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September 17, 2016


Jack is Deplorable! (And a Musical Neanderthal)

No one beside an upholsterer is qualified to comment on Hillary's wardrobe.


Maybe this cheese diet story will wake TM.

He became noticeably devout after returning from a visit to his homeland two years ago, friends and law enforcement sources said.

There goes the "YouTube made him do it" meme.


the Drudge center column has a string of tired lefties, then a dog.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

an even more relevant classical reference,



There goes the "YouTube made him do it" meme.

How do you know he didn't see a YouTube video during his visit?

NPR of course had a whole segment this morning on the "Islamophobia" that results from attacks like these. Of course no documentation of a single act of reprisal, just interviews with Muslims claiming to be afraid to go to work. This is while Cuomo and DeBlasio cajole the targets of the actual attacks (non-Muslims) to continue to go about their daily routines and not let fear take over their lives.

Deplorable Momto2

"We have no idea why these wonderful young men suddenly and without warning became violent!"

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

this is what is called an alibi,



iPhone trick:

1. Load JOM thread first page.
2. Scroll to the bottom and click the >> arrow to go to the second page.
3. Put your finger on the URL box at the top of the page and tap it a second time to get the real address to show instead of the blog title.
4. Hold your finger on the URL box again until the magnifying glass shows up. When it does, slide your finger to the right until the line in the URL moves to the number "2" after "/page/" and before "/#comment".
5. Type in a "9" to make the 2 either 29 or 92.
6. Push "Go" down in the keyboard.

That will take you to the last page of comments.


How do you know he didn't see a YouTube video during his visit?

It is brilliant comments like these that keep me from quitting JOM!


I never thought of that!


And now that Clinton appears incapable of holding her own in a debate, the left wants to scrap the debates. This from Salon (which I won't dignify by linking):

Let’s call the whole thing off.

Not the election, although if we only had a magic reset button we could pretend this sorry spectacle never happened and start all over.

No, we mean the presidential debates — which, if the present format and moderators remain as they are, threaten an effect on democracy more like Leopold and Loeb than Lincoln and Douglas.


Sabato said on Maria Bartiromo's show that
Trump doesn't have a chance to win VA or

Larry Sabato
18h18 hours ago
Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato
Trump's surge prompts new Crystal Ball map: Clinton 272 electoral votes, Trump 215, Toss-ups 51. http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/the-trump-surge/
Embedded image

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

how does one say wolf pack,



That will take you to the last page of comments.

Or you can put a shortcut into your bookmarks by following the handy instructions here (scroll down to "How to Jump to the last page of a thread in Safari"):


There's also one for jumping to the bottom of the page.

Beasts of England

A few of us here at JOM predicted, just a few short weeks ago, that if it looked like Trump had any chance of winning, they'd send Garland through committee.

Quite frankly, it's the one single item that they've proactively gotten right in the almost two years that they've held that chamber, and they're gonna fuck that up, too. All hail the Uniparty!

And fuck George Bush, too, for supporting Clinton. I'm not at all surprised by it, either, but it's grating to see it confirmed.

How anyone with half a fucking brain can continue to support weasels like Kasich or Ryan or Romney is beyond me. Just fucking idiots, I guess. Sadly, they're useful idiots - for the side trying to destroy this country. They can all fuck off and die...

p.s., have a nice day! :)

Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, James D!!


Yes, Happy Birthday James D!

Deplorable Momto2

Happy Birthday James D!!!

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

happy birthday, james d.

so the stoner wannabe ghazi apparently referenced awlaki in his note,

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

hot take, right off the griddle,


Deplorable Momto2

Crist thinks H. is "honest" but the audience ...not so much!


Marlene,Wicked Deplorable

Happy Birthday James D!


Happy Birthday James!


Turns out Musk knows about as much about security as the DNC. Chinese hack a Telsa as it drives. Which only means his security is as good as a Jeep Cherokee.


HB, JamesD. How great that your Giants won for you!

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

so it really was a primal scream, the other night,


dunz will not explain smod to their satisfaction,


HB, James D


New thread! Happy Birthday, James D!


Condolences to RattlerGator whose Gators' QB is out this week with a knee injury.

James D

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody!

James D

Beasts @ 10:03

I second your post. Every single word.


A Kennedy tells us Bush is gonna vote for Clinton....WHO CARES!!?

Who cares? Build the wall.

Kennedy, Bush, Clinton...those are exactly the people regular Americans are SICK OF.

We are sick of the idea that their opinion matters more than any other person's opinion.

Which Kennedy is she anyway...the addict, the one that left a woman to die, the one accused of rape, the one that attacked a nurse, the one driving while on Ambien, the one that wrecked the car at the U.S. Capitol, the one with the sex diary, the one photographed in the nude?

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


This is pretty interesting and the research seems accurate.


HB Jamed D. Hope your cake doesn't DIAF.


Goodbye, dear thread.

You started off well and did good service for so many wonderful readers and keyboardists here at JOM so we thank you for that, but after awhile, just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the relationship got too long and twisted and bizarre to continue and just wasn't worth the effort anymore, so like a younger and prettier French girlfriend, TM put up a new Post. Sleep well dear thread, in the dusty vaults of cyber-Heaven. May we resurrect your good posts from time to time, so don't sniff..., make a complete stranger, sniff.. of yourself...sniff.


daddy, what a sweet eulogy. :)

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