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August 24, 2016



First, now can someone here tell me if Trump is now in favor of amnesty


You can't believe a word Trump says. He is now for amnesty

Miss Marple

No. You think Jeff Sessions would have been campaigning with him today?

buccaneer morgan

the problem with doc brown, is he is a knave, he couldn't explain his signature issue, breaking up the banks,


Dark money. Foreign donors, pension funds, quasi government relations. It's like drug money. Have to know every penny and every member. It's all climate change approved by the UN itself!😋


Everyone should watch the Farage speech. It is a barnburner.

So was Trump's. He called Hillary a bigot, straight up. But this link is only Farage. Wow!


Miss Marple 2

Porchlight, that whole rally was electrifying. I cannot believe Farage came to Mississippi!

buccaneer morgan

well I'm convinced that someone, probably roger stone, clued to him to some of farage's legendary denunciation of eurocrats like rompuy,



Posted this late on the last thread...

Listened to Bret's show while driving home today. The panel was aghast at Trump saying he would "soften a little bit but we gotta follow the law" when dealing with illegal aliens (I refuse to say immigrants) Couple of thoughts:

I believe the "law" requires apprehended illegals be deported.

Deportations without a real border are meaningless.

The wall or fence has not been removed from the Trump plan.

I think the hand wringing is much ado about very little of real significance.

Posted by: sidwhite | August 24, 2016 at 09:52 PM


Did Bernie's brothel meet at his new lakefront property financed with his thirty pieces of silverware?


We've already built the fence. We already deport criminals. Amnesty would be lack of enforcement for non criminals who we've, in effect, granted citizenship by not enforcing our federal laws. Waited too long. Sounds like a plan.

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

Hey! Bernie was given the industrial shaft by the sick sea hag. She screwed him and is coming after us. I don't think I'll get even a lakefront hovel. How about you?

Joke aside. I think some of the Bernie Bros learned something from their fling with the DNC.

Eric in Boise

thirty pieces of silverware

From Oleida.

Miss Marple 2


Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

Wow! Sounds like a great time in Mississippi!

I'll sign off with 1927 version of Mississippi Mud.
Paul Whiteman, Irene Taylor and Der Bingle.

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

Oneida flatware, for sure. Eric in wonderful Boise

buccaneer morgan

one view of the matter,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Deutsche Bank all but crying to get the ECB to stop their insane policies.
Of course the guys who pay the ECB salaries have wracked up titanic government debt and normalized interest rates will destroy their budgets.
Wonder who the central bankers will listen to...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent read;
Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic - Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The demographic hole which will kill housing.


thirty pieces of silverware

Speaking of that, I am OT and way out of the loop, but last night outside our new Hotel in Osaka I tried a small, rustic gyoza/noodle joint, and as I was looking thru the menu with teeny tiny English words underneath the pix I came upon something that read "Judas's ear with egg soup."

I couldn't tell from the pic what it was, but I suspected pork. Some sort of black things floating in yellow liquid, sort of like this:
Then it struck me that I couldn't recall the Japs ever being Anti-Semites, and nothing else on the menu had any similar name, so googling afterwards I see that according to WiKi, Judas's Ear is some corruption of Jew's Ear, and means a type of mushroom, used in Asian soups for close to 2000 years.

Auricularia auricula-judae, known as the Jew's ear, wood ear, jelly ear or by a number of other common names, is a species of edible Auriculariales fungus found worldwide. The fruiting body is distinguished by its noticeably ear-like shape and brown colouration; it grows upon wood, especially elder. Its specific epithet is derived from the belief that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from an elder tree; the common name "Judas's ear" eventually became "Jew's ear", while today "jelly ear" and other names are sometimes used. The fungus can be found throughout the year in temperate regions worldwide, where it grows upon both dead and living wood.

I realize now I've had it before in Hot and Sour soups, but never had seen it called anything but a fungus, so it never caught my attention.

Anyhow, heres a link to a few shots of it in nature and some history of its name if anyone cares: The Judas Ear.

I certainly don't think any offense was meant by whoever put the menu in English, but any JOMers here Jews Ear fans?

daddy on  iPad

For fun, and the beer is talking, but I thought the beer tonight might have a pretty good story.

