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June 24, 2016


buccaneer morgan

yes, have you considered the downside of that move,


buccaneer morgan

they can't tell the difference,


buccaneer morgan

winning the future,


buccaneer morgan

she doesn't give about people in this country,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That Daniel Greenfield column is absolutely a must read. A quote;

The word of the future isn’t “union.” It’s “freedom.” A process has begun that will not end in Britain. It will spread around the world liberating nations from multinational institutions.

Precisely. The free and independent Westphalian state is the equivalent of the free and independent citizen.
When both pursue their enlightened self interest the result is not perfect but it is the best result available, given the real world, not the Fabian fairies' utopian one.

And that raises an important point Trump raises as well. The prog pansies have pretty much co-opted 'free trade' into their statist Dr Mengela menagerie. Real free trade would require a one page, or one sentence, accord; 'no tariffs allowed'.

Instead, under the auspices of people opposed to all things free, except lunches, they metastasize into documents and regulations thousands of pages long. No one or thing was ever made more free by a regulation thousands of pages long and no body promulgating one ever had that as even the slightest of its intentions.

Frau Schwarzer Peter

(Britain) the victim, as Der Spiegel noted, of “an act of deliberate self mutilation” that bears the “emblem of a country in retreat.”

Self mutilation--That's my take on Germany's embracing the invasion of unidentifiable hordes* from the ME and demanding the rest of the EU help absorb them.
I heard again this a.m. M. Friedman's "You cannot have free immigration and a welfare state."
Our overlords think it's worth trying.

*not eager/willing to assimilate


Good Morning Racists. Just heard Juan Williams on the FOX Business Panel pound the point that 83% of the voters in the UK were White, and therefore the vote was by people who don't look like the rest of the world and they're scared of people who aren't White and etc, etc, etc.


I am more hopeful today than I've been in a long time.

This from Clarice's 1:27 link is especially spot on.

"Brexit has shown us the weakness of the multinational establishment. Its vast bureaucratic power rests on using the media to suppress political dissent. When the media’s special pleading fails to stop the democratic process, it is more helpless than any dictator when the outraged mob pours into his palace.

What was true of Britain, is also true of America. Our elites are just as impotent. The power they have illegally seized is defended zealously by a media palace guard that spends every minute of every day lecturing, hectoring and messaging Americans. But when no one listens to the media, then the men and women who run our lives, who feed off us like a colony of parasitic insects, are helpless. "


It's like the old stick and stones song from when we kids. They can call us racists and stupid and h8ters, but all we have to do to end their power over us is to stop listening and caring about what they say.


Peter Jennings is being further tortured in Hell with MOAR TEMPER TANTRUMS!

Trumper Tantrumps


I'm wondering, daddy, if that word "racist" is being so overused that soon it will be meaningless - a case of semantic satiation.

...we can only hope!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Depends on what one is retreating from.

Retreating from a great victory? Bad idea.

Retreating from going over a cliff with Dominique Strauss-Kahn jammed up your rear humping like a rat terrier? Excellent plan.

Beasts of England

You make a truly powerful statement at 2:36, Ig. Brilliant.

buccaneer morgan

rush was on a similar wavelength, today, iggie,
they keep selling the box of chocolates, but we're really getting is the spring surprise,


Panelist on FOX Business says that 50% of the populations in both France and Italy want to exit the EU. Says Merkel and EU Bureaucrats knew that if Brexit passed it was the beginning of the EU failing as they were aware that "the experiment was a failure."


I'm wondering, daddy, if that word "racist" is being so overused that soon it will be meaningless

It's meaningless to me, Momto2. It's been the Trump Card of the Left for 40 years now to paralyze their enemies into shutting up. Juan Williams is not smart enough to go anywhere else this morning than "Racist." What else has he got? Nothing.


On narciso's 2:34, Hilligula is worried about "working families" harmed by Brexit... Keep in mind if you are not a member of a government union, to Dems you are not a "working family." She is only worried the source of payola to her / the Clintoon Foundation might be out of a job (cutting Hilligula's income).

jimmyk on iPhone

"You make a truly powerful statement at 2:36, Ig. Brilliant"

Yes, but may I request royalties?

They're saying that sorting out all the details of the Brexit will take two years. That already tells me what's wrong with the EU. Only a bureaucracy could create something so complex. A free market is actually pretty simple.

Posted by: jimmyk | June 23, 2016 at 11:58 PM

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I thought my 2:51 was more pithy, Beasts. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You may request them jimmy, but we as a country were founded in absolute opposition to royalty and monarchies.

