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June 11, 2016



Good Morning!

James D.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

James D.

pagar said on the last thread:

At this rate, linguists might as well go ahead and designate “Clinton aide” a synonym for criminal."

I thought we reached that point back in 1997 or so...


I have to drive to Northeast Florida for a wedding so hopefully I'll be able to catch up with the discussion tomorrow but . . . they keep ferociously yappin' about this Judge Curiel. So much so that it is beginning to make me wonder -- why so loud? Why so constant? Why so distorted?

Well, the 9th Circuit is probably the single most politicized federal court in this nation.

How, exactly, did Judge Curiel just so happen to get this Donald Trump case? Could the 9th Circuit process of assigning Judges to cases stand a little bit of sunshine? Does anyone know how that process works? Is it nationally determined or by each Circuit? Has it ever been truly examined and critiqued?

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I sense a wee bit of fear from the controlling political beast.

James D.

Thinking back to the topic of the last thread, I know I've said this before, but I really don't get why anyone likes Megan McArdle.

Even when she's making a point I agree with, she's annoying to read.


My mother-in-law is spending the week-end with us. Later this morning we're going to Bangor so she can go yarn shopping. Several years ago she started a prayer shawl ministry at her parish. The ladies knit the shawls and the priest blesses each shawl. They have given 500 shawls to sick and elderly people. It is time to replenish the yarn supply. The ladies have about $900 in donations to spend. I said to Nana,if we're buying that much yarn,we'd better take the truck! : )

Miss Marple 2


I want to report this here, as Ii think it's an important article.

If you know a vet suffering from this, it's important he see a neurologist familiar with this doctor's discoveries.

Miss Marple 2


Brazil's corruption is vast. I wonder if there is stuff like this going on here. We don't have a state petroleum company, but we do have all those dollars going for green energy, which I think is also corrupt.

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy

My comment from the last thread:

MM, did you read the comments in that WP piece? Absolutely appalling.

Theo, I was a Romney supporter in 2012. I was thrilled when he stood in front of the Solyndra factory and pointed out the failures of our "investment" in alternative power. Then he had that stellar performance in the first debate and it seemed like he understood that regular Americans wanted someone - ANYONE - speaking up for them. And then he just fell apart. He didn't display the grit (new fancy word they're using in the education world) necessary to see the campaign through.

That he failed so spectacularly, and it was a colossal failure of the establishment to understand how to galvanize disenfranchised voters, has led us directly to Trump's success. Trump has been inoculated from his more distasteful comments FROM THE BEGINNING because those "lost" voters wanted someone speaking for them about the most pressing issues. The stagnant economy can easily be linked to our immigration policies at the most basic level. People get that. You don't have to have a PhD in economics to understand that if you import low waged unskilled workers, you depress wages. The establishment idiots think they can complicate the issue, but it's pretty simple.

Now we can have a debate about the value immigrants bring to our country, but that debate can't happen until politicians own up to how damaging the immigration policies have been on our domestic economy for American workers.

Trump gets this. He is speaking to people who want and need to hear their reality being validated.

Romney never got it because he operates in a world where his view is not challenged. My BIL, bigwig self-made CEO and long time Republican, sounds just like Romney and plans to vote for Clinton to protect his interests. He is simply unaware on any level of the pain people are feeling in the rest of the country. It is astounding.

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy

Oh yarn shopping - lucky you, Marlene!

Beasts of England

My sincere apologies to all who were micro- and macroagressed by last night's boating menu. I'm such a meanie. ;)

I have to humblebrag just a fuzz and report that my, um, friends were very impressed with my thoughtfulness, though, and the onboard fridge is the shizzle for food items.

Nonetheless, in an act of contrition, I did have to sweat out the tequila on my run this morning, and I wouldn't wish that on anybody!! :)

How was the curry, Miss Marple?

Miss Marple 2


I think this is what upsets me the most: the refusal of so many in the donor and elected circles to understand what's happening.

