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August 17, 2016


Lurker Susie

Informative article.

Hillary Clinton's email firm Platte River Networks was run from a loft in Denver | Daily Mail Online


Lurker Susie

I'm surprised it takes that long

Tammy Bruce retweeted
Fox News
Aug 16
Fox News ‏@FoxNews
Time it takes to rig a voting machine? 7 minutes http://fxn.ws/2bkrvlJ

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Think of all the money we'll save when Hillary runs the Defense Intelligence Agency out of the storeroom at Apu's Quiki Mart.


Ignatz, Rodham DELETED 33,000 e-mails that had been subpoenaed. Nixon did what???


Shazam - heard about this but thought it was a joke!


Breaking: How Cat Poop Is Killing Endangered Seals

Big TV News this evening in Honolulu is how feral cat poop in Hawaiian cats contains some virus that kills endangered Monk Seals and has now been shown to be able to kill Dolphins.

"Cats have evolved to become the “definitive host,” Barbieri said. They’re the only animal in which the toxoplasma parasite can sexually reproduce, which happens in their guts, and then millions of eggs hitch a ride out of the cat through the feces."

Me: "Since Dolphin are mammals, can human victims be far behind?"

Anyhow, the big stink, besides the big stink created by 300,000 feral Hawaiian cats, is should the govt exterminate them?

“It’s not the kitten’s fault,” said Michelle Barbieri, a wildlife veterinary medical officer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program."

Me: How is it not the kittens fault?

"Scientists say it’s been hard to change human behavior and explain how it’s not the cats’ fault but they are hurting the environment."

So the Science is settled: The cats poop is the killer but it is not the fault of the cats. Guns Cats don't kill people Monk Seals, Cat poop kills people Monk Seals.

buccaneer morgan

alien ants, daddy, the only explanation, good gravy they have gone insane,


Just caught up to Captain Hate's dog rescue. Good job, Sir!!!

Thank goodness it wasn't a feral cat.


Daddy, I've used this analogy on many a LIBTARD.

"So global warming is bad??? Climate change is bad??"

Was it better when SABRE TOOTH TIGERS were roaming your neighborhood??? Cute, but I'd HAVE TO KILL THEM.


Your credentialed GUBMINT Experts would usually INTRODUCE the ASIAN CARP of some other species, to Kill off the INTRUDERS!!!!
Our current GUBMINT might introduce some "other culture, that is far more adept at "killing"......mayhaps????


Rodham DELETED 33,000 e-mails that had been subpoenaed. Nixon did what???

Well said, Gus!

I've always thought that the Clintons and every other crooked politician went to school on Watergate. The one thing that they learned was, never give in. Make them put you in jail, if they can, but stay in office.

buccaneer morgan

not to mention melaleuca, on the other end, a travismockasham like rachel carson manages to get ddt banned, the consequences of that, are incalculable as we've found out with zika,


In keeping with the Watergate theme, I recall reading of an interview that Mrs. Nixon gave to some woman reporter years after the scandal. "You know dear, those tapes should have been burned," said Mrs. Nixon.


Watching the "NEWS" for the last year has taught me something, that I already knew.

It doesn't matter WHAT RODHAM or OBAMA do, it gets swept under the rug,ignored, disavowed, lied about, protected and then disappears. We are waiting for a SMOKING GUN. We've had SEVERAL ALREADY. NUMEROUS. Obama's lies, his violations of separation of powers, his "non treaty treaties", his TREASON on and on and on and on and on. MEAN NOTHING TO THIS COUNTRY.
Rodham is a FUCKING CRIMINAL. And despite day after day after day after day of her LIES and CRIMES. NOTHING HAPPENS.
At some point, TREY GOWDY et al have outlived their USELESSNESS. And A WAR BEGINS.
I've said it before. AT SOME POINT, there is VIOLENCE. Blacks have already started on THEIR END.

buccaneer morgan

this is a great deal, pray I don't alter it further,



SHIT, We're going to need a BIGGER cargo plane Narciso.

Maybe this time, we'll use 3 "channels" of Diplomacy.

