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August 16, 2016



AA community hurt worst by open borders policies of Hillary--


Don't worry about the comments time cycle back. That's just clarice checking you out. NTBC with way back machine or land of no IPs.


The man means what he says - he's learned on the campaign trail that things are even worse than he knew.. This speech is angering a lot of powerful people. We are praying for DJT's health and safety, as well as for his family.


(I cannot imagine Rpmney or Jeb or McCain daring to say one of these things..The NR and wS moogs must be pissing in their diapers.


Instead of hoping the #NeverJOMers chock on this speech, I hope they digest it and come back to the fold.

This is a once in a lifetime election.

Miss Marple 2


This speech is a game changer.

I am amazed, even though I have supported him for months.

Hillary's people have to be in a panic.

buccaneer morgan

shibolleth, you dare not speak it, they seized on 'the peaceful regime change' which I'm not sure he even said, because nothing else computes,


Oh he said it narciso.


MM, when Trump went after Obama's phony ID, Obama panicked and killed OBL within hours of releasing the Meerkat Manuscript that fooled JOM's best and brightest.

I have been in the tank for Trump since then.

buccaneer morgan

well it's the only concept they would vaguely understand, it isn't about transformation but reformation,

Miss Marple 2

This is our last chance to take back power from those who have power.

They have no idea how many people who will vote on November 8.

buccaneer morgan

would 1980 have been as successful, if 1976 had not show the failure of the pale pastels same for 1952, as compared to 1948, Dewey risked little, and won nothing,


Just perfect in every respect.


Even Ben Shapiro likes the speech.

Miss Marple 2

That was a great speech. Major reach out to the African American community and a complete trashing of Democrat policies in the inner cities.


TM, you were right.

Something is happening!


Ludwig and "song of joy" shall not pass unnoticed...


That sure wasn't pale pastels.


Now BLM is handcuffed. If they make a move, Trump wins.


Stalking horses hardest hit...


Trump is a God!


Tonight I will pray for Ben Shapiro. I have said some nasty things about him that I thought he brought upon himself.

His eyes have opened and now he sees what is going on.

I will wish him the best.


TBT is back from pole vault trials.

He cleared them all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

TBT buys gender fluid by the barrel.



Miss Marple 2

Major Garrett Verified account

Having been listening since August 2016, objectively best drafted & best delivered @realDonaldTrump speech of campaign. Will resonate.


You have to 'own' your apt building or your not connected; be it buyers, cash sympathizers/protestors, records or 's/he's 'cool.' That's why the dope dried up and the dealer adks; ' Do you need.' This calls all hands on deck. Hide and seek distractions from the drop/safe house. Anyway, no heroin without a good record of housing for drugs, usually by the hour. Then, it's all nighters once the mule's made some drops and problems are ODed. Body dumpers are a phone call away. Gangs cooperating on territories for dumps. Anyway, if your smart you just turn into a mule drop/break of bulk apt. If you have a job at a good club, like maintenances, you can stash it their and sell it as a complete mule package. Just do bulk.

Either way have to 'own the building(s).

buccaneer morgan

it's basically the restatement of the broken windows protocol, that security is needed for a prosperous society, james q wilson, along with edward banfield, and richard pipes, are the few professors not regarded on crimson estates,



You're right about Trump. He's incredible.

Dave (in MA)

72 hours and still no ID on Mohammed Von Cuckoo Clock.

It gets Muzzier-looking with every hour that goes by.


Even Major Garrett. Interesting.

Iggy @11:01, heh.

Dave (in MA)

Major Garrett's been paying attention since this month?

buccaneer morgan

well the hungarian paper, ventured an islamic rage boi type, the swiss papers either stick to simon s,
the doting loner, or try to ignore the issue altogether, but the rage virus seems to have spread to austria,

Miss Marple 2

Speech was important and a game changer.

I will bet the HIllary camp is in a panic.

Heading to bed. Nytol.


I once was blind but now I can see


Hehehehehehehehee. Bingo.


Do you see that you are an asshole?

Dave (in MA)

Apparently an actual action figure that you can buy.