Anyhow, in Osaka at the new Hotel. My newly hired co-pilot, exceptionally sharp boy, mid 30's Acadamy grad, F-18 boy still in the reserves, and had worked as a Boeing Test Pilot, is as good as they get. In the line for breaky this AM for free breakfast here at the new Osaka Hotel, I noticed the Astronaut was in line ahead of me so we shot the breeze a bit, and I found out where he was seated. So thinking that my new boy, who showed up shortly after, needed to chat with some of the new guys, being the old Maitre-D, waiter on tables that I am, I moved his plates and coffee across the room and made him sit down with the Astronaut and the other exceptionally interesting and nutty co-pilot who is writing the novel on the Ww2 Italian Fighter Pilot in North Africa. I mentioned on introducing my guy to those 2 boys that we had flown over Tarawa and Guadacanal a few days prior, due to bad weather enroute Honolulu-Sydney, and Astronaut chipped in his uncle or some relative had won the Medal of Honor flying in the Guadacanal Theater as some Marine combat boy back then, so their hands we're already moving in simulated air-combat positions by the time I left and abandoned those inconsequential weasels for whatever important carp we Captains at the "Senior Table" we're jabberin' about:). I do hope u guys appreciate the humor of that!

Here at my rustic, low life fav Yakitori joint, eating boiled Japanese pigs knuckles, but no Judas's ears, I wish I could post chow pics for u guys-astonishingly go chow and everybody always hollers! it strikes me how fun if I can get my co-pilot to bitch to his wife how he was ordered to sit at the lowly co-pilot table with the Astronaut and the Novelist, while we superior tubs of lard wearing 4 Bars sit at the Captain table making derogatory comments about the quality of new hires they slough off on us these days.

Hopefully the humor and fun come across. Boy, am I a lucky boy. Kampai!

Miss Marple 2

Good morning, all!


Sorry, but I have not had that mushroom, to my knowledge. Interesting background on it though.


Your two articles wre fascinating.

1. Isn't JOM a voluntary tribe?

2. Regarding housing, years ago my sister decided to get rid fo some collectible baskets. Her reasoning was that the next geeration didn't like them and she wanted to sell them off while the boomers were buying. She was exactly right.

We talked about the large McMansions built down south of us, owned by doctors and small businessmen. These are places which have pools, 3-4 car garages, multiple bedrooms and baths, indoor gyms, etc. etc.

She said, "Who is going to buy those. Most of those people only have 1-3 children, and usually their kids end up moving out of state."

Exactly right. We saw this coming due to the demographics in our own family. My parents had 5 children. There are 7 grandchildren among us. So the 4 couples (one sister never married) didn't even replace themselves.

On top of that, the Millennials don't have money due to student loans and poor job prospects, and to keep them from complaining the culture has been pushing towards sustainability, tiny houses, etc. etc.

I will be lucky to get this house unloaded once I get it cleaned out. I will probably have to try for a short sale. If the bank won't accept that, then they can have the keys and contact my husband in whatever place he's working now.

Miss Marple 2


What fun and how interesting those young guys sound!

Big Ten Beester

RG...from last thread...Michael Hart was a university of Michigan running back that referred to in-state rival, Michigan State, as little brother. State beat big blue three games straight after that comment. The game was 2007 and the curse of Michael Hart is brought up every fall to prevent bulletin board material. No diss on your Gators. I should have realized that the SEC doesn't worry about the (little) Big Ten. 😁


They found the holy hand grenade of Antioch. Or something.

Miss Marple 2


"I do know that if she wins, I'm done. The Clintons keep a list of people like me in Brooklyn and there will be swift retribution. Regardless I refuse to conform to the mediocrity of Hillary Clinton. I refuse to acquiesce to the destruction of the Democratic Party. I refuse to accept that we can't disagree, but get along."

Miss Marple 2


Brazilian cops can read the news. I see no reason why other prominent people in 3rd world countries won't get in similar situations.

That paying of ransom to Iran did more harm than just endangering US travelers in Iran.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


This is about her speech today.

Personally, I figure Trump calling her a bigot last night ought to get her wound up so that she goes into yelling mode, which is not a good thing for her.

