me
Others will make that leap in their own sweet time.
I like Ryan and Romney because I met them in person.
I think I am a good judge of character.
I know many don't see it that way.
You will not change my mind.


Maryrose, you puzzle me. I am curious why you continue to needle people on jom. You know that probably 80 to 90 percent of them were for other nominees. They've put their disappointment/disgust/or anger aside because Trump won. He won. Now, the GOPe connives against the man who is the presumptive nominee, which will bring chaos and defeat to the conservatives and to our future. The alternative to Trump is Hillary Clinton. Seems to me, if you want to complain and criticize someone running for president, you could apply your formidable skills against her. Clinton is a ripe target.


Hang in there maryrose. You are making sense and they are just calling names.


They are trying to lose

Yeah, but gracefully.


Voters will turn out Porch because this is a seminal election and the result really matters.
I will work the polls that day and it is going to be a mob scene.
Most of the voters at our site live near Lake Erie and they always turn out.

buccaneer morgan

rocket surgery at work, actually sabotage,



It is Trump's job to convince people to either vote for him or against Hillary. Getting the nomination did not excuse him from this obligation

We have two candidates who are extremely unpopular. Right now there are 15% to 20% undecided voters. They are undecided because they dislike both candidates.

Trump is doing nothing to get these voters to either vote for him or against Hillary. Hillary is trying to get them to vote against Trump.

While Trump is holding rallies in Texas, Hillary is focusing on the battleground states. Trump is doing nothing - no ads, no appearances, no campaign structure in the battleground states.

Maybe organization and money (which the billionaire's campaign are woefully short of) don't matter anymore. It certainly did not matter in his run-up to the nomination, however, beating 16 other candidates with a plurality is different than needing a majority against one candidate.


One of the msm's major propaganda points to discourage support for Mr. Trump: "Trump won the primaries but he can never win the general."

Thanks NOT for pushing a camp Hillary propaganda talking point.


Rattle gator:
Shame them, shame them all.
That will show them.
Then for sure he wins because he has given shown them who is boss.
Trump used to shame people on the Apprentice and those people took it because they wanted the publicity.
Arse io Hall got a talk show out of it.
After shaming them he would fire them.
Time to move on and start this campaign battle one voter again time.



"I agree but remember to always include a positive comment about Trump
You get less flak if you go that route."

It also makes you sound like a real phony.


I never said Trump couldn't win it.
I just said the general is going to be harder and he needs to put I play a good strategy to winHis rallies are good.
His shots at Hillary excellent.
He needs to beat that media narrative and his surrogates will help him do that.
I listed good people in an earlier post.

buccaneer morgan

what did they teach him at eton, about world war, or napoleon, or william the conqueror,


Roy Lofquist

Trump is not trying to pull the Republican Party together. He's stealing it out from under them.

Beasts of England

It's about time to consider maryrose a troll. She refuses, or is incapable, of arguing in good faith; she continues to construct strawmen arguments and often misquotes other commenters; and she continues to be passive-aggressive regarding Trump and his supporters.

Enough is enough.


I am sincere when I list his strong points.Sometimes I feel the people on this blog don't know or understand me at all.
I don't express myself as well as JamesD but it doesn't seem like people understand the stakes here. To me it does t matter what Ryan or McConnell.
It is what the people do when they go to vote.
Our get out the vote has to be better than 2012.
Is someone on the campaign working on that?
Is the RNC?



"Trump is doing nothing" = BS

You don't have a clue what he's doing, so don't pretend you do.

Despite his many public appearances during the primaries, the bulk of his activity was operating under the radar, and he's using that same strategy now.

buccaneer morgan

I put a note in here,



No you said he couldn't win it if he didn't follow your "sage" advice.


When you are losing the argument call a person a troll.
It is the ultimate put down written to drive away the poster and assert your superiority over them
I don't need your bully boy tactics Beasts.


Cheerleader - Trump can win the general. He just can't use the formula he used in the primaries.

He earned 13 million votes in the primary. He will need something on the order of 65 million votes to win in November.

Right now he is probably about 20 million short of that.


If he follows your advice, he'll surely lose.


There IS no Republican Party to steal. They gave it up all on their own


Cheerleader - so what is he doing to get the 20 million votes he needs?


my 7:11 was addressed to maryrose


I would like Trump present in Ohio before his crowning at the convention.
He needs this state to win so he needs to convince Ohio voters to pull the lever for him.


"While Trump is holding rallies in Texas, Hillary is focusing on the battleground states"

Well clearly he's an idiot then Let's all just give up right now.

"so what is he doing to get the 20 million votes he needs?"

Not a bad question. I don't have an answer but hope he's got a plan that works.

Miss Marple

Well, it is interesting to me that Jeff Sessions and Rick Perry seem to be able to get on board with Trump, while others cannot, or do so under passive-aggressive cover, like Ryan.

Why is this?

Well, Sessions understands Trump and agrees with him on most things. Perry, being a governor and not on the DC gravy train, seems to be able to see the big picture. Same with Christie.

I am completely at a loss to explain Ryan's behavior except to attribute it to sour grapes, Romney influence, and a mediocre mind.

Reminds me of the Scottish lairds who wouldn't work with William Wallace because he was a commoner.


I have always been against Hillary and have said so.
This relentless assault against the leadership seems like an exercise in futility to me.
Let us get Trump a winning plan to the presidency.
Let the convention play out.
I think people will be happy with the ultimate results.
We still need a good money plan.

Beasts of England

I make logical arguments every time, maryrose, that's what the entire first paragraph at 7:08 was about. Premise, argument, conclusion. But, per usual, your reply contained no rational thought - simply a prolonged ad hominem.

