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July 30, 2016



They are probably still pissed over the Reset Button.


OK, the Russians got in.... who else got in? Or more to the point, who didn't?

You can't leave the Admin password as "admin" or "qwerty" or "abc123" and expect to keep hackers out.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Give em some credit henry.
It was "Password" with only the P capitalized.

 Skeptical Voter

She can't protect diddly squat--much less the United States.

Fred Beloit

Why would the Russians pick on Hilltops?

(1) They are Leftists in bed with the largest businesses in their country, Hilltops the same. [Just for example the head of Apple is throwing a big campaign donations party for her shortly.]

(2) Hilltops will continue shrinking and starving our military, which should make Russia a lot more comfortable and secure.

I don't get it.


"all we will hear from the MSM from now to November is that a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin"

That's how we get the Bernie voters.

Frau Steingehirn



Frau from the previous thread-look at this timing graphic. https://www.uclg.org/en/issues/habitat-iii

Also look up world urban campaign and quito. Notice how the quito event of Habitat III is two days after end of UCLC meeting in bogota. A day to travel with no need to leave the continent.

I think trump is not on board with this agenda and that is really what drives the Faux Conservative Never Trumpers whose real purpose has been to be the Right Pincer in the assigned narrative.

Think of how tied in the clintons are to everything in this chart. Bloomberg too.

Frau Steingehirn

Some better-to-be-left-unnamed Republican writer commented that the DNC convention celebrated American while the GOP one celebrated Trump. How soon they forget the Lightbringer whose alleged-personality reached cult levels long *before* election day.


The Bosis shotgun with the engraved pheasants was as beautiful as any gun I've ever seen... Must. Not. Get. A. Shotgun. Jones.

My favorite too Beasts. Loved the stock wood grain.

Miss Marple 2

The Dem convention fake-celebrated America (mostly by flags and a few token speakers) because they COULDN'T celebrate their nominee.

Frau is right. When Obama was nominated it was all about him. For that matter, let's remember that stupid boat crossing the harbor with Kerry on board, or the big love-fest for The Man from Hope.

If there had been ANY narrative to celebrate about Hillary, they would have done so.
They were left with making a Potemkin patriotism show.



Watching the Cubs now, but to continue for the moment from the prior thread:

I do not know and I do not care how the phrase "Natural Born Citizen" is interpreted.

My understanding is that Donald Trump was born in this country but his mother was born in Scotland and you think he is an NBC. My understanding is that Marco Rubio was born in this country but his parents were born in Cuba and you think he is not an NBC.

I don't understand your reasoning on this. But I don't care.


More blatantly false narratives from "Tailgunner Hillary" & Co. meant to distract from the contents of the hacks and the general ineptitude of Tte Democrats. As absurd as it is, they seem to be gaining some traction with this nonsense, or at least think that it is worth a go. As we speak there are no doubt eager millennial hipsters in Brooklyn wearing "smart girl glasses" down on their knees looking under their beds for the "Communist Menace"

All too many people, particularly younger ones, are so misinformed or uninformed to understand the absurdity of this sudden burst of anti-Russian rhetoric. In almost any other point since ww2 this one would be a real knee slapper to most all Americans.

If it was not such a sad mark of the times, it would be hilarious.

(I did see though that one wag on twitter noted something like "well maybe they wanted to return to communism, and figured these were just the places to look for some actual institutional memory".)

Captain Hate

Some better-to-be-left-unnamed Republican writer commented that the DNC convention celebrated American while the GOP one celebrated Trump.

I wish I could pinpoint just one of the country clubbers who would write something that stupid. Celebrated America without initially including any flags of the USA until the lack was commented on? Heartfelt tribute imo.

This election cycle has been very informative.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Some better-to-be-left-unnamed Republican writer commented that the DNC convention celebrated American while the GOP one celebrated Trump.--

One need only peruse a few of the speeches to note the truth is precisely opposite that.

