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July 30, 2016



You want my number?


Okay, I admit I skimmed most of the blockquoted parts but does any of the the data address the range of the firearms and concomitant lethality or lack of it? How about accuracy at various distances between rifles of varying caliber vs pistols of any caliber? Are the rifles scoped?

I have more questions if anyone wants to hear them...


When you want governments at all levels to be able to use the law to force people to behave as politicians propose, you really need to disarm them.

Especially if you have been lying about what you are up to.


Pages 11 and 12 stand out to me:

Officers shot while not responding to a call was the second largest category of excluded cases, totaling 134. These cases consisted of instances where officers were ambushed in unprovoked attacks, performing tactical operations, serving warrants, and conducting follow-up investigative work.

What type of weapons did them in? Were they wearing body armor?

Excluded data...

buccaneer morgan

exactly it's the ammunition, not the weapon, which is responsible for the damage,


another narrative buys the dust,


Scotland enjoys quite a bit of "social spending", some at the UKs expense. It is doubtful that the EU could pick up the slack on that, and the only reason t do so would be to spite UK, which is a rather expensive luxury at this point.

So it does not surprise that they would want to remain in the EU and remain in the UK.

Another Bob

Incirlik being blockaded amid rumors of another coup attempt?

Have we hauled those nukes outta there yet?


RSE has it right, of course, but toss on top of the social engineering the very real fact that is we go down the path we are headed we will have extremely broad impoverishment, and social and economic dislocation. Wags say that we will become another Venezuela; they are not far wrong.

The Nomeklatura--even just "the rich"--would not be able to walk down the street if the citizenry is not disarmed.They absolutely have to do this if they want to remain in power and wealth. They really do not have a choice.

Again, they want to destroy the USA and everything that has made it work. They central target is the white, Christian middle class. This is their intent, not a side effect. They are truly psychotics and sociopaths, and it is no coincidence that they have such strange people as Obama and Hillary as frontmen. We can never forget this no matter how reasonable they may sound or how powerful their propaganda. It is all lies and they have the vilest intent.

They would absolutely love to see what happened in Turkey happen here. If Hillary wins, it probably will happen here, but at a different tempo.

Again, what is happening here now is only new to the American experience; outside the USA it is an old, sad tale.

Trump might be our last chance; he certainly is our last chance to turn things around in the traditional political manner.


eal fact that is we go=eal fact that iF we go


Lest you think all of my music posts are serious, here's Leroy Anderson, The Typewriter:


Leave it to the Austrians to play this quintessential American composer very well.

Jack is Back!

Stationed at Incirlik back in the day. Self sustaining and no nukes I am aware of, AB.

But, that said Erdogan is tempting fate with his banter against Votel.

buccaneer morgan

there was a journal piece, that turkish intelligence, couldn't even identify the cells until late in the game, they could see the gulenist influence, this suggests this was a very rudimentary affair somewhat like Col Viaux's abortive pre election move against Allende, or
the keystone cops affair against Noriega, the
stragglers at the School of the Americas didn't get to be closers,

Another Bob

JIB, all my reading indicated that, as of 2012 or so, we have a few dozen B61 dial-a-yield gravity bombs there, And the Turks, as NATO members, have refused to agree to move them out. Turks also have F16s that are nuke-certified.

If there's a credible link to the contrary, I'd love to see it.



Everything will be hunky-dory when we give em Fethullah Gulen won't it?


JiB, during the recent coup (not today) I saw an article that NATO had 30-60 warheads at Incirlik in a bunker controlled by the Turks. That is both the US and Turkey need to agree to use them. But it appears some are there.

Another Bob


buccaneer morgan

re the other thread, they rarely speak of the level of incription, or the character of the bot swarm that had to be employed, the earlier precursor piece to lichtblau was full of appeals to authority, but precious little evidence, unlike john schindler's informed surmise, one concludes
that one wouldn't even get wet, trying to infer knowledge from carlos slims, then again it's not the point,

buccaneer morgan

and I have to concur with jib, about the shortcomings of an article 5, the problem is institutional rot, and the mines have already been planted in the soil


Just returned from 6 days in Seacrest Beach, Florida.

