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September 23, 2016


Or the bathtub.

She has trouble getting on or off the stool, either of them.


Small podium. How revealing.

Make America Small Some More.

Small business, small podium.


From the Drudge headline article:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The presidential debate commission settled an early flashpoint when Clinton demanded a step-stool at the podium to add height to her 5'4" frame. Campaign Chairman John Podesta expressed concern that Hillary would be dwarfed by 6'2" Trump. The request was quickly rejected. The commission is allowing for a custom-made podium, which will accommodate the difference in stature.


100 amp fuses in short supply.

Someone looking curiously like John Podesta seen at Home Depot buying out their stock:)

Time to set up the rabbit ears.  Now where have they run?

I will guess that you will not be able to distinguish her performance from a hologram.

No, that's a bridge too far. But this debate does seem to be a make or break moment. I'm betting she does just well enough for the media to support(heh) her and Trump will be just enough himself to allow the piranha to feed.

And I could be very wrong, too.

Crowd's bubbled.

I think that may be a good thought to follow. She can't function without the support of the media, and he can.

I'm losing the plot.

These are both epic figures.

Won't be an empty one.

Heh, Trump should ask for a chair, at what moment, even kim doesn't know.

Hall of Mirrors.

These competing visions are pretty well articulated, and beautifully divided; one is orthogonal to reality and only sustained by narrative.

One more useful, nay, sustainable, than the other.



C'mon mine needs another monologue with which to intersect, before it blows a fuse. Front and center, Iggy, my old BF.

In the thunderclouds.

I'm sad that PuK couldn't experience Brexit, but he certainly smelled it in the theatre. I can hope he's still laughing his ass off.


It's an outstanding monologue you've got going on here though.


I have been off tracing that Right Pincer I have been following straight through to experimental economics and neuroeconomics.

Makes me want to go watch the Blacklist as direct tv did not show the crucial 15 minutes last night.

Jim Eagle


Jim Eagle

Typhuspad acting up again on me. Had to go in and change my avatar, clear history and caches and restart.

Off to Young Authors at schooll where Frederick is presented an award but not based on his latest posted this morning on prior thread.:)

buccaneer morgan

did it I haven't checked the dvr, with lester holt running interference, I don't see that much of a problem,

so 'in the heart of the sea' got me intrigued to attempt moby dick, that great leviathan of a novel,

buccaneer morgan

and I'll still take a gander at gabriel vasquez latest, if anything for anne mclean's translation,


Sarah Palin didn't demand a lower podium than the much taller Biden, and neither did John McCain with BOzo. Hillary wants to be lower to buttress her theme of Trump the bully.




Captain Hate

Fat Boy Erickson has endorsed McMuffin, illustrating why nobody should take him seriously.

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)


He's endorsed a guy I don't even think in on the ballot in Georgia. So he can't vote for the guy he endorses.



I wonder if she is practicing keeling over on the stage.

Beasts of England

He endorsed McMuffin? Crap. That's seventeen lost votes...


http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-campaign-to-normalize-terrorism-1474651216?mod=djemBestOfTheWebFTA:from the centerpiece article:Again, that’s a great argument against Mrs. Clinton. One of our values is freedom of speech, and she is using fear of Muslims to demand suppression, at least through self-censorship, of ideas and rhetoric she dislikes.
And then the chaser:
Two Lichtmen in One!
“And, of course, as I have said for over 30 years, predictions are not endorsements. My prediction [of a Trump victory] is based off a scientific system. It does not necessarily represent, in any way, shape or form, an Allan Lichtman or American University endorsement of any candidate.”—Alan Lichtman, interview with the Washington Post, Sept. 23
“We’ve never before seen a candidate who’s spent his life enriching himself at the expense of others. He’s the first candidate in our history to be a serial fabricator, making up things as he goes along. Even when he tells the truth, such as, ‘Barack Obama really was born in the U.S.,’ he adds two lines, that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement, and that he finished it, even though when Barack Obama put out his birth certificate, he didn’t believe it. We’ve never had a candidate before who not just once, but twice in a thinly disguised way, has incited violence against an opponent. We’ve never had a candidate before who’s invited a hostile foreign power to meddle in American elections. We’ve never had a candidate before who’s threatened to start a war by blowing ships out of the water in the Persian Gulf if they come too close to us. We’ve never had a candidate before who has embraced as a role model a murderous, hostile foreign dictator. Given all of these exceptions that Donald Trump represents, he may well shatter patterns of history that have held for more than 150 years, lose this election even if the historical circumstances favor it.”—Lichtman, same interviewftT



5 Clinton staff received email immunity from FBI


Amazing, Clarice. If someone is granted immunity do we not assume that they are guilty?


