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July 12, 2016



The Panel says Obama did well, much like a Preacher, but that Dallas Police Chief Brown did wonderful. I missed the Chief's speech.

Shannon plays the clip of Obama today saying the following:

(Obama: We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer or even a book.")

Me: I notice that there is some crowd applause at that line, but the 4 Officers sitting immediately behind Obama absolutely do not applaud at all. Zero support for that comment.

Shannon: George, your reaction?

George Will: It's an exaggeration. The President has a metabolic urge to talk about Gun Control, and I sort of forgive him that on an occasion like this. I don't think that kind of hyperbole is helpful.

Me: Nice job George, excusing Obama for not letting a crisis go to waste. I've got a metabolic urge to punch your f#$%^&* lights out.

Laura Ingraham: First of all, it's verifiably untrue. He says something that is verifiably untrue and it has no relation at all to what happened. This was a Military trained expert at Combat and he went in there knowing what he was going to do. He wasn't a teenager, he wasn't just some kid kicking around who decides I'm going to get a 9 Millimeter or something. That ruined much of the speech for me because you don't have to get political. This is not a day to be political if you're up there on that stage. So I'm glad he quoted Chief Brown saying "We're asking Police to do way too much in this country. There's not Parents and Spiritual Counselors and finding stray dogs," that was good, but the Gun Control thing was a Pavlovian response---he has to go there.

Charles lane: I agree with both of you that that was a strange exaggeration, and not true, but the broader point is that we ask Police to go into situations where everybodies armed too often, and indeed what happened in Dallas could have ben much worse, given that some of the people in the Protest were Parading, carrying weapons, which is strangely "Legal."

Laura: Why is it strange?

Lane: Because it shouldn't be.

Laura: According to whom?

Lane According to me, and a lot of other...

Laura: OK, (laughing) Well I just love it.

Lane: It could have made things catastrophically worse.

Laura: Or someone could have taken him out.

Shannon changes the subject.


Why do they hate FL

It's mine

Jack is Back! (As Mr. Fixit)

Charles Land,

Idiot left wing asshole of the year. And did it in public. Congrats, Charles.


ABC just announced that at 8 o'clock this thursday on tv and radio they will host "The President and the People"--a national conversation on race and policing where people can ask the President their questions.


Lurker Susie


Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta – Verified account ‏@Acosta

Source familiar with Trump VP selection process says Pence vetting came back "completely clean and that mattered"

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

If you were in charge of certain classified material and you exposed that material to someone who demonstrated a total lack of interest in safeguarding any classified, wouldn't that get you in Trouble?


IMO, this is insane. The woman should never be allowed access to any classified material.

Lurker Susie

I'm surprised the amount was so low.

Monica Crowley
Monica Crowley – Verified account ‏@MonicaCrowley

Least surprising headline of the day. RT "Obama Mentions Himself 45 Times During Memorial Speech For Dallas Cops" http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/12/obama-mentions-himself-45-times-during-memorial-speech-for-dallas-officers/

buccaneer morgan

that is low for zaphod, General McGoo doesn't surprise,

Miss Marple 2

Lurker Susie,

That doesn't surprise me. He IS squeaaky clean as far as donors, scandals, girlfriends, money, etc. Believe me, if the Indiana dems could have found something we would have heard about it.

His big flaw was the RFRA thing and his disastrous appearance on one of the talk shows defending it.

The consternation about it in Indiana depressed his support, both from the left (gays insulted) and from the right (re-doing RFRA left us with a protected LBGT class).

However, given the transgender uproar, maybe his stance on RFRA isn't as damaging as it would have been 2 years ago.

buccaneer morgan

the true pundit folks based on anonymous sources, say noor is back in jordan,


rse, a reality tv "conversation" on race? Hmmm. Will it be like diversity training where admission of white privilege guilt is all certain folks are allowed to say?


MissM -what the heck, please, is RFRA?

Free James D!

Rse @ 7:16

Oh, dear God.

They're preempting Battlebots to present an hour of lies, propaganda and divisive rhetoric from one of the most vile human beings on the planet?

Free James D!

It's an exaggeration. The President has a metabolic urge to talk about Gun Control, and I sort of forgive him that on an occasion like this. I don't think that kind of hyperbole is helpful.

George a Will can just STFU once and for all. What a pathetic little man he is.


On the next topic Laura does a nice continuing job of smacking down Charles Lane. Lane's 'afraidiness' of laura reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George Constanza admits to Jerry he's afraid of Elaine:

Now Shannon brings up AG Loretta Lynch and her 74 times today she refuses to answer questions. Plays a couple clips of Lynch's refusal to answer in today's questioning.

