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June 23, 2016



One thing for sure, the last thing ANY self-respecting American man wants is to be sent back to the store by Hillary.


Melania, on the other hand, can send me ANYWHERE she wants to:)

Old Lurker

I sure feel bad for the high achieving person of color who actually earned the admissions they got based on the merits of his application That person will spend his whole life having others wonder if he really is as good as the other doctors, engineers, etc who hold the same credential from the same place.

By now everybody here knows a number of such people who are rightfully at the tops of their games who have to bear the cross of the gifts to people who look like them but are not as smart or hard working.

Just saying the obvious that has been said here often before.

Thanks SCOTUS.


Please go sleep in James' house tonight, all of you.


That person will spend his whole life having others wonder if he really is as good as the other doctors, engineers, etc who hold the same credential from the same place.

Clarence Thomas talked about just that in his memoir. He had a very hard time finding a job out of law school, and he knew exactly why.


Glad for Corey Lewandowski's new gig. It will give him a chance to hone his debate skills I'm sure :-)


He had a very hard time finding a job out of law school, and he knew exactly why.

Funny thing, the EEOC and Federal purchasing regulations fixed that little problem in the same manner it was created.

Miss Marple 2

I would just like to review some actions taken by "actual Republicans":

Lightbulb ban - Fred Upton

Omnibus spending bill - John Boehner and Paul Ryan

Common Core - Jeb Bush, John Kasich et al

Amnesty disguised as immigration reform - John McCaiin, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham

Refusal to try for a declaration of war against ISIS - Paul Ryan

EPA - Richard Nixon


I could probably keep on, but it seems to me that "actual Republican" and "having the interests of the American people at heart" do not always go together.


Would I be cynical if I thought Corey Lewandowski will be looking for a new job on November 9th, if not before??

Old Lurker

My point exactly, MM.


I could probably keep on, but it seems to me that "actual Republican" and "having the interests of the American people at heart" do not always go together.

Right, MM, which considerably weakens the #NeverTrumpers complaint about Trump. All these "actual Republicans" (by their own reckoning) are also unreliable, so why the gripe against Trump? (I realize that was probably your point, but I thought it was worth making explicit.) A lot of the Republicans they prefer (Jeb, Kasich, maybe Rubio) I have no greater confidence in their conservative consistency than I do with Trump.

Old Lurker

I was just reminding us how hard it would be to actually define what it means to be a "real republican" these days.

It is easy to define a Democrat of course.

Miss Marple 2


You are absolutely right about the point I was trying to make, and I am glad you reinforced it.

Those were just the ones I grabbed out of my memory really quickly. I am certain there are dozens more.

Meanwhile, here is the first in a series of "Crooked Hillary is a liar" ads, which got posted to Facebook this afternoon. I think you can watch the video even if you're not on Facebook. There is a transcript on this article, in case you can't see the ad:


Miss Marple 2


I told you guys my eBay store is the canary in the coal mine.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Frankly I'm not sure she'd get in, as she isn't a particularly strong student...--

Get with the post modern times, Porch.
She only needs to begin identifying as black and she's home free.
If that doesn't work, we can't be too far from good ol' blackface receiving the lefty seal of approval, can we?


Theo-let me introduce you to the concepts of proxy and collective agency.

"In many spheres of functioning, people do not have direct control over the social conditions and institutional practices that affect their everyday lives. Under these circumstances, they seek their well-being, security, and valued outcomes through the exercise of proxy agency. In this socially mediated mode of agency, people try by one means or another to get those who have access to resources or expertise or who wield influence and power to act at their behest to secure the outcomes they desire."

That's proxy agency and it is a big part of how kagan and sotomayor think and we all need to understand it.


jimmyk/MM/OL --

I really did not mean to stir up a hornet's nest about what is a "real Republican" and whether Trump is one or not.

I have opinions on that topic (you are probably not surprised to hear that) but at this point in time that discussion is irrelevant. The only issue on the table is whether to vote for Rodham or Trump or some third party candidate or none of the above. A "real Republican" (assuming that Trump is not one) is not a ballot option at this point.

I am not actually NOT a #neverTrump. I despise Clinton personally and disagree with her politically. I do not think much of Trump personally and disagree with him on some issues and do not trust him on others.

I'm still thinking. The election is not until November.


