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June 24, 2016




Wow! She must have misunderstood what "filling in for Candy Crawley" meant.


Thomas Collins

I wouldn't fill in the oval for Clinton or Warren or Biden, JMH, unless the Cleveland proceedings led me to the conclusion that the GOP was beyond repair, and that a Dem landslide would facilitate the GOP's breakup. I don't think I will be that disgusted, however. Writing in Trump is a great idea.

And I still maintain that the bloviation aspect of Trump puts him behind many other GOPers in my POTUS ratings. So if I feel this way, I can imagine how hard core Trump supporters feel.


A dem landslide would do more than wreck the GOP, TC and TK. In any event per the rules--even if there were a serious effort to dislodge Trump, the only other candidate available is Cruz and with only 500 delegates vs over 1500 for Trump I'm just not seeing a groundswell to replace Trump.

Thomas Collins

I agree, clarice. That's why I said I didn't think I'd reach that level of disgust. I only mention the thought because of the cowardly manner in which the GOP pooh-bahs operated. If after, say, March 15th, they had come together, said never Trump and got behind one candidate, even if I disagreed with them, I wouldn't call them cowards. Now I'm willing to say that.

As far as whether there are enough quisling Trump delegates, there may not be. My main point is that I think Ryan and Romney are actively working behind the scenes to see whether they can find enough quislings. If they can't, there won't be any serious push in the Rues Committee to unbind.

Sam, the air safety chairman for the Airline Pilot’s Association, arrived at the crash scene on the first day. “From the get-go the FBI was all over us, no notebooks, no cameras, no nothing,” said Sam.

This was unprecedented. Sam worked through the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB was supposed to be in charge of the investigation. Under orders from the Clinton Justice Department, the FBI seized control on Day 1.

Sam soon identified a part of the plane that showed obvious damage from an external explosion. He had it tested it for explosive residue on site. It tested positive.

The next day he asked what happened to the part. He was told the FBI sent it to Washington for further testing. It was never seen or discussed again.


How great must it be for the Queen to see Brexit and know that after all these years her people have done the right thing?


My feeling is that if the GOPe pull off a convention coup from that point on they are a dead party sinking. Those voters in the Trump life boat aren't going to jump back onto the Titanic. They're sailing away, never to vote Republican for anything, ever again. The GOP will not only lose the WH and the Senate for sure, but probably the House as well. (ex-Speaker Paul Ryan can then put his 50 page plans into binders and store them in a closet where they will gather dust and be forgotten.) There will be other elections, perhaps, but they won't win them. Eventually the GOP will die off, to be replaced by something else--provided we aren't living in a totalitarian state by then. So rather than prolong the agony, I'm for destroying them as quickly as possible and moving on.

When I said IVR, it was with the understanding that I would vote for whichever candidate won the nomination according to the rules put in place at the beginning of the primary season (even Jeb!). If I want to vote for a bunch of thieving, lying, jack-booted thugs, I'm sure I can find the Democrat candidates on the ballot.


I was responding to the hypothetical.

As far as a Dem landslide? I'm not sure how much different the scene would be if the GOPe secured the Whitehouse with an ineligible louse that rewards border hoppers.

(Yeargh! duly noted)

Jim Eagle

Anyone have a 3D Printer? Thinking about getting one. We, including Frederick, have some design needs and creations that need developing. Any experiences appreciated.

Thomas Collins

Now, even if Cleveland left me with disgust, I might settle for a concerted push to unseat Ryan.

JM Hanes


I meant to respond to this in a previous thread:

"Though a Germany on its own is troubling, granted. It is quite possible in time that they could form another alliance with Russia…. One can imagine that this could be the next great European crisis, 20 ears down the line. "

Your comment reminded me of Gerhard Schroeder's Sellout (emphasis mine):

IT'S THE SORT of behavior we have -- sadly -- come to expect from some in Congress. But when Gerhard Schroeder, the former German chancellor, announced last week that he was going to work for Gazprom, the Russian energy behemoth, he catapulted himself into a different league. It's one thing for a legislator to resign his job, leave his committee chairmanship and go to work for a company over whose industry he once had jurisdiction. It's quite another thing when the chancellor of Germany -- one of the world's largest economies -- leaves his job and goes to work for a company controlled by the Russian government that is helping to build a Baltic Sea gas pipeline that he championed while in office. To make the decision even more unpalatable, it turns out that the chief executive of the pipeline consortium is none other than a former East German secret police officer who was friendly with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, back when Mr. Putin was a KGB agent in East Germany. If nothing else, Mr. Schroeder deserves opprobrium for his bad taste.

