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September 08, 2016




Yes. Indeed they did. That one ought to get framed.


and so it goes. graywashed and it worked on the Amazon Daily Worker.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

End Times alert;
Tom Selleck hawking reverse mortgages.

James D

They had Fred Thompson pitching them before he died, too. AND Alex Trebek, if memory serves.


wow that is a weird creepy ad.


After the national anthem's first verse's "O'er the land of the freeeee...", written when thousands of American blacks were enslaved, subsequent verses mention "the hireling and slave" and "freemen". It doesn't take a sensitivity course to understand why many blacks have trouble with it imo. Ray Charles' version of "America the Beautiful" might be a winner for everyone but atheists re the "God shed His grace of thee" part.


Tom Selleck hawking reverse mortgages.

Ditto "Fonzie" of Happy Days. Made me feel old seeing that.

James D

I think the Fonzie ones were the saddest of all.


Just clicked on the local rag I haven't read for 2 weeks and found out our Election up here just got a lot more interesting---Joe Miller is running against Lisa Murkowski for US Senate---as a Libertarian!

With Joe Miller running, Alaska's US Senate race is even more topsy-turvy

---The Democrat in the race, Ray Metcalfe, is a former Republican

---Democratic leaders tried to place Margaret Stock, once a Republican but now an independent U.S. Senate candidate, on their primary ballot.

---Lisa Murkowski...is a RINO

---Joe Miller, Republican...he's running as a Libertarian.

And Joe Miller is voting for Trump!


Joe Miller, according to Momma, is angry in that our old Mayor, Republican Dan Sullivan (Not our current Republican Senator Dan Sullivan), put his name in the ring to run as a Republican and Miller decided to support Mayor Dan, but then 2 weeks later, after the sign up period was over, Mayor Dan pulled out of the Race, adding the Repub Nomination to Lisa. This angered Miller who saw th fix being in, so nw he has tossed his hat in the ring as the Libertarian Candidate.

I am sure I will get more details when Anne Coulter explains it all to me on 17 September when me and Anne have our tete' a tete downtown at the Eagen Center. Stay tuned folks!


This second story by one of our sharper local Pundits breaks it down very intelligently and says there is now a movement by the Dems to get former Dem Senator Mark Begich to run as a Write-In Candidate like Lisa Murkowski did 6 years ago when she beat Miller for her current Seat. Joe Miller complicates life for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, while Democrats wish they had a single choice


Jack is Back!


What's the lates on all those unexplained murders in Anchorage? Serial killer or all a bunch of unsolved one-offs?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Well, Fred Thompson and the Fonz weren't exactly scorching the world with their careers whereas Selleck has a popular, long running TV show and other side projects.

buccaneer morgan

ah frabjous joy, daddy, how does beale and fagan play in this match.

bezos was part of spectre's media department no?


How the FBI went easy on Hillary Clinton




Here’s the creepy, ominous thing about MH370. We still don’t really know what happened, but some of the early indications were that the flight continued off course for many miles and possibly many hours, without anyone apparently noticing or making corrections. This led to some speculation that it continued for many miles as a “zombie flight,” with its passengers and crew either dead or incapacitated.

In my mind, that’s the real danger posed by Trump: not that he takes us off course, but that he incapacitates the crew. It’s the argument I’ve fleshed out before. Trump isn’t merely an imperfect candidate. He’s someone who disables the ideological guidance system of the only major pro-liberty party.

To the extent that his presidency means we spend another four years expecting intellectuals on the Right to swallow their ideological scruples, and to the extent Trump’s success breeds hangers-on and imitators who embrace his Putin-style nationalism, we could end up flying the ship of state with a crew who are paralyzed.

Just what, exactly, have these "intellectuals on the Right" done for...well, y'know, the Right, the past 16 years? Anyone care to enlighten me?

I thought not...


lyle, they avoided swallowing their scruples and they collected donations. George Will went the extra step and wore a bow tie.

buccaneer morgan

you think sending them to canada solves the problem,


Beasts of England

He still does - Blue Bloods.


