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June 24, 2016



MM, thank you for the Kipling at 8:19.

jimmyk on iPhone

"I am invoking JOM rule 37(a) and penalizing you 5 minutes off the board for mentioning David Brock."

I thought the prohibition was on posting his picture. Anyway, I did my time.

Miss Marple 2


You are welcome. I have always loved England (though I actually am of Scot heritage on my dad's side). One of the things I love about those British mysteriesI watch is looking at the landscape and old architecture.

And somehow, to me, it's still wrapped in its history, its foklore, and the Arthurian legend.

Here's another poem I love:

The Admiral's Ghost Edit this poem...

I tell you a tale to-night
Which a seaman told to me,
With eyes that gleamed in the lanthorn light
And a voice as low as the sea.

You could almost hear the stars
Twinkling up in the sky,
And the old wind woke and moaned in the spars
And the same old waves went by.

Singing the same old song
As ages and ages ago,
While he froze my blood in that deep-sea night
With the things he seemed to know.

A bare foot pattered on deck;
Ropes creaked; then-all grew still,
And he pointed his finger straight in my face
And growled, as a sea-dog will.

'Do 'ee know who Nelson was?
That pore little shrivelled form
With the patch on his eye and the pinned-up sleeve
And a soul like a North Sea storm?

'Ask of the Devonshire men!
They know, and they'll tell you true;
He wasn't the pore little chawed-up chap
That Hardy thought he knew.

'He wasn't the man you think!
His patch was a dern disguise!
For he knew that they'd find him out, d'you see,
If they looked him in both his eyes.

'He was twice as big as he seemed;
But his clothes were cunningly made.
He'd both of his hairy arms alright!
The sleeve was a trick of the trade.

'You've heard of sperrits, no doubt;
Well there's more in the matter than that!
But he wasn't the patch and he wasn't the sleeve,
And he wasn't the laced cocked-hat.

'Nelson was just-a Ghost!
You may laugh! But the Devonshire men
They knew that he'd come when England called,
And they know that he'll come again.

'I'll tell you the way it was
(For none of the landsmen know) ,
And to tell it you right, you must go a-starn
Two hundred years or so.

* * * * * * *

'The waves were lapping and slapping
The same as they are today;
And Drake lay dying aboard his ship
In Nobre Dios Bay.

'The scent of foreign flowers
Came floating all around;
'But I'd give my soul for the smell o' the pitch, '
Says he, 'in Plymouth Sound.

''What shall I do, ' he says,
'When the guns begin to roar,
An' England wants me, and me not there
To shatter 'er fores once more? '

'(You've heard what he said, maybe,
But I'll mark you the p'ints again;
For I want you to box your compass right
And get my story plain.)

' 'You must take my drum', he says,
'To the old sea-wall at home;
And if ever you strike that drum, ' he says,
'Why, strike me blind, I'll come!

''If England needs me, dead
Or living, I'll rise that day!
I'll rise from the darkness under the sea
Ten thousand miles away.'

'That's what he said; and he died;
An' his pirates, listenin' roun'
With their crimson doublets and jewelled swords
That flashed as the sun went down.

'They sewed him up in his shroud
With a round-shot top and toe,
To sink him under the salt-sharp sea
Where all good seamen go.

'They lowered him down in the deep,
And there in the sunset light
They boomed a broadside over his grave,
As meaning to say 'Good night.'

'They sailed away in the dark
To the dear little isle they knew;
And they hung his drum by the old sea-wall
The same as he told them to.

* * * * * * *

'Two hundred years went by,
And the guns began to roar,
And England was fighting hard for her life,
As ever she fought of yore.

''It's only my dead that count, '
She said, as she says today;
'It isn't the ships and it isn't the guns
'Ull sweep Trafalgar's Bay.'

'D'you guess who Nelson was?
You may laugh, but it's true as true!
There was more in that pore little chawed-up chap
Than ever his best friend knew.

'The foe was creepin' close,
In the dark, to our white-cliffed isle;
They were ready to leap at England's throat,
When-O, you may smile, you may smile;

'But-ask of the Devenshire men;
For they heard in the dead of night
The roll of a drum, and they saw him pass
On a ship all shining white.

'He stretched out his dead cold face
And he sailed in the grand old way!
The fishes had taken an eye and his arm,
But he swept Trafalgar's Bay.

