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August 13, 2016



More certainty than chance.


Sean Hannity Should Blame Himself For Putting Hillary in the White House




 Skeptical Voter

If Obama was ever skeptical of executive power, (which I doubt, but I don't want to spoil a fantasy dream for the authors of this piece of Obama loving fluff) it was only if and when George Bush wielded it.

The New York Times says it's the "paper of record". Well Baron Von Munchausen would have been a perfect reporter for today's Times. It's all the fantasy that's fit to print.


Hillary is probably the only way to get Obama out of the "Worst President Ever" slot.


They ran out of "paper of record" in Venezuela. You should probably stock up before Hillary is elected.


Drudge is headlining Preet's investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Press is no Comey.

Just for clarity, is it pretty much a given now that Comey's actions re: the non-recommendation of charges against Hillary in E-MailGate, proved him to be just another corrupt man in the corruptible town of DC?

My take is that he knew what the correct thing to do was, and he knew when he should have done the correct thing, but he decided against doing the correct thing, thereby proving himself to be another unprincipled, gutless Federal Paycheck receiver, deserving of our scorn, like John Roberts and a ton of others, for flushing his duty to support and defend the Constitution down the drain.

Am I too harsh in my judgement, or is that pretty much the shared opinion now of FBI misdirector Comey?


Not too harsh for me.

buccaneer morgan

I'm reminded of the headmaster in the Wall video,



The motive for the stabbings and the Swiss Train attack is unknown at this stage, according to investigators...

Is today a day that ends in a "Y"?

buccaneer morgan

I think it's in e in french, in r in deutsch, and o in italian, but probably,



Fell asleep before you posted the picture of Pernille Blume last night.

Now I realize she look just like one of my cousins did thirty years ago. Cousin is half Swedish, but close enough.


Looks like Comey is getting his just rewards for failing to do his Constitutional Duty: Bill Clinton accuses FBI Director Comey of serving up a ‘load of bull’



Women's 50 free final tonight, 9:03 eastern.


But of course: Kate Steinle Murder Trial Delayed Until After Election

Beasts of England

Thanks for the pork roast links and recipes!! That may be Sunday Supper!

~ ~ ~

Big news from the younger Beastette in Tuscaloosa - Fall rush finished today and the Tri-Delts pledged the daughter of a Widespread Panic member. Free concert tickets for Beasts!! lol

Miss Marple 2

My fear is that while everyone is thrilled with that guy in New York investigating the Clinton Foundation, he will dig up some petty crap with Trump (who did donate to them) and it will screw up the election.

I am mistrustful of about everyone in government except for Jeff Sessions.


Headline: Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton’s running mate, dined exclusively with the son of progressive billionaire George Soros

Thank goodness we are keeping big money out of politics.

buccaneer morgan

summon the frogs,



I have to repost MM's link to the fact checking of yo' mama jokes:


Hahaha!! This can't be real!

Stephanie nailed it with the Blazing Saddles comparison. That movie ends with us being let in on the joke. It is all an illusion. Nothing but entertainers.

Dear WaPo, will you fact check what I just heard about Chelsea's fat mama's leg? Is it true that when she breaks it butter pours out? I have also heard that turkey gravy pour out.

Please get to the bottom of this.



Miss Marple 2


That goes right along with the ridiculous fact checking of Trump's "You mother is voting for Trump" comment by the Washington Post.

I swear that publication in these papers requires being mentally ill.


Headline: Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton’s running mate, dined exclusively with the son of progressive billionaire George Soros

Probably begging for additional GOTV walking around money.

Maybe we should counter with a little Bikers for Trump poll site "supervision".

Miss Marple 2


Myself, I think they are plotting what to do if Hillary continues faltering.

Soros' son was probably getting guarantees from Kaine over policies and stuff if he ends up taking over.

Getting donations from those guys isn't hard. I fear they are up to more nefarious plotting.

buccaneer morgan

you know when damon looks at you funny,...




I am sure the were up to all kinds of nefarious plotting.


