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August 09, 2016



Brooks is an idiot. None of the natives put up with "a properly creased pant" or fools who voted for one. Affluence had nothing to do with it.


Plus he missed the Cherokee.

Captain Hate

Maybe people in poor countries can't afford shrinks to tell them they're depressed. The WHO should give up their Geneva digs and move to Sudan or Yemen to help out.

Thomas Collins

Question for Brooksie: How many tribal societies want to go back to tribal life after they have modernized?

The answer to Broksie's query is simple: Those in tribal societies don't think of themselves as having as much choice as those is modern societies. There will always be those in modern societies who see the allure of a "simpler" life (which really isn't so simple).

In the United States today, how many of those who have sufficient wealth to be able to live off the income give away their wealth and go live off the land? Precious few. Even those who do typically keep their wealth so they can reverse course. And many who wax eloquent about the benefits of nature want electricity in their far off abodes.

buccaneer morgan

mortimer adler, says I give up, you don't understand anything I taught about western civ,

Thomas Collins

From Brooksie's piece linked by TM above:

"Professionally, millennials are famous for bringing their whole self to work: turning the office into a source of friendships, meaning and social occasions."

Wow. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I played in work volleyball and softball leagues, went drinking with my work colleagues, and partied with them at home. Hell, partying with work colleagues at lunch with adult beverages before going back to draft a trust indenture was an indication that one had solid professional skills.

buccaneer morgan

they believe, and we don't for the large part,


Old Lurker

TC, in our twenties, we all had jobs!

buccaneer morgan

just one more question,


JM Hanes

An excellent article at the American Interest (via Instapundit): A Wake Up Call for Western Elites. It's so worth reading in full that I couldn't decide where to start & stop the blockquotes. The author, Andrew Michta, takes a scalpel to the elitist (mis)understanding of the populist dynamics now in play, and nails fundamental blind spot here:

"[O]ur elites seem unable to divorce the idea of nationalism from the historical narrative of fascism."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What a pantload of Brookensian baby turds.

Freedom and choice are scary. Enforced conformity and communalism is safe...and stultifying.
The fact is in a Western Civ type society one is quite free to live as closely and as communally as one wants. You're also free to live in isolation, in a basic family unit or any variation thereof.
As always the difference is liberty which tribes, most especially the tribe of heap Big Chief Karl hate and seek to destroy because coercion and strict conformity cannot coexist with liberty.


"[O]ur elites seem unable to divorce the idea of nationalism from the historical narrative of fascism."

No, our elites are unable to admit their own fascism.


Flashback to August 5, 2015 and the 538 gang's odds-making on the Republican primary.

Trump gets 2 percent from Nate, 0 percent from Katherine, -10 (??) percent from Harry Enten.


Brooksie == Chris Crocker

"Why can’t we just leave Brittney alone!"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Someone called Nehlen a loose cannon on the last thread.
I'm kind of at the point where even a loose cannon is preferable to the ones we have now which are lashed down securely and invariably pointed inwardly at us.
At least a loose cannon might occasionally accidentally discharge toward one of our actual enemies.


There might be a Great Affluence Fallacy going on — we want privacy in individual instances, but often this makes life generally worse.

Is there anything particularly original in Brooksie's screed?

In western life, until 1960 or so, religion was a major source of "community." There's nothing intrinsically anti-community about western civilization, it's just rampant secularism that has driven out much of communal living and not replaced it with anything. It's been widely noted that the black community and family structure was very strong prior to 1960, and then the welfare state came along and destroyed that.


Professionally, millennials are famous for bringing their whole self to work:

This is what the feather passers were pushing for early on... no more measurement of your production at the office, must treat whole person which expands to whole team and total loss of accountability. All the above tells me is they succeeded.



"much of communal LIFE" (not talking about living in communes)

"the black community and family structure WERE very strong prior to 1960"

James D

henry, that's what they're being taught from pre-school on, too.

James D

Good God, Brooks is truly stupid beyond the ability of the language to adequately express.


At least a loose cannon might occasionally accidentally discharge toward one of our actual enemies.

And he'd be one of 435 people in the House. He'll vote the right way most of the time, which is what I'm frequently told is perfectly adequate.


How many $27 donations from the unemployed and underemployed = $600K?


