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June 26, 2016


JM Hanes

Golly day, daddy. That's a lot of bread pudding.


Bread pudding? I thought we were talking Berliner donuts.



Nice to see you call out Arch today on FB. He's either got the goods or is full of it.

Love to know which it is.


Can't figure out why Hillary looking like a giant Blueberry got me thinking about Oompah Loompahs:

This pic made me laugh:)

buccaneer morgan

who is Arch?


a comment about the Supreme Court decision -

coilette ~ "This case had little to do with the right of women to get abortions. The case was brought by abortion providers claiming the right to not be held to health and safety standards. If people really cared about women, they would want clinics to be sanitary and have the safeguards of being able to receive adequate medical care. This is a win for the abortion industry, that's all."

buccaneer morgan

how big a thing is this,


buccaneer morgan

well both are fairly worthless institutions,



Looks like Paul Ryan just drew a line in the sand: Paul Ryan: I won’t tolerate another sit-in from Democrats

Democrats have talked of more action when Congress returns from recess early next month, but Ryan said “we are not going to handle it the same way.”

He did not reveal specifics about how it would be handled differently.

“We will not take this,” he said. “We will not tolerate this.”

Beats me what his options are but my guess is the Dem's will call his bluff.

buccaneer morgan

like the gangs of keep left signs,


buccaneer morgan

is this your card.



I seriously doubt Putin was concerned about the defense capabilities of a united Europe. Nothing plus nothing is still nothing.

buccaneer morgan

clearly totus has taken command,


the brits had a division when they went in afghanistan in 2001, that was their high water mark,


The dem Benghazi report was so badly done that people have been able to erase the redactions and found out Sidney Blumenthal was getting paid $200k a year from media Matters for his brilliant consulting work


English will not be an official EU language after Brexit, says senior MEP

OK. I'll play this game. What language will the thousands of Airplanes and Air Traffic Controllers be talking in when flying into and out of any EU country?

Croatian? German? Greek? Portuguese? Maybe Obama's favorite---Austrian?

Seriously, how stupid can these Bureaucrats get?


steph--I think Arch is bullshitting.

buccaneer morgan

I've read festerman and ignatius re jordanian general intelligence so nothing surprises me,
these were also the geniuses that sprung zarquawi



Arabic, daddy.


He does seem to have too much time on his hands for what he claims to be. I can't get two seconds to rub together working my stuff and he's claiming O8 status and spends way too much time on FB educating the rubes...


Don't give 'em any ideas, TK@#$

To the dogs.

Captain Hate

Seriously, how stupid can these Bureaucrats get?

That's a question you really don't want answered.

buccaneer morgan

now this guy, seems to know what he['s talking about



Excellent link, narciso

daddy and fry  and scout on iPhone

Driving to walk the dogs but had to pull over to text so I didn't run over somebody. Glen Beck was on the station saying "George Will is not a hack. He is the intellectual powerhouse of Conservatism!"

I take it all back. Glen Beck, George Will, they're all geniuses.

buccaneer morgan

well collapsing from involuntary laughter is a problem,


Most people don't understand just how relatively small a single army division is, for a national military force. Just 10-15k personnel, depending on TO&E.

So, the UK - a country of 64 Million - has just 1 division.

buccaneer morgan

this is another source in addition to the mail, which I wasn't aware,


the parliament slashed the military and intelligence, just as in this country,



I just finished reading and rating proposals that required reading 800 pages of all sorts of turgid prose. I'll write the reviews tomorrow.

Overall, the proposals were really, really good. It probably is the best batch I have ever reviewed.

buccaneer morgan

well it's two divisions and eight brigades. still pretty pitiful,

buccaneer morgan

they had to vote against, in order to?


Captain Hate

Levin is incredulous at the Supreme Court giving an ok to Gosnell type clinics in Texas. This is just as bad as Dred Scott, Plessy v Ferguson and Koramatsu, brought to you by very fallible individuals operating without a moral compass. It is past time for a convention of states to reverse this specifically by Article V if not end all judicial tyranny by eliminating Marbury v Madison and let there be elections in which you remove the permanent damage that appointing Supreme Court justices can wreak.

buccaneer morgan

every year they come up with at least ruling that causes one to break out the ipecac, this one and
fisher, were in that category, last year it was obergefell, and one other,

buccaneer morgan

burwell, I had neuralized it out of my system,

buccaneer morgan

not enough ipecac in the world,


Dave (in MA)

Maybe Abortion Barbie will take another stab at getting her pink sneakers up on the desk in Austin.