Hi JOM friends!

Some of you may know that our friend and longtime commenter Ignatz Ratzkywatzky has gone offline for personal reasons. I reached out to him and he is going through a really rough patch. He needs our help.

With his permission, I've set this up:

There are more details at the link. I've tried to email a bunch of folks, but I may have old addresses for some of you, since they're gleaned from our old JOM group emails.

Many of you know me on Facebook so please feel free to reach out, and share the link with others if you are so inspired.

You are all such lovely people. I hope we can help our good buddy Iggy who has brought so much wisdom, kindness, and wit to this group. I know he is very humbled and grateful.


Another question. Can any of these people be granted security clearances for a Clinton administration?


I would caro


Timing of my post obscures the meaning..I would assume they are guilty caro.


So they all get immunity and there is absolutely no justice. Way to go, Comey.


Bless you porch for your good deed today.


Ditto to Porch.

Beasts of England

You're awesome, Porch!! 😎



Thank you for going to the effort to help, and thank you for letting us know.


Art in Newport

Nice work, Porchlight


Typhus pad profiles users like those cops who pullover them wife and little girl abusers like terrorist human smugglers and brad pitts / Angoline Jollies. So clear browser cache evey time cuz typhus pad doesn't want to know...🚔👮

jimmyk on iPhone

I presume this immunity was limited to what they told the FBI, and not some kind of lifetime "get out of jail free" card. Any chance a Trump administration will pursue them?

Thank you, Porch.

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)


Nice thing to do.

I guess this isn't the crowd to say "It Takes A Village"? (He ducks a brick...)

In seriousness, I doubt this would happen at the Political Animal or Daily Kos Threads

Captain Hate

Well done, Porch and JOMers.


Very good of you, Porch. I'm in.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

Hi, everyone!

My good friend from high school came to help me sort papers and things at the old house, then we went to lunch.

She started to tell me about signs she had seen that said that both candidates suck. Since SHE (as a democrat) brought up politics, which I NEVER do as I am considerate, I stopped her right there.

Actually, said I, I LOVE the guy! Best candidate ever! She was horrified. Said it made her sick to hear me talking like that.

So I asked her if she thought we should redo trade deals, help the inner cities, give women breaks on their childcare. Yes to all.

Then she started in on making fun of the handicapped guy. I said that was false and explained why (through the info Ann Coulter gave us).

So then she said that she was AFRAID of him because he is a bully.

At this point I looked at her and said "He's not a bully. He's just a big guy. I was MARRIED to a bully, and Donald Trump is not a bully."

Then I asked her if she knew who George Soros was.


So there you go. She will probably vote for Hillary, but at least I spoke my mind.


Thanks for the kind words, all. It was nothing. You are the ones who are helping! Our village is the best.

I'm just glad Iggy is letting us do it. :)

You are all so awesome! Coming through in record time. Thank you.


FOX Clinton E-Mail Immunity Deals: (My transcript)

Melissa Francis: A brand new bombshell in the Hillary Clinton E-Mail investigation sparking a major uproar on Capital Hill. It turns out the Justice Department gave an Immunity Deal to Clinton's Former Chief of Staff, Cherul Mills, and 2 other Staffers, as part of the now closed FBI Investigation. Catherine...what do you make of this development?

Catherine Herridge: Based on new documents provided by the FBI to Congress, the Republican Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee told FOX by phone, now 5 people were given limited Immunity by the Justice Department. As you mentioned they do include Clinton's Lawyer Cheryl Mills who got her Deal in exchange for FBI access to her computer...

(Plays clip of Comey on July 7 fumbling an answer to Jason Chaffetz in a previous Hearing

(Chaffetz---Why did you offer him Immunity and what did you get for it?

(Comey---I'm not sure I can talk about in open setting.

Chaffetz---Well he's not going to be prosecuted, so...?

(Comey---Right. I want to be careful. I'm doing this 24 hours after the Investigation closed. I want to be thoughtful you know because as you know we're big about the Law, and I'm following the Law about what I disclose about that. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Catherine Herridge: That is one of those TV situations where you got something you were not expecting. That was clearly not the phoner(sp) with the Congressman from this morning, though he did tell us in that phone call that the 4 other Immunization went to Clinton IT specialist Brian Pagliano, who set up the server that took classified info outside secure Government channels, Heather Samuelson the Clinton Aide, who decided which E-Mails were Government Business and which should be destroyed, Paul Combetta of Colorado based Platte River Networks, who used a technology called "Bleach-bit, to destroy the Clinton E-mail archives, even though he knew there was a Congressional order to preserve the records, and State Department Employee John Bentel, who ordered those who voiced concern about Clinton's private E-Mails use never to discuss it again. The Congressman (obviously Chaffetz) said that they pressed the FBI to see these Immunization Deals, and they just arrived this morning...and it was not timed to coincide with the upcoming Presidential debate Monday...

