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September 05, 2016


Mr. Obama has said he would like to avoid commercial flights

The Audacity of Coach.

Captain Hate

Does Zippy even understand what being a venture capitalist means? That he includes that with being part owner of an NBA team, where he can sniff the jocks of real basketball players, indicates otherwise.

buccr morgan

Going back on the payback machine, a dog trainer* piece in 1989 about Dutch's 5 million dollar memoir.

*l.a. times

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Wonder how much William Ayers will make of of writing their books?

buccr morgan

20 years later, you can't even use the same sear h terms for w.


at least they are finally taking about him leaving. would prefer to chase them out on a rail (didn't Soros do that with G W Bush).

Well, yes.

Capitalist? That commie?


Great post
I absolutely love talking about Obama leaving the WH with his arrogant pouty wife.
It can't come soon enough for me.
He will likely follow the path of fellow grifters the Clintons.
The NBA players will laugh behind the back of this loser basketball wannabee.He got to be president.
That is all he gets to be.
He didn't even have slaves as ancestors.
No soup for you!


Zippy's idea of what a venture capitalist position will be is lots of cushy appointments to boards, directorships, etc., where he does not a lick of anything useful or even resembling work, but shakes down shareholders for cash to avoid spewing fake charges of racism. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson may resent his honing in on their territory.

buccr morgan

Well if Lisa Jackson can help ruin job's legacy and steadman can craft air bnb's policy, what can the big dog get?


Obama just wants to be big man on campus.
He lost that opportunity at Columbia because of his chooming habit


Will we finally get to see those abysmal ACT scores once he leaves?


Depending on the destination(s) and other circumstances, security screening at FBO facilities are mandated, so still a possibility Zero will have to endure some of the same crap the unwashed masses endure.

Of course some people not only can afford their own plane and hanger, but their own airport as well. They probably never worry about getting their socks dirty.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A venture capitalist who is a marxist that thinks profit is part of overhead and doesn't even understand automobile liabiity insurance?

Actually he should fit in nicely on Sand Hill Road with the rest of the unicorn hunters.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The ongoing attempt to push Their Gal Hil up the mountain and over the top has clearly drained morale at the NY Times...--

I understand Sisyphus was a mite depressed as well, and he was just pushing a rock, not a ball of lard, spite, cottage cheese and gin.


Will we finally get to see those abysmal ACT scores once he leaves?

Not to mention his grades.

buccaneer morgan

meanwhile mauve state, just goes more vizzini, if that was possible,


buccaneer morgan

the cognate is even stronger in spanish,


buccaneer morgan

the piece from the other thread,


they still haven't caught the handler,

buccaneer morgan

clearly he's a witch, ahem warlock


buccaneer morgan

it's a notion I've suggested, and I'm not tenured:


Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

Iggy @ 11:33 - I'll never look at cottage cheese the same way again.

Beasts of England
'...not a ball of lard, spite, cottage cheese and gin.'

Dang, I love this place!! :)

buccaneer morgan

he got a fresh batch of keurig coffee,


buccaneer morgan

a hole in the cave wall,


Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

the cognate is even stronger in spanish

Narciso, does it come in "daughter of a bitch" flavor?

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