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July 31, 2016



I’m baaack!


I was expecting a guitar post given all the frets in the title.


I trust you had plenty of reason to smile this weekend sbw!


Good thing Centerist Kaine is her running mate!

daddy on iPad

Comey said the FBI was able to retrieve 2000 emails
from the destroyed servers.

My guess is JOM has had a million comments in the last 20 years, yet I bet there's no way they contain more than a dozen mentions of Yoga, and only a couple hundred max mention wedding planning. If she could write 30,000 emails on Yoga and Wedding planning she's unfit to be Prez just due to being so damn boring.

Yevginy:. "Hey, Ivan, what'd the US Secretary of State post today, more Super Top Secret satellite shots of critical installations?"

Igor: Nah, Igor, Vlad is gonna' be pissed! It was more Imperialist shit about Chelsea's wedding dress. Chelsea wanted it made out of Leather, but Ivanka Trump told here no.

Yevgeny: Well is there anything new on illegal arms shipments to Libya? Any new backstabbing at the DNC? Or did she maybe out another undercover CIA Agent we can capture and torture?

Igor: No, it's all E-Mails about Yoga, Yoga and getting that hog of a daughter married off to some sleazeball felons kid! But she did screw up and include some great financial info you and me ought to be able to get rich off personally.

Yevgeny: . What is it?

Igor: Invest heavily in Greek Hedgefunds!

Tom Bowler

Is it the consensus among the lawyers who comment at JOM that Hillary most likely broke federal law by setting up her home grown server, by sending and receiving classified information on through it, and by deleting emails without oversight?

I'm trying to imagine how we avoid a national crisis if she gets elected, when more than half the nation thinks she should have been prosecuted.

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

Re-education camps, Tom Bowler. It was foretold.

Remember going to summer camp? It will not be as much fun.

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

The first Tea Party in DC was able to get a permit, restricted in area but still given and with adequate port-a-potties.

After the documented mistreatment of the Bernie delegates in Philly, I envision a protest area behind double fences and off in some dark industrial corner of DC for dissenting citizens who will be identified and renamed disturbed subjects.

Captain Hate

Camp Hillary where sleep deprivation is caused by recordings of cackling.

Every one of the assholes screaming "in the hole" and other inane crap in the PGA gallery belong in the first cattle car.


DrJ, it wasn't me directing you to the nekkid pix of Trump's wifey on the previous thread. Just so that's clear.

(I got caught up post-nap. Now for a workout and then a swim and a nice cold glass of dry rose about 5:30.)

daddy on iPad

So Loretta Lynch's old law firm that is profiled here for its ties to clinton is also where Khazr Kahn worked.

If we're lucky, in 3 years Loretta lynch will be the wrong answer to a Jeopardy Question about which one was a Country/Western Singer from Tennessee?


NB: not that I'm completely free from the prurient impulse now and then, donchaknow...😬

Beasts of England

I thought a bunch of them yelled 'Dairy Pure' earlier, Captain. Very strange.

Captain Hate

It's hard to tell what they're yelling, Beasts.

Btw, the correct name of the donk stooge is Khan, not jimmyk's last name.

daddy on iPad r u guys drinkin' enough?

What's this about nekkid pix of Melania? Can't some caring soul post them here? 😬

Let's cut to the chase. Opinions mandated of all JOMers per double secret Delta House rules. Who would you rather see naked? Hillary, or Trump?

For me of course, it's another historic glass ceiling broken by Hillary. First time in my life I'd rather see a guy naked than a gal.

How's it hanging, Donald!!!

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

Comey warned in his testimony that a person--in the FBI--* doing the same things as HRC would face the consequences.

(*weasel words, Hillary and her 300 were not FBI.)

Words to remember:
"The director agreed that a sophisticated government employee should have recognized what the marking meant, but said he believed Clinton may not have. “I think it’s possible, possible she didn’t understand what a ‘C’ meant when she saw it in the body of the email like that.”(LATimes)

We may be treated to an unsophisticated government employee as C-I-C, and one who does not listen to warnings from the FBI about security.

It's a two-fer: a woman at the helm and an unsophisticated one!

Tom Bowler


Never went to summer camp, though I don't consider myself deprived because of it. And I didn't do so well on the education front the first time around, so I'm not sure how re-education will do me any good.

Didn't the Democrats already designate free speech areas a couple of DNC conventions ago.

I don't know if I'm hopeful or fearful.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce has said that any true feminist is horrified at the thought of a helpless shrew like Rodham being the first woman President.