A more accurate claim would be the RNC celebrated the strong, unified America we used to be and promised its restoration.
The DNC celebrated the fundamentally transformed, divided, weaker and less free America we have become and promised to extend that weakness, division and servitude.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's worth noting that now that Russia is finally no longer communist, suddenly the Dems are afraid of it.


Our rather they celebrated the "UnAmerica" they have created. How anyone not a Dem operative or useful idiot can claim that that convention celebrated America" is absurd. Goodness, they forgot to have flags and had to go over to government buildings in Philly to get them once it was pointed out.

These people are so far removed from America as to be an invading horde.


turn off italics




Hilligula's camp was warned by the FBI about a possible hack (yes, I know). The campaign wouldn't cooperate. Ergo, [redacted] 'em.



HUD is a partner and Julian Castro is the captain.



Either way you vote this cycle, you will be voting for a grifter.


Ig -

Clever but not quite accurate. The Dems mocked Romney for suggesting apprehension about the Russians, saying the Cold War was over. Now that it suits their purposes, it is back.

If they did not have double standards.......


I do not know and I do not care how the phrase "Natural Born Citizen" is interpreted.

Then you are too uninformed to proclaim the NBC provision to be "dumb and anti democratic."

You do this all too often Theo.

Please don't troll me again until after you do some research.

Also, if you would be so kind, can we keep the birther stuff on the dead thread? JOM has lost enough great commenters.

Beasts of England

The writer quoted above was Jonah Goldberg. This is my surprised face.

Still, a poor judge of allegiance, I'm sorry to say, though would have worked in Obama's case.

Natural born is two citizen parents per that ol' Swiss guy. Was she naturalized. If so, and if Mario's two were not, then no contradiction.


She was naturalized, Kim.


I'll take the afternoon off.

JOM Facebook is about to dump on me.

I can feel it.

Still, a poor judge of allegiance, I'm sorry to say, though would have worked in Obama's case.

Sorry, didn't see yours, TK. Theo's mostly OK, but he has a lot of catching up to do on this issue and it may not be worth his effort.


TK --

I do not need to know or care about how the phrase Natural Born Citizen is interpreted by you or anyone else to make the unassailable observation that it is an anti democratic provision however understood.

I am of the opinion that, however interpreted, it is dumb.

I do not need any research to know that whatever it means it is anti democratic and in my opinion dumb.

I repeat, my view is that the voters should be able to elect anyone they want as president. I do not need any additional information on your hobby horse to hold that opinion. If I understood why you think Trump is an NBC and Rubio is not, it would not affect my view one bit.

No papers filed, for shame.

I was sure of it without knowing it, TK. It's a cold case against Obama. I still suspect he was born in Hawaii per a midwive.


How do you know NBC doesn't mean "anyone under the sun?"


"the voters should be able to elect anyone they want as president"

Then you are uninformed about the meaning of "constitutional republic".


Has Porch checked in today?


I would like to see Obama's library reduced to the size of the copy room that forged his identity, Kim.

It is an active case for me.

Now that Theo turned this into a birther thread, I am sure to get punished.

Sorry guys. I tried.

Jack is Back!

I repeat, my view is that the voters should be able to elect anyone they want as president.


Then move to a country that will allow that. Do you know of one? Serioulsly?

Man Tran

what exactly do you propose? Shooting them?

Is that one of them there rhetorical questions?

BTW MTJr is arriving Tuesday with about 170lbs of [ahem] monetary exchange medium for the coming events.



Texas Liberty Gal

Terrible Hot Air Balloon accident here in Texas just outside Austin.. The basket evidently caught on fire and all 16 passengers were killed. What a horrible way to die. Prayers for the families of the survivors.



Jane, why are looking for porch?
She wasn't going ballooning this morning, was she??

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

From a few months ago.


Democrats always lie about what every they are talking about, IMO.

Frau Steingehirn

Right, those patriotic touches and people were all added after it was brought to their attention. A cousin in Bakersfield watched Hillary!'s speech "with an open mind"--I could not force myself-- and noticed there was no flag pin on that white dress.

Jack is Back!