For FUX sake, WHAT WILL IT TAKE to wake up the AMERICAN MFM and PEEPS??

buccaneer morgan

the spruce goose, I think gus.

simply stupid

Does anyone have an explanation why Chase and Citibank are offering $200 and $400 bonuses for parking $15,000 for one to four months. Are they anticipating some run on their banks and want to have assets on hand?

buccaneer morgan

I don't know, but I think they would need 'a bigger boat' in that instance,



If not now, I don't know when.

I looked up a saying that was apparently attributed to Bismarck* just before his death. It was something to the effect that, "There is a special providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America."

I hope we haven't tried God's patience too much.

*There were other versions and attributions as well, but the point is the same.

buccaneer morgan

yes, that's essentially the line, there's just a host of people handing out the soma,


God Bless you Barbara. I along with my extremely bright son Junior, walked through the OBVIOUS LIES and CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of RODHAM. Nothing this HEINOUS BITCH has done in her ENTIRE adult life, seems to MATTER to either the MFM, our MEDIA, and the WATCHDOG of AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. Crime AFTER Crime, fuck-up after fuxing-fuck-up, HUGE MISTAKE after HUGE MISTAKE, attempt to SLIME Billy Blue Dress's victim after victim, DELETING 33 THOUSAND........THIRTY THREE THOUSAND E-MAILS, that had been SUBPOENAED. None of it matters.
Fidel Castro could pull that shit off.
WHY ON EARTH are WOODWARD and BERNSTEIN not "on the case"?????? The simple answer is that BILLY JEFF the RAPIST in CHIEF....GOT AWAY WITH IT. America and our MEDIA, have ceased to be HONEST. Obama has taken advantage of the DISGUSTING LIBTARD MEDIA. Rodham....LIKEWISE.
Complete dishonesty and corruption.
Our MEDIA, HAS BEEN trained, from KINDERGAREN, to be dishonest and LEFTIST.


Some are against war because they know the next president will apply its own agendas, like genderists, with the same national security military overt and covert force whether the original war and agenda exist or not. What 'I'm just a manager' obambi taught us is that this can result in a successful revulsion of that 'second war' through, for example, diasporadic spams when regions and religions are targeted as governments fall to coups. ISIS is the revulsion just pan islam, next pan arabism, regional isolation to take down undesireable governments and pan islam.

buccaneer morgan

those words you are using,


daddy on  iPad at AB's fav, the side street cafe

Walked down to the Trump Hotel on Waikiki Beach this afternoon. Wanted to see if they had any MAGA hats in the gift shop.

The Hotel is not on the beach. It is about 1 block back, and the entrance I came in thru which seems to be the main entrance, looks out over the big green park sward that is between The Fort Derussy Museum and the military Hotel "The Halekoa." Very nice view, and obviously a super expensive piece of property.

The word "Trump" is very understated. Simply a small plaque says Trump near the entrance, maybe 2 feet in circumference, and definitely overlookable. The entrance at the first floor street level is fairly small and offers no indication of opulence. I asked to go to the gift shop, so the few counter folks directed me to some back elevators up to the SPA level. I took those up, found the SPA, after passing a very decent looking Gym, and the 2 ladies behind the SPA counter were very professional and friendly, steering me to a very small room of minimal sundry stuff, but only including 1 Trump Polo shirt, and no MAGA paraphernalia at all. They explained that that was the case and the intention. They mentioned nothing of Trumps campaign would be evident in the Hotel.

Dropping down I stopped at the Lobby on the floor above street level. Open air with an overhanging level offering a really beautiful view south west (opposite Diamondhead) over the big green military park space and the ocean off to my left. Struck me as very well run and definitely clean, and all the wait people seemed to really act as if they were not slackers but pumping out positive images of the Trump edifice. As a former professional waiter, and with a ton of expertise in evaluating worker bees at hotels, you could tell these employees were at the top of their game---pride or fear, I could not tell which, but nothing like the standard govt employee I used to run into at the Oakland DMV, and unfortunately I did not weasel my way into the Bar to get the intimate skinny.