Andrea Mitchell is either evil, insane or both.

Magic?? Two ugly lying sacks of sh(redacted), who have accomplished NOTHING in their rancid lives. NOTHING. Lying has been a means to and end for both of the RED WHORES. Nothing else of any substance has been accomplished by them.
In fake Injun's case, she has ZERO TRACK RECORD of ANYTHING. At least Rodham has a long record of LYING, SWEARING, DECIEVING, and CHEATING.
The Squaw is just a COMMIE MYTH.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Alan Greenspan had sufficient money that he could have simply married a young, beautiful gold digger rather than a cheap, homely whore.
No wonder he effed everything up.

buccaneer morgan

yes, she slithered back on to msnbc, today, like the legendary basilisk,


Alan Greenspan is a really "looker" too.


Ig, ever notice how Andrea Mitchell's eyeballs are sunken into here skull??


buccaneer morgan

this about when the anvil drops


buccaneer morgan

yes, it's like the Silence, from dr. who,

Beasts of England

I think running around with Warren is a head fake. It buys her good publicity, sets the tone, and helps her avoid media questions, but it doesn't uniquely appeal to her base. There are other commies out there with more boxes available for checking.


"Turgid prose"? It really must be JOM LateNite™. 😬


Somehow this ruling must be reversed. I'm very sad and very angry. Disgusting lefties never shy away from murdering innocents.



Beasts, the DEMOTARD PARTY is openly Commie now. Rodham would say she's in love with Lenin's corpse if it got her elected.

buccaneer morgan

get ready for a surprise,


seriously none of the trish regan pics caught a reaction,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Alan Greenspan certainly looks as good as Sumner Redstone who looks like Nosferatu's stunt double's understudy wearing Donald Trump's dog's toupee.

Beasts of England

Yes they are, GUS - no more pretense.


buccaneer morgan

from a few years ago,



BTDT, I was watching the ABORTION WORSHIPPERS (UGLY HAGS) telling us, that Republicans don't want wymyn to have HEALTHCARE. Once again, just like Anroid Mitchell Greenspan, these HAGS are evil enough to believe their own bull(redacted).

How is an ABORTION HUT and HEALTH CARE related in any way. Health care?? 2 people enter Planned Parenthood, ONE LEAVES.

buccaneer morgan

it seems they are actually getting back to real news,


too bad baltimore had to burn, and the city paid out 6,4 million, that could have helped some people

buccaneer morgan

civility we're going to try that out someday,



Saw a car today that made me laugh... had a Bernie sticker on it and a sticker for the Settlers of Catan. Cognitive dissonance, ayup.

Y'all non nerds/geeks probably won't get this one.


How they must hate to confront the truth, to so determinedly lie and deceive themselves about abortion, GUS. They must use the 'women's healthcare' ruse to drag others into their salon of evil.

buccaneer morgan

how goes the herding of ukrainian and other cats,

buccaneer morgan

who can doubt this,



Loves Bernie, loves games that mimic Capitalism.

Commies, don't love Commmunism, once they are SUBJECTS. Theoretically libs LOVE Communism.

Kind of like JACK-ASS. Jumping off a roof of a car doing 35mph, on to a flat bed trailer....looks REALLY COOL, until your face hits the pavement. Then your PARENTS insurance kicks in!!! GROOOOOVY.


BTDT, it has become their cause. Living a vile life of "anything goes", is sick and must rip the guts and souls out of these freaks. Instead of "Coming to Jesus" ....so-to-speak, these sick evil bastards and bastardettes, DOUBLE DOWN and delude themselves into believe SOME GOOD ACTUALLY does come from KILLING THEIR BABIES.

Womens health comes from that!!! Having your own CHILD literally RIPPED from your womb, often in multiple pieces.....IS YOUR HEALTHCARE.
Those who would object to the CHILD BEING RIPPPPPPED TO SHREDS, .......hate WYMYN.


Better... 10 business days til the launch. Now I'm getting Bangalorean data clerks to process the info coming in. My time sense is gonna be totally [redacted].

Not my choice, but I don't pay the bills.



So the YOUNG FOLKS have been trained like PAVLOVS DOG.


Stephanie, best of luck.


Thanks, Gus. I may get back to a semblance of normalcy around October... I plan on going to the Keys for at least a week for some R&R and without my laptop.

Y'all take care. Miss you


God bless you Stephanie, be well.


Trying to catch up, but I suspect Gus may have won it for the month with this from yesterday afternoon at 3:17:

TED STEVENS, CHRISTOPHER STEVENS, at this point what difference does it make?


