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June 26, 2016



"Political Novice wins Iceland" HEADLINE sheesh!


Very disturbing story out of Twin Falls, ID. Five year old--apparently mentally challenged--was sexually molested by three boys, ages about 5 to 9, who are "immigrants" from Somalia. The town is a "sanctuary city" and the Feds have been dumping loads of them there (and in Boise.) Locals are furious about the incident and the authorities are clammed up due to the ages of all involved. Here's the kicker: the state's Federal prosecutor is threatening going after the outraged citizens for "hate speech" on social media and elsewhere. No points for guessing the gender and political affiliation of the prosecutor.


Sorry, the victim was a girl. Perps were boys. Sickening all around.


Squaredance, (at 11:07)

Excellent link to Hannan speaking for 12 minutes. Well worth watching. Thanks for that.

buccaneer morgan

oh you mean they are serious, shirley they are not,



A logical long-term successor would be Frankfurt, currently placed at 18 on the global list. But would French, Italian and other European leaders - excuse me, "leaders" - be comfortable with Germany as the financial as well as commercial superpower of Europe?


Kudlow's panel discussed this yesterday, and the consensus was that Frankfurt was such a crappy miserable town that nobody would go for it as an alternative. We used to layover in Mainz (Great ancient little town--Guttenberg, Capital of Roman Germany etc) during our Frankfort layovers, so maybe there was a reason for that. Anyhow, the panel thought Frankfurt sucked, and since it sucked, no chance of becoming the next financial capital of London---akin to wondering if Newark could take over as the Financial Capitol of the world if Manhattan joined Canada.


I would think Brexit has as good a chance of enhancing London's stature as the Europe's financial capital to the extent it gets the UK out from under the EU albatross of regulations and open borders. A strongly growing UK economy and London becoming less infested with jihadists all seem like pluses to me, but what do I know.


Clarice's 11:50 link is excellent as well.

Captain Hate

The town is a "sanctuary city"

Then that was self inflicted. Again where's a sanctuary city where I don't have to pay any federal taxes?


daddy, agree about Frankfurt.

When I read that line you quoted, first thought that went through my mind was that first the Franfurters would need to learn to cook like the French.

Not likey going to happen.

Frankfurt isn't crappy but sure isn't cosmopolitan.


The anti-Brexit people sound a lot like the Tories in the 13 colonies who were aghast at the idea of throwing off British rule. The fact is that the infamous taxes and other indignities that the colonialists were upset about were pretty trivial. But it was the principle of self-rule vs the slippery slope of subjecting oneself to arbitrary and capricious decisions by unelected external rulers. Of course the Tories didn't see them as external, just as the "Remain" crowd doesn't see Brussels as external either. But that's the crux of the matter.

Miss Marple 2

UK-US special relationship may falter


OBAMA-UK special relationship may falter.

Go ahead, Obama, talk up Merkel. See how far that gets you.

God almighty, I despise the democrats!

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Remember you can't make this stuff up.


Beasts of England

Tell me again how a single Federal dollar is flowing to sanctuary cities. Tell me again how Ø hasn't been impeached because of this.

Hey - did you hear the one about giving the R's control of the House in 2010 so they could stop BOzo with the 'power of the purse'? It's hilarious!!


I came by to tell, "Janet the expert", Happy Birthday! Do I have the wrong date?

I wrote it on my calendar because you are my all time favorite.

Beasts of England

Oh, and George Will wants to bail on the Reps now? Now? I guess the last six-and-a-half years of intransigence weren't a bridge too far. Good to know.

Miss Marple 2


Anyone who doesn't think we have classes in this country only has to look at George Will.

He is fine with nominees Romney, McCain, Dole.

But when we nominate someone who doesn't toe the approved Beltway think tank line, then horrors! Time to jum off the ship!

Like a RAT.

I hope a little discovered clause in his contract finds that without his GOP registration, the WaPo can terminate him.

Beasts of England

No way! Janet the Expert has the same birthday as the older Beastette, who turns 25 today?

Happy Birthday, Janet the Expert!!


daddy, you were complaining about the lack of anyone good to listen to. Not sure if you can do podcasts, but you (and others here) might like Rabbi Daniel Lapin (who I happen to know). I'm linking his most recent one on Brexit, Trump, etc.


