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June 24, 2016


buccaneer morgan

so they seem to following the lead, but I have little confidence,


buccaneer morgan

well it appears now, how farage was the only authentic one



Well it seems that The Lynch Lady needs to give a effing maudlin speech and press release on how she WOULD HAVE stood toe to toe with the DIVERSE employees of that WEST PALM BEACH mall. You see, she stands with all those LESBIANS, BI-SEXUALS, GAYS and TRANS-SEXUALS, blah blah blah blah blah blah VOMIT. Why no mention of MALL RATS and TRI-SEXUALS????

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Amazing if one of those B-17s was your dad's.--

My pop was a crew chief for the entire war, Porch, so many of the B-17s flying the southern route over Europe were his.
The crews came and went, either home on a freighter, KedIA or as POWs, but my dad stayed, along with whatever planes made it back.

Miss Marple

The questioning, without any result, of the mall employees seems to me to be a big shiny thing so that the FBI would look like they are doing something.

Obviously, the employees were not cautioned to speak about being questioned. Why not? That would be normal procedure in an investigation.

I have to assume that the FBI wanted the employees to talk, thus my suspicion that they wanted the publicity of their actions.

Maybe I am too cynical. #ThanksObama

buccaneer morgan

nothing is done normally, I'm still looking for the phone data, that dr. gorka turned uo,


the alien ants made it down under, it will be interesting if their cameron, turnbull goes down as well

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Steve Kerr makes me kerr much less about the Warriors losing.

buccaneer morgan

they go further down the rabbit hole,


buccaneer morgan

'that's not how it works, that's not how any of this works,


buccaneer morgan

a metaphor for this strange blue ball full of apes,
@ douglas adams,

buccaneer morgan

they never learn,


buccaneer morgan

now christmas with the kranks that was a war crime, but I'm getting ahead of my self,



May just be rumors:


But I won't cry if it's true...

buccaneer morgan

I think khomeini was 81, when he passed, so khamenei would be slightly younger if he has passed on, unfortunately his successor is even less even tempered than her,

buccaneer morgan

than he is, but who can know for sure,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

They do wear gowns, narc, and allah knows false beards are easy enough to fake.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Don't know if this Wretchard was linked or not.
Knowing my brain, I probably already linked it.




Kudlow had on 2 guests discussing what the EU will do to Britain as a result of Brexit.

1)---Benn Steil, some Council of Foreign Relations guy, said that the EU will have to punish the UK for leaving the EU club. He thought that if they did not punish the UK during this wave of populism sweeping the planet, that other EU countries would see that and decide they too want to bail out and get a similar good deal like what the UK is able to renegotiate. He thought the UK would try for some sort of deal like what non-EU member Norway has, (i.e.) the privileges of the Club without the obligations of the Club, but that the EU would deny them such a deal because they have to deny it as a lesson to others.

2)---David Malpass (Encima Global?) was more in line with Kudlow, thinking that the EU needs the UK as much if not more than the UK needs them, and they will therefore avoid a sort of mutual assured destruction gambit that would arrive in Guest 1's scenario, and will instead allow the UK to get some decent deals in order to keep them pretty much a quasi member of the Club.

Beats me, but here's Kudlow's column explaining his rosy outlook: Magna Carta 2.0: Good for Freedom, Good for Growth Trump is the Big Winner, Obama got Crushed

PS. It's nice to listen to 3 hours of Kudlow nowadays and never hear him mention how we need to be importing "Brainiacs." Thank goodness Trump cured him of that constant weekly refrain.


Clarice's latest:


Free James D!

Maybe I am too cynical. #ThanksObama

I don't think that's possible these days, MM.




Three points on SQ's posts upthread, on bloomberg propagandizing note the link upthread of him with christina figueres and taking over the mayors globally implementing the UN's agenda. This is how dignity for all comes in--the local level-- and he knows it. That has become his life's work and as I noted it is tied ti the Moneyball for Government and use of data to create Equity and Inclusion at the level of cities.

Second, I happened to watch both the 6:30 nbc news friday night and then abc at 7 as I waited for red and her dad to get home for dinner. It was pretty clear that the news producers had coordinated how the stories would be pitched, the language to be used, and even the order of the stories.