Miss Marple 2



ought to get her wound up so that she goes into yelling mode,

...which then leads to coughing mode!

Miss Marple 2


Egg McMuffin is delusional. Trump isn't hiding in New York. He's all over the country! Saw him in Tampa and Jackson, Mississippi yesterday.

We need to seriously ask how this guy got to be a senior policy advisor for the House.


Well, what I want to know is this: Is it possible to make Farage Secretary of State? Just askin'.

I have to say, Trump really put it on the line here by having Farage speak. Hope it works out, but that took some courage.

Trump has certainly most graphically defined what he is about with this.

Also, I was heartened to see the reception for Farage--as a group, the audience all seemed to know who he was and what he stood for, and this is in the deep south. I guess I underestimate how much the average voter followed him, Britext, or UK politics in general.


I think it is pathetic that Clinton is going after Trump via the so-called "Alt right". Is this the result of weeks of deliberation by the "geniuses" at the DNC?

Is it even a "movement" in any real political sense--seems like just a (some what ramshackle) collection of bloggers to me. Looks to be another hobgoblin of the vast fever swamps of the Leftist mind; How tiresome is all this scapegoating and deflection. When can we get to real issues? Thus far they have been studiously avoided.

But beyond that, let us say for the sake of argument that there is some truth to her position about the "Alt Right"; how does a politician who supports groups like La Raza and BLM get off talking about Trump harboring cryto-racists?

In any event, the "alt right" what ever they are, do not seem inclined to take this sort of stuff lying down. At the very least it should be entertaining.

Still, it is embarrassing that at this stage of the game that this sort of shopworn rhetoric has to be employed. Again, what are the issues?

Clinton wants to make this a referendum on Trump; Trump needs to reverse that. He should not even get involved with this, but turn it back on her.


Maybe you underestimate the deep South, squaredance. :)

Free James D

Ah, the joys of an elderly parent with health issues...

I am likely the only person on my morning commute carrying a quart of someone else's urine with me today. Exciting, isn't it?

Miss Marple 2


The guys at Reddit are prepared to crank out posts against her, troll her fans, and generally mock her for this.

In the broad category of alt-right, you will find everyone from Breitbart to Pat Buchanan.

I frequent sites like Gorilla Mindset, Milo's page one Breitbart, and the Reddit Trump group.

I find none of these to be white supremacist unless you are offended by asking occasionally a pointed question about why blacks get to set up BLM groups while if whites did the same thing they would be considered KKK.

I don't think she or her advisers really understand the alt right or the internet in any depth. The potential for her to make a fool of herself is pretty large.


Even fairly sophisticated guys like Iowahawk get it wrong, MM. A huge segment of millennial culture lives for Reddit, 4chan, etc. But it transcends politics most of the time. You will find hardcore leftists sharing Pepe and Kek memes and using terms like "cuck." The older folks like us don't get the subtlety, for the most part.

daddy on  iPad

Maybe you underestimate the deep South, squaredance. :)

Well with Loretta Lynch now trying to male it illegal to sport a Confederate Flag tattoo, I'm ready for the South to rise again. Odd how a guy who would never get a tattoo in a million years now is considering getting "The Stars and Bars."

Which bicep, TC?


Porch: No, but I half expected that response. In fact, parts of my family where in the livestock business, and as a child I spent some summers in that part of the country. I also know a lot of southerners today, and have often gone down there on business (though have been down there a lot less this last decade). I feel I know the South as well as anyone who is a non-southern and who does not live down there. I certainly do not hold the bizarre "Yankee" view of the South held be so many liberal elites in the Blue Hells, and thier overseas counterparts.

No, I just have a tendency to think that most people who know of Farage in the USA outside of "professional" political and Media circles are mostly involved in finance, economics or have direct dealings with global commerce. These sort typically are in the Blue Hells and the media caters to their demographic. In this case, Farage is almost universally treated with contempt.

The only people that I know outside of that group that follows this stuff are people like myself, or you all here who are political junkies, are concerned with EU/UK affairs in addition to thos of the USA, and are profoundly troubled by the global Prog agenda.