It is very reminiscent of the nobility right before the French Revolution.

To me, Trump's election will save us from a scene like the one in Dr. Zhivago, where he returns home to find 7 families camping in his home, burning the expensive furniture for fuel.

Miss Marple 2


It was pretty good. The sauce is sold in jars and is produced by an Indian woman (whose name escapes me now) but the sauce is labeled Madras Curry.

It's less hot than true Indian curry, but it tenderized the chicken and was quite tasty. We will buy it again.

(I am not a gourmet cook, especially with Indian dishes, so this was an easy way to have something a little different for supper.)


Oh my!

Man who actually knows four people who are planning on voting for (presumptive nominee) Trump posits that perhaps all his supporters are not racist.



james-did you see megan was on the invite list for this year's bilderburg?

Lots of doors open when you construe, frame, and then pitch the world as desired. I maintain it is why the social reengineering ed conferences, for example, lean toward five, or at least four, star hotels.

Miss Marple 2

I am not going to the art show, unfortunately because my friend's 91-year-old father was taken to the hospital.

He's a Merchant Marine vet from WWII. Any prayers would be gratefully accepted.

James D.

Somehow that doesn't surprise me, rse.


Re: MM’s PTSD article:

In elementary school, some children are being diagnosed with PTSD, with physical and emotional symptoms, many who likely had previous physical abuse.


JiB from a thread long ago and far away: Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.

Miss Marple 2


I read that article from the WSJ. Mr. Epstein seems to think it is all cultural.

I think it is BOTH economic and cultural. During the Great Depression, economic hardship was the norm, but the people could rely on families and church to help them soldier on.

During the turbulent Sixties, the economy was fairly robust and so the people not interested in Women's Lib and Anti-War protests sort of got on with their lives while rolling their eyes at the Hippies.

But what are people to do now? Their jobs are gone, and they have no church or one which preaches social justice through much of the country, telling them they are sinners if they are resentful. Their families are broken. They can't count on education to give them a leg up, either, because the public schools are crumbling and bowing to all of the social disruption, and the universities promulgate it as well while charging exorbitant fees.

They have nowhere to turn, and they fear for the country. Top that off with a president who tells them they are lower than whale poo if they are successful, that religion is not to be respected unless it's Islam, and the country is being overrun by Islamic refugees with sketchy backgrounds and Mexicans looking for a handout or to prey on hapless Americans.

Jack is Back!


Ding-dong. You win a cigar!

At my FB page I have a video I shot this morning on my iPad of the deer (doe) in our back yard who has been tormenting my 3 beagles. We think she has a fawn on the other side of the fence and is very agressive toward the dogs. Some back down but the female, Lady, is the one yapping and standing firm.

Watching Switzerland v. Albania in the Euro2016 championships. Most of the players for Switzerland are Albanian refugees from the balkan wars. Over 200K took asylum in Switzerland. They even have two brothers playing against each other.

Coming to a country near you.


From the previous thread:

However nice he may be, Willard is impolitic.

Beasts of England

I'm not much on Indian cuisine and have never tried to mess with it in the kitchen, Miss Marple, but my Mom loves it and cooks quite a bit with curries and chutneys. Maybe one day I'll try...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures; Glassy Eyed Edition.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That's a funny word.

Jack is Back!


My first experience with Indian cuisine was in DC at a restaurant near Dupont Circle called Gaylord's. Don't know if it is there anymore, maybe Clarice can tell me. But it was so different it was superb!

If we had a decent one here in the Hamptons I would be a regular.

Then when I lived in Indonesia and Singapore, I was back in the clover. Just terrific smells and palates in their cooking and breads. In England, the Brits even invented their own version of Indian cooking - Chicken Tikka Masala - they eat in abundance after closing time. Seems to absorb all the beer molecules:)

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy


I find myself in agreement with almost everything you post. We are seeing through a similar lens. We live in a very liberal college town and our youngest is a 4th grader. People here live in a false economy of prosperity thanks to all the federal dollars that roll through thanks to the Ivy League university that provides the vast majority of jobs. We once had a diverse economy, but now almost every family has one person working at Cornell. That is a distressing development.