Lovely wedding yesterday for our son and his bride in a small country church, carried off with warmth, style, and grace.

At the reception, for their dance, they chose a waltz. During the planning, my wife suggested they learn some basic steps so that it would be true ballroom dancing.

They have been so busy, planning the wedding, building an addition on their home-to-be, working at their day jobs.

While juggling all of that, they raised the reception to another level: a 3-1/2 minute choreographed waltz worthy of Dancing with the Stars.

In secret, they drove 30 miles to Syracuse three evenings a week for twenty-two lessons plus practicing at home. Stunning. A lovely show put on for the benefit of all their guests.

How nice of them to exceed expectations for us. It leads us to believe their marriage will exceed expectations, too.

Now my good wife and I get to relax and recover.

Captain Hate

Congrats sbw.

Beasts of England

Walker up by two over Day with four holes remaining. 17 and 18 are Par 5's, so it could be interesting...

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

Joel Kotkin has had it with the Zombie Democrat party of today. Despite his rejection of Trump, he really shows who the Dems of Today are, how repulsive they are and how bad they are for the country. There are many good points in his j'accuse article.

"What happened to My Party?" For virtually all of my adult life, I have been a registered Democrat. But as the party has abandoned critical commitments to color-blind racial equality, upward mobility and economic growth, I have moved on to become a registered independent. This makes me part of the fastest-growing “party” in America – the politically homeless.
*From economic growth to cronyism and socialism *The class divide *Race and identity


Beasts of England

Beautiful, sbw!!

daddy on iPad  I wanna' be a public servant

Let's see, a Muslim died valiantly 12 years ago fighting in a war for which Hillary Clinton voted, therefore neither Donald Trump nor anyone else is allowed ever again to have opinions on how many Muslims we should import into the United States.

Do I have that correct?

Glad to see your lightbulb has come on, Poch!

For the record, JOM catch-up, when drunk, takes about 4 times as long, and then of course it becomes impossible

daddy on iPad  I wanna' be a public servant

Poch? Poch? I blame the typepad God. porch.

daddy on iPad what she said

And here ai thought Melania Trump was the plagiarist !

Porch, good to see you. Jane was concerned you mighty have been in the hot air balloon accident.

Posted by: Captain Hate | July 31, 2016 at 04:41 PM

Miss Marple 2

Glad to see you. Jane was worried you might have been involved in the balloon disaster.

I have been looking for you ever since!

Posted by: Miss Marple 2 | July 31, 2016 at 04:42 PM

buccaneer morgan

Wonderful sbw.

So dou*** didn't notice how cops and soldiers were dissed at this circus ?

daddy on iPad what she said

Has anyone ever explained why after OBL was purportedly killed he was allegedly given a proper Muslim burial?

Great point TK. The frogs aren't burying the Islamist murderers of that Christian Priest in Normandy, and attention ought to be paid to who and what does bury him because, as Obama and Khan tell us, Terrorists aren't Islamic. So let's sprinkle a little pork blood in the grave, and...

daddy on iPad With a stiff upper lip

Arrested for quoting Winston Churchill: European election candidate accused of religious and racial harassment after he repeats wartime prime minister’s words on Islam during campaign speech. DailyMail

I do see that Winston Chrichill is still not on the 5 LB British note as he was supposed to be, so maybe the Brits are reconsidering what Muslim apologist to stick on their currency.


Sounds wonderful,sbw!
We spent the week-end at hubby's college reunion and shared memories with several of his friends and their spouses.
We were blessed with beautiful weather last evening on Sebago Lake.

Rowan Williams,Archbishop of Canterbury

We have nothing to fear from sharia.

Gettin' ready for my portrait.


congratulations sbw

Lurker Susie

Khizr Khan
18h18 hours ago
Khizr Khan ‏@RealKhizrKhan
America is #StrongerTogether because of Muslims and our values, such as modesty for women. Mrs. Trump should learn. https://twitter.com/nypost/status/759548757662990338

Lurker Susie

14h14 hours ago
Khizr Khan ‏@RealKhizrKhan
It shows the quality of American journalism that nearly all of them advocate for @HillaryClinton.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Has anyone ever explained why after OBL was purportedly killed he was allegedly given a proper Muslim burial?
Posted by: Threadkiller | July 31, 2016 at 05:27 PM

Professional courtesy . . . One Muslim terrorist honoring another Muslim terrorist.

