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August 17, 2016



funny thing. local talk radio is blaming Trump for stomping on his speech by expanding his team. No wonder they think business needs subsidies, these clowns can't comprehend doing more than one thing at a time -- kinda like walking and chewing gum is beyond them.

Surreptitious sucking faces.

The first rule of organizing is breathing together.

Gad they wish he were correcting disorganization.  Hey, he is.

If narratives were mules, journalists wouldn't be such asses.


Speaking of misundersetimating, this from our Chitown Lurking Unit: wikileaks released a secret email from ISIS to Obama. Hillary was included.

The leaked memo made it abundantly clear that AQI used Muhammad Al Adnani as their spokesman. Guess what, he is now the spokesman for ISIS. Barack Hussein Obama was literally paying them money! This is not even close to a joke or a theory. The leaked memo proves it to be factual.


Lo, he'll haha, ill haha, mo ham in de ratsatouille.

Sedimating? Wish it were checkimating. If this isn't a high crime or misdemeanor.

Damn slunk.

Why do you think, Henry, that Obama was so sullen while Hillary and Daley offed bin Laden?


Could be Kim. The strangest things are turning out to be so (birth certificate layers and building 7 aside).


"Stomping on his speech". Hope he calls them out on this nonsense. Pure Alinskyite nonsense. Trump is so powerful that he controls what you cover, eh?

It is appropriate to bring up mules--really should be horses.

As the horse people here will tell you, horses can do only one thing at a time.

As much as I wanted too, I did not really believe at first that Trump was playing rope-a-dope with the MSM prior to Labor Day.

Now I am not so sure.

As someone pointed out above, it was brilliant to beforehand bill this as a law and order speech. Even I got the joke, so I imagine that most people got it.

Unfortunately, he is going to have to work very hard to get this in front of the people he was targeting with it. I am sure few of inner city blacks even heard it or know of it.

He sure has the MSM in panic mode--they are exposiong themselves as never before, or at least since the Regan years.


There weren't layers?

C'mon Joltin' John.

Wish Trump weren't so goddamn proud of himself for opposing Iraq in '03. What was he, the only American against it? Well, no, actually I was too, but that was a long time ago, and neither of us had heard Tenet's 'Slam Dunk', lest we forget.


The leaked memo made it abundantly clear that AQI used Muhammad Al Adnani as their spokesman. Guess what, he is now the spokesman for ISIS. Barack Hussein Obama was literally paying them money! This is not even close to a joke or a theory. The leaked memo proves it to be factual.

So maybe wikileaks will end up validating Trump's claim that Obama/Clinton are ISIS "founders".

This could leave a BIG mark.


Trump now within 1 of Clinton in LAT tracking, 44-43. Strong sharp rise in black support.



Read comments from anon Trump campaign guy on Reddit for backstory on campaign staffing changes.


It goes back several days. Manafort et al vs. Brexit et al. "Politician on message" vs. "Let Trump be Trump." Trump had to choose, chose to be himself.


Sq, I think his constant use of "the system is rigged" will resonate with "persuadeable" black voters.

The Dems who have left them in the lurch for so many years have no effective counter argument to such an emotion based premise.

We needs four walls of media manipulation.  I'm tired of the view outside.  It's too variable.

Well, yeah, Square, we are now fighting in our streets. It's docile yet, though, thank goodness political money isn't limitless.

It's pretty cool how he can turn over layer after layer of birdcage lining, dark dirty critters scurrying as he marches into the cellar where the grapes of truth are raped.


The Dems who have left them in the lurch for so many years have no effective counter argument to such an emotion based premise.

Hillary will throw more bones to the FreeShit Army.


Reposting from last thread:

Trump ads to run next week in OH, PA, FL, VA are crafted by Brexit group and similar to Brexit ads per Trump anon guy.

Manafort not out, but role in direction of campaign diminished, is what I'm reading. Another Bob summarized it in his 10:26 on the last thread.