When did you start hating everything we stand for?


Iggy..I'd like to know where the federal weapons depot is for all these guns & ammo our gov't purchases. I think the people have a right to confiscate and redistribute the entire contents of these warehouses throughout the states, to anyone who can legally possess firearms. What is the real reason for stockpiling such weaponry? Can the federal government explain what clause of the Constitution allows every agency of the gov't to overwhelmingly arm itself AGAINST the citizenry?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The federal national government can't explain what clause of the constitution allows it to do about 90% of what it does, BTDT.


When did you start hating everything we stand for?

The proper term of art is, "That's not who we are."

Still, I am prepared to donate my share to the Clinton Foundation.


A federal union works as long as power and control is de-centralized and held at the more local levels.

As power becomes too focused and centralized in a remote and increasingly alien capital, and as disparate peoples with differing cultures and values are subjugated under its oppressive and increasingly authoritarian laws that benefit a small oligarchy of elites, the population resists.

True in Europe, as it is here.

The elites both here and there have been pursuing a deliberate and incremental strategy to create a global, one world government that THEY would control.

They have understood that "nationalism" and "tribalism" - and the ability of their countries to defend themselves against foreign invasion - are obstacles to this process.

They have also understood that Western, Judaeo-Christian values and beliefs in capitalism, representative democracy and republicanism, and our belief in individual rights and responsibilities are all obstacles, as well.

So they have been engaged in a decades-long strategy of eliminating the will and means of self-defense, and socializing and indoctrinating people to believe that these basic, human impulses are somehow anachronistic, and even evil.

Recently, they have sought to hasten their objectives by opening their countries' borders to masses of Latin American and Muslim "refugees" - a force of Trojan horses that have their own Hispanic and Muslim jihadist objectives, in a pragmatic Realpolitik alliance to destroy America and Europe and our culture by changing the demographic compositions of these countries and to create the conditions of anarchy, chaos, civil breakdown and violence that they believe will give them the opportunity to fill the void that will be created so they can come riding onto the scene like saviors who can restore order and peace - but at the expense of all of our civil liberties and freedoms.

Hopefully, the Brexit and a possible Trump victory are indications that the rest of us are not yet ready to surrender, and that we will oppose this effort more vigorously than we have until now.

But the elites won't give up easily. They have influence, money, and the eternal desire for power and control.

Both they and their Muslim allies also have the will and capacity to use extreme violence against us.

We must be ready to respond.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

I know you're all tired of hearing about a miracle, but 11 days ago a 16 yr old and his mother were sleeping on the floor because they had no money to buy a bed. The mother had no bottom teeth to chew her food. Today arrangements have been made for her to have a free bottom plate installed and the GoFundMe site has over a $100,000 dollars in it.
The Lord helps those who try to help themselves.

I urge those who know someone who really needs more help that they can't do them selves to look at starting a GoFundMe page for them. They won't all succeed like Chauncy's did but everyone who does makes the world a better place.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The proper term of art is, "That's not who we are."--

I considered that but didn't consider it nearly sufficient to express the strenuosity of my outrage.


The pollsters were pretty well right about the percentages, they just got them backwards


That phrase "That's now who we are" is becoming so repugnant to me!

I wish we could start an ad campaign called "THIS is who we are!!!"

JamesD? What do you think?

I can see clips of us rushing to world-wide disasters with aid - THIS is who we are!

All sorts of hard working people (farmers, constructions workers, first responders) - THIS is who we are!

Lists of medical breakthroughs thanks for our talented researchers - THIS is who we are!

Lists of life- changing American discoveries and inventions - THIS is who we are!

There are endless possibilities - maybe ending with someone who is being LEGALLY sworn in as a new American citizen. THIS is who we are.....

OR ending with one of the clips of a gang of illegals streaming in - this is NOT who we are! ( I know, I know - I'm dreaming about that one!)


Never tired of hearing those kinds of stories, pagar!! I think it's wonderful and I think it would fit nicely into my little ad campaign idea of "THIS is who we are!!"

JM Hanes


It was my impression that once Article 50 is officially invoked, the exit itself will become official within 2 years max, whether the details have been worked out or not. Someone earlier suggested it could take as long as 7 years (kinda like needing 75 years to corral Hillary's State Dept emails for release), but I think that is not legally permissable.