But the announcement should also raise questions in German voters' minds about the real reasons Mr. Schroeder was so keen to see this pipeline project launched. The pipeline has cost Germany diplomatically by infuriating its Central European and Baltic neighbors. They point out that the Russian government chose to use the sea route rather than run a new pipeline alongside one that already exists on land, despite the far greater expense. The only possible reason for doing so was political: The Baltic Sea pipeline could allow Russia, a country that has made political use of its energy resources, to cut off gas to Central Europe and the Baltic states while still delivering gas to Germany. Many have wondered why Germany chose to go along with this project. Could it have been because the former chancellor realized that he was, in effect, creating his own future place of employment?

On a broader level, Mr. Schroeder's decision to swap his job with the German government for a job funded by the Russian government should raise questions for German voters about their country's relationship with Russia. During his seven years as chancellor, Mr. Schroeder went out of his way to ignore the gradual suppression of political rights in Russia and to play down the significance of Russia's horrific war in Chechnya. Throughout his term in office, Mr. Schroeder thwarted attempts to put unified Western pressure on Russia to change its behavior. We can only hope that Germany's new chancellor, Angela Merkel, uses this extraordinary announcement as a reason to launch a new German policy toward Russia, one based on something other than Mr. Schroeder's private interests.

Soon thereafter, Merkel did, in fact, express concern about reliance on Russian gas, but got no traction, either in the EU (whose response was to push for greater efficiency and emission reductions) or at home. This is from the 2008 article, but it’s still revealing, I think:

In Berlin, there has been little support for Merkel's concerns about overreliance on Russia. There was initially some outrage about former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's role in Nord Stream…. But this outrage has died.

"There's a broader feeling in Germany that everything is fine in Russia," said Alexander Rahr, director of the Russia program at the German Council on Foreign Relations. Germans "had different expectations about the breakdown of the Soviet Union. But there is not fear of Russia…..”

[U]nlike the United States, which chides Russians over constraints on democracy, Germans reluctantly accept Russia as it has shaped up under President Vladimir Putin. They view antidemocratic practices as the price of stability following the turmoil of former President Boris Yeltsin's final years. Berlin is willing to work with Moscow, even if payments to Gazprom bolster the Russian political machine.

Not much has changed since then on the energy front at least. Europe is as dependent on imports as ever, and the EU’s most recent "Energy Security Strategy" basically consists of requiring members to maintain sufficient oil reserves to weather an extended disruption. I believe internal energy production has actually declined. New Europe and the Baltics, of course, are justifiably jittery, given their own vulnerabilities and Old Europe’s pathetic response to Putin’s depredations. So yes, while German hegemony in EU is problematic, a German partnership with what is literally gangster government in Russia is a really disturbing prospect.

Beasts of England

Think about the scheming we'd now be seeing if Trump had limped in with 1,238 delegates. Having a 300+ delegate margin has to be a little bit comforting. But not much...

buccaneer morgan

seriously, these (redacted) pols could screw up a one car caravan, this is why one has trust issues,

Miss Marple 2


The writer is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Essex. He is obviously having some mental problems.

Parents of students at Essex should be warned.

I could not find a comments button on this article, by the way. Maybe it's because I am not a NYT subscriber.

JM Hanes


"My feeling is that if the GOPe pull off a convention coup from that point on they are a dead party sinking."