It's pretty cool how he can turn over layer after layer of birdcage lining, dark dirty critters scurrying as he marches into the cellar where the grapes of truth are raped.

Brutal. That's my kim. :)

Dunno how.  Magic, it seems, or some such narrative nonsense.

Yes, TK, years ago I called for adversarial forensic document examiners to fight it out. Yes, henry, there was a Building 7 and it went poof.


It's pretty cool how he can turn over layer after layer of birdcage lining, dark dirty critters scurrying as he marches into the cellar where the grapes of truth are raped.

Kudos, good and funny:)

Miss Marple 2


Do not discount word of mouth in the black community as well.

I think he will have to get the message out that way, through churches, beauty salons, barber shops, etc.

I also wouldn't be surprised if he runs ads on BET and other channels favored by that community.

He runs a different campaign and it's not easy to predict what he will do. On top of that, the press deliberately misinterpreting what he says and does is causing confusion.

However, as Rudy said, it's to Trump's advantage to let the media and the democrats believe their own narrative.


He says he was against the war in Iraq so often as a tactic, in contrast to Hillary's being for it. Then he can talk credibly about her temperament and lousy judgement.

After the mess she was responsible for in Libya, and the aftershocks, she should never get near the nuclear codes either.

Obamaphones chargers get lost.  Obamacare doctors don't.

No surprise he has black and hispanic support. Bad as it is for the middle class, the poor have it poorer.

"More people. The campaign is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. A lot of people think he has no organization. Good. I like them to think that," Giuliani said during an interview on "Fox & Friends." "The reality is I've traveled to a number of states with Donald and I've seen the organization he has."

Thanks for being fair, TM. :)

Giuliani co-wrote last night's speech.

Well, I wandered off the path.

But should. They've been sold down the river, willingly, for the most part.

I remember years ago a health care delivery researcher in Arizona said that doctors spent the morning fighting the insurance companies and the afternoons facing the misdirected wrath of their patients over insurance company behaviour.

Single payer is slavery, naw, serfdom, the halted leading the blinded.

Probably came with the SDNY territory.

I like everything about Rudy except his entrapment of Boyd.


While youz guyz [non-pc] are patting Kim on the back for grape-rape, don’t overlook:

We needs four walls of media manipulation. I'm tired of the view outside. It's too variable.

Needed the wry humor.


MM, exactly.


He used his opposition to the war in Iraq against Jeb also, by associating his name with his brother. That is how he won SC. Not nice, but who wins wars with "nice" and electoral politics is war. The anti Trump ads and robocalls in SC were non-stop, so no one's hands were clean.

No, scooper.  They'll take my cats from me when they pry my cold curled claws from around their precious little ears.

Heh, guys, you can thank the cats at my Cat Training Academy. Just then they were training me to empty their litterbox.


Costa at WaPo broke the story but even he didn't have the scoop about the campaign changes until presumably yesterday.

If you read MAGA_trump's comments at Reddit you would have known it three days ago. :) He drops in on the late night threads. Examples:

[–]MAGA_trump 4 points 2 days ago The issue here is that if Trump stays "on message", he cant go to the lengths he needs to bring down the Clintons. If he goes "off message" he can say whatever the fuck he wants.
[–]MAGA_trump 22 points 2 days ago* Few things:

1.Trump is going back to being himself again. No more "on message" Trump. THis is going to cause a HUGE HUGE BIGLY RIFT, as brexit team , the best persauders, said its time to get back to being trump. Other advisers say "on message" only.

2. Ivanka met up with Wendi Deng, who is dating Putin. was supposed to be hush, but theres pictures about to be released tomorrow. I don't think Ivanka is really that dumb here, so maybe a 4d chess move somehow.

