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September 20, 2016


Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, Jane!!

~ ~ ~

I'm not really a pro sports guy, JiB, but I think Belichick is brilliant. I was happy to see anything that pings Goodell. :)


Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice
It is sadistic to use the public school system, which holds a captive audience, to engage in a social gender identity experiment with the nation’s young people.



Hi, Miss Marple. Contact made. Will be in touch.


Wow, Mel Brooks is 90, he looks great.


Excellent piece, Janet, also very sad and frightening. I wish more parents would homeschool their kids, as, with all the online options/help, it's never been easier and more affordable.


From JIB's link:

President Obama, displaying surprisingly slow reflexes, then tried to protect his groin when he realised what the 90-year-old clown was up to.

I doubt anyone here expected his reflexes to be any better than a sloth.


The trailblazing Spaceballs creator

Spaceballs was more trailblazing than Blazing Saddles?


In nursery school Brooks' grandson was the wolverine's main squeeze. He looks just like his grandpa only much younger.

James D.

Clarice, I can top that. My wife did model UN with Max Brooks (Mel's son) and got to be friends with him.

She called his home in LA and spoke to Mel for 20 minutes, just chatting, without ever realizing until later (when she told a friend about it) who she was talking to.


I love Mel Brooks! If Hillary wins, I'll need to buy the most comprehensive "Johnny Carson Tonight Show" dvd collection at Amazon, and be able to escape to a different time with Johnny laughing with Mel, Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, and so many more.


Jamesd--Max and his wife are very nice people. I can attest to that.


Happy Birthday Jane!

If you vote for Trump I will wish you Happy Birthday next year too:)


Marriott's merger with Starwood is complete, and they're combining their rewards program. I'm not a big fan of loyalty programs, but Marriott has always been above the crowd with theirs.

Thanks for the heads-up. Got a ton of points with each.

Combined might be enough for a few nights someplace:)



Did the grandson have Mel's sense of humor?


He was a bit manic but then he was only about 3 or 4.

Jack is Deplorable! (And Irredeemable)

A little OT but Frederick has to take 10-20 words he learned in Vocabulary each week and write a paragraph using them: He's our next narciso:)

"The legendary and avowed prankster, well known for his antics, was quite enterprising. His work was frugal ,neat and he performed each one with a gingerly touch and grace. Although many a people say that his work is glut I say it is a bountiful way of expressing himself in different manners.In Fact when i met this man he made good banter seem minimized to a molecule of dirt. Even so people invalidate his work but it isn't maiming or causing detriment right?"


Mel was at his grandson's birthday party and the wolverine told him that his grandson was his boyfriend. I have pics of them hugging. Mel let the kids pick berries in his garden. (He also has an indoor swimming pool , but I don't remember if the kids used it.)

It is a small world. A cousin of mine, Nat Hiken, wrote comedy sketches with him fro Your Show of Shows when they started out and Gene wilder went to my high school a few years before I did.

buccaneer morgan

You rang.

They've been taken over by loki, or the telepathic twin.


Mel always spoke so lovingly of his wife Anne Bancroft. Imagine growing up in a home where Carl Reiner, Howard Morris, Ernie Kovacs, Sid Ceasar, Neil Simon, Gene Wilder, ... were friends of the family.

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, Jane!

Thomas Collins

Re the Pats-Texans game: The game certainly is an example of His Hoodster's resourcefulness and Brissett's ability to manage a careful offensive game plan, but my main takeaway from the game is this: For a supposed serious playoff contender, the Texans showed an amazing inability in the fourth quarter to throw it deep and at least try for a couple of quick scores. I don't care that the Pats were playing back. Even at 20-0, a couple of quick scores were needed. And down 27-0, the Texans were still playing as if they were behind 13-10. Contrast the Texans "comeback" offense with the one the Dolphins, hardly an NFL superpower, displayed last week in almost catching the Pats after falling behind 24-3.


Jack your kid didn't use the word "generalistcally "


It's not my birthday guys. I have no idea why facebook thinks it is. It's not even my half birthday. But Kiwi's is coming up!

Thomas Collins

Yes, Ryan Allen pinned the Texans down deep in their own territory with great punts, but I don't care. A real contendah slings it when slinging is necessary. Better, when behind 20-0, to play aggressively and give yourself a chance to win even if there is a risk of turnovers, than to in effect play it safe and try to keep the Pats under 30 points. Because that's how the Texans' offense appeared to function in the fourth quarter.


Oh well, the thought was there. XOXO

Thomas Collins

I suspected that, Jane. But Facebook rules now! If Facebook says it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze
I'm not really a pro sports guy, JiB, but I think Belichick is brilliant. I was happy to see anything that pings Goodell. :)

Posted by: Beasts of England | September 23, 2016 at 09:51 AM

The thing that will ping Goodell best, is the continued loss of viewers and interest in that useless, self-absorbed, unAmerican entertainment...

just saying.


A gal that I dated for awhile in high school was a real stunner. Parents escaped Lithuania as the curtain was falling.

She went on to New York and modeled for Wilhelmina Cooper after high school.

One time when I was in the city during college she took me to a party with some notables.

Robin Williams was even more funny in person than on TV.

Couple years latter I saw her walking on campus. She had gained 20 pounds and her modeling career was kaput.

Still stunning nonetheless.


Well then Happy Friday Jane.

Although they're hurting depth wise, the Pats Defense (and special teams) won that game IMO. They didn't allow the Texans a snap on their side of the field until about 2:00 minutes left in the third quarter. And it just might be Belichick's finest coaching yet.


Well Jane..if you vote for Trump, I promise to wish you Happy Birthday whenever it is:)


Can't believe UGA is ranked #12. The final score must trump everything else, because they've been almost unwatchable. I hope college teams learned from Mizzou's mistake and attention will return to the field, not political statements on the sideline.