Shannon: George, she basically did not answer these questions today, kept referring back to FBI Director Comey. Does this make any difference for Hillary Clinton politically or anyone else?

Will: Probably not. I think what the country was listening for amid all this blizzard of stuff about servers and rules, was did she break rules or did she break the law? And once they were assured it was just Rules I think they may have tuned out but the man who really lost today was Comey, who was looking for someone to come in and say "Yes he said something, and it's a defensible position, and I as someone who was a former Prosecutor agree with him." but she wouldn't say that. Instead she said, in effect, I recused myself long ago, by saying whatever the FBO says I will embrace.

Laura doesn't got a chance to comment.

Marie Osmond: Hi, I'm Marie Osmond and I lost 52 pounds using this product and...


I'm so sick of this I'm heading to the gym and to put in my application for running for US Senator from the Great State of Alaska.


Oops, Lous just did the Ruth Bader Ginsburg business about damning Trump publicly and as a result of that violation of Judicial ethics and guidelines Lou finishes by saying this:

"And with that Justice Ginsburg has assured that our 3 branches of government are co-equal, at least in the disregard of the American People."

Did I say Senator? I meant Congressman.

buccaneer morgan

religious freedom restoration act, the talisman against soros lawfare, against people of faith,

Miss Marple 2



Of course, he's not "really representative of the movement." Said by a Muslim guy who is a member.


Captain Hate

giving sherman's scurrilous scribblings any validity as well as considering stelter, a legendary fool, wise are among the larger offenses,

The more I see of this, the more I realize that Carlson and the rest of the nags are lacking one iota of hard evidence that proves anything happened. Rupert's two brats can die in a fire asap.


Thanks, narciso!

Lurker Susie

Must read from yesterday

Jason Riley
Jason Riley – ‏@jasonrileywsj

My @WSJopinion column on why Obama should let Dallas heal without him http://on.wsj.com/29JzdGE @ManhattanInst @FoxNews


James, CH, we need to hang our heads in shame. CWRU students scared of cops on campus. Yikes, that is Yale level stupidity.


Britain’s New PM: UK Could “Benefit A Great Deal” From Sharia Law…

Wow! Who knew she wasn't just qualified to be Prime Minister of Britain---she's also fully qualified to be the next ArchBishop of Canterbury!

Miss Marple 2


Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Pence succumbed to some conservative Christian advisers and got an act passed to protect cake-bakers. Might have gone without notice except some of the religious people started crowing about it on the internet.

Then the gay community got all stirred up and went to the business community. Corporations were upset, some conventions withdrew, so then legislature revised it.

In the revision they ended up making LBGT a protected group.

So then the evangelicalas were actually worse off than before.

It left legislature, business, gay community, and evangelicals all mad at pence.

Captain Hate

henry, I knew those snowflakes were being dumber than usual.

Miss Marple 2



Thanks for the extended explanation, MissM! Most helpful -- he sounds like a wimp.

Captain Hate

rse, a reality tv "conversation" on race? Hmmm. Will it be like diversity training where admission of white privilege guilt is all certain folks are allowed to say?

ABC regularly used to dislocate their shoulders patting themselves on the back for these witless town hall circle jerks. This will easily be the worst thing on television this week.

buccaneer morgan

except for that instance 'how did you like the theatre, mrs. lincoln' pence's record is pretty good, he did a very statesmanlike statement in support of cruz during the primary,

so there's evidence of a plot against cops in baton rouge, shocker,

buccaneer morgan

I thought the speech was agonizingly painful, insulting to the officer's families, although the shock collars at the peanut gallery, will be dialed to eleventy,

Lurker Susie

Very nice story

Homestead officers pay bill of couple who refused to sit next to them at restaurant


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

We're so used to Barry and other Dem creeps politicizing everything, if he's only half as offensive as we expect, simpering ponces like Georgy Porjy Puddin and Pie Will thank him for being so restrained.

buccaneer morgan

those deck chairs won't move of their own accord,


there's a lot of blanc mange, including the leading remainder, who embarassed herself in the debates,
against boris,

Frau ich verstehe die Welt nicht mehr

"You're a racist and I hope you die in pain!"

Woot! tonto. You have made my day brighter. What do I owe you?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This crazy city council broad from just north of DocJ got caught essentially saying the dirty coppers got what was coming to them.
She claims in her "apology" some guy made it sound worse than it was but if you scroll down and read her original comments, kinda hard to make them worse.
Her only saving grace is she's so left wing she hates Hill.