[–]MAGA_trump 16 points 2 days ago Yep. It has been a big struggle in the Trump campaign lately. Paul et al says "stay on message" , Brexit has said "go off message, be yourself". Trump had to decide and said F it, Im going to be myself.
[–]MAGA_trump 4 points 3 days ago This is a bit more straightforward discussion, hoping to grab some centipede feedback. For the record, Im in NYC. Anyway, Trump is really in between a rock and a hard place. All of trumps advisors are telling him to "stay on message". However, Trump thinks its about time to stray "off message" and return to what hes done best, talking about what he feels like, when he feels like. This has led to a rift - Brexit teams tells him to speak his mind, RNC et al says "stay on message". ive been having calls all day and my wife said it best " hes going to be criticized no matter what, he needs to be himself again". I think this was a good point. I said , earlier this week, stay on message. But now, he seems too political. After consideration., i think its time for him to do whatever the fuck he wants, say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants. That would lead to more staff turnover, but who gives a fuck.

sbw, thanks for highlighting that. :)

Miss Marple 2

I know it upsets people that he talks about being opposed to the Iraq war. If I had known we would elect that Muslim sympathizer and anti-American POS, I would have opposed it as well, since we were doomed to get another mess, just like when the dems maneuvered us to leaving Vietnam and then withdrew funding for the South Vietnamese Army.

The two reasons he does it are, as cheerleader said, to show Hillary's poor judgement, and also to defuse the constant "Republicans are warmongers" that is always a dem talking point.

A Pop Gun, or is it the Big Top?

M was sarcastic about Trump stepping on his speech. Wrong person, Porch, or is his irony more dimensional than mine?


Well I do know some black people in NYC that support Trump: mostly older men in the outer boroughs who have some sort of small business. They do not feel comfortable broadcasting that though.

I think most of them voted for Obama both times, but the last term really opened their eyes about the Dems...some of these guys are Vets or have children that are vets. They certainly are not commies.

The urban black "communities", are not monolithic; there are plenty of decent Americans there.

You may discuss, I've slamdunking to look after.

Nice point about defusing, Miss M, and he can also hammer the Dems who can be quoted supporting going after Saddam. The problem is that that reinforces the narrative that going into Iraq was a mistake.

Folks, it wasn't.

So, there's that.

Art in Newport

.. Do not discount word of mouth in the black community as well..

Along with that, I am getting a sense that, unlike former republican nominees, Trump is an allowable topic of discussion among black folk.

Beasts of England

The only thing better than Kim's comments are her bylines. :)


kim, not sure I understood your question.

Now here I am generalizing from too little data.

Yes he is, Art. One friend of mine said 'Just don't nobody talk to me on the boat back to Africa'. Despite the dialect, she's white.

Personally, I think some among the community can appreciate the humour in tickling up the poobahs. They are expert at it themselves.

James D

If I had known we would elect that Muslim sympathizer and anti-American POS, I would have opposed it as well, since we were doomed to get another mess,

If I had known W (and the GOP generally) would allow all the gains made to be thrown away, and all the sacrifices of our troops nullified, because answering Democrat lies and slanders about the war (not only directed towards himself, but his staff, the troops and all his supporters) was "unpresidential," I would have been opposed to it, too.

Miss Marple 2

Just saw a notice on Twitter that NPR has discontinued story comments by viewers of their web pages. HA!

Now hear the word of the loud.

Porch, I got the impression MAGA was anti-Trump, but I've not identified the critter definitively and this time my obscurity was to hide my ignorance. Neat trick, that.

M,ETC seems connected. To which thighbone or ribcage? Or is it mirage?

James D

hes going to be criticized no matter what, he needs to be himself again

This is exactly right.

The GOPe does not understand this. Romney did not understand it. McCain did not understand it.

The Dems, and the media, will criticize conservatives no matter what they do or say. If you change your behavior to avoid criticism, it doesn't work. They will still criticize your new behavior, plus then they'll criticize you for only changing to avoid criticism, not because you actually changed your mind.

The only response is to be yourself, and to punch back harder than they punch you.


NPR has discontinued story comments by viewers

Hopefully Trey Gowdy looks into this.

