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July 19, 2016





one man may have had the power to prevent Donald Trump's accession

Really? Only by becoming a non-journalist like the rest of them.


HST: I told ’em the truth and they thought it was Hell.


Someone had to act to thwart the "elite" "sooper-genius" (as in Wiley Coyote) class that had a Jeb! coronation lined up and had spent their anticipated gold on fattening themselves. The might as well blame David Brooks for being such a douche -- oh right he's one of them. Drudge is the icky guy that got Clinton with the cigar and dress, he's at least as crass (and non MSM) as Trump. Blame him instead of looking in the mirror. Brilliant!


Yes, a birther, like Drudge, could have done wonders for Cruz.

Dave (in MA)

I remember one time when a former coworker walked into my office when I had Drudge Report up on my screen, and he launched into a spittle-filled rant about how "HE'S NOT QUALIFIED!!! HE'S NOT EVEN A JOURNALIST!" If there's a verbal equivalent of !!1ELEVENTY!, he used it. Good times.


http://thefederalist.com/2016/07/18/welcome-to-cleveland-enjoy-the-wake/ from ben domenich.

I have mentioned before that much of the NT angst is from those tied to think tanks who really do want to rule us all as subjects in the name of public policy. Domenich mentions "smart policy actually legalizes and renders accountable those flows." He is immediately referring to immigration, but it is more than that beyond being a very telling sentence.

Jim Geraighty yesterday was writing about how much fun conventions used to be and how he first met Jonah and Robert George. Apparently at the same time so they must be friends beyond george's involvement in all sorts of conservative think tanks and writing about ways to Make Men Moral. I found it quite telling, but then I deal a lot with think tanks who only want to tell part of the story and obscure deliberately the rest.




The amazing thing to me is the absolute insistence to continue underestimating Trump. Andrew Kaczynski underestimates him. In listening to Kristol and Goldberg yesterday, they clearly still do so (and underestimate the American people and our political system, too).

All of this gives Trump tremendous power to continue charging hard. I had a 2.5 hour conversation Sunday with a close political friend and Ted Cruz supporter -- he was in complete denial still. What can you say?

As for the supposed plagiarization "mistake" from last night, this is what I wrote at the end of the last thread:



It was no mistake; they are masterfully trolling the left -- so, shut up, Reince. Let the campaign do its job without you getting in the way.

Dave (in MA)

Did Domenich shed any keen insight into the cribbing from Mooch situation?


The Power of Drudge Report


For porch http://www.eschoolnews.com/2016/07/18/is-the-maker-movement-putting-librarians-at-risk/

JM Hanes

Drudge = the new Koch Bros.

Everything would have been soooo different if he hadn't been responsible for "a staggering 52% of referral traffic to the Associated Press."

Apparently, being "the top traffic referrer to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and other news outlets in 2015," too, doesn't exactly seem to have affected their anti-Trump narratives.

Beasts of England

Cheese makers of the world are making a fortune accompanying all this freshly-produced whine. Go long on whaaaaaambulances, too.

Man Tran

Interesting news in the single chip world. LUN Actually worth reading some of the comments down in the ZH bilge. Rare for me.

Beasts of England

Drudge isn't an idiot. Indeed, you didn't have to be particularly sentient to pick up on the Trump wave. Suffering from cranial-rectal inversion prevented some sooper 'smart' people from seeing the obvious. Still does.

Janet the expert

This is a VERY good video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LhBkrcUu9g



I thought Melania came across as sweet, sincere, and very likeable last night. No wonder the Dems/MSM are in full panic mode over her. She has the potential to be an American Princess Di. Time will tell but I think their petty, bitchy, mean girl attack could really backfire on them with women, because she is so likeable and real.

My other take on last night is that the attacks on Hillary were fierce and relentless, and this is the typical media "look squirrel" behavior.


I saw that yesterday, Man Tran. A different Chinese company bought about half of Opera too ($600 million). They seem to be doing all they can to get money out of the country.


The reason none of those entities could stop Trump is because he is reading the mood of the people while they are either trying to control it, or are walled off from it.

James D

derwill, exactly. That's why the Dems want to tear her down immediately.

And why it's especially appalling that the Tonya Harding wing of the GOP is attacking her as well.

But then again, it shouldn't be a surprise. They did the same thing to Sarah Palin in 2008.



She came across to me as very sweet indeed, but also as an iron lady, maybe even the power behind the throne.


They are even criticizing Melania's outfit! I thought she looked beautiful.
These are the same ones who think everything Michelle wore was SO fashion forward.