Considering the complexity of the regulatory entanglements, I'm not surprised that it will take a couple of years. I just hope that David Cameron's 3 month notice, combined with passing the actual Article 50 declaration along to his successor, is not a potential delaying tactic. He apparently sounded sincere about acknowledging defeat, but I don't trust the Remainders to stay dead.

Miss Marple 2



FD-this came out yesterday before the BREXIT vote, but it is the clarion call to higher ed everywhere to move away from knowledge in the traditional sense and prepare citizens with the mindset, values, and emotions needed for the just and equitable Planetary Civilization.


The Great Transition is tied to the OECD and the UN entities and thus is a part of where the EU planned to go. When I was following up on it this morning it was pulling up all these EU mandates involving Active Inclusion and Social Innovation and I wasn't looking at the EU. It also pulled up an obligation to meet the needs of any migrants or refugees on parity with legal and long-time citizens.

The fury is righteous and I have always said bo is about 5 years behind the uk but he has been accelerating since 2009 trying to catch them.

JM Hanes


"Can the federal government explain what clause of the Constitution allows every agency of the gov't to overwhelmingly arm itself AGAINST the citizenry?"

Maybe we should be pointing them to the prohibition against standing armies.


the strenuosity of my outrage.

You're just mad because you were caught! :)

Free James D!

Momto2 @ 3:44

I love it!


I've already heard a bunch of people in the policy/academic world sneering at the ignorance of the UK voters, questioning the whole idea of democracy, the use of referendums, etc. I made the comment that there were some pretty well-informed people on the "Leave" side, and maybe ignorance is not the main driving factor, but that just caused more sneering. Apparently "Disagrees with me" is the definition of "ill-informed."

JM Hanes

This NYTimes analyst kept himself in check till the very last sentence, when he finally just had to let a bit of pique show:

Still, Mr. Cameron entered the campaign with the force of economic experts, President Obama, European allies and big business behind him. But as ever, referendums are not about the question asked but the political mood at the time, and the political mood is sour.
The message is never the problem.

JM Hanes


From the MoDawah Twitter stream buccaneer linked earlier:

"I have woken up and cannot recognise the country I live in any more, where people disagree with me."


Melissa Francis on FOX Business just opened the Hour Show saying this: ...And there are now reports of ISIS calling for attacks in Berlin and Brussels in the wake of the Vote. It is going to be avery busy hour (here at FOX Business) Don't move a muscle.

Anyone know why ISIS would target Germany and Belgium for Brexit?


I predict the British exit will go even faster. Other countries are already pounding the leave drums and even though the eu apparatchiks get free viagra they won't be in position to stop it. In fact, if they start threatening those who want to leave, the response ought to be a thorough audit is overdue and those who stole us blind will pay. Get out of the way.

A return to a tariff and trade only Common Market is a distinct possibility IMO.

Miss Marple 2


You Can't Stump the Trump (You Can't Barrage the Farage)



Anyone know if Soros made money today, or lost money today?

buccaneer morgan

probably he shorted the pound, like he did in 1992,





daddy, he says he shorted it and made a fortune--even though he was promoting the remain campaign.

Lurker Susie


Soros made money. Playing his games. Shorted the pound.

JM Hanes


"THIS is who we are!"

From your mouth to Trump’s ear!

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Momto2 @03:46

I think Chauncy's story would fit right in with your idea and that your idea needs to be a standing link that could be fed into any post.
"Meet the needs of migrant" seems to me that every post we see from our AG and president anymore says that everyone else deserves more from the US than us citizens.


Says Merkel and EU Bureaucrats knew that if Brexit passed it was the beginning of the EU failing as they were aware that "the experiment was a failure."

But let's blame it on the racists anyway. And let's load up Europe with as many Muslim "migrants" as possible while the rubes can't (yet) do anything about it.




pagar, GoFundMe and sites like it really are terrific. Several friends and acquaintances have been helped, most recently my sister-in-law's sister who was hit by a car.

Unfortunately GoFundMe is politically oriented, or at least fearful, and I believe they pulled the page for the pizza restaurant in Indiana that was being attacked for not wanting to cater a gay wedding. Fortunately the organizers of that cause found another site.


Maybe, just maybe the peasants have had enough of the "economic experts," JMH @ 4:00. I know THIS peasant has.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--You're just mad because you were caught! :)--

Rats, you know me too well.


{On Immigration, We Don’t Ask the Right Question}

"If someone proposes that next year we should import 10,000 unskilled immigrants from Pakistan, the first question we should ask is: why do we need them? But that is the one question that no one ever seems to pose."