No refunds, suckas!

buccaneer morgan

you would need a computer like deep thought,


Brooks has a yeast infection in his vagina.

Miss Marple 2


The loose cannon comment was mine.

I am cautious in nature (which should tell you how fed up I am that I am willing to roll the dice on Trump) and because I don't know Nehlen at all other than what I have read recently, I am always a little leery about support for someone unfamiliar. (Trump has been a known quuantity for years, to further explain my feelings.)

I do see your point. Ryan is determined to do things I don't agree with. I don't trust him any more, as I think if he loses he will try to push TPP through in the lame duck session.

He might not do that if he wins as he won't want to screw up his chances in November.

So, I sit on the sidelines, wringing my hands, and really cannot come to a definite position. Good think I don't have to vote in Wisconsin!

James D

Following up on the Ryan conversation from the prior thread and his accomplishments (or lack thereof), my biggest criticism of him is the lack of any effort to move public opinion, or to take advantage of the opportunities that have come up in the past two years.

The IRS crimes is one. They ADMITTED to lying to Congress and destroying evidence. And everyone hates the IRS to begin with. It was a golden opportunity to draw a little blood from the administration, win a small victory to hearten republicans, show the conservative base that the leadership had its back, but they did nothing (and toothless hearings don't count).

The Planned Parenthood baby-selling videos is another. For God's sake, they had massive Dem contributors on camera haggling over the price of human organs and laughing about it! How can you fail to score some political points with that? Ryan and the GOP leadership found a way.

That's just two easy ones. I could go on (the illegal Berghdal prisoner swap; bragging about the lies to sell the Iran deal, and so forth).

There's more to being Speaker than what bills are passed.


Your comment is so funny!
From previous post- happy to do that.
Trump endorsed Ryan because politically for him it was the smart thing to do.
Loose cannon who calls into radio shows and doesn't make sense versus 18 year veteran who can even handle conservative caucus in the House of Representatives?
Who should I vote for?
But hey I could be wrong.

Miss Marple 2

More emails surface:



Loose cannon who calls into radio shows and doesn't make sense versus 18 year veteran who can even handle conservative caucus in the House of Representatives?

If "handling" conservative caucus = ignoring their wishes and stifling their initiatives, I guess you have something. :)

My point is that if one wants to get rid of Ryan, voting for a "loose cannon" (gee this terminology sounds familiar) who will have almost zero power within the House isn't that big a leap.

Captain Hate

Leadership isn't for everybody; you can be a good person and a poor leader.


All those things have been brought up and hearings were held and bit by bit they chipped away at how Independents especially view Obama and his party thugs.
Judges finding targeting of Tea Party groups unlawful just recently all came out of the hearings.
Kostinen msy yet be impeached.
Unknowable at this juncture.
IRS in disgrace and on the verge of elimination
Just out of curiosity, has Trump called for defunding of PBS or PP?


Overall leadership skills of Ryan with a Republican have yet to be seen.
Too soon in my opinion to determine how good the skills will be.


Should be Republican president.


I don't think he ignores them
Many times their input has changed the emphasis or they have stopped bills by with holding their approval or support.
The point is he won election to the post so they must at least find him approachable.


Ah, what BS. Yes, it's true that many whites joined Indian tribes. But not because of 'communalism' but because of personal freedom. Benjamin Franklin understood that very well. Here's a bit from Charles Mann's 1491:

As Franklin and many others noted. Indian life—not only among the Haudenosaunee. hut throughout the Northeast—was characterized by a level of personal autonomy unknown in Europe. Franklin's ancestors may have emigrated from Europe to escape oppressive rules, but colonial societies were still vastly more coercive and class-ridden than indigenous villages. "Every man is free,” the frontiersman Robert Rogers told a disbelieving British audience, referring to Indian villages. In these places, he said, no other person, white or Indian, sachem or slave, “has any right to deprive [anyone] of his freedom.”