This may give the #NeverTrumpers pause..



Rush in Hour 3 doing a decent explanation of how the video of the House Dem antics managed to be broadcast on CSpan.

Rush says the party in power controls CSpan's authority to broadcast video of actions on the House floor. The Repub.'s control. The Repub.'s cut off CSpan's authority yesterday during the Sit In to broadcast the Sit in. The Dem's used a cellphone with some video option on it, and that feed was given to CSpan, who then broadcast this video which they were not allow to broadcast.

Rush mentions that always previously CSpan has acted/pretended as if they are totally non-partisan. This action appears to undercut that pretense.

As for consequences? Beats me. Speaker Paul Ryan's actions over the last month playing Hardball against Trump and Softball with Team Dem has been repaid by Team Dem with disrespect and a slap in the face to Speaker Ryan. Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This City Journal story linked above is a great way to step back and see how far we have fallen.
The Federal government now tells small towns and large who may or may not live there.


Now on to collective agency, as it is "people's shared belief in their collective power to produce desired results." Anyone have any doubt what P-12 is teaching now or why higher ed needs the ability to force a class that reflects the population whatever they have to discount? Would you like to guess how many famous schools last fall were telling prospective students and parents they hoped to shift to a majority non-white incoming class?

Back to quoting from social cognitive theory because I really did write in the margin of the paper that this is how La Raza and the nAACP now think.

"Group attainments are the product not only of shared intentions, knowledge, and skills of its members, but also of the interactive, coordinated, and synergistic dynamics of their transactions. Because the collective performance of a social system involves transactional dynamics, perceived collective efficacy is an emergent group-level property, not simply the sum of the efficacy beliefs of individual members... It is people acting conjointly on a shared belief, not a disembodied group mind that is doing the cognizing, motivating, and regulating."

So education at all levels becomes about creating those desired shared beliefs and pitching to one group that they have every right to feel aggrieved and act on it and other groups that they are wrongfully privileged.

This is not a minor psychological theory and it thoroughly permeates ed unfortunately. It needs critical race theory to gain access to the institutions that make people believe they can have success in the 21st century only through proxy agency and not individual achievement anymore.

Miss Marple 2


I detect in Ryan a guy who doesn't like confrontation or conflict. This is a symptom of children of alcoholics. (I am one, so I know the feeling well. We are easily manipulated and bullied because we don't want to hear any yelling or get in trouble.)

Since Ryan made a point of saying his dad was an alcoholic, it made me understand him a bit better. He is not suited for the job because of this personal handicap.

This is why I am not management material and never would be. I know this about myself so I make every effort not to be a point person on something that would require me to stand up to yelling or such - as I would always give in, even when not in my best interest. (Example A is my long-time unhappy marriage.)

Anyway, he really should resign and go back to working on budgets.


Anyway, he really should resign and go back to working on budgets.

Not to mention that he is a "propeller head" by nature anyway.

James D

MM @ 3:32

Your whole post exactly describes me, too (except for the long-time unhappy marriage).

Miss Marple 2

James D.,

It occurs to me that some members pushed him to take the job, which he didn't want. Maybe they yelled at him that it was his duty.

Now he's stuck with the democrats yelling at him. So, of course, he's susceptible to someone like Romney praising him for his courage and such, so he is probably being pushed by him, too.

He really needs to resign.


It is people acting conjointly on a shared belief, not a disembodied group mind that is doing the cognizing, motivating, and regulating."

rse, what is the best way to undo this?? I am accepting that the brainwashing is already done.


Was your grandson going out to see the RAAM and try for an interview?
Team Joely Bug is approaching Bloomington.

Stabby McStabface

Good news: No gun involved.
Bad news: Assault knife involved.

"CHICAGO (SUN TIMES MEDIA WIRE) - A woman was stabbed to death on a Red Line train Thursday afternoon in the South Side Grand Boulevard neighborhood.

The victim, in her late teens or early 20s, was stabbed in the neck on a southbound train in the 200 block of West 47th Street at 12:33 p.m., according to Chicago Police. She was pronounced dead at the scene."


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It is people acting conjointly on a shared belief, not a disembodied group mind that is doing the cognizing, motivating, and regulating."--

The visible mailed fist vs the invisible hand.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I guess I never got the memo but when in the blue blazes is a Team Joely Bug and what does it do?