Oh well...

daddy on  iPad at AB's fav, the side street cafe

Late to the John McGlaughlin death comments. I vaguely remember his having been a former Catholic Priest. People swapping religious affiliations have always intrigued me for whatever reason. Newt went Catholic, McGlaughlin bailed from the Pope, Cassius Clay and Lou Al Sindar went Islam. Ivanka went Jewish, and great great great great great grandma Rebecca Nurse went Satanic devotee in Salem Mass from Puritan or Pilgirm or whatever nuttiness u guys had going on up there before u hung her.

So here's a question, Besides the home grown nuttiness of Scientology and Mormonism, (excuse me to any Mormons whom i do love here) are there any National American figures who have converted to Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Kardashianism, Zoroastrianism, Animism, etc?

Off the top I am unaware of any.

If not, any reasons why not?

Henry, simply asking for info and not for any other reasons. Is Quakerism getting new converts or is it heading toward extinction as an American religion? Please take no offense to the question, simply trying to learn.

daddy on  iPad at AB's fav, the side street cafe

At the side street cafe, I am watching my first episode of Olympic Beach Volleyball. We are losing to the Brazil gals at the moment, 12- 10, but I notice that our brunette dirrty blond, has a 12 inch by 12 inch tatoo of a Black snowflake on the center of her lower back. (Bartender says it is some sort of sports logo.)

EXIT Question (homage to John McGlaughlin), If u were an Olympic volleyball gal and had that 12 by 12 space free on your middle lower back to the inkers, what would you choose as your tattoo to show the world your inner you?

This idea has only just popped into my head here at the Side Street Cafe and I've only run it thru 2 bartenders and 1 waitress, so I haven't given it the thought it fully deserves, but my quick thinking is I'd go for an an image of Fry.

Scout is OK and all, but Fry is where it's at---male, horny, stupid, lazy and lovable. Go Fry!

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!

daddy, I have been sitting here trying to think of any figures with unusual religions, but cannot for the life off me think of one.

I cannot imagine playing beach volleyball, let alone a tattoo, so I will pass on that discussion.

Thanks for the description of the Trump Hotel. Interesting.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2

So, yesterday I said that I often had the feeling there was something else going on, and globalism finally occurred to me as the motive for odd votes and behavior.

But wait! What if it's something even worse than globalism?



Daddy, Quakerism is going away the same as the rest of them. There is a strange appeal to the feather passers, but they view a meeting house visit more like a trip to the zoo. (In many cases they are correct, as the feather passers and draft dodgers that overwhelmed the meeting members both came from the same source).

Miss Marple 2


I personally think she's as nutty as a fruitcake.

Miss Marple 2


Apparently they've upgraded from axes to chainsaws.

Miss Marple 2


Posting this story because it verifies that Trump took Flynn with him to the intelligence briefing.

The rest of the piece is a bunch of attempts to trash Flynn's reputation and a "don't worry, if Trump gets in office the bureaucracy won't do what he wants" which is exactly WHY we need to reform the Civil Service laws and de-unionize federal employees.


this is a bad way to go. Maybe the EPA has a point about methane containment systems at large farms.

daddy on  iPad

Rebecca Schoenkopf of the left-leaning site Wonkette: (via a roger Simon link on PJ Media, rationalizing Bill Clintons rapes in the 1980's)

Rebecca Schoenklpf: "I can absolutely see Bill Clinton doing this (then, not now) and not even thinking of it as rape, but thinking of it as dominant, alpha sex. I can see a LOT of men doing that during that time period, before we started telling them in the ’80s, “hey, that is rape, do not do that.” I can see YOUR NICE GRANDPA doing that, back then."

What else does Rebecca tell us?

"I think good men can rape, and be sorry, and not do it again."

It is a pleasure to know that in the days of Dan Rather, "Honest People could tell us lies", and now "Good men can Rape!"

I am looking forward to what good, honest grandpas will be able to get away with do in the future! Personally I've always wanted to rob a bank and shoot politicians. Thank goodness I only want to do it in the Dan Rather/Rebecca Schoenkopf sense of "honesty," otherwise I might be in trouble.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2


The excuse-making for Bill Clinton has protected him all his life. Democrats will excuse almost any criminal behavior as long as you are on their team.