Lurker Susie

This man is something else

Khizr Khan
Khizr Khan – ‏@RealKhizrKhan

Our favorite founder is Thomas Jefferson, of course, who was inspired by the Holy Quran. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/09/29/thomas-jefferson-s-quran-how-islam-shaped-the-founders.html


daddy,I read your comment about Kerry Kennedy on one of the previous threads. Funny story...earlier this year the daughter was at an early morning event and was minding her own business when someone tapped her on the shoulder. The person said to her,where did you get that? The daughter said,this old thing?She thought the person meant her jacket. The daughter said,oh at Walmart. The person said oh no,I mean where did you get that,pointing at the Starbucks cup in her hand.
The daughter laughed telling me the story,because the person was Kerry Kennedy.

buccaneer morgan

well he was dubbed the sheikh, even though he had no formal religious training,

buccaneer morgan

time for sharknado 4, now it's gotten ridiculous, on a rollercoaster,

Beasts of England

Jefferson was inspired by the Koran? Yeah. That's extraordinarily false. He thought they were severely misguided, to put it mildly.

Lurker Susie

No words

Jake Tapper
Jake Tapper – Verified account ‏@jaketapper

Khizr Khan wants McConnell & Ryan to fully reject Trump, says he will continue to speak out until they do. #CNNSotu http://cnn.it/2a9m0qd

Lurker Susie

Ryan inserts his opinion

AshLee Strong
AshLee Strong – ‏@AshLeeStrong

Speaker Ryan on the Khan family's sacrifice & his long-standing opposition to a religious test: http://www.speaker.gov/press-release/statement-house-speaker-paul-ryan

buccaneer morgan

no, not a rollercoaster, a sharkstorm in vegas, that's much more realistic,


Michelangelo Sistine Chapel paintings? Inspired by the Q'ur''a'a'n. Same for Peter Paul Reubens, people. Maybe not that Titian feller. Too much bare breasts...


big surprise that Ryan would chime in ... didn't we see a preview of this back in 2006 and "the culture of corruption".

The nevertrupers locked-and-loaded


See, Khan is proving to be a nut case.


gotta let this one roll around in the ole' brain bucket for a while ...

"America's greatness is built on the principles of liberty and preserved by the men and women who wear the uniform to defend it. As I have said on numerous occasions, a religious test for entering our country is not reflective of these fundamental values. I reject it. Many Muslim Americans have served valiantly in our military, and made the ultimate sacrifice. Captain Khan was one such brave example. His sacrifice—and that of Khizr and Ghazala Khan—should always be honored. Period."

Thanks Speaker Ryan.


Sharknado 4???

Really. WTF?


Maria Bartiromo took apart the governor of TM's state on her show today.

Hight taxes were driving business out of CN.. A beautiful thing to watch..

Track it down if you have the time. She was a little irate. Wonder if she lives there.




For the love of God, Ryan: STFU.

buccaneer morgan

winning the future, it's what's for dinner,

even roger corman says seriously.


I've been wondering if Trump is secretly backing Nehlen's campaign. He supported David Brat.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I miss OrangeDrank.


On his first trip to Arizona in the primaries, he met on Trump Force One with a woman whom he wanted to see run against McCain. At the time there was a brief local news story about. I can't remember her name. Which pointed to the fact that he's working on multiple levels.

Lurker Susie

Excellent letter, please read

An Open Letter to Khizr Khan | Global Security, Privacy, & Risk Management


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Is that Pee Wee Herman because he was definitely inspired by the Pornan when he was jacking it in a skin flick dump.


In a week it wil be "Khan who?"

Not the least bit surprised to hear the old hag cancelled Cleveland. She is about due for a fling with Grey Goose.

Another week or so and she will be sucking wind.


WI religious stats put Muslims there at 0.48%. What galls me about Ryan is his preaching tolerance about a deadly situation that doesn't affect him or his loved ones.

Lurker Susie


Sebastian Gorka
Sebastian Gorka – ‏@SebGorka

Election year 2016 as described in one of the best lines from one of best movie ever: http://youtu.be/gtIYkoL4P48

This Business Will Get Out of Control


I'd love to see him Cantored.


Posted by: buccaneer morgan | July 31, 2016 at 08:33 PM

i didn't believe it so I went and found the trailer ... yeah. Sharknado 4 wtf? really?

anyone here like Chevelle?



Posted by: Captain Hate on the iPhone | July 31, 2016 at 08:39 PM

??? this one's got me stumped

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

sbw - Congrats on the beautiful wedding. Agree that your son's and his wife's commitment to their ceremony indicates a commitment to their marriage that should serve them well.