The TV in the house we rented had Dish but there must have been some issues so the only news channels it received were RT and MSDNC. I did not watch a second of the DNC. Pure bliss.

I did watch 'Bloodline' on Netflix. If you enjoyed 'Breaking Bad' I highly recommend.

buccaneer morgan

I saw the first episode and wasn't impressed, marseilles and peaky blinders caught my interest,



Both of those look great. I will have to start on "Marseilles". Liked Depardieu since I first saw him in "The Return of Martin Guerre".

"Bloodline" moves slowly - especially in season 1, but if you like dark it is well worth the investment in time.

buccaneer morgan

it's house of cards, marinated in boulliabaise, some reviewers found it a little too garish, the reality it came to close to the truth, like larson and lapidus, the chronicler of the lower depth of the scandinavian idyll,

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Still perpetually behind on catching up to JOM/JTH (Just Ten Hours) . . .

DrJ - Many, many thanks for all of your musical suggestions, and the interesting back-stories about the composer, performer and/or piece.

They have brought countless hours of enjoyment.

buccaneer morgan

turnabout is fair play, of course from russia with love comes to mind,


Captain Hate

and I have to concur with jib, about the shortcomings of an article 5

I'm open to alternative ways to relieve the country from the judicial tyranny it's been operating under for a long time and likewise the unelected agencies making law. Please be specific.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

For anyone who is uncertain as to how an Article V convention would work, here is the article itself that sets forth the requirements:

Article V

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

buccaneer morgan

I don't know the answer, because it's like corrosive malware, how else to explain david koch's impression of a kamikazi scotsmen, they already have their constitution 2020, ready to be booted up,


Yes, another Bob:Big news:https://www.rt.com/news/354042-turkish-police-incirlik-nato-coup/#.V51ZRw5Elq8.facebook

Captain Hate

they already have their constitution 2020, ready to be booted up,

If nobody can articulate why that is a terrible idea to the satisfaction of the majority of the citizens then we're probably screwed anyway. We may very well be bent over and unlubed if a transparent grifter like Rodham can get at least 4 out of 10 to vote for her. Maybe it's time to admit that it's been a good run for the country but boomers can fuck up anything.

buccaneer morgan

maybe volodya is the real mastermind, of these events, he's turned maskirovna into a high art,

sammy small

Another Bob,

The B61 brings back some great memories sitting nuc alert during the cold war days in Europe. We called it the "silver bullet" and mostly used it in the Y3 yield in those days (around 70kt if I recall correctly). No one really thought there would ever be a cause to use them, and in fact those days were so much more peaceful than now. The 70's...good times.


Better link:1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt


1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt

buccaneer morgan

interesting it's as if the jupiter missiles affair didn't happen,



It is a dry 8 AFAIC, CH.

I can't think of a solution.


Katherina van Huevel, hubby Stephen Cohen on Trumphttp://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/07/30/russia_expert_stephen_cohen_trump_wants_to_stop_the_new_cold_war_but_the_america_media_just_doesnt_understand.html

buccaneer morgan

well I've feared a tip toe into crimea war 2, electric boogaloo, I know it's an over used frase,
the aberdeen cabinet, refracted in trollope, wanted to avoid a black sea confrontation, but napoleon grand fils, wasn't so circumspect,



Thank you! At least we can retreat to old, dead white males.

Since I'm on Austria, here's the overture from Fledermaus, Strauss, Kleiber, and unfortunately not Vienna:


Carlos Kleiber had a lot to live up to -- his father was a rightly regarded great conductor of Beethoven.

Carlos did well for himself, and his Beethoven fifth and seventh symphonies are stellar. I'll post one or the other in the next few days, if you like.

From Fledermaus, there is a wonderful line, that translated roughly is "happy is he who forgets what he cannot change." Sadly the DGG recording is not available on youtube.


wish I knew what this Turkish thing was all about.