No one is infallible, though some think Rush is, but Sundance did read the outcome of the primaries accurately since day one, and accurately in advance pointed out all the enemies he'd be up against. And he kept Trump's supporters motivated.

Truly, other than blood pressure raising, what has Rush done for "conservatism". Nothing he said or did stopped the turn against W, nothing he said or did helped McCain or Romney get elected.


Massive, huge intelligence community layoffs. It's trump and the russian commies! Someone run fer president!!


Miss Marple 2

I have uncovered the reason why Huffington Post was so adamantly opposed to Trump. This tweet is from 2012:

Donald J. Trump Verified account

.@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision.


And now that a courageous leader finally has has emerged, whose vision is undoing the discouragement of the silent majority, Rush who's been raving for years and years about what's needed, doesn't even see it, even though it's right before his eyes.


Miss Marple,

That sounds like one of his counterpunches. I wonder what she said about him first.

Miss Marple 2


Don't know. I got it through the Reddit site and so don't know what caused it, although Arianna Huffington spent an inordinate amount of time on TV saying bad things about a lot of people in her guise as "sophisticated political know-it-all with an accent."

Trump in this case said what MANY were thinking, including me!


Good Morning! I enjoyed the puppy pictures last night,they are very handsome. Momto2, our cairn terrier doesn't like the beach,at least not playing in the water. He likes to sit by us and observe the other dogs on the dog beach. This is a dog without fear (think Toto).
He played with the daycare owner's three labs the other day and was one tired dog. I guess he just isn't a beach dog.

Miss Marple 2


This is what I have griped about for months.

Trump is a gift to the GOP and to the country. That speech in Milwaukee drove a stake through the democrats supposed high ground on race, went after the crooks and con-men in all parts of the establishment, and finished up being inspirational.

I haven't heard a speech that good since Reagan.

I just don't understand the reluctance to embrace him as a way to win. I do not want to spend December watching news sttories about what vile person is going to be running the Pentagon.

Our troops deserve a commander-in-chief who will care about them, not one who hates the miitary (which she does). This, and Supreme Court appointments are a good reason to back him enthusiastically, if nothing else.


Good Lord...Rush is not the enemy.
He was exactly right about Fluke & Fox....who else pushed back?

He held ground for years when just about every mainstream outlet was liberal overload.
God bless him.

Now his radio show doesn't seem so cutting edge because there are so many more outlets, but for awhile he was on the front lines. Thank God.

Miss Marple 2

So, we've been through the "who is the black man with the injection medication" thing, the seizures and forgetfulness stuff, the staggering up steps and holding rails and tables for support, so now there's this:



It is a pleasure to know that in the days of Dan Rather, "Honest People could tell us lies", and now "Good men can Rape!"

But Clarence Thomas of course was the worst monster in history for allegedly talking about a pubic hair in a coke can.

Miss Marple 2


Yes, he was right about Fluke and Fox.

On the other hand, the controversy over his comments derailed campaigns for several days, and the Fluke controversy fed into the War on Women narrative.

So one can be right but at the same time not be helpful.

I have listened to Rush for years. I appreciate all he's done to keep me from feeling isolated and in the minority.

Sometimes, however, I think he should think of effects on campaigns with his statements.

My comment to cheerleader above wasn't really directed at Rush but at others who are very vocal in their opposition.

I do think Rush is having trouble figuring out the campaign in much the same way others are. It isn't following the typical template so his assessments seem off the mark to those of us who follow Trump daily. I think this is cheerleader's problem.

James D

Another email from The Nation...

Dear Friend of The Nation,

Join The Nation as we travel to Iran for a 10-night educational excursion specially curated for a very limited group of Nation readers and supporters. Undoubtedly, this trip will offer a rare opportunity to experience the people, politics, culture, and history of a country that has been at the very center of geopolitics for decades—yet that so few Americans have ever had an opportunity to visit.