Their parents should be quite proud. :)



His paymasters in the Chamber of Commerce probably wrote it up for him. Can't say anything too bad because we wouldn't want Boeing to lose a big contract to keep Iran's planes flying.


or for colleges and universities to miss the opportunity to have some Saudis pay 3x freight to "go to school" here


Went to see the new "Jason Bourne" movie on Friday evening.

There is the scene where a Mark Zukerberg-like character, Aaron Kalloor, stands in front of an auditorium and gives the biggest collection of high-tech buzzwords ever seen in a Hollywood movie. I turned to my son and said ... "Did you notice that he said absolutely nothing?"

Captain Hate

??? this one's got me stumped

As well it should; I posted without pasting the reference to Peter Paul Reubens.

buccaneer morgan

I don't recall about Jefferson, Brad thor had some thoughts before he went rabid, but this was the precursor event,


a little like estrich's limited hangout, concessions don't work,

there's also another apocryphal example attributed to ibn saud, he was petitioned by two sets of claimants to include churches or alcohol, among the rules of what would become the aramco concession, he told them to chose
which priority, they said alchohol, he mused for a while and then reproached them, saying if you had requested churches I would have granted you both, as you requested alcohol, I grant you neither,


Brad thor had some thoughts before he went rabid

I ran an errand Friday morning. Radio in the car was tuned to the station that carries Glenn Beck. Erick Erickson and Brad Thor were both on with Beck.

3 nut jobs, pure loony tunes.

Captain Hate

Cam Erickson and Beck sounds like the definition of an asylum.

Captain Hate

I've gotten three emails from the Restrainig Order in the last 24 hours begging for money to fight Josh Mandel in November 2018.


Porch, you picked up a copy of the new Potter book yet. It's good. Got it via Kindle at 1:30 last night was done by 4. Warning it's in a stagecraft format.


Congratulations SBW. My daughter got married last Sep. she and her husband had taken many dance lessons for their first dance. I'm glad there were no pictures taken of me at that time with my mouth wide open. It was awesome.

It is so refreshing to see young people commit to marriage in this day and age. We married off two last year. Two to go.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I never thought anyone could make me miss John Boehner but let's face facts, he was considerably better than Eddie Munster.

Captain Hate

Totally agree, Iggy.

Am I the only person that found the PGA a complete snooze? As Beasts and I already said it was too close to the Brit Open plus that course when wet plays extremely boring. I hope the PGA learned from this for 2020 or Rio completely destroys the future of the Olympics (please, God, I don't ask for much...).


I don't recall about Jefferson, Brad thor had some thoughts before he went rabid, but this was the precursor event,

Yes, if Mr. Khan thinks Jefferson is so great he probably is unfamiliar with that bit of American history. Whatever Jefferson may have thought in the abstract about Islam, in practice he saw its practitioners without any rose-colored glasses, unlike our current leaders.

Typical Jefferson: Some dreamy ideals in the abstract, but when push comes to shove very pragmatic.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This will sound stupid but my heart was pounding a little for Jimmy Walker.
He's been such a good player the last couple of years when it didn't count and I'm such a sucker for an underdog that I was really pulling for him.
And between Day's eagle on 18 and virtually Walker's only mistake there it had a pretty dramatic finish.

As an aside, as a southpaw and from some French Canuck stock on my pop's side I was always a bit of a Mike Weir fan.
But as an analyst, his monotone, sonorous delivery and non exceptional insights are kinda snooze inducing.

Lurker Susie

This is what she thinks of her supporters

thomaslake – Verified account ‏@thomaslake

Hillary Clinton was 90 minutes late to outdoor rally in Columbus, OH. Nearly 50 treated for heat-related illness, deputy fire chief told CNN

buccaneer morgan

as shakespeare might have said, it's a good start,


Miss Marple 2


Captain Hate brought me to this site, probably because we think so much alike.

I am a refugee from the Ewok. Captain Hate left shortly after me.

It's not surprising we think so much alike. I just am more socially acceptable than he is. LOL!

buccaneer morgan

of course, there's a continuity issue, because al roker survived,

Janet the expert

So let's sprinkle a little pork blood in the grave, and...

A reminder...the Boston Islamic murderer ended up being buried in a Muslim graveyard in Virginia because nobody would claim his body.

A Muslim graveyard. Why would that be?


Khan does not have the intellectual heft or the educational depth to even vaguely understand the founding of this country, or even what America is. In the absence of that, he does not have the cultural bearings to understand it either.