I suspect that Trump's support will broaden - we are witnessing a preference cascade like I've never imagined - if the media continues to offer ample coverage. Positive, negative, it will all benefit him as long as people are talking about him and his campaign.

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy

I love Indian food - mostly because of the condiments!

buccaneer morgan

So are they mixing the physical impact of cute, with the psychological impact of ptsd?

buccaneer morgan

So looking around there is more to this fernando apt, who else was on the isab, cirincione of plowshares, who ran the rhodes rhodeshow, elder Saudi shill Brent scowcroft, who occassionec no resistance to that initiative,

buccaneer morgan

There's also chuck robb, David Kay (probably two voices of sanity) but the kaching was the half million fernando raised for Obama.


San Jose Police Chief affiliated with La Raza group



Oops, I've been over on the dead thread. Reposting.

Great comment, Robin @8:26.

I have a policy of never, ever reading comments at WaPo. :)

In 2012 I got burned by thinking the polls were wrong. This year I am going with the polls. Some I like, some I don't.

But if you haven't seen it yet, I will repost. I would encourage anyone worried about polls to look at this, from June 6:


Florida - Hillsborough County: Clinton 39% - Trump 41%, Trump +2 (Mitt lost)

Colorado - Jefferson County: Clinton: 40% - Trump 36%, Clinton +4

North Carolina - Watauga County: Clinton 39% - Trump 43%, Trump +4 (Mitt lost)

Ohio - Sandusky County: Clinton 34% - Trump 39%, Trump +5 (Mitt lost)

Pennsylvania - Luzerne County: Clinton 34% - Trump 51%, Trump +17 (No Republican has won Luzerne since 1988)

Virginia - Loudoun County: Clinton 45% - Trump 37%, Clinton +8

Nevada - Washoe County: Clinton 34% - Trump 46%, Trump +12 (Mitt lost big time)

Now, things may change once the Bernvictims start coming home. But that Luzerne County number is....striking. Romney lost Luzerne by 5 and the state by 5.4. Trump is +17.

And anyone who thinks Ted Cruz would be +17 right now in Luzerne County, PA is smoking some serious crack. This is not just "we want a Republican." This is "we want Trump."


This seems like kind of a BFD, from yesterday. Shaun King is a BLM guy. The linked video is a Good Morning America segment about the Clinton Foundation. Poor Steffi looks so unhappy.

Comments are very interesting. King is a Sanders supporter.


Shaun King @ShaunKing

Holy shit.

This is not a good look for Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation.

They said they didn't do this.
10:02 AM - 10 Jun 2016

Miss Marple 2


Every once in a while I get dragged to an Indian buffet by my sister, who just loves the food. All I can eat is the curry and chicken tandoori and flat bread and rice. I am just not fond of many of the flavors.

I think it's an acquired taste for many people, including me.





buccaneer morgan

W did carry Jefferson county in 2004, but it is striking of course. Tie. Gill hD a little to do with that.

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy


That Shaun King Twitter thread is so interesting. People angry that ABC sat on the story until the primary was over. I cannot figure out what is going to happen on the Dem side, but holy cow, it's a story just warming!

buccaneer morgan

The switchover I mean

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy

I wonder how many people are refusing to say they'll vote for Trump to pollsters and friends. I know I am or my business would sink and I would be out of a job.

buccaneer morgan

Hillsborough of the vote fraud denying ion rancho went GOP in 2000 and 2004, hence duebold!!


Catherine Herridge reporting Hillary did indeed, despite a year of denials, send emails MARKED classified through her private unsecured server.

