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July 12, 2016


buccaneer morgan

well it's good to know he has a hobby,



He could put his favorite phrase under that picture

"It's not who we are"

Ha! L-Susie:) BTW, you been fishing lately?

buccaneer morgan

one thing, about silva's latest, which borrows certain elements from vince flynn's earlier work, is it reminds me of clive owen's narration in inside man, he plays a supposed bank robber who narrates the film, at the beginning, but tells us to carefully listen, meaning all is not as it seems,


point taken, tk, but here's the thing, in romans 14, paul tells us not to argue over debatable things, that are not pertinent, to the larger goal.

Who gets to decide what is pertinent?

Are you allowed to debate their findings?

Lurker Susie


Jon Passantino
Jon Passantino – Verified account ‏@passantino

Trump just come out on stage to "highway to hell?"
5:38 PM - 12 Jul 2016


"America's Top Spy James Clapper: 'I Made a Mistake But I Did Not Lie'

Geo Will. She Broke the Rules but she did not break the Law

Hillary: "I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement,"

There's got to be some way I can work these recurring lies/mistakes/rules/misspeaks/ into a sort or recurring Mobius Strip.


"I recognize now my honorable colleague, Fry from the great State of Alaska, for the next 3 hours. You have the forest floor, Sir!

Just practicing for when I win the Election:)

Lurker Susie


you been fishing lately?

Yes! I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


You're welcome to try but be forewarned, he does not SOB.


buccaneer morgan

some things that are so obvious yet are not said,


of course the hypocrisy that we are a settler state, and it would as if we said mexico could have claim on our territories, oops we already do, kind of,

Miss Marple 2

I would support Fry for VP!

Bedtime - night everyone!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Clapper didn't break the law daddy, he merely committed a slight breach of etiquette, like Schwartz did when he went straight to the triple dog dare.

buccaneer morgan

here's milbargevich and fitzhumerov,


buccaneer morgan

I didn't make it up, when I wrote my post on doc 17, I wondered what were the odd notations, that blocked certain bits of information, they led me here,



you been fishing lately?

Yes! I will leave the rest to your imagination.


*Just as the Flounders intended:)



Are there transparent flounders? :)

Not that titties are that important to me. Nope. Never.

Texas Liberty Gal

buccaneer morgan - Have you already read Silva's latest book? It just came out today didn't it? I just started it tonight.

buccaneer morgan

mostly, it really draws you in,


buccaneer morgan

this is the (redacted) garbage that viacom spews out, is sumner redstone too senile to see this,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How come none of those girls caught sardines?


Iggy, I'd settle for Delta smelt.

buccaneer morgan

a very profound rejoinder, to a performance 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, told by an idiot,


it is now if it was ever in doubt, a war on police, perhaps an guerilla insurgency like what used to see in northern ireland,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wouldn't that get you a jail term, doc?
Now if they were Top Secret Delta Smelt you could presumably grossly negligently use them as a brassiere but even then you might have to be Hillary to get away with it.
Oops just gave myself the dry heaves...

Dave (in MA)

He who smelt it dealt it.


That is funny, Ig!

I'm not prepared to debate God.

I don't know if he weighed in on Snopes and Obama, though.



Wouldn't that get you a jail term, doc?

Undoubtedly. There are lots of other things that could throw me into jail. For example, NIH requires me to have porn filters on my routers. I don't even know how to do that.

buccaneer morgan

too much crimethink going on,



Anchovie pasties. 😎

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Funny stuff guys.


Not funny like a clown.

JATCI was clever enough to make me chuckle approvingly.

buccaneer morgan

yikes, the one with the baby shark,


Anchovie pasties.

Seriously (ahem!) -- does anyone else love anchovy paste? I use it a lot, especially when tomatoes are in season. Sourdough bread, good cream cheese, fresh tomatoes, and anchovy paste.

Or is that just one my weird things, like blutwurst?


DrJ, you and my wife would get along famously.

Sorry for the bad blood between us. I have appreciated so many of you posts.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I took a look at Bing and apparently "anchovie pasties" are not a thing.
Maybe it's a private Idaho phenomenon?

Time to snooze.




I'll close with this post. This is Horowitz messing around, before playing the Scriabin Etude in C-Sharp Minor Op 2 No. 1:


The woman in the clip is Wanda Toscanini (yes, that Toscanini) who was his wife. It is no wonder he had a breakdown in the 60s.

buccaneer morgan

how much more kerosene is he putting on the fire,


buccaneer morgan

yes, she seems a might verklempt,

Some of you watched with amusement as I endorsed Hillary Clinton for my personal safety. What you might not know is that I was completely serious. I was getting a lot of direct and indirect death threats for writing about Trump’s powers of persuasion, and I made all of that go away by endorsing Clinton. People don’t care why I am on their side. They only care that I am.

You might have found it funny that I endorsed Clinton for my personal safety. But it was only funny by coincidence. I did it for personal safety, and apparently it is working. Where I live, in California, it is not safe to be seen as supportive of anything Trump says or does. So I fixed that.