Third, in our discussion on ed and neuroscience, on Friday the OECD flat out admitted the brain's neural wiring is what their initiatives are targeting. The paper even had all kinds of images. The links are in the comments on the blog. Factor that into the outrage over the nomenklatura.

I spent most of yesterday following up on securing papers cited in the bibliography and there continue to be stunning admissions there. I keep juxtaposing in my mind the smug face of the eu president that nigel farage criticized as "who are you?"

I have explained what media education means to the UN as a means of pushing 'scientific humanism' globally. The proponent, a bulgarian by the name of irina bokova who has headed unesco since 2010, is said to be the leading candidate to succeed Ban Ki-Moon next year.

Our next door neighbor in the house we lived in when first two kids were born was an auschwitz survivor. We had seen the number on his arm and one day my oldest was playing in his basement and hubby went to retrieve him. There was a poster done for a reunion of survivors and hubby got him to talk about it some.

Yes, liberty is precious and extraordinarily unusual in history.

Rata Tattat

Speaking of flesh wounds, below is a link to the Chicago Sun Times' shooting tracker live map. You will see many shooting locations marked on the map, but it is not year to date totals, it is for just this 6/24-6/27 weekend. It's seems to be an average weekend so far with about 40 shot. It includes a few doubles, a triple and a quad (which happened to include a pregnant woman). We need Chicago style gun control (which includes an "assualt" weapons ban) throughout the US.



Yes, liberty is precious and extraordinarily unusual in history.

Exactly right rse, and as soon as you take it for granted, you will lose it.

Jack is Back!


But none of those shootings were by a registered Democrat Islamic Gay Terrorist with an assault rifle. Not worthy of a sit-in even on a bench in Hyde Park.

BTW, did you notice no shootings anywhere near Hyde Park.

Janet the expert


"It has brought together two groups who had never really met before. The first group are the social and moral conservatives, whose views the Blairised Tory Party despised, while it still relied on their money and their votes. The second are the working-class families whose votes the Blairised Labour Party relied on, while it dismissed and ignored their concerns."...

"If it weren’t for old tribal party labels, these two groups would long ago have realised they were friends and allies.

They would have combined in a mutiny against the PR men and hedge-fund types who lounge arrogantly on the upper deck of politics, claiming that none of these problems exist – because they don’t experience them themselves."...

"So the important thing is that we do not miss this great moment when the people have joined together against a discredited and failed elite."...

Janet the expert

Love this in Clarice's Pieces - "To quote a tweet by Sharyl Attkisson “Media & politicians being so shocked about Brexit is like saying, ‘We really have no idea what we’re talking about when we give analyses.’”



Captain Hate

Steve Kerr illustrates the perils of when somebody good at sports opens his stupid yap about something else. The Constitution isn't a mommy keep me safe document; it's a guideline for freedom. You can have the illusion of being safe under the soft tyranny of a nanny state until the state finds you to be inconvenient.

This was completely lost on the GOP congress when they had a chance to geld the IRS beast, an oppressive entity which has used its ability to intimidate law abiding citizens with relish and regularity. But they squandered the opportunity to strike a blow for freedom and gain the gratitude of every person who's been jerked around by capricious audits or a refusal to translate the Byzantine rules; either because of a lack of commitment to freedom or because they like what the IRS does. Either way, they all deserve to go. Trump surely understands this.

Jack is Back!


That Kerr article was a hoot coming from a guy who coaches in the NBA where 100% of all the players have one or more guns. Some may even carry during their game travels from what I have heard.

Thanks, Clarice for a terrific summary of Brexit.


rse, national education pushes democracy instead of liberty because the government needs “validation” from low education voters that it can’t get from those who value liberty.

Captain Hate

narc's link from last night makes it clear that the Feds are in full coverup mode about the Finicum execution. Where is the GOP Congress on this? Has Lynch been compelled to respond to this?

Beasts of England

Liberty? Like that whole 'consent of the governed' thingie?

Novel concept...

