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July 28, 2016


Jack is Back!

If you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, Hillary will give you back $99 in change. Other women's lives are so cheap to her.

Watch Clarice's video on the other thread this morning to see what I mean.


Darn,I just posted about Larry the Lobster on the previous thread. Poor Larry.


I predict that she will rock the house...


A side by side timeline of chronological highlights of Bill's happy family speech vs who he was banging while those memories were being created would be pretty funny.

Thomas Collins

I'll rely on my friends here of sturdier being to report on the speech. What I am looking forward to is the Real Clear Politics Average on August 8th. By then, the bounces and bruises from the conventions should have dissipated, and we'll see whether Trump really made up some ground from his pre-convention deficit.



Thank you so much. This is the first time I have ever gotten motion sickness from scanning JOM.

Reese Eichel

>>‘She’s the best darn changemaker I ever met’"
Really? I didn't realize Bill paid his women.

Speaking of a lot of change....

>>When Bill and Hillary first got married Bill said, "I put a box under the bed. Promise me you will never to look in it." In all their 40 years of marriage, Hillary never looked. On the afternoon of their 40th anniversary, curiosity got the best of her and she lifted the lid and peeked inside. In it were 3 empty beer cans and $81,874.25 in cash.

She closed the box and put it back under the bed. Now that she knew what was in the box, she was doubly curious as to why there was such a box and with those contents. That evening, they were out for a special anniversary dinner. After dinner, Hillary could no longer contain her curiosity and she confessed, saying, “I'm so sorry, Bill. For all these years, I kept my promise and never looked into the box under our bed. However, today the temptation was too much and I gave in. But now I need to know, why do you keep the 3 beer cans in the box?”

Bill thought for a while and said, "I guess after all these years you deserve to know the truth. Whenever I was unfaithful to you, I put an empty beer can in the box under the bed to remind myself not to do it again.” Hillary was shocked, but thought, "Hmmm, Jennifer, Paula and Monica. And since I know he is addicted to sex, three times is not too bad.”

She said, ”OK Bill, I guess I can forgive you.” Bill thanked her for being so understanding. They hugged and made their peace. A little while later Hillary asked Bill, "So why do you have all that money in the box?”

He answered, "Well, whenever the box filled up with empty cans, I took them to the recycling center."


You must be scrolling by the rapidly shifting goalposts comments, Appalled.

Equally blurry.


Captain Hate

Granny could have a massive seizure, keel over and clock her empty melon on the corner of the podium and the MFM would act like everything's ok.

Peripherally related to poor Larry, before Charles Stross started hectoring his readers with global warming nonsense, he made a convincing case for using lobster's nervous systems as the framework for future spaceships with a digital copy of a scientist's brain as the "passenger". That's the type of good stuff that his political lunacy has deprived me of.



Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

Red Alert...Do not look at the picture Drudge has of BHO and Mrs. Bent Willie.

There are snakes that can unhinge their jaws to devour large prey. We now have one on the road to the WH ready to devour the entire country.

Lurker Susie

This from the LA Times

Allahpundit – ‏@allahpundit

Trump still gaining in LA Times daily tracking poll, through all nights of Dem convention so far http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-usc-daybreak-poll-methodology-20160714-snap-story.html

Dave (in MA)

Now that we've established that sarcasm is treason, may I say that your $12K upholstery frock looks fabulous, Ms. Clinton.

Lurker Susie

Whai is that on Hillay's tongue?

Mike Cernovich
9h9 hours ago
Mike Cernovich ‏@Cernovich
Look close and you'll see the 33,000 missing email. #DemConvention pic.twitter.com/vmCs3JUQ7I

Captain Hate

Even softball lobs can cause a seizure:


Lurker Susie

Try this link


Lurker Susie

I hope this isn't strike 3



Well the dedication that it takes to catch that amazes, not to mention the fortitude.


My first thought re that BOzo-HC pic was, "I wonder if BOzo is still flying his Chicago barber in every two weeks on our dime?" I'm certain he is and will as long as he can.

Captain Hate

It really must frost Zippy to have to pretend to like Granny.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm afraid the way Bill n Hill practice politics, any distinction left between the oldest and second oldest professions evaporates.

The only distinction left is their bordello operates as a 501(c)3 global initiative.