I don't even think it would take a convention coup. If the GOP leadership doesn't quit publicly undercutting Trump, once he's officially nominated, I don't think voters will end up blaming the candidate if he loses. That's a big part of why I believe that while the country might "survive" a Hillary presidency, I'm not at all sure the Republican party will.

buccaneer morgan

is that what they are calling it now,


buccaneer morgan

missing the point gravely,


so the liberal democrats, are going to push to stay it, there's a reason maggie begged them as 'the dead parrot party,'

buccaneer morgan

alien ants chewing in the southern hemisphere,


buccaneer morgan

and deja vu all over again,


will had been for bush and baker, as late as two years before,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just got back from a funeral service for a lady who went to our church for many years.
She was born in Hungary in 1944 and escaped with her family as a 12 year old during the Soviet invasion. A soldier took her aside as they were trying to walk to Austria in the middle of a freezing, snowing night to question her because "kids always told the truth". He turned out to be a Hungarian Jew, not a Soviet and took pity on them and helped them escape.
While I only knew her somewhat Mrs Iggy and Baby Iggy knew her well from years at a woman's bible study that my wife attended and our daughter did the baby sitting for.
Total sweetheart, despite many trials even after getting here, who just exuded love and kindness to everyone.
Heroic lady and one who loved and appreciated the USA as only someone who escaped slavery could; Ilona Novaky.


I don't think it will, JM. The GOPe basically told the voters during the primary that if you vote for Trump you're not one of us and we don't want you. What is that--40% of the party? Probably more by now. And now they're doubling down on stupid.

buccaneer morgan

about that petition, to 'turn the machines back on'


pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Might be worth watching.

"The pending lawsuits allege that Morris Days, the “Resident Attorney” and “Manager for Civil Rights” at the now defunct CAIR-MD/VA chapter in Herndon, Virginia, was in fact not an attorney and that he failed to provide legal services for clients who came to CAIR for legal representation. As alleged, CAIR knew of this fraud and purposefully conspired with Days to keep the CAIR clients from discovering that their legal matters were being mishandled or not handled at all. Furthermore, the complaints allege that according to CAIR internal documents, there were hundreds of victims of the CAIR fraud scheme."


buccaneer morgan

the dragon is going to go voom, any minute now.



Miss M,

It is almost impossible to overstate the degree of immaturity that that 27 year old University Lecturer in your link expresses in his every word. He's so withered by perceived snobbish slights that I'm surprised he's capable of wiping his arse without help from Mum. Who knew Holden Caulfield became a Philosopher Professor in Essex England.



buccaneer morgan

I never heard of these people, and like the python election sketch, I will likely never hear of them again,



Just got back from a funeral service for a lady who went to our church for many years.

She was born in Hungary in 1944 and escaped with her family as a 12 year old during the Soviet invasion. A soldier took her aside as they were trying to walk to Austria in the middle of a freezing, snowing night to question her because "kids always told the truth". He turned out to be a Hungarian Jew, not a Soviet and took pity on them and helped them escape.

Bah, That's nothing Iggy.

Nazi's, Concentration Camps, starvation, hiding from Soviet goons, freezing weather, Anti-Semitism, barely escaping alive in the dead of winter...What she experienced as Hell pales into insignificance when compared to the True Hell that Miss Marple's Philosophy Lecturer is currently enduring.


LOL narciso... The Bloomin argument is a united EU economy was holding China back in the world. The only thing the EU elite in Brussels united on were economy killing regulations. If the EU worked as advertised, there would have been no Brexit. Thus China takes one on the chin here has a more dynamic part of that economy is unleashed. I guess there is a Bloomin need to pump up China while GS et al recover from their utopian bets on Remain, and on China.

buccaneer morgan

looking at the syllabus, mcluhan's line in annie hall seems fitting,


buccaneer morgan

this schuman character also fits the line,


Beasts of England

Noteworthy in your link, Threadkiller, is that the change is a year old and our bicameral majorities have done nothing to counteract the modification. Unreal.


JIB, my son made a 3-d printer from parts he bought from some outfit in Ca--he and my grand daughter have lots of fun with it. He did that yeatrs ago--I'm sure there are many on the market already put together for what he then paid for the parts. (Though it was fun watching him put it together.)


Yep, BoE. Weren't we just told that McConnell's and Ryan's spines were just fine?



May your friend rest in peace. Her story reminds me of the late, great Peter Schramm, also Hungarian, also escaped, but later. He tells the tale here.

Peter Schramm: Born American, But In the Wrong Place

So inspiring. Why can't Americans learn from these folks?


Buccaneer @ 6:17 - And then there's this article which infers a Russian uranium connection, Hillary, and the Hammond Ranch/Finicum events. Don't know what to make of any of it:



Oh, sorry, Iggy - it looks like your friend and Schramm were about the same age, and escaped at the same time. The Schramms also made their way to California.