Ever notice how politicians on the left and the right began seriously reining in our freedoms starting in the sixties and seventies while giving themselves unlimited freedom and power? They keep tightening the noose, squeezing out our productivity and motivation as a nation, and yet they get richer and more powerful daily. They've made themselves wealthy landowners on the people's sweat.

How dense does a person have to be to not recognize that a Donald Trump personality would be inevitable? He's the unconventional warrior sent to destroy the king and all his soldiers and scribes. He appeals to the people because he owes no debts or allegiance to the king or the king's court. He talks brashly over the king's psycho-babble and exposes the king's nakedness. He speaks plainly to the people, promising to give back to them what the king and his court have stolen.

Miss Marple 2


buccaneer morgan

what diffference does it make,



I reposted an Insty link on Farcebook of a Salon article from 2013 that said how great Hugo Chavez' socialism was working out. The byline is Salon but it reads like a piece from the Onion. Unfortunately Leftist Derangement Syndrome is spreading faster than Zika.

It lurked in the jungles of Cuba and Venezuela and has now infected a large proportion of the populace of Washington, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The Russian Democracy Experiment, a think tank in St. Petersburg, has admitted that they are responsible for the leaking of Democrat cell phone numbers in order that Sanders supporters, OWSies, and BLM activists can mau mau them in a Democratic manner into compliance with Comrade Sanders manifesto. Power to the cronies!

buccaneer morgan

as if sousse and other attacks were not about toppling the government,



Dems in full panic mode wrt Foundation and e-mails that continue to plague Hillary.
Fox show says Trump's economic plan far superior to Hillarities
Her fatigue is also evident as is her lackluster campaign.

Captain Hate

He added, “They saw two little notes with a ‘C’ on it — this is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard — that were about telephone calls that she needed to make. The State Department typically puts a little ‘C’ on it to discourage people from discussing it in public in the event the secretary of state, whoever it is, doesn’t make a telephone call. Does that sound threatening to the national security to you?”

Fuck off, you simple son of a whore; putting a pervert and his grifter enabler in the same zip code as anything classified is threatening to national security and has gotten thousands of better people killed.

buccaneer morgan

tammeh found this tidbit,


Beasts of England

The Olympians are diving into split-pea soup!! Is that not ridiculous?

buccaneer morgan

I'm confuzzle, reading frau applebaum, you would never know this administration short sheeted poland on missile defense, blamed it for the holocaust, and pushed for a 'reset' with volodya,

buccaneer morgan

it looks like mutating pond in futurama, seriously, get some antivirals or something,


Who thinks Hillary is working on her second bottle of Grey Goose this weekend?


I agree, Capt. But what's the FBI going to do about it? Besides bend over...


Does "this weekend" mean "today"?

Beasts of England

Welp, I'm working in my second bottle of Tito's™ this weekend, but I had a little help last night. And this morning...

Miss Marple 2

Beasts, Just heard NBC said that someone accidentally put hydrogen peroxide in the pool, which neutralized the chlorine, so algae.

Good grief. My subdivision manages to have a clear pool. This is the Olympics!

buccaneer morgan

the advance man for red queen's bookstore foray into iowa, should have gotten the admiral ozzel treatment,

Captain Hate

Probably nothing, lyle, but I can't imagine LoLy and Clouseau Comey can be very happy about the red nosed predator looking like Bob Barker's corpse badmouthing them after they destroyed their shred of remaining credibility by giving Short Circuit a pass.

Beasts of England

Just saw my first 'balk' in diving. Announcer said that it's a two-point deduction. And she's Russian, so there could be an increased in her vodka ration...


Yeah but no way Hillary shares:)

Beasts of England

Hydrogen peroxide? Dang, that's rocket fuel at over a 2% solution!! :)

Beasts of England

I'm a giver, Buckeye. ;)


Good grief. My subdivision manages to have a clear pool. This is the Olympics!

Welcome to Brazil.

buccaneer morgan

the snark at katrina, ignores that once upon a time the democrats thought afghanistan was the good war, until it came time to fight it,

buccaneer morgan

you have to say it like vin diesel says it in fast and furious:

'this is brazil'

Jack is Back!

Every time I drive by Villa Maria in Water Mill I pray that young Soros will step out into traffic and I will the lucky guy to wear him on my bumper.