Ask your pal Richard

Captain Hate

Katranny's husband sounds a lot smarter than I'd have thought unless you subscribe to the opposites attract adage.

buccaneer morgan

the akp and the gulenists rose up in tandem, they had a falling out around 2012, over erdogan's corruption, it is perhaps the most organized civic bloc in the country, so why find a way to consolidate power, in the old style,

Captain Hate

Judging from the volume of the begging emails from the "short list for VP" Restraining Order, he wakes up screaming to his fatassed second wife over Josh Mandel.


Who is Gulen partnered with?

buccaneer morgan

gosh that is embarassing, you mean portman, he's wearing the ewok's singed castoffs over the latter's acquisition of unions endorsement,

Captain Hate

I've been listening to this all day. Warning: it's very noisy to the point where I just thought WTF when I bought it a few years ago:



Mandel is a great guy. I met him and contributed (a little) when he first ran and we know the election was stolen from him.


Kleibler's recordings of Brahms 4th and Beethoven's 5th (Vienna Philharmonic/Deutsche Grammohon for both) are to me by far the best recordings of these two great works. Truly amazing.

One of the true greats. He was a cult figure in Europe, but for some reason he had a narrower following in the USA. He reminds one of that great Russian pianist, Sviatoslav Richter.

Here is a link to a youtube copy, but unfortunately, whoever uploaded it did so in such a way that ti sounds a little weak and tinny to my ear.

On a good stereo system this will blow one away.

Frau Steingehirn

CH - Here is a bit to show you what narciso meant with 'all booted up' This has been a major undertaking and goal for Soros and his Marxists.
"The Constitution 2020 movement is based upon The Constitution in 2020, a book published by Oxford University Press that is a powerful blueprint for implementing a Marxist vision of constitutional law in the years ahead and that is written by progressives. Edited by two of America's leading constitutional scholars, Jack Balkin and Reva Siegel, the book provides a new framework for addressing the most important constitutional issues of the future in a progressive manner. Featuring some of America's so-called finest legal minds - Cass Sunstein, Bruce Ackerman, Robert Post, Harold Koh, Larry Kramer, Noah Feldman, Pam Karlan, William Eskridge, Mark Tushnet, Yochai Benkler and Richard Ford, among others - the book tackles a wide range of issues, including the challenge of new technologies, presidential power, international human rights, religious liberty, freedom of speech, voting, reproductive rights and economic rights. The Constitution in 2020 calls on liberals to articulate their constitutional vision in a way that can command the confidence of ordinary Americans and sway them to the progressive side of dogma. It is a propaganda piece laid out in painstaking and alarming detail.[1]
Major Proponents of the Constitution 2020 Movement
George Soros

George Soros is bankrolling and heavily supporting the Constitution 2020 movement. He staunchly believes that the Constitution is a living, breathing, evolving document. He believes in a new and improved Bill of Rights.[2] His Open Society Institute and the Center for American Progress sponsored the Constitution 2020 conference in April of 2005.
Cass Sunstein

Cass Sunstein is directly connected to Soros' funding for the Constitution 2020 movement, which openly seeks to create a "progressive" consensus as to what the U.S. Constitution should provide for by the year 2020.[2] In April 2005, Sunstein was the opening act for a conference at Yale Law School entitled, "The Constitution in 2020," which sought to change the nature and interpretation of the Constitution by that year.
Eric Holder

Eric Holder sat on the board of a Soros-funded group pushing the same "progressive" constitution in the Constitution 2020 movement.[2]

Captain Hate

No, Portman is against Twitch in November, which should be a thorough slattering. The Restraining Order comes due in two or four years. Josh Mandel already has some booster ads featuring Urban Meyer which probably has limited contact hacky sack Restraining Order gripping hard.