'Nelson-was Francis Drake!
O, what matters the uniform,
Or the patch on your eye or your pinned-up sleeve,
If your soul's like a North Sea storm? '

Alfred Noyes

buccaneer morgan

I still haven't forgotten her temper tantrum in 2008


buccaneer morgan

this is why, one has trust issues,


buccaneer morgan



well red queen will take it all, so be grateful.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Most of the loud, public NeverTrumpers absolutely refuse to even consider that any mistakes or misjudgments were made by anyone except those nasty, stupid, tantrum-throwing voters. It would be funny if it weren't the future of the country on the line.--

For once I have to disagree with the brilliant JamesD.
Most #nevertumpers have been quick and I believe sincere in acknowledging mistakes and misjudgments on the part of the GOPe and even themselves, if not part of the GOPe.
The problem arises because they then turn right around and tell all the rest of us that there aint no way they're lettin go of the wheel and we should just trust them to not keep effin up for the next 75 years like they have for the last 75 years as the left has pushed us to that precipice Barry thinks is a good thing.

Al Davis had many faults but he got the essential point that the nevertrump and GOPe crowd seem allergic to; just win baby.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm sure daddy is a great MD-11 driver, but I'm pretty sure he missed his calling.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Leave it to, pardon the criticism, dumbass W to criticize the 20s through the perfectly ground lens of the left.

They started off with Harding giving W the perfect template for dealing with an economic crisis; allow the free market to save the free market, which Incurious George did precisely the opposite of.
Cal Coolidge then presided over vast wealth creation and prosperity.
And Hoover, who believed in none of those 20s supposed 'isms' W warns us of, provided George with the perfectly inept template that he did use for dealing with an economic crisis, those anti free market tools that delivered precisely the same result; a deepening and extension of the crisis and a left wing Dem president.

A truth that is hard to accept because he's a nice guy and was treated badly and he often uses conservative rhetoric and occasionally had some ok policies is, George W Bush just as much as Jeb or their father is the epitome of the GOPe that is sinking the GOP and the USA.


Ignatz --

"Just win, baby" is indeed the goal.

A lot of things go into winning an election. Hard work and tactics and strategies. Fundraising. Media relations. Outreach. All sorts of things.

I think that one fundamental difference between the GOPe "white toga" approach and the JOM consensus approach is that the GOPe believes (or, perhaps more correctly) that conservatives/Republicans are a MINORITY in this country. They can only win high turnout elections by alienating as few non conservatives as possible. The JOM consensus is that this is "white toga" defeatism. The JOM consensus is that the party should fight as hard as possible for the things it believes in and the followers will come.

I think that the JOM consensus view is out of touch with the facts on the ground. If the GOPe had done all the things the JOM consensus wanted -- for example, shutting down the government over, say, repeal of Obamacare (or any number of other things -- the result would have been an electoral disaster not just at the presidential level.

So no question the GOPe has made a lot of mistakes. But I think it would be a mistake to lose sight of the fact that if we just played harder hardball we would be worse off, not better off. And the GOPe crowd does not want to turn over the steering wheel to those who do not understand this.

buccaneer morgan

yes W followed hoover's path rather than coolidge, and we are dealing with the debris of that road not taken, now paulsen his helmsman, is going for red queen, confirms that judgement,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Alan Greenspan finally gets smart at 90.



W's great grandfather Samuel was an industrialist who made the family fortune here in Columbus. He was tied at the hip with the rail barons early 20th century, and the family was about as elite as you could get in Cowtown.

I always thought W was a nice guy, but never thought he was a "regular guy".

buccaneer morgan

yes, but he still engages in category error, brexit is a symptom of an overfiscalized milieu, not the cause,

buccaneer morgan

what cause the 87 crash, wasn't it a result in part of the lopsized tax reform bill of 86,


Beyond what he learned from his family and their assumptions about the purpose of government, like romney, when W went to harvard b school he learned and apparently accepted that the economy was a 'system' to be steered politically.

Old Lurker

He may well think that, rse, but he did not learn that at HBS back in those days. Before social justice goals landed on all campuses, the MBA was all about running businesses well.

Miss Marple 2


New method of teaching history - role playing in the time period using only writings and thinking available at the time.

Miss Marple 2


He should move them to Bonn.

Meanwhile, as I said yesterday, the Royal Navy needs to be armed and patrolling the channel.

