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August 24, 2016



Give em DDT and get out of their way.

See Eisenhower.

See Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.

It's the combination of government and science which is the problem. Solutions none I have.

buccaneer morgan

what strikes is how it struck prime real estate in south beach, wynwood which is somewhat delapidated I can understand,

Lost opportunity costs compound.

Well, it's not that simple. Maybe that's why I have no solution. This catastrophism is an Extraordinary Popular Delusion and a Madness of the Crowd. It's far beyond just government involvement, though the governments want the flow of money from the scam as well as the flow of power.

buccaneer morgan

well it's lizette alvarez, so caveat lector, now I'm not terribly sanguine, about these rocket surgeons, maybe I saw mimic too many times,

Jack is Back!

Even in the Key's Regan's admonition rings true:

When you go to bed with the Federal Government you get more than a good night's sleep.

Was down that way a few years ago. Key Haven is Florida's version of California's Bolinas.

buccaneer morgan

dobbs brings up a good point, where is mcturtle and eddie munster on the spectre revelations,

common man

How exactly was the government going to control the mosquitos from exiting the bright red lines shown on the maps of the "infected" neighborhoods in Miami? Surely even folks with the intellectual power Gilda Niles can figure out that mosquitos bite humans and there is no way to keep them from flying out of the identified neighborhoods, unless you totally and fully eradicate them which would require using banned chemicals like DDT.

buccaneer morgan

why I dp I think liz dowdified that quote?

buccaneer morgan

talk about loathsome insects,


Jack is Back!

Do you think if Hilary is elected the Muslim menance vaporates?


(sports aside)

JiB, that UF-LSU game is going to be an SEC classic.

We're going to be much, much better than people seem to comprehend. I expect us to make the SEC Championship game and have a very good chance of winning it. I also expect us to beat FSU in Tallahassee, which will please me beyond belief.

As for our early season schedule, we're the only team in the toughest conference in the nation to play (over the last 25 years or so) a perennial top 10 out-of-conference team EVERY season (the damn Noles). Which means we're the only team in the nation that annually has to face such a schedule. So, you'll understand when I say we apologize to no one for those cupcakes sprinkled into our schedule.

For the first time ever, our little brothers the Noles will have a schedule that by all appearances approaches (not matches, but approaches) our normal SEC schedule. We'll see how they do. And don't even get me started on our nephews, Iggy's damn Canes. The intra-Florida hatred? It be real! We keep telling them two punks to bow down and all we get is some back-talk. Imagine that!

I love State of Florida football, and wish those two well when they aren't playing the true blue Fightin' Florida Gators.

Jack is Back!


Agreed. We are back to normal in Gainesville. About time.

The only game I want to see beside LSU is FSU in JAX. Maybe I'll make an exception and come down for that one.

Going to Bald'more in December for the Army-Navy game. That is a classic and Frederick gets all psyched up for it.

Frau Sankt Veits

This catastrophism is an Extraordinary Popular Delusion and a Madness of the Crowd.

kim - sounds like Hillary!

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

Michael Hart formerly Go Blue

RG...let me warn you about calling 'em 'little brother'

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trying to figure out how genetic modifications could make mosquitoes worse.
Since they don't seem to be the size of turkey buzzards I'm left scratching my head.

buccaneer morgan

you can get rid of mosquitoes, this one,


Jack is Back!

I see my throry is getting some traction afterall.



Trump now calling Nigel Farage onstage.

buccaneer morgan

well that surge in registrations, that first the herald and then politico glommed on to,

Jack is Back!

According to the Army, Hillary is a domestic threat.



Harry Reid attacks Gold Star family:

“For example at the national convention they had that poor Smith woman come out and say ‘Hillary Clinton killed my son’, how crazy!”

buccaneer morgan

this was the less neuralizer inducing piece, on further examination,



Farage: I wouldn't vote for Hillary if you paid me ... if she paid me!

good one. heh.


Farage: If I was an American citizen I wouldn't vote Hillary if you paid me. In fact I wouldn't vote for her if SHE paid me. LOL


Trump: lotta great polls today, we are leading in a lot of great locations.

buccaneer morgan

ah so it's like the committee to reelect,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From narc's link;


We are about due for some muzzie shooting up a bunch of people.

When it happens, Trump's numbers in the polls will go up, and Short Circuit won't be able to counter.

Miss Marple 2

Kyle Griffin Verified account

Julian Assange is on "The Kelly File" right now, saying Wikileaks is releasing information on Hillary Clinton tonight.

I picked this up from my Twitter feed as I don't watch Kelly File.

Captain Hate

The weekly Tammy:


Lurker Susie

Almost as bad as the house coat!

The Everyday Pantsuit Tee | The Shop


Miss Marple 2


buccaneer morgan

can't keep things straight,


buccaneer morgan

an exercise in more selective,


Miss Marple 2

Eight tornadoes hit Indiana today, mostly in the counties just north of Indianapolis.