[/you have to understand how the villa fronts the main Montauk Highway]

Took Frederick to Three Mile Harbor in Easthampton today because he is going on a boat with a school friend and staying out on the bay overnight. Traffic was horrific. So, we used a new app I have - Waze - and it is terrific. Better than the MB GPS on the car. Took me through parts of Easthampton Town I have never been in or even knew existed.

buccaneer morgan

the novelization made the incoherence understandable,


buccaneer morgan

yes, I took a backroad up to bunnell, rt 20, almost didn't have enough gas,

buccaneer morgan

because of the garmin, I must add.


I'm sure threadkiller noticed this:


Looks like his pre-Trump theme had more basis than some of us (or at least one of us) thought.


Sorry, wrong link:

This is it:


buccaneer morgan

well that would be awkward,



The idiots who think Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary are so upset by that, that they're going to do all they can to get Hillary elected.

Miss Marple 2

The shorter version is that districts with minority voters are free to operate without observers.

This might explain also why they gerrymander districts to have black voters, so that they can claim the decree in order to cheat unhindered in more areas.

Appalled, I see that Trump has done at least one thing - gotten you to believe TK!

James D.

daddy @ 1:34

You are not at all harsh in your judgment of Comey.

If anything, you're not nearly harsh enough. Scorn is the LEAST he deserves. We used to punish traitors by hanging them.

Miss Marple 2


I ran across one reporter who seems to understand Trump (other than Charlie Hurt). He is David Martosko of the Daily Mail. Look at this series of tweets from him:

4 hours ago

1/ What everyone is missing: Trump's election-observer rant has nothing to do with polling places or the mechanics of election day at all.

2/ It's about subliminal persuasion, media manipulation. He's managed to make thousands of reporters write "voter fraud," "Clinton" together

3/ same with the business about ISIS and Obama as "founder." While he offers contradictory explanations on successive days, ...

4/ ... news consumers are getting a mental imprint of those words (Obama, founder, ISIS) which resonates far longer than the news cycle.

5/ If you look back at his so-called gaffes, I would argue many were intentional -- to change the language used to discuss his opponents

6/ Bottom line: Trump has always been willing to play the long game, and he's using language to plant seeds that take months to germinate.

7/ The next time Trump says something incomprehensible, pay attention to the language, not the message, if you want to understand him -END-


This might be an additional reason why he is doing so many rallies. He's got an event in Fairfield, Connecticut tonight.

Miss Marple 2


Be sure you read to the end of the article for the prosecutor's response. Trump's fault!

buccaneer morgan

don't many manhattanites live in conneticutt, take don imus, please, he can't stop rambling about it,

Miss Marple 2

Never been to Connecticut, but I think Fairfield is a pricey bedroom community. I could be wrong.

Miss Marple 2


buccaneer morgan

these are old figures but probably it still applies,


Jack is Back!

So, I am inside the house watching Olympics and Mrs. JiB and one our friends come home with shopping and she says, "who is the van parked out front in our parking area?" And I go what?

Sure enough, in front of our house, beyond our hedges, in our parking area, is a large van with Illinois plates, obviously a rental. So, Mrs. JiB has parked our car it can't back out. The police have come and they will arrange a tow truck. But if it doesn't come before the people who parked it come then I am going to make some big bucks.

They charge $40 to park at Cooper's Beach, so I figure $60 to park in my front parking area. And just to be really cheeky I am thinking about making their trip out here even more miserable and press trespassing charges then after a slobbering fest drop them.

Either that or demand their first born.


The Consent Decree has brought us together, Appalled.

For that, I am thankful.

Everyone, including #HelicopterJOMers, #NeverJOMers, and #DescendOnWingedChariotPreachyJOMers needs to read Appalled's 3:46.

If Scorekeeper didn't split, he may be able to track how right I have been.


buccaneer morgan

apparently so, interesting demographics,



On catch-up, I see that TM's previous post and paste from the NYTimes, on "unexpected developments in ObamaCare", contains 2 "unexpecteds" in 1 sentence. (Is that a record?)