For that matter, reactivate the Home Guard and patrol the coastline!



are you really George Will?

JM Hanes


"But I think it would be a mistake to lose sight of the fact that if we just played harder hardball we would be worse off, not better off."

This is not a fact on the ground at all. We might be worse off. Or we might be considerably better off. I can imagine all sorts of gratifying results, if the GOPe had not voluntarily adopted the Democrats slanderous narrative about their own Tea Party members, for example.

There is absolutely no excuse for the fact that Schumer & Reid et al were high fiving each other over the budget Paul Ryan shepherded through the House. That's not white toga defeatism. That is pretty much proof that the GOPe's dedication to conservative principles extends no further than the lip service they offer up during elections.

"They can only win high turnout elections by alienating as few non conservatives as possible."

I've made that argument myself, from time to time, but I'm afraid it seems more accurate to say the opposite: They are actually trying not to alienate the conservatives, to whom they have no intention of listening once elected.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I think that the JOM consensus view is out of touch with the facts on the ground.--

That is why talking to you can be so frustrating. Earth and the inhabitants therein are not a static set of facts on the ground. Blacks used to be a Republican constituency and in fact are natural conservatives.
Rather than accepting those "facts on the ground" the Dems and the left concocted a conscious and effective strategy to make blacks Dem voters. They have done the same with Hispanics, another natural conservative fit. That these strategies have harmed blacks and Hispanics is irrelevant to the Dems because they of course not only understand Al Davis's mantra but that society and culture is fluid.

The funny thing is, in practice, the Left's rigid ideology translates into practical and flexible tactics.
The right's practical and human nature based adaptable philosophy translates into rigid, glacial, flat footed inflexible impracticality and tone deafness.

The GOPe is not playing insufficiently hard hardball. They are playing badminton wearing pink clown shoes in a rugby match against a team that augments itself with pit bulls.

That guys who have spent 75 years just losing baby think they should have even the slightest say so in who is driving their clown car is precisely why they are held in such contempt.
The clown car is being traded in for a tank. They can either get out in the mud and stand some infantry duty for a change or they can change sides and be Mexican hairlesses beside the Dem pit bulls.


Ig @ 12:45, that's gonna leave a mark.

Janet the expert

I think that one fundamental difference between the GOPe "white toga" approach and the JOM consensus approach is that the GOPe believes (or, perhaps more correctly) that conservatives/Republicans are a MINORITY in this country. They can only win high turnout elections by alienating as few non conservatives as possible. The JOM consensus is that this is "white toga" defeatism. The JOM consensus is that the party should fight as hard as possible for the things it believes in and the followers will come.

I agree with this but I don't agree that the GOPe "white toga" strategy is the winning one. Timidly selling Progressive-lite & lying to their base.

Look at churches that have adopted the "let's not alienate anyone" mindset. They are slowly dying. They stand for NOTHING.
It is the Bible believing denominations that are growing.

In politics - We need to proclaim the truth & they will come.
In church - We need to proclaim THE TRUTH & they will come.

We don't need LONG, boring pontifications anymore. We need short, loud statements of the OBVIOUS truth!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That Alan Greenspan article is an eye opener.
When one of the guys who helped make the political, fiscal, economic and monetary system what it currently is and can now, at 90, say it is the worst he can remember, the idea just a few tweaks and nibbles at the margins is going to suffice, or the old guard is not in mortal danger and that there isn't a mounting groundswell of inchoate anger at the bill of goods our inferior superiors have been attempting to sell us at the company store is the thought not dealing with the current facts on the ground.

There is a gigantic opportunity coming up for those scurrying little mammals nimble on their feet, which precludes every lumbering, fastidious, bow tied, owl eyed, Cub loving sauropod watching the streaking meteor about to hit Yucatan while contentedly and obliviously chewing their cud.
The world embarked on an experiment it has tried many times before decades ago. It invariably fails and it is reaching its end point again. The difference is, this time technology and communications and, above all, the vast wealth free markets and industrialization produced have allowed the freeloading party to go on much longer than previously.
I don't know what it's going to look like or exactly when it will happen but the facts on the ground are going to be just as unrecognizable to us in the near future as the post meteor earth looked to the Georgewillosauruses 65 million years ago.

Miss Marple 2

Strauss and Howe talked about walking through a great gate of history, which then closes behind us and nothing is as it was before.

