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June 14, 2016




Thanks for reposting that article from the NY Daily Post.

It was just so silly, in so many ways, but the people who are prone to accept it at face value will.

The first time firing a firearm may very well be disorienting, but the fact that it was an AR-15 vs. some other rifle, handgun or shotgun has little to do with it.

The .223/5.56 caliber round uses a projectile (bullet) that is roughly a third as heavy as the .308/7.62 projectile (common hunting round). Also uses about half the gunpowder. There is a big difference in recoil. Big difference in how loud the "band" is also.

In fact, one of the motivations for development of the M-16 type military rifle, the fully automatic cousin of an AR-15, was the low recoil. Easier to keep the gun on target in auto mode.

As rifles go, the AR-15 (.223/5.56) uses a relatively light load.


"bang" not "band"

Beasts of England

Could someone show me the quote where Ryan 'endorsed' Trump? Saying that he'd vote for him - in an article in his hometown paper, isn't any type of endorsement at all - it's the bare expectation that the Speaker would vote for his own party's candidate. Sheesh.

Captain Hate

I believe a referral will be made by Comey and then nothing

I'll be shocked if this happens; Zippy has been adamant that he hasn't been leaning on anybody in this investigation and that series of events would give Trump a huge target that even the MFM toadies would be hard pressed to shield. I think Comey completes the destruction of his reputation with this.


"We're going to run. We're going to win."



Happy Birthday, Man Tran

Theo, forget what I said about putting your name at the top of your posts so I could save time. I've memorized your avatar so I can do it without you bothering with my suggestion.

Captain Hate

HB Man Tran.

Beasts of England

I thought Ryan's only duties were to a) fully fund all of Obama's programs, and b) keep all of Obama's towels carefully folded. He's certainly doing fine work...

Frau Flugzeug

Happy Birthday, Man Tran. Enjoy another year of health and good humor.

Guten Flug!

Beasts of England

Yes, Buckeye, I notice that folks don't hunt Cape Buffalo with the 'extremely powerful' AR-15 round.



I'm sorry but the idea that the Speaker of the House owes nuthin' to nobody but the voters his district is just convenient malarkey. You apparently feel that it's just hunky dorey for prominent Republicans to scourge the legitimately elected choice of the party to which they belong (and from which they receive considerable financial & logistical support), but I'm not sure how the assumption that it is so patently and perfectly self-interested makes it either more defensible or more palatable. If deserting your party's nominee, especially on that basis, doesn't qualify as deserting your party, nothing even worth mentioning does.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ignatz --

So we are in a "war" with the New Left and it is something akin to desertion under fire or treason for Paul Ryan to publicly disagree with Donald Trump about a temporary Muslim travel ban. Is that your point? I mean, seriously.--

Perfect example of why you should shut up.
You treat Ryan's statements calling Trump a racist in the middle of a presidential campaign as something akin to a high schooler criticizing the class president's stand on tater tots vs conventional fries after the class pres is elected.

Guys like you and the GOPe are in an analogous position toward the left as the the left is to Islam.
You both think you are facing a reasonable rational actor who in the end will abide by the rules when in fact the other side considers itself at war with you and is determined to win by hook or by crook. Your response is to give us Ward Cleaver lectures on playing fair and letting the other guy take the first punch. That doesn't work when the other guy's got brass knuckles.

You like to hear your own voice and you like to hear it saying stupid things; the same stupid things over and over. Include me out.

You have so little clue regarding the stakes or at least very little care regarding them that I have reluctantly concluded, after having defended you as not being one, that you are a troll. Trolls should shut up, especially concerned ones.
I can't make you shut up of course. It's only a suggestion. But a sound one.

Frau Flugzeug

CH sez: "Zippy has been adamant that he hasn't been leaning on anybody in this investigation...

"Leaning" as in endorsing Hillary! for President of the US in front of the entire world?



What has been interesting is to see the difference between how Ryan is handling things, and how Mitch McConnell is. It may be the difference between being a candidate in 2020 for President, and just trying to keep the Senate in GOP hands in 2016.