Jack is Back!

Polls close in 55 minutes. But earliest results are about 2AM Gus time.

No responsible exit polling because the Brits are wary of that since it has proved wrong too many times.

Wasn't weather once a factor that favored Dems here? I seem to remember that the white shoe Republicans would never venture out on a dismal day to vote. Wonder how those rains will affect turnout. Are the Leavers more motivated than the Remainers?

Stay up and see:)

Old Lurker

MM "...go back to working on budgets..."

Because he was so good at that...

Free James D

Walking to the Metro to go home, just saw the headline on today's edition of Politico:

"How Democrats Staged Dramatic Guns Sit-In"

It's so contemptible that I don't even know where to begin.


Thanks for the comment Miss M.

Makes me wonder what Newt would have done in a similar situation, but I bet e'dat least read the riot act to CSpan Management.

Brexit Polls should be coming in in about an hour.

I keep hearing Cameron saying that if they leave the EU the EU will never ever let them back in. Where does he get that notion from? The aim of the EU Bureaucrats is to continue to expand their superstate any way they can. Why anyone would think an Exit via Brexit would be irreversible strikes me as nuts. Either he's lying or he's deluded.

Old Lurker

I would sure like my ingrown skepticism to be disproved in the Brexit vote but I fear way too many here and there have gotten OK with being told how to live. I know the tracking polls have been too close to call but I am way too cynical about polls to place much trust in them one way or the other and more and more they just seem to be done to manipulate.

Besides, like here with GOPe, even if the people do speak loud and clear, the Brit group of Betters will figure out a way to say "Just Kidding".

Old Lurker

James "Walking to the Metro to go home" was posted at 4:11 PM. I hope you left early to stop at the hardware store to pick up a gallon of lighter fluid.


a Team Joely Bug


Team Joely Bug is my Fedex Bicycle Team. 4 Fedex pilots, 50-59, are doing a Team Race across America, and are fast approaching Bloomington Indiana. The Team is a Charity Event, sponsored by the Company and riding to raise funds for 3 agencies, 1 of which is the St Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis. One of the guys riding had a sone named Joel who died of Cerebral Palsy, so his nickname for the child "Joely-Bug" is the name of the Bicycle Team. Here is a link: Team Joely Bug.

They are doing great---winning in the 50-59 year old division, and would be running in 4th or 5th if they are included in the under 50 Teams.

Old Lurker

I challenge the "either/or" strawman Daddy...

Miss Marple 2


He's at work at the museum today. He's home for the summer, working. I didn't even tell him because there is no way he could get down there in time. Sorry, it was a good idea!

Frau Edith Steingehirn

"How Romper Room Democrats Staged Dramatic Guns Sit-In in memory of Miss Mary Ann"
Fixed it for the WaPo, James.

Old Lurker

If Ryan had any balls (right), he would ban CSPAN from the house for one day for each hour they covered the sit in after being told not to.

Easy Peazy.



No Sweat, MM.

Looks like the Team reaches Bloomington in only 10 more miles of riding, so any minute now they'll be zipping past Campus and on towards Cincy. 2,342 miles in the rear view mirror.


OL, I think I finally figured out what "Femall" means! LOL!


Shiela Jackson Lee on TVwith Charles Payne telling us how bad the conditions are on the House Floor that they had to suffer through last night.

Shiela Jackson Lee: I can tell you 24 hours is not a Political stunt. It is painful. We were cold, and many people said, how cold could it have gotten on that Floor, but we kept on trying...

Charles Payne interrupts laughing: I think I saw a few blankets and some warm food. That's all I'm saying. I think I heard a rumor about an electric blanket...

Damn it all. If only there was Global Warming and it was hot in DC. It's 81F in DC right now. How cold was it last night inside a building in DC. 70F?

My gosh, these Politicians sure are some tough, committed Public Servants. The nice thing about it being so cold in DC last night is Racial Slurs travel better in Cold air than in Hot air, so Shiela Jackson Lee and John Lewis probably heard the racial slurs hollered at them even clearer than the Racial Slurs that were hurled at them when they passed the ObamaCare Vote.

Jack is Back!


Been following them on FB. Doing great. Wish my knee was better, I'd like to give it a go some day.