Man Tran

Opera! My long time fave browser. Never have fewer than 75 tabs open. It's my stack of stuff pile on the corner of my desk.


Oops! Of course SoftBank is Japanese! *blush*

buccaneer morgan

ah so they've gone completely plastic, the hive mind is nothing but predictable,


I do agree if this speech kerfluffle had not happened, we'd be seeing endless interviews with each and every disgruntled person who walked out.

In the long run, it will be a big bag of wind over nothing. I mean, think about the serious issues that were spoken about last night and THIS is what the lamestream media wants to talk about this morning?

Headlines using such language as "Melania is slapped with charges of plagiarism!" Sort of exposes that mean girl attitude I'd say and what they secretly wanted to do to her!

Beasts of England

The dress was stunning. And appropriate. Never did see her shoes, though. :(


I don't think even Drudge could have stopped Trump, but his support has certainly bolstered the campaign.

Only the silent majority could have stopped him, by telling him to shut up! they were not interested in his message.

James D

Speaking of scum of the Earth, I don't know how, but I got on the email list for The Nation. And here's what they sent me this morning:

Dear Friend of The Nation,

Join The Nation November 12 – 19 as we travel to Cuba to experience the people, politics, culture, and history of the island in a way very few have before. We will spend our days meeting with prominent Cuban professors, government officials, physicians, community activists, farmers, urban planners, business owners, journalists, and artists. Our evenings will be filled with exclusive concerts by renowned musicians, private showings at artists’s studios, and performances by students of Cuba’s internationally acclaimed dance institutes.

We will tour museums with eminent art historians, wander through the artists’s markets of Old Havana, experience the scenic beauty of Pinar del Río province, and savor traditional Cuban food and spirits at the island’s finest restaurants and organic farms.

We will be accompanied throughout the week by Cuba expert Katrin Hansing. Katrin is the former associate director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University in Miami and is currently Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Baruch College (CUNY). As an anthropologist she has spent the last thirteen years conducting research in the Caribbean (especially Cuba). Dr. Hansing received her Ph.D. from the University of Oxford and is the author of numerous publications including the book Rasta, Race, and Revolution: The Emergence and Development of the Rastafari Movement in Socialist Cuba.

In addition, our host will be Charles Bittner. Charles is The Nation’s long serving academic liaison and teaches in the department of sociology at St. John’s University in New York. He’s arranged and directed seven previous Nation trips to Cuba. We will also be escorted by an extremely knowledgeable bilingual Cuban tour guide.

The all-inclusive cost of this weeklong tour is $5,585 / $5,990 per person (double/single occupancy) and includes round-trip chartered airfare from Tampa to Havana, six nights at the four-star NH Capri Hotel de Habana, one evening at a private guesthouse in Viñales, airport transfers, health and evacuation insurance, Cuban visas, all ground transportation within Cuba, guided tours, seminars, lectures, entrance to Cuba’s preeminent museums and attractions, several private music concerts, dance performances, almost all your meals, including libations, and other captivating activities and events.



The experience of the past year is people saying "Ha ha! Now we've got that Trump fellow where we want him!", and yet, Trump powering his way to the nomination. So, pardon me for being skeptical of an analysis like this. Drudge is a factor -- but he wasn't the one giving loads of free time to Trump on CNN and Fox, or encouraging talk hosts like Liabaugh and Hannity to give their seal of approval to Trump.

There have been multiple occasions when Trump might have failed, even after the Indiana primary. But he always seems to adapt, doesn't he?

I don't like Trump's version of conservatism. I didn't like it when it was Pat Buchanan's (or Ross Perot's). His rhetoric -- well, my handle suggests what I think of it. But it is time for the journalists to take Trump's rhetoric and ideology as seriously as around 48% of the electorate. Otherwise, they will continue to miss the story as they pursue alternate history musings about the recent past.


I reject your thesis because Occam's Razor.
I don't go for wheels within wheels, I go for simple and obvious, even self-evident.
Posted by: cheerleader | July 19, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Cheerleader, I think you've done precisely the opposite.

The simplest, cleanest explanation -- the one that requires the fewest assumptions -- is the one that says everything in that speech was purposeful and known. Your theory requires the campaign to have been duped by some double-agent type and to not have recognized a paragraph or two remarkably similar to a speech from Michelle Obama given under the exact same circumstances.

No. They are trolling. Masterfully so. It must drive the NeverTrump people crazy, right? No discussion about the supposed, obviously manufactured "chaos" revolving around them. No, it's all about the beautiful Melania.

Go 'head wit ya bad self, Donald Trump, go 'head !!!