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

Judah Friedman at American Spectator delivers Bernie...

You poor saps. You went to bed with Bernie, and woke up with Hillary. You wanted a relationship, and all he wanted was a one-night stand. He promised you a revolution, but never used his weapons. So now you are standing at the altar betrayed by your runaway groom, wondering where did it all go wrong. Disillusioned and frightened, left alone by a party that betrayed you and a groom who abandoned you.
I know to you he was an anomaly, a phenomenon, a kooky Brooklyn socialist who told it like it was. But, let me tell you who this kooky Brooklyn socialist really is and was. Growing up in Brooklyn as I did, people like Bernie were a dime a dozen. Every street corner, temple, and laundromat has a Bernie. There was always the Bernie in temple screaming the dues were too high, screaming that every week there should be a free (Kiddush) meal, after services were done. The kids, including myself, loved Bernie. He was sticking it to the (rabbis) man. What was Bernie going to say next? Every week was temple and a show. You could always hear Bernie too. As people were praying, he was groaning; as families were wishing each other well, he was grabbing the last of the poor shlubs who would still listen and complain about his job, or his perceived state of the nation. As a kid, of course, I found this funny and cute, and couldn’t understand why my father didn’t. My father would call him a (letz) person who needs to grow up, and I just thought my dad wasn’t cool and hip.

The older and older I got, the less I found what Bernie said to be cute or funny...(The Seven Stages of Bernie's Suckers>

Worth reading it all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not half as much as it frosts BillyJeff to have to, Capn.


If in fact Gary Johnson will garner more Bernibot votes than #NeverTrump, don't want him to play in traffic.



For Trump, there is only more goalpost that matters, and it doesn't move.


Donald Trump: I’ll Prosecute Hillary Clinton as President



Prosecution no longer on the table! No surprise there.

Trump Defines Clinton’s Greatest Accomplishment As Surviving Her Email Scandal


Magic 8-Ball

I suppose mindreader you will next try to tell us that prosecution is off the table.


Dang, missed it by a minute.



Gotta say I can't figure the person who votes Bernie then votes Libertarian. Guess if you can't get the free Tuition, you'll vote for the guy who will legalize Pot?

Quarter up.

So that's why they chant 'Lock her up'?

Beasts of England

Seriously funny, Reese Eichel!! lol

Captain Hate on the iPhone

For you wine guys had a Panther Valley Pinot Gris with Mrs H's Greek chicken as a couple of her photography buds, one of whom photographed Trump for a magazine assignment (said he was very easy to work with), came for dinner. Complimented the meal nicely.

Sorry, couldn't help myself, it was a hanging curve.

Well, I'm sure they did and I'll bet it complemented it too.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Comment at PJM re wikileaks;

Here is a gem:
DNC: "She doesn't want the people knowing about her relationships on Wall Street
She wants to achieve consistency and the best way to do that is to keep the people ignorant"


Did Trump ask RNC crowd to stop anti-Clinton chant?



The wine spoke to them


This is the big day in Philly. The Omen will speak? I hope they don't stuff it into leather pants again.



Pinot Gris generally smells so pretty. Such a great Summer drink!


I disagree with this assessment below and I'm wondering what some of y'all think about it?

Charles C.W. Cooke:

Smart for Obama to separate Trump from “Republican” and “conservative.” Best play for the Democratic party, in my view.

— Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) July 28, 2016

To the contrary, doesn't that help Trump in this remarkable election cycle ??? And, if not, isn't it absolutely neutral because this is an #AnybodyButHillary election looking for CHANGE and Trump simply needs to show he isn't a crazy racist misogynist ???

What, I'm wondering, is so smart about saying (in a Democrat address championing Hillary for President) that Donald Trump isn't Republican or conservative?


That's simply the #NeverTrump approach that Republicans and conservatives have already dismissed, isn't it?

Wouldn't independents have no real problem granting him Republican or conservative status given his victories in the primaries and, in fact, haven't they already done so (judging by that L.A. Times Daily Poll, etc.) ???

What's so smart about that?


I couldn't watch last night. What is the status of the seats vacated by Berniebros? Did they get them filled, or were they still empty?


Our Chitown lurker has the poop on the seat fillers. (or some other arrangement of those words).