Up until lately, when Britexit was in the news, generally Farage was mostly a European figure--thus my surprise--and I would have been just as surprised if that reception was in Iowa or Colorado. Again, until lately one had to dig around to find out much about what Farage was up too. One would expect some of the people there to well know Farage, but not that broad and hearty of a reception. Perhaps I misread the reaction, but it was pretty much a celebrity reception, and Farage's speech pretty much assumed that the audience was already up on his issues, and so they were, or so it seemed to me.

So this says to me that what Trump is addressing here is very deep indeed, and not the slightest about any sort of faddishness or celebrity, and certainly not a "tantrum".

This is very good as it means what ever happens in Nov. this is not going away.

No LIVs at the rallies, square.

But for Farage, Brexit would have failed.

not a doctor play1on TV

Well, after brain trauma the first thing the neurologist checks cardio pulmonary. For example, muscles may constrict, spam, etc. causing difficulty in breathing, then tbere's the neck and eyes, etc. All this can be prominent during stress, like meetings. Then there's other post trauma and PTSD, etc. If it's PTSD you really can't work. Other traumas, chronic issues can sometimes be handled with maintenance meds that aren't overly addictive like pain meds are - damaging to heart muscle, etc like NSAIDS- swelling meds, etc.

kwak kwak kwak

Your neuro may check cardio-pulmonary, but he's acting.


Good Morning! The first thing I heard on the news this morning was that Hillary is going to give a speech about the alt-right. Whatever that is? Thanks for the info MM,Porch and squaredance.

not a doctor play1on TV

Well, your parent probably just needs a liver or kidney. Soon you'll might able to joyously help even more. It's called 'acclimating,' 'acceptance.' It might all make sense soon and is only natural...😷😋



The Chinese gal I traveled with in Asia always called it wood ear and it is used a lot in Chinese cuisine.

I will ask her if she has ever heard it called Jew's or Judah's ear, but my guess is that it is a result of our occupation of Japan.


MM: Well I hope you are right about Reddit.

I do think however, that we are going to see another Media Blitz about the "Alt Right", and this will highlight the worst "elements" of "it". My point is that there the notion of the "Alt Right" is so vauge that they can get away with anything. They can call David Duke part of the Alt Right, or copy posts from Strom Front if they want to.

To see how meaningless that term is, consider these examples. Buchannan is really a Paleoconservative. Does that make him Alt Right? Breitbart and Milo, do they really represent the "Alt Right", or are they, respectively, "America firsters" and "Western Civlization FIrsters"? Is Le Pen Alt Right? They are not really rightist at all.

This Leftist rhetoric seems to be developing into an American version of the slander of the EU Leftist who call all that disagree with them "The Extreme Right", only it is even more obscure for, as I said, there really is no cohesive "Movement" call the "Alt Right".

So part of this rhetoric is meant to tie up Trump into explaining all this. He need to avoid this and get the attention back on Clinton. He should not take it upon himselve to be some sort of apologist for the "Alt Right".

(And, BTW, watch the media use this attack of hers today to deep six all discussions and reporting of her corruption. Trump need to keep focused on that and not be distracted.)

Free James D

This "alt-right" thing is ridiculous. It's only gotten any traction at all because the nevertrumpers have been whining about it and giving ammunition to the Dems.

it's laughable how Trump supporters whose worst sin is posting mean things on the Internet is supposed to be a scandal for Trump and an embarrassment to the GOP; but Hillary supporters who engage in large-scale rioting, disruption of traffic and emergency services, and actually murder people are somehow oppressed victims and a voice we all must respect.


squaredance, Brexit is giant for Trump supporters, though. The night of Brexit was the hugest night on The_Donald in its history. They were going ape last night, too. They love Farage.

Brexit proves that the people can win.

Robin, counting the political signs over 2200 miles


There was a chart on Reddit comparing Clinton and Trump rally schedules and attendance. I'm trying to find it before work. Meanwhile, here is a great picture comparison:


The establishment is very silly indeed if they think that Americans haven't been paying attention to what is happening overseas.

Old Lurker

Go back and read Iggy's 12:36 link.

Pretty much sums up my thinking about human nature and the next dark age.

Janet S.