Been reading "Surely You're Not Joking, Mr. Feynman" to Frederick and Mirs. JiB at night as we see on the back porch watching the "luminosa" or fireflies sparkle. Lots of chuckles, of course. My 3rd read of one the greatest books ever written by a scientist. Humor can level even theoretical physicts for the average human being.

Jack is Back!



JiB--That book is always on the banquette behind my bed--it only takes a few minutes a chapter and it keeps me sort of sane.


I take it 76 yo Nancy Pelosi had enough sense to sit-out?

Beasts of England

If that fundraising value is correct, then that's an impressive haul in just a few days. And, yes, it will hurt the feelings of the NeverTrumpers to have one of their narratives once again swept away.


Rachel SklarVerified account
OUCH. @RepJohnLewis compared @SpeakerRyan "stunt" comment to GOP southern govs George Wallace & Lester Maddox dismissing civil rights mvm't.

Just caught up to this. OK. Actually I am glad to see it. The Ball is in Paul Ryan's court now, he's the guy in the Public Eye. Lets see him do something or get off the pot.

He has done a fine deplorable job trying to emasculate every tough Conservative and Conservative position he could lately so lets see if he's got any jeuevo's of his own left.

I am no fan of the Dem's antics, but I welcome that it has happened on Paul Ryan's watch.

Jack is Back!

Trump should have brought Gus with him to avoid all this. LOL.



One of these two statements are incorrect …

"We have not seen that Daesh have been labeled as an infidel group within Islam by any Muslim country" -- Nadia Murad, Yazidi woman

"ISIL is not 'Islamic.'" -- Barack Obama, chief Islamic theologian


Rule Britannia, Who's Navy's ruled the Waves,
We are voting to remain the EU's slaves.

Jack is Back!

And now for one of the most unlikely sports encounters of all time.

Iceland v. England in the Euro16 knockout stage on Monday. You don't have to be a soccer fan (talking to you Dave) to appreciate that a country of 330K are in an elite soccer tournament, beat Austria 2-1 and tied Portugal and Hungary to get there. Smallest country EVAH!

Plus I lived there for 2 years as a kid but I do remember that the people are the most friendly people I have ever known.

Its on ESPN Monday. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Better yet get the Icelandic language broadcast via google to really enlighten your joy.


Rush mentioned that Brent Scowcroft, National Security Advisor under President Ford and President GHW Bush, yesterday endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

How come Trump is continually hammered for not being exactly right on this or that bit of stated Republican philosophy, whereas this dipshit, dingbat, who knows without question what Hillary has done to damage our National Security with her E-mails as Sec State, how come he gets a free pass for such illogic?


Senility might explain it,daddy.

Beasts of England

He's a globalist, daddy. Hillary's email leaks could only hurt America, so that's secondary to him. Heck, it could be a feature not a bug.


Hopefully so, MaryD.

I see he's a Mormon, so my knee-jerk was to say something racist and leap to the conclusion that stupidity has become a qualification for being a member of that outfit; (Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Glen Beck, Orin Hatch) but senility is a more polite excuse for his imbecility.

Speaking of religious imbeciles, here's a different question:

Considering the current Pope, the Mormon bunch I listed, the former ArchBishop of Canterbury being in favor of Sharia Law, etc, the positions of multiple American Denominations cheering on Gay Married Transgendered Priesthoods, the Muslim Footbaths built at Kansas City International Airport, and the Pagan Religious structures erected for worship at the US Air Force Academy, who, besides Franklin Graham out there, is a religious leader who is not at least 50% off his rocker? The last thing I'd be doing if I was looking for sensical guidance in this crazy world would be to listen to one word of the drivel out of most of those guys.

Looks to me like the Sit-In knocked Trump's Speech off the front burner.

Jack is Back!


Being a Bushie explains even btter.


Rule Britannia, Who's Navy's ruled the Waves,

Speaking of Navy's that ruled the waves---US Navy to Discipline Sailors Involved in Iranian Seizure of Ships

A smorgasborg of clusterfarks.