Commies gotta commie, James.

buccaneer morgan

you have to look at it from kazynski's side, he's part of the journolist, a st. john's grad who learned nothing of ethics, but they set the agenda,
he actually practiced some random bits of journalism, in support of carson, in the primanry

Does it smart enough yet?

EB, I always read 'smart' as the sensation from the crack of a whip on human flesh.


The way they were successful against Palin is that they mocked her and everything she stood for. This is different--it's very much a "mean girls" bitchy type of attack. And it could blow back against them, in the first place because everybody knows she didn't write the speech herself, so the attack on her comes across as unfair. But also it arouses feelings in men of protectiveness, and with any women who's ever been the recipient of a bitch attack (which is most of us), we identify with her, not her bully attackers.

Yankee Ooda Dandy.

Heh, a false plag operation.

Beasts of England

I'm with RattlerGator in case he didn't see my reply in the last thread. 16-dimensional chess is my hope. After all, they're not talking about the attempted delegate revolt - they're talking about a nothing burger of alleged plagiarism.

Captain Hate

Admit it James; you have a secret crush on Katranny van den Trustfund.

buccaneer morgan

it was what six years ago, when we first heard his perorations against rompuy, and the other oligarchs,


Captain Hate

When does Oz Geist speak? I wish he'd confront Tweety so that he'd cower behind that little Maddow fella.


appalled, I don't think Trump has a conservative "brand"--which is why so much of the GOP establishment and the self-identified conservative pundits are so against him. If I had to label him, I would say he's a cross between a populist and a nationalist. But in many ways, I think he defies labels, probably because he's not a politician.

Dave (in MA)

Last night, CH. You were too busy watching electric cello music. ;)

buccaneer morgan

yes it was a jayvee second alternate,


Wouldn't you?

Nigel lies low.

Dave (in MA)

I'm sure you can see it on Youtube or someplace.

TBH, I think Geist would probably have performed better without Tiegen there on stage with him. Their bouncing back and forth to tell the story of Benghazi was a little awkward.

Beasts of England

False plag operation.

{ { { golf clap } } }



Melania is pure gold, a huge asset to the campaign. Her first speech was a huge moment in the campaign. The expectancy was great.

You may think that he is preoccupied by the crybaby poor losers, but why should he be? They've already lost, they can't hurt him, so why would he be preoccupied by whatever they do or say or wherever they say it. He's got bigger things to think about and achieve, and better ways to counteract their nonsense.

For him to deliberately undermine both his most golden asset and a huge campaign moment in order to counteract a bunch of impotent whiney gnats would have been foolish beyond words, like trading gold for dust.

Captain Hate

Yes I was, Dave.

More evidence for Lurch to claim to Tapper that Douche is losing:



Hee, hee, B.

buccaneer morgan

they really are going strigoi,


Dave (in MA)

I think anybody claiming that Trump has been making all these 3-D political chess moves is living in a fantasy world. He's just riding the fed-up wave.


The similarity between what happened to Palin and what happened to Melania, is that they both had enemies who were wearing sheep's clothing and working with them.

Lurker Susie


Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch – Verified account ‏@DLoesch

I just want to point out that @elizabethforma plagiarized an entire ethnicity and she’s in the running to be Hillary’s VP.
8:19 AM - 19 Jul 2016


Exactly Dave.

Occam's Razor.

buccaneer morgan

maybe it works better here,

Dave (in MA)



Tiegen and Geist.

Presentation-wise, I got more out of Luttrell and Flynn, and Mrs. Smith, of course. And I agree with Gerry Callahan that going on O'Reilly and jabbering over Mrs. Smith's speech was a worse crank-stepping move than having Barron's mama read some cliches that Mooch already used.

Lurker Susie

We all can use some humor

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO – ‏@CatchEmAlI

WHOEVER MADE THIS EDIT DESERVES AN AWARD 😩😂😭 https://amp.twimg.com/v/c6659e27-36e4-4150-a128-7f8cd9acb531

Oops, now I wanna reread that book.

I dunno, Cl; it would be nice to see it geschribben in Slovenian, plagiarized by Michelle's speechwriter. But that is a fantasy too far.

Fortunately, the wave of populism and nationalism is giving him opportunity to jawbone the Press. Sure, not all of his moves are deliberate, but this is the Ninth Wave.

Beasts of England

And speaking of crybaby poor losers, I just saw a clip from Kendall Ulruh (sp?) from one of the free the delegate campaigns, and she said that they would demand a formal roll call of the nominating votes because the RNC wouldn't deliver a fair count. Got that?