Looks to be another hobgoblin of the vast fever swamps of the Leftist mind; How tiresome is all this scapegoating and deflection.


My point is that there the notion of the "Alt Right" is so vauge that they can get away with anything

I think those points are correct.

This is from 2014....then the hobgoblin was "the Tea Party" - http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/08/fundraising-or-hate-speech.php#.U_vaXQhXbd0.facebook

"Note the heading: “Project Shut Down the Tea Party.” The Tea Party is the daily object of hatred from the Democratic Party. Curiously, however, the Democrats’ communications never contain a single reference to who the Tea Party is, why it arose, or what its members believe. Not one. It would serve just as well to say “bogeyman” rather than Tea Party."

Robin, counting the political signs over 2200 miles

Charts for rally schedules and attendance for the month of August:



I should have realized that the SEC doesn't worry about the (little) Big Ten. 😁

Except when THE Ohio State University is on a path to win a National Championship.

This year both OSU and Michigan ranked in top 10. The SEC may not "worry", but they we keep a wary eye on us Yankees.

Janet S.

What issues are so controversial or evil?

*national sovereignty?
*enforcing our laws?
*safety/security for American citizens?
*following the Constitution?
*concern about the national debt?
*out-of-control federal spending?
*stopping job killing regulations?
*opposing the federal government takeover of our health care system?
*wanting smaller government & more freedom?

Which of those issues was or is evil or racist?

Miss Marple 2


Porchlight is right in that I only have an imperfect understanding of who is in alt-right.

The basic attack, I believe, will be to cal Bannon (from Breitbart) an alt-right extremist and conspiracy theorist with white supremacist tendencies.

Manafort removed himself to avoid being a distraction, so now they are hoping to do the same with Bannon, after which they will go into the "campaign collapsing" mode.

Farage's speech last night was good in exlaining the campaign of fear that the Remain side used (which we are seeing now against trump). Lots of parallels there.

On another topic:

Local radio was touting Dana Perino coming on to talk about the polls. I have come to despise her for her constant negativity. She isn't a polling expert nor a real expert on campaigns, but rather a Bushie who is still PO'd that Jeb flopped which is of course Trump's fault adn not that Jeb was a horrible candidate.


Ah yes, the Tea Party: That dark conspiracy of FTD florists, Dry Cleaners, and other small business nationwide. Who knew that your pleasant aunt out in the heartland held such vile motives in her breast?

I actually use to get in arguments about this with Liberals. Not one of them new anything about the Tea Party. Not one simple thing. My very first encounter with an active Tea partier was a cab driver in long island--a really dastardly fellow, I can tell you.

What they do not realize is that the Tea Party did not dies, it morphed into Trump and is larger than it ever was, to judge by the rallies.

There is something deeply atavistic about this sort of rabid scapegoating of simple, normal people.

daddy on  iPad


Very interesting history link. Thanks. As a palimpsest fan of old Greek/Roman works, I am very excited about discovering that the Mayans did the same thing, (taking an old text, scrubbing it clean to overlay it with a new text) and the amount of remaining Mayan codexes we thought we had of theirs (5) has just, because of palimpsesting in the ancient New World, become (6).

Hidden Ancient Mexican Manuscript Discovered

Odd how I can easily accept all sorts of historical atrocities of humans, but the ones that really stick in my craw are the ones involve the destruction of books.

My prime examples would be the destruction of the Library at Alexandria, under Caesar for survival reasons, or the continuing destruction of what remained in that Library by the Islamic conquerer of Egypt 700 years later, who is reputed to have said, "If it agrees with the Koran it is redundant---so burn it. if it disagrees with the Koran, then it is from the Devil, so burn it regardless).

Then the horrendous intentional destruction of the amazing Lbrary of the Buddhists during the Islamic Invaders in the 1100's, and not to forget the destruction of the Constantinople Libraries during the Muslim Conquest in 1452-1453.

All this followed by the Catholic mandated destruction via Bishop Landa in the Yucatan of the innumerable Mayan codexes. (For this crime he ultimately appologized but a million pages and a civilization too late. Rot in Hell, Landa. He gets no pity from me.