Frau Steingehirn

2020 Continued - Table of contents -(blueprint)
Table of Contents[1]

1. Introduction: The Constitution in 2020
Jack Balkin, Yale Law School and Reva Siegel, Yale Law School

I. Interpreting Our Constitution

2. Fidelity to Text and Principle
Jack Balkin

3. Democratic Constitutionalism
Robert Post, Yale Law School and Reva Siegel

II. Social Rights and Legislative Constitutionalism

4. The Minimalist Constitution
Cass Sunstein, Harvard Law School and Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA)

5. Economic Power and the Constitution
Frank Michelman, Harvard Law School

6. Social and Economic Rights in the American Grain: Reclaiming Constitutional Political Economy
William Forbath, University of Texas

7. State Action in 2020
Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School

8. The Missing Jurisprudence of the Legislated Constitution
Robin West, Georgetown University Law Center

9. Remembering How to Do Equality
Jack Balkin and Reva Siegel

III. Citizenship and Community

10. The Citizenship Agenda
Bruce Ackerman, Yale Law School

11. National Citizenship and the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity
Goodwin Liu, University of California at Berkeley

12. Terms of Belonging
Rachel Moran, University of California (Irvine and Berkeley) and President, Association of American Law Schools

13. Hopeless Constitutionalism, Hopeful Pragmatism
Richard Ford, Stanford Law School

IV. Democracy and Civil Liberties

14. Voting Rights and the Third Reconstruction
Pamela Karlan, Stanford Law School

15. Political Organization and the Future of Democracy
Larry Kramer, Dean, Stanford Law School

Frau Steingehirn

2020 table of contents continued -
16. A Progressive Perspective on Freedom of Speech
Robert Post

17. Information, Structures and the Constitution of American Society
Yochai Benkler, Harvard Law School

18. The Constitution in the National Surveillance State
Jack Balkin

19. The Progressive Past
Tracey Meares, Yale Law School

V. Protecting Religious Diversity

20. The Framers' Church-State Problem — and Ours
Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School

21. Progressives, the Religion Clauses and the Limits of Secularism
William Marshall, University of North Carolina

VI. Families and Values

22. A Liberal Vision of U.S. Family Law in 2020
William Eskridge, Jr., Yale Law School

23. A Progressive Reproductive Rights Agenda for 2020
Dawn Johnsen, Indiana University at Bloomington and nominee, Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel

VII. State, Nation, World

24. What's Federalism For?
Judith Resnik, Yale Law School

25. Progressive Constitutionalism and Transnational Legal Discourse
Vicki Jackson, Georgetown University Law Center

26. "Strategies of the Weak": Thinking Globally and Acting Locally toward a Progressive Constitutional Vision
David Cole, Georgetown University Law Center

27. America and the World, 2020
Harold Koh, Dean, Yale Law School and nominee, Legal Adviser, State Department.

buccaneer morgan

point taken yes it would be 2018, since he came in on the bat wings of red squaw's flapadoole,



Are you leaving the Beethoven to me? :)

I love Richter, but all of the German and Jewish Soviet pianists are stellar. I happen to like Gilels more often than not, but Richter often is sublime.

Frau Steingehirn

More and videos at link above and LUN

Book Reviews
Cass Sunstein - Most Conservatives view of the Constitution Requires a Time Machine, Sept. 26, 2010

"For a generation, conservatives have dominated our constitutional conversation. Now as a new day dawns, this inspiring book recaptures a progressive vision of a Constitution that can fulfill the country's oldest commitments to a robust and inclusive democracy." Linda Greenhouse, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Becoming Justice Blackmun: Harry Blackmun's Supreme Court Journey[1]

"For much too long, progressive thinkers have been either responding reflexively to agendas set by the right, or wringing their hands over the absence of constructive options of their own. This volume marks the end of that time in the wilderness. Constitutional progressives who read this book's veritable cornucopia of carefully conceived alternatives are bound to be energized by the vistas opened here - and challenged by the puzzles posed in every sparkling chapter." Laurence Tribe, author of The Invisible Constitution[1]

Captain Hate

I'm sure you, narciso and rse are very accurate in what you're saying, Frau. We may already be past the point of just unfurling the flag and putting it away permanently. I'd just rather go out throat slashing every fucking one of those worthless cocksuckers instead of just meekly submitting to what seems inevitable.

buccaneer morgan

well one can always blow up the minefield, that might crack the razorwire some,






Frau, my blood runs cold reading that insidious blueprint for tyranny from the devil himself. How many of our so-called 'conservative' leaders are hitching a tide on this rocket-ship to perdition?