Who do these [redacted] think they are? She was nearly in tears when she delivered that line. They also interviewed one of her co-conspirators (and fellow convention delegates) who also said that she'd never vote for Trump because he wasn't a Republican. Whaaaaaaaa!!


Lurker Susie,

That sounded like Hillary plagiarizing Trump.



You have a point, but I did't feel like getting into it with others about whether Trump is a Conservative or not. "Not really a Conservative; not really a Republican" have been lines used against Trump to no effect whatsoever. Given the way he is being embraced by rank and file Conservative, we may be seeing a major change in the definition of what constitutes "Right".

These are core issues, and not just for me.

Well, he's no fool on climate, and capable of learning about education.

Knocked out to lunch.

Heh, Appalled, An Extraordinary Press Delusion and a Madness of the Heard.

Beasts of England

Okie doke. Keep misunderestimating Trump. This may be his first campaign rodeo, but if you don't think that a major developer doesn't know how to tug the political marionettes, then so be it.

Janet the expert

Tiegen and Geist.

Thanks for that link, Dave.


BoE, I did read that comment of yours and meant to explicitly agree with you in my comment.

Cheerleader, let me ask you this. Without that supposed controversy this morning -- don't you think the NeverTrump people are getting *much* more play this morning regarding CHAOS at the Republican convention?

You're writing as if the complaint, the inclusion of two similar paragraphs, removed some shine from Melania. It didn't. Not one bit. In fact, it's a huge plus. Far more people will now have seen some of her speech than actually viewed the speech.

That's an absolute win for the Trump campaign.

Dave, I hear you. But Trump isn't simply riding a fed up wave. No, he probably isn't maneuvering *all* of this and he clearly is benefiting from from some serendipity BUT if you haven't noticed how strategically he has trolled the left, you're just not paying attention.

It takes a village to raze a Mama.

Also, Cl, re Palin et Melania, there are a lot of independent women who see exactly what happened and know what vicious sexism it represents.

Beasts of England

Agreed, ===. He's on the correct side of the climate scam and that's a yuge issue. He's no dummy.

Dave (in MA)

RG, it's more Calvinball than 3D Chess.

Janet the expert

THis that daddy wrote really gets me -

Says they were flown out by a Libyan C-130 by Libyan pilots, not by an American plane or American pilots, and the point they are making is not lost on the audience.

Posted by: daddy

In the movie that moment is something too.

We didn't try to help them AT ALL.
When it all began...our leaders had no idea how long the battle would continue.
It's a disgrace that we didn't try to save them.


How to figure out whether cheerleader or Rattlegator is right:

Does the Trump campaign find the person responsible for the borrowing from Michelle's speech, and fire them loudly and pubicly, or does the whole thing just sort of go away?

Big public firing -- advantage, cheerleader,
Quiet fade from the scene -- advantage, Rattlegator.

buccaneer morgan

this is why it's important to have garmin or waze before you go anywhere,



Except I got an email today kim from heritage bragging about having briefed the trump campaign within the last month. No wonder the campaign rhetoric rang so familiar and false. Same email cited good 'conservatives' without any scare quotes like Ted Cruz and Ben sasse. Now those are the misbehaving delegates of one and the other is a never trumper and they are the ones with the right ideas and trump is letting heritage today brag in fundraising about briefing him.

Yes so he parrots the ideas of those who refuse to support him?

I am reading the blueprint for reform as we speak. http://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/2016/BlueprintforReform.pdf It's for the next admin in 2017.

Heritage wants to control the dialogue of what constitutes conservatism and is as bad as the left of deploring anyone that has facts to contradict their narrative.



I saw a clip like that yesterday, after they tried the roll call gambit and it didn't work. Are they going to try it again?

Dave (in MA)

"Fauxcahontas plagiarized an entire ethnic identity, but that doesn't stop the Pajama Boy side of the aisle from getting moist about the possibility of her setting up her next tee-pee at One Observatory Circle."

There. I just plagiarized a bit of Susie's Dana Loesch's tweet at my hometown facebook opinion page; we'll see what happens next. ;)

WUWT with Ban Ki-Moon's regretting Germany and Great Britain coming to their senses, a little.

He's vulnerable from some of his statements, though, for instance the bit about the exaggeration and shakedown coming from China, even though he's right.

I used to ask if Maurice Strong was in China rightly advising them or being advised of his rights.

China covered their chagrin at the failure of the guilt-ridden developed West at Copenhagen by pretending outrage at the neo-colonial maneuverings of one Obama. They are still dragging out the shakedown to the best of their ability.