How fortunate that the intentional burning of the ancient Sumerian Cities hardened their scientific clay texts and allowed them to be preserved and redeciphered thousands of years later in the future.

A decent idea for a book possibly...the destruction of the worlds famous libraries.

Beester  TTFN

You betcha Buckeye. The Scarlet and Grey is always in the hunt. Hope the Wolverines and Spartans can step up. Three terrific coaches and Lovie Smith at Illinois may surprise.

MM love your links. I'm going 'konmari' on my house for a spring sale. Plan to rent and hopefully buy on the dip. H/T Iggy.

JamesD...so sorry about your parent. Had inlaws that were chronically ill now balanced by my tough 93 year old mom who is in great shape.

Daddy, I share your stories with my family. I like to picture you and Mark Twain swapping tales.

Gotta go get my MAGA hat.

Miss Marple 2


Many people are unaware that (and this goes to sbw's re-purposing of names) librarians are often involved in the destruction of books.

Children's libraries are periodically culled of books which are considered outdated, non-PC, etc. This is why old copies of The Bobbsey Twins (with Dinah the black maid who speaks in dialect) are hard to find.

Old textbooks get discarded as well. I have quite a collection which shows the deterioration in language in elementary readers from the 1890's until now.

My personal pet peeve was the revision of the Richard Scarry books which my son learned to read with. The newer editions removed the mice dressed as Indians, changed the policeman bear to a girl policeman bear,
etc. etc. In one book they completely removed the explanation of how coal is mined as it was positive for the coal industry. Jeesh.

Miss Marple 2



I have been praying that Short Circuit would suffer the ultimate cross-wire, and all "the smoke would be let out", but I am now praying for whatever, including an external event.

Does that make me a bad person?


"Alt Right" is an excuse to feature David Duke in posts about republicans. Trump equals Hitler got no traction, so they go to rename the core of the D party "alt right" in a desperation play. The clean toga crowd rolls with it... the don't go to icky flyover country either, whatever urban myths abound are fine with them.



Maybe a book on the consequences of a lack of accurate historical perspective.

Free James D

No, Buckeye. No, it doesn't.

Beasts of England

I'm fully concerned about Ohio State. I think they're the team to beat this year...


As I go through my notes, I found this definition of the nomenklatura that fits with what we see today and the rebellion symbolized in brexit and the rise of trump.

"The nomenklatura is a class of privileged exploiters. It acquired wealth from power, not power from wealth. The domestic policy of the nomenklatura class is to consolidate its dictatorial power, and its foreign policy is to extend it to the whole world."

Fits the clinton, the UN's SDGs and 2030 agenda, the empowering of local mayors that stays with them as they become pols like bob corker, and why we keep running into huge bipartisan majorities for monsters like wioa and essa.

Back to culling and organizing.

Miss Marple 2


Ammo for when the "he's a racist" attacks start.


A whole speech on how the "wrong" people support one's opponent is desperation.

He's hitting her on the issues, and she's hitting him on things he has zero control over. I guess maybe she's trying to bait him or something.

Lurker Susie

The Alt Right are the ones going after Hillary's
health. Hillary has to shut that down. Why??


I should have realized that the SEC doesn't worry about the (little) Big Ten. 😁
Posted by: Big Ten Beester | August 25, 2016 at 06:19 AM

Oops. Flew right over my head. But, we've already absorbed an unfortunate series of beatings from little brother. We could take 50 in a row and I'd still proudly call them little brother. You know that phony Seminole only jumps off that phony horse to plant that phony spear at mid-field for just one visitor, right? That's right. Big Brother. They know the deal.

Buckeye, listen to me. Listen to me good. I'm watchin' ya. Watchin' ya, closely. And after the beating we took in Orlando, I can't wait for that September 2017 game in Dallas against your rival, the Yaller and WrongBlue.

Miss Marple 2

I still think the idea is to get Bannon to resign like Manafort, and then get the "campaign disarray" story started again.

Second will be to try to hold onto Bernie supporters who are more easily intimidated by the "wrong people" argument. I think a lot of them are defecting to Trump or just totally uninvolved now.

Miss Marple 2

I guess they are trying to raise Obama's likability. Here's the trailer for "Southside With You", a movie about barack and Michelle Obama's first date.