What keeps you from lying? or me or anyone? Someone will call you out. With a compliant, apoliogetic media who is going to call her and the Democrats out? Oh! That demonic bully Trump. The guy who wont even pay his contractors, won't honor Muslim-Americans who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. They guy who makes Hitler look like Mother Teresa. That guy?

daddy on iPad

"Blame Trump". An apt title by TM. Caught 30 minutes of French 24 TV News in English in the hotel room. It is 100% anti-Trump. Played various screen personalities saying Trump is evil, bad, etc, then short clips of Hillary saying he is too dangerous to be let near the nuclear button. They did not praise Hillary, but the attacks on Trump were non-stop. Sad to say but I expected nothing less. Standard Left wing Euro BS.


Iggy, your comment on Russia is rapidly winning FB post of the day.


Look at the bright side--at least they're busy doing something besides piping in Paliwood propaganda today.

Frau Steingehirn

kim, just to hop on board -
If there was a marriage, which I doubt, it was performed at the Unitarian Church which was right around the corner in the Dunham neighborhood.
Too bad Neil "Mr. Natural" Abercrombie won't volunteer for waterboarding to get the truth actual information.

Abercrombie, famous for his rants on the House floor, and “F-You” letter replies, now speaks softly. He looks you in the eye. On television, he is polite and respectful. He speaks in vague generalities of jobs and helping small businesses. He even has the President of the United States robo calling for him.

Neil in his Mellow Yellow Daze

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ig -

Clever but not quite accurate.--

Gotta ask, Theo.
Do you get invited to many parties?

Frau Steingehirn

TK @ 3:23- you could have laughed in his general direction... ;-}


I'm resurfacing after the visit of a post doc from an important collaborator of mine. She now has left here, and is returning home.

For those of you not in academia, a "post doc" is one who holds a PhD, but continues on without a permanent position, usually in academia. It may be at the same institution where the PhD was earned, or a different one. Back in the day it was a way to change fields to an area where one had interest, but not enough background.

She was delightful, and trained us in methods mundane and very advanced in my area. I'd love her to join me here, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards at the moment.

So here's a couple of musical interludes. For the romantic piano lovers (who, me?) here's Gilels live, playing the Brahms Fantasies, Op 116:


Brahms for me is hit or miss -- when I am in the mood, there is nothing that touches the soul like him. Not in the mood? Not so much.

For Iggy, with this unrelenting stream of romantic piano, I'll offer Andre on Stanley's "Trumpet Voluntary:"


A golden moldie for sure, and originally it was ascribed to Purcell.

Frau Steingehirn

rse - the networks just keep on metastasizing. Is the UN really doing all of this with help from fiends, er, friends?

I don't imagine Teresa Heinz will be going to Quito.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Was this lady a DNC speaker?

"What keeps you from lying?
My Mother's and Father's teachings.

Frau Steingehirn

Brahms...a low German name, DrJ. I've run into variations on it right up to the Dutch border: Braams, Brom, etc. Hamburg's dialect is similar ("ick") to that of my husband's hometown even though quite a distance away. I wonder how long it took Brahms to adjust to Viennese?

"Ick heff mol een Hamborger Veermaster sehn,
De Masten so scheef as den Schipper sien Been,

|: Blow, boys, blow, for Californio,
There's plenty of gold, so I am told,
On the banks of Sacramento.:|

Dat Deck weer vull Isen, vull Dreck un vull Smeer.
„Rein Schipp“ weer den Oll'n sin scheunstes Pläseer.


Have been trying to watch Fox news for awhile today, but it feels as though most reports and most reporters are going out of their way to be negative Trump, pro Hillary-Caine - even those on Fox who previously seemed more to the right. It's become nearly unwatchable.


Ignatz --

Come to think of it, not many, no. Why do you ask?



Brahms...a low German name, DrJ.

I care about what he wrote, and not his name.

My parents came to the new world because there was little of the class hierarchy of the Fatherland. You achieve what you do. That was not like the Old World.

Sorry to sound snippy, but it is what it is.