Again, I’m completely serious about the safety issue. Writing about Trump ended my speaking career, and has already reduced my income by about 40%, as far as I can tell. But I’m in less physical danger than I was.


buccaneer morgan

yes, no kidding,


Old, forgotten, far off wands and music long ago.

My music teacher made a point of remarking at the death of Toscanini and played some of his stuff for us.

Bonds away.

ASJ in Tokio.

buccaneer morgan

so we have mosques in two possibly three cities involved in this brouhaha,


In local news, Anchorage Policemen shot a robber to death tonight, but since he's the wrong color you'll never see it on the National News.

...the man came at one of the officers with a hatchet. In response, two officers fired their weapons...

In other news, apparently our new Senator Dan Sullivan, originally from Cleveland, is being considered to give the Keynote Address at the Republican Convention: Sen. Dan Sullivan: A surprising choice for GOP's keynote address?

I think you guys might like him: "The overreach of the federal government, federal overreach, over regulation, (is a) big big issue for us. I was attorney general in Alaska," Sullivan said in the February interview. "I'd like to say I probably sued the Obama administration on a lot of these overreach issues, probably more than any other AG, with probably the exception of the Texas attorney general."

Hope I'm able to make him "The Senior Senator from the Great State of Alaska" come November:)


I made an error yesterday.

I suggested that Loretta Lynchwas in essence telling the Republicans on the committee...."FU".

I was wrong.

She was telling the American public "FU"

I will try to do better in the future.

Janet the expert

from last year -

from Ace of Spades HQ 7-11-2015 -
"First of all, let's take Obama. What is he? By temperament and training, he is a community organizer. The thing is, that's one of those terms that sounds self explanatory but really it's not, in fact it means the opposite of what it seems to mean. The term "community organizer" was coined by Saul Alinsky to describe the people who he envisioned would destabilize society. The last thing an Alinskyite wants is for a community to be organized. An organized community is functioning smoothly, all of its parts meshing seamlessly. An organized community has no need for, nor desire for, an Alinskyite. No, the job of one of Alinsky's community organizers is to destabilize a community, to disorganize it. It is only when a community becomes disorganized that the politics of division can thrive and it is divided communities that are the end goal of Alinsky's disciples. Only when a community has been fatally divided against itself is it ripe for tearing down, to be replaced by a communal Utopia. Sowing this division is all Obama has done all his entire adult life. It is quite literally all he knows."

Janet the expert

but tells us to carefully listen, meaning all is not as it seems, - narciso

Hillary: "I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement," - daddy

Maybe Hillary is right! - "White Americans need to do a better job of listening".

Janet the expert

Some laws MUST be obeyed - Washington, D.C. on track to make $148 million from traffic tickets this year


Why do people have to obey THESE laws?
Why are there enforced consequences for breaking these laws?

Some individuals & groups get to break laws:
*citizens of other countries in America illegally
*Hillary Clinton
*Dem/Progressive activists, rioters, & protesters
But NOT YOU.....& not these drivers in DC.

Middle Americans - of all races & ethnicities - are expected to obey ALL laws while 'activists' are allowed to block roads, vandalize fraternity houses & businesses, & harass the police. Citizens of other countries that are here illegally get to break our laws & are rewarded for breaking our laws.
And Hillary Clinton?...well, she gets to do whatever she wants. Pass around classified info, set up a private computer system, doesn't archive info, lie to Congress,....it doesn't matter. You would be fired or brought up on charges....but not her.


Janet,the daughter told me she was stopped talking on her phone while driving in D.C. The fine was $120. :(

Janet the expert

Yeah, Marlene. Why should she have to pay that fine? Why can't your daughter be excused by James Comey? Maybe Obama could sign some 'Dreamdriver' executive order?
Why not?

Beasts of England

Sorry I'm late in replying, Another Bob, I've been busy with my fishing lessons...

James D

Janet, it's even worse than you say.

It's not just that middle Americans are expected to obey all laws, they're expected to obey them even when they're not aware of them - with hundreds of new criminal laws passed every year, many not requiring criminal intent or even knowledge that there WAS a law.

At the same time, the people who write the laws, and the people who enforce them, are not required or even expected to know or understand the laws they write/enforce.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!


Read this whole article but am still not sure of what the point of this game is. I believe from the illustrations that the characters are superimposed on actual sites, but this might be my misunderstanding.

I offer this bit of explanation from the article as an example of why this particular craze is going to pass me by:

"You quickly learn that you will be shoving lots of extra Pokémon into the meat grinder for candy, once you start amassing a lot of low level duplicates. Once you have a max evolution version of a Pokémon, it seems like you’d want to just upgrade that and not look back. But, for some of the most common Pokémon near you, they can be a bonus source of significant XP. Say you evolved your Rattata into a Raticate but you keep finding eight zillion Rattatas. Well, save a few, and use all that candy (and zero stardust) to evolve them for 500 XP a pop. There are probably only a handful of Pokémon that you will find this often, but trust me, this is a great use of extra candy which costs you nothing of significance and will really help with leveling. Bonus trick: Save up a number of these XP evolutions to pair them with a lucky egg which will get you 1000 XP for even a 12 candy Pidgey evolution."