One of the regular FOX News Dem consultants said just last week that the reason we have to take in 60,000 Syrian Refugees is because "It is the Christian thing to do."



Indeed. It's all tied together.


Juncker needs to be physically drug out of his posh office and publicly drawn and quartered. That [redacted] is the perfect distillation of all that's wrong with rule by unelected bureau-weasels.

Same with the heads of the EPA, IRS, et al.


You've GOT to be kidding, daddy @ 4:30!


Article at ZH written before the BREXIT vote:





Ace is reporting Trump is considering Tom Cotton for veep. I'm liking that notion quite well.


It's funny, but the UK doesn't have a problem with Hindus. Curry has been one of the national foods of the UK for 50 years. It is the mass immigration from Poland, Romania, and elsewhere that seems to have disturbed the Midlands the most. Not a problem in Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are still very white and very Left. Wales was Left but manufacturing and fisheries have been hit hard.

The Leftists have really ghettoized themselves and now they are shocked that a good part of the world disagrees with their corporatist oligarchic model.

Just the other day the German foreign minister was blaming NATO for provoking the Bear with the exercises in Poland. That is the crazy thinking that has many people worried.The Fuehrers knows best thinking in Brussels, Berlin and elsewhere.

buccaneer morgan

well if you've driven the spew, mad, it's a short trip.



"It is the Christian thing to do."

Surely not, daddy! We've all been told that Christians are neanderthal, Bible- thumping, gun-toting, troglodytes who *hate* - so which definition is correct?


Insty links to WaPo:

Why an EU without Britain is bad news for the fight against climate change

[redacted] commie rag.


On FOX Business the Host is interviewing Lou Dobbs for input on last nights Brexit Vote. The Host plays this clip from earlier today of Lefty Economist and Hillary supporter Austan Goolsbee's take::

Goolsbee: "In the UK they had a temper tantrum. They kind of pitched a fit and they broke some things. Now it's the other guy, they punched, they punched their little brother in the face, now the little brother's going to have a temper tantrum and it's going to be Europe's turn to start smashing some things. If Europe has a full blown meltdown that will definitely effect the US in a negative way."

FOX Host: He is calling this world wide rejection of Bureaucrats trying to run economies a "Temper Tantrum." What do you make of that?

Lou Dobbs: (Laughing) He's a condescending, patronizing ass! Who in the world does he think he is...That kind of language, that kind of thinking, that kind of lack of respect for voters wherever they are in any Democracy is the stuff of which Revolutions are born. He was revolting. The next would be those folks that he seems to see in such small dimensions. The citizen in this country is Primary and has always been, and it's why we're the Beacon for freedom and Liberty around the World, because people like that, who think of themselves in the most elitist of terms and associate themselves with the grandest, the grandest of images, are really so irrelevant to our future as a country...


Clarice, send Lou one of your pikes. I think he's got a head he wants to hoist upon it:)


Ace is reporting Trump is considering Tom Cotton for veep. I'm liking that notion quite well.

I thought I liked Tom Cotton until I heard he had attended at least one or two of the NeverTrump strategy meetings, like the one at Sea Island. Yet some of his public statements seemed supportive of Trump. So I am still confused.

JM Hanes

When I read that Vanity Fair article, I ended thinking Happy Schadenfreude Day!

buccaneer morgan

what's that german word, backflischkeit, sic,

Beasts of England

Your check's in the mail, jimmyk!



It was this girl, Democrat Strategist Jessica Tarlov:

Said right out of the box that "Hillary is right to support bringing in the 60,000 Syrian Refuggees because it is the Christian thing to do, period!"

JM Hanes

Unfortunately, James Taranto is off till Monday, so no Best of the Web today, but I meant to post his description of Matthew Yglesias, from last week, as “fashion editor of the young-adult site Vox.” LOL!


Porch, maybe picking Cotton is the practical application of "hold your friends close but your enemies even closer"? Anyway, with Cotton being so new to the Senate he probably got a lot of pressure to attend the #neverTrump shindig from the clean toga crowd.


Joe Trippi trying hard to explain how the Brexit Vote has almost zero parallels to what voters here are thinking and feeling, apples and oranges, etc.

Hey Joe, Here's a river in Egypt:
Know what it's called?

Jack is Back!


You are being too conservative in your estimation of 2 years to sort out the exit. It is going to be 5-10 years. Or its going to be immediate, especially if the others like Holland and the PIGS minus Ireland get in line now. Oh, lets not forget Denmark.