I think we are entering that gate, now.


In my book 4 percentage points in a population which turned out 72% is a mandate unless, of course, the left loses. Do. Not. Fall. For, Such. Crap.

Miss Marple 2

Oh, clarice! Glad you showed up. I wanted to make sure you read this.

Vote Leave used NO American consultants. HA! Music to my ears!


Beasts of England

Cute granddaughter, Rocco!!

I'll just add one item to the Theo smack down: how about we try once - just once - the conservative route and see what happens? We hear time and time again about the negative consequences, yet it's never attempted, so we don't know what will happen. Or do we?

What happened this cycle when two conservative ideas (closing the Southern boarder and a temporary ban on Muslim immigration) were tossed through the Overton window? It resonated with voters like nothing else in years.


And Stay used the jerk who worked for Obama and now Hillary!


Um . . . daddy, I hope you don't mind but I dropped your incredibly good It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown riff in a post on my blog in full.

Jack is Back!

On the Cross Sound Ferry. Just finished a nice Salmon Burger. On to Wellesley to drop Frederick off tomorrow.

Beasts of England

And speaking of the bow-tied schmuck, in his latest anti-Trump screed, Will noted that in a Playboy interview from 1990 - a quarter century ago - Trump said his ultimate job would be as the head of a major Hollywood studio. Georgie was outraged because Trump didn't say POTUS. I'm not kidding.

But he went even lower, when he continued whining that Trump was the only major party candidate in generations not to release his tax returns. Yeah, George, except that Romney never did. Not even to this day...


Who was that jerk, clarice? I think I saw him named somewhere but I can't recall.

Miss Marple 2


That Messina creep always horrifies me when I see his name, let alone his picture.

Serial killer material, if you ask me.

I just thought this was interesting, since Trump only uses people like Manafort to cover the areas he doesn't know about (like maneuvering through delegateselection, and I imagine, the convention). In that sense, Manafort functions more like legal representation than a Carville-type campaign consultant.

I have long felt these consultants do a lot of damage tot he election process. Too much money in TV ads, too much hamstringing the candidates, too much data as opposed to heart.

I was just really glad to see this article!


52% of the British people didn't wake up one day and think to themselves, "Belonging to the EU is the best thing ever, why life is just a bowl of strictly regulated cherries as to size and weight and colour. So lets take a leap into the great unknown and leave." People don't jump off a cruise ship into a wooden life boat until they become convinced the cruise ship is sinking.

Same with the primary voters and the Republican Party. If the voters were satisfied with how the GOPe was running things we'd be talking about presumptive nominee Jeb! Bush. They didn't vote for Trump on a whim. They looked at the direction the country was headed and at the Republican Party and saw that they were on the Titanic and jumped into the only life boat available. That Trump was the only life boat out there is not the voters' fault, it's the fault of the GOPe who are still, to this day, clinging to the belief that the ship they're steering is unsinkable, still oblivious to the fact that it hit an ice berg and started taking on water a long time ago.


Ah, Messina. Lizard lips Messina. What a skin-crawling creep.


clarice - this is one of those weeks when your column will almost write itself - no? I can't wait to read it! I'll have my good coffee (that I save just for weekends) and be ready for an early morning with Pieces :)


They simply don't care, derwill. They're just fine with the status quo.


Yes--it's already at the publisher's..fun to write it.Thanks.


OL=there is a new UN initiative targeting all business schools called PRME launched out of case western. Its materials are quite clear that what is being shifted was the same shifted brought to harvard, stanford, and one other in the mid-50s.

Then wharton was invaded by the systems theorists in the 70s after the club of rome chose to pretend that the limits to growth was about the hard sciences and a pending catastrophe instead of human science manipulation. The father of the yale dean who resigned is the one who described the shift at wharton.

As with k-12 everything does not shift at once, but there are lots of documents and books describing the intended shifts and where they occurred. It was not an idle remark.


derwill - your 1:43= analogy gold!!


lyle-they're just fine with the staus quo because they believe they have life jackets and an alarm system that will alert someone with a speed boat to come pick them up before they get uncomfortable in chilly water if it should come to that.

Basically they are immune to the consequences in their eyes.


Pollsters were all wrong on Brexit:http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/06/brexit_yet_another_example_of_biased_polling.html

I called it right on June 12--where do I go to collect my zillion dollars?