The sailors had set out from Kuwait after noon local time on what was supposed to be a routine mission to Bahrain. But they had no experience navigating across the Persian Gulf in their small riverine command boats, which are only about 50 feet long, and were not accustomed to traveling such a long distance. Before they departed, the crew also had to cannibalize a third boat to make last-minute repairs.
After having sailed into Iranian waters without realizing it, one of the American boats — the one that had to be fixed the day before — broke down. As the sailors tried to fix the bolt on the engine mount, two Iranian Revolutionary Guard patrols arrived, with their weapons pointed at the U.S. sailors. Soon a third ship showed up, followed by a fourth ship that was larger and more heavily armed. The Americans decided they would surrender to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops rather than try to shoot their way out.

In this day and age I don't know how much of that I can believe, but regardless, they'll probably get stronger punishment than Beau Bergdahl.

Miss Marple 2


I am having a hard time with the religious leaders, too. The mainline like the Archbishop of Canterbury I sort of expected, but having the pope go full-blown Commie while lecturing me on how I am supposed to welcome terrorists is just a bridge too far.

I am a Pope Benedict convert so it's a bitter pill to swallow, and there is enough of a Protestant in me to feel resentful and rebellious.

Besides Franklin Graham, Jerry Fallwell Jr. makes sense. That's about it.


I wanted to explain proxy agency and collective efficacy because it puts today's higher ed ruling and where bo wants to go on illegal immigration in a whole new. and quite alarming. light. We can outvote you is the idea. We will make the governmental institutions take for us. John Lewis knows this and wants us disarmed before enough people realize the purpose of government is seizure in this vision.

The march through the institutions was not for exercise or just to get jobs. When you hear the word stakeholders remember the person who wants what you have is as much a stakeholder as the person who wants to keep what they have built up. This is like piracy.

buckeye--some days what I read just hurts, but it is crystal clear as well. With graphics and declared intentions and everyone who has ever been controversial essentially showing up in the same room. That's a story I can tell, but we don't have to 2020. henry's firefighters and police may be able to escape the taxes but not the prog schools. With this model, the nicer the neighborhood, the more likely those schools were targeted first.

Ed is just a tool. It's a means but Blackbeard was less a thief than what is envisioned in the name of Equity.


So OL,

How cold was it on the ledge last night?


Did you and the hubby go Ice Fishing on the Potomac last evening?

Miss Marple 2

Another thing about Brent Scowcroft.

He is tied to the Saudis through investments and influence.

I suppose he's considered a "real Republican" though.

On the other hand, Rumsfeld supports Trump, so there's that. Also Cheney. So my two favorites of the Bush administration are on my side!


Daddy: you forgot Huntsman, Friends don't have clergy for just that reason (most Quakers are off their rockers these days too, so it didn't really help), mission accomplished.

Jack is Back!

Looks to me like the Sit-In knocked Trump's Speech off the front burner.


I don't know. Most millenials, may be all, have no idea about that song, "We Shall Overcome". And when they google it and read about civil rights abuses in the 60's and now we have 43 members of the CBC in Congres, an African-American POTUS . They will shake their heads and be totally confused as too what "we are overcoming"??? Plus those idiots look like their grandparents and that is not how Nana and Poppie behave.

I see backlash or just electoral confusion here. Much like the way the gays have reacted since Orlando. Buying guns not multi-colored flags to wave in DC.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Everything seems to involve fraud, when your business is killing inconvenient children, IMO.


Lurker Susie

Another article

Sharyl Attkisson
1h1 hour ago
Sharyl Attkisson ‏@SharylAttkisson
NEW: Ft. Bliss soldiers arrested in alleged illegal alien smuggling ring http://fullmeasure.news/news/immigration/exclusive-us-soldiers-arrested-for-allegedly … @FullMeasureNews
Embedded image

Miss Marple 2

Non political but interesting. Today is considered Midsummer Eve in England, and here's a post about the customs and a reminder of how old England is:


Miss Marple 2

FBI Investigators Say They Have Found No Evidence Orlando Shooter Had Gay Lovers



Oh, a court just ruled that the FBI does not need a warrant to hack remotely into your home computer. goodbye 4th Amendment. Note, all it takes is an unsympathetic defendant (here a child pornography consumer, on the iPhone a terrorist) to strip the Constitution of any protections for all Americans.


(most Quakers are off their rockers these days too,

Sadly Henry, I think you're correct:(


FBI Investigators Say They Have Found No Evidence Orlando Shooter Had Gay Lovers

How hard did they look?