Beasts of England

There was no citation for this, so I can't verify it, but according to a comment from one of the Morons: Will was interviewed by Beck last year and said that electing Hillary would ensure the elimination of the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendments; that she'd get to appoint three or four justices to SCOTUS; and that the country would never recover.

Now he's saying we have to do everything we can to defeat Trump and that the country can buckle down and survive four years of Cankles.

Again, no source, but if anyone can confirm this I'll be able to hate that little turd even more than at present - which is important.


Wonderful clarice! Thanks!

Beasts of England

The War on Tea Kettles! Very nice, Clarice!!


Janet's 7:32 am sounds very, very familiar...

Janet the expert

narc's link from last night makes it clear that the Feds are in full coverup mode about the Finicum execution. Where is the GOP Congress on this? Has Lynch been compelled to respond to this?

When I look at all the leftist protests that are glorified in the MFM...it is unbelievable that a small group protesting at some middle-of-nowhere spot was the ONE protest where an old guy had to be apprehended & shot.

Take over Zuccotti Park in NYC...no problem.
Riot in Ferguson, Missouri...a-okay.
Room to destroy in Baltimore...go for it.
State capitols taken over...fight the power!

...but protest at a wildlife refuge for about a month & a protester is gunned down.

Miss Marple 2


Was just discussing Janet's 7:32 on another board, and we agreed.

Substitute Paul Ryan for David Cmaeron, and see if many of the passages still don't sound true.

This constant sniffing about Trump not being conservative by someone like George Will, who apparently is an opportunist and mercenary who spouts whatever the elite want said, is just plan ridiculous.

I find I have more in common with the union workers of Carrier than Mr. Will, whom I would happily punch in the nose.



Thomas Collins

Re the Reuters poll: I doubt Reuters is going to try to embarrass itself by putting up assumptions the Reuters poll people know are ridiculous. I suspect there is something in Reuters' model that suggests that Dems are more likely to come out in November than GOPers. The model may be wrong, but there is a more likely explanation of the results of Reuters, RCP Average and Rasmussen Weekly since early May (when Cruz and Kasich dropped out), namely, that Trump is going to need to find a way to run a more traditional campaign (for example, more attack ads). This is going to be difficult given lack of support by GOP pooh-bahs. If anyone can do it, Trump can. But I see no reason to ignore the polls now when they were fairly accurate in gauging Trump's strength in the GOP primary.


You and me both, MM. And I have defended Will in the past.

Great Pieces, clarice. I love the zinger at the end.

Captain Hate

Exactly, Janet; they had taken over some glorified shed that people going to use the park didn't care about anyway. If I'd been in charge I'd have said "knock yourselves out" and then done something useful in the rest of the park.



Where Reuters and other polls may be failing is at the likely voter screen. If Trump is drawing new voters and disaffected voters and Dems who have not voted in recent elections, they may not make it through the screen.

I'm not playing unskew the polls this year, however. What gives me confidence is the state level polling and the trend toward Trump even in polls where he is still well behind. Even Nate BRONZE tweeted something a day or two ago showing PA trending red.

The Brexit polling failures have to be scaring Dems. Yes, some polls did have Brexit ahead, but the CW was comfortably Remain. Shy Tory *and* shy Labour were clearly a factor, and it's the latter that may have made the difference in the end.


But I see no reason to ignore the polls now when they were fairly accurate in gauging Trump's strength in the GOP primary.

Did Reuters or Rasmussen have success predicting primary results state by state? I don't think they did, but I could be wrong. Again, if you think the polls were generally accurate during the primary, then you're basically talking about state-level polling. And Trump continues to do well there, minus a few outliers.

Thomas Collins

I agree that the screens may be unjustifiably screening out likely Trump voters, Porchlight. In this regard, I wonder about the leanings of the undecideds. But what worries me most is the Dems' money advanatge. Trump needs an excellent ground game to bring out the new and disaffected voters. Enthusiastic rallies are great for primaries, but need to be supplemented by ground game and attack ads in the general election.

Thomas Collins

Even the state level polling generally shows Trump behind in battleground states, Porchlight. The opinion I really have trouble understanding is talk of a Trump landslide. The polls indicate that Trump has a chance. But landslide? My guess is Manafort is thinking about threading the needle, not landsliding.