We will fly together the evening of December 9 from New York City, and arrive at Tehran’s international airport late the following day. After settling into one of Tehran’s premier hotels, we will spend the first two days of our journey visiting the city’s preeminent museums, experiencing important historical and cultural sites, and savoring traditional Iranian food in the city’s finest restaurants and food markets.

Next, we’ll fly to Shiraz, one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia, known as the “city of poets, literature, wine, and gardens.” We will also visit the historic cities of Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rustam, Pasargadae, Nain, Isfahan, Kashan, and Qom. After we return to Tehran on December 17, we’ll continue our tour of the capital city—including its famous Grand Bazaar—and meet with academics and other prominent Iranians. On December 20, we will depart for New York.

While travelling in Iran, your host will be Charles Bittner, The Nation’s long-serving academic liaison. Charles currently directs The Nation’s cultural- and educational-exchange program in Cuba and Iran, and also teaches in the sociology department at St. John’s University in New York City. Additionally, we will be joined by Afshin Kepasa, one of Iran’s most experienced tour guides. Afshin, who has graduate degrees in modern languages and politics from the University of Tehran, will accompany us throughout our journey.

This will be The Nation’s second tour of Iran this year. Previous participants unanimously agree that Iran is a phenomenal place to visit, that its people are exceptionally hospitable and generous, and that our delegation was treated with the utmost respect and benevolence. Please note that the purpose of this trip is not at all political. Rather, our objective is to experience firsthand the culture and history of this strategically important yet largely unfamiliar country.

The all-inclusive cost of this tour is $7,265/$7,795 per person (double/single occupancy) and includes round-trip airfare from New York to Tehran; 10 nights at four-star hotels throughout Iran; a one-way flight from Tehran to Shiraz; all travel authorizations and Iranian visas; ground transportation; airport transfers; lectures; guided visits to Iran’s renowned museums and historical sites; most meals; and many other captivating activities and events.


I stand with Janet!


Miss Marple

I read yesterday, can't recall where, that it was the best speech since the Gettysburg Address.

The cynical circular firing squad has been the Republican way, maybe justifiably, but what a terrible loop to be stuck in.

Once Trump consolidates his power, I hope it'll change.

If he doesn't win, it will be very hard to bear the "what might have been."

Miss Marple 2

James D.,

How many hostages can Iran sucker into showing up?

Since Qom is one of the nuclear sites, the chances of someone being held as a spy are very good.

They'd better cancel travel plans if Trump wins (he will). I guarantee he won't pay ransom.


Stephen Gutowski
NBC talking about how Lochte's alleged robbery tarnished the reputation of Rio. Apparently, they're unaware of the reputation of Rio.

Miss Marple 2


I went through the exact feeling when Al Gore took back his concession . I so much wanted W to win and thought he would winin a landslide, so when it looked like Gore was going to be allowed to get away with stealing the election, I went to bed in a complete funk.

I will always be grateful to George Bush for saving us from a Gore presidency. I honestly cannot face the idea of Hillary on my television lecturing me and screwing the country up even more than it already is.

James D

Yes, he was right about Fluke and Fox.

On the other hand, the controversy over his comments derailed campaigns for several days, and the Fluke controversy fed into the War on Women narrative.

I think the problem (especially with fluke) was that the GOP spent so long surrendering on every remotely controversial issue that Fluke's behavior had become normalized.

THAT'S what we have to overcome. The GOP has refused to fight so often that totally unreasonable and lunatic ideas have become accepted and even celebrated. I mean, what was the Fluke story about?

A wealthy 30-year-old woman, attending an expensive private Catholic-run law school, demands that they violate their religious teachings and provide her free birth control pills.

There is NO way our side should be losing that argument. NONE. In a society that was even vaguely sane, Fluke would have been mocked endlessly by EVERYONE, and deservedly so.

James D

Since Qom is one of the nuclear sites, the chances of someone being held as a spy are very good.

I know this will sound terrible, but I hope they DO get held as spies, and thrown in the deepest, dankest, most rat-infested dungeon the Iranians have.

