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July 18, 2016


Jack is Back!

Primo, dudes and dudettes.


OT, sorry-

If this is true, Harper poll shows our host's home state tied up at 43%:


Can confirm some HS friends who normally vote Dem or Libertarian are making some surprising pro-Trump noises.


Should have mentioned, I went to HS in CT.


Baton Rouge shooter sounds like just another wanna-death-by-cop nutjob, like the Charleston church killer.


Responding to Jack from last thread:

Wow, if Manafort was blabbing something like that in a Starbucks he should be fired instantly, but I can't believe he'd be that stupid. He denied the rumor up and down yesterday to Chris Wallace.

I hope it's just a rumor that Christie was promised the VP slot, because if it's true, Trump should not have broken his promise.


I would not say "just another" suicide by cop nutjob, based on writings and videos.


Re CT, I'm reminded of the Gallup poll ranking states whose residents would leave if they could: 1) IL 2) CT and 3) MD. After the Freddie Gray fracas, I bet MD and CT would switch places.


Guy seems to me like a racist, rudderless loner with a grandiose view of himself, who wanted to be remembered in death as he wasn't in life.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

RSE from last thread;

I think the Federalist in general is a media front for the same people who work for so-called conservative think tanks that actually just want a different format and private providers for the welfare state.

The Federalist is close to unreadable now. The noise to signal ratio is abysmal.


Right wing social engineering.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He sounds exactly like a large portion of the BLM crowd to me; every black problem is caused by crackers.
The difference is he decided to shoot, instead of scream obscenities or chuck a brick.

common man

For Christie, he DEFINITELY should have broken his promise. Christie can spend his time prosecuting Holder from his position as AG

Miss Marple


I detect a difference in your tone. What is bothering you?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I detect cheerleader no longer says Mister Trump, which actually is kind of nice.
I prefer to remain on a last name basis only with any politician.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Think I linked this yesterday but it's worth another one;
The Fire Spreads
by Heather MacDonald who is doing heroic work smashing this Obamafied BLM idiocy to bits.


Previously acquitted Freddie Gray police officers Nero and Goodson are in court awaiting verdict for Lt. Brian Rice, the highest ranking officer at the scene. If Judge Barry Williams isn't consistent with his previous rulings, especially as the prosecution offered no new evidence this time, I hate to imagine the reaction from police officers across the country.


My tone changed when he fired Corey,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The guy's catch phrase is "you're fired!"


On second thought, yes he should have broken his promise to Christie, because Pence is better, but then he shouldn't have made the promise in the first place. Right after Christie dropped out and endorsed him, they did several joint events with Christie right there beside him, and it sure did look like he was playing future V.P.


I hate to imagine the reaction from police officers across the country

Don't worry. Sheriff Barry's got their backs.


Captain Hate

Assuming Trump made a promise to Fat RINO Bastard for the sake of a discussion, he probably noticed what a massive ego hound he is and very inappropriate for being in a supporting role.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Erdogan Purges 18,000 As Europe Voices Concern Coup Was Staged With "Prepared Arrest Lists"
There was definitely a coup in Turkey, it's just looking more and more as though it was by the guy who already held office.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


James D


Cheerleader, I totally get how you're feeling, but I think so much of the coverage and speculation and the "Trump promised this/tried to back out of that" stuff is totally media driven spin and lies (and leaks from the Tonya Harding wing of the party) to damage the campaign and demoralize his supporters.

I mean, we're not seeing that kind of coverage of Hillary's campaign, even though there HAS to be all kinds of panic and maneuvering and backstabbing among her consultants and advisors, given her weak polls and her manifest failures as a candidate and as a human being. But we're not getting those kind of leaks and nasty, dispiriting stories about her campaign because the MSM wants her to win, so they won't run truthful stories that might damage her.



But when did anyone ever say "you're fired" to someone who helped you win a primary so successfully. I liked CL because he was just a plain ordinary middle class guy, not a millionaire consultant.

I do remember a few events where Ivanka in the group behind her father, looked like she was in serious pain. I don't think she was happy with Corey letting Trump be Trump. After the big win, Corey went to work one morning, Ivanka fired him, and he was unceremoniously marched out of Trump Tower. Trump hired him but didn't fire him, I didn't like that either.

I still support Trump, but it's not the same.


"10:30 a.m.
Lt. Brian Rice has been found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment. Verdicts on the other charge, misconduct in office, [+ reckless endangerment] are to follow."