That said, Ryan is a pro-immigration guy, and Trump may just be fingernails on a blackboard to him. He does have that effect on a lot of us, y'know...(including our gracious host, peace be upon him)


Frau, I think you're right. I don't think the pics are photoshopped but perhaps taken in public spots or on tours?

buccaneer morgan

happy birthday, man tran,

martine, that was the name of greer's henchwoman, who I assume was dispatched at the end of last night's episode,

Robin Surrounded by the 10 Sq. Miles of Crazy

Frau, I think you're right. I don't think the pics are photoshopped but perhaps taken in public spots or on tours?

I don't know anything about the website, so I don't know how good their sourcing/speculation is...but it certainly puts my teeth on edge to think of that monster's father touring the state dept and WH.


Theo is not engaging in an honest discussion.

Captain Hate

"Leaning" as in endorsing Hillary! for President of the US in front of the entire world?

Well yes, Frau, him having done that makes it extremely awkward for his sock puppet AG to not follow Comey's advice; not that their mendacity hasn't been on full display before. With Crooked Rodham's already basement level approval numbers she needs this like Slick being caught naked and watching porn with The Energizer.

Speaking of what Ryan owes the nominee, although Romney wasn't on my A List of primary candidates in 2012, once he captured enough primary votes I was incensed that Kasich short sheeted him on a campaign stop in Columbus by having a Pearly Gates moment on the anti government union issue which R$ had come to lend support for. It was an embarrassment and a waste of Romney's time thanks to that idiotic stunt.


Captain Hate:

Wow. I'm so glad to hear you're not just sucking up! :-) Thank you so very much for your incredibly kind words. I'm actually kind of speechless, for a change.


Happy Birthday ManTran. I loved those pix of your house, which actually didn't do it Justice. It's truly one of the nicest properties I've ever been to.

Captain Hate

Martine had her neck broken by Miss Groves last season. Greer didn't seem particularly upset; probably just ordered a pine box.


No kidding, Rattler--and I'm with CH on his admiration of JMH's swordsmanship.


Ignatz --

I wrote you the following:

"So we are in a "war" with the New Left and it is something akin to desertion under fire or treason for Paul Ryan to publicly disagree with Donald Trump about a temporary Muslim travel ban. Is that your point? I mean, seriously."

I got an extremely long response, with a lot of name calling. But you did not actually answer my question.

Is that in fact your point?

buccaneer morgan

it took the better part of a year, for carlos slim to acknowledge this story,


buccaneer morgan

yes, theo we are in a war, and they are no deserters on that end of the aisle,


Robin, Pops thinks he's the President of Afghanistan, maybe he thinks he's ours too? One of the commenters pointed out the white house briefing room doesn't have marble floors. Still it's scary to think he was in the White House. Hillary squashing the investigation is a whistle blower, so that probably won't get any mileage.



I can't speak for Ignatz, but I'd have a lot less trouble with Ryan disagreeing with Trump, if he didn't insist on framing his own approach as the morally superior, patriotic American, choice.

James D

I'm going to try one more time, not that I expect an answer.

"Are we in a war with the New Left?"

Ask the innocent Scott Walker employees and supporters who were targets of the (Democrat supported, Democrat led, Democrat run) John Doe witch hunt in Wisconsin.

They had men clad in body armor and carrying automatic weapons smash into their homes in the dead of night solely for the sin of supporting Scott Walker.

Armed, uniformed men aiming automatic weapons at citizens of an opposing political viewpoint, solely because of that viewpoint, sounds pretty warlike to me.

Ask Ted Stevens' family.

Ask the hundreds of conservative and Tea Party groups who had their funding disrupted by the IRS (exactly as Obama talked about disrupting funding for ISIS in his little tantrum yesterday).

If your political opponents use the same weapons and tactics against you that they use against foreign enemies and terrorist groups, that sounds like war to me.

Jeff Dobbs

I don't think the pics are photoshopped but perhaps taken in public spots or on tours?

Hey look, here's me and the family behind the podium in the WH press room...

(this was 2006 - when Bush was pres, and before a press room remodel - it was an absolute dump back then)

Public WH tours arranged through your congressman do not take you to the briefing room. But you do see it on a "West Wing Tour" available either by invitation from the White House or if you are hosted by a WH staffer (in our case my cousin worked at the WH).

The White House has a log of everyone who has been on a West Wing tour in Obama's terms.


(scroll to about half way down the page)

I downloaded the file. No record of Mateen on the list. I doubt that means much, but who knows.


buccaneer morgan:

If Trump is going to go to war implying Obama at one time backed Isis...He had better have his facts very straight. I hope that means he's got the memo in his hot little hands and it says exactly what is claimed.