Miss Marple 2

James D., Exactly. We cannot do a long-term war because the democrats manage to politicize it, turn public opinion, and then get themselves elected because they've taken advantage of the public's doubt.

And thishappens because the GOP will not fight back.

Who here remembers that W explicitly said that the democrats who opposed the war were patriotic, too? And that they had a right to their opinion?

How about saying as elected officialas anti-war dems were undermining troop morale? How about saying you bet you life they are unpatriotic?

But NO, we had to hear all these stupid "reaching across the aisle" type statements and so the public began to doubt, thanks to the dems and the press.

I have no doubt if we go after ISIS and the dems start that type of stuff again, Trump will beat them bloody with calling them unpatriotic and shameful.

Beasts of England

An anecdote: just stopped to refill my PBR locker and my favorite MAGA cashier was going on about his speech last night. I told her that Trump was going to do just fine with minorities, and she told me about two black guys who came in yesterday who were going off on Cankles. One told the other that he couldn't vote for that 'entitled bitch'. lol

When they were walking out the door, she said 'Make America Great Again!' and said they both gave her a big smile. :)


kim, some of the screennames are confusing. I've been following MAGA_trump off and on for a couple of months at least. He often has good info to share but he drops it in the late night threads.


The Rodham rancid left, has kept blacks on the reservation. Food stamps, ebt, section 8, heat assistance, all forms of welfare, all from the govt. You get used to eating ramen, and after a while you realize, you've been trained a la Pavlov's dog. You realize you've been gamed. Your community is crumbling, "your" people have lost values, morals and any direction, your churches are getting animated in their disgust at ZERO progress. It's a mess. No Fathers, schools suck, revolving door of juvenile justice, babies living with grandparents, no real HOPE and CHANGE. Soros and willing black partners are not going to be held accountable, Black politicians and Liberal white politicians are not being held accountable.
Naturally the LEFT stokes the fires and we get VIOLENCE.

James D

Non-politics related, a couple of football items:

The DC Chief of Police is quitting her job to become Head of Security for the NFL. So she's moving to a jurisdiction with a higher crime rate - good luck!

Jerry Jones is up for selection to the NFL Hall of Fame. I find that depressing beyond words.


Right on, Beasts! I love those stories.

Beasts of England

There will be hearings, TK!! Hearings!


He also uses the war in Iraq as a take-off point for "stupid" politicians" building up huge debt. Trillions spent, nothing to show for it.

Basically, his opposition to the war in Iraq, is his point of departure from the globalist, nation-building clique of the Uniparty.

Miss Marple 2


Comments get voted up or down, don't they, so that they aren't in chronological order, right?

Plus (correct me if I am wrong) when they ban a troll they substitute his post with some stuff like "the wall just got higher, etc." or "no brakes on trump train" and stuff like that.

It makes it a challenging read (which is why I tend to read the overnight thread which doesn't have so much of that and doesn't get so many up and down votes).

Beasts of England

I'm not sure who made the comment, or if it was in this thread, but the point about him being an acceptable topic of conversation in minority households is a damned good one. You can't make progress if the subject is prohibited.



Correct, but you can sort by "new" or "old" if you want to see them in order.

Sometimes the bots jump in when a troll comment is deleted. It is challenging - I skip over a lot of it. The best part is that you can read any given user's comment history just by clicking on the name. So you can check in with commenters like MAGA_trump from time to time and not have to dive into the threads.


Iraq wasn't a mistake? On what planet?


I supported the war in Iraq and defended Bush relentlessly.

I'm glad now to see it in a different light. I'm feeling the effects of globalist puppet masters more and more in my life, and I don't like it on little bit.


You're the president, and with the whole world telling you Saddam had WMD, are you willing to risk our loved one's lives that this madman with a grudge against us, wouldn't give those WMD to those who wish us harm? Iraq was justified IMO.