NYTimes: "The unexpected laser focus on price has contributed to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses among the country’s top insurers, as fewer healthy people than expected have signed up."

Other than the NYTimes, the only other periodical I can recall that was so continually caught unawares by "unexpected developments," was a mag called "Tales Of The Unexpected."

It was a decent mag. You guys may remember it. I suggest the NYTimes use some of that mags old covers for future "unexpected" NYTimes stories, since that mag wrote way better headlines and we won't all nod off right from the git-go. For example:

1)---This one they could use for stories on unexpected consequences of illegal Immigration:

2)---This one they could use for coverage of the unexpected pollution in the Swimming Pools at the Rio Olympics:

3)---This one on unexpected arguments for Hillary from #NeverTrumper George Will:

4)---This one for unexpected tales of Trump's hair:

5)---This one they could use for unexpected stories from Hillary's Secret Service Bodyguards, and for Ted Cruz's unexpected Canadian citizenship:

6)---These 2 on unexpected "harbingers" of Global Warming catastrophe:

7)---This one on Walmart, where of course everything is unexpected to the Times reporters

8)---This one on the unexpected adoption of Environmentalism by the Commies:

9)---Naturally number (8) requires one on unexpected columns from Mark Steyn:

10)---And of course this applies to the unexpected consequences to the Big Apple of Mayor DeBlasio, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter:

Feel free to play along yourself: "Tales Of The Unexpected" comic book covers

Lurker Susie

More free stuff

Hillary Clinton
4h4 hours ago
Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
We need to make sure every American has high-speed internet access. And we will: http://hrc.io/2aU1MOG
Embedded image

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So what's the penalty for violating a consent decree? Winning?
Sounds like a win/win.

Beasts of England

$60? You're way too nice, JiB! :)

buccaneer morgan

a brave piece of crimethink,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This was especially comical;

If this activity violates the consent decree, the DNC can ask for it to be extended for up to another 8 years.

It already appears eternal so how is that a deterrent to violating it?
It's like giving a guy on death row, a life term for killing another inmate.

Miss Marple 2

Lurker Susie,

Government payments to Comcast, AT & T, etc.

Plus more customers for Zuckerberg and the Google gang.

Reminds me of this:

buccaneer morgan

nut trump is the problem,



The unfortunate twist will be when the #NeverTrumpers embrace a Decree that they claimed didn't exist/matter.

Miss Marple 2

Someone tell me where I am wrong.

I see a method here.

1. Consent decree exists, although GOP doesn't say much about it. Got to keep those donations coming.

2. Trump knows about it and thinks its BS.

3. Starts talking about how the system is rigged. (It is, obviously.)

4. Asks for people to pay attention and watch.

5. NeverTrumpers baited into saying Trump may be violating it. (When they have NEVER brought it up before, as many of them don't care about losing elections.)

6. Now we have a situation where this is going to be discussed out in the open. I would bet very few voters know that legalized cheating is allowed in minority areas.

Results? I don't know, but it's worth having the discussion. It certainly brings up how important the Supreme Court appointments are.

Jack is Back!

Okay, all is well. Cops finally tested the passenger side door and it opens up. They check out the interior for clues. Find the rental agreement and a map. The map is for Boston and Neuengland.

Ah! My neighbor in the back who I sold 50 feet of back yard to is German living in England but his brother just bought the house 2 down from me. German visitors thinking my place was his place. Park the van and walk to the beach.

Cops go down to beach, find him and bring him back to move the van. Tell the guy, he owes me $60 and I'll take it in Euros or Swiss Franc.

Canit do more. I need to maintain world peace.


BBC: "Last month, an Afghan asylum seeker attacked passengers on a train in the neighbouring German state of Bavaria with an axe, injuring four people"

And here I thought he was a Jihadi.

Thanks BBC for setting me straight.

Miss Marple 2

Why is an Afghan seeking asylum?

And how many countries did he cross to get to Germany? Couldn't he have gone to say, INDIA?


First they came for the Birthers, and Trump said something...

Then they came for the Consent Decreers, and Trump said something...

When they come for you, Trump will say something!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Obama admin gives green light for Iran to build two new nuclear plants

Try getting them to do that here.