Mild adventure tonight in honor of Janet's Birthday.

Near the end of the dog walk, was heading up a small dirt path in the forest when suddenly Fry took off into the woods on my left, followed instantly by Scout. "Drat", thought I, "There must be a picnic or something in the meadow that's 100 yards on the other side of the woods and he's smelling something to eat. The picnickers are going to angry#$%"

Then I heard the barking. So now I'm hightailing it though the brush trying to see whats up, and suddenly both dogs dash right back at me. "Uh oh!"

Scout (the girl), who is smart, decides to stay near me, but that moron Fry pauses only a second or 2, then turns back and runs out into the meadow again, barking a storm---"Bark, bark, bark bark, bark!"

"Dammitall!" sez I.

I leash Scout, then drag her to the edge of the woods, expecting to see a moose, but instead I see portions of a good size Black Bear 40 yards on, just in the woods on the other side, and moron Fry is intentionally aggravating her. So him I holler at super loud and angry like, grab the sucker, leash him up, and drag him straining backwards into the woods and up the other direction. And right then and there I gave him a good talking to!

Having got that out of my system, I recall I had noticed a guy and a gal under a gazebo in the meadow a hundred yards up from the bear, so I asked him how big it was and they said it was a Momma and 2 cubs, and that Fry the moron and Scout had come out barking at the 2 cubs who were just on the edge of the meadow, and that had caused the Momma to come charging out of the woods at them, so thats when those weasels hightailed it straight back towards me rustling thru the underbrush.

Bad dog, Fry, Bad dog:(

No harm done in the long run though, so a nice way to celebrate Janet's Birthday and survive it all in one piece with a fun memory:)

I was sure they was saying "Happy Birthday Janet!!!"


TOTALLY worth catching up!
TC got a tatoo! What an honorable man.
AND he's going to text me a picture of it too.

Remind me what the bet was about.

Belated happy birthday Janet. Many. many more.


Stephanie, I get your 12:45. But I am not a nerd or a geek! I'm EN(F=T)J.
For those who don't, Settlers of Catan is the hipster version of Monopoly, though from the undeveloped ground up.

So loving on that while supporting Bernie doesn't quite mesh.

BIG favorite at the lake in Michigan among the under thirty set. But they are kids who still have summer jobs---like roofing, slaughtering chickens, building houses, driving moving trucks cross country, lifeguarding the Ocean City NJ beach---so they kinda totally get the value of free markets and commerce.

My dad's ashes are buried at the back of the property--"Not in the lake, put me under all those damned leaves I raked!"--- but his work ethic and values live on.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!

daddy, LOL at those Far Side cartooons, for that is EXACTLY what my dogs act like some days!

Although, last night Maggie was pestering me and I said, "I suppose this means..." (normally followed by "you want a dog biscuit.")

All I said was "I suppose this means" and Maggie, as well as the two little dogs, were in dog biscuit reception stance. (Pibby on the arm of the sofa, Jack on the top of the sofa, Maggie standing under the bar where the basket is.) Hilarious!

I may not have learned dog, but the dogs have learned English!

Miss Marple 2


Former Cruz aide.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2

Video of Nigel Farage's speech to EU Parliament after Brexit. (Worth watching just to hear him say none of them have ever held a real job. HA!)


Beasts of England

Just caught a quick clip on the news from the possible Clinton-Warren* ticket and realized that I've never heard Lizzy speak. Not a pleasant experience. And as someone noted yesterday: who in the heck is that ticket appealing to? I feel very sorry for any male who marks the box for those two demented hags. Ugh.

*It would be nice to see some JOM nicknames for that ticket.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


How those two grifter women came to be the icons for women's rights and supposedly middle class champions is beyond me.

Neither one has ever done anything but leech off government and academe. Both have siphoned off money that is unearned.

I wish someone would ask Warren about that $300,000+ salary she was paid for teaching ONE class. How many former students are still paying on loans that paid her salary?

Beasts of England

It's amazing, Miss Marple. Those two ought to be on a billboard with a precautionary message re: the ills of leftist academia and government.

Miss Marple 2



Beasts,I suggest you search Howie Carr's Boston Herald columns. He's written many about the fake Indian. She is ridiculous.

Miss Marple 2

zerohedge Retweeted
Matthew Holehouse ‏@mattholehouse 3h3 hours ago

Juncker says he has imposed a Presidential Ban on all contact between EU officials and UK officials until Art 50.
437 retweets 130 likes

Miss Marple 2


I see nothing in this story about content, attitude, arrogance or bias.