Righto, henry. Will definitely went bold, huh? And this shit drives me up the wall:

He’s someone who disables the ideological guidance system of the only major pro-liberty party.

WTF?? Is he really trying to portray the GOPe as a "pro-liberty" party? AYFKM? Give me ONE example, Bob--just one--where the spineless a-holes of this fictional party have stood up for individual liberty vs. the GD Leviathan.

Charles Ponzi, Esq.--Green Banker & Unicorn Dung Investor

If Americans are lazy like Barky said, how will we pay for the wealth transfers in his One-Man Climate Treaty?

A: Give China their own money!



Happy Birthday to Nate's Grandma!


When the ideaological guidance system is driving the pro-liberty interests over a cliff, disabling it is a good idea.


If you're not in enough of a bad mood, behold this:


But that Trump fella is a loooooose cannon, right?

buccaneer morgan

as you suspected daddy,


they haven't pointed out if they are converts or the new bread of french national.


lyle-I put that up yesterday having zeroed in on the ideological guidance system phrase as well. The Federalist certainly has its Right Pincer agenda, doesn't it?

buccaneer morgan

who does he think he is dr. evil?



Yes, indeed, rse.


So Twitch pulled his ads?





Have been gone for 2 weeks so if there is an update on whether we have a serial killer or not I haven't heard it. We have had twice the amount of murders this year as the last 10 years or more.

As you guys can expect we have a large homeless population up here, mainly Native, and drugs and alcohol are rampant. We have a lot of thick woods and trails and it appears the last 2 double murders were in a long tree-lined beltway park near downtown which I've used hundreds of times, but it bears watching at nighttime and not just for "bears", but due to the homeless drunks.

We've got plenty of shelters with beds for these homeless folks and enough places offering free meals daily and treatment for this population should the homeless want to take advantage of it, but as usual many don't want anything to do with it. C'est la vie:(

We also have our catch and release criminal problems, and ever week or 2 the news reports some perp at a halfway house simply walked away and disappeared.

Also I heard 1 month ago that a local store selling guns was robbed at night of every handgun they had in their store, so those are now out on the street somewhere. We also frequently nab individuals from the lower 48 up here importing drugs, so pretty much we're probably just like your towns, probably with a slightly bigger homeless population, and with the added attraction of giving them free money.


This quote I am about to give came from a HUD funded paper on getting the media and advocacy groups to reframe how the issue of affordable housing is seen. Rather than think of the language in just that context think about it in terms of the nightly 'news', what WaPo wants in pushing to drop email story, and matt lauer being criticized.

"The media act as a 'gatekeeper', both flitering and amplifying the messages that enter into public conversations. By consistently telling certain stories and exclusing others, the media shape public understandings. Scholars describe this as a 'drip, drip' effect. Over time, patterns in media stories carve deep channels in public understabding that give rise to opinions, outlooks, and action when particular social issues come to the fore. In this way, strategically changing aspects of the public discourse has the power to shift public understandings, which in turn can restructure public demand for action on social issues. From this perspective, the first step in moving policy invloves concerted efforts to influence public storytelling practices. Such efforts begin with a careful comparison between patterns of issue presentation in the media, and the messages that advocates and experts want to disseminate."

Quite the useful confession. It also explains why I run into so many false narratives involving the supposedly conservative think tanks claiming to be conservative or libertarian.


Hillary meeting with intelligence professionals to come up with plan to defeat ISIS.
She will do anything to avoid mixing with the folks.
I assume Trump also has a really better plan so that he can beat her in the foreign policy debate.

buccaneer morgan

remember the gal who reminded of the character in black widow, guess what:


they still won't give the names, though,

Janet S.

Henry 2:07 - "a reminder from 2015 - "Manila, Philippines (CNN)President Barack Obama sharply criticized Republicans Wednesday for suggesting that Syrian refugees coming to the United States posed a security threat, blasting some GOP suggestions as "offensive" and mocking what he said was a fear of "widows and orphans."...
""Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America," he said later."...