Catherine Herridge:...The bottom line is that next week is going to be a very big week for the FBI Director as he is back on the Hill and he will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee...That's really a hearing to watch, many people on that Hearing are also on the Oversight Committee and they were really taken aback by the number of (immunity) Deals and clearly they had to press the FBI to get them.

Melissa: Amazing.

The fix was in.

common man

Now that Sister Theresa has been sainted, its time to begin the campaign for St. Porchlight!

Just when I was starting to lose faith in my fellow man while watching the events in Charlotte, Porch steps and restores it. God bless her.

jimmyk on iPhone

The issue with immunity is that it's given in order to get prosecutable info on bigger fish. Giving that many people immunity and having not even a formal charge (much less a conviction) is prima facie evidence of incompetence, corruption, or both.


Another question. Can any of these people be granted security clearances for a Clinton administration?

Posted by: caro


2 weeks back I did a history search and discovered that there were as I recall dozens if not close to a hundred bureaucrats in the previous Clinton Administrations who were never put through any Security Screenings whatever, and many staffers and aides were put in positions dealing with Classified material many months before they actually underwent any Security Screening/background checks at all. Dee Dee Myers for example.

The Clinton practice in the past was to blow off Security clearances and background checks whenever they felt like it and I have no reason to believe that that won't be the case in a future Clinton Administration.


Makes one wonder if the DOJ will immunize FBI Director Comey for his upcoming testimony in front of Chaffetz next Wednesday?

Why not?

Captain Hate

I don't know how Comey is walking around without a clown outfit on. How can anybody respect such a crooked tool trying to pretend, in ways that are convincing nobody, that he's trying really really hard to discover any lawbreaking and exact punishment.


Comey was exposed years ago! Why has it taken so long for folks to acknowledge what a piece of shit he is.


Remember all that talk about Comey being such a stand-up, straight-shootin', non-partisan, down-the-middle, judicious stalwart? Good times, huh?


Time to take another look at Plamegate!


So they Immunized all the Bank Robbers.

They immunized the guy who set up all the equipment to allow her to operate illegally, the immunized the girl who decided what was illegal and needed to be illegally deleted, they immunized the guy who illegally deleted all the stuff, and they immunized the guy at the State Dept who ordered everyone to never say a word about any of it to anyone.

And Cheryl Mills.

Nice job Comey, nice job.


WSJ has an op-Ed today:

A Dangerous Rush to Impeach John Koskinen

By John Conyers

I glanced at the title and half expected it to be penned by Eddie Munster.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


He's the Jake Tapper of law enforcement. Talks a good game, but when you peer under the hood you see the tentacles of corruption. (Mixed metaphor but that's all I could come up with.)

buccaneer morgan

this will crack the mcmuffin omelet,



Again, maybe I've watched too much television, but I thought in granting someone immunity, they basically know (a) that they can otherwise prosecute that person for criminal wrongdoing, which is their leverage; (b) they know what that person can tell them in order to get someone higher up. Without (b) they just go ahead and prosecute the lower down people. This was quid without the quo.


Oh, and for even moar comedic value, just above that op-ed is this:

The Democrats' Methodist Moment

This is the opening sentence (put whatever you're drinking down and swallow):

"After Bill Clinton, a Bible-toting Southern Baptist, was elected..."

Elmer Gantry couldn't be reached for comment.


God Bless you, Porch. You'll have many stars in your crown written with tears in my eyes.

buccaneer morgan

nothing to see hear,


honestly they need to make the paper out of durable nonflammable items,


Dave in Ma, Captain Hate, Henry, et all.

A friend has a problem with her MacBook air computer. It is slow as molasses and getting clobbered with MacKeeper crap. My suggestion is to do whatever it takes to eliminate Mackeeper from her computer but that is a chore just in itself, and to instead install Malwearbyte. I recommend going to the Apple Store to let them install that program and it works great and they installed it for free. Cost nothing.

Any advice on if that is the way you iTech guys would recommend going, and any tips on deleting MacKeeper?

Thanks for any replies guys.