Free James D

Unsurprisingly, I agree with Ig @ 12:25 and Janet @ 1:13

It's not merely a question of hardball, although that IS an issue, too.

It's a matter of the GOP just accepting that the electorate and the state of public opinion is static, and the only way to win is to cobble together 50.000001% by offending as few people as possible.

There is never any thought about how they might change public opinion and alter the state of the electorate.

Look at the left with gay marriage. 20 years ago, the polls were probably 80-20 against it. Did the left say, "Oh, well, screw it, that's a terrible issue for us, the public is against us, we need to stay far away from it." ?

No. They worked to move public opinion, and today we've got Dem prosecutors putting people out of business for opposing it.

The GOP does not do this. At all. And so the electorate gets pushed to the left more and more, issues get taken off the board more and more, and cobbling together that 50.00000001% gets harder every year.


OL has your dough, clarice. 😎

I don't disagree, rse. They hate their constituents as much as the Ds hate us.


If the GOPe had done all the things the JOM consensus wanted -- for example, shutting down the government over, say, repeal of Obamacare (or any number of other things -- the result would have been an electoral disaster not just at the presidential level.

Republican have had electoral success across the country since Zero was elected. Statehouses, Governors, Representatives, Senators, majorities in all.

I am scratching my head trying to figure out what this has done for me?

Help me out Theo.


Good Morning.

20 Minutes ago my Team Joely Bug Bicycle Racers crossed the Finish Line in Annapolis, Maryland.

Heck of a job for the 50-59 year olds---3,089 Miles!

They came in First in that 50-59 Category, crossing the US at an average speed of 18.5 Mile Per Hour. They would have come in 6th for all age-Groups.

Hopefully they raised a ton of money for the St Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis.

Well done men! Keep the Purple side up.


OK so some on the left don't care about Christian persecution, female mutilation, child rape, killing homosexuals, beheadings, etc.etc. but this may be the tipping point.....NO dog ownership allowed. It "promotes vulgar Western culture."




Jack is Back!


Just like with Trump it was the marginalized middle-class from the UK equivalent of flyover country who made Brexit reality much to the consternation of the London toffs. A 21st century slave revolt.


Insty has a link to a great Federalist piece that's worth your time. It's near the top now. Ben Domenech.


They only talk to each other .
More skullduggery afloat:http://www.youngcons.com/federal-class-action-lawsuit-filed-against-trump-by-republican-delegates/


Momto, maybe the left are cat people.


--cobbling together that 50.00000001% gets harder every year.--

I'm afraid that ship has already sunk, Free James, in that I don't think it's possible any more, what with the huge built-in electoral college advantage that the Democrats now have. That the GOPe actually thought they could eek out and cobble together a win with Jeb! is indicative of just how badly they failed to see the ice berg.

Beasts of England

Unbelievable, Clarice - that suit effectively asks for the results of the primaries to be dismissed. It seems like only yesterday when a few of us were repeatedly called 'delusional' for suggesting anything like this would be attempted. Grrr.


The court's defer to political party rules as far as I cantell--and that includes the 4th Circuit where this case was filed:http://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/Opinions/Published/062334.P.pdf

Just more b.s. from the Cruz Romney backers.



Sounds like this delegate in Virginia needs to wake up with a horse head in his bed.

Who's closer, me or you?


The good news about the EU is that you can run all around Europe without screwing around with visas.

That bad news is so can the throat slitting muzzles.

Exactly Buckeye,

It makes it very easy for us to breeze thru Customs when flying in from an EU Country to an EU Country---very convenient, but the downside is that now I have on 3 separate occasions had to stay at some lousy Airport hotel out in the boonies instead of heading into the regular Downtown Paris hotels, all because the Terrorism attacks are at such high levels that we're restricted for our personal Security. Thats a huge bummer and part of why I decided to do a lot more Asian Trips than Euro Trips. Being stuck for days in the Airport Hotel is like being in prison.


Hotair has a link: Mia Love as Trump's veep? Personally, I love the idea. Think she'd get "Palinized"? You betcha.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

I expect in the next few minutes the miracle that Miss Marple linked the night before last at around $30,000 will go over $200,000 dollars. The average donation figures out to less than $25 each.

See the LUN.
May the Lord be praised!


I got stuck in a hotel in Beijing for 3 days with no clothes, but that is another story:)

buccaneer morgan

It was from the advisor who got canned for gloating about Carey's canning.