As for the Haudenosaunee. colonial administrator Cadwallader Colden declared in 1749. they had "such absolute Notions of Liberty, that they allow of no Kind of Superiority of one over another, and banish all Servitude from their Territories.” (Colden. who later became vice governor of New York, was an adoptee of the Mohawks.) Rogers and Colden admired these Indians, but not every European did. "The Savage does not know what it is to obey,” complained the French explorer Nicolas Perrot in the 1670s. Indians “think every one ought to be left to his own Opinion, without being thwarted,” the Jesuit Louis Hennepin wrote twenty years later. The Indians, he grumbled, "believe what they please and no more"—a practice dangerous, in Hennepin’s view, to a well-ordered society. "There is nothing so difficult to control as the tribes of America,” another Jesuit unhappily observed. "All these barbarians have the law of wild asses — they are born, live, and die in a liberty without restraint; they do not know what is meant by bridle and bit.”

Jack is Back!

Let's see:

Zahir Khan and dutiful wife slander Trump at Clinton's crowning.

Clinton tweets luck to the hijab wearing American Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Mohammed.

Saddiqu Mateen attends Hillary rally in Kissimmee, FL and gets a prime VIP spot behind her on the dias.

And 50 so-called security experts say Trump is dangerous and not qualified to handle national security and defense.

Like one of those Phillip Pullman novels.


Please learn a little bit about Transcendentalism to put the social situation of the late 1700-early 1800s in context. The Teaching Company has a course on it.

Intellectually the country needed to break free of the dogmatic and doctrinaire. Think what had ossified European intellectual tradition until Luther.

The goal was not that Indian life had more to offer than our culture, but that our culture was at risk becoming, a culture of command and control.

Now, where have I heard of that possibly happening?


Mateen sits behind Hillary on stage--and then 2 pressers endorsing Hillary.

Dave (in MA)


Somebody find a GIF of Bo Jackson and Deion Sandars laughing.

Dave (in MA)

Sanders </short circuit>

Captain Hate

IRS in disgrace and on the verge of elimination

I wish. I thought they had an excellent chance to make major inroads to taming a beast which the public hates but that's been all but squandered.

One victory I'll credit Ryan with is stopping the CBC deadbeats from continuing their sit down stunts. I remember thinking when he delivered a terse warning to cut the crap that he might have invoked some potential monetary penalty on those grifters for which they had no recourse. Or maybe Short Circuit's team told them to stop. Whatever the cause if it doeskin happen again I'll consider it a quiet win.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Relinking Spengler's ATimes essay on Trump v the 50 Bright Boys.
Gets it exactly right, IMO.


Some of you probably saw the posts about my discovery of my Native American ancestry.

What little I have been able to determine regarding the intermarriages, mostly in the early to middle 1600s, was simply because of a severe shortage of the fairer sex among the early settlers.

Doesn't strike me as a socioeconomic experiment:)

While the natives may not have defected to join colonial society, a few were drug back to England and showed off as "novelties".

buccaneer morgan

well the great upheaval, really encapsulated the back story to the american, french and failed russian awakenings,

Dave (in MA)

JiB, the candidate who represents the pinnacle of feminism by virtue of her marriage to a powerful man approves of a woman being subjugated by her culture/religion and being required to wear laundry on her head.


If MM was around I could ask her if "drug" should really be "dragged".

My English teacher mother is surely rolling in her grave!


Doing a great job on the stump for Trump in Wilmington.


Should be dragged back


Jean Jacques Rousseau described the natural man in the 17th century and it has been downhill ever since. Liberte egalite fraternite became the philosophical and political rallying cry. America became an escape valve for europe's adventurer's, reprobates,and people seeking freedom.

But America became christianized. And so the secular was pushed to the frontiers where social norms didn't necessarily apply. The romance of the west quickly ran headlong into reality.

A lot of people wanted and still want to dance with wolves but the problem is that the wolves will be wolves.

buccaneer morgan

they should just scuttle the show, and replace it with a decent infomercial,


Miss Marple 2


"Dragged" is the correct form. I have been known to use "drug" in speech for emphasis, however, (That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Rudy Guiliani is at the Trump rally in North Carolina.

Link to various live streams at Conservative



Excellent observation.
Yes he can handle CBC and short circuit them.

Captain Hate

Wow, that Spengler essay is outstanding particularly how he takes Kristol to task. I've cut Billy boy a lot of slack because of his willingness to go on the intern killer's show and ridicule F Chuck and take Scarblowhard and Meeka the parrot to task for fawning over the likes of Jon Huntsman. But truth be known, any of us could've done that

I've seen the light; up your game, Kristol.