Jack is Back!

Does anyone know the rules of Olympic Volleyball? Not beach but indoor 5 on 5. I thought from my high school days, you would rotate right to left along the front line. But it looks like you now have 3 on the front and 3 on the back and the back guys have to jump before the line in order to spike a ball. And what do you call the guy with the different jersey and why is he 1 foot smaller than the other guys? Is this like rule to make short guys feel important in volleyball?


“The Zika in the Southern part of our country is in our country, and because it hasn’t hit home in [a Republican’s] district, doesn’t mean that it isn’t hitting home for the American people,” Pelosi said. “You know how I am about babies and this is about babies. I just can’t understand it.”
The CDC reports that there are Zika cases in every state in the union except Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Speaking of Rep Pelosi:
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Saturday that she’s been slammed with “obscene and sick calls” after a hacker posted Democratic congressional lawmakers’ personal contact information online.
The "right to petition government" is often obstructed by poor communications capabilities.
Problem solved.

Jack is Back!


Who do you think will build those nukes? Not Trump's friend Putin, right? Are we flexible enough now?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Donald Glover [I know, who?]: “Thank God, one day Donald Trump is gonna die”

The show [Glover's "Atlanta"] is attempting to blend high-stakes emotional drama with humor as a means of expressing the black experience in America. “I always want people to be scared because that’s kind of how it feels to be black.”

We know, dude. It feels that way because black guys are always killing raping and robbing other blacks.
In fact everybody's already scared when young black guys like you are around.
Maybe the solution for fear is to resolve the threat.


>>>How dense does a person have to be to not recognize that a Donald Trump personality would be inevitable? He's the unconventional warrior sent to destroy the king and all his soldiers and scribes. He appeals to the people because he owes no debts or allegiance to the king or the king's court. He talks brashly over the king's psycho-babble and exposes the king's nakedness. He speaks plainly to the people, promising to give back to them what the king and his court have stolen.

Posted by: BeenThereDoneThat | August 13, 2016 at 02:41 PM<<<

Excellent comment. Codevilla wrote a long article which was expanded into a book. Trende's 2012 election analysis was expanded into a 4 part series of articles at RCP. The problems have been written about in great detail well before Trump's candidacy and the 2016 primaries. It was the stupid party that didn't look at any of it and doubled down on stupid. Now they are surprised that the people they conned into voting for them actually wanted some results.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If we aborted 100% of babies; zika problem solved, right, "all about the babies" San Fran Nan Ghoul?

Texas Liberty Gal

Alright then!!!! App maker says Trump will win election!!



Latest from Reuters: “A crime of passion” is one of the possibilities the Swiss police is currently investigating, Reuters reports. The outlet adds that, according to the police spokesperson, “a terrorism background still seems very, very far-fetched.”

Absolutely. Why would any policeman believe in this day and age leap to the illogical conclusion that someone jumping on a Swiss Train and stabbing children and then setting the train car on fire might possibility be a terrorist.

BTW, I had no idea that Chief Wiggum was Swiss.


and we can go back even further to 1992 to the Perot candidacy and Buchanan's various boomlets. One of Buchanan's advisors wrote "From Household to Nation" in 1996 (and written about in various places), and a few years prior to that, the Dems "why do we lose" naval gazing pieces "The Politics of Evasion", which Bill Clinton put to good effect in his runs as president.

Beasts of England

I went back and enjoyed your Tales of the Unexpected, daddy. Most excellent!!


It would be interesting if someone of the Democrat persuasion decided to challenge the consent decree to protect his/her/ze vote.

Captain Hate

How likely is it that a political party that is run on the up and up, and is responsive to its base could be destroyed by a Mountebank?

Lurker Susie

#never trumpers must be jealous

David Frum
David Frum – Verified account ‏@davidfrum

"The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether." https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/764535745721802752



Captain Hate

I really have to give Priebus credit for coming to grips with the Trump phenomenon well in advance of the donor class taking its ball (ostensibly one removed by the gelding shears) and scurrying home. Imo that's real leadership and he deserves credit for a job well done no matter what happens in November.

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