Yeah, that made the rounds here a little while ago. Nevada City is full of those into crystals, new-age nonsense, hippies, artists and the like. It is sort of a mini Berkeley without the intellect.

buccaneer morgan

in all of max von sydow's long career, he must wonder what possessed him to take the role of ming the merciless in flash!! gordon, that documentary about the making of dune, suggests it was a source for dino delaurentis,

buccaneer morgan

so the cosby card suit, is in part a proxy fight by red squaw's minions,



I forgot to add that Nevada City is in pot country. It is not like Eureka, but it is not so far removed from it either.

buccaneer morgan

'cry havoc and let slip (the engines) of war'


buccaneer morgan

ruffalo, makes me want to 'hulk smash' something,


Bikers for Trump, Rolling Thunder, all good in my book.

Maybe Trump saw my post from a few weeks ago.

Hope they carry pistol grip shotguns in their saddle bag holsters.

buccaneer morgan

also in that category, 'adultery of the heart'


Free James D!

Narciso @ 8:25

I love that movie! And outside of the two leads, it has a fantastic cas - not just Max, but Timothy Dalton, Brian Blessed and also Topol...

Blue Porchlight

Trump up 2 in Iowa. From Monmouth:

"One unusual finding in the poll is that Trump leads among voters under 50 years old in Iowa. In Monmouth polls conducted nationally and in other states, Clinton has held an advantage with younger voters. Specifically, 51% of Iowa voters under age 50 currently support Trump, compared to 32% for Clinton, 7% for Johnson, and 3% for Stein or another candidate."


Dear Jimmie: I hope Jesus would approve of abortion of you in your 273rd trimester. I'd even assist with the procedure gratis...

buccaneer morgan

it was an interesting project, I'll grant you, and Queen did provide a powerful score,

buccaneer morgan

one of rupert's less thought out hires, albeit relatively brief,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's astonishing that any woman anywhere could say anything positive about sharia but to have the UK PM say it is unbelievable.

She now says "I'm concerned that Sharia law is operating in a way that could discriminate against women..."
Huh? Of course it is. How else could it operate when that is what it is designed to do?

buccaneer morgan

it's considered zenophobic to think or state otherwise, the clique madame may has conjured up has many dimb bulb, with a few exceptions like patel, who otherwise embarassed herself, screaming against leadson, I don't see this cabinet having much durability,


I see that Paul Ryan, (whose grandstand play to try to keep Hillary from getting Confidential Briefs just blew up) is about to do a Town Hall for an Hour on CNN.

If Ryan has so much time to waste, how about indicting Comey for lying under Oath that he couldn't find any federal prosecutor would would refer Hilary with the info Comey had. It should take about 5 minutes to dig up dozens of federal prosecutors who would refer Hillary for indictment with that same info.

Get them listed on a sheet of paper, call Comey back in under Oath, and ask if he asked any of these Federal Prosecutors if they would refer Hillary, and if not, why not. And if he says "I never thought about it" lets impeach him. Lets make that A-hole Comey sweat for what he's done to the rule of Law in this country.


Forget waterboarding. Make suspects watch that CNN panel for 5 min. with volume cranked up, threaten them with another 5 min., and watch them beg to talk.

buccaneer morgan

for someone who was supposedly 'shunned' by the nbpp, he seems gregarious,


the #willing for hillary, are following veruca salt rules,

you know it occurred to me, kim elton at interior, and the loathsome larry persilly,
granted a sinecure as pipeline coordinator, did most everything to set back your states pursuit of resource development,

buccaneer morgan

painful isn't it, the problem is their eyes might melt from their skulls, like toh the gestapo captain in raiders,

buccaneer morgan

is he still around, unfortunately yes,


buccaneer morgan

not enough ipecac in the world,


Blue Porchlight

Duck Chuck Fee, narciso


First question from Tapper to Ryan.

What would you have said in Dallas if you spoke there today.

Ryan: I'd gave said pretty much the same thing. "Its very important that we calm down and start listening to each other...there are great stories and great solutions out there and we need to bring them to Washington..."

Unsurprisingly some of Tapper's first few questions are questions about Trump in which Ryan is given the opportunity to express if he agrees or disagrees with Trump's stated positions.

Now Tapper goes after House Republicans trying to go after Clinton on the Clinton Foundation, on Hillary lying to Congress, and on the Confidential Briefing business, Tapper says, "I am sure House Republicans are all excited about those measures, but to people in the audience and at home who think "Wow, that's a lot!", this seems more like trying to undermine the Democrat presidential candidate and less like a hunt for truth. What do you say? How do you convince them that this is on the up and up?"