I hope you'll take the time to read that link - such a remarkable story. And the many tributes to Schramm when he died last year were wonderful.

buccaneer morgan

probably, there aren't enough actual links to be sure, the story that interested me, was how the entire foreign advisory board, that included gates and lew signed off on the transactions,


Rangel guilty of ethics charges. Of course he says it wasn't fair.


Narcissi and Miss Marple,

Here's Lecturer Tom:

Here's his Research Interests: Frankfurt School critical theory (especially Adorno), German Idealism, Ethical Naturalism, Wittgenstein, the early Marx.

And his Current Research: I'm currently working on a number of papers about Adorno, ethical naturalism, normativity, and value realism. I'm also trying to develop a post-doctoral research project about how the Frankfurt School could benefit from adopting a neo-Fichtean theory of freedom.

Having read that, I take it all back. He is in Hell.


Figures... behind the link is a story from 2010. Damn trolls at PJ Media.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

The rest of the world wonders why the British want out.




Apologies for using the death of your wonderful Parish Lady for my snakiness. Bless her, and thank you for telling us about her.

Beasts of England

The Horde is having plenty of fun at George Will's expense. And rightfully so.


The early Marx are his works that are not about economics, but rather a moral revolution that will look out for people based on their needs. It was not widely available until the mid-20th century.

I actually have a quote from Daniel Bell from the late 50s where he excitedly describes that we now know Marx's true vision in a way that was unavailable to Lenin or even stalin.

Made me sick to read although I remember precisely where I was. I think the people in the hotel lobby probably wondered why the old lady suddenlt sat bolt upright and looked ta her book.


Frankfurt School - of course.

Miss Marple


Tom is really seriously sick. He sees enemies everywhere, imagines conspiracies that don't exist, and dislikes his family and heritage.

This is similar virtue signaling by trashing his roots similar to Kevin Williamson's hatred of his own West Texas birthright.

It's a sad way to go through life.

buccaneer morgan

meanwhile, this fellow, who appeared in the kerfluffle that was a big deal two months ago, I mentioned him in my own blog around that time,


buccaneer morgan

much like washington and manhattan are the two heads of the snake:


buccaneer morgan

because khartroum is just the place I would go for medical school,



NYTimes Editor: "People, we need an opinion from the man in the street in Britain. Somebody who really knows the ins and outs of the Society, and can really lay out for our readers what the average Brit guy thinks about this terrible Brexit Vote. Any suggestions?

Assistant NYTimes Editor: "How about a 27 Year Old Marxist Philosopher Professor, who lives with his parents in his childhood bedroom and thinks it'd be swell if illegal immigrants moved in, murdered everybody in his peaceful village, then burned the place to the ground so that Gaia's wild shrubbery's could grow from the blood of the dead?"

NYTimes Editor: "Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Sign him up!"


I was curious what Nate BRONZE had predicted for Brexit. Turns out he was too chickensh[redacted] to make a prediction.


The first response - lol.

buccaneer morgan

splunge, but he wasn't being indecisive,


and they wonder why they are no longer publishing hard copy,

Captain Hate

And that 15m are just the folks who actually pulled the lever for Trump. I suspect you can add a few million more who believe in abiding by the consequences of a fair election.

I'm part of that few million more; I voted for Cruz eagerly but he didn't run a particularly good campaign. Not completely terrible, I guess, but more than a few unforced errors. I'm kind of surprised he's being mentioned as a possible consensus alternative to Trump for a number of reasons: first he's not exactly a GOPe darling; second I'd be disappointed to find out he's open to this nefarious rejection of the clear primary vote.

I haven't listened to Levin for a while so I don't know where he comes down on this. Anybody else know?

Jim Eagle


Your 8:29 was something I have been writing in my mind since Thursday.

Just back from a fire alarm evacuation because the chef decided to pop corn in the microwave and it caught on fire. Had to walk down 4 flights of stairs but managed. About the 30th time I have had to do this in my career of traveling and its never fun.