Hey Wall Street, how do you feel about Switzerland? Good investment? Swiss Francs? Never a member of the EU and knows how to handle the immigration problem for their own benefit. 90% of their UEFA 2016 Euro team are Albanians or Kosovoians from the Balkan conflicts. They made it to the final 16. Now that is how you handle immigration:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I thought the Christian thing to do was to bitterly cling to my AR-15 and Jimmy Swaggart.

Lurker Susie

In an interview today with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, the host suggested Trump pick either Senator Cotton or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as his running mate.

Trump said he can’t reveal his thinking in considering his VEEP pick, but had positive things to say about Arkansas’ junior senator.

“I’ve gotten very good, you know, very good statements from Senator Cotton, who is a, you know, who I know, whose parents I know and met,” Trump said. “I think that he is a very talented guy. He’s also very popular. He’s a very popular person. So these are two names that I have high on the list for something at least, that I can tell you.”

Hewitt cited Cotton’s military experience as an asset to Trump’s campaign.


Apparently the latest from ISIS is that "they are praising the UK's exit from the EU, noting the paralyzing economic effects it will have on Europe." And now they are calling for attacks specifically on Germany and Brussels.


Hayward at Powerline has a very funny video you should check out under his post, "And Now Back To Our Regular Programming." I'd link but iPhone.

buccaneer morgan

even at a dollar, carlos slim's overpaid,


JM Hanes

I’m must admit, I’m really enjoying myself today:

More than 2.2million London voters backed Remain compared to 1.5million in favour of Leave.

The Leave vote hit the City of London particularly hard as a day of horror saw billions wiped off FTSE 100 shares.

Frustrated Londoners have now taken to social media to ask London mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the city independent from the rest of the UK and stay in the EU.

Richard Crowest tweeted: "London, of course, voted overwhelmingly to stay. So, the campaign starts here. Independence for London within the EU!"

Fearghal Kelly added: "Currently wishing London was surrounded by water #IndependenceForLondon."

A petition on Change.org started by James O'Malley states: "London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe.

"Let's face it - the rest of the country disagrees. So rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let's make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent."

I’d bet those 2.2 million remainders are going to have a hard time keeping the city up and running if the 1.5 million Brexits decide to relocate. Kind of like the American Tories who wanted to move in with their friends up in Nova Scotia — and almost died out because they had virtually no practical skills.

James D.

daddy @ 4:52

Goolsbee is one of the folks mentioned prominently on the homepage of that "Moneyball for Government" operation that Paul Ryan is so enamored with.

I'm just saying...


Hitler learns the UK is going to have a referendum.

JMH, I love Taranto--and I ;oved that description, too.


Burn, JMH!

Hearing Scotland wants to join the EU gravy train. EU probably isn't looking for any new recipients of largesse now the that one of the principal handers-out has decided to split.

Too bad so sad, Scotland. You missed the boat - twice.

Beasts of England

I'm okay with Cotton attending the Sea Island soirée for a few reasons: I think he was curious to see the machinations of something major - the possible theft of a major party nomination, and I think he was flattered to be included by the muckity-mucks.

What he did after that time is what really matters to me: he came back and started auditioning to be Trump's veep. He didn't sign on as a NeverTrumper or start undercutting him. From that, I speculate that he was disenchanted by what he saw and heard in Georgia, and hopefully realized the truth about the NT whiners.


"Let's face it - the rest of the country disagrees. So rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let's make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent."

That sounds PERFECT. Do it.


Interesting re: Cotton. That's what I thought I saw happening....but I don't trust anybody anymore. ;)

buccaneer morgan

the hive mind gets some pushback,


Beasts of England

Don't be gettin' all cynical on us, Porch! :)

Jack is Back!

Britian is not out yet.

I see this all differently than everyone else. This is a shot across the bow. I see the EU shrinking itself to recognize the vote for what it is - a precursor for other nation members.

i see negotiations on a much more serious, accommodating plane. It would not surprise me that this vote will start a reformation of the EU charter, its leadership, its laws, protocols and regulations.

The EU can keep itself together by reorganzing itself, downsizing and becoming more Federalist in its governance. If it doesn't then the UK did the right thing.


The EU can keep itself together by reorganzing itself, downsizing and becoming more Federalist in its governance.

I don't see this as possible, JiB. They're not mentally capable of even viewing it as desirable. And even if they were, the whole thing is built on graft. Take away the graft and you have zero incentive to keep it together at all.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Porchlight, I agree. But we need to get more exposure for "Fortunately the organizers of that cause found another site."