Got that? (You can imagine my eyes going around like pinwheels.)



And when you point out how absurd it is to the enforcers, the responce is FU.



pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Has a single penny of this money helped provide healthcare to anyone.


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Now we learn the word of the day.

"This is perhaps the most concise summary of Democratic nincompoopery ever spoken."


Lurker Susie

Good news for Trump

Byron York
Byron York – Verified account ‏@ByronYork

Q poll question: The old way of doing things no longer works and we need radical change. Strongly/somewhat agree: FL 71 OH 73 PA 72.
4:11 AM - 13 Jul 2016

Lurker Susie

vcutrader ‏@vcutrader
New Q-Poll - DT leading all!
FL: Trump 41, HC 36, Johnson 7
OH: Trump 36, HC 35, Johnson 7
PA: Trump 40, HC 34, Johnson 9

Captain Hate

Zuckerberg loves Uncle Jack:



The bitter Bernie supporters might take a look at Gary Johnson. A devastated Bernie supporter in Maine said he is betrayed,because Bernie promised to go all the way to the convention.

Captain Hate

Bernie heard about the guy killed in the weightlifting "accident" and the MFM's lack of interest and figured it would be in his interest to not pose a threat to Uncle Jack.

Jack is Back!

Isn't Pokemon Go a back door for Google to steal your iPhone life data?

That's what I am hearing.

Miss Marple 2


This is going to be a different convention, that's for sure! HA!

Lurker Susie

Oh, police can't figure out why he shot at the house

Man Wearing "F--- the police" Shirt Fires Shots at IMPD's Officer's House | 93.1 WIBC


Old Lurker

So I am happy to see several news sources are reporting that Trump is criticizing Ginsberg for trashing him in public...even McConnell and Ryan have joined in it.

So would it be too hard for any of them to do the homework Frau did here yesterday by citing the specific section in the rules of judicial conduct that prohibits what she did?

I mean it really is a clear cut example, yet once more, where the rules just do not apply to the Left.

Is that not what this entire election is about?

Old Lurker

WSJ says Trumps wants an attack dog skilled in hand to hand combat on the political field for VP.

Does that not signal Gingrich over Pence?

buccaneer morgan

Its a mystery, so why is the Louisiana mb (icna) mosque leader, at the memorial.

Miss Marple 2

Lots of stuff going on. I see Rob Portman got dumped into the VP rumor hopper last night.

I personally think what we are seeing is a lot of potential cabinet members. Gingrich was talking about rolling out some cabinet choices at the convention several weeks ago.

Miss Marple 2

Rumor stuff, but what the heck, it's interesting:


jimmyk on iPhone

I saw a newspaper story, maybe linked here yesterday, saying that the rules don't apply to SC justices, though they customarily abide by them. Isn't that just typical? The story contrasted what happened to Guido Calabresi when he made some anti-Bush comment many years ago.


From my vantage point in GA, I don't remember specifics, but have a favorable opinion of Pence's time in the House. I think he challenged Boehner for a leadership position at some point and lost, and in hindsight we lost too.

Beasts of England

Rules of Judicial Conduct do not apply to SCOTUS, according to Althouse.

jimmyk on iPhone

Forgot to mention I saw Steve Moore being interviewed the other night--he's apparently helping Trump craft a tax policy. The good part was the cuts in business taxes, especially the corporate income tax. But when the interviewer asked "How are you going to pay for it?", Moore gave the wrong answer. Instead of saying that the CIT doesn't raise all that much revenue, and we'll pay for it by cutting spending, he mumbled something about raising taxes on rich people. Sigh. Why do we need Democrats?

Captain Hate

Article V could turn Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg and friends into a DC night court.

Miss Marple 2

Mark Halperin has photos of Trump entering the Indiana governor's mansion this morning.

Also there are Ivanka and Jared.

Miss Marple 2


Man Tran


You are observing the same disconnect that VDH writes about on the left coast. For him it was the speeding ticket on the way to Palo Alto while the illegals strip the wire from the streetlights back in Fresno.

My test for when it's all over: when the meter maids are shot for writing those parking tickets. The system collapses.


Except for 2008, IN usually votes for the R nominee, but there's a sizable unaffiliated sector.

buccaneer morgan

Lurked just tipped me off to pence.


new thread

Janet the expert

So would it be too hard for any of them to do the homework Frau did here yesterday by citing the specific section in the rules of judicial conduct that prohibits what she did?

Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Ginsburg!

Code of conduct for Unitd States judges:

Canon 5: A Judge Should Refrain from Political Activity

(A) General Prohibitions. A judge should not:

(1) act as a leader or hold any office in a political organization;

(2) make speeches for a political organization or candidate, or publicly endorse or oppose a candidate for public office; or

(3) solicit funds for, pay an assessment to, or make a contribution to a political organization or candidate, or attend or purchase a ticket for a dinner or other event sponsored by a political organization or candidate.

All supreme court justices are equal but some are more equal than others.

Posted by: Frau ich verstehe die Welt nicht mehr

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