I guess, technically, falling down is an action.


It usually happens on that quick run to the store at night. Taking out the trash the neighbor says he's going to stab and really means it. Next day same thing. A few days later you see him being paid by the apt owner as he announces loudly that the owner is paying him for handling the trash. Next day an apology for being an addict, being high and needing more cash.


You can't shake my faith in Trump


You can't shake your tiny pecker.


What a needy little prick.

buccaneer morgan

you never go full trotsky,



Wait for it.....





buccaneer morgan

this outfit involved is hardcore, don winslow compares them to isis, with el chapo as saddam,



Goodnight Clarice.

buccaneer morgan

well it only takes a light rinse,


Dave (in MA)

Why did they use the word "should"?

Lurker Susie

Excellent response by Rick Perry to Jake Tapper about
Mr. Kahn


buccaneer morgan

it's paraphrasing a negative, letting an even playing field is crimethink,

Lurker Susie

A little history on vetting immigrants
after Trump's speech the other day.

On Vetting Immigrants – LaborEcon



If I'm Trump, Rick Perry is going to campaign for me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If you're Trump you need to clean the language up a bit, Donnie. :)

Dave (in MA)

If you're Trump, GUS, you wouldn't let that hair happen.


Leave Trump's hair alone Delilah.

buccaneer morgan

she's easily confused,


buccaneer morgan

should be considered a lethal weapon,


buccaneer morgan

how did he manage,


buccaneer morgan

surprise, how you say that in turkish,



Marc Grossman's pal.

buccaneer morgan

who they wish to drive mad:


but it's a short trip,

buccaneer morgan

the jealousy just uses on the page,


buccaneer morgan

ah, so this is the rest of the story,



The Democrat convention ended on July 28th, just 19 days ago. Ever since then the media has been pounding Trump relentlessly. According to one talking head on Fox tonight, some pollster has concluded that Hillary Clinton now has the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election. After only 19 days, the media has decided that the election is over. Just like that.

I'm not very good at reading tea leaves, but I have to think that all of this is deliberately premature. Hillary is spending her many millions on TV ads bashing Trump. In areas not covered by those ads, the media is picking up the slack.

Even the venerable Lou Dobbs disappointed me tonight. After a great speech by Trump, he interviewed the ever negative Ed Rollins who panned the speech. Is Rollins really heading a pro-Trump Pac? You could never tell from his constant negative analysis. Dobbs complained that Trump wasn't on time, and followed that with a hasty goodnight. I guess he was miffed because had to stay up past his bedtime.

I'm relaying all of this because I hear and see two Americas in this election: one is terribly concerned about the fate of our country, and the other (media, pollsters, talking heads) is consumed with politics as usual. Trump does not fit into the latter's paradigm. The fate of the country will depend on the voters understanding this, and choosing to throw in their lot with him. As the thousands who attend his rallies show, there is a very good chance that that will happen.

It's going to be a long, long time until November.


From TCT:

MR. Trump called Phyllis Schlafly on August 15, to wish her Happy Birthday.

In response to that comment, some one posted this video of an 8 year old girl named Miss Emily Christine.

Official you tube title

The Beatles "Birthday" a Drum Cover By Emily


Not one word about the speech on the NYTimes online right now.
Are you all sure it happened?????

Lots of coverage about the Breibart guy coming on the team in a "shakeup," Ailes coming on as an advisor, his NJ casinos getting a deal on delinquent taxes from Christie---but not one word about what he said last night.



They realize how powerful that speech was last night. The NYTimes and the media cabal in DC will try to diminish the speech and divert attention elsewhere hoping that people will not notice what Trump said. No one in the Republican party has had the courage to call out the Democrats like Trump did, and it was about time! It was, as he said, a major speech. This will resonate.


Oh good, another campaign shakeup. Trump bringing in a former Goldman Sachs guy to be CEO of his campaign at the behest of a hedgefund titan and mega-donor after conferring with his son in law who was vacationing with Ivanka along with the girlfriend of Putin.

This is the pivot we have been waiting for.

Make America Globalist Again!