Sorry, gal, we are stuck with the role.  Trump'll learn.  Under the basket, too long in the lane.

cl, the global policemen have for a century been a willing coalition of the functioning democracies, and the US has for most of that time been the leader. The need for such policing will not end, nor will the coalition, long may it wave.

We'll really be in sad shape when the keeper of public order is some other entity.


Iraq was the exact same mistake as the WAR ON POVERY. If you don't intend to win, don't fight.

Miss Marple 2


For years I have had this uneasy feeling that I was being played, that there was some sort of overlying conflict going which I wasn't party to, a niggling sense that something wasn't quite right in politics.

At first I thought that things were happening because of personal animosity, the accusation that Perot ran because he despised Bush 41 being one example.

But that didn't make sense to me, really, because I never saw anything about feuds in gossip columns or People Magazine or anything like that.

This election has shown me that Trump is exactly right. Rigged system in almost everything - politics, government, trade, education.

Student loans are a prime example, and I won't go into that as I have ranted about that before. Super delegates are another. Belatedly, I now realize the trade deals benefit the few at the expense of the many. (And we can get along fine without cheap iPhones, which aren't that cheap, anyway. I would guess a larger portion of the saved labor cost goes into profit rather than reducing the price to the consumer.)

I feel like I have been a fool. To see all of these people decamping to Hillary is just proof that the Uniparty (globalists and career back-scratchers) is real.

James D

Iraq WAS justified, absolutely. And the mistakes made in the early occupation were corrected over time.

But then it was all squandered, and it didn't have to be. W was unwilling to fight the homefront portion of the war. He did not defend himself, but, worse, he did not defend his troops, or his supporters. And that was his choice to listen to Rove and whoever else told him not to.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have to admit the on message Trump seems a more likely winner than the stream of consciousness one.
SoC Trump gets off some zingers but he also gives the MFM a lot easier hooks to grab hold of.

Seems to me the hosannas he got for the scripted speech last night are an indicator of a lot better strategy and kind of undermine the let Trump be Trump theme.

The undecided and independent mostly want to hear succinct common sense arguments not explanations of whatever most recent off-the-cuff thing really meant.
The Dems having to explain whatever charge he made against them is a lot better than Trump's campaign having to explain and defend whatever he just said.

Trump should be able to be Trump and still maintain message discipline. If he can't I'm not sure he can defeat the forces arrayed against him. Their power may be diminished but it is not negligible.


The uniparty showed there true colors when they failed to save the incandescent light bulb.

I know of no constituents who favored the forced alternatives.

Miss Marple 2


On the first part of the war, I agree. But knowing what I know now, I wish we had simply defeated Saddam, sent him into exile with his sons, and told Iraq to shape up or we would be back in force, leaving a strong occupation force in that installation out in the desert to thump any bad guys who started causing trouble.

In and out within one year, 2 tops.

And with a strong message to Iran to keep their mitts off Iraq or they would get the same treatment.

Instead, the damned State Department got involved, the UN started making noise, we had elections and all that and all the while, that terror group was plotting and no one was really doing much, until the Surge.

But then we just sort of fumbled around and then Obama got elected and pulled the troops out and there you go, ISIS.


Trump should be able to be Trump and still maintain message discipline

The problem here is the definition of discipline.

I still argue that his "off message" comments are hyped up by the media to pretend he is making nationwide statements.

He is campaigning in Smallville USA and is staying right on the messages they have been waiting to hear.

The message is from them through him.  Can't you hear their trumpet blowing?

Oh, well, incandescence. Trump is tungsten, the people the power.


I like this, Insty joining an Amicus against the John Doe DAs.

Miss Marple 2


Heh. Free market, guys!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Iraq is not a nation and cannot be built into one.
We could have destroyed Sadamm's and the Iranians warmaking abilities for decades had we expended the cost of ten or twelve years and thousands of lives we wasted trying to make three large populations who hate each other, surrounded by hostile nations with vested interests in destablising Iraq into a survivable, stable nation.