No, I am not kidding.


Opens tomorrow. I have to say, they make them look likable. I hope it flops.



Saw several Gays For Trump and LGBT for Trump t-shirts at the rally Tuesday, fwiw. Shillary can't have that.

Another good poll in FL - Trump +3


James D

MM @ 9:01

I hope every theater it's showing at burns to the ground.


In 1969 my dad had his wallet stolen at the Baskin Robbins where they went on their first date. True story. He was holding my then toddler brother and put his wallet down on the counter and someone grabbed it.


Here's the trailer for "Southside With You", a movie about barack and Michelle Obama's first date.

Rename the movie...

Robbin Hoods.

Big Ten Beester

RG, admit it, the winged helmet is tots cool. I will confess though that after years of heart palpitations, I may root for whoever is on offense which means...Alabama!

Besides college football is a momentary distraction from the prog agenda. I wish all the globalists would self destruct and I don't care if it makes me a bad person.


# on twitter now -

# AltRightMeans - with several good definitions such as this:

#AltRightmeans it's a bad idea to let George Soros control the entire world.

Miss Marple 2

It's summer. Who goes to the movies on Friday nights?

Young people and families.

So do you think young guys are going to take their dates to a movie about a date set in the olden days? One without action or sex? Nope.

Is this a movie one would take kids to go see? Nope. Boring.

The ONLY people who will go see this are die-hard Obama fans, which is a fairly small number. In addition, of those die-hard Obama fans, many do not have money or are located in areas without first-run theaters.

For example, in Indianapolis it is only showing at 3 theaters. Only one is easily accessible from the inner city. The other 2 are in the northern suburbs and are conceivable hoping to draw liberals who tend to live on that side of town.

At one theater in Noblesville (northern suburbs) it is competing with several children's movies, Suicide Squad and ben-Hur (the latter of which have multiple screens while Southside only has one):


If you ask me, this is a present to Obama from his adoring Hollywood fan base and isn't meant to make money as much as it is to make him feel good. I bet they gave him a deluxe CD in a leather embossed case signed by all his groupies.


Is the car with the rusted out floor featured in Dreams of Having an Effeminate Wife

Miss Marple 2


You're confused.

"Dreams of Having an Effeminate Wife" was written by Michelle Obama.

Miss Marple 2


Worth reading.


Donald J. Trump

Poll numbers are starting to look very good. Leading in Florida @CNN Arizona and big jump in Utah. All numbers rising, national way up. Wow!

Captain Hate

Porchlight is right in that I only have an imperfect understanding of who is in alt-right.

Not as imperfect as people who have been calling the towel folders "conservatives". Really? Are they as conservative as Janet and I am regarding small government as they applauded Private Ryan rubber stamping every GD spending demand of King Zippy? A bunch of craven lying enablers is what they are. So to hell with all these made up misleading titles; they were probably arrived at by that worthless drunk Sid Blumenthal taking time off from beating his wife to come up with the successor to "vast right wing conspiracy" for brain damaged Rodham to parrot.

Captain Hate

Janet and I are...

daddy on  iPad

FWiW, and just tossing this out there because of my recent readings.

I find it astonishing to imagine that in 2016 that Hindu's would back Muslims over Westerners in controlling India. Yet in the 1857 Indian Mutiny that I've been buried in in my recent books these last few weeks, the Hindu's were at least 50% if not much more than that percentage, in organizing and fighting to preserve the power and rule of the last Muslim ruler of India over the Brittish. Astonishing to me, as my bias is so anti Islam toward individual freedoms.

It is an eye opener to learn about that: (i.e.). why, the reasons, all the rest, etc. it is valuable in that it is a learning experience totally outside what one would normally think or expect to have happened in India without knowing the particulars.

Anyhow, I think that mindset is a thing of the past and I think 100% todays mental Indian knee jerk thought would be against any sort of movement of Hindu's to join the Muslims in any anti-western campaign of any kind, and rather to oppose whatever the pre sleet Muslim opinion might be, but I think it worth mentioning, as a sort of barometer for how things shift over time.