I've also long wondered if they haven't already figured out that mild global warming is good for the Middle Kingdom, and that catastrophes are not in the anthropogenic future.

It's a failing vacuum tube deep in the machine's locus ceruleus.  Irreplaceable, though wizards work.

Dang, 'failure of the shakedown of the guilt-ridden developed West'. That's twice I've made the same mistake in nearly identical prose. You would think I'm merely transcribing from flawed copy.



Did your last post say that the dissenters at the convention are the good guys and that Trump is now being controlled by Heritage who are the bad guys?

Just trying to understand what you're saying.

Pockets for Pillions in Pennies.

Yikes, Robin. A Pence for your thoughts.

The lane is very dirty and my shoes are very thin.
I've got a little pocket to put a penny in.
If you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do,
If you haven't got a ha'penny, may God bless you.

H/t Old English Hallowed Eve's tune, for the chirrun.


He started being briefed by Heritage and such after Corey was fired.


Thanks, rse. I hate the "maker movement" and I think it's a huge mistake to go down that rabbit hole, which my organization is eagerly diving into as I speak.

ANYONE on campus can host/manage a computer or "maker" lab. NOT ANYONE on campus can curate collections of monographs, serials, maps, rare books, and archival materials.

Librarians should play to their strengths and not be pawns in this game of university bureaucrats greedily snapping up prime campus real estate.

H/t EB.

Picking the minds of the schoolchildren. A pocketful of collectivist purpose.

buccaneer morgan

which may explain his current reactions re this kerfluffle,


Beasts of England

Yes, cheerleader, for the actual nominating vote. It's sickening.

Yes, Virginia, there is a big bad wolf.

The Pied Piper gets paid even though he fed the rats, and he steals the children, too.

buccaneer morgan

I saw the movie hoax, it's extraordinary how he still survives, like the insects in damnation alley


you can't really reduce carbon emissions people, that's the main thing about energy production,


cheerleader-I am saying that heritage is thumping ideas of cruz and sasse who clearly do not support trump and simultaneously bragging that the trump campaign is looking to them for its ideas.

Very troubling and precisely what I was worried about when moore was such a loud supporter. He wanted trump's campaign to listen to him and that appears to be what is happening according to heritage and what I am hearing on the issues I know well.

I listened to mike less yesterday while I fought off whatever crud my kids have brought home. His disingenuousness can only be described as smarmy, but heritage adores him.

Trump needs to be very careful about listening to any of these think tanks.


The dress was stunning. And appropriate. Never did see her shoes, though. :(

Posted by: Beasts of England | July 19, 2016 at 11:18 AM


As I said this morning---that rear shot (shot of her rear) sealed the heterosexual male vote. And her hair may get the gay vote as well.

(No disrespect whatsoever to Beast's intellectual abilities and political acumen.)


Mike Lee.

And the touting of cruz and sasse and their ideas was by name. That's why I have said if they do not wise up they will be pushing the same ed policy as hillary and the nea under different names and rationales, but with the same goal lines when the duplicity is stripped away.

buccaneer morgan

that fact the spew had the requisite reaction, suggests she's right on target,



I was reading today about driverless buses, and wondering how a driverless bus would deal with unruly passengers and many more things human drivers do.

buccaneer morgan

so they're trying le midnight cowboy gambit, as the designated squirrel!

Janet the expert

on FB

Evan Sayet
1 hr ·

This says all you need to know. Speaking at the Republican convention is the mother of an American hero killed in Benghazi. Speaking at the Democratic Party convention is the mother of Michael Brown, a drug addled, career thug who died trying to murder a cop. To the Republicans, our soldiers and cops are heroes. To the Democrats, those who try to -- or better yet succeed in -- killing cops are heroes.

Dave (in MA)

buccaneer morgan, there was some backslapping here about how my employers' software was used in detecting the VW cheat. I'm almost certain it was used to implement the cheat as well, but we won't go there; I need to eat.

Captain Hate

Tiegen and Geist.

Thanks for that link, Dave

Yeah I just watched it and it makes Geist's ad even more effective.

Captain Hate

A party that has the mother of Saint Swisher speak at their convention exists by pandering to trash.

Beasts of England

lol, anonamom!!

buccaneer morgan

was it, how about that,

they really want to tear down technology for the plebes, they want the knowledge for themselves,

buccaneer morgan

I allude to Spock's Brain, as reference,

the consequences of this mind arson, is to encourage more dysfunctional behavior, that does not enure to the wellbeing of any community,

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