"Obama slams Republicans over refugee stance"



Hillary also scorns Trump supporters in areal my nasty interview on Israel television.
Early voting in North Caolina.
Hit we really need you now.


Should be a really nasty


Repubs should respond to Obama by saying where are the Christian refugees and stating you don't want to keep America safe do you?
That ought to shut his highness up.


Watching the FOX news channel I see this latest outrage of our broken Judicial System from the pretty blonde talking to her guest Brit Hume:

Host Sandra: The Republican's also up in arms over reports that the Justice Department granted immunity to a second Computer Expert who deleted Hillary Clinton's E-mails, this despite a Court Order to preserve them.

Brit Hume: That's a problem.

Clip played of Trey Gowdy: "After a conference call with her Lawyers, somebody applied a product called "Bleach Bit" to make sure that nobody could ever read it...They got it wrong, they blew it. They gave immunity to the triggerman...This is Prosecutor 101, you don't give immunity to the person who actually robbed the Bank."

Host Sandra: This is unbelievable. I should remind everybody that we're not talking about Brian Pagliano, the original Security Expert for Hillary Clinton that was granted Immunity, this is another one, and just an example of how this story keeps getting bigger.

Brit: Well we don't know Sandra, what they might have gotten out of him but it doesn't seem like they got very much. The question now is whether these Security people who were involved in these erasures, can be brought forward to tell what they know, not so much how they did it, but who told them to do it and under what circumstances, and whether this can indeed be traced back to Mrs Clinton...

buccaneer morgan

the older one, dated the cop slasher, and the priest slasher, youth today


James D

maryrose @ 2:21

I WISH the Republicans would say something like that, instead of whining about how not wanting to take in huge numbers of potentially hostile people we can't possibly vet is "not who we are."

buccaneer morgan

now the earlier link, is from pat lang, who was?? a vipser, but when going gets weird,. . .like I say the network is as important as a single individual


2 takeaways from last nights dog walk listening to Talk Radio.

1) Prager now says the #NeverTrumpers should be asked this question. Was it right for American to ally itself with the evil, Anti-American Dictator Joe Stalin in WW2, in order to defeat Hitler?

Yes or No?

If they answer Yes, and the reasoning being we had to ally with Stalin in order to defeat a greater Evil, then game over.

2) After Prager ended, and during a break in the Football Game, I turned on Glen Beck. The voice he was chatting with sounded familiar and it was Jonah Goldberg. Beck asked him for his opinion on the 2 political parties in America and Jonah said something very close to this (not verbatim but very close)

Jonah: "The Democrats have become the Socialists. The Republicans have become the Nationalists. When a guy like me with a last name of Goldberg sees that the major parties in the country are the National Socialists, I get very worried." Beck loved it.

That was enough for me and I changed the channel. It was as infantile as saying that in an Election running a candidate on one side with the name of Fred Benedict and on the other side a candidate running with the name Shiela Arnold, I could not possibly vote for Benedict Arnold.

This is the quality of smug thought we get from Jonah Goldberg these days, playing Godwin word game associations, whereas our fathers and grandfathers had to figure out how to deal in a life and death worldwide struggle with Adolf Hitler.

James D

Jonah has become a complete embarrassment. I really did used to like him. It's pathetic to watch what he's turned into (and most of the other main writers at NR, too).

Check out the Kevin Williamson piece today, too. It's possibly a new low - he trashes his own mother as part of his latest screed about Trump and Trump's "loser" supporters.

Jack is Back!

It's pathetic to watch what he's turned into (and most of the other main writers at NR, too).


They can't make a 180 now. With that pathetic and unprecedented #Never Trump edition of NR they made a bed you can bounce a quarter off of. Its so tight no one can sleep in it. So, as a result they have become neutral and irrelevant. Even if this is an election about electing someone based on the other candidate's personality, positions and record, are they saying their sitting it out? That is very anti-American if you ask me.