Did someone say he made a speech last night? It'll now be lost in the stories about the changes in the campaign that the campaign decided to announce and drive the news rather than let the speech be a "game changer". Funny, the media didn't even have to lift a finger to hide it, Trump decided to bury it.

3-D chess FTW!


Amazing how the #NeverTrumps fawn over GS connections (ahem, Hillary, Mini-Me McMuffin) until Trump gets one. Let me guess: Make America Goldman Sachs Again?

The constant whine: "Trump needs to change his campaign!!!!" Now becomes "OMG!!! Trump changed his campaign!!!"

Keep wearing your 3D "kick me" sign dude.


He's the executive chairman of BB news.

Robert Costa
✔ ‎@costareports

Story soon... BREITBART orbit is ecstatic... the Bannon-Coulter-Sessions wing of the right is now running GOP nominee's campaign

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!

Radio news carried an extended clip of the speech, the one about how blacks have been taken advantage of.

I was surprised such a long clip was used, but was glad to hear it.


#nevertrumpism is a mental disease.

Oh my How terrible! he's as evil as Hillary, we can't vote for him. Instead, we'll do all we can to get Hillary elected.

Oh my, How terrible! he's doing the big pivot. We all knew he was going to pivot, that's why we pivoted to get Hillary elected.


It's really humorous, this mad insistence on an obviously bogus narrative.

Never before in American history has a man running for President had such large, enthusiastic crowds juxtaposed with his opponent drawing small, unenthusiastic crowds yet the cabal keeps insisting *he* is in something of a panic and shaking up his campaign.

Looks to me like his plan all along was to start a sprint as Labor Day approached. He looks confident, and so do the crowds turning out to cheer him on.

To hell with the bogus narrative. I had a woman Democrat in DC tell me her medical doctor friend could not in good conscience vote for Hillary and will write in Barack Obama instead. I suspect there will be a bunch of that. Thus, the desperate need to try and simulate that on our side with the Egg McMuffin CIA boy, etc.

That's not gonna work. TrumpPence2016 !!!

Free James D

Anonam & 5;45

I noticed that on this morning's TV news, too. And at NR. And even at the normally same instapundit.

Anonymous sources talk about a "shakeup" and that's the big story. Trump gives a huge, important, powerful speech, and crickets.

Traitorous ratf**kers, the whole lot of them.

Miss Marple 2

James D., I just called out Dana Perino for her usual bitchy crap on Trump. "No one will remember this speech because of the campaign shak-up."

Then David Drucker chimes in with all the different stories that could be done INSTEAD of covering the speech. Tsk tsk not professionals, etc.

I told Perino that it would help if maybe SHE talked about the speech and that I was sick of the constant carping.

She still has her nose out of joint that Jeb! got trounced.

Miss Marple 2

Here is the full text of last night's speech:


Miss Marple 2

I love this part so much I am going to post it:

When we talk about the insider, who are we talking about? It’s the comfortable politicians looking out for their own interests. It’s the lobbyists who know how to insert that perfect loophole into every bill. It’s the financial industry that knows how to regulate their competition out of existence. The insiders also include the media executives, anchors and journalists in Washington, Los Angeles, and New York City, who are part of the same failed status quo and want nothing to change.

Every day you pick up a newspaper, or turn on the nightly news, and you hear about some self-interest banker or some discredited Washington insider says they oppose our campaign. Or some encrusted old politician says they oppose our campaign. Or some big time lobbyist says they oppose our campaign.

I wear their opposition as a badge of honor. Because it means I am fighting for REAL change, not just partisan change. I am fighting – all of us across the country are fighting – for peaceful regime change in our own country. The media-donor-political complex that’s bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by and for the people.

Old Lurker


Miss Marple 2

Trump gets his first security briefing today.

He's taking General Flynn with him and according to Fox it is to make sure that he gets correct information. HA!

