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September 07, 2016



Simply put, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to operate a business in NYC or Chicago without engaging in pay-for-play. You are going to get "requests" or find that permits get delayed / rejected etc.

Trump lives with the problem (and may be part of it?)

Clinton creates the problem and got rich from it.


Who invented the one-sided journalistic muck-raking shovel?

Mebbe moreso samesame.

Hmmm, buyer of influence vs seller of influence. Quelle marche.

More joe, please

Oops, too fast with the post button.

Captain Hate

Have there been any Omen sightings in Pennsyltucky? Maybe fire off a dullard seeking missile and see what happens. Maybe she can address the Cult of Paterno who believe that they're the real victims instead of the molested children.

Rufus J. Firefly, Jr.

I think its this kind of thing that keeps those 20% of the people out of The Louvre and not just the floods.


Coming to city and church/temple near you.


Assange, Clinton emailed stuff where she put the "(C)" in.


Back when Jane and I were working on specific strategies to bring around the #ExtremeNeverTrumpers that she associated with an idea rose to the surface.

The plan was to get the #NeverEverNannyNannyBooBooTrumper to admit what the number one issue was that made Ill-ary a better proposition than Trump.

It mentioned by another JOM regular that their #NeverTrump friend was put off by Trump's "attack" on a disabled reporter. And that was enough to vote for a baby killer.

I think it was maryrose's friend, but I don't remember for sure.

Here is a link that should soften the edges a little:



...It was mentioned...


I avoid these scum like the plague, but I couldn't resist a headline like this:


The comment bozos have lost their minds.


It was worth reading a few of them.

Idiots for sure.


Back in my automation business days, got involved with some municipal projects, usually water treatment plants.

One time took a bunch of my technical marketing folks to Detroit for a big "dog and pony" for the city engineers and their "consultants". I was leading a team of youngsters, and probably wasn't 30 yet myself.

Half a day of demos, Q and A sessions, etc. This was all part of a pre-qualification process to get on the bidders list.

As we were packing up after finishing (took a big box truck full of equipment), I was ask to meet privately with the "consultant".

He said they were very impressed with our presentation and were confident we could make it on the bidders list.

Then he ask if I thought we could "afford" to bid?

I was naive, and had no clue where he was coming from. I ask what he meant.

Well, the mayor is up for re-election and there will be several functions in the near future that you will want to buy "tickets" for....

by the time he got done with the list, it was north of $100K.

Learned all about "pay to play" on that trip.

We didn't bid:)


Have there been any Omen sightings in Pennsyltucky?

My favorite part of both states ;)

Miss Marple 2


Beasts of England

Those comments are seriously lacking in self awareness, TK! Levin points out the simple and absolute truth, and they can't handle it. Love it!!


How in the world can the WaPo be of the opinion that we shouldn't be covering the spectacle of Hillary coughing up a lung? Then Stuart Varney just had on Howie Kurtz and that moron said he thought that covering Hillary's coughing would be seen as the Right Wing unfairly piling on a helpless aged woman.

I'm waiting for the news media to apologize to Thomas Eagleton for showing pics of that former Dem VP candidate strapped to a board with a towel in his mouth taking electroshock treatment for depression. According to Howie, we should have paid no attention at all---someone's health is only of concern if he or she has an R behind their name. And he did call for Trump to release his medical records.


Darren Seals was particularly ugly and obnoxious.

Not the least bit surprised somebody whacked him.

Captain Hate

Stuart Varney just had on Howie Kurtz and that moron said he thought that covering Hillary's coughing would be seen as the Right Wing unfairly piling on a helpless aged woman.

The Uncle Leo candidate: I'm an old bat who can't be trusted so vote for me.

The Right Scoop attracts loons like Sooper Beaner does flies.

Miss Marple 2

Live stream Trump speaks at Union League of Philadelphia



The LA Times is soiling its reputation, or what's left of it, even further this morning. One of the headlines is:

"How 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' racist or not, became our national anthem"


"Are there more bigots now than there were before Trump became the GOP front-runner?"

and a third:

"The states with the biggest Obamacare struggles spent years undermining the law"

Paging Winston Smith to the white courtesy telephone.....

Out of bounds.

Given Ferguson was astroturf one wonders if Darren had wandered off the field.

Miss Marple 2

History of the Union League:


Miss Marple 2

I wondered that about Darren, too.