James D.

JiB @ 5:32

I think that if the EU's leadership were capable of what you suggest, they would have made some moves in that direction long ago, and there would have been no need for the Brexit vote at all.


DrJ - Toi, toi, toi!

And in Arlington, too!

Watch out DrJ. If you're in DC just be aware that it is freezing at night, so if you happen to find yourself inside a building like the Capital for instance, you'll need to have some blankets and fried chicken to keep you warm, and apparently sitting on your ass with some Socialists and singing Peter, Paul and Mary tunes helps to stop the shivering also.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The EU can keep itself together by reorganzing itself, downsizing and becoming more Federalist in its governance.--

Ha-HAH ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Oh man, I was feeling a little down JiB.
Thanks for the pick me up. Heh, heh, heh....oh man, that is funny. I'm stealing that.

Jack is Back!

I would like to add that the UK remains in the G8-Russian since Crimea. But so does the EU. Which, I never accepted since the 4 major economic powers of the EU, UK, Germany, France and Italy are all original members of the G7. But again, the powers falling over themselves like in the Iran negotiations to include those elitist, regulation happy, anti-liberty assholes.

Beside seeing that dunce Kerry leading the Iran negotiations the other disturbing photo was of Frederica Mogherini representing the EU. An avowed socialist, caterer to terrorism and a smiling idiot in every photo-op.

Curvatura sopra indietro, bambino!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Interesting contrast when you think about it; the Bureau of Land Management etal are quite willing to shoot human beings in order to maintain their range land,
but are unwilling to shoot wild horses or burros.
So the answer to Jane Fonda's old question is; no, no they don't.


While doing catch-up so far I have found 2 stories that 30 years ago would be shocking but nowadays are a dime a dozen:

1) Hillary's Team deleted or never listed the mandated by Law details of her daily Official Schedule as Secretary of State. Either they blew that requirement off from the git-go, or they went back and intentionally deleted items to avoid scrutiny.

2) Some Federal Enviro/Nuclear Lab in Colorado has been uncovered cooking info since 2008, that it was discovered by the Administration that it was lying in 2008, yet it was allowed to continue cooking the books until at least 2014, as some of their fraudulent science was advantageous to the Global Warmists.

Everyday now we wake up to find similar new gross acts of corruption within our Federal Government and it's employees. Undoubtedly we will find more tomorrow. It's a fact of life, and until some actual consequences are actually visited on the perps it will continue.


I think that the guy at the NYT who wrote that "the political mood is sour" may have accidentally stumbled on to the truth.

This cannot be good news for Rodham. She is the candidate of more of the same. Worse, in the eyes of many, she is the candidate who is nudging (dragging?) us towards a future of more globalization and more immigration.

Trump does not have a coherent view of the future. His signature slogan -- "Make America Great Again" is an unabashed appeal to the past, a past without globalization or immigration. (His plans to reverse these things are unrealistic in my view, but his call to do so may well fit the mood of the electorate right now.)

If the lesson from Brexit is that the rank and file voters, including those who generally vote for the left of center party, are fed up with globalization and immigration and the elites who support these things, it is a lesson that Rodham needs to study very well.


Agree that the Churchill War Rooms are a must see.

Porch, all you grandparents who babysit--if I had to do it over, I would read much more Am history/biographies of Founders and Patriots to my kids. You can't assume they will be getting the exceptionalism at school any more.

JM Hanes

"The EU can keep itself together by reorganzing itself, downsizing and becoming more Federalist in its governance."

Not gonna happen. They want the UK to depart as quickly as possible, before Brexit infects the EU body politic. The very fact that they kept the new budget, among other things, under wraps for nearly 6 months, lest it affect the referendum vote, makes it crystal clear that they knew what kind of reception it would get and didn't make any effort to adjust themselves accordingly. They respond by trying to hide the ball.

Janet the expert

That sounds PERFECT. Do it.

Boy...that is what I am always thinking when I hear leftists yammer on & on.
YOU DO IT. Give your money away. Pay the plumber more than he bills you for. Give your car away. Send YOUR cash to the Feds.. Here's the address -

Gifts to the United States
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Credit Accounting Branch
3700 East-West Highway, Room 622D
Hyattsville, MD 20782

Make the check or money order payable to the United States Treasury. DO IT. Nobody is stopping you.

Sign up for some refugees to live at YOUR house & pay for all their expenses. DO IT.

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