Please, Lord, don't let Judge Williams try to split the baby.


Not guilty on all charges. Now the O for 4 venal, racist Baltimore DA must decide whether to drop charges against the youngest bike cop, whose trial is to begin this week.



I admire your sense of fair play and loyalty.

Unfortunately, politics is a very ugly business.

Mrs. Buckeye is a purist and I have spent 35 years picking my arguments very carefully with her.

Invariably, she is on the high moral ground no matter what the discussion.

I tend toward the more pragmatic, some might say a bit ruthless at times.

I think Ivanka is reading the tea leaves better than her father. Needle threading will be required to win.

I probably wouldn't let Ivanka take care of my dog:)

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, she will not drop charges. She is playing to the same audience that Pres Obama is when he says "police would be safer if they admitted their errors". IMO, that audience is not us.


Did Obama just say cops will be safer when they admit their failures. That sounds like a threat to me!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In the Freddy Grey incident there were two criminals.
One was Mr Grey.
The other is Ms Mosby.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely either will do any prison time.

Miss Marple 2


Since none of us know what really goes on behind the scenes, I hesitate to give you any advice but this:

Corey did very well in the primaries, but the general (and especially the convention) needed someone who knew where the bodies were buried. That would be Manafort.

Corey ended up with a CNN contract and has been loyal to Trump throughout. I imagine that he will be working for him again.

You cannot have two campaign managers, it doesn't work. Manafort had to be the guy.

A nice middle class guy was getting headed towards the mouth of a shark, if you ask me. Also, how do you know that Corey was unceremoniously walked out of the building.

And if THAT happened, thee was something else going on we don't know about.

Beasts of England

My two cents for cheerleader: you've always been upbeat and insipiring - even when we were on 'different teams' and I appreciate that immensely, especially in this insane election season.

I have up on being personally invested in politicians after Mitt took a dive in the second round. Never again. I think Trump is a good guy and he has been through more crap in his career than most of us could ever dream of, so I don't fear him being to 'corrupted' by anyone. I trust him to follow his impressive instincts.

Enjoy the convention - you certainly did your part in his unofficial online campaign!! Sessions and Melania speak tonight - which is nice!! :)


It sounds like cheerleader is disappointed to learn that Trump is just another politician. Some of the rest of us are somewhat encouraged by that fact.

Beasts of England

He's not 'just another politician' in the least, Theo. If he were, he'd have not dispatched seven governors and five senators in the primary. Sheesh.


I wish that Lewandowski could have stayed on, too, but MM is right, needles must be threaded.

I also am reluctant to believe rumors about what goes on inside the campaign. As I mentioned in the last thread, I definitely don't believe that a guy like Manafort was blabbing out loud in a Starbucks in enemy territory.


He is decidedly not just another politician.


In introducing his newly selected running mate on Saturday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump drew attention to Mike Pence's education record as governor of Indiana. Trump said that, under Pence, "Indiana enacted the largest K-12 education funding increase in the state's history," and he said the state "has just about the largest school choice program in America." Trump added: "School choice is where it's at."

This is where I think Stephen Moore of heritage and wsj before that is steering trump in a false direction. I have met moore and heard him speak and I also have explicit documentation that school choice was hijacked by the far left by 1998 to advance Left Wing goals without that being perceived. It's also why the FRB-Atlanta had the head of the Friedman Institute to speak at their luncheon on school choice. Got invited to that too.

I do know the Liars and Deceivers ed crowd is trying to get into the trump circle of advisors so that he will continue to have a false understanding of how school choice and charters were created to work and what the purpose of standards actually is.

Miss Marple 2


I am going to try to get home early enough to see the evening convention stuff. I have to begin painting today and daughter will join me at new house after work.

I would prefer to stay here with a glass of wine and watch, but duty calls!

Back from my iPad later on this afternoon.


school choice / vouchers bring the state ed department into private schools her in WI. Definite camel's nose under tent issue.


No way Trump is a typical pol.

Most, at least Republicans, wimp out when the going gets tough, or don't have the street fighting skills (JEB comes mind) if they wanted to.

So far, Trump ha switched to throat slitting mode every time he has been backed up against the wall.

Rarely pretty, but sometimes you have to do what you do.