Lurker Susie

Propping up crooked Hillary

How Bloomberg Spun its Own Poll Data to Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable | Liberty Blitzkrieg


Miss Marple 2

A comment on Conservative Treehouse which demonstrates the power of the internet:

"On YouTube I just typed in “Donald Trump Speech West Bend WI.” Y/T said there were 18,500 results. From the page 1 listings of 12 sites that lived streamed the speech, 414,676 people have seen it so far and the number will,of course,rise. "


Not one word about the speech on the NYTimes online right now.

There was actually a segment on the speech on NPR this morning. Only caught a minute or two of it, but while hardly objective, it wasn't slanderous. It mentioned Trump's charge that Hillary was taking the black vote for granted. Not that any regular NPR listener is going to vote for Trump. (Why would I ever listen to NPR? Only when I use my radio alarm, which is tuned to it because it comes in reliably, and I'd rather hear voices than unpredictable music to wake me up.)


How Bloomberg Spun its Own Poll Data to Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable

I hope someone is taking notes, so that when Trump wins all these pollsters and slanted news providers are held up to unrelenting ridicule.

James D

I just read the full speech.

So freaking inspiring. EXACTLY what the GOP should have been saying for years - really, for DECADES.

Which makes it all the more infuriating that the media (including the supposedly conservative media) is just ignoring it.

I guess the one good thing about that is, it's that many more websites I don't need to visit, and that many more voices I don't need to listen to.

Miss Marple 2

James D.,

I am going to sit my Bernie-loving granddaughter down in front of the computer and make her listen to him.

Conservative media are in many cases members of the political-donor-media establishment Trump talked about.

As I said early on, conservatives should have realized what a gift this guy is to our country, climbed on board and helped. Maybe they could have had influence on some of his policies.

Instead, we have seen too many pout and join the establishment GOP in this ridiculous NeverTrump crusade which simply helps Hillary.

So, if he cannot count on their votes, then he will go looking for other voters who obviously will be less conservative and THOSE voters will have the influence.

I have entire web sites I no longer go to. I have cut talk radio to nothing but Laura Ingraham and Dave Ramsey for the most part.

It's globalists vs. nationlists, as far as I can tell. I vote for my country, not some political movement.


from twitter:

The GOP #nevertrump crew seems to believe 40 virgins await them on Nov. 9th for their work. Nope. Just Hillary. (Sigh)

Lurker Susie

How come Shep isn't in Louisiana screaming
like a girl for help?

James Woods
James Woods – Verified account ‏@RealJamesWoods

As Louisiana Floodwaters Recede, the Scope of Disaster Comes Into View / Thank God #Obama was there to help. Wait... http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/17/us/louisiana-flooding.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share


Dark matter light force being equal on our non dark matter light matter side equal as a weak force; star wars is right!🚀


Jack is Back!

If you have young kids and dogs, well..........


jimmyk on iPhone

CNN should lose their broadcast license. This, after last week's lie that the Secret Service contacted Trump about his "2nd Amendment people" remark. Not that anyone actually watches them.



The Trump ads are finally starting in swing states, per Trump anonymous campaign guy on Reddit.

His comments are interesting.


I think he's for real because he's given inside info before it breaks. Such as this campaign shakeup news, and also the pics of Ivanka and Dent.


Oh bannon, he's a great choice, he's the one behind the huntreSs, the undefeated.


He worked for the octoous, then set up his one film, venured into film production.

Old Lurker

Will be interesting to see what sort of nondisclosure agreement Manafort signed, won't it?

Captain Hate

I trust my fellow mountebank fans are doing well today.


Dent = Deng.

Trump ads to run next week in OH, PA, FL, VA are crafted by Brexit group and similar to Brexit ads per Trump anon guy.


So the famed manbij victory was the Tora bora shuffle, they let Islamic state get away.

Miss Marple 2

Manafort is not out, is he? I thought these people were simply added, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, one thing I think the press is ignoring is that usually, at this time, we are just having the conventions.

Because the conventions had to get finished before the Olympics, the campaigning has started earlier. Usually nothing much happens until after Labor Day.

Right now we would be hearing interviews with the newly nominated VP or seeing features on the nominee's family vacation or such.

The campaign being earlier, and Trump not sitting around having staff meetings has made the dynamic different. The press is covering staff arrangements like this is October, which it isn't.

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