Dave (in MA)

POI talk:

I don't get to watch it until tonight.

Dave (in MA)

Jeff, you and your family are a lovely bunch.


The fact still remains that Pops mosque has now produced 2 terrorists, the first a suicide bomber in Syria, Abu Salha and now Omar. The mosques need to be investigated and infiltrated if need be.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But you did not actually answer my question.--

Your question was not only unnecessary, since it was a virtual word for word restatement of what I had already said [except you typically mischaracterized and cherry picked Ryan's comments to make them appear innocent and acceptable] it was not even in good faith.
"I mean seriously" is an obvious statement that you understood perfectly well what I had said and were using rhetoric to ridicucle my assertion, not asking a serious question.

To quote RG, you're not engaging in an honest discussion.
To quote me, shut up troll.


I should have just asked the photoshop Guru! It's great to see you out here jeff.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Let me amend my troll comments.
It is possible Theo is a high functioning Asperger's case instead of a garden variety troll.


Happy Birthday, Man Tran! Loved the pix of your fabulous house, although I've found that clicking on a Houzz link can totally derail my day.

Dave (in MA)

Captain Hate | June 15, 2016 at 01:55 PM, JMH is Harper Rose?


How nice to see the Dobbs family's happy faces here! ♥



In his speech today, Mr. Trump said, the mosques have be made open to inspections.



He may have said that before, but I have never heard him say that before.



Where are these pictures of your house everyone is chattering about?


Porch-there is a future ready schools summit in austin in July. http://futureready.org/austin/

It is also being sponsored by google.


You know, I've been so amazed how the party has responded to the rise of Trump. Genuinely amazed. Now, nothing really surprises me given their visceral distaste for his candidacy.

Operating as if they are an opposition party, I'm worried they are actively working to set Trump up for some major "manufactured" blunder. And I'm worried about this because they've quite clearly shown they are more than capable of doing just that.


The question, Theo, is not whether Trump got more votes than any other REPUBLICAN (do you have a reading comprehension problem?) primary candidate in history--that is an established fact. But while interesting in itself it is in a way immaterial to the question I'm posing, which is where did Trump's votes come from. If they were mostly card-carrying Republicans who always vote in the primary, that tells us one thing. If a significant number came from blue collar democrats who crossed over, or people who've never voted before in their lives, that tells us something else. If it was the latter, then that means he is realigning the electorate (at least for the moment).

Btw, Truman's approval rating in June of 1948 was a whopping 39%. Gallup showed Dewey beating him easily right up until a week or so before the election, at which point they stopped polling. None of the pundits of the day thought Truman had a chance, and according to them, at least, everybody liked Dewey, because he was so intellectual and all, whereas they thought Truman was too crass and blue collar. Truman won 50 - 45%, which would be called a mandate today. He also campaigned much the way Trump is campaigning today--although without social media, of course.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The subprime mortgage is back!
Happy days are here again!
Not to worry though; Wells Fargo says Fannie Mae will buy the loans after Wells skims the profit off the top leaving the taxpayer holding the exact same goddamned bag he was left holding hmm, lets see eight freakin years ago.

Those who do not remember history are condemned to be repeatedly skinned by those who do.


New thread


Lovely family, Jeff - everyone looks so happy!


Iggy, I'm certain HUD made them do it. ;)



I'm keeping foremost in mind how he overcame every obstacle during the primaries, and the primaries were not exactly a walk in the park, there were some really bad times. Like when the NRO came out with its special edition.

Maybe, just maybe, he's much smarter than his opponents, and dare I say it without being labeled a cult follower, a general who can win a war?

He was optimistic today about the next round of polls. The oddest thing was that during the primaries, after terrible news cycles of non-stop negative publicity, his poll numbers always went up. Perhaps that pattern will continue.

Time will tell.


Yes derwill,

very similar, with his whistle stops being airport hangars.


Iggy @3:05, that zerohedge thing had no links, so I googled and got this, dated May 26th:


But also this, from April 8th:


Shameless. But I'm pretty sure the borrower will have to get mortgage insurance, which could add a percent or two to the rate, though if it's anything like what happened 10 years ago, the insurance will be way underpriced.

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