They're not #nevertrumpers - they are anti-American values.


Brit: Well we don't know Sandra, what they might have gotten out of him but it doesn't seem like they got very much.


That's the kind of comment that comes out of Brit Hume these days. No substance, but a vacuous dismissal of the issue. It's sort of like, "There's no there there. Look squirrel."


With that pathetic and unprecedented #Never Trump edition of NR ...they have become neutral and irrelevant.

Thats my take away, Jack.

Janet S.

Bill Clinton Mocks ‘The Coal People’ In West Virginia, Kentucky For Supporting Trump


Janet S.

Amen James & JiB.

buccaneer morgan

I may have to do a new post on the new revelations right out of black widow, the younger plotter, inez madani has ties to charleroi, remember mama barkun,
recently released,

Miss Marple

Hi guys. Cable hooked up but daugher signed us up for the cheapest, so no remot and I have no idea where the tv remote is since Comcast gave us remotes years ago! Plus this basic cable sucks as nothing I watch is on it.

I have wifi but haven't hooked up my computer and will get granddaughter to help me. I got it taken apart but am waiting for help reassembling.
Sitting out on porch smoking as no smoking allowed in house. Come January I may be sitting n my car a lot. Ha!

Janet S.

& Amen daddy.

I tell ya...I am DONE with the NR crowd. DONE.

Beasts of England

Beck interviewing Goldberg is a new twist, correct? I guess once they've harpooned their credibility they have to find kindred spirits. Of which few spirits remain...


MM, get yourself a nice chair or porch swing:)

Miss Marple

Ok, someone got to rush about that Flight 93 election article. Two days ago he thought it was pretty important and now he thinks it was about giving in to lberals. I imagine one of the NeverTrumpets read him the riot act. Bah.



Fully agree with you. I thought Sandra teed the ball up perfectly; with the outrageous new revelation of DOJ Immunity malfeasance followed by the Gowdy clip, and with the softball question to Brit, yet he mouthed innocuous nothings and that was it. I played the tape over a number of times, and he continued rambling, but he had nothing of consequence to say, so I only posted his first few comments and gave up. No passion, no outrage, no nothing. Yawn. He didn't even go thru the motions.

Unfortunately his attitude that nothing whatever will come of it is probably correct.

buccaneer morgan

it's the ouroboros strategy, the snake eating it's own tale,

Janet S.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit in DC 9/9/16


Jon Voight speaking now. Trump was supposed to be up at 3:30

Miss Marple

Janet, thanks for link! I can watch it on my phone!

Janet S.

Trump up now

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

NRO has become like the monks in A Canticle for Leibowitz, guarding these small scraps of ideological purity which they don't even understand anymore but they somehow know are important.

buccaneer morgan

actually the mutants guarding the cobalt bomb, in beneath the planet of the apes, same principle,


No passion, no outrage, no nothing. Yawn. He didn't even go thru the motions.

That should be his epitaph, daddy.


I tell ya...I am DONE with the NR crowd. DONE.


I think Andy McCarthy is smart to be posting his columns at PJ Media now. If others are like me, my old habit of clicking on NRO 100 times a month is now down to about once a month.

Here's a question---Could Begich run a Write In Campaign for both US Senate and US Congressman at the same time, or would the possibility that he could win both prevent him from running for both at the same time?

Beasts of England

Williamson hit another new low today - you're right daddy. The lengths that those turds will go to create a straw man premise is officially comical.

I also reject that the NR crew has an purity whatsoever. In this cycle alone, they were enamoured with Jeb! and one of them - I believe it was the other bald headed punk - actually called on Cruz to drop out in favor of Rubio while Cruz was significantly ahead. He called Cruz' patriotism in question if he didn't suspend his campaign immediately. Unreal. No - they have no purity leg to stand on.


"He’s someone who disables the ideological guidance system of the only major pro-liberty party."