A crippled Iraq and Iran were a lot more in our interest that a healthy Iraq, which was never a realistic option anyway.


I also wouldn't be surprised if he runs ads on BET and other channels favored by that community.

I would love this to be so.
My pastor has a radio bit called "Not a Sermon, Just a Thought".
It is short & makes a big point. They put the ads on all stations. Howard Stern, jazz stations, sports radio stations, rap stations, ...

A Christian point on a Christian radio station is preaching to the choir. So much of the conservative world preaches to the choir.

Break out. Be bold. Go into enemy territory.

Beasts of England

I'm with you, Miss Marple. I didn't want to see it at the time, so I couldn't - even though things didn't add up for a long time. I think it was here at JOM several years ago when Captain started using the term 'uniparty' that it began to click.

The biggest problem is that we're giving a very small group of people - Congress - a four trillion dollar piñata, and it's probably human nature that they'd want to collude across the aisle to maintain that power and control. The 2010 + 2014 midterms plus this primary season have exposed their duplicity for many to see. Even my Mother is on to them. It's a sea change, and the people are now awake.


Arguing the war in Iraq is so 1991, and so 2001.

Fact of the matter is, the UN left a global vacuum in which some thugs put us at risk. Because that vacuum exists, Thug nations have to calculate that, depending on their actions, we may go anywhere at anytime. NO better friend. No worse enemy.

We are still engaged internationally if we go back to Speak softly but carry a big stick . . . and keep it sheathed if possible.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I still argue that his "off message" comments are hyped up by the media to pretend he is making nationwide statements.--

Unquestionably. However their strategy of doing that seems pretty effective and in fact seems to be the only thing holding him back.
Saying those things that still appeal to Smallville but not saying those things the left can falsely hype is not that hard.
He has usually gotten in trouble from his knee jerk defensive statements.
Defense and defensive bad.
Offense and offensive good.

Miss Marple 2

I have to go up to the new house and await appliance delivery and installation.

I may check in on my iPad if I can. Otherwise, back later in the afternoon.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Since we're talking elites and globals v nationals I give you
Lord Rothschild: "This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World"
if only for the demented comments.


MM, I can agree with that. We should have taken him out the first time but IIRC, the UN asked asked to stop. We humiliated him and that's why I believe so strongly he would have given those WMD to AQ. Iraq did try to buy uranium in 1999, why? We must remember that!


Saying those things that still appeal to Smallville but not saying those things the left can falsely hype is not that hard.

The left will falsely hype anything.

Saladin was a Kurd.

Marsh Arabs will remain Shia, and not become Persian. The Sunni tribes too, will persist, who else can live there. The Kurds, well, they live in the mountains, and will persist.

Possibly Putin could forge the three. Would he want to?

Muslim Lives Matter?  Apparently not, so let's blame the police.

Persistent conflict there? What else is new? I'm reminded that the greatest killer gas attack on Kurds was in a war for water, a dam of a tributary of the Tigris.

We had a fighting chance to forge peace there and in much of the rest of the Mideast, even the extended Muslim world. Obama blew it. If he really is taqiyyah, he's really done Allah a disservice.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The left will falsely hype anything.--

Yes, but they can hype "why didn't the mommy of the war hero speak up" a lot more effectively than "Hillary is a crook".

Keep saying the latter and stop saying the former.

It's worth a lot of votes.  Will he think about it?

Rocco, he had the will and the way to WMD. Even his own military thought he had them. So far as it was bluff, and perhaps it was partly, it was to keep the Persians at bay, and heh, the Americans.

Remember Joe Wilson, yeah, that Joe Wilson wrote an op-ed in the Feb 6, 2003 LaTimes warning that the US shouldn't invade Iraq for fear that Saddam would use his WMD on our troops.

And Trump wants to say it was all a mistake. He needs some instruction about just where the mistake was made and by whom.


I see your point.


And Trump wants to say it was all a mistake. He needs some instruction about just where the mistake was made and by whom.