Have come across a fellow on twitter who writes the most elegant 'put downs' outside of JOM.

I asked him about how the MFM would 'spin' the Hill's acceptance speech and he wrote this:

Damian Bennett

MSM won't spin HRC speech.

It will enshrine it, elevate it to the Pantheon of Oratory, shoulder-bump Cicero


He reminds me a little of DoT.


Smart for Obama to separate Trump from “Republican” and “conservative.” Best play for the Democratic party, in my view.

RG, as you say, that's absolutely the worst play for the Democratic party. The huge majority of Dem crossovers like Trump in part because he's NOT as conservative as the typical Republican nominee. Obama is giving the go-ahead to all wavering Dems in the Rust Belt and other depressed blue areas that Trump really isn't so bad. Non-right-leaning independents as well. And Bernievolk.

Anyone who doesn't believe this should go to The_Donald group on Reddit and look at all the rainbow flags.

It is much easier for Trump to pull in conservatives who hate Hillary than it is for him to pull over Dems and indies. Obama is only helping Trump here.

I almost think Obama is sabotaging Hillary by doing this. (I almost typed "deliberately sabotaging," but that would be redundant.)

C.W. Cooke has his head up his butt, which is typical for him these days.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The thing Trump shows most clearly, as did Reagan before him is, in politics, attitude is everything.
This is especially true for any Rep who starts off with what can only be described as a traitorous press arrayed with the Dems against him.
They're not traitorous because they favor the Dems over the Reps. They be just as traitorous were their favors dispensed exactly oppositely.
They are traitorous because their duty to the country is to favor neither, but instead to be the eyes and ears of all of the people; the citizenry being the only ones they are supposed to favor.
They are supposed to be a bulwark against the state in defense of self governance and yet they are now no more than loathsome courtesans of the mandarins most bent on destroying self governance.

With such a legion of prostitutes and pimps, an army of myrmidons in thrall to the Dems, any Rep that doesn't have a slash and burn mentality and an attitude of a sort of piracy gets steam rolled. I hope Trump succeeds and his tactics and manner are adopted by future Reps.
They can forego the kooky parts while retaining the daggers and long swords and the satisfied smirk as they stick one or the other between some oafish prog's ribs.


may I say that your $12K upholstery frock looks fabulous, Ms. Clinton.

So Dave is Eddie Haskell?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Costanza W. Cooke


For Theo and others who mistakenly believe(d) that voters' views are static:


In their defense, with crummy campaigns like the ones the GOP has waged in recent cycles, they WERE static.

Fortunately, this time we have a highly competent and aggressive candidate who knows how to plow over the media to get his message out (while, incidentally, spending less money than any candidate in modern electoral history).

That's why they call it a campaign, folks.

James D

RattlerGator @ 12:16

There's nothing smart about it.

But then, there's been precious little smart said over at NR since they went 100% NeverTrump.

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

So Dave is Eddie Haskell? asks jimmyk.

Some say that, but at the end of the day they would be wrong. That's not who Dave is.



No writer has a duty to the people, and it's kind of Bolshevik to think so. If a writer is disliked by the people, they can ignore his network or newspaper, or tweet their opinion back at said reporter or said reporter's editor.

The member of the press might be liars, and they surely are partisans, but as long as they are engaging in free speech, each individual is doing exactly what the press in the days of the founders did.

Beasts of England

lol, Frau!!


henry, thanks for that link from our Chitown friend.

Man, the Bernie people were dumb to leave the convention after the nomination. They should have waited.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-To the contrary, doesn't that help Trump in this remarkable election cycle ???--

Asking a nevertrumper for hints on good campaign strategy is like asking a kamikaze pilot for tips on how to land a plane.

The answer will always be the same;


which roughly translated means "come, follow me and we'll go die in a fiery, burning, nearly supersonic wreck for a lost cause that not only won't accomplish anything it will actually allow our mortal enemies to win, but it'll sure show those so and so's in our own party we're so fanatically attached to our principles we'd rather evaporate in a massive spiteful explosion than win".
Or something pretty close to that.


For anyone annoyed with the chamber of crooks and their dirigiste vision for us as I noticed on the previous thread, they have launched their Future State Series. https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/future-state-series-1

Their first summit was about two weeks ago called Work Forward as all K-12 becomes about supposed workplace needs. Second is on healthcare and is in October.

