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September 20, 2016


the deplorable buccaneer morgan

it's the two peaks of kilimanjaro, lol,

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable

JohnH, I'm betting this King Arthur flour recipe would be what a boy from MA grew up eating:


Note says they're chewy, rather than cake like.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sounds like what we used to call Ranger cookies.


My memory may not be accurate, but I think the NeverTrumpers who left did not leave because they were attacked or insulted. In fact early in the year there were a lot of us who supported candidates other than Trump. But enough of us were willing to rally around Trump once he got the nomination that I think those NeverTrumpers got fed up and left of their own accord. I'm thinking specifically of Rick B and NK.

A few others like extraneus have disappeared for reasons unknown, and I don't even know their views about Trump. I'm not sure why Jeff left, but I think he just didn't like the tense atmosphere.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm thinking specifically of Rick B and NK.--

And Cecil.




I do sort of a cross between drop and bar, Dave. You make long logs on the cookie sheet, as with biscotti, about 2 in by 12 in. Then you bake and slice them. Like a bar but with chewy ends.

Beasts of England

The photo accompanying that recipe looks extra primo good. ;)

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

we want to avoid politics, goof, and consider this is the last field of endeavor that is performance based,


Beasts of England

That is too darned funny, TK!!

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

Speaking of Haiti:



If she wore the hood and had a traveling hump like Eyegor it would be an improvement.


And Cecil.

Yep, though he pops back in now and then.


I hope someone's documenting these attacks on Trump by these turncoats. We need a list for future reference.


I've found that most never Trumpers hate Trump more than they hate Rodham. It is illogical. Allowing RODHAM to win, is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to our COUNTRY and FUTURE. To suggest Trump is likewise is IMHO silly. I am as conservative as ANYONE HERE, we are NOT going to have a CONSERVATIVE elected. Let's make THE BEST of the situation. Nope. THE WHITE TOGA HOLIER THAN THOU'S have decided to SCUTTLE the SHIP.


She is willing to wear a burka, DJ.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think MM has her Squire Danaher list up to date, Rocco. :)


I developed an "eye drift" like HC's a few years ago. A simple surgical procedure corrected it, and I was in and out of the hospital in less than 2 hrs. right as rain. If Hillary reappears in a day or two sans googly eyes, we'll know why she cancelled her NC fundie.


I've found that most never Trumpers hate Trump more than they hate Rodham. It is illogical.

Keep in mind, Gus, the motivation behind the birthers was using a more conservative interpretation of The Constitution in an effort to ward off as much anti-American influence to The Executive as possible.

The opposition had to argue for a more liberal definition.

When "conservatives" do that, it is very illogical.


Dave (from MA). I'm in Mass, too. My husband's family is from Cambridge and they LOVE hermits. He and his sisters rave about their grandmother's hermits from back in the day. I tried to bake them once for my husband and the hermits were so hard they would not come out of the pan. My husband said not to worry, he'd save them and use them to shingle the roof :-)


...was to use...


King Arthur Flour was produced for a couple of years at The Wayside Inn Gristmill in Sudbury MA. This was the preferred lovers lane in my area back in the day.


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Right you are!

"Put his name on the list! Draw a line through it!"

I am not as conservative as some, being more a pragmatic type.

I actually think Trump is pretty conservative on a range of issues. The ones he's not on aren't that upsetting to me.

I find I like the guy. He's fearless and funny and willing to tell the truth.

Others have their own opinions, I am sure.

I want him to win if for no other reason than to see a huge number of political class people forced out of DC, particularly the consultants like Murphy, Wilson, Rove, etc.

I want those guys eating out of trash cans.

Now heading to bed.



Well, looks like I was right about Clarice's SMOOCHES and love (that rick guy). Still think we could make millions selling cosmetics, lipstick. Two parents SMOOCHING and family...

US doesn't recognize dual nationality. Irrelevent.

Voters? Well fadcists have the same attitude. Dumb too. Cant understand what it takes to administrate a government. What's funny is some countries have people thinking they're voters when they're not. Prime Minister won't allow the people to vote on them. Same with premieres(governors). Senate too, with life terms. Yet these have same powers or more than US. You have to ask these genious voters if they saw the name on any ballot anywhere. Chronic fatigue....


What the Never Trumpers have failed to grasp is that they are now effed no matter who wins in November. If Trump wins they will be outside the power structure, looking like the little match girl with their faces pressed against the window. Hell, they won't even get invited to the cool WH parties.