Just FUCKING IMAGINE Donald Trump coughing like it was his last day on FUCKING EARTH.

Just imagine the turgid media.

it would be non-stop. Some needs to take a 2 by 4 and introduce it to HOWIE KUNTZ.

Follow what money where?

It's a very interesting and apparently very new phenomenon that BLM is injecting itself into the climate and energy discussion.


>>>Given Ferguson was astroturf one wonders if Darren had wandered off the field.

Posted by: Out of bounds. | September 07, 2016 at 11:31 AM<<<

Wanted to take a look at the books? Betting money though says drug deal gone bad.



big surprise that. they are commie front group ... commies gonna commie.

Jack is Back! (If Only for This Link)


Those stories and comments about Hilarity have nothing on your opionated better-halves out here in tony Hamptons. Read and scroll these comments:)


And the Pauline Kael's wonder where all the people are who voted for Nixon?


I'M SHOCKED. Do you mean COMMIES like MONEY????

Where does money come from?? Certainly not from COMMUNISM.
Just another day in FULL COMMIE paradise. Grab other peoples money, claim you care about THE PEOPLE.

What signal, it's all noise.

Maybe he was a denialist.

I've often remarked that 'denialist' is Slithertongue for 'denier'.


Jack -- LOL. they couldn't rent a black person (or two) for the day?

It's what's in 'em.

That's funny, rich; I'd just written 'Barkers gotta bark' over on one of the Bish's discussion threads.

Madness of the Crowd.

Heh, it's mostly now white people whose guilt is fragile.


Trump making a push in Virginia


an article about Hillary's dataminers


Jack is Back! (If Only for This Link)


Most of our black people are now Shinnecock Indians thru inter-racial marriage but that is another story.

Sunday Morning Coming Down.

Love ya Jack and do stay back. I apolgize for laughing myself sick at Ernie.


Well, apparently all I had to do was make it known on JustOneMinute I was ready to shoot some damn body and . . . poof, POWER BACK ON !!!

Maguire, who knew you had that kinda juice !?!


>>>Heh, it's mostly now white people whose guilt is fragile.

Posted by: Madness of the Crowd. | September 07, 2016 at 12:02 PM<<<

lol. brings to mind a beavis and butthead scene, where beavis keeps saying he wishes he were black.


yeah on getting your power back RattlerGator.

Miss Marple 2

Trump is giving a very good foreign policy speech. If you all aren't watching it, make sure you watch it!


Isn't there a tiny difference between a private citizen making a legal campaign donation and an acting United States Secretary of State accepting multimillion dollar donations from a foreign government?

But by all means, MSM, keep talking about the corruption of pay-to-play operations. It really helps your candidate.


Stuart Varney just had on Howie Kurtz and that moron said he thought that covering Hillary's coughing would be seen as the Right Wing unfairly piling on a helpless aged woman.

Did Stuart point out to Howie that if covering the coughing fits would actually hurt the Republican candidate, the MSM would be covering it 24/7?

Beasts of England

Mostly peaceful, JiB!! Hahaha - that never gets old. ;)


Betting money though says drug deal gone bad.

That was what happened to Matthew Shepard, and yet the Larger Narrative won.



Got a chuckle from this comment in your 11:57.

"No Croissants, No Peace!"


Posted by: Porchlight | September 07, 2016 at 12:22 PM-

you got a point about that.


Trump only down 3 in Rhode Island, per Emerson



@HillaryClinton 44%
@realDonaldTrump 41%
@GovGaryJohnson 8%
@DrJillStein 4%
Unsure 3%


...and only down 4 in New Jersey:

ECPS ‏@EmersonPolling 56m56 minutes ago

NEW JERSEY toplines

@HillaryClinton 47%
@realDonaldTrump 43%
@GovGaryJohnson 5%
@DrJillStein 2%
Unsure 3%


and for when JM Hanes comes on by. My comment on the last thread may have come of as curt but didn't mean to. Was the picture you linked to one of the World's Fair plasters Schmid had cast before he carved the marble?

JM Hanes


Carrying on with my new live-thread-only-posting-policy:

"don't get what you are driving at JM Hanes?"