No plans to consult with us. Hope someone with the Trump Campaign wakes up to quit getting speech advice from a lawyer who keeps quoting well-known Marxists. That is not who you want to look to on what School Choice actually means.


who mistakenly believe(d) that voters' views are static

Yes, that's why Nate Silver gets it wrong so often. An Excel spreadsheet only gets you so far. Ditto for Rove and his clipboard.


John Adams, speaking of the French Revolution:

Is it not astonishing, that The National Assembly did not foresee that the Press would be employed against them? that their own Creatures would uncreate their Creators? That their own Tools would cut their own Throats? That their own Devils would become their Tempters first and Tormentors afterwards?

Our current press is not in fact free, because it is almost entirely shackled to one party.


Also from our Chicago friend, it wasn't Vlad, it was a known hacker that supplied wikileaks.


In other news, water is wet:



Appalled-I do not think that is true. The coordination and outright falsehoods deliberately being pushed by the major networks each night and not easily pierced unless you have an alternative source of facts.

The open deceit by the so-called libertarian and 'conservative' think tanks is also only piercable by someone with direct knowledge of the works being cited. It also helps to know precisely what the Prog Left is pushing that functions the same with a different name.

None of this is par for the course. It is a deliberate attempt to collude to use the law, education, and political institutions to strip all meaningful freedom from the individual in society.

I don't know when you graduated from law school, but I did in 1984. Its orientation has now changed so much and sometimes I will get law deans coming up to me after cle programs asking how I knew to ask the questions I did on how they are so pushed know to make sure their law students see the law as a tool to seek the 'common good.'

Again this is not easily discernible either.

Frau Nie Wieder Clinton

RG - according to Rush Limbaugh, Trump is living rent-free in the Democrats' minds.

Appalled - how does that apply to the JournoListers parroting the *identical* line 24/7 for the average citizen to hear/read? We see the coordination, but the average person sees it as consensus.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good gracious, Appalled, don't be so dumb [I'm sure you won't mind me pointing out your real knuckleheadedness on this issue after you falsely pointed out my Bolshevism].

Of course they have the right to print or say whatever they like, but the entire point of guaranteeing a free press, as Edmund Burke and others noted, was to have an institution that functioned as an independent arm informing the people and thereby keeping the government honest and acting as a brake on its influence and control over the people. Hence the honorable term "the fourth estate" versus the dishonorable one "the fourth branch of government" or, more accurately these days, "the fifth column" .

A courtier press, which is virtually all we are left with, is anathema to a free people and a constitutional republic and the surest path to Bolshevism.
Not one of your better efforts.

James D

Appalled @ 12:37

There's an implicit contract. News organizations and their employees are granted privileges above those of other citizens - shield laws for journalists, access to leaders and institutions that the rest of us don't get, and so forth, and governmental and public recognition of their role as a check on the power of the government.

But in return for all that, there are certain expectations. A basic level of honesty is one. Not service as de facto campaign operatives for one party over the other, is another.

If they don't want to tell the truth, and if they want to be Democrat (or GOP, as if) operatives, fine. Then they don't get the extra protections under the law, the special access, or the respect, either.


Porch --

I certainly never said or believed that voters are "static." But Trump's success in the polls so far does come as a surprise to me, but not quite as big a surprise as him winning the nomination. As I have said here many, many times, my predictions have been terrible this year. That does not mean that Trump will win (or that he will lose).

RG --

I think that the line in Obama's speech saying that Trump is not really a Republican or a conservative indicates that Obama is only interested in presidential politics. It is a helpful line to Rodham as it throws something of a bone to the #neverTrumpers and may get a few of them to vote Rodham. But the DCCC and DSCC have been working their little tails off trying to tie every Republican candidate for dogcatcher on up to Trump and that undercuts his message.

Ig --

You might have a point comparing the #neverTrumpers to kamikazes. But it seems to me that the original band of Trump supporters (I don't mean you or most people here) were immune to arguments that Trump would be less likely to win than a more traditional candidate. As I recall, their response was along the lines of "I don't care, I just want to stick it to Boehner/McConnell etc."