Dave (in MA)

http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/07/18/nice-attackers-link-islamic-state-puzzles-investigators/87239960/ "BREAKING NEWS Paris prosecutor says Nice attack was premeditated; driver conducted searches on ISIL and Orlando shooting"

No merde, Sherlocque.


I have noticed an interesting development in radio ads over the last few weeks. Several advertisers are incorporating "Trump speak" in their ads.

An example: X-Mark mowers talks about "making your lawn great again," and "taking back our yards."

Whether intended to benefit Trump or not, it certainly works as free subliminal advertising for him.

I have not heard any ads deploying "Stronger Together," or "I'm with her," but will keep listening to see if that happens. :)

Just an observation.

jimmyk on iPad

To respond to cheerleader from the the last thread on "dialing it back" vs PC. Ivanka is not the same as Don Lemon. When Don Lemon says "dial it back" he wants PC. Ivanka may may well just mean "Be a bit more careful with how you put things." That doesn't mean going all the way to being PC, more like "Try not to make a disastrous mistake."


from twitter: Adam Kredo
Whoa - FBI on Mateen: “We do NOT believe he is a terrorist… I don’t believe he will go postal or anything like that.”


Great post by Don Surber re the Convention, themes and speakers:


Frau Flitzebogen

Pres.Blech did say the police must admit their collective sins and that there are data to back up the misdeeds. If and when the police are federal agents all will be fair; each community will be policed by its own. I never thought I'd live to see " Separate but equal" be the guiding motto of our nation. Perhaps when the Obama dollars are minted, it can be included.

BTW - A rolling sign was put out on route 66
over the weekend announcing that "'Cleoville Police Dept. is hiring."


rse, you've offered some thought-provoking stuff but I want to make sure I'm clear. You definitely have my attention re an effort to subvert the school-choice agenda but are you saying Stephen Moore is part of that effort or simply has been duped by that effort? Or, in your mind, is it more complicated than that?

Captain Hate

I just heard on the radio that Kasich will be attending the NAACP convention in Cincy. Doubtlessly he'll regale them with some pearly gates self serving nonsense.

I'm glad that he's revealing why most of us Ohioans have had it with his unique brand of RINOism.


No merde, Sherlocque.

True, but good to see that info getting out there where normies can see it.

Frau Flitzebogen

The local McClatchy raglette pronounced that the Baton Rouge murders were "possibly racially motivated."

Dave - that could be "pas de merde," but what do I know? I am, however, way ahead of the McClatchy newspaper.


I have noticed an interesting development in radio ads over the last few weeks. Several advertisers are incorporating "Trump speak" in their ads.


That is very interesting. Nobody trying to sell a service would invoke a candidate that's truly as unpopular as Trump is said to be. Just curious - is it regular radio or talk radio?



Don Surber sure is solid this election season. I'm really enjoying his new book, Trump The Press.


CH, the Rev. Kasich has informed the NAACP Convention that "The Lord wants us to heal."

Clips of his remarks have been playing on the half-hour news breaks all morning on local talk radio.

Suffice to say that he has lived up to your expectations, and more.



Am I correct in thinking you live in Ahia?


When the president places the blame on cops the day after another massacre of cops we have a problem, Houston. The man is the worst kind of racist.

He immediately jumps to conclusions that have no bearing on the facts. He demeaned and dishonored our law enforcement for no better reason than that he is a African American racist f*ck. Listening to Jeremiah Wright for 20 years has had its impact. Listening to Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and their "off the pigs" mentality has had its effect.

Our president has a completely different perspective than most Americans on the purpose of law enforcement.

That his racialist Civil Rights Division could not find anything in the Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown cases must really frost his ass.

He is reaching a new low.

Dave (in MA)

JeanD | July 18, 2016 at 11:37 AM, maybe some business could have a shrill woman yelling lies about their competitor, followed by a coughing fit?

Frau Klapperschlange

RG - Thank you for your insightful analysis and the wonderful FL college music yesterday.


Porch, it's talk radio. I watch very little TV, but I am a big radio listener.

I agree that advertisers would steer clear if they believed that Trump was as toxic as our betters reliably inform us he is.

Janet the expert

Hahahaaa!! Dave!! Oh my goodness...that is too funny!

maybe some business could have a shrill woman yelling lies about their competitor, followed by a coughing fit?



I think Moore is one of the people who got on the trump train early so that trump's recommended policies should he get the nomination would align with what the uniparty wants without trump recognizing that fact. After all why would he have studied what heritage is actually pushing and always has been. get invited to their stuff too and I listen.

