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August 16, 2016



Roger Stone, hallucinating. What is wrong with these people?

Miss Marple 2

There's a reason Trump dumped Stone early on, henry.

I think Stone has flashes of brilliance between long episodes of complete lunacy.

Isn't he the one who was in some wife-swapper's publication or something?

Besides, when I see him in some of those bizarre outfits he wears, I know he's not playing with a full deck.

Captain Hate

There have been some new ads here in the last couple days that have been hammering the Crime Family's crooked deals. After years of limpdicks like Romney and McCain who exemplified the out of touch caricature of the GOPe, it is so refreshing to cheer for somebody who can run circles around an addled unlikeable battle axe. We've always had the issues on our side but just very poor messengers.

The NeverTrumps should listen to Ballad of a Thin Man until the light goes on, if possible.

Old Lurker

I saw conflicting stories about Manfort, MM.

Who knows.

Another Bob

The CNN cable channel isn't a broadcaster and requires no government license. Maybe they own some radio stations?

Miss Marple 2

Old Lurker,

I get my news on the campaign from the Trump web site and whatever is announced on Facebook, along with some stuff on Conservative Treehouse and the Reddit site Porchlight referenced.

It is now almost impossible to believe anything on CNN since they are flat-out making up stories. Same with New York Times and Washington Post. So I discount almost anything they say.

Trump gets strategy points from me for billing this as a "law and order speech." As a guy on Reddit pointed out, the media thought this would be an all-out assault on the rioters which they could spin as anti-black.

So they covered it live and then he let all parties have it.

You know darn well when he started talking about the inner cities being victims of the democrats there was shouting and cussing in the control rooms of the networks. HA!

Captain Hate

Crooked Rodham has been running ads featuring Letterman, somebody else who had sex with interns, questioning Trump.

Miss Marple 2

Another Bob,

You are right. The only thing that will hurt them is loss of revenue, and even that isn't going to dent them much, as they are owned by Turner Broadcasting which also has other cable channels like TCM and the Cartoon network.

As far as I know Turner doesn't own any broadcast channels, probably to avoid FCC regulation.


The CNN cable channel isn't a broadcaster and requires no government license. Maybe they own some radio stations?

Yeah, I realized that as I was posting, but they are definitely inciting riots and slandering Trump. Maybe when Times v Sullivan gets reversed they'll get there comeuppance.


there s/b their


Eyes he's a crazy character, but then he earned us about client no 9

Another Bob

Manafort remains part of the campaign, officially. Unofficially...?

Personally, I like the Manafort demotion. He apparently served his purpose in keeping the convention under control, and apparently was trying to push Trump into a more conventional campaign style.

That's a loser for Trump, and apparently he realized it, or was wise enough to maintain communications with people like Lewandowski who knew it.

Don't know much about Bannon, but if he'll be a "let Trump be Trump", but with a little polish on the messaging, I'm all for it.

Another Bob

CNN is untouchable on slandering Trump, and that's probably the way we want it.

But the incitement? "Freedom of the press" doesn't mean freedom to violate all the laws. Would be interesting to see a commentator arrested for inciting to riot and how an imaginative prosecutor would work that case.

Jack is Back!

Aren't the local cable companies that carry CNN, Fox, MSNBC, RT, BBC et. al. regulated via their local franchise operations? I seem to remember they have restrictive, monopolistic concessions via local governments.

I wonder what those convenents look like?



To his credit, Ted probably didn't know any of this until a reporter told him.


CNN is awful,but...Gov.Maggie Hassan was asked three times by a CNN reporter if she thought thought Hillary was honest and all three times,Hassan wouldn't answer. Ayotte has been in the uncomfortable position of giving tepid support to Trump,which Hassan's campaign has been using against her. Ayotte was followed by idiots wearing Trump masks while she ran a road race in Manchester last week.
Hassan's talking point against Ayotte is: do you (Ayotte) trust Trump with the nuclear codes? But Hassan declines to answer the honesty question!


New thread.


Kind of funny that Turner BROADCASTING doesn't own any broadcast channels. (If indeed it doesn't.)


Manafort's old title was "Campaign Manager", it is now "Campaign Chairman".


Turner started out with the Atlanta TV station.

Captain Hate

Ayotte should've learned from McRINO how to trash the party's nominee for her advantage.

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