Governor Pence is off the campaign trail and will tour damaged areas tomorrow.


RG...let me warn you about calling 'em 'little brother'
Posted by: Michael Hart formerly Go Blue | August 24, 2016 at 08:11 PM

Well, now. I admit I'm a bit confused. Little brother is objectionable? Why, that's about the *nicest* thing I could have called them. It's not unknown for me to call them yellow-bellied mustard-and-ketchup sap-suckers, knowhutahmeanz ???

The back and forth down here is seerze bidness, Michael!

Fdcol63, where are you ??? Tell 'em. Go 'head, tell em.


Listened to Bret's show while driving home today. The panel was aghast at Trump saying he would "soften a little bit but we gotta follow the law" when dealing with illegal aliens (I refuse to :

I believe the "law" requires apprehended illegals be deported.

Deportations without a real border are meaningless.

The wall or fence has not been removed from the Trump plan.

I think the hand wringing is much ado about very little of real significance.

Beasts of England

According to my new phone, I've taken 1,256 steps today covering 0.51 miles and climbed two flights of stairs. I did my morning run before I got the phone, so it didn't account for that effort.

I didn't sign up for this app or enable it in any way, it just did it on its own. I don't really care to keep track of such, but I don't want the the fine folks at the Utah Data Center to think I've been goofing off. :)

buccaneer morgan

honestly I don't how they maintain enough oxygen in their lungs without the hyperventilating,

Robin, counting the political signs over 2200 miles


Account of Farage speaking at the Trump rally.


Who would love to see a side-by-side calendar of the last several months comparing Trump's appearances with H's?

He is in a different state every day and sometimes two in one day. He never looks tired, never sounds hoarse, always upbeat and she is nowhere to be found. Occasionally she pops up like a whack-a-mole then back underground.

(brought over from last thread)


Trump showing you can't believe a word he says.

Janet S.

Hillary does fundraisers where the speakers call Trump a ‘f*cking idiot’ & scream about Trump being a Nazi.

and the MFM paint Trump supporters as low class rubes. ::shaking head::

Libs are a bunch of foul mouthed, mansion trash rubes.


Amen, Janet!


Hillary is now asking Romney and his supporters to send her money for her campaign,


From a friend off FB:

College dude sez his FitBit tells him he masturbated four miles today...


Good night all! You might like this lullaby:



Meant to post this version - where you actually see Roy:



The silent vote in JIB's link is what I refer to as The Chick-fil-A crowd.

They are for real, IMO.


So middle eastern Arab crown prince pooobah asks for access to State Dept/Rodham, CLINTON CRIME FOUNDATION RECEIVES 32 MILLLLLION DOLLARS and yes RODHAM hears Poobahs 2 cents worth. APPEARANCE of CONFLICT OF INTEREST???? FUCK YEAH.

I wonder, did they load up an unmarked jet in Switzerland with the Cash, and fly it to LITTLE ROCK???

buccaneer morgan

this was my 'good news everybody' moment from last night'





Shillary interview on CNN tonight. Anderson Cooper asks "did you lie" about what Powell told you? Long pause. She dodges. Cooper does not follow up.



Porchlight, what we are up against is abject stupidity and bias.
Our GOPe Bill Kristol types cannot have their power and access nullified by TRUMP, and half the nation is too stoooopit to recognize the vile filth that Rodham is. Rodham is so easy to recognize as a liar, if you aren't retarded.


Whew! Hillary: Islam's whore....



BTDT, Funny thing about the BRIT ass Kicking of Double-wide RODHAM, is that, LIKE ALMOST all of the DELUDED LYING HACK WORLD, Rodham is ALWAYS UNDER-MIS-ESTIMATED as to her DISGUSTING FILTH.

Rodham is not ISLAMS' WHORE. Rodham is a WHORE to ANYTHING, ANYONE and ANY CA$H. Hillary Rodham is as DISHONEST and DISGUSTING a PEEP as could be imagined and/or FICTIONALIZED.
Hillary Rodham, is SO UGLY on SO MANY LEVELS.
Yet, RODHAM still has a 50/50 likelihood of becoming PRESIDENT. WTF is WRONG with US???

We are far past, the RUBICON. Rodham being called a WHORE, is so ....EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Yet the EVIL BITCH is.


Who would love to see a side-by-side calendar of the last several months comparing Trump's appearances with H's? Momto2 @10:00PM

Great comment, Momto2.

Just before the dawn.

Good golly, Mt2, my favorite Roy and the second is my favorite video of Roy.

Magical to wake up early to it. Thanks.


You're welcome! There's no voice like Roy's!

Waiting for the sunrise here - the overnight crew didn't leave me much to read with my coffee this morning.


Oops - see the new thread now!

Find some Traveling Wilburys.

Roy was Elvis Presley's favorite singer.


There is a cure for Zika.. it's called DDT.

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