Ryan: First of all the reason we know about any of this is because of Congressional Oversight.

(I personally thought it was because of Judicial Watch and Guccifer)

Second of all we want to make sure that everyone is treated equally. I believe that she has gotten preferential treatment throughout much of her carer, in that she believes she is above the Law. She holds herself above the Law and I think everybody should be held accountable.

And here's my point---James Comey, when he laid out the laundry list of things that she had done wrong, basically shredding the case that she had been making for herself all year long, then said, after not saying that he was going to press charges, or file an indictment, that usually what's in order here, when somebody mishandles Classified evidence and information so much, there's an Administrative Justice, there's an Administrative action that occurs after a person like that. That means that person was proven such sensitive information should be denied further access to that information. Now she gets elected President its a different story. I am familiar with what she's about to get. I got this as Mitt Romney's running mate...I would say that any other person that did something like this;a State Department Employee, someone in the Military, they would be held to the same standard, which means they would be denied that kind of information. So, I think it goes without saying that we should treat people fairly. No one should be above the rules, no one should be Law, and that is what we are looking for equality....

enough, my fingers are tired.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


I am tired reading it.

Ryan is just full of boilerplate stuff, isn't he?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


You can fool some of the people all of the time?


Reportedly, BOzo's presidential library will cost over $1B, presumably meaning it won't be small

There will be plenty of free bricks to use if they build him a b-ball court first.

buccaneer morgan

and still some hold out hope that tapper was some kind of an impartial arbiter, ryan's going to look like daffy, after elmer fudd has pumped him full of buckshot,


Dave, I forgot to respond to your Larry Elder comment. Yes, he is on at 3PM Pacific time.

So there must be a delay.

Hewitt we get to miss altogether.


Just a question for JOM legal from George Will's earlier comments:

George Will: Probably not. I think what the country was listening for amid all this blizzard of stuff about servers and rules, was did she break Rules or did she break the Law? And once they were assured it was just Rules I think they may have tuned out

What is the difference between Breaking the Rules and Breaking the Law?

If I break "The Rules of the Road, am I only guilty of breaking the driving rules but not guilty of Breaking the Law?

What are these non-Law "Rules" George Will is speaking of, regarding our National Secrets?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If Ryan had the slightest skill, instead of that smelly logorrhea, he would have said;

"Hillary, guilty as hell, free as a bird."

Blue Porchlight

If it's in Chicago it could cost a billion and still be small. Lotta palms to grease.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That was Hillary's argument; that they were just State Dept rules.
As people with brain cells pointed out, they were rules promulgated to comply with frickin laws; break the rules, break the law.

Dave (in MA)
Reportedly, BOzo's presidential library will cost over $1B, presumably meaning it won't be small
I wonder what country it'll be in?
buccaneer morgan

there was a whole new classification regime that was put in 2009, that was an executive order,


The original narrative presented by Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, in the aftermath of the Falcon Heights shooting, is in complete collapse.  Reluctantly, even Mediaite and MSM are now having to concedeofficers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser initially pulled over Philando Castile because he fit the exact description of an armed robbery suspect.

The leak of the radio transmissions surrounding the stop is irrefutable evidence the MSM are forced to accept.  The best efforts of agenda-driven Snopes to obfuscate and refute the claim have embarrassingly failed.  The truth continues to have no agenda.


Sundance better tread lightly. Snopes was once the formost go to, pro-"Obama is legit" authority during the birther years.

Well, that and meerkat videos...

buccaneer morgan

I still maintain that along with silvio, his speechs were a model for trump's efforts,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

David French seems to have suffered some type of psychotic break after the Kristolnacht failed to materialize and he looked like a dope for even considering it.
Trump may have to have him picked up for stalking.

Blue Porchlight

Lol, Trump said this at his IN rally:

"I promise you, I will never enter a bicycle race in the midst of an important nuclear negotiation."

buccaneer morgan

point taken, tk, but here's the thing, in romans 14, paul tells us not to argue over debatable things, that are not pertinent, to the larger goal.


DrJ, Just for fun.

Last night doing catch-up, came again upon "Happy Birthday MrsJ", and wondered for fun what was going on on the day she was born.