It would serve them right.


daddy, I'll be on Oahu in a couple of weeks--if you'll be there, let's try to get together.
Marlene, our last dog was a cairn terrier--adorable and so smart and ferocious. Love that breed though the pups Iggy posted were really adorable.


I stand with Sundance.


If he doesn't win, it will be very hard to bear the "what might have been."

This Am. Thinker article makes good points about the morning after Hillary is elected - http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/08/the_morning_after.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

some bits....

The entire discussion of building a wall on the southern border has finally been put to bed, once and for all. ...

The time has finally come to grant all illegals and their families full amnesty. ...

The mainstream media is in full celebration mode, knowing they won, and that they successfully represented the very best interests of our Big Government and everything else that goes along with it. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times will party like drunken sailors. Plus, they have finally showed the world where the real power lies in the United States....

We will quickly forget about Trump’s idea of negotiating better trade deals; we will keep things just as they are....

ObamaCare will get even more onerous....

...virtually all taxes will be increased to help fund an even bigger government....

Of course, the whole idea of sovereignty will be trashed once and for all. We will accept the notion that other countries in the UN and global community will help the U.S. make its decisions,...

Climate change will be considered ‘fact’ and ’established science’, and there will be no further public debate permitted on the subject....


There is NO way our side should be losing that argument.

No question that the conservative side has surrendered in the war of words. One only has to go back 50 years or so to find conservatives unapologetically taking stands on social and economic issues that are now considered beyond the pale by the MSM. I remember a few weeks ago Taranto had a clipping from the 70s in which some supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment vigorously denied that it might lead to coed bathrooms. Now we are having that forced on us even without the ERA.

Practically the only topic that conservatives still defend, fortunately, is the 2nd Amendment. The other nine, and all those pesky Articles, eh, "Wouldn't be prudent."


"other nine" in the Bill of Rights, of course.


Does Rush still do those boring egocentric segments where he plays everything that everyone said about him the day before?

Who cares?

James D

This, and Supreme Court appointments are a good reason to back him enthusiastically, if nothing else.

Here's a list of other reasons to back Trump enthusiastically. If he wins:

Huma Abdelin won't have an office in the West Wing.

Bill Clinton won't be whoring around with interns in the Oval Office.

Sid Blumenthal won't be providing advice on Presidential appointments.

Our foreign policy won't be used as a money-laundering tool for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

There won't be a blanket amnesty for tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

...I'm sure we can all add to that list.


Even when I semi enjoyed Rush, (a long time ago), his ego segments always prompted me to turn off the radio.

James D

jimmyk 2 8:35


Our "leaders" surrender when they should be shouting to the rafters on so many topics.

BLM is another great example. A criminal, in the midst of committing a crime, attacks a police officer, tried to steal his gun, and is shot.

The left turns him into a martyr and builds a national movement around him. The right, mostly, cowers in fear of being called racist, when they should be saying the things Trump said Tuesday night, and should have been saying them all along.


Um . . . the best speech since the Gettysburg Address?

Cheerleader, no.

Once Trump consolidates his power? No.

The genius of our system is not going to allow Trump to consolidate power. He likely already knows he's going to be frustrated in more than a few areas where he would ideally like to go forward. That's a feature of our system, not a bug. It's why all the fainting and pearl clutching over Trump has been so absurd. Just this morning I read a May 13, 2016 essay that seems to be on point in the Claremont Review of Books:


Trump's greatest attribute will be his ability to lead through the power of persuasion. A few judicious overreaches aimed squarely at the left would be good, too, just to remind them of the outrageous actions undertaken by Obama in the last two terms.

Nat King Coal

"This Am. Thinker article makes good points about the morning after Hillary is elected"

Based on the comments last night and this morning, Miss Marple will probably tell us that the Curiel and Khan comments Trump made were too controversial and he should not have made them.

I stand with Janet: Pffft!



No. By "consolidation of power" I didn't mean his taking over the three branches of government. I meant his putting in place all the people he plans to put in his admin, in places where he has the authority to do so. Which is going to be a major improvement over what is in place now.

Gettysburg Address?
You say No. Others say Yes. Opinions are subjective, not factual.