Washington Post's Stu Rothenberg sounds the death knell for Trump.
I sense a Dewey / Truman moment for those prima donnas at the WashPost.

Miss Marple 2

Guiliani brings up a great point. Hillary is bought and paid for by the unions which control the VA hospitals so there won't be reform. Same with schools, he says.

I am glad to see this excellent point brought out.


Very good comment!


Yes, I knew MM would know and now remember that maryrose is also a teacher.

My mom thanks you for trying to whip me into shape!


What a crowd at the rally!

People all whooping & upbeat.

Miss Marple 2


When Trump is elected, we will make your grammar great again!



Good article in WallStreet Journal by William Mc Gurn that further elaborates on the Ryan dilemma.

buccaneer morgan

that anecdote is striking about general hayden, but then again state thought baathist fossils like pachachi would win the day,


Your spelling is very good and with that ability,grammar will soon follow.


"No Indians were defecting to join colonial society" Um, what about Pocahontas?

Robin, a lone voice of sanity

MM's Reddit link to "Ask a Trump Supporter" is fantastic! I've been directing people there all day.


One thread had a tidbit of info I've not heard about Orlando. From the immigration thread:

"In the Orlando shooting, it was only our local media that properly reported that the shooter made sure not to target blacks in an effort to kill gay whites."

Has anyone else heard that?

buccaneer morgan

well not in that sense, mateen was said to respect the african american struggle or something,


see this is why cnn is worth than useless, the missing detail is diaby is from nice, where the mauler was from,


I had not heard that.


MM and maryrose

I know I was taught grammar by a extremely knowledgeable person who never missed an opportunity to correct my mistakes.

She would say I lack discipline. My mom was a cultured, blue-blooded woman of mostly English descent. Very prim and proper.

She would have blamed my poor language usage on my father, but she was still crazy about the guy.

JM Hanes

clarice (from the previous thread):

”I figure that Mateen stunt--was it sabotage?--followed by his roadside presser supporting Hillary--just cost her Florida. Am I crazy?”

I don’t know, how significant this might be, but as of 2010 Florida ranked #7 in Muslim adherents per 100,000 people at 877. You can download the full sized maps below from the Religion Census site.

Muslim Adherents photo MUSLIM-PENETRATION_zpsox7shxtn.jpg

Most Muslim adherents per 100,000
Illinois: 2,800
Virginia: 2,663
New York: 2,028
New Jersey: 1,827
Texas: 1,678
Michigan: 1,218
Florida: 877
Delaware: 793
California: 732
District of Columbia: 670
Pennsylvania: 634

Since that was just 2010, it’s worth noting the Florida trajectory in this map recording the change in Muslim populations.

Muslim Change photo MUSLIM-ADHERENTs-CHANGE_zpsorhcjabp.jpg

buccaneer morgan

although his coworkers at security company had other words for him,


Old Lurker

"what about Pocahontas?"

She became a communist senator from MA.

buccaneer morgan

I tried wordpress to update, with my icon, but it didn't take,



Thanks for the info, JMH. Gotta say those maps are depressing.

Pagar,a bacon, country Ham and Sausage supporter

Might explain why we are seeing Hillary catering to Muslims every time/


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Special for JMH;
James Grant: Negative Interest Rates Will End... Badly

“If these are the first sub-zero interest rates in 5,000 years, is this not the worst economy since 3,000 BC?”

Though savers are yet to hoard cash in their mattresses, negative rates could have other consequences. Negative funds rates squeeze banks’ profit margins. Low enough rates could cause many to become unprofitable. Pension funds depend on bond yields to meet their payment requirements. Grant says it is now impossible for them to hit 7% return targets. Insurance companies invest their premiums in fixed income, and are “dying on the vine” according to Grant.

If interest rates rise due to inflation or pushback from the market, several countries could have difficulty coping with the higher costs of borrowing. Italian stocks tumbled after Brexit, indicating that investors may fear a debt crisis. Japan will have even more difficulty disposing of its debt. Japan has the highest debt-to-GDP ratio in the world at over 200%, in part due to Abenomics intended to prop up stock prices and inflation. Grant also thinks China’s wealth management products are a threat to default.