Summary: Want to understand Brexit? (Which I predicted last week) Want to understand the rise of Trump? (Which I predicted last year) Want to understand the fall of Merkel? (Oh yes, that hasn’t happened yet—but I predict it) Forget Labor vs. Conservative. Forget Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s all about the struggle between those who benefit from government power and money and those who actually do something valued by their fellow citizens. It’s between those who value marriage and family, and those who don’t. It’s between those who want to rule others and those who just want to be left alone.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

I'll bet you thought there was nothing else the Democrats could do to look stupid.

Remember do not try to make this stuff up, people would think you had lost your mind.


Beasts of England

He is a rat, Miss Marple. And much more. I detest he and his ilk far more than the Cankles of the world, as they were ostensibly on 'our side'...

buccaneer morgan

happy birthday, janet. the daily snews didn't pick up on the red queen angle, quelle surprise,


This campaign season has done WONDERS exposing the political phonies & elitists in the GOP hierarchy.
We already know how craven and deceitful the Democrats are, but even I have been shocked at how truly greedy and treasonous Hillary Clinton actually is, ala Benghazi and the Clinton Global scams.


Just watching the Newt/Chris Wallace replay.

Wow, Newt is doing a great job of trashing the memes put out by Wallace that Hillary is somehow terrific. Captain Hate hit it correctly that Wallace is somewhat shellshocked at Newt coming back so forcefully with lists of particulars smashing the memes Wallace is pushing. Great to see Newt's energy and passion---very animated.

Chris Wallace: "But, but but...." That's all he's got in response. Nothing else.

Excellent performance, Newt. Am totally uninterested in watching any of the rest of the Show, so thanks again Captain Hate for doing the dirty work for JOM.

TM, whatever you're paying the Captain, it ain't enough.

Captain Hate

Thank you, Tarhole; it was at the end of the last thread and I was afraid nobody would read it. Plus I think OL was off calculating his net worth which takes quite a few terabytes of data to process.

buccaneer morgan

lycan is latin for wolf no,


mcturtle is not just playing dumb,

Captain Hate

People keep forgetting that there is another person whose Benghazi behavior was sketchy to say the least:


buccaneer morgan

how can he still be around, they are the raving looney party,


yes, captain you have a good ear for these sort of things,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Without any formal education, he was a mechanical genius. Could look at any gizmo and immediately figure out what was wrong and how to fix it.--

Sounds just like my pop Manny.
When kids started telling me what their dad's did for a living I literally didn't believe anyone's dad was a repairman because I figured every dad was like mine and knew how to do everything.

Enough Already

"TM, whatever you're paying the Captain, it ain't enough."

No, whatever he's charging the doofuses here, it ain't nearly enough. Weed out the weak!

Miss Marple 2


Special performance as a Clinton fundraiser.

How American history is used as a fundraiser for the Left. Any positive message from this show is negated by this.


Having just watched Newt, and considering George Will bailing from the party, let me ask this just for interest.

Used to be that when I had to watch the big networks and wait for whoever gave the Republican point of view, it was these guys as I recall:

NPR---David Gurgen, replaced by Paul Gigot.
ABC: George Will.
CNN: Pat Buchanan and David Gurgen.
Some other Network--Krauthammer and David Brooks.

Am I missing anyone, and is there a single one of the old mediocrities that we used to have to listen to as the voice of Republicanism that is still alive and not a Half-wit if not a total Nit-wit?

I would lose no sleep if I never had to listen to any of our elites above forever, including DrK, whom I like as a person very much.


The entire Obama administration make slimy snakes and filthy vermin appear cuddly and desirable, compared to them.

Gowdy's been grumbling about Obama's refusal to cooperate re Benghazi, but as usual, NO ONE is ever made accountable!

buccaneer morgan

of those, Buchanan, is the only one that has a clue, about what is going on.


This is such a great tweet I had to share it:

Dear young Remainers..

65yo+ knew rationing

75yo+ knew the Luftwaffe

90yo+ knew Panzers

They didn't "steal your future", they gave you one

3,178 retweets 3,565 likes
Reply Retweeted 3.2K
Liked 3.6K


Yes, Dr K is an admirable example of tenacity and grace in overcoming extreme incapacity, and an intellectual giant, to be sure, but he (& the other elites) just can't seem to GET what millions of Americans GET about Trump.


Post of the year, glasater. Thanks!