Slaaap Lekker.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Apologies for using the death of your wonderful Parish Lady for my snakiness.--

I think you meant snarkiness daddy, but considering what she and her family escaped I'm sure she would have appreciated it.
She was a rather gifted painter and one of the centerpieces at our table was her very well done painting of an American flag with Mount Rushmore superimposed on it.
Nobody appreciates how awful aspiring little fifth columnists are more than those who escaped the first four columns by the skin of their teeth.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I loved that article by Peter Schramm, Porch.
Will try to get it to Ilona's family.
Wonderful story.
I'm guessing by the southern route those B-17s his father was shooting at were flying some of them were probably my father's.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Well, they're obviously smarter than he is since they still have jobs....for now.

buccaneer morgan

so seeing how I can't see how these uk stocks were so overvalued, to create such a panic, I have to consider enemy action, we know soros is legendary for this sort of thing, but I'm thinking other parties are involved as well,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

For now it's the herd stampeding, narc.
The dust will settle where it will.

Miss Marple


Not a bad theory. My pitiful little portfolio didn't lose very much. They are all American stocks which pay good dividends.

Thanks again, Old Lurker!

buccaneer morgan

if they are still galloping next week, we'll have a better notion, but after lehman bros imploded 60 days out, I'm skeptical this is just coincidence,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Facebook; we investigated ourselves and found no liberal bias. Therefore we are instituting a training program to make sure the bias that isn't occurring stops.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Brexit; Death of the experts.
Excellent reference to the masters of the 1990's universe at LTCM who laid one of the largest eggs in history.
Starts off with this great quote;

My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs) … the most improper job of any man, even saints (who at any rate were at least unwilling to take it on), is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.

– J. R. R. Tolkien


CH--In April Levin was never trump. Last week he said Trump's speech "hit it out of the park">


Bloomberg said the richest people in the world lost billions on Brexit--Ortega (Span) lost $6 billion; Bill Gates $1 billion; some British lord at least that.

shows you who wants the EU and why.

buccaneer morgan

that was the one of the quant derivative demolition kerfluffle, that were defused, the first was orange county if memory serves, in 1995, perhaps the mexico devaluation, all things turbo tim has ribbons for, as part of the plunge protection team,

buccaneer morgan

six billion, ok we're talking real money here, as everett dirksen would say,

Captain Hate

Thank you, clarice; glad to hear Levin hasn't lost his ability to perceive the impact of a well prepared and delivered speech.


OH, the the Nomenklatura will absolutely use Britexit as an scapegoat for the market chaos that is sure to come sooner or later, and the Fed will use it as an excuse to not raise rates. There might even be some willful attempts as some sort of "punishment".Of course, the rest of the Globalist punditry will amplify such that it drowns out all reasonable and informed voices. We cannot have the plebs get the notion that they can actually shape their own destinies, now can we?

They may get away with it to a degree, particularity the scapegoating. But it is really no more than that. We have had the central banks of the world conducting the strangest and most dangerous financial "experiment" in modern history. It really amounts to an immense transfer of middle class wealth to the highest circles of globalist Nomeklatura. They are strip-mining the Western economies. It cannot go on much longer,and when it does it will be disastrous.

But this scapgoating is such a palpable lie and so irrational that I wonder how long it will stick when the real crisis starts. It was all going to crater no matter what happens.

The LEAVE portion of the UK electorate need to be vigilant and vigorously vush back against this sort of agitprop.

And it is going to get worse--the sort of bizarre fear mongering we have gotten out of Bloomberg since the vote is a case in point. This "reporting" is has so departed from anything close to sober professional analysis of the real financial state, practices and processes of the global commercial order--and even basic sound logic and explication--that it is embarrasses and much as it vexes to read it. This is the work of a leading financial analytic and reporting business? It is a very low form of propaganda. They are rally showing who they really are here, and it is sad to behold.

The Brits need to stand fast in the coming days for the globalists will unleash every thing that they have now, and the same can be said of Trump and his supporters. They were taken unawares, but now they will do everything to humiliate and frustrate what remnants of our cilvization there are who will fight back.

But the real truth is that those who have pillaged us, those who have sought to destroy us and in doing so have built up this wealth need to take it on the chin in the markets.

It is unclear at this point if this is the start of a broad, real movement against the NOmenklatura or not, but those who want to stop all of this must gird themselves for what is to come.

buccaneer morgan

about a 10 percent haircut.