This strikes me as the product of overthinking, an overheated imagination, not to mention of someone very full of himself. That "guidance system" has been acting like a pinball machine or roulette wheel since 1988. Beyond that, Trump would head one of three coequal branches of government, and if Rs in Congress can't get in line on liberty and limited government they have only themselves to blame.

Beasts of England

*any* purity

JM Hanes


”When the ideaological guidance system is driving the pro-liberty interests over a cliff, disabling it is a good idea.”

Too bad the Federalist doesn't allow comments on their site. Can't imagine why.

Jack is Back!

The other thing smart-ass Goldberg got confused is his play on National Socialism. Trump's nationalistic theme is not the same as Uncle Adolf. The National Socialists of the Third Reich wanted territory including all of Europe and extending far into the Caucusses. They were true "globalists" even if monopolistic.

Trump rejects Globalism as unbalanced and unfair to America due to currency manipulation, transfer of opportunity and labor and tax avoidance. He's not against "free trade" he's against "trade that is only free to one party and not the other". The same with security, defense and immigration: We.Come.First. Nothing unpatriotic or anti-globalism about that.

The problem our conservative-intellectual-better-halves have is that they can't understand that you can't spread American values and exceptionalism via a globalist strategy. That is why we are unique. No other country I am aware of could ever duplicate our founding, structuring, development and constitutional structure. Lots of tried (Brazil comes to mind) and failed.

And there is no more diverse population on earth as there is in America. New York City has more ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods than London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels combined. I think there are even more Muslims living in the Detroit area than in Birmingham, UK.

Look at visa applications. Who wins that lottery? If you are so bad why does everyone want to be like you or live with you?

Old Lurker

No gang that supported Jeb & Rubio then begged for Romney is ever going to talk to me about intellectual purity. Not a single NeverTrump can play that card.

And Brit & Hillary & Bill should see if they can get a group rate with a Neuro doc.

STFU and femall.


I think it was Rush who this morning was mentioning that in all the pushback from the Left against Matt Lauer for supposedly being mean to Hillary, that some big wig said that Lester Holt, another NBC drone who will do the next interview/debate whatever, will be more aggressive challenging the lies of the candidates or some such, unlike how Lauer didn't do with Trump. Something like that.

That instantly struck me because as I recall from last week, FOX's Chris Wallace very specifically said his job as moderator was to not challenge any of the lies that came out of the mouths of the Candidates. Instead he said his job was to ask questions and get them to say whatever, and it was our job to then determine if they were lying or telling the truth.

Whatever. Off to the Library and the gym. Cheerio.


New Thread.


"now he thinks it was about giving in to lberals"

Towards the end of the show today Rush was fisking one nevertrump response to the "flight 93" article.

Rush pointed out how the nevertrumper version of "conservatism" is helping liberals advance the enlightenment of society by moderating liberal exuberance and overreach. In other words, liberals get to say where society needs to go and conservatives keep the engine running smoothly.

If you missed a step or two in the explanation perhaps you heard "helping liberals" but he was referring to the ideology of this particular nevertrumper. It seems to explain a lot about the GOPe and nevertrumpers in general though.


"The problem our conservative-intellectual-better-halves have is that they can't understand that you can't spread American values and exceptionalism via a globalist strategy. That is why we are unique. No other country I am aware of could ever duplicate our founding, structuring, development and constitutional structure."

JiB @ 4:12pm

Well put!


This is the quality of smug thought we get from Jonah Goldberg these days, playing Godwin word game associations, whereas our fathers and grandfathers had to figure out how to deal in a life and death worldwide struggle with Adolf Hitler.

To be honest, it's not that different from what we have always gotten from Goldberg. I overlooked this facile BS when I was confident he was on our side. I shouldn't have.

I've said it before, but I have taken the red pill this election, thanks to Trump and his candidacy.


This video says it all. Heartbreaking, but beautiful.

I URGE you to watch it to the end.

This is what we're up against.

The Trump Supporter: Never Forget. 60 More Days.

If you have ever seen the original music video for this song, it will be even more meaningful.

God bless this guy.

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