How many other work related emails did Hillary delete? This is tough to spin... Another stupid Dem stunt in 3, 2, 1....


I assume a sudden eraser shortage would tell us all we need to know about the Brexit vote. Any tea leaf readers chiming in yet?

Dave (in MA)

Yeah, I'm sure Sheila Flag On Mars Jackson Lee was freezing her ass off in DC in the Summer.

Beasts of England

Don't two straight guys always sit that close to each other on a three-person couch? And look gay while doing so?


The worst part of the sit-in coverage is listening to the MFM slobber over John Lewis.

He was caught participating is an orchestrated lie to slander law abiding Americans.
It was a big hoax, no different than the numerous fake hate crimes stories we hear about.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Stupid pest tricks.


The worst part of the sit-in coverage is listening to the MFM slobber over CIVIL RIGHTS ICON John Lewis.

Fixed that for you, Janet.

Another cold night in Hell for you last night?


I,m in total Cagreement, Janet. Both he and Cummings are beyond despicable.


I'm ... agreement


WSJ suggests Remain is winning by 4 or 8 depending on source.


Simply pointing out that over at Instapundit, Insty's link earlier today to TM's post reaped 1 comment, whereas Instapundit's later link to "Goat Testicles Cure Impotency" has got 17 comments and climbing.

I had no idea Instapundit had so many readers from Scotland.


I wonder if Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have the same hair stylist. Inquiring minds need to know.

Miss Marple 2

Note from a friend of mine:

Farage just spoke and said he's not conceding and said the government registration scheme may have tipped the balance. That scheme refers to what happened a few weeks ago when 5000 ballots were mailed to non-UK citizens within the EU ineligible to vote, including a 17-year old girl in the UK.

Jack is Back!

Remain wins. As expeted from day one. Fea, baby. Wins everytime. Congrats to the Bank of England, The City and alll the moneysucking beaucrats everywhere.


marlene-when I saw the trump jet the other day, I really thought the T on the tail was feathered to be a play on his hair style.

Jack is Back!

...Rear always wins....


related to pagar's 5:47 - an August 2015 article -

"In fact, in 2013 Planned Parenthood agreed to pay $4.3 million to settle a federal civil suit over claims it fraudulently billed Medicaid for women's health services provided by some of its Texas clinics from 2003 to 2009. Specifically, there were claims that Planned Parenthood billed Medicaid for services that were not provided, including birth-control counseling and testing for sexually transmitted diseases."


These stories don't get amplified AT ALL.

Jack is Back!

MM, Leave was never a winner. It was alwyas behind no matter what the polls said. I would love to see them have the cajones to leave but it was a long haul and not enough congent argument to the local council voter, especially those in central London.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I prefer rear to fea, meself Jack.

buccaneer morgan

one hack commenting on another,


when the referees are working for the other team,

Jack is Back!

I prefer Fear to Rear, iggy but thanks for the complement. Won $450 at Ladbrokes on the vote.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Instapundit's later link to "Goat Testicles Cure Impotency" has got 17 comments and climbing.

I had no idea Instapundit had so many readers from Scotland.--

Presumably he would have had a lot of enthusiastic comments from his ME friends had the story read "Goat Rears Cure Impotency."

daddy (goat testicles rule!)

So TM's only 1/17th as interesting as Goat Testicles?

Probably a lesson in there somewhere.

BTW, Is it time yet for a new JOM sub-heading?

buccaneer morgan

they are running interference 24/7


Miss Marple 2

You know, this country is full of good people. Read this story, follow the link to Facebook, and then follow the link to the GoFundMe page. I am encouraged not only by the guy who helped, but by the teen who was trying to find work for food.


The thing that got to me was that he rose to the suburbs to go to a "rich people's Kroger." I don't know why, but that made me cry.


I remember some old video of Terry Moran (I think) badgering Andrew Breitbart about the lies of the Congressional Black Caucus members at the Kill the Bill rally.

Are you calling John Lewis a liar!?! Are YOU (you loser, nobody) saying that wonderful, esteemed, civil rights icon, all-around-great-guy John Lewis is a liar!??!

Finally Andrew said....Yes.

buccaneer morgan

add the late Bob Bennett to the chimp circle, one earlier thought he might have been woodward's source,

buccaneer morgan

what does sunderland going for leave, indicate,

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