Posted by: It's worth a lot of votes. Will he think about it?

How many votes will Trump lose from a group that doesn't like the methodology of his argument? How many votes will he gain from a group that shares the overall sentiment?

I think he will do fine on this subject. Of course #NeverTrumpers plan on voting for Hilary, so I'm not sure what rewording he could use to convince them.

Miss Marple

Always something. Went out to leave and flat tire. Luckily I have a small air compressor so inflated it. Am at tire shop and sister will give me a ride.

Balfour once thought of Kenya.

Well, yeah, TK, I was royally pissed at him when he came out with it even though it was a jab at Jeb. A minor issue for me, now.

It's pitiful the way a false narrative has been absorbed by the people. The British too, have been propagandized sadly.


I hear you, Kim.

There was a story about some British troops that were cleaning up WMD components/munitions. I thought for sure GW would pounce on that.


He never let his retirement get disturbed.

F' him.

You pro-serfers should identify more satisfactorily as protractors.

Heh, I can't get along without my pocket compressor either, Miss M. Er, mebbe it's a protractor. Anyway, happy trails, well borne, milles bournes.

Appliances that don't need a service agreement.

Ya see, capable of a one paragraph summary of the Iraqi War, and comes armed with a pocket air compressor. Who could ask for anything more?


Have you seen the latest edition of the National Enquirer at the grocery store? Bill and Hillary are on the cover. Hillary weighs 289 lbs! Bill won't live until the election! He has Alzheimers and Parkinsons. His picture on the cover shows him with the vacant and dazed stare we've noticed. Hillary just looks fat.
Inquiring minds!


did you see the pillow picks from Drudge? Hillary looks like she weighs 289.


Damn, Slick croaking before the election will mean sympathy votes.


Hmmmm, Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce funding Unions to defeat anti tax R's. (They want a gas tax hike and keeping the "prevailing wage" scam in effect to fill their pockets with tax dollars).



Art in Newport

Landmark Post by Miss Marple 2 at 12:28 PM

You put into words what I have been slowly realizing myself.


There's a late night radio program that I sometimes listen to that is hosted by two guys who are for the most part conservative. They've never really been Trump supporters, although they prefer him to Clinton.

Last night they were ecstatic over Trump's speech. Here are some comments I noted:

» They liked the themes that Trump wove together in his speech: "Law and Order, terrorism, the economy, she's corrupt."

» "If he does this every day between now and November 8th, I don't see how he can lose."

» "I was really impressed with Donald Trump as a candidate. You heard his conviction!"

» "It was a disciplined speech written in Trump's style. It was on point."

» "Go after the democrats, not just her. Show the party for who they are. Go after them again, and again, and again."

» "I didn't think he had it in him to deliver the speech he did. I was impressed with the substance, the morality of the speech."

» "The Democrats do everything to separate people into groups. The Democrats are the bigots."

» "Someone has figured out how to write for Donald Trump."

» They described the speech as having a "welcoming, inviting approach."

» Lastly, they saw the speech as a call for "a peaceful regime change in our country."

I have never heard these two guys so enthused about Trump or any other candidate in this campaign.


kim, Wilson's the one who told us per the SSCI that an Iraqi delegation traveled to Niger in 1999 seeking yellowcake. So even though the CIA sent him there to find out if Niger had ever been approached by rogue nations seeking yellowcake, he told the world in that op-ed that he found nothing. Page 53/521, last paragraph.


Texas Liberty Gal

Henry - Rush said the same thing about the campaign shake-up stepping on Trump's speech. Called it a tactical error. When I got the Fox News alert about the shake-up on my phone at 2;00 in the morning that was my 1st thought. Trump can do more then one thing at a time but it seems the MSM can't report on more then one story at at time. That's why I think it was a mistake to release the info so soon after his speech.

Old Lurker

Hillary weighs 289?

Was that a weight gain story or a weight loss story?

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