Maybe it wasn't clear, because I chose the photo that had both Venus and Pink Lady, instead of posting individual pix of each. The Pink Lady reminded me of the newly recreated, often garish True Colors of Ancient Greek and Roman Statues. Most folks find that reality a little shocking, after a diet of idealized, pristine "classical beauty" (of which the Oakland Venus is just another saccharine iteration) -- which never actually existed. The neo-classical (with the emphasis on "neo") "cultural" attitude she represents is, itself, comparatively modern.

Yes, I get the point that the earlier artist was trying to create something beautiful, while the creator of Ms. Pink certainly was not. But if that's the tipping point, western civ 101 was in deep trouble hundreds of years before the Oakland Venus artist was ever born.

 photo Limbo_zpsu7qosexq.png Limbo, 1575

I wouldn't want to take Pink Lady home with me, but I'm just not seeing the whole decline and fall in that particular juxtaposition. I'm also no fan of the mooring-free, shoddily made fare which passes for art these days. Contra the author's suggestion, however, making a life-sized, glazed. stoneware figure is a really difficult technical proposition. So, I'm afraid he hung his "death of skill" argument on the wrong example too.

Miss Marple 2


After that speech he just finished he will be up next week. Bet on it.


now the polls matter;)

JM Hanes


Glad to hear you've finally seen the light. What an ordeal!


....and down 5 in New Hampshire.

Not too shabby.

MA, VH, ME, and CT all show much larger leads for Clinton. ME whole state is Clinton +9 - Emerson didn't break it down for ME-1 and ME-2.

ECPS ‏@EmersonPolling 1h1 hour ago


@HillaryClinton 42%
@realDonaldTrump 37%
@GovGaryJohnson 14%
@DrJillStein 4%
Unsure 3%


pocus cadabra ... works every time.


now the polls matter;)

rich! :)
I've said throughout this cycle that I believe polls will shift in Trump's favor.

JM Hanes


Guess we're on the same clock, if not the same wavelength. Your post didn't seem curt, it just made me realize I hadn't explained myself very well. Wasn't too sure about the abracadabra ... hocus pocus;), though. :-)


RG, now is the time to ask if it might not be prudent to purchase enough generator to power the fridge.

If the answer is yes, fueling it is important. Easier if you have natural gas.


Well Stuart Varney wasn't buying Howie Kurtz's nonsense, but he is a friendly type, so after Howie said that about piling on the aged woman Howie mentioned Conspiracy Theorists in the same breath, so then Stuart phrased his next question something like this:

" So Howie, I am no Conspiracy Theorist, but will you call me one if I continue to pursue this story about who is the unknown Black Hillary guy who looks like a Secret Service agent but isn't, and who puts his hands on her which is unheard of and tells her on microphone to start speaking again when she gets startled and flustered at the podium, and who apparently carries around a device that looks like an electronic syringe? if I pursue that story will you call me a Conspiracy Theorist and say it is an illegitimate story?"

By phrasing it that way the up confrontational cowardly Howie had to say something like: "Oh no Stuart, that is a legitimate story and I would like to know who this person of interest is, so I have no problem with you pursuing this story."

Thus a smiling and laughing Stuart Varney just showed the audience that Howie Kurtz thinks it's bad to cover the Hillary coughing story, but it's fine to cover the guy who helps Hillary stop coughing story. I was proud of Stuart Varney pushing Kurtz into that imbecilic position:

---Hillary coughs---not a story
---Guy who stops Hillary from coughing---legitimate story


I'm still surprised that polls are showing 10-ish % support for the Kook Johnson and some crumbs for Stein ... I'd doubt collectively they will get 5%.

East Bay Jay

Down 4 in RI and 5 in NH. One of those seems way wrong. Obozo got 62% of the 2012 vote in RI and 52% in NH.



Remember Yellin back in July getting all butch about raising rates in September because the economy was just chugging along? It was bullshit then just as it always was.

Yeah, the [redacted] press laps that gaslighting crap right up like kittens and milk about a Fed funds hike two months before a presidential election when Yellin's job is on the line...

Beasts of England

Here's my take on polls: they're almost always biased substantially toward the Dems, and they certainly don't capture what will likely be an epic Rep turnout this cycle. So, when there's a glimmer of positive for Trump, it's a big deal.

James D

I was proud of Stuart Varney pushing Kurtz into that imbecilic position

It's really not that hard to do. We're just not used to seeing folks on our side treat appearances with folks like Kurtz as hostile encounters on enemy territory and strategize accordingly.