Captain Hate

I don't know, narc. By all of the normal METRICS we are truly and goodly fucked. I just hold out hope that a wrecking ball like Trump can bring a lifeline to the yutes that are totally bored by the Rigoberto Menchu horseshit that passes for education.


Help! I have 11 youtube music tabs open, and a coupe of others in separate windows.

It is my understanding that the first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem...


What makes you so sure Trump is not part of it?

Captain Hate

So much music, so little time, DrJ.

buccaneer morgan

too many, this is why the response to the addled effendi khan, might be a little blunt, but it as a response,

So Ailes, how did Estrich's limited hangout work out for you, even the coyote figures it out,


CH -- :)

But you do have that right. Even thought our tastes (mostly) differ.

buccaneer morgan

you can't have too much muse, dr, j, but I think an even half dozen is less cacophonous and more manageable,

buccaneer morgan

really, I think it's a stretch,


they may be getting back at him for 'from paris with love'


There are indeed nukes at Incirlik, I know "someone" who used to fly in and out quite often.


Well, Gilels himself considered Richter his superior. Gilels, after a tour in the West, which surprised him in its great success, was heard to have said something like "wait until you hear Richter". To me, Richter was the greatest pianist of the last century (I was trained as a pianist, BTW, and am not a horn player, as some here seem to think).

But do not get me wrong, I love Gilels too and must have most of his recordings (Richter's too).

I think a great comparison of the two are the recordings they both made of Brahms' second piano concerto, Gilels with Jochum and the Berliner Phil, and Richter with Leinsdorf and the CSO. The Gilels is done in one take without studio edits, so it is very close to a live recording; the Richter is a live recording (and the recording quality could be better). These recordings show them both at their very best, and show their differences well. To my ear, these two recordings are by far the best performances of this work that have ever been recorded.

BTW, within the last decade or so quite a few heretofore unknown recordings of Richter have come to light, and have been issued on CD. If you are unaware of them, you should check them out.

I think the biggest problems with Richter are: 1) in the recordings there are gaping holes in the standard piano repertoire, and 2) through no fault of his, the audio quality of the recording are uneven, and sometimes really quite poor.


Gus, several other papers are picking up the story but the sole source seems to be Russian Times so I cannot figure out what game is afoot there.

buccaneer morgan

the stars and stripes version two days ago, was particularly redolent of baghdad bob,


Frau Steingehirn

I don't know, CH, but I know it's necessary to understand what the monsters have hopes of establishing.
Related: Randy Barnett's recent book "The Republican Constitution" focuses on two views of the constitution depending on how one understands "We the People." Barnett does not mean the Republican party or the Democrat party. The former puts the individual first and then the government; the latter puts the government first and then the individual. The written constitution vs. the 'living' one fits in. I am finding the book easy to read and informative about our present situation--how we got here.

I also want to hear Mark Levin's side of Article 5 argument.

Unless we can raise hell and make ourselves heard, Soros, mini-me fellow globalists, and UN "worthies" are teeing up.
LUN for [redacted] authors speaking at the Natl. archives on a past Constitution Day.

This is depressing.. g'nytall



You are right that Richter's recordings sound terrible. They really do. Those wonderful Soviet sound engineers! But his brilliance does shine through.

Here's the Beethoven #5 we've talked about:


The video is terrible -- just listen to it.

buccaneer morgan

maybe gitmo wasn't such a bad idea, after all,


Frau Steingehirn

Thanks, rse, for reading the actual [redacted] book .

buccaneer morgan

ok, you want to stay on that hill, be my guest


buccaneer morgan

you ask for a miracle, theo,



Trump had more audience on speech:


Clarice, Erdogan is giving US/U.S. the finger.
When this shit started, I told everyone I know, that President Limp Dick should call Erdogan and offer to "LET HIM LIVE", so long as he does what he is told.
No one, NO ONE, will threaten, interfere with, shut down, disconnect power to, or in anyway get in OUR WAY at Incirlik or ERDOGAN dies.
We come, we see, HE DIES.
As usual, Obama is a BALL-LESS WONDER. And another Muzztard Bro is laughing at us.