The “C” - which means it was marked classified at the confidential level

"(C) Purpose of Call: to offer condolences on the passing of President Mukharika and congratulate President Banda on her recent swearing in."

Everybody who deals with this stuff knows exactly what that mark is. It's CLASSIFIED-CONFIDENTIAL.


And anyone who thinks Ted Cruz would be +17 right now in Luzerne County, PA is smoking some serious crack. This is not just "we want a Republican." This is "we want Trump."

Exactly what I have been observing in Pennsylvania. It is more than "we want Trump".

It is also, whether good or bad, "we want someone who is prepared to do whatever it takes".


JiB from a thread long ago and far away: Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.

No way.

Anyone who was a thirteen year-old boy in the 60s knows it means:

Loose Straps Means Flabby Tits


Wow, the warm-up speakers are fantastic.


Robin-the term for hospitals and universities that have the regional economic effect you describe is "anchor institutions." The Democracy Collaborative has created report after report in various areas on centering the economy around them. It is not sustainable long term but pols and hospital and higher ed admins do not seem to get that.

The current Pres of Ga Tech at a chamber sponsored program I had an invite too actually said that a partnership between big business and government has to be the driver of the economy. I have also noticed that the student health plans at these universities is what we would call 'gold' level and better than what parents and normal employees carry. So we are creating students who will assume that much of their health care desires should be available with little deductibles. That is precisely what they will expect upon graduation too and no private employers will get the rates available to students.

We are creating a fantasy of unachievable expectations.

buccaneer morgan

Sid vicious blames volodya, otherwise he would have been able to get away with it.


It’s an online poll, for what it’s worth, Massive swing to Brexit, but it’s a big swing from previous results by the same pollster.

Polling experts say the result is still too close to call, and that there has been a late swing to the “status quo” option in previous referendums, including the one on Scottish independence in 2014. They also point out that telephone polls consistently give Remain a higher rating than online surveys.
June 23rd is definitely looking like a nail-biter. How long will it take to schedule the follow-up referendum, if Brexit wins?

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy


That reflects exactly what I'm seeing. Many of our friends and acquaintances came here for college and never left, working administrative positions within the university. When I try to explain the difference between our private sector employer-provided health insurance and their gold-plated, no deductible insurance, they are stunned. It reinforces their notion that the private sector is evil and capitalism is a failed policy.

A friend who recently started working a tech position within the university after working in the private sector commented that no one seems to work very hard. I have casually said several times that I wonder what will happen to those tech support jobs when universities decide to use HB-1 visa applicants. Once someone called me on it and replied, "someone has to provide high paying jobs to their graduates."

Needless to say, dinner parties can be a challenge.


JIB, there are now even finer Indian restaurants here than Gaylords. Anyone who wants to try it should get a copy of Madhur Joffrey's Invitation to Indian Cooking--everything in there is wonderful, but I especially love her recipe for marinated grilled fish steaks, grilling Indian leg of lamb sookhe potatoes and eggplant.

Rasika is the big fave now. I think Gaylords may no longer exist.

JMHanes--this is a long group funded video on Brexit but it is first ratehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqzcqDtL3k You can get a fine summary in the 1st 15 minutes or just turn it on and listen as you do other things.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

(Momto2 posted something about this last night, but it's worth adding to, IMO.)

Great story out this morning on the perils of being a thief, when you have to face justice 'Old West style' . . .

This guy thought that it would be easy to steal someone else's bicycle:

I don't think he counted on having to outrun a 'real' cowboy.

Whether it's stealing someone's horse 130 years ago, or stealing their bicycle today, there really is a 'Code of the West.'
No matter how old fashioned and out of touch it seems, or how much the leftists denigrate conservative values, it still lives on in the West.


Beasts of England

@Skoot - The example you provided above (and I assume you reacted the Confidential portion of the marked paragraph) continues to reaffirm the idea that almost everything the SoS does is classified to some degree, even the seemingly mundane items such as meetings. It's unpossible that she never sent huge volumes of low-level classified information through her server.