I am still not buying the painted Roman and Greek statue meme. They had good taste and somehow I just don't see the Laocoon or winged Venus done up like a Mexican velvet Elvis painting.

Even the statuary that was installed on the Parthenon would seem unseemly to the ancient Greeks. These were the original clean white toga crowd. Next they'll be telling us that they dressed like New York streetwalkers.


Trump is crushing Hillary on website clicks.

Most importantly, he's crushing her on "organic" clicks, which is when the user clicks on the natural result of a search they entered, rather than enter the site through paid search ads.


From June 2015 through July 2016, Clinton’s official site, hillaryclinton.com, generated 10.3 million paid search clicks and an additional 10.1 million organic clicks, so a total of 20.4 million during the period. While Trump’s official site, donaldjtrump.com, generated just 7,400 paid search clicks from June 2015 through July 2016, but garnered 62.6 million organic search clicks during the period - almost three times as many organic clicks as the Clinton site’s paid and organic clicks combined and the equivalent value of around $10.2 million in paid search advertising, according to AdGooroo estimates.

Let's see that again:

Organic clicks June 2015 - July 2016

donaldjtrump.com 62.6 million
hillaryclinton.com 10.1 million


JM Hanes-

my comments are disappearing and reappearing. "hocus pocus" was me goofing on this start-of-the-art software. It is a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

I have to take off but will think about your comment. zombie in that piece I think made the point that from a technical stand point if Schmid had wanted to create something "ugly" he would have done a better job of it (maybe not as bad as ugly Lucile Ball-yikes!) because he could at least get the body right.

JM Hanes


Considering the numbers of people who hate Clinton and can't stand Trump either, I expect the Libertarians to make their best showing evah, this year. If Trump loses, I can even envision a potentially, even if unlikely, transformative migration.



We're going to have to invent a new word. "Orwellian" doesn't suffice any longer...


Down 4 in RI and 5 in NH. One of those seems way wrong. Obozo got 62% of the 2012 vote in RI and 52% in NH.

I thought the same. But Trump is not your standard cookie cutter Republican and I would expect his appeal to vary substantially across blue states. Some other NH polls look much more promising, though.


... I'd doubt collectively they will get 5%.

Hopefully all Bernie voters.

What you see is what you get.  Caveat Optor.

It's very simple. Hillary is a hologram and the black guy is just wiping static off from the field, or something like that. Now, though, they're gonna have to get another hologram for the black guy, his is now transparent.


Tweeted: @instapundit If @HillaryClinton is criminal, criminally incompetent, or both, besides fake fearmongering, how is @realDonaldTrump worse?


Has everyone seen the Black LIves Matters policy demands? https://policy.m4bl.org/downloads/


There's an emerging meme: Trump is real, Hillary is illusion.



Now, with Donald Trump investing virtually nothing in data analytics during the primary and little since, Kriegel’s work isn’t just powering Clinton’s campaign, it is providing her a crucial tactical advantage in the campaign’s final stretch. It’s one of the reasons her team is confident that, even if the race tightens as November approaches, they hold a distinctive edge. As millions of phone calls are made, doors knocked and ads aired in the next nine weeks, it is far likelier the Democratic voter contacts will reach the best and most receptive audiences than the Republican ones.
buccaneer morgan

howard kurtz, is something you would kick to the curb, as opposed to crush underfoot, miller's memoir reveals how he shivved her in the pre Bezos post, while she was imprison, using one dubious source.

the new tv package doesn't have fx or their business appendage, but msnbc and cnn, yikes,

buccaneer morgan

good news, rattler, it took two weeks with katrina and bam bam, for power to be restored,

buccaneer morgan

they softpedal the story, here,



Here's my take on polls: they're almost always biased substantially toward the Dems, and they certainly don't capture what will likely be an epic Rep turnout this cycle. So, when there's a glimmer of positive for Trump, it's a big deal.

Real unanswered question is what kind of "event" will be manufactured right before the election to get out the black vote, and will it be effective?


Miller also claims she could not decipher her own notes and that journalism is trial and error.

Well, that's only colorfully apt on the surface.

EB, the iron fist gone rusted, black become red.