As it turned out, Trump has a better chance of winning than almost anyone -- including a lot of his supporters -- first thought. But when the hard core Trumpsters were faced with a "but your guy will lose" argument a fair number of them said "so what, we still want him."


daddy-apparently caltech and jpl are partnering with this school. https://edsource.org/2016/elementary-school-students-in-stem-academy-mingle-with-big-time-scientists/567320


"it's kind of Bolshevik to think so"

What a strange, unhistorical Idea.

In "Bloshevikism", the purpose of the deia is publish propaganda for the Party, of which the state is only a political manifestation.

In liberal societies it the notion of a "free press" has been to gather the truth, albeit through competing media organs.

Appalled is fabricating history here.

(And let me point out that broadcast media is licensed by the state at least prior to the rise if the internet. These lienses certainly make noise aobut the "free press".)

What we have no is very similar in function if not in the types of ownership, to what went on in the USSR, and what goes on to one degree or another in China.

It is more subtle, but as we can see with the current shenanigans at FOX (during an election cycle, mind you), that the effect is the same. Perhaps it is worse in that it presented itself as an actual free press.

Beyond that, the sort of collusion we appear to have seen the last 60 years or so would seem to violate the election laws too.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump has groupies?
Who knew?

You must have skipped your coffee and donuts or granola or methamphetamines this morning Appalled.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Oops that was Theo.
Maybe you guys can get a bulk price on some crystal meth. :)


I certainly never said or believed that voters are "static."

Theo, I didn't say you used that word. However, as I remember, you gave us several dozen nearly identical comments noting how Trump was the least electable candidate available to GOP voters and that his high negatives would make it impossible for him to win. That implies that those negatives (or Hillary's) wouldn't change.

But when the hard core Trumpsters were faced with a "but your guy will lose" argument a fair number of them said "so what, we still want him."

I'd love to see evidence of the "so what?" comments. In my recollection, Trump supporters have always asserted that he was the candidate most likely to win.


I agree with Appalled @12:37.

The question is why does so much of the media lean left? I think because it is much easier to become popular (and hence powerful, their real goal) by telling people that they are victims and that they can have something for nothing than it is to tell people that if they want to be a success they need to work hard and eat their vegetables and even that might not work.

Liberal leaders are brokers who mediate on behalf of the masses to use their collective power (either as a mob or at the voting booth) to extort things from those who produce them. Of course, in the process, the liberal leaders take a hefty cut both financially and most certainly in terms of power.

Interesting story in the LA Times today about how the wining and dining of big wigs in Philadelphia is indistinguishable from that in Cleveland. The Democrats are the "people's party," but the donors willing to write big checks get all the perks. And we are not just talking steak dinners, either. We are talking government guarantees on loans for their businesses, etc.

We are faced with a choice between which band of oligarchs to be ripped off by.

Beasts of England

Gee whiz, Theo, did you ever think for one minute that when you told the so-called 'Trumpsters' that he couldn't win, that they knew something you didn't?

buccaneer morgan

Because Theo that is all is taught, in history economics media, all based on race gender class, the individual only exists as a subordinate to those category.


I agree with Appalled @12:37.

Big surprise there but thanks for the upfront warning so I can SOB.

Crystalline latrine.

Heh, if you can stand the risk of it blowing up in your face you can make it yourself.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Dog likes smell of woman's crotch; border control then inspects her anus, penetrates her vagina twice and watches her have a bowel movement.
After finding nothing they tell her to sign a consent form and they'll pay for her sexual assault. She refused and was sent a bill for $5,000.
She just settled for $475,000. I would have held out for more.


Trump supporters have always asserted that he was the candidate most likely to win.

And even some of us who were not Trump supporters in the primaries were still able to see that his fresh approach and tactics made him most likely to win.

Despite Theo implying we were crazy.


Another good sign; I have a friend in D.C. who is a reasonable partisan and has been successful in Democrat circles. This friend loves Barack and Michelle and loved both of their speeches at DNC 2016. We had a text exchange this morning where I asserted that Donald Trump is eviscerating the Democrats.

Complete agreement.

They may put up a good front on TV but they know what's happening. I'm sure there's still hope Hillary can turn it around, but I suspect a very deep fear is starting to settle in.