Lurker Susie

DOJ Wants to Hide the Names of Illegal Aliens Granted Amnesty

DOJ Resists Court Order to Provide Ethics Training for Its Lawyers




I remember a story ManTran told me of how a child molester/pervert was dealt with in his rural Montana childhood town 50-60 years ago.

"He just got "disappeared"".

Beasts of England

Wouldn't it be cute if the GOPe turkeys spent as much time harrassing Lynch over those ethics issues as they do bashing Trump? Maybe they could drive the news cycle with the AG / DoJ ethics failures. Crazy talk, I know...

Beasts of England

The airport down the street is having their EA fly-in and pancake breakfast this morning, and I'm watching one of the acrobatic planes do loops, barrel rolls and stalls. Better him than me. :)


DOJ Resists Court Order to Provide Ethics Training for Its Lawyers

In return, the judge should demand records to see if higher ups required the lawyers to misbehave.


Michael, Thanks for that welcome back the other day, I missed it at the time.



I spent a couple weeks in LA shortly after getting my pilot's license. On the recommendation of an uncle, I drove up to the Santa Paula airport.

Mecca for home built aircraft. Hanger after hanger with a project going on, most equipped like an apartment, kitchen, a sofa or two.

Walked past a hanger where a guy had 2 Pitts aerobatic bi-planes for instruction. Think F1 performance. I spent alot of money with that guy that day. Did 2 sessions of 30-45 minutes learning and punching holes in the sky.

i think it is scarier looking than it actually "feels". Of course I was 20 something then. Might have a different experience today.


buckeye-hubby used to have a pitts and when my first child was a week overdue I considered if just a quick takeoff and landing might kick things into gear.

I still remember when it took off how quickly it climbed.


@Daddy "A lot of ET Bell's "Men of Mathematics" was excellent and exciting (especially Galois)"
When I was at Columbia Pictures I proposed doing a movie about Galois … Another project I thought would be terrific was "Wittgenstein's Poker." Ha ha.

During WWII the Navy sent my father to Cal Tech and a bunch of his pals went on to form JPL. They were a funny, brilliant bunch and as graduate students grew used to having their ideas appropriated by their professors. One time a few of them were in a car and they spotted that giant "JESUS SAVES" cross that used to be in the Pasadena Hills. One of the student wags said, "Yeah, but Millikan takes credit."

When my father died I called dibs on his copies of the Feynman Lectures, not that I understood any of it.



Yes the climb rate was spectacular. Particularly after spending most of my primary training in clapped out Cessna 172s.


Trump's at a Huge rally in Tampa hitting back hard at Romeny "the choker".


Rally live feed:http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/watch-live-trump-holds-rally-in-tampa-fla./article/2593637?utm_campaign=Washington+Examiner%3A+News+From&utm_source=Washington+Examiner%3A+News+From+-+06%2F11%2F16&utm_medium=email


Don't get old. I just got a Medicare statement (or whatever it's called). They refused run-of-the-mill blood tests. My AARP supplement refuses to pay anything because Medicare won't pay. I now owe $713.07 to the lab for those tests. They wouldn't even pay for cholesterol, etc. I had thyroid cancer so I have to have TSH, etc. My doctor wants to test every six months. His office call is $222. I know Medicare last year would only pay something on blood tests once a year, but this was first testing in 2016. My question--how will ordinary people afford charges like this? My supplement has gone sky high this past year or so.

Medicare money went to Medicaid.

Illegals eligible?

Beasts of England

I've gone to several of their pancake breakfasts, Buckeye, and even took a ride in a Stearman bi-plane a year ago or so. Big fun. I've never been upside down in a plane, but don't think I'm cut out for it. If I were in my twenties, it might be a different story. lol

Captain Hate

Did choking Willard at his appropriately named retreat think Trump wouldn't fire back at his scurrilous accusations?