He understands America--and it is a deeply flawed understanding--from the vantage of the "propositional, multicultural America" hogwash the Left puts out, coupled with a "legalistic" understanding of the country, and one can bet that the latter is decidedly 3rd rate too.

This is an clearly underlined by his extraordinary arrogance in standing before this nation waving the constitution in our faces. This is revolting in the extreme. Imagine a white Christian moving to a Muslim country and then standing up and shaking the Koran at the citizens there.

Nations are not propositional in essence--those that think America primarily "is an idea" have little understanding of anything. Nations exist in the real world in real places with real histories, and they are built by real people over generations. The is much more to being an American than taking the oath of citizenship. At best, this is a starting point down that path.

Mr. Khan does not know what he is talking about, and that the Democrats put him out there like that just shows how fundamentally flawed and dangerous is their comprehension and apprehension of of our Nation, polity, and indeed our Civilization.

They need to be called on it.

Miss Marple 2

Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone!

buccaneer morgan

we are a propositional nation, first other than that it becomes a tract of land like any other,
see the uk as an example, now mr. khan like mr. abedin seems to have strong wahhabi influences from his time in the kingdom, and they come out even in his unguarded social media,


Hillary PR Team ‏@OnMessageForHer 51m51 minutes ago
Do YOU have a personal tragedy Trump had nothing to do with that could nonetheless be cynically leveraged to attack him? Please contact us!


NO we are not a propositional nation. I most stridently disagree. This has been noxious notion for perhaps the last 45 years or so, and it has been put forward by sections in both the right and the left, but it most decidedly not true. We certainly did jot consider ourselves this prior to the 60s and the vast waves of immigration that followed, no matter what the Propaganda of the Left may say. You are much to young to remember this.

There is no such thing, and in flies in the face of all History, Philosophy, and common sense.

Nations are inhabited by a people, who create it, and Nations are rather different things than States. This distinction is obscured in America due to the long continuity of our State, but it is merely obscured, not absent. The left and the rightist globalists push the propositional nonsense in order to destroy it. If America is to be restored, this must be abandoned.

Lastly, I cannot parse this phrase:
"first other than that it becomes a tract of land like any other". What do you mean here.

Janet the expert

That's good Momto2!

buccaneer morgan

that's not the proposition, what has kept us together even through the strife of the mid 19th century, albeit imperfectly, a nation's identity is the glue that holds it together,


DrJ, it wasn't me

Uh huh.

As your punishment here is Liszt, Solti, Chicago:



Again, I cannot parse grammatically what you are say.

If you are saying that the notion of America being "an idea" is what kept us together after the Civil War, you could not be more wrong. What held us together was the fact that the north and the south were basically the same people: Englishmen and Celts, with a smattering of northern Europe, with traditions and culture in the country long before it was the USA, and whose forbears had a part, often a large part, in the creation of that state. Not "propositional" at all.

In fact the creation of the broader USA herald by the Civil War really to the rest of the 190th century to come into full bloom and was only accomplished by the settling of the West.


a nation's identity is the glue that holds it together,

You and I both know the nation's founders were ok with dual identities. Especially when it came to CIC.



really to the rest of the 190th century = really took the rest of the 19th century

buccaneer morgan

well I was pointing out the inflection point, however, denied that proposition that 'all men are created equal' and what flows from it, has a lot to do with where we find ourselves now,


This guy has been adamant that Trump will win:


buccaneer morgan

ruh roh,


buccaneer morgan

effendi will rationalize this as well,



I would say that "where we are now" has much more to do with the wave of Central and Southern Europeans in the late 19th and early 20 century than anything else.

Here the meaning of "all men are created equal" becomes radically transformed from the older sense, that sense being that there were not separate political structures for an aristocracy. It merely meant that all were citizens and not subject, and that all stand as notional "equals before the ballot box and the courts. This was possible because of the fact that we were the same people. It then morphed into the notion that "equality" meant that one section could pillage another section in the name of "equality".

These waves eventually gave us the disaster of the New Deal and the Democrat coalition, and we have be struggling to preserve us as a nation (and state) ever since. We are at the final breaking point of that assault on this nation.

This is why the very idea of a propositional nation is so noxious.

If we do not confront it soon we will not have a nation at all. What will replace it will be neither nation or state but a wholly artificial construct that cannot possibly endure, followed by chaos, tyranny, and eventual complete civilization collapse.

All of history points to this; it will be no different for us.

buccaneer morgan

submitted without comment,


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