Beasts of England

Will do, Marlene - I'm sure they're entertaining!!


Wrote something on the McDonnell decision:http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/06/the_mcdonnell_case_another_study_in_criminal_law_as_democratic_partisan_warfare.html

Beasts of England

Ol' Lizzy would be Biden-class impeachment insurance for Cankles - gotta giver her credit if true.

James D.

Great article, Clarice!

I absolutely agree with this:

What I would bet on is that Democrats will continue to stretch the criminal law for partisan advantage, and that, if elected; Hillary will appoint prosecutors and judges willing to continue to mount such legal warfare.

Even if she's not elected, the Democrats will continue to mount such warfare in the states (as we've seen in Wisconsin, in Texas and elsewhere).

It will continue until the GOP responds in kind. When GOP prosecutors start mounting these kind of partisan prosecutions, and they start wrecking the lives of Democrats, bankrupting them with legal fees, humiliating their families, dragging their friends and business associates into the investigations...then, maybe, the Dems will stop.

When it becomes sufficiently painful for them to continue such prosecutions, when the GOP starts taking an eye for an eye, then it will stop.

Mutual assured destruction worked against the Communists in Russia. It ought to work against the Communists on Capitol Hill and in the state capitals, too.

new lurker

I think Hillary does not want the competition of having Warren as her running mate. Hillary wants to be the star on the ticket and would be jealous of Warren.



HC will not pick warren--gains her nothing.


Interesting article on google, through its sub sidewalk labs, wanting to control parking in US cities starting in columbus, ohio. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/27/google-flow-sidewalk-labs-columbus-ohio-parking-transit

Miss Marple 2



Agree with Clarice, Warren doesn't help her. She'll probably pick a Hispanic like Julian Castro or Tom Perez.


rse, I really didn't need yet another reason to avoid cities.

Miss Marple 2


Locals call him the Farminator.

Beasts of England

I agree that Castro is most likely. As I said yesterday, this is a media distraction. It also reveals her as a weak campaigner in that she has to phone-a-friend to get turnout at her rallies. I'm sure she'll do the same with Booker, Perez and others in the coming weeks.


Miss M-- farmer's name is "Gadsden."


That Google thing reminds me of those claims that GM conspired with cities to destroy public transportation in the 1950s. Not sure if there was anything to them. But I don't doubt that Google is ginning up the cronyism to get itself locked onto taxpayer dollars.

James D.

MM @ 8:06

At the end of the article, this quote from Hillary ought to disqualify her from the Presidency just by itself:

"There have been seven investigations led mostly by Republicans in the Congress and they were non-partisan and they reached conclusions that, first of all, I and nobody did anything wrong but there were changes we could make," Clinton said during a TODAY town hall on Oct. 5, 2015.

She's a sociopath who cares nothing for the lives of the people that serve under her. She says it herself. All she cares about is that she cannot personally be held legally liable for the disaster. That's it.

No concern for the lives lost. No worries about national security. None of that matters. All that does matter is that she can't be blamed.

And certainly no acknowledgement of her duty as Secretary of State, that even if she didn't personally make any mistakes, that whatever happened at State is ultimately her responsibility, because THAT'S HER JOB.

It's a wonderful precedent for how she would act as President - just like Obama, nothing will be her fault, the buck will not stop at her desk, ever.

Anyone who could vote for her after reading even that one paragraph from her, is beyond any hope of reason or sanity.

Miss Marple 2


In the 1930's through 1941s we had something called the Interurban Railway, which went from Indianapolis to outlying cities at fairly high speed.

My dad used to ride it to Franklin from Indianapolis when he was in high school. He always maintained the auto companies killed it (we were an automobile manufacturing city back then) but I think it was simply a coincidence between the Depression, the war, and the rise of the automobile. Here is the Wikipedia article on it:


On my side of Indianapolis there are roads called Stop 10 Road, Stop 11 Road, etc. and these are remnants of stops along the rail line.

Near my grandkids home is an odd road that runs parallel to the main highway. It is actually paved over former rail lines.

When I was a kid, and in fact until I was a young adult, the old traction terminal of that line had been converted to the Indianapolis Bus Station. It was built out of iron and had a huge arched ceiling under which the buses pulled in.


Daddy, you're dogs are crazy.

Old Lurker

Time for a Revolution yet?


Old Lurker

So Trey Gowdy's 800 page report comes out today?

From the leaked headlines, I learn that the administration pushed a fake video as the cause of Benghazi?

Say it ain't so!

Do blowhards ever discover that they are, well, blowhards?


A link to the 800 pages is here.

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