Captain Hate,

for interest, it really is worth seeing how the sort of merger of English/Islam/Hindu families that had been so valuable and regular in the first 100 -200 years of Indian/Brit involvement (1700's-1830's) had become anathema by the sort of Christianism Puritanism asserted in the 1850's, and I do not believe that that earlier benevolent period ever had a researgence as it did prior to 1857. Open to comments if u have any from any.

BTW, just finished Jhumpa Lahiri's "In Other Words" earlier today and thought it as terrific as her earlier book I had read before she got the Pulitzer, "Interpreter Of Maladies". Since our great thinker and friend Narciso, is our mutual good buddy, he might find some interesting or odd parallels in her ecape from English into Italian.

Cheers good friends.



Mighty nice of you to compliment a bunch of Yankees:)

We are a getting a full dose of local sports coverage of Urban and the boys. Buildup to next weekend.

Lotta the team members saying this is the next Champ team. I am not so optimistic.

Only 5 starters returning and a lot of young players. Bosa's little brother looks good though.

Miss Marple 2

Ah, Captain Hate, I always am cheered by another of your pep talks!

Here's the latest on Reddit about that stupid speech she's going to give:


Don't know if it is really a Clinton insider. One poster is right that you have to be careful not to pile on and make her look like she's being bullied.

If sh'e going to talk about Nazi frogs I think everyone should just say "Okay" and go back to discussing the corruption. To the majority of people she will sound like a look.

The other funny thing about this is a huge chnk of the media has ignored the alt right and some have denied its existence. So now she is going to call attention to places like Breitbart. I don't think that's really smart.

Miss Marple 2

"sound like a loon"

Boy, I really need to preview, especially when I get wound up!

Captain Hate

I'm fully concerned about Ohio State. I think they're the team to beat this year...

Urban is a recruiting machine and knows how to use the talent once it's there. When he beat the Tide two years ago it was by wearing them down with depth, which before the game I thought was unpossible. Not sure what happened last season but something was off.

Mike and Mike (yeah, I know) were talking about a lot of people, including Herbstreit, are expecting a championship game rematch where Klempsun emerges victorious. Dabo impressed me with how ready he had his players in last year's title game.



Now that Jr. Is done with his residency and has a real job, I am encouraging him to 1) join the Alumni Association, and 2) get season tickets. Becoming rarer than hen's teeth. Undergrad, med school and residency at OSU takes you to the front of the line. Gets you preferential treatment at the golf course too:)

Figure he has more disposable income than me, and since he is working these terrible shifts of 7 days on, 7 days off, could be a number of weekends he would have to work and give his tickets to yours truly:)

Old Lurker

WSJ "House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte will soon release a new proposal to resolve the long-running dispute among retailers, state governments and online retailers over how to tax purchases made across state lines..."

As always, to GOPe "resolve" means to codify how they will collect the next new tax. Never is it "just say no!".


daddy on  iPad

But for Farage, Brexit would have failed

Here's Ben Franklin's version:

For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the rider was lost,
For the want of a rider the battle was lost,
For the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.”

God Bless, Nigel the Nail!

Miss Marple 2

Old Lurker,

This is a big issue for me. If I have to collect sales tax for every state and keep track, I am out of business. I can't do it.

Old Lurker

I know that, MM. Every state and many cities...


What they miss is the "small fee" sales tax calc service firms charge per transaction, and the thrill of "sales tax audits" at the pleasure of the 57 states (yes that many states and territories have the right to audit your books merely by showing up at your door -- no need for them to prove nexus first), and the wonder of penalties for forgetting to dot an i in a sales tax filing.

Captain Hate

Don't know if it is really a Clinton insider. One poster is right that you have to be careful not to pile on and make her look like she's being bullied.

When she's screaming like the world's worst mother in law that thought gets no traction. As some of the commenters alluded to, she must have at least six daily Coronas dedicated to keeping thoughts of Jill Stein out of her pickled brain. Ever since my oldest daughter said that's where she plans on placing her not-Rodham vote, I've seen more Bernbots talking similarly.

Miss Marple 2


Exactly. It will kill small businesses. Big companies like Wal-Mart have computers to handle it and accountants to research sales tax laws. I just can't.

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