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June 03, 2016


Dave (in MA)

Why settle for one Brownshirts post when you can have two?

Beasts of England

The NeverTrumpers own this, too. 'Never' let them forget it. By othering Trump and declaring him outside of the realm of normal politics, they've provided ideological cover for these lefty brownshirts.


I feel redundundant.


From the last thread:

"I think there is..a sugar daddy who didn't like Cruz' stance on gay marriage "

Clarice, check your email.


I feel redundundant.

You can say that again!

Beasts of England

Welp, it's zero boat thirty, think I'll ice down some PBRs and work on my savage tan. Later, alligators!! 😎


Tonto, I checked my email and there's nothing there.


My Goodness Beasts, if you can't figure out Trump is outside the realm of normal politics without some political magazines, you are living on a different planet.


How about some good news? We got a fire permit for the week-end!


"Trump is outside the realm of normal politics"

Only in the sense JFK and Reagan would now be considered outside the realm of normal politics.

As I wrote earlier:

... it doesn't seem like his unknowns are the problem. My suspicion is some don't want to admit the knowns that are the real problems ...

Trump is not "with the program" when it comes to certain "modern" social issues.

  • Muslims
  • "undocumented" Mexicans
  • Feminism
  • Proper Respect for Diversity
  • Politically Correct Attitudes and Speech


There are two kinds of politics:

1) principled
2) do what you can get away with

When you accuse a politician of doing what he can get away with, he generally accuses you of being unprincipled -- being outside the realm of normal politics.

Beasts of England

I think that Bernie is outside the realm of normal politics by promoting socialism. Trump is not saying anything remotely bizarre, unless you think securing our borders and temporarily restricting some immigration is out of bounds. It's all been done before. In much more severe ways.

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