Reading Buck's book, "North Star Over My Shoulder", I got the distinct impression that the Int'l trips was all about the layovers.

He seemed to use them to enrich his life just like you do.

Know I would.


If they attack Mia is it racist?


Hos much B.S. is the Va suit? Party rules provide that if the delegates are unbound--the only other person they can vote for is CRUZ..Do you see a majority of the delegates voting for him?


Theo, you are completely and totally wrong. See the 2008 and 2012 elections

You are advocating a completely beta strategy, but people crave alpha.

I don't care what they say---they want to back a winner.

GOPe is a bunch of neutered pansies.


This is an article written by someone who works for the EU who is an American... it's Trump's fault for Brexit.

What's really funny to me is how the guy sees his work in Brussels and how he thinks it is all so reasonable.

Miss Marple,

Yesterday Talk Radio on the Dog Walk was unlistenable. My choice was between mentally ill Glen Beck, or Michael Savage on a riff about Obama as The Anti-Christ. So I swapped to our NPR Station and caught about a half hour of what I think is the scariest Radio Show I can recall hearing in years. Something called The Bioneers

Its some Non-Profit Enviro Propaganda group with Leaders like Tom Hayden. Just listening to the stuff they are spouting to our College Age Youth in that smarmy, self-righteous NPR Tone of voice about Eco this and Eco that, was simply terrifying to anyone who gives a damn about a free society of non-brainwashed, free thinking, independent citizens.

They had on some 20 something tear laden weeping hysteric lady, explaining how happy she was since they now had $350 Million for Enviro Programs at Colleges across all our 50 states, and their goal was to completely change the way every human on the Planet lives by the end of the next Generation, and she and her Team were the Enviro professionals with the Know-How to tell us how to do that, and now they have the Funding and political support to make that our new reality.

Don't know if you guys have heard it, but man, it was hair-raising scary.

NPR Delenda est!

Thomas Collins

BOE, it's not only not delusional, it's a full scale effort, with GOP pooh-bahs hiding behind party operatives. Sometime before Cleveland, I think, the decision will be made whether to tell the Rules Committee to "open up" the convention. If the pooh-bahs conclude they can't pull it off, the Rules Committee will not unbind the delegates. If they conclude they can pull it off, off we go into chaos. I don't think there needs to be a consensus candidate for this to happen, just a conclusion that enough Trump delegates will vote to support the Rules Committee's action. Next step: Deny Trump the nomination on the first ballot. Then Cruz, Jebster, Mittster, Ryan, Kasich and probably others will be maneuvering.

I have never used the IVR abbreviation because there are circumstances that would result in my voting for the non-GOP candidate. If the nomination is stolen from Trump, this is one such circumstance.


Of course it's not racist to attack Mia, clarice. She's a republican, ergo an unperson and thus fair game. QED


TC, I too realized that the other day--if they pull this from Trump, I do not think I will be able to VR.
I will never vote for HRC, but I may not vote.

A first in 42 years.


Super Cute, Rocco!

Thanks. for that:)

Beasts of England

You're closer, Buckeye!!


James D is closer yet. 👍

Beasts of England

As I mentioned the other day, Trump earned 1,540+ delegates fair and square. He's the nominee. If they steal it from him, I'm writing in his name in November. And that will be the only 'mark' on my ballot, if it comes to that.


Per CNN, Zippy's new stump speech: No time for "charlatans."

Words fail.

Beasts of England

Oh yeah, in one of the NRO articles this week the writer was bemoaning the lack of a big name conservative to rally the base if they pull off the heist. I'm not kidding. Apparently he (or she?) kinda forgot about that Cruz guy who happened to come in second with 500+ delegates, and, ya know, is rumored to be a little bit right of center. Remember him?

You just can't make this crap up.

JM Hanes

Thomas Collins:

You may not want to vote for a substitute Republican, but surely you wouldn't pull the lever for Hillary, would you? That's sort of like saying, I'll show you something by jumping off this cliff. At the very least, it's critically important to VR in the down ticket races, (yes, even in Massachusetts and California). We need as much state level opposition against the Feds as we can possibly get.


Beasts, they must mean "conservative enough to get hired by the MSM while sporting properly creased pant and/or bow tie." Others are jingoistic ruffians from the hinterlands... nobody wants that!