Excellent and succinct description of the pickle central banks and the pols have pushed us all into. If they keep rates at ~zero they crush pensions and pensioners and every institution that depends on returns on investment for profit.
OTOH interest rates ~zero encourages and makes possible the debt binges keeping the welfare state, the stock markets and other asset bubbles afloat.
If they let interest rates normalize to a market value for money the stock market will plunge as will the various asset bubbles including bonds [by definition] which will probably result in a recession.
More importantly to the central banks which have abandoned any pretense of independence from their political patrons, normalized interest rates will almost immediately render numerous countries insolvent that are currently pretending they are not via ZIRP.

There is no way out of this trap without massive pain. But the longer it is postponed the more devastating the correction.

Miss Marple 2

More trouble brewing, I see:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump sued by half a dozen people out of thousands over allegations his school was useless = huge story!

Hillary Clinton sued for causing Benghazi and the deaths of the 4 killed there and lying to and about the families of those victims = what's a Benghazi?

buccaneer morgan

who to believe, well lets see the filing,


buccaneer morgan

seems a bit of an odd choice as counsel,


Nervous Nellie

I agree with clarice that MM2 is AWESOME!

JM Hanes


Thanks for that interesting excerpt. It seems I've had 1491 sitting on my to-be-read shelf far too long.

When I read this, I had to wonder what kind of history, Mr. History Major Brooks once studied [Emphasis mine].

Even as late as 1782, the pattern was still going strong.

Geez. Sebastian Junger’s book is the first he’s heard of this?

See Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) and the glorification of the Noble Savage, a term first used in Dryden’s Conquest of Granada (1672). The “lure of the primitive” has a long pedigree. As an aside, I would note that "European settlers" taken prisoner had already left Colonial Philadelphia behind.

buccaneer morgan

yes, she is very perceptive, I don't where brooks gets his mindthoughts, his misunderstanding of niebuhr was an early sign, not understanding the great awakening, lord love a waterfowl,


Some may disagree but comments like " helicopter JOM ers " are offensive to me. Some posters not currently posting don't deserve this type of innuendo. Just my opinion.

You will be pleased to find out that the comment wasn't directed towards "some" of the posters not currently posting.

buccaneer morgan

back to the pantomine horse,


Miss Marple 2


I see Delta is going to be handing out refunds and travel vouchers in compensation for yesterday's mess. Be sure you hold onto proof of ticket purchase when your CC bill comes!

Miss Marple 2


There's a gal on TCT who (because he's bald) calls him "Egg McMuffin."

buccaneer morgan

is that your final answer,


buccaneer morgan

heh, he could be dr. evil's younger brother, but when you think bald operative you think of like the rock, or jason statham,

buccaneer morgan

and taibbi's still on the side of the slackers,



Jean-Jacques Rousseau was, and still is, a wrong turn in political theory.

Not only did he not practiced what he preached, the contrarian view he preached was written to win a contest, not further political thought.

Funny. That is not a prominent part of what we teach.


Ahmed’s mistaken premise was that he had the ability to create in the first place.

Even Ahmed’s current legal ploy is the base equivalent of patent trolling -- Try to profit from nothing.


The Noble Savage--the bible of the Woodstock generation.

Miss Marple 2

Today's controversy:

Trump said "maybe the 2nd amendment people could stop Hillary" (from killing the 2nd amendment).

Now the lefty reporters are claiming he was calling for her assassination. I am not making this up. It's all over Twitter.

Lurker Susie

More government by Hillary

Clinton: 'I Have Proposed an Office of Immigrant Affairs for the White House'



JMH--still leaves a lot who aren't even assuming they all are rojihadis which they are not.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

For any of our hoplophiles out there I present;
The Karl Hauptman Triple Rifle.

POR = you don't want to know. Neither do I.

Lurker Susie

Calling Paul Ryan,

Obama to Waive Unlawful Presence for Certain Illegal Aliens

Obama Administration Takes Steps to Circumvent H-1B Cap

Legislative Update: 8/9/2016





Lurker Susie:
Well back to the courts to inform mr.Obama that he is not a king and can't make the laws of the land.
All he ends up with are pissed off people who gets their hopes up only to have him over ruled again.


tonto, catching up--

Who among us hasn't done things in college that we are deeply and profoundly sorry/embarrassed about?

But send the letter. You'll make an old man very happy.

Captain Hate

Looks like Bret Stephens is off the ewok's Christmas card list.

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