Free James D!

Gowdy's been grumbling about Obama's refusal to cooperate re Benghazi, but as usual, NO ONE is ever made accountable!

Even if they can't hold anyone powerful accountable (not that they've really rmade any kind of legitimate effort), they could persecute some lower-level State Department flunky, just to make an example.

Pick some GS-7 who's never voted anything but Dem(which would be most of them, probably) and drown him in legal fees. Issue subpoena upon subpoena. Investigate his spouse and kids and siblings. Lay open his finances for the world to see, expose every little secret. Make his life a living hell. Make SOMEBODY in the administration pay some kind of price.

Miss Marple 2


I don't think DrK, due to his infirmity, gets outside the Beltway. He doesn't understand the rest of the country.

I give him a pass on a lot of stuff he says because of this, but his opinion doesn't sway mine.


of those, Buchanan, is the only one that has a clue, about what is going on.

Buchanan is more like a stopped clock that's right twice a day. I still find him a bit creepy, particularly the hostility to Israel.


quotes from Lady Gaga:

CBS4 Indy ‏@CBS4Indy 5m5 minutes ago

.@ladygaga: "I think of the world like an apple sitting on a table. If you don’t preserve the apple, its going to rot quicker."
1 retweet 1 like

CBS4 Indy ‏@CBS4Indy 2m2 minutes ago

.@ladygaga: The good seeds preserve the apple and the bad seeds quicken the erosion. We want you to all be good seeds.

As I recall, the last time a gal started telling us about apples, things didn't turn out so well.

Miss Marple 2


So true.

The other thing I thought about is that most of the mayors are democrats, and hence, BAD SEEDS.

buccaneer morgan

frankfurt is where the commerzbank is located no?

buccaneer morgan

so mcturtle is going to 'concern trolling all summer is he,

buccaneer morgan

yes, you're shocked aren't you,



daddy I'm sure tarhole would count as a macroaggreession, but UNC-Chapel Hill has issued a guide for avoiding microaggressions. Sad.


buccaneer morgan

yes, I had a line about christmas with the cranks about that, being a war crime, but christmas, winning the future,

JM Hanes

Happy Birthday, Janet! If we only had more experts like you, the world would be a better (and infinitely more sensible) place!

buccaneer morgan

I remember that bit of knowledge, about frankfurt from the a team film, even though they shot that scene in koln,

Captain Hate

I've had my issues with Gowdy but it looks like he made a good hire in Jamal Ware as a media director for his committee and hit Zippy with a few zingers like wanting to talk with Derek Jeter more than shedding some light on his activities regarding Benghazi. The Ferrett can't be happy.

Captain Hate

HB Janet.

Didn't Frankfurt used to be the bomb capital of the Cold War?

Thomas Collins

See, Porchlight, I'm not the only one who makes these kind of bets.



Happy B-day, Janet!

Miss Marple 2

The damned tampon issue is back, I kid you not:


Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, Janet!

Janet the expert

Thanks all.
My b-day is mañana, but close enough! Hah!
58 years old...yikes.

buccaneer morgan

odd this poll isn't being circulated everywhere, sarc.


Miss Marple 2


Free James D!

Happy birthday, Janet!!!

Miss Marple 2

Janet, Happy birthday!

Thank you for all your cogent posts and your activism! You are an inspiration!


Hillary Clinton is the visible personification of a globalist; even the name of her foundation is the “Clinton Global Initiative”. See the problem?""

Apologies for a long transcript from Kudlow (Scroll on by) but
yesterday on Kudlow's Show (50 minutes in) he had on Republican Congressman Kevin Brady (TX), House Ways and Means Chairman. In a discussion on Chairman Brady's proposed Tax Plan Revisions, and specifically on the topic of the Repub's wanting to eliminate the Estate Tax and Hillary wanting to raise The Estate Tax, we got this exchange:

Brady:...but the Estate Tax, it's a huge problem. The amount of time and money and resource lost to Estate planning versus plowing it back into your Business and growth is huge, and so for the first time since it was created in 1916 we eliminate the Death Tax, the Estate Tax. You can actually raise more Federal Revenue by eliminating the Estate Tax than by keeping it, so I think that's going to have a positive impact.

Kudlow: And everytime we cut the Capital Gains Tax we actually get more Revenue.

Brady: We do.