Gus, Henry--I think this is right.

Miss Marple 2

Nope, Nat King Coal, you would be wrong.

Rush making comments which take a GOP candidate off message is NOT the same as a candidate choosing to do so to make a point.

Maybe this is a distinction I am making in my own mind. Maybe I'm a hypocrite. Maybe I have finally gotten to the point that I don't care one way or the other.

Jack is right about Trump and Rush being friends. I don't think he means any maliciousness at all, but he is certainly not used to this method of campaigning.

As far as Fluke and the whole war on women thing, it probably was going to play out whether Rush said anything or not. Since it affected Romney, I find I don't really care anyway, since he has become sort sort of deranged person.

Did you know there was a huge rumor on Facebook that Romney was going to outlaw tampons? I don't think Romney was prepared to deal with insanity like that.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - Rush doesn't work for any campaign. His 1st consideration is his audience and he has always promised to be truthful with them. That's why he has such a connection with his listeners. You seem to want him to hedge his comments dependent on how they will affect Trumps campaign. But that's not who Rush is or ever has been.


Who cares?

Apparently you.

Miss Marple 2


No, that's not what I said at all. I find his current analysis missing some key elements because he is using the template of traditional politics, and Trump is doing things differently.

I do not expect him to be a rah-rah for Trump, although I would point out to you that when the GOP took the House he was VERY happy to accept the title of "majority maker."

I am not trying to get into an argument over Rush. He's a valuable asset and I am grateful for his efforts over the years.

He can make mistakes, though.


Thanks Clarice. That article nailed it. Too bad it contains lessons no one wants to learn.


I like Rush.

Clinton and Trump essentially tied in LAT tracking poll, 44.0 - 43.4. Trump gaining for three days straight.



He can make mistakes, though.

This I agree with.

Cheerleader is up to something else.

Almost sinister.


Doesn't that mean Clinton suffered a 10-15 point loss in the last week, Porch?

Sounds like a big story, if you are a Republican.



Exactly, it will The End.

I quoted someone a few days ago who wrote that the Founders fought a revolution to free America from the rule of arbitrary power, whereas today's crop of "revolutionaries" (the open borders crowd) are fighting to create a world government that will rule all nations, overriding local laws. The exact opposite of what the Founders fought for.

I can't imagine a worse nightmare.


Oh, yes, sinister is me. LOL!


Not you. But whatever you are up to.

I have read almost every one of your posts and this lashing out at Rush doesn't fit.

Or maybe we agreed on so much, I overlooked a talking point style of support.

Whenever Limbaugh gets slammed it comes in a coordinated effort. This seems like one of those times.

I think it is totally misguided considering all that Limbaugh says that is positive about Trump.

Put the effort into a-holes like Medved.


You seem to want him to hedge his comments dependent on how they will affect Trumps campaign.

No, not so much that, at least in my case. It's that we are surrounded by Trump-bashing throughout the MSM, so additional criticism is simply redundant and uninteresting.


Sure I care, in the sense that I found his thinking of himself as the center of the universe extremely boring.

But in terms of listening to fifteen minute long playbacks of what the dopes were saying about Rush Limbaugh, no, don't care about that at all. Got better things to do and listen to.


TK, the swing in this poll isn't that large, since 46 is her high point since the survey began in July. But it does seem to be a bellwether poll, so I expect other reliable polls to tighten as well if this trend holds.

If her bounce completely dissipates, then what? He can injure himself (in the polls) more easily than she can. But he also has much higher upside potential. What can she do to make people like her better than they do now? Nothing.

RUSH: As you know, Trump had a campaign -- it's not right to call it a shakeup, 'cause nobody was fired. A couple of people have been added to the campaign. The executive chairman of Trumpbart, Incorporated, Stephen Bannon, is now the executive chairman of the campaign. And the pollster Kellyanne Conway has been named the campaign manager. So she's gonna have the day-to-day run of the campaign operation.