And, no, I'm not losing the argument. Good grief.


Ryan's behavior is not sour grapes.
He wants Trump to be a good candidate that can win.
He is running as a Republican.


What part of you are a passive aggressive troll is a logical argument?

buccaneer morgan

re clarice's modest proposal, one is reminded that one of the most inventive intelligence analysts, ian fleming, was a reporter for reuters, like frederick forsyth, who we later discover was a intelligence operative himself,


Anyone who behaves like a troll can be called one. It's descriptive of behavior not character.

Generally the term is used for hostile or odious commenters but the category known as "concern troll" pretends to side with general politics of a blog.

If someone acts like a concern troll even though they're not pretending, its understandable they would rather not be called a troll. Unfortunately, the term is descriptive of behavior not character.


"Let's hope he has a plan that works"
I think I quoted you exactly there.
Well at this stage of the game I hope he has a plan that works too?
Do any people that know more than me have any information about this?


the category known as "concern troll" pretends to side with general politics of a blog.

Well look in the mirror Boris, because TM is not a trumpet.


Boris Calling someone a troll in my definition with a psychology background is a low down scummy thing to say.
That is my interpretation.
It is done to diminish and demean a poster and to discourage further posts.

Miss Marple

What is he doing to get those 20 million?

I don't know what's going on in areas I don't frequent, but today I have seen videos of 2black brothers in North Carolina and a gay guy upset with the horrible failure of Obama in Orlando.

Both videos supported Trump.

Do we know if there are ads or appearances on black radio stations? I don't have any idea, but it's possible.

The gay community is up in arms, and the more it comes out that Obama and Hillary acquiesced and took money from countries that execute gays, the madder they will be.

I don't think the critics know how to win elections any more than I do. I make it a policy not to be a back seat driver in public for any of the nominees we end up with. If I have something to suggest I send an email or letter to the nominee's campaign.

I wish certain people would follow the same policy.


Thank God you are here.
I didn't want to believe it.
I held out hope.
But you right.
This blog has changed.
It is not the same place.

buccaneer morgan

he's been denouncing her wretched policy in every venue, he has been, ryan actually has the floor why does he insist on funding cve, or at least condition the fundings on more reasonable guidance, along the lines horowitz puts forth, what is the point of leadership, if you're just going to rubber stamp the administration,


Ryan's mind is mediocre?
If it is said on this blog it must be so.
Third from the presidency- but hey he is just mediocre in his accomplishments Sarc!


Electoral campaigning is like pushing a rope. It ain’t easy to get everyone lined up. There are subplots galore.

My sense is that Paul Ryan, engaged in his own tactical game as one of three Republican leaders (with McConnell and Trump).

He feels obliged to stand up to Trump to assert his own leadership power.

Trump is returning that negotiating by focusing elsewhere as if Ryan were not as important as he thinks he is.

Both play a dangerous game because the stakes are the future of the country.

I am not satisfied with much of anything but can do little about it.

buccaneer morgan

mcconnell likewise was dismissing trump's knowledge base, a week or so ago, he has a wide open target on red queen, why is he like a basenghi,


maryrose, you can be as abrasive as those you accuse of being abrasive.


Of course threatening to vote Democrat in dos ticket races is a very effective tactic.
That will show them!
I have never voted for a democrat in my life.


Hi Jane.

TM's views on Trump are clearly different than mine ... but he has not been concern trolling the "general politics" of commenters here.

Did you know that people who comment are properly referred to as "commentators"?


So I am not supposed to defend myself?


What ARE his accomplishments, maryrose? Other than getting himself elected.

Beasts of England

Please quote where I called you a passive aggressive troll. Your reading comprehension is awful if you think that's what I did. Key word: 'considered'. Passive-aggressive is an example of your commenting style regarding Trump. If that bothers you to have it called out, that's not my problem...


Ryan is a Wisconsin Republican. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. Elected Wisconsin Republicans or radio pundits supporting Trump are kinda scarce.


Your analysis in your above post not the abrasive comment the other one was good

Miss Marple

Still remembering that Ryan's wife is tied in with Goldman Sachs and seems to have been a democrat before their marriage.

I mistrust anyone with those connections.


Should be SBW

buccaneer morgan

TM's style is certainly socratic, well that's the way I choose to take it, but we're not talking about trump, we're talking ryan and mcconnell's cigar store indian act,


Boris Ryan's constituents voted against Trump.
That is not Ryan's fault.


What are his legislative accomplishments other than rolling over on his belly for Zippy?


Maryrose is not a troll. She's like that old watch commercial - she takes a licking and keeps on ticking. She's surrounded by hostiles but she's still on her feet firing away. That's so not me, but I admire her grit.

Texas Liberty Gal

Exactly Maryrose.

I am definitely going to vote for Trump but I'd like to be able to convince other people on the fence and when he says he's for denying ppl on the No Fly List the right to buy guns it makes it a lot harder. I live in Texas remember. We don't take those comments lightly!

Boris - I agree inflammatory statements are sometimes needed but its a one trick pony for Trump.

And GJ - BS back at ya! 😉

Jack is Back!

I will reserve my thoughts on the USGA after the tournaent is over and how they decide to proceed in re Johson's 5th hole putt. But if they decide based on the evidence I have seen on video, you will be treated to the biggest rant ever against those pussilaminous assholes who call themselves the protectors of the game.

I hope I don't have to do this. It will remind you of what Trump is going through.


Backtracking on your real comments because I called you on them.
You called me a troll- demeaning and you said I was passive -aggressive in comments.
Those are insults to me.
You know that but don't care if you can win some points .

Beasts of England

Surrounded by hostiles? Hilarious. This is the combox of a blog. People argue. Sheesh.

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