Local Talk Radion news reports that 9th Circuit Court just ruled that Cook Inlet, the body of water that surrounds Anchorage all the hundreds of miles down past Homer to the Ocean, is now legally under some Federal Control.

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)

Miss M:

Comey is that guy you see in old Westerns. You know, the one who pretends to be upholding law and order, and helping Gene Autrey or Roy Rogers apprehend the villains, but, really, he's either the big villain himself, or the loyal henchman of the big villain.

henry the deplorable

Daddy, I don't know. Apple Store sounds like a good idea though.

buccaneer morgan

yemen was a step too far on his frequent flyer miles,



Thank you everyone for being so sweet, and for all your generous contributions. What a gang we have!

I've been texting with Iggy and he is very moved. Thanks everyone for helping.

Jim Eagle


I am a MacBook Air guy. You can uninstall MacKeeper. It is a bad piece of softwared disguised as a Mac product. Once you uninstall you have to got and trash the caches associated with it as well as the widgets. Finder window->Go ->hold down Option key and look for Library. Then clear History (click on the Safari label). Restart.


Thanks Jack, thanks Henry. Keep 'em coming.

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)


This is the Cook Inlet story, I think:


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it



Immunity deals for all!
This is beyond belief, but not surprising.
I feel like such s fool for expecting justice and honesty from the F B I.
I am sure Obama said "make this go away" to Comey and Bill checked in with Lynch to make sure she was on the same page.
JOMer of the year award for Porchlight!

Well done!

Common man

I sincerely hope that I never sink so far that I have to have the likes of John Conyers running interference anx vouching for my integrity. That would be the ultimate in humiliation.


Immunity for all!
Not even the pretense of a fair and honest investigation with. Bubba making sure Lynch got the memo.
FBI corrupt and dishonest on orders from Hussein to " make this go away"


Cruz will vote for Trump!


Porchlight --

I would like to help Ignatz, but I do not have a Pay Pal account and I am squeamish about giving out credit card information online. Can you email me at theollow at gmail.com so that we can try to figure something out?



Better than Trump wasting time trying to prosecute them, start the purge of the agencies.

DOJ/FBI just tip of the iceberg.

Jim Eagle


One other action. While in Library go to Application support, open it up and scroll down to any App supports for MacKeeper and trash them.


Washington DC needs to be shrunk like a prune, and I don't give a shit how much it "costs".


Comey will take the 5th on Wednesday I am guessing or be a no show.
Holder got contempt of Congress and nothin g happened to him.


Cruz endorsed Trump


Thanks T M for the new thread.
Jane: I hope you are having a wonderful day.


Hi Theo - absolutely. Thank you so much. I'll be in touch!

Jim Eagle


I doubt Comey will take the 5th or no show. He is a power lawyer and ex-Judge. He thinks he is strong, smart and clever enough a lawyer to joust with anyone even Gowdy. Just more lame rationale and obfuscation.


Actually, said I, I LOVE the guy! Best candidate ever! She was horrified. Said it made her sick to hear me talking like that.

MM, Good for you!
THEY have the crap candidate. Period.

Don't drag us into YOUR nightmare.

Jim Eagle


Do you speak Spanish? If not, better brush up.


Beasts of England

Hablo un muy poco...


"Don't drag us into your nightmare"
Comment of the day!


Media will try to bury immunity deals for Clinton's fellow criminals.
Trump needs to work it into a debate answer.


Damn...Brady under House Arrest, Garappolo out with an AC Strain and now Brissett's out with a torn thumb ligament. What now, Edelman? All I know is I can't wait to find out.

buccaneer morgan

yikes it's like that agatha christie tale,



Bless you Porch! I'm so glad you are in touch with Iggy.

Beasts of England


~ ~ ~

Has Glenn Beck exploded yet? :)

buccaneer morgan

well his hawkeye proxy has agita,


Jim Eagle


Belichick being an old Naval Academy kid may just go up into the stands and pull someone out just like Navy did last week.

If everyone is tired of Goodell football, Arsenal hosts Chelsea tomorrow at 12:30 on NBCSN. BPL is a contact sport believe me. Go Blues.

buccaneer morgan

very calm and resolute, lol:


buccaneer morgan

it's a start, although I would think another analogy is more apt,


the preponderant arrogance that we are the masters of the earth, is offputting,

Jim Eagle

What I don't understand about the #NeverTrump conservatives like Erikson and Beck is are they globalist? What is their base objection to Trump since that is his headline message: Anti-elitist, globalist uniparty politics in DC as usual.

They seem too damn comfortable with that ideal.


Let Glenn Beck trust Short Circuit.

What an asshole.

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