I tweeted Ig's Russia comment and even Intsy picked it up.

Gave it attribution 'from a friend'.

You are famous..in an anonymous way, Ignatz :-)

buccaneer morgan

well that's one way of handling things,



What was Ig's Russia comment?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- I would be curious to see how a normal .223 round would compare with the .44 Magnum round used at Level III-A.--

Here is a very revealing visual test of several handguns rounds, a .223, an AK and a couple of shotgun rounds.
Does not include a 44 magnum but level 3a is supposed to stop standard jacketed hollow point and semi wad cutter rounds.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This one I guess TK;

"It's worth noting that now that Russia is finally no longer communist, suddenly the Dems are afraid of it."

Didn't seem that bright to me...or Theo. :)


Also, most "Level 4" Rifle plate is tested for one round in order to get that classification.

It is possible for multiple shots to get through.


I like it, Ig!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have to admit, over time I have come to appreciate what a subtle and wide ranging mind you have.
When you first posted it was hard to see because I think you possibly didn't appreciate how much most of us agree with you.
But as you've talked about more than just what a fix we're in you have demonstrated quite an array of knowledge about a lot of things and most of it does not appear to be mere surface knowledge.
Impressive to a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none autodidact like myself.


I second that Ig. Squaredance is multi-faceted.
And interesting.

Another Bob

clarice @ July 31, 2016 at 12:14 AM

I've also noted the very limited sourcing of the Incirlik story. That's why I put the question mark on it. ;-)>


Thanks, folks.


Another Bob. Incirlik is easy. We OWN NATO.
If anyone pinches INCIRLIK'S ASS. We vanquish the bastard.
What has OBAMA done???? How many countries need to PISS on US, before we answer with STRENGTH???
What do you think Russia, China, Iran et al think of Obama BENDING OVER???
Good GOD help us if RODHAM should be elected.
Our foes have been ass raping Obama for 8 years.
It could get worse. Obama likes it.


Clarice's latest:


This insomniac will now red it.


*read* Argh!


Hey Clarice, you sort of sand bagged me.
Erdogan is a FUCKWAD and he should be in OUR POCKET. Anything that affects our MILITARY should be 100% NON-NEGOTIABLE. We decide and THEY COMPLY.
Obama has FUCKED up the balance of POWER.
To Ofuckwad, HE IS THE POWER and anything HE NEEDS is NECESSARY. You bring an idea, he brings an FBI agent.

Obama is a pile of crap.

Now I'll try to get past the headline.

Premarin stood for PREgnant MARes' urINe.

Body armored to survive our first melees.

Doth he know?
Dosey Doe.


Ig's comment has at last count has received 4,292 'impression' according to twitter statistics.

Ripples on the pond.


To the question upthread on how much the Right is involved in this 2020 vision, the answer is a lot but not at the same convention and not with the precise same arguments. I just read FH Buckley's new book from Encounter that came out in April and it thoroughly sickens me that he is in charge of the George Mason program educating federal judges in law and economics. Like that jindal paper last year that used the phrase free enterprise to describe business providing a product government was both mandating and regulating, buckley's book is footnote after footnote of citing known (to me anyway) Marxists.

We have our convergence. Again pence may not know the history of school choice and abbott may not know where this state concon he called for is really designed to go, but employees of the 'think tanks' recommending these initiatives certainly do. They are the ones collaborating with the people tied to 2020 and frequently changing jobs.

Last point, these UN docs that our federal agencies are now implemtning through rulings like Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing are very much tied to using the law as an offensive weapon to bind us all without consent.

This was in a doc I read yesterday on the quito conference. I am about to read the update that came out this week to see what changed. The "local authorities" are to be granted "the legal capacity to enforce them upon adoption." The local is the best point of implementation and the progs just love the concept of "subsidiarity".

It's why I call it the right and left pincer action herding us to a common destination.


Thanks, De J.

Good morning, JOM.

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