Beasts of England

Yes, henry. A non-threatening, non-conservative, conservative. Plenty to choose from, in my opinion. :)

Beasts of England

If you followed the Stairway to Heaven lawsuit, Patterico has a link to the original song Taurus, by the band Spirit. The famous four-chord arpeggio in the intro is a perfect match. I was shocked. Scroll past the first thirty seconds of bad Mellotron groove to hear it.

He also noted that LZ toured with Spirit back in the day, giving support to the argument that the song was 'borrowed'. Zeppelin prevailed, nonetheless.

JM Hanes

That said, however, I've been trying to imagine what kind of mental gymnastics it takes to think so many Republicans would be grateful to anyone who can pull off subbing in a last minute candidate, that they won't need Trump's 15 million voters to win the election (it only took 5 million votes to knock Romney out). And that 15m are just the folks who actually pulled the lever for Trump. I suspect you can add a few million more who believe in abiding by the consequences of a fair election.

The only alternative to assuming that the folks apparently plotting this coup are really stupid, is to assume that they don't really give a damn about winning. They just want to make sure that the next President isn't Trump. Ironically, that seems to suggest that they're actually scared that Trump might really win.


Amen Janet at 1:13!


Piers Morgan graciously points out that Trump called Brexit in March, and for the correct reason:


Dems must be really nervous about the polling failures.

Beasts of England

Can't argue with anything you've said, JMHanes. What continues to amaze me is that political tantrums usually enjoy a half-life. Let me rephrase that: usually these political tantrums have a half-life of less than a hundred years.


Just watching FOX Video of Trump landing in Aberdeen and exiting his Helicopter. I notice that the person he walks right up to upon exiting and does all his chatting with, is a young to middle aged woman. All his comments are directed at her and she seems to be the point man, the person of authority in Aberdeen. She has 2 male aides standing behind her, but Trump certainly seems to know her and be familiar with her.

Not to make too big a point of it, but I notice often that Trump deals with women in positions of power and authority. It's not reported that way obviously since it doesn't fit the Media's preferred narrative of "Trump The Misogynist", but I thought it worth mentioning.

She's the lady in the black skirt, white top.

Further sleuthing has revealed the Lady I was eyeballing: Sarah Malone, Trump’s Scotland chief, met him from his helicopter – which landed on the tenth green of his state-of-the-art course.

In an unbiased Media world, some Reporter would have enough interest to shove a microphone in her face and ask her how she got the job and what she thinks of Trump and his promoting women to top positions in his Company.


You may not want to vote for a substitute Republican, but surely you wouldn't pull the lever for Hillary, would you?

I would pull the lever for Lucifer before I voted for the fagish "those are the rules" GOPe.

There were two was to play Monkey in the Middle (keep away) when I was a yout.

1.) Follow the rules and endlessly chase a ball that is thrown over your head.

2.) Beat the shit out of the last a-hole that threw the ball over your head.

The latter version always was more satisfying. Especially when the jerk cried "but that isn't how it is played... there are rules!"

Cruz, Romney, Ryan, Will, et al, are the same jerks.

Beasts of England

Landed on the tenth green? I guess I can wear metal spikes if I play there, huh?


Replace your helo divot.



Et tu Hannah?


HANNAN....IH autocorrect


...two ways...

Beasts of England

Ha, TK!!

Jim Eagle

My great-grandfather was the first cricket professional at the Aberdeenshire Cricket Club back in 1860-1861. One of the great links courses in the British Isles is The Royal Aberdeen Golf Club.


We are in our hotel in Needham but barely. Very bad accident in front of us on the Mass Turnpike about 20 miles out near Southborough. White Honda SUV looks to have lost control and the Jersey blocks on the median. Bag deployed and lots of first responsders.

Nice ferry r

Jim Eagle

...nice ferry ride over.

JM Hanes


I'm not sure how voting for Hillary is beating the shit out of the jerks who think she's an acceptably "survivable" alternative to Trump. If you're going to let that happen, at least let it happen by writing Trump in, no?


at least let it happen by writing Trump in, no?

I'll do that. The result is the same.


Voting for Hil disallows the GOPe jerks from direct control.

We are screwed with either party.


Thanks Gator, Iggy, SBW, and everybody else:)



Wow! She must have misunderstood what "filling in for Candy Crawley" meant.


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