Kudlow:I don't want to make this overly Political but I just want to note, regarding The Estate Tax, the so-called Death Tax, Hillary Clinton wants to raise it, Chairman Brady, she wants to increase it. Besides taxing or hating Rich people, of whom she is one, I just don't understand the logic of that?

Brady: I don't either, because it's going to lower the Economy, it's part of this Slow Growth Agenda that I think is actually one of the reasons the country's so deeply divided. I think the greatest income inequality is between a person with a good job and one who doesn't have one. So that's what this Tax reform is all about, and I always like to point out that its not the very wealthy who end paying the estate Tax, the people who have legions of Lawyers and Accountants and Tools, its average small Businesses and Family Farms, and the Clinton's are a great example. They don't own their home in New York. They have it divided into 2 Residential Trusts, so they can avoid the full brunt of the Estate Tax, and lower those rates. Clearly, in her own behavior, she understands how onerous that Estate Tax is.

Kudlow: I did not know that! I did not! Wait, they split it up?

Brady: Yeah.

Kudlow: Into 2 pieces?

Brady: Yeah. You know, that is not an uncommon Estate Planning approach, but to have the Former President and the candidate saying "Raise those Taxes" and by the way we've figured out a way to get around it ourselves." Meh! Raises questions.

Reminds me of another Queen:


Happy Birthday Janet! Any gal that rides a motorcycle is top shelf in my book!

Happy Birthday Beastette1!


MM: and the amazing thing is that not long ago the GOPe bigwigs were making such a big deal out of Trump having to back "the nominee". What pompous, hypocritical spoiled brats. Will is acting like a 14 year old.

For my part, it is particularly galling for we have had so suck it up and go along with so many poor candidates and so many disastrous campaigns.

I, like many, often found myself scratching my head.

But no longer: now I get it.


Happy day before your birthday, Janet.


Political Novice wins Iceland presidency

Obviously Iceland is racist.


He (Trump) is up against one of the worst candidates of all time, (Hillary) who is a criminal under a current FBI criminal investigation.

True Porch,

But don't forget that last week George Will said, (and I know because I transcribed it) "If Hillary is not indicted she can claim with some justification, that she is innocent."

So she's got Conservative George Will vouching for her innocence.

Miss Marple 2


I am glad he has boosted security. Hope Trump has done the same.

Cannot count on Secret Service in all instances, I am sorry to day.

Miss Marple 2

George Will has made a career out of pretending to be the "conservative voice" while opposing Republican nominees. Didn't matter who.

He trashed W unmercifully and got a lot of air time. did the same to McCain and Romney. Now he's so upset about Trump that he left the GOP.

Well, good riddance. What I think he is is a well-paid actor pretending to be a conservative so that he can depress GOP nominee poll numbers.

And how about his wife working for Scott Walker, which he never mentioned? Was she a real supporter, or was she there to encourage the destructive actions which ended his candidacy?

I think a good TV show would be to have a panel composed of a union guy who has been laid off, a woman working 2 jobs, a black entrepreneur, and an Hispanic business owner.

Let's have some opinions from people who actually work and pay taxes!

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

Happy Birthday Janet! May you enjoy many more!


Happy birthday, Janet!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Hillary Campaign Should Be Panicking

Jack is Back!

After 6 ferry crossings in 2 days we are back from Wellesley. Gorgeous campus. Frederick is chuffed to there with his best friend. Had dinner in Sag Harbor and the place was jumping. Must be the Bexit vote, strong dollar, cheap pound and everyone planning their overseas holidays on the cheap.

Watched the Belgium demolition of Hungary on my iPhone on the Cross Sound ferry using my ESPN app. Well worth getting but you have to have cable provider. Game of the tournament is tomorrow: England v. Iceland, who has become everyone's 2nd favorite team.

Happy Birthday, Janet and congrats to Billy Hurley III, only USNA grad to ever win a PGA tour event.

Centralcal on iPad

Tomorrow is a work day, so I want to wish Janet a Happy Birthday Eve - she is owner and operator of the famous Red Neck Beauty Salon.


Napoleon Dynamite is on up here on Channel 515.

Thank goodness. What a respite from the madness of FOX.

