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June 23, 2016


Miss Marple 2

Louie Gommert will be on Hannity shortly.


Trish Regan on FOX Business swaps over to some Sky News Brit Channel and some Professor Thrasher is being interviewed who beneath this forecast of the totals:


says Prof T: 47 Remain, 53 Leave, Thats the current forecast based on just under 140 of the 382 Results so far.

Host: We;ve still got some big districts, big cities, much of London, are they going make a big difference do you think?

Prof T: The fundamental problem for the Remain Camp, is that their actual vote must now be larger than the pre-forecast vote. Remember the forecast has been for a very narrow Remain win, and the current forecast is showing a current win for Leave. In order to address that imbalance the Remain Camp has to win places like Birmingham and elsewhere rather healthily...but at the moment things are good for the Leave side.

buccaneer morgan

sometimes, hannity, misses the boat, the big story is across the pond,

Miss Marple 2

buccaneer morgan,

Agree. I have it on but he is stuck on the sit-in and stuff like that. I am counting on Twitter and JOM to give me the Brexit news.

I assume they will break in when there is a final count.

buccaneer morgan

another thing that's interesting, is the asian markets, perhaps in part to their recent experience is not panicking nearly as much as the americans, who took comandante krugman and flathead's advice,

Miss Marple 2

zerohedge ‏@zerohedge 5m5 minutes ago

Sheffield has gone Leave by a margin of 6,000 votes. Quite the shock.
Was supposed to be a Remain city
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Apparently this Professor Thrasher that Trish Regan showed a few minutes back is a very well thought of Brit Pollster. FOX Reporter says that the Govt has told Brit ATM's to be full tonight. Huge cheer from the audience as Sheffield votes to leave.

150 precincts in, of a total of 382.

What an unexpectedly exciting and fun night. I was ready to be heavily disappointed.


51.2% Leave--48.8% Remain. Latest percentages.


While we wait, let's add a title:

 photo 7c1cafea-7b64-4dae-9362-f5053971468f_zpsrezkhplo.jpg

I like this one:

John Nolte
Aging hippies sit on their fat asses until vacation time and the media pretends it's Selma.

Lol. Idiots.

or my husband's: Whose finger is up his arse?

Miss Marple 2

I noted the anti-EU sentiment when I was in Canterbury 4 years ago.

Snarky comments by tour guides about EU regulations.

Gripes on immigration by shopkeepers who heard my American accent.

It was everywhere, once they knew I was American. I was asked for advice on immigration, apologized to for how London had become a sewer, asked about if we had immigration problems. And more.

I didn't know if there wee enough of the old school Brits to do this, and even if they don't win, I am proud of them for making the effort and standing up for themselves.


Remain 48.4%, Leave 51.6%

No Irish results yet.


I hope they Leave just to see the actual effects on the Markets and the economy in Britain as opposed to the forecast effects on the Markets and the economy.

A good 3 months of seeing the results of a Leave vote prior to the US Election may be just the evidence the Public needs to know if the "Chicken Littler's" have been blowing smoke up everyone's arse.

Edinburgh votes to stay in. Damn'ed sheep herders$%^

Miss Marple 2


No surprise on Scotland, as they will go counter to the English, no matter what.

They probably should have gone to independence; in the long run it would be betterfor England, and them, too.


New thread!


Whats an election without a little Flag Waving?

Go Liz!

buccaneer morgan

hey, annie, how have you been,


BBC showing deserted Remain HQ in London.

It's Leave!


Wish Puk were here to share tonight with us.


What an exciting roller-coaster night! Obama will be very, very upset with the UK voters. Which makes me wonder what he'll dream up to punish US with in retaliation....


Dollar up, Gold up, Pound down, Euro down.

Captain Hate

Suck it, JEF.

Captain Hate, you may or may not want to read this article and its comment section, it's hard to say.

Like most articles of that ilk, there's a lot of truth and a lot of stoopid. People who say and write about how to make jazz more popular need to be put in the camps that 404 and Rodham plan for us; it will always have a micro niche audience

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