If Hillary wins, the Trump voters--and they number in the tens of millions now--will blame them and no amount of arguing or whining will disabuse people of that notion. Their fair-haired boy Ryan might win the nomination of what is left of the GOP in 2020, but if he gets as much as 30% of the national vote, it'll only be because the Dems will literally be running Hillary's corpse.

The Republican Party of a year ago is finished.


"Raisins. They taste sweet, but really they're just humiliated grapes"


I've been there, Rocco!

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

shirley they can't be serious,



I think MM has her Squire Danaher list up to date, Rocco. :)

I'm so grateful to MM, her intuition is spot on. Her and Porch have opened my eyes re Trump. Thank you ladies!

And pleased to our new JOM'ers from MA. Hudson here. Nite all


Ranger cookies have oats and coconut, right Iggy? Those are good, like Anzac biscuits, but different.

the generalisticly deplorable rich


I can only imagine.

Deplorable Kat (formerly supporting  Cruz/Fiorina)

Very early in the primary season I read an opinion piece from someone in The Economist about Trump.

The gist of the piece was that Trump is a disgrace to humanity and worse than Mussolini (they were not going for the Hitler angle just yet). The author deduced that after attending some public dinner affair, with Trump also in attendance. Trump (according to the whispers of the author's neighbors) arranged a dinner table where his current wife sat next to his current mistress.

There was no evidence offered other then "I have been told on great authority" statement by the author.

From this, the author concluded that Trump was not only vulgar and crass but so evil and even Mussolini would have been better as a Presidential Candidate.

This article was beyond ludicrous to me: how may people Trump actually imprisoned/executed/killed, how many freedoms curbed, how many murderous dictators has he supported to be in any way compared to Mussolini? How many wars has he actively and physically started/supported/ participated in?

And yet, this piece was offered solemnly as a solid analysis of a candidate qualification in a magazine that used to publish serious economic and political analysis.

How can anybody argue with this kind of madness? I fear that a lot of #NeverTrumpers felt similar visceral dislike to the man, but had to couch their argument in lofty reasoning.


You're welcome, Rocco!

That mill is really cool. I have a thing for old mills and also old limekilns. Our daily bread sure used to require a lot of work.


I'm definitely making hermits tomorrow. :)


TK...small world. Although Ford owned it for a while, it's better known for Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn.


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

Rocco, thanks!

I got to thinking while I was getting ready for bed and want to point something out.

Hillary's health is not just some election cover-up in order to jockey for power.

It is a direct and intentional breach of national security and a fraud perpetrated on the public.

People in the DNC have to know her health is failing. If she has ANY condition which would leave her mentally incapacitated, it is a direct risk to national security. We cannot have a president who is unable to perform the job, and who would have to let her VP (or unconstitutionally, her husband or Huma Abedin) run things. Incapacity with public knowledge would put the entire country at risk for all sorts of attacks, both military, cyberwar, economic, etc. Without a commander-in-chief able to make decisions, what risks would we face?

Also, concealing a severe health problem with the possibility that others would be in charge, or that the voters are unwittingly selecting Kaine as their leader, is outright fraud. I cannot see anything that would prove otherwise.

I am just amazed that no one has brought this up. It really is the culmination of the years of democrat and Clintonian fraud. Everyone in the upper echelons of the party should be fired. Or jailed.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

Now I really AM going to bed.



It is, Rocco. My family stopped there on our way to dinner at The Wayside Inn.

A famous JOMer's child was married there as well.

Beautiful countryside.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

and a new thread opened up, since we got into a food fight here.

MM, wonderfully stated at your 1116.


If there was a food fight here I must have missed it.


I saw some food get flung.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ranger cookies have oats and coconut, right Iggy? Those are good, like Anzac biscuits, but different.--

It's weird, Porch. I looked up Ranger cookies and all thy had were recipes like you said, but what we used to buy at the store called Ranger cookies were these square, moist, chewy gingerbready kind of things with raisins in them.


Those sure sound like hermits, Iggy.


And, new thread

Protest Manager

I find it amusing that President "All About Me" is discovering that for black voters it was actually "All About Them".

They voted for Barack, and nothing got better. The idea that they're going to make an effort to vote for Hillary in order to make Barack feel better about himself is ludicrous.

Peaceable assembly matters.

That's a nice insight there, PM.

Mother tongue.

Heh, and now that morons matter nothing matters.

Now that's gonna take a little more breakdown. If it comes to even mentioning that anything matters is deplorable, then nothing matters.

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