More Polling Tricks=> New Reuters Poll EXTREMELY SKEWED – Reality Shows Trump Tied Up with Hillary

Jim Hoft Jun 25th, 2016 3:34 pm 176 Comments

The latest Reuters poll claims the current race has Hillary Clinton at 47 percent support and Donald Trump with 33 percent support.

trump hillary
Reuters interviews 1201 respondents.
626 Democrats (52% of total)
423 Republicans (35% of total)
122 independents
30 other party.

Polls that might have been accurate during primaries will now use the usual tricks to make you think Hillary is far ahead


more fishy polling, see this thread on reddit about petition to redo Brexit vote


Thomas Collins

52-35 Dem does sound skewed, windansea, but if Reuters is picking up that Dems are more likely to vote, one wouldn't expect the Dem/GOP breakdown to reflect the overall voter registration numbers.

Bloomberg concludes that the polls did pretty well in the primaries.


Miss Marple 2

I hear "ground game" all the time and how you have to have money for it.

What, exactly, is all of the money spent on? This is a serious question, as I don't understand it.

If we are talking about some sort of sophisticated computer program, that's very iffy as system crashing or hacking are very big risks.

If we are talking about renting office space, surely that wouldn't cost very much as there are plenty of empty stores in strip malls whose owners would be glad for a few months rent.

If we are talking about phone calls and rides to the polls, those things are done by volunteers.

If we are talking about mailings (not that successful anymore) then you are talking about postage at bulk rates and again, volunteers do the prep.

If you need someone in charge in each state and they have to be paid, how much is that for the time from July through November?

What else is paid for through this ground game?

Thomas Collins

Broadly construed, MM2, it includes not only old fashioned techniques such as door to door volunteers, but also use of meta data in tailoring messages to specific groups of voters. And the Dems' advantage is real.


To me, there is no plausible explanation for Romney's internal polling, which showed he was going to win, being so off except for the Dems' ground game the last few days of the election.

And if one wants to include fraud in one's definition of ground game, I'd say the Dems win that one also.

Captain Hate

Rove News Sunday is Brexit mania. The Scots seem to be all on a giant Wee Heavy bender. Noot tells Wallace to stfu on the disenfranchisement not having a parallel here. Rodham wrong on Brexit, Libya and everything else; experienced in failure and self enrichment. We will probably be in an official recession by late summer; get the smelling salts for Wallace. Newt is having none of Chrissy's excuses for Benghazi. Tells Wallace he's FOS on Rodham not being for open borders. Most Americans want a more robust defense. Voting for the Supreme Court helps Trump. Noot laughs at Wallace's whining about campaign staffing saying look at Jeb's brilliant staff numbers. Trump will not make a VP choice until just before the convention.

Miss Marple 2

Thomas Collins,

How much does metadata cost? I assume it is some sort of program where you punch in parameters and get results (how many potential dog owners live in the 90210 zip code, for example) and then direct a message to them through social media.

Romney supposedly had this super great system for GOTV. Didn't work and caused a lot of confusion.

I personally am concerned less with not having a bunch of money for metadata as I am about Silicon Valley throwing the election through manipulating search results, screening stories out, and causing endless confusion and disarray. I truthfully do not know how you stop that.

I do not find Zuckerberg any sort of genius. I find him to be a smarmy type who has aggregated a bunch of smart people under his wing and has used them to create an empire. If I remember correctly, Zuckerberg actually stole the idea from a pair of brothers who sued him and settled out of court.

Anyway, I bet we could have the best meta data in the world and it would be hacked.

Captain Hate

Robbie Mook, Rodham's campaign manager, says there's a frustration by voters and defends Rodham's weak tea responses on middle class values. Mook has a weird frozen smile on his face when listening to questions. Babbling when asked to defend Rodham's failures. Rodham personally took out bin Laden. Law breaking beaners love Rodham. Most transparent SOS EVARRRRR. We're going with the Eric Cantor traditional campaign against this parvenu.


I'm actually the most concerned about fraud. I believe they (D's) are masters of fraud from finding ballots in car trunks to manipulating voting machines to change votes.