I think there will be little difference between the ed policy trump pushes and what hillary pushes when it comes to K-12. Only the rationales will be different because no one will recognize where these policies were really designed to go. The Transforming Ed Task Force the Convergence Center created with aft and nea had someone from heritage on it from get go until he shifted to working for brookings.

What everyone is not saying is this presumption all the think tanks work under that we are now to be subjects of a planned economy and society with 'outcomes' prescribed by public policy. I think moore's a nice guy but this is the agenda of his employers. Every time people point out school choice simply spreads the contagion as ed is configured because accreditors are the poison, the response is so what. School choice in reality forces compliance with a specific vision without that being apparent. There is an illusion of choice.

Two of the most radical Marxist profs are Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis. In 1998 their book laying out all this planned duplicity Recasting Egalitarianism: New Rules for Communities, States and Markets came out. Not only do they lay out their intentions to use school choice by name but Andrew Levine agrees in a chapter called "Efficiency Politics" and then another chapter by Harry Brighouse is called "School Choice : Theoretical Considerations".

I am not just following the money and noticing the effects. I am saying the radical Marxist Left says this is a favorite tool and that the various heritage affiliates at the state level do too. Those would be the same affiliates that moore travels around speaking to regularly.


John McLaughlin says Trump will win because voters have clearly signaled they want a change from Obama policies.



Day 1 Theme at the #Republican Convention Monday: Make America Safe Again

Speakers for #GOP Monday: Melania Trump, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Jason Beardsley and Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.)

Day 2 Theme at the #Republican Convention Tuesday: Make America Work Again

Speakers for #GOP Tuesday: Donald Trump, Jr., U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Dr. Ben Carson and Kimberlin Brown

Day 3 Theme at the #Republican Convention Wednesday: Make America First Again

Speakers for #GOP Wednesday: Lynne Patton; Eric Trump; former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista; and Indiana Governor Mike Pence

Final Day Theme at the #Republican Convention Thursday: Make America One Again

Speakers for #GOP Thursday: Peter Thiel, Tom Barrack, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump


Thanks, rse. I'll have to read up on it.


New Facebook posts and pictures further claims of Trump and Establishment alliance



RG - Thank you for your insightful analysis and the wonderful FL college music yesterday.
Posted by: Frau Klapperschlange | July 18, 2016 at 12:04 PM

Thank you, Frau Rattlesnake!

Frau Klapperschlange

Matt - The Baltimore verdict will definitely disturb Pres. BHO.
He listened to Deray but, according to Eric Garner's daughter, she was ignored completely after being promised she would be able to speak with the president directly.

Who paid for the trips to the WH for the meeting? Silly me.

Dave (in MA)

RG, Here's a more complete list: http://convention.gop/post/147558746375/2016-gop-convention-program-announced Looking forward to Flynn, Geist, Giuliani and others. No clean togas on the schedule until Tuesday.


Thanks, JeanD. Talk radio advertisers may be targeting their talk-radio-only ads to Trump voters because those audiences are more reliably Republican. But I agree, it's a good sign.

I posted this in an earlier thread, but it's worth reposting. My dad took it a couple of days ago in the western Minneapolis suburb where my folks live. He said that a customer was just walking up as he drove away. :)

Although this small town actually does vote Republican, my dad says he saw virtually zero pro-McCain or pro-Romney evidence there during those elections.

The location is the parking lot of the local liquor store where I often shop when I'm visiting. I'm going straight there as soon as I arrive next week. :)


Know who I don't see listed but deserve primo spots in Cleveland? Some OK peeps, since BOzo didn't win a single OK county either time iirc. Tonight features Ernst from IA that voted for BOzo twice, and a Rep from Montana, which has a whopping 3 electoral votes? Maybe that makes perfect sense, but not to me.



Thanks for posting that. I LOVE that there is a theme for each day, and the themes that were chosen and their order are perfect.

This is the first time I've genuinely been excited about the convention. I wish I could stay home and watch it all. I'll have to sneak some work activity in. :)


Buckeye, yes. I live just outside Cincy.

Dave (in MA), hilarious!


RG-Sam Clovis uses the same rhetoric without seeming to appreciate why these pet phrases cannot work. Precisely what is being relied on by people like gintis and bowles.