That's all well and good, that's fine and dandy, except Trump gave a good speech last night in Milwaukee. He said some things that need to be said. But by announcing this campaign change eight hours later, he gave the media every excuse in the world to ignore covering his speech, and they have ignored it. They've spent the whole day theorizing, discussing, analyzing whatever these campaign changes mean in terms of the stability and the strength of the Trump operation.

So since a lot of what Trump said hasn't been given a lot of attention, I want you to hear some. We're gonna start with just a few of these sound bites to give you a flavor. It was a teleprompter speech. Among those people that heard it, it was heralded, it was on point. It was fearless and it tackled some issues that many Republicans ought to be tackling but don't. So let's get started with some of the bites...


Not the hill to die on, IMO.

Dude gives his opening airtime to Trump's speech and he is the scourge of the campaign because of a commonly shared opinion?




Yes it does fit. I have been "off" Rush for quite a long time. I've posted about it before. This is nothing new.

The last time I got into it about Rush wasn't too long ago. I posted about how disappointed I was that in all the years of his "brilliant" analysis, the Rinos versus the conservatives, blah blah blah, he never really got down to the crux of the problem, which is America First versus globalists. He never saw the Bush's as proponents of the NWO, even with Jeb's open borders and all.

So basically, I feel I learned nothing from Rush.


I was kinda joking, Porch.


Whenever they are talking about a Trump drop in the polls they compare best case for one week vs worst case for the next.

Miss Marple 2


I didn't hear it so if you will notice, said that he was enthusiastic when I listened.

I have to leave for the day.


Friends, let's not argue.

I like those comments from the Iowa GOP chairman on Trump's ground game. Last two Iowa polls: Clinton +3, Clinton +1. Very doable IMO.


Putting together a FB post...
Thinking of all the other aspects of Hillary's email sketchiness & her Benghazi lies

*American citizen arrested for Youtube video
Why didn't he become a MFM celebrity for how he was treated?

*State Dept. IT, security employees & archive employees failed to do their jobs...was anyone fired?

*4 State Dept. employees scapegoated for Benghazi, then reinstated by Kerry
What happened there?

*Why didn't Raymond Maxwell become an MFM celebrity for how he was treated by SoS Clinton?




I don't listen to talk radio any more, just snips posted by others from time to time.


I left a snip for you, cheerleader.

Dave (in MA)

Posting this story because it verifies that Trump took Flynn with him to the intelligence briefing.

I'm not sure why it was necessary for Trump to take time off from campaigning to get an intelligence briefing when he could have just gotten on Rodham's e-mail list and read it at a convenient time when she started mailing the info around.


I gotta run too.

Three days ago I was bitten between my heel and anklebone by a spider. It was very painful, almost immobilizing, but the pain is now mostly gone, so have lots to do to catch up for some lost days.

Thursday, August 18, 2016 -
​Charlotte, NC
Donald J. Trump
​Charlotte Convention Center
7:30 PM


he is the scourge of the campaign

A bit of hyperbole, no? For me, just, "meh."


Funny Dave.

I think he also took Chris Christie with him.

James D

Eek, cheerleader!

Spiders are horrible, evil things. Did it happen in your house? If so, the only thing to do is to burn it down, because if there's one spider there, that means there are 1,000 more you don't see, and will never, ever get rid of because they are insidious creatures, capable of anything.

You probably ought to burn down the neighboring houses, too. Just to be safe.


"A wealthy 30-year-old woman, attending an expensive private Catholic-run law school, demands that they violate their religious teachings and provide her free birth control pills.

There is NO way our side should be losing that argument. NONE. In a society that was even vaguely sane, Fluke would have been mocked endlessly ..."

Good point.

There is a double standard with "free" speech in this country. The other side can get away with saying anything outrageous and just laugh it off if it even makes the news. They can and do use that "freedom" to shout down, shame, and denounce anything they don't want us to say.

There are some on this side who seem to hold prim, proper, and prudent should be our standard at all times and since the other side gets to define and redefine and redefine what that means we just have to abide and play the hand we are dealt.

IMO accepting the continuous redefinition of what we're allowed to say is what has led us here ... 4 years down the road from losing a must win election, way past the jaws of defeat and halfway down the throat ...

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