Captain Hate

Joan, unless I get blindsided in the near future, my experience has been almost the complete opposite of yours.

Frau Currywurst

Miss Marple - Weeknight Curries from Madhur Jaffrey

Captain Hate

My AARP supplement refuses to pay anything because Medicare won't pay.

That makes no sense because that is specifically why you have a supplemental.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Rocco - Glad you saw it, and glad that you're back - to stay, I hope.

Now, if we could only get that wascally wabbit Dobbs to stick around!


I don't understand it. I was stunned yesterday when I got that letter. Funny thing, my husband, who had blood tests a couple of months ago, just cholesterol, triglycerides, had Medicare pay some on his tests. ???

My doctor, at the appt., told me Medicare was going to get worse next year, etc. I said, what are we going to do, and he said "stay healthy, take care of yourself, good nutrition, etc.

I expected to pay, say, two or three hundred dollars -- not $700+.

Frau Currywurst

A very sobering story, Joan.

Why does Dr. Zeke Emanuel come to mind?


Police identified the suspect as Victorino Arellano-Sanchez, who was described as a 22-year-old transient from the Seattle area.

Maybe he will get Trump's judge.

Miss Marple 2

Supplementals only pay a portion of medicare-approved charges, Captain Hate. It's been this way since I handled my parents' Medicare bills.

There is no way to avoid a situation like Joan has illustrated. You are on the hook. Now, you can skip tests if you don't feel they are necessary, but in many cases, they are.

Sometimes you can appeal, but it's very difficult and you have to speak to low-level government employees.

I got the best supplemental available but I think the same thing would happen to me.

Jack is Back!


Thanks for the info on ex-Gaylords. There use to be a great one on Eye, near 17th St. and across from the Army-Navy Club. Was in the same building Brenden Sullivan and Bennet's law firm was located. Bombay Palace(?).

Anyway talk of all this I decided to make Reshmi Kebabs (Silken Kababs) but using prawns and scallops instead of traditional chicken or lamb. Made a Coconut Chutney for dipping.

That darn deer is back and the beagles are going nuts.

Watching Euro2016 since it is iffy weather and ESPN has an Blonde Androgynous Abbie Wambach on as a halftime-fulltime pundit. She was one great player probably the best woman ever but no one would ever even question her using the Men's Room.


Joan, call your doctor's office and have him indicate why those tests were necessary for you ..appeal the decisionhttps://www.medicare.gov

Miss Marple 2

Frau Currywurst,

You brought back my memories of Berlin and currywurst, which I became addicted to while living there! Alas, although I have tries to duplicate it, I just cannot. And it's been over 40 years since I ate one at a stand just off of Kurfurstendamm.


I know a few people who are continuing to work well past Medicare eligibility just for the better coverage they can get.

A consideration if dealing with significant health issues.


Sounds very fishy to me too, Joan.


JiB, venison kebabs?

Miss Marple 2

Oh, look! We are loaning refugees $15,000 to start a business with no tracking on whether the money was repaid!




MM, just change your name and pretend you can't speak English and you're on your way to your own antique shop.


Bombay Palace is still here and still very good,JIB.


I mentioned Emanuel on the way down here (granddaughter's basketball game) to my husband. My mother, for years, told us 'they want old people to go away and die' and we'd say "oh, Mother". But think she was partially right. We took her to emergency room three times (pain). They'd send us home. We begged them to admit her. Said the doctor isn't helping her. Last time they admitted her. Finally got tests. Discovered she had cancer, and they discharged her 3rd day...to hospice. Holiday weekend. Only one nurse on duty. Moma died two days later. Only saw,hospice nurse last night, late. And that was because I had a screaming fit on phone. By then Moma had decided to die, turned off life force. That was in 2009. Guess that Medicare refusal made me think of that time, and how the system is all powerful and can spit us out at any time.