Wish I had a Time Machine:(

buccaneer morgan

things that make you go hmm,

Maseng was brought in as a debate coach for the Rick Perry 2012 presidential campaign during the staff upheaval in the fall of 2011 and continued in that capacity for the rest of the campaign. She earlier worked for Michele Bachmann prior to her announcement for president, and offered her services to the Mitt Romney campaign.[3][4]

Miss Marple 2


I now spend much of my day with the TV off.

I only turn it on for an important speech or breaking important news (teror attacks as opposed to loose llamas).


Very disturbing story out of Twin Falls, ID. Five year old--apparently mentally challenged--was sexually molested by three boys, ages about 5 to 9, who are "immigrants" from Somalia.


Ben Stein has a summer home up there and the other night he was citing your story as a horrible example of immigration out of control.

Miss Marple 2


I find myself going back to the campaign of William Wallace.

He was supposed to suck it up and follow the lairds, which did nothing. When he had finally had enough and mounted a capaign which looked to be heading towards success, they held back and then turned him in.


buccaneer morgan

does he ever read the bible, says the epistles.



It's ugly, daddy. Of course we PO'd peeps are racist, xenophobic bigots. Dear gawd I hate the press.


Thanks for the Rabbi Lapin link JimmyK. I'll try to get to him later tonight.

I didn't mean we didn't have guys to listen to---I do Rush daily and I love Dennis Prager when the weasel ain't taking the week off like he did last week. But of the old timers that used to be the Public voice of Republicanism when the old Networks ruled the airwaves; is there a one of them left that we don't immediately change the channel when they come on except sometimes for DrK?

buccaneer morgan

welcome to the party, pal, have a beer,


buccaneer morgan

seriously alan, have you not been paying attention,




Ben Stein is another one who, to me, is very hit or miss, but on how appalled he was at this latest immigrant Rape outrage, he was exactly on the money and came across sounding more "Borders, Language, Culture" than Michael Savage or Donald Trump.

buccaneer morgan

well savage is mellowing out some, I think the first promise was a little hard to accomplish,


buccaneer morgan

anybody who rises up in the organization, is usually worthless at best,


buccaneer morgan

some pithy thoughts.



The Hotel Eurofornia. You can check out any time you like..................

Capn', I met a guy today, who had a shirt that said......CAP'N GUS on it.



But of the old timers that used to be the Public voice of Republicanism when the old Networks ruled the airwaves: is there a one of them left that we don't immediately change the channel when they come on except sometimes for DrK?

Have there ever been any real conservatives on network television? James Kilpatrick? And if you include PBS there was Buckley. And I suppose Buchanan, but as I said earlier, I find him a bit creepy.That's all I can think of.


It seems the 20 y.o. news producers have a very small rolodex. When they want a black spokesperson they go to Sharpton--never Sowell or Cain or West or Woodson.


Weapons shipped into Jordan by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia intended for Syrian rebels have been systematically stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold to arms merchants on the black market, according to American and Jordanian officials.

Hell, at least Ollie North was able to get the guns to the right Contra's.

What doesn't this Govt {redacted} up?


Clarice, they go to Sharpton and Jesse Jacksoff because they agree with them.

But you knew that. It's the BLACK MONOLITH.

buccaneer morgan

exactly daddy, you use the arms merchants to smuggle the weapons to the rebels, not the reverse,


daddy I'm sure tarhole would count as a macroaggreession, but UNC-Chapel Hill has issued a guide for avoiding micro aggressions.


I can't be bothered about that until some Lawyer figures out if I can sue for past microaggressions I suffered at Chapel Hill resulting in my continuing bouts of PMS (Post Micro-Agression Syndrome.)

Any JOM Lawyer out there want to help me sue 'Car'lina' for PMS?

buccaneer morgan

he's the same commie wanker, he was before,



Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


Got this one, Iggy!


Just saw this photo of one of my Bicycle buddies in a Bar, (Probably in Annapolis) just after the Cross Country Bike Race. He's the smiling, skinny kid in the gray T-shirt up front surrounded by some pretty ladies. Looks mellow as heck, which he is, but man is he made out of steel! A few good pics if you scroll through.

buccaneer morgan

a certain lack of perspective,


buccaneer morgan

I guess we could but it with the glorious revolution of 1688


Miss Marple 2


Speaking as one whose joints won't allow much stair-climbing, I am amazed at Team Joely Bug. Good for them and congratulations to all!

Also, am amazed they did the route so quickly!

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