Levin said that?

My new theory. Cruz is using the threat of his delicate delegates and their possible convention pearl clutching to negotiate a VP slot on the Trump Train.

That last time he kept his mouth shut for this long, he managed to be Trump's only contender as the rest of the field self-destructed. Now he is quiet again. Too quiet*.

Compliments from Levin** at this time seem curious.

*Hat tip cheezy movies.

**Levin was pretty weasely when he was outed as being tied to the Cruz campaign.

buccaneer morgan

that's a spicy meatball:



Happen to be about a 1/4 of the way through an interesting new read, The Young T. E. Lawrence (who became Lawrence of Arabia)

It's about the years prior to 1914, when Lawrence grew up in a village quite near where the immature Philosophy Professor I've been ranting about grew up. Lawrence became an Archeology Student, hugely fascinated in many things, and following a brief bike trip through parts of Europe with his dad in 1908, in 1909 he came back and did it again solo, over 2,000 miles as a 19 year old, visiting a hundred places on the Continent, riding and learning and drawing.

I mention that, as it's such a good example of what someone can do if they just get off their ass and do it, instead of moping around some sleepy village simply bitching for 27 years that there's nothing to do and it's somehow somebody else's fault.

Am looking forward to getting to finish the Lawrence book next trip. What an odd, interesting guy.

buccaneer morgan

levin felt personally attacked in the course of the campaign, sometimes one reacts poorly,


this roman a clef, made the alternate scenario re twa 800 plausible,


Those "billions" are mostly funny money...pure "paper profits" that could not have been extracted without causing a panic and there by reducing the actual amount of that "wealth".

The broad financialzation of commerce and assets makes these sort of "valuations" rather dubious in so far as real wealth and capital goes, not to mention the effects of central banks currency and market manipulations on such "valuations". Moreover, these are just market movements: who knows where they will be next week or next year?

This is just the sort of bizarre reporting we have lately out of Bloomberg an such that I mentioned above. It is just nonsensical and the most blatant and sophomoric propaganda. It shocks that no one has yet called them on it.




Levin cried "personal attack" to deflect from the truth.


Doing my usual catch-up. Enjoyed daddy's posts as usual (along with many others). Spent time with some friends from California today, with two really interesting stories, so I'll put them in separate posts.

Iggy mentioned the woman from Hungary whose funeral he attended. This couple are Orthodox Jews who live in LA. His parents married young, probably in the late 1930s, in Rumania/Hungary, and had two young boys when they were sent to Auschwitz. The two kids were killed, the parents somehow survived (the mother was in a group of 400 women who were being marched to their deaths as the Soviets were approaching in April 1945, and she was the only one to escape death). There's more to the story, but she reunited with her husband and the only place they could get a visa for was Peru, so they settled in Lima, had four more kids over 15 years, the third of whom is our friend.

At some point they moved to Miami, and this son we know went to school in NY and met his wife there, and eventually settled in LA and had four kids. That's part one.


Clarice: that is extremely misleading. Here is a link to interactive charts of the FTSA 100 (I do not think the link can capture the time scale setting, so play around with it--try YTD, 5 years, etc.

So Bloomies claims are bizarre: one why pitch it as "400 wealthiest"; everyone that held those assets saw a dip in their wealth; 2) why the hysteria about market dips after a big political event--it generally happens, and there would have been market turmoil if the vote had fone the other way tool 3) why not explain about profit taking/short covering here. Why the hue and cry about Britexit? why not a sober look at the actually market histories.

I will tell you why: pure Globalist agitprop and obscurantism out of one of there propaganda organs. It is not "reporting" in the least. Those who love liberty better start getting in front of this nonsense. What a deluge of this sort of cr@ap we are going to get in the run up to Nov.


I haven't listened to Levin for a while so I don't know where he comes down on this. Anybody else know?

Posted by: Captain Hate

Nope, Captain. I'd had enough of him for awhile when he went overly ballistic in "tear down" mode instead of "try to unify" mode.

I'm just about se to head out with the dogs though, so hopefully Kudlow won't be preempted by a Ball game. Don't know what he's had to say lately.