Found Joffrey's marinated grilled Indian leg of lamb recipe online--you will not regret making this:http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/butterflied-leg-of-lamb-marinated-and-barbecued-recipe.html


JiB, if you can get your hands on some human hair, perhaps from a barber shop or hairdresser's, sprinkle it around the area and that should drive the deer away.


Oh, we crossed Route 66 on way down here. :)

Small town neat Port of Catoosa. You all wouldn't believe it, but beautiful countryside. :)

I tried to sing the song to my husband. He shook his head. :)

Granddaughter's in three games, hours apart. Guess that's why I'm posting so much. Other granddaughter's in Tulsa, another gym, playing in two games, then Back here to Verdigris for two more. I am tired.

Captain Hate

I don't know, Miss Marple, unless I'm about to get torpedoed for some unexpected expenses my experience has been extremely beneficial to me. Maybe my doctor is very Medicare savvy because I got her after I went on it and let her know that.


beasts-hubby always says the plane does not care it is upside down. When the brasilia crashes happened and his former students would call he would hammer them to quit thinking in two dimensions and change the simulation software to add aerobatics so it will be a reflex to think in 3 dimensions if it happens.

That is precisely what happened years ago. We got some lovely wedding presents from former students who had gone on to be airline pilots that his pushes to make them understand the whys of flying had saved their lives. I just know he is never as relaxed in day to day life as he is in front of a plane's controls.

Beasts of England

That's interesting, rse. I didn't know he was involved in that arena.


I thought about appealing. Actually my first thought was quit going to doctor. :) but he is a jerk. And, only a few doctors in town accept Medicare patients. We've been with him since 1990. Actually, several years ago, he fired a bunch of Medicare patients. A friend of mine got a letter from him asking her to pick up records.

True. Story.


Joan, I'm so sorry to hear of those experiences.

Remember that heartbreaking story PeterUK told us of his mother's death? They just shunted her off into a tiny room and left her to die. I'll never forget it. Thank God he was able to get to her in time and comfort her at the end.

I hate the left.

Old Lurker

Did anyone else see the story last week about the "cost" of blood tests when put through insurance vs tests paid for in cash? The upshot was that a test might be billed to the carrier at (say) $250 but then if one has a high deducitble that all falls on the insured. Had the patient said up front "I will just pay cash for that test right now", the lab/hospital charge was only $15.

Sorry I do not recall the source but it seemed legit.


Did choking Willard at his appropriately named retreat think Trump wouldn't fire back at his scurrilous accusations?

Posted by: Captain Hate | June 11, 2016 at 12:33 PM

The only problem is that Forrest is not running against Mitt. If the primary sound bite from the rally is an attack on Romney then Trump loses

This is where Trump's lack of impulse control kills him.

He needs to give the media no alternative to reporting his attacks on PIAPS. The MSM will look for any reason to not report something negative about her.

Romney is irrelevant at this point.


Joan, challenge that.
Medicare is not supposed to determine what the physician does, according the 1965 legislation that created it.

Average out-of-pocket increase in health care over the past three years is $2000. So, for a family of four--$8K. Not sure where most people are pulling that from.
Just as they planned---people will soon be screaming for "somebody take care of this."

The math NEVER made one iota of sense on ACA. And you didn't have to "pass the bill to know what was in it," but none of the "journalists" were able to analyze it.

VA care for all.

Miss Marple 2

Do labs fall under the same ruling as hospitals do in Medicare? If you go to the hospital and you are on Medicare you cannot pay cash for say, an extra day's stay while you get a hospital bed delivered or home nursing care arranged.

If the hospital takes the money, they get in trouble with the government and could be prohibited from treating medicare patients.


MM, just change your name and pretend you can't speak English and you're on your way to your own antique shop.

Pick up a burqa to complete the "look".


Oh, and Joan--
cc your rep and both senators with every single piece of communication you generate.

Miss Marple 2


Heh. I would have to do quite a bit of work on perfecting my Middle Eastern accent.

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