Matt - deplore me if you must

Now that I've reached the end of the thread, huffing and puffing from hitting the arrows I need to rest for a moment after having caught up on the last 12 hours thread.

God bless Mel Brooks, A real American. And Jane as well!

I remember seeing Blazing Saddles after a very hot day roofing a house in Narberth, PA. As was our habit, we snuck a 12 pack of Schaefer into the run down theater where our friend worked and sat in the second or third row.

I loved The Producers, but Blazing Saddles was the definitive Mel Brooks movie for me. Puerile, flatulent, politically incorrect even for the time, maybe especially for the time, and in the face of all authority.

We whooped and we hollered and hollered and whooped. I have never laughed so hard or so well.

Now we have a bunch of candyass celebrities warning us how important it is to elect a no good, no talent grifter who puts Hedley Lamarr to shame. Whoever did that Trump edit is brilliant, and that is what wins elections.

Dirtbag leftists like Mark Ruffalo making millions and then propagandizing vulnerable know-nothings really pisses me off. We need people like SABO taking it right to them. Use their own tools against them.

When 70% of the protesters arrested just a day after the killing come from out of state we know we have a terrible problem that is being fanned by ruthless enemies of that which is good and just. This is beyond hardball. It's Bolshevik.

As the state cabinet said in BS, harrumph!

buccaneer morgan

Ruffalo smash, they are certainly under chtauri influence.


Debbie downer today: McClatchy, WSJ/NBC, and supposedly AP all have Hillary rebounding to a 6 or 7 point lead. Even the LA time/USC poll seems to be crashing for Trump. To me, that's a trend and I worry that the state polls, which typically lag, will reflect that in the next couple of weeks. Am I missing something? I'm cranky today because I spend yesterday having a colonoscopy and endoscopy - so sorry! I think Trump has really upped his game and I don't get why he's not improving. I don't want a repeat of 2012 when I disbelieved all of the polls and then Mitt lost. Good news, Pats won with great defense!! One more week without Brady and then we're off to the races!!


MAM, the polls are BS.

Hope that helps.


Help me Rhonda.

I don't see today's USC/LATimes tracking poll. Porch?

Tall boots.

Somebody should put 'Don't tread on me' on Nate Silver's snake.


Little sis and BIL are going to the Louisville-Marshall game tomorrow.

BIL's best friend's son is the long snapper for Marshall.

They got free tickets and invites to some great tailgates, so why not?

Will see a team that just might go all the way.


Gene Wilder (the Waco Kid) explaining "deplorables" to Cleavon Little (Sheriff Bart)... Reportedly, Mel Brooks hid that line from Little so his reaction would be spontaneous.


I still think external events will shape the election as much as the candidates themselves.

And I am still praying for Short Circuit to blow a 100 amp fuse in public.

Since she has to stand for 90 minutes on Monday night, might just be right around the corner:)

Anybody want to make book on how many "potty breaks" she takes?


If you're in a preternaturally good mood today, I'd suggest skipping Wretchard's latest.

Beasts of England

That's some fine wordsmithing, JiB!! Please tell Frederick to continue writing. :)

Old Lurker

I see on Drudge that Hillary has demanded and been granted permission to use a step stool behind the podium. Now THAT raises the stakes for her doesn't it? The lady who cannot walk up stairs unassisted is going to perch on a stool for 90 minutes.


Drudge also reports there will be no breaks for coughing fits etc.

Hide and laugh, mirthlessly or at least hushed.

It's probably just to embiggen her but oh, boy, the theories possible behind her request for that.

Besides, it's a mistake. Making Hillary more intimidating is intimidating.


Anything about ear-checks for hidden devices?


The Drudge link says no stool, but special small podium (scale model?).


I'd like to apologize to the Jets for screwing up their season.



I guess they focus-grouped short HC v. tall HC, and tall HC won. I'd think such obvious fakery would reinforce her "liar" tag.


Stools are a hazard for "wobblers". I bet the hidden platform has a handrail/grab bar.



I convinced a 90 year old woman at the pool this morning to switch from Hillary to Trump. She doesn't like Hillary but wants to see the 1st woman president, and at 90 - well...

But she changed her mind.

In other news I just spent an hour at Walmart trying to replace my Les Mis CD, as I am determined to blast the cross the street Hillary supporters out of their minds. Couldn't find it. I did find tacks.


BREAKING: Congressman says top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills given immunity deal in FBI investigation into Clinton’s email server.

gee, immunity to everyone involved. what a surprise.

Dave (in MA)

Glenn Reynolds got reinstated by Twitter, but his USA Today column is suspended for a month and now he's being investigated by his law school.

All because he remembers what happened to Reginald Denny.


The Drudge link says no stool, but special small podium

That makes sense. Team HC wants to emphasize the height deferential to make it easier to paint Trump as a bully.


"differential" - ugh


I imagine Insty has more than a few enemies at that law school itching to silence him like the tolerant little fascists they are. Bet they've been waiting for years for him to give them a chance.


Should be quote marks around tolerant in case you were wondering.

Art in Newport

Now that she has immunity, she'll agree to appear before a Sub-Committee and answer all questions by invoking the 5th Amendment.

Old Lurker

Art, between the immunity and "lawyer-client BS", we will not hear a peep from her ever.

Art in Newport

.. we will not hear a peep from her ever. ..

As I think about it, OL, that does sound a lot more likely.

Matt - deplore me if you must

Noonan has a column on the Year of the Reticent Voter and I think she is smack on target with this one:


The Leftists and Washington insiders have done their best to demonize Trump and his supporters and so they are laying in wait until election day now. This has probably had effect on the polls since the conventions.

Old Lurker

new thread

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