This is where brighouse is now http://ethicsandeducation.wceruw.org/about/staff.html which means the targeting henry has noticed was intentional. If you click the about on mission you will see a reference to a grant from the spencer foundation. Research in the behavioral sciences is all they do and the fortune foundation is built on came from selling that capability to ibm decades ago.

It also fits with my research that found the entire concept of charters originated at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences in the 70s. I am not being ideological here. It is what it is and the trail is clear. When I bring it up I just get dirty looks.

Moore was in an elevator with me after speech and I asked him a well thought out informed question and his first response was "who are you exactly?" I think I told him I was a lawyer and a mom who had been paying attention to these issues for a while. Both were true.

James D

Speakers for #GOP Tuesday: Donald Trump, Jr., U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Dr. Ben Carson and Kimberlin Brown

I'm really curious what she's going to talk about. She's best known for playing crazed killer Sheila Carter on "Young and the Restless" and "Bold and the Beautiful".

Frau Klapperschlange

RG @ 12:16 - Clarice-sized :::smooches:::


http://www.ssc.wisc.edu/soc/faculty/show-person.php?person_id=54 is on Erik Olin Wright who edited the book I mentioned above.

Notice he wrote a book with Andrew Levine on Reconstructing Marxism. That's where the trail of school choice actually leads. Trump and Pence do not know this, but they are simply falling into a well-planned trap on this issue.



I think the idea is to pull voters in from states that don't vote R. Why waste time going after votes you already have?

Montana will go R for sure, of course.

Here's the complete list of speakers. Plenty of representation from red states, blue state, big states, small states.



Incidentally Iowa looks to be close this year, which is why Ernst was on the short list for VP.

James D

He listened to Deray but, according to Eric Garner's daughter, she was ignored completely after being promised she would be able to speak with the president directly.

That's no surprise at all. Our President continues to demonstrate his lack of class, lack of regard for the dignity of his office, and total lack of concern for the citizens he swore to protect and defend, every single day.


Levine also covered here and Richard Wolff is also a famous marxist prof now. https://www.jstor.org/stable/40404132?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents

I get his newsletter. Levine is also at madison now.

JM Hanes

Also from Dave's 12:16 link:

The official convention live stream at YouTube.

The convention's Twitter page.


Thanks, JMH!

buccaneer morgan

zinke is a fmr. seal, ernst was also a veteran, he also represents the property rights position of the party,

I saw them going all landshark on Nice, with Tim Blair's expected future backlash and I was concerned,

the somelives matter wurlitzer, works a little like tha Al Duraa video loop worked in France, it didn't matter it was debunked it fueled at least a decade of anti Jewish sentiment,



I don't understand that either.

buccaneer morgan

cheerleader, if you were here eight years ago, you'd know how much gossip and outright slander, the press trawled in about mccain, and more significantly his running mate,

the nice story, looks a limited hangout, it's striking how carlos slims won't give their resident expert, first crack at the story, every other hack is traipsing through the boulabaisse,



Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg discuss how awesome Trump is...not.

No, I didn't click but I'm throwing it out there to bait some of the lurking #neverTrumpers.


I saw a cute tshirt on a video about the bikers who support Trump. It was a simple black t-shirt with a red necktie embossed on it, with Trump written on the necktie.

Captain Hate

Costanza's favorite author doing what he should always do:


buccaneer morgan

milbargesilu and fitzhumeseliq were involved,



People are calling Trump and Pence, "Gold and Silver".


Golden Lion/Silver Fox 2016



I don't remember the first day of the Romney/Ryan convention at all.


Ailes getting the axe.


Twitter comment on henry's link:

"Trump's buddy"

Yeah, Ailes and Trump are real tight buds.

The left is delusional. This exact guy who sent the original tweet, Gabriel Sherman, has been saying (along with Amanda Marcotte and other assorted lefty snails) for months that Trump has dirt on Ailes.


JeanD,the local talk radio station in Bangor has two advertisers who voice their ads and both are conservative and in fact often use Bible verses (gasp!) during their ads. The ads usually air in the afternoon during the time Rush and Howie are aired.
One of the businesses is the largest fencing company in the area and their business is booming. They installed the fence for our dog's play yard.

Captain Hate

Rupert firing the guy who took his network to the top? I guess marrying Jerry Hall isn't the dumbest thing he's capable of doing.


Rush opens the show by saying #BlackLivesMurder.

Good Morning.


Rupert Murdoch is married to Jerry Hall?

Man, I am behind.


how's your fire?

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