Frau Steingehirn

pagar @ 5:03 - What went wrong? I thought Obamacare was going to allow people to follow their artistic dreams as artists, poets, inventors. That's what Bela Pelosi told us.

Frau Steingehirn

No offense taken. You know what I mean by "low German," I'm sure: Plattdeutsch which I find very rich. I follow linguistics, literature, dialects, art, and such things as names --Beethoven, for example--interest me. Origins often influence art of all kinds. I am a huge Brahms music fan.

Your parents' reasons for coming to the US are exactly the same my husband had in deciding to settle permanently here and become a citizen. He had visited for two years and was not happy thereafter in Germany even with a wonderful, loving family there.



She lives near where the balloon crashed. I'm hoping she is okay and no friends were killed.



Thanks for understanding.


That's a foreign language for me, as I'm progeny of parents from Berlin and (formerly) Prussia.

Don't get me started on Scheitzerdeutsch. We had friends who spoke that when I was a kid, and I couldn't understand either their English or German.


The only Germanic type language I can (barely) understand is the Middle High german of the 1200's incorporated into Yiddish.



Ugh. Schweizterdeutsch. Swiss German, if my fingers got it right this time.

Clarice, Yiddish is a delight for a German speaker! So close, yet so far.


Azoy richtik,Frau


And my fingers didn't get it right. *Schweizerdeutsch!*

So here's Twain on the awful German language:


Please resize if you choose to read, as the raw HTML is painful.

Largely Twain gets it right.


Remember, the DPUSA convention was produced by some of the most talented propagandists in history. It was one the largest heaps of horse manure ever offered to the American people.

They have truly invented their own version of Newspeak. BLM, peeing in the girls room, and the rest of it are part of their fundamental deception in which the media is complicit.

The various departments of the federal Government are filled with quislings doing their bidding whether it is an IRS audit or an EPA reg that benefits a crony or a backgrounder suggesting that Trump is a Rooshian spy.

They will say and do anything to remain in power and the Beltway is now a black hole sucking all except a very few (clarice, JamesD, etc) into its vortex. This is today's reality and it is going to get nastier and nastier if Hillary plunges in the polls.

We can expect phony crises, absurd diversions and all sorts of dirty tricks.

As to Hillary A hiltsener tsung zol zie bakumn!

Manuel Transmission

Ahia art:

Last night in dinner conversation, I recalled the work of Lowell Tolstedt, who was an instructor at CCAD. Having not seen any of his work for close to four decades, I googled him and found wonderful stuff.

Sorry for the slight oversize.

Anyway, the first piece of his I saw in a show was a kitchen still life of tone on tone in slightly warm white of cups, plates, etc. with the same color background. He managed to grade a 1000 tones across one of Ansel's Zones.

Frau Steingehirn

Azoy iz es, Clarice.

ManTran - wonderful photo. Not oversize in my book.

Hot, flaming Yiddish for JamesD:
A feier zol im trefen!
Brenen sol er!
(He should burn up.)

Manuel Transmission


That is a 41" x 74" painting!

Frau Steingehirn

Matt, her wooden tongue in that cavernous mouth has either a lozenge, scar or hole in it. Maybe I've read too many SF books but she really looks like 'A Mutha From Another Planet.'

Janet the expert

Was this lady a DNC speaker?

Hah! Wouldn't that be a great question or statement after EVERY crime story?

Perhaps Charles Manson's mother will speak at the next Dem. convention

Breaking: Chicago murderer sentenced to life in prison...his mother scheduled to give a keynote speech at the next Dem convention!

buccaneer morgan

evening all,


you don't say, I'm unconfortable with trump's response, but it does seem callous, I'm unconfortable with effendi khan, because his outrage seems misdirected, red queen voted for the war, she subsequently disdained,

buccaneer morgan

so it seems there is a pattern,



Janet,do you think it's possible that a money train is involved? LOL


new thread

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ignatz --

Come to think of it, not many, no. Why do you ask?--

Cuz you seem to have a hard time just letting a joke or an aphorism be a joke or an aphorism for its own sake.

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