Fear of a landslide.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Is it wrong for me to think Detox Ransome is vastly more beneficial to the republic than anyone at the Dem convention?


Porchlight --

I am going on memory, which could be faulty.

You are of course correct that many of the original hard core Trumpsters argued that he could win and might have even argued that he had a better chance to win, but I seem to recall (and again, this is just memory) that a common response to the electability argument was "I would rather lose with Trump than win with Jeb (or some other despised member of the GOPe.)"

I do not recall one time during the contested primary season encountering anyone here saying "Well, I would prefer some other nominee to Donald Trump, but I am going to vote for him in my primary because I think Trump has the best chance to win in November."

But we are where we are. No real point in going back over the arguments of the past. I was just responding to Ig's point that the #neverTrumpers (clearly a shrinking group) are not interested in winning this election.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Love it RG.

It won't be up long.

Heh, Drudge had to photoshop Hillary to make her presentable.

DNC-Do Not Care.

Downticket dismay, RG.

Beasts of England

Still going with 'Trumpsters', huh, Theo? Perhaps you should park that moniker...

And yes, there were people here and elsewhere who voted for Trump because they thought he was the best candidate and had the best chance to win the primary and general elections.


From Drudge, storms and flash floods for Philly today /tonight. The Gods are angry, lightning could strike as the Omen introduces Red Broomstick.



I have a sister who is married to a die-hard Democrat. She is the odd duck in their family as all the kids are also progs. I like to think she is the more level headed.

My BIL's behavior suggests that Dems are worried that they have really screwed the pooch by buying into the Shrillary coronation.

If Trump does pull off the landslide, Thanksgiving dinner will be VERY interesting.

I will do my best not to gloat:)


Lurker Susie linked this at 10:36 am. Wanted to re-link it because it is really remarkable:


Trump's lead increased more during DNC than it did during RNC. And by lead increasing, I mean total separation. Right-click to see.

Frau Galgenhumor

"The Omen will speak? I hope they don't stuff it into leather pants again."

I hate to tell you, henry, but that was not leather pants: it is her skin! Hillary! promised to tell us about Area 51 but she won't.

I should denounce myself for such snark but rse's evidence of what is happening around us requires a yuuuge swig of gallow's humor.

Recognize anyone?

Search for the facies of those with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


How to tell Theo from Appalled:

1. Theo proofreads his stuff. Appalled...not so much.

2. Theo says Rodham, Appalled says Hillary.

3. Appalled is more likely to make wise-ass remarks. Theo tends towards elegant phrasing Appalled is often jealous of.

4. Theo tends to focus on electability. Appalled is just appalled there is a good chance Trump will be President.

5. Appalled supports the Braves. I'm sure Theo does not.

Always read you, well, when I read.

Hee hee, Appalled; why we love you both.


Serious question for JOMers - does anyone believe, as some of my neverTrump friends do, that any GOP candidate would be doing just as well against Hillary as Trump is doing thus far?

I think that makes me hit the ceiling faster than any other single argument from them, except the one where Trump is secretly trying to win the election for Hillary.


She just settled for $475,000.

Good lord. I'm no lawyer but I'd damn sure add a coupla zeros to the claim and make the judge reduce it on appeal.


Guess Who Else Was An Enabler Of Bill Clinton’s Rape? Donald Trump. (VIDEO)



Q. Why does Wells Fargo Center smell like urine?

A. Julian Assange took a WikiLeak on Hillary's campaign.

Deep, throaty, regurgitation.

It's simply a populist revolt, Porch, and truly, seems more against our free press than anything else.


seems more against our free press than anything else.

We have a "free press"?


Beasts of England

Thank for that tidbit, RattlerGator - it certainly jibes with my tea-leave reading from a few honest blog commenters at lefty sites. And while their comments get shouted down by other commenters, the very idea that they'd a) be willing to see something so contrary to the meme and b) be willing to be ostracized at their safe space, is worthy of note.

Who else could do it?  I'm thinking.

No one else was capable of leading it, and I like to think some of his motivation is the ridicule he received at one of the press lollapaloozas a few years ago.


Appalled has a sense of humor. Theo...not so much.

Salud! Or is it 'Gesundheit'?

Heh, lyle, a mere domestic irony, but I think you'll be amused at its bouquet.

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