Heres the LIFE mag on the day she arrived:

And the TIME mag on the day she said hello:

Here's what LIFE Mag said was going on that day:

Cute full page Ethyl gasoline ad with Quail and Snail, art by A. Singer. Full page color Maxwell House coffee ad with farm art by James Bingham. Pretty full page color Ansco color film ad with woman in unusual red swimming suit. Beatrice Turner paints 1000 self portraits. US enters the fight for Korea, includes photo of pilot Robert T. Wayne in his F-80 jet fighter plane, MacArthur by the airplane named Bataan. Charming photo sequence of photographer Alan Mungavin falling in a pool. Oskar Stonorov designs a low cost house for four. Neat full page color Schlitz beer ad with commercial diving with an air hose instead of tanks. Baseball - Detroit's Hoot Evers bats in homerun to beat Yankees. John Marin, a master of watercolors. Cute full page color Budweiser beer ad with tennis theme, art by Howard Klau Forsberg. Mel Ferrer learns to be a matador for the movie "The Brave Bulls." Korea - a profile of the country and it's beliefs. Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad with swimming theme, art by Douglass Crockwell, # 44 in Home Life series. Peep Show "Ballet Burlesque" - women in the ugliest swimming suit-type costumes. Cistercian Abbey of Boquen by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Jo Jo the crow, does tricks with Squeeker Rowland. The Paris Social season. Full page color Canadian Club ad with Walter and Hardy Regli, and a ski rescue on Oberalp Pass, above Andermatt, Switzerland, St. Bernard dogs.


Mention of Ryan prompted me to check the official U.S. House Republicans site and see if the group picture has changed. There's former Rep. Eric Cantor, still smiling off to the right. There's former Rep. John Boehner in happier days. There's Kevin McCarthy clapping off to the left with my smiling tomato can Rep. Tom Graves beside him. But I still don't see Rep. Paul Ryan in the pic, even though he's now Speaker. The failure of Ryan and his staff to replace this long outdated pic is a small thing, but it exemplifies their ineptitude and reflects badly on the whole R delegation as long as it's there imo.


daddy, what is Miroslava doing with Errol Flynn’s chin?


Deb, nice hit!


don't you mean "hogs of war"?

Lurker Susie


He could put his favorite phrase under that picture

"It's not who we are"

buccaneer morgan

yes that would have been more qlliterative,


what a sad story,


lol Susie


Jimmy Carter: Jesus would approve gay ‘marriage’ and some abortions

Well if Jesus would approve of abortions then I'm sure he'd also welcome mandatory euthanasia for brain dead, senile old coots like you, Jimmy.

Miss Marple 2


Applause for that comment!

buccaneer morgan

I don't see the chin in any of these,


Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: Today Uncle Bernie endorsed Uncle Jack.

Captain Hate

Lol Susie and Deb.

buccaneer morgan

it's absurd, he was beaten by the power of money and privilege, and you endorse the golden calf of same, on a common front against someone who leveraged the power of the people, against multitudes of filthy lucre,



Thanks so much!



Love it!! Is it original?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Far as I know, doc.
Seems like somebody should have come up with it before me though.


It's astonishing that any woman anywhere could say anything positive about sharia but to have the UK PM say it is unbelievable.

Well the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowen Williams, thought Sharia was fine and dandy, so that's why I thought this new female PM is dual qualified to be both Prime Minister and Pope, sort of like Augustus Caesar being Emperor and Pontifix Maximus, the Chief Priest of Rome.

Another Bob

Ignatz, someone probably did but figured Kristol's being a jew probably made it too politically incorrect.

Never mind that it is, figuratively, what he was doing to the republican primary voters.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As it happens, AB, I'm even more politically incorrect than Bill Maher. Shocking I know, but true nonetheless.

buccaneer morgan

yes, david horowitz, caught some grief, for some remarks seeming intemperate at the time,

buccaneer morgan

shocking, maher, resorted back to hipster form, mocking those who support the police,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It is well known that Rowen Williams identifies as both Mary Magdalene and Mr Bean.

Which brings up an interesting point, shouldn't there be bathrooms for hermaphrodites with urinals that dispense tampons?
Anything less seems shocking oppression.

buccaneer morgan

and jennifer lopez proves she is a (redacted) coward, when push comes to shove, but we already knew that,

Another Bob

BoE, for some reason I want to ask if there's anyone you know here


there was a whole new classification regime that was put in 2009, that was an executive order,

Loretta Lynch Refuses to Say Whether It’s Illegal to Lie Under Oath

Ironic then, isn't it Narciso, that the guy who shot down Ryan's gambit to try to deny Hillary Confidential Briefings for her crime of lying to Congress, was Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

From the way back machine: James Clapper Apologizes for Lying to Congress

You couldn't make this stuff up.

buccaneer morgan

they need more hardier debter's prison imports,


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