BTW, Coastal Carolina is beating the carp out of TCU in an elimination Game in the College World Series playoffs. Go, Pseudo-Heels!

buccaneer morgan

quite a harrowing story, and yet they subsequently rebuilt their lives,I knew a neighbor who spent three years in dachau, when she returned, she related bitterly 'where she had been' when they had been the same ones who had been silent at best, when she was taken away. I knew another fellow, he was the handyman in our building who had been in the umap, the work camps of our nearby caribbean gulag,


CH--In April Levin was never trump. Last week he said Trump's speech "hit it out of the park"

Thanks Clarice. I tuned him out during #NeverTrump.


I spent several years at DOJ's OSI, Jimmy, during which time I interviewed survivors from around the world. The stories were always very amazing.

Squaredance..I think the market will settle out, but I don't think these are exaggerated figures. A lot of people banked on Brexit losing and in the short term suffered big losses in stock value. I can't imagine what the losses were for those who bet outright on Brexit losing..but you can see why a lot of very rich people
were supporting Remain. Take Ortega, for example. I believe his big earnings are from Zara, a fashion company in Spain which sells all over the world. If the EU breaks up as I think it might well do..the question of new trade agreements and tariffs might well hurt his business very much. Ditto Arnaud--who holds all those luxury brands like Vuitton.


Part two is this: This couple has a son who we also know who lives in NY, is around 30, and was so angry at Jerry Nadler's support of the Iran deal that he is challenging him for his congressional seat. The parents are independent/Republican and Trump supporters, but he's running as a Democrat mainly because the district (west side of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn) is 82% Democrat. Amazingly, he seems to have a chance at an upset, in part because most people don't even realize there's a Democrat primary this Tuesday, as Nadler's had no opposition for 24 years, and a lot of Jews in the district are upset at Nadler. Anyway, here's a story about it:


There was also a WSJ piece today, which is probably behind the pay wall, but I'll link it anyway.


Our friends are spending 10 days in NYC to help their son with his campaign. They're hoping this is a Brat-Cantor type situation, and they're saying that Nadler seems to be scared. We'll see.


Kudlow opens the show praising Brexit as Magna Carta 2.

Says hang in their Miss M, your stocks in the long run will recover.

buccaneer morgan

how about that, anything that makes that poisonous froad@ futurama, shiver a bit is wonderful,

buccaneer morgan

Shameless, but typical,



That would be a wonderful victory, jimmyk. Nadler's a total POS.

buccaneer morgan

smallest violin in the world,


Miss Marple

Those people who bet on Brexit assumed that the polls were right, because their agitprop convinced a few and many of the Leavers lied or answered falsely. In other words, they believed in their own propaganda. Then they all bet with the bookies on Remain, so of course the bookies said the odds were for Remain.

It's sort of like how the democrats believed their own lies in Florida, so they didn't cheat enough to win.

Captain Hate

It's really embarrassing that Shaq's too dumb to recognize how much he's being used. The NBA, with its pencilneck geek commissioner, is complicit in this too.

Captain Hate

smallest violin in the world

When Musket Morgan is the voice of sanity, you're within the city limits of Dumbassville.


Glad you enjoyed the Schramm piece, Iggy. Amazing if one of those B-17s was your dad's. I loved that they shot at them happily knowing they were out of reach.

To all in the sane Anglosphere:


Can we send Nadler's challenger some money, jimmyk?

buccaneer morgan

they did some of this with the ds9, as well as next generation, but they are going to ruin it,


Janet the expert

I think George Will leaving the Republican Party is good news. His prissiness is surely why some working Americans just couldn't bring themselves to ever vote Republican.
Him & David Brooks ooze the fancy pants, better-than-you image that the Dems paint Republicans with.

Sorta like many pastors that get to looking & sounding all holier-than-thou. A kid looks at them & thinks, 'I don't want to grow up to be THAT BORING guy!'.

buccaneer morgan

allah was almost plotzing, is that a word over this poll,


Miss Marple

Buccaneer Morgan,

I just finished watching the last two original Star Trek movies on Netflix. I had never seen the last one.

I am not interested in whatever dumbass progressive claptrap CBS puts out.

As usual with the Left, they ruin everything.

I hope it's a huge flop. May they DIAF.

buccaneer morgan

well even attempting to reinvision wrath of khan, was grounds for the agonizer, from the original series, that was into darkness,

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