Am through the first hundred pages of David McCullough's history of Americans Going To Paris 1820-1880. The title is something like The Grand View. Really interesting the artist section of the 1820's to late 1830's. Really concentrated around Fenimore Cooper the Literary Artist, who was highly famous and wrote some of his Pathfinder books in some swanky mansion in downtown Paris. Big friend of Samual Morse ( of later Telegraph invention fame) who was an excellent painter who did Lafayettes famous aged portrait, and his very famous 1832(?) large portrait of the Louvre, which he brought home to America to show we Americans what the Art world was all about overseas. Very interesting.

Worthy of mention is how all these guys, Cooper, Morse, Oliver Wendell Holmes (the Medical student) etc, are so adamant in that they are very proud of being an American and in letters home to relatives constantly talk about how important they believe it is for them to carry themselves in an upstanding way that dignifies themselves and the country they love. What a change from the schlock we see today of Kapernick and Obama and all the rest cheering the intentional dissing of the great values of the American Republic.

Here's a link to Morses's Louvre painting and you can see what he was doing. He went through the louvre's thousand paintings, picked the 40 or so he thought the most outstanding, then worked his rear end off for 2 years trying to capture the specific styles of each so fellow citizens in a pre-photographic age could visually appreciate the talent and magnificence of fine art. What an undertaking.

buccaneer morgan

yes, right scoop is full of slithy toves, lately,
I think discus draws them out likr a lightening rod,

JM Hanes


If Schmid "got the body right," it would be considerably less ugly, no? It's amusing that zombie blasts Ms. Pink's monkey as an unrealistic "lump of clay with a face," yet apparently sees nothing problematic in the windswept, serpentine, swag somehow stapled to Ms. Venus' pubis.

 photo Venus-Pink_zps4ur1dclx.jpg

buccaneer morgan

well is more idealized, certainly, but I don't think the pigment looks natural,


it is far likelier the Democratic voter contacts will reach the best and most receptive audiences than the Republican ones.

Your crap grammar is not convincing me, Politico.


Yer NOT gonna believe this:



Here's my take on polls: they're almost always biased substantially toward the Dems, and they certainly don't capture what will likely be an epic Rep turnout this cycle. So, when there's a glimmer of positive for Trump, it's a big deal.

Yes, this is where I am too, Beasts.

There is the possibility of an unseen "monster vote" for Trump, a la Reagan. But I'm still looking for good polling wherever I can get it.

Beasts of England

I'm curious about that, Buckeye, but the last few BLM-related stunts haven't had the desired effect - quite the opposite. If I had to guess, I'd say they pass on any incitement - too risky.


I'm not convinced, either, Porch. I'm hoping their confidence is misplaced.


They are in "reassure jittery Dems" mode, lyle.

Now, I'm not going to make claims for Trump's ground game because I wouldn't know anything about it. I'm just saying that the Dems are 100% operating on behalf of Hillary, and their reasons for running articles like this are not likely to simply be "but we just want the people to be informed."


Isn't there a tiny difference between a private citizen making a legal campaign donation and an acting United States Secretary of State accepting multimillion dollar donations from a foreign government?

One would think most people would see the hypocrisy in that statement but evidently not..

Beasts of England

Agreed, Porch. The chronic drip of negative news for Cankles is not going to cease in the next nine weeks. It may get worse. The left is voting for her out of duty, not desire. That's not a winning motivation. Even her 'historic first' has been diminished by her sheer awfulness.

Ignorant and Arrogant in equal measure.

You note his 'lazy' means not getting with the prog program. Get out the whips.

I'm always amused when the left speaks of 'smart'. I always think of the sensation at the tip of the lash.

Technocrats, and stupid ones, too.


Repubs see a better ground game than Romney had in 2012.
I hear Reince Priebus is all over this.


Even her 'historic first' has been diminished by her sheer awfulness.

Not to mention it is hard to tell what kind of bull dyke she appeals to.



Scott Adams made a good point months ago. He said that the fact that Clinton is a serious competitor (now nominee) for POTUS and nobody is questioning her femaleness as reason why she can't or shouldn't be elected is proof that the so-called glass ceiling is already broken.

A woman can be President of the United States. Nobody disputes that. They just question this particular woman's qualifications for the job.


MM, I'm really glad to see Priebus doing such a great job.

I take it all back, Reince. :)


Also could the guy have a more apt name? His name is literally RNC.

Ashes heaped with tears.

I think there are a lot of amazingly disappointed women. Many didn't want it to be this way. Some, even fewer, note the parallel with Obama and the black community.

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