Then we hear various stories about these things but do we EVER hear a resolution? Does anyone ever go to jail? Do results ever get corrected?

I remember reports of counties where 110% of registered voters voted for O. What happened about that???

Then, if it came down to some close "hanging chad" type ending - does anyone think the GOPe would send in the troops of lawyers and experienced guys like they did for Bush? Heck- they would probably send them in to help H.

I am encouraged that Trump raised 11 million in 2 days. Also encouraged that he seems to be able to get a lot of bang the buck as they say. He won't be throwing away millions like Jeb!


I see no sign of more enthusiastic turn out for Hillary--In fact, even today's WaPo has a major piece on how she's faring poorly in the Midwest.

Miss Marple 2


And thus we see how easy it is to mess with stuff on line, and how gullible the BBC is!

Thomas Collins

MM2, it's far more than punching on keyboards. As the article I linked above indicates, the Dems have most of the tech establishment in their corner helping with data mining. As far as Zuckerberg goes, getting the right people is a significant skill.

Door to door also costs a lot of money, because paid staff is needed as well as volunteers.


I don't see the Brexit vote as discrediting polls. The polls predicted a close vote, as it was. Let's say there was a hidden 3 percent vote for Brexit. If that's an equivalent number for Trump here, that could mean a close election, but not a Trump landslide.

Miss Marple 2

Besides the Dali Lama, this weekend in Indianapolis we had Lady Gaga (who just posted a picture of herself with said Dalai Lama), Justin Bieber and Bob Dylan.

I think it's some sort of an omen.

JM Hanes

Miss Marple:

"If we are talking about some sort of sophisticated computer program….” That’s the piece that probably requires the most professional expertise, but is not a strictly local operation.

Local Republican organizations can be a big part of the candidate’s “ground game,” but all those little pieces still add up to a whole lot of money:

“If we are talking about renting office space…” You need someone to find the space, negotiate and pay for the rental, which includes renting all the office equipment & buying supplies

“If we are talking about phone calls and rides….” Volunteers need to be recruited, schedules arrange, word gotten out, door to door calls which equire volunteer prep and coordination.

“If we are talking about mailings….” Not just bulk mailings, but flyers, bumperstickers, yard signs

"If you need someone in charge in each state….” Not just every state, but in every town of any size in every state!

These are things the RNC can help a lot with, but they also rely on enthusiasm for the Presidential nominee to help bring in donations.

Captain Hate

Will says he's leaving the GOP because Paul Ryan endorsed Trump after the La Raza judge dustup. Just STFU. Julie Pace: unclear what Brexit means; HOF insight there. Will: progs always scream racism, this is a country that wants its independence back. Britain still in NATO. Hume: Brexit has some parallels here. Quotes Thatcher on the US being different from GB. Kirsten Powers: choosing a leader is different from a Brexi vote. Pace: Rodham can't win a change election; now that is good insight.

Captain Hate

clarice, donks here that I talk to are as enthusiastic for Rodham as we were for McRINO.


TC-bo's vaunted data team has gone on to work for ETS that owns the College Board. I listened to David Coleman bragging about their ties to ETS. ETS is sitting on and manipulating a tremendous amount of data about what themes and concepts and emotionally-laden sales pitches young people have had pushed on them in K-12 and how they have responded.

It is not individualized but is by personal characteristics. I would be willing to bet that info will be available to hill's campaign. Very useful. So is a great deal of info other ed assessments have been gathering especially from elementary students. Certain survey questions are known to be essentially ferreting out parental attitudes without kid knowing and parents even being aware. As long as it's not personally identifiable all sorts of highly intrusive info is widely available to in the know pols and marketers.

Thomas Collins

The enthusiasm for The Hill, clarice, is in states Dems are likely to win. For example, in the Bay State, the idea of The Hill as the first female POTUS still resonates with many women. But the Bay State's electoral votes are not up for grabs.

Normally I would say that someone in the 40s for polling numbers and with such a long time in the public eye as The Hill has been would be el toasterino. But Trump has also been in the public eye for a long time. Trump may get a modest throw out the scoundrels hidden vote, but he's not going to get a fresh face hidden vote. Walker was the one who had that chance, but he never got off the ground.

Miss Marple 2

I wonder if Hillary has supporters making videos like this:


This is really an excellent ad and use of music.


The Finicum/Hammond/Bundy ranch story is a big deal here in the western states. I tweeted the article about the Clinton Foundation/uranium/Putin/Hammond Ranch ties to our local deejays, who are close friends of the Bundy's and Lavoy Finicum. They tweeted back their thanks with exclamation points - don't think they knew of the BLM mining connections and corruption.

We are outraged that we don't have more coverage of these events on the nat'l news.

Captain Hate

Hume: Trump hasn't made headway according to the polls. Pace: Trump needs to stick to the I'm With You message. Needs campaign infrastructure for that. Will: portions of the gun control argument might be winners but it's against the Constitution. Hume: this isn't the first time that gun control has erroneously been thought a winner. Power: donks think its full speed ahead on gun grabbing. Will: due process must be maintained contra bureaucrats. Hume: donks have obfuscated Zippy's terrorism failures by concentrating on guns.

And that's a wrap.

Miss Marple 2

New thread

Captain Hate

As much as I find Zuckerberg to be a disgusting wank with a very punchable face, the stealing code crap leaves me cold. There is no way anybody else had the overall concept that he executed. Maybe they had a process which did something specific which he was unable to figure out how to logically code himself and lifted either with their knowledge or without. Or maybe they showed him something which made the light go on.

What Zuckerberg came up with happened to resonate with people over and beyond scads of other software for lots of reasons including dumb luck. He was probably at the right place at the right time.

JM Hanes

Well done, Cassandra! Why does "Nigel Farage v. Count Herman von Rompuy" make me want to giggle?

This is disturbing news, as reported by Breitbart (which I don’t trust as much as I used to):

Tory establishment Vote Leave’s Douglas Carswell plans to try to freeze out UKIP leader Nigel Farage from the post-Brexit cross-party negotiations, with Daniel Hannan stating that the official Leave campaign never promised British voters an end to uncontrolled immigration from the European Union (EU). Just one day after the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, Member of Parliament (MP) Douglas Carswell stated that UKIP leader and long-time Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage would not be invited to the cross-party committee which will negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU.

And later the same day Mr. Carswell’s colleague at Vote Leave, Daniel Hannan, stated that he only ever said that Britain would have ‘”some” control over the numbers of migrants entering the country upon leaving the EU, commenting: “Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed.”

That kind of dovetails with this bit from Janet’s Peter Hitchens link:

Thursday’s vote shows that the House of Commons is hopelessly unrepresentative. The concerns and hopes of those who voted to leave the EU – 51.9 per cent of the highest poll since 1992 – are reliably supported by fewer than a quarter of MPs, if that. Ludicrously, neither of the big parties agrees with a proven majority of the electorate – and neither shows any sign of changing its policies as a result.

If we do nothing about this scandal, for it is a scandal, then how can we be sure we will get out of the EU at all? The elite is rallying and whimpering that the minority must be treated ‘with respect’– more than they would have done had they won.

Parliament is pro-EU. The Civil Service is pro-EU, the judiciary is pro-EU, the BBC is pro-EU and is now returning to its old bad habits after an admittedly creditable attempt at balance. Its 6am radio news bulletin on Friday said, falsely and dangerously, that the pound had ‘collapsed’ following the result and there will be a lot more of this foolish panic-mongering in days to come.

We have had only half a revolution. If we do not now complete it, we will have missed an unequalled opportunity to reclaim what is and always was ours.

The official invocation of Article 50 can't come soon enough for me, because I don't think the EU class is just going to give up, once they recover from the initial shock. I don't really blame the BBC for getting suckered by that petition for a re-referendum hoax, because it was so utterly plausible.

JM Hanes

Of course there's a new thread!

Beasts of England

We may have to call it being 'Hanes'd'. ;)


Napoleon Dynamite is on up here on Channel 515.

Thank goodness. What a respite from the madness of FOX.

Wish I had a Time Machine:(

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