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September 17, 2016


the generalisticly deplorable rich

seems the way to bet on those things is that whatever the politicos and press report, its the opposite.

sort of a journalist Costanza rule.


I also noticed that she's wearing what look like winter outfits (that green upholstery thing she had on today) even though it was quite warm (high 81). No more concern about 'overheating' I guess.

My prediction is that she will show up to the debate and get through it without short circuiting, basically repeating memorized talking points in her mechanical style, and the MSM will go bananas over her courageous performance.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I would recommend the 500S&W.:)

the generalisticly deplorable rich


that's depressing.

Beasts of England

I'll try it from the opposite tack: she's on a downward trend, and skipping the debates can't reverse that. Debating gives her a small chance of landing a significant blow against Trump, and regaining her mojo, baby.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Because by running, win or lose, she's added tens of $millions to her net worth?--

And because by running she drastically lowers her chance of indictment.


that's depressing.

rich, I'm not saying it's going to work with the voters. The MSM is a parody of itself.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

since they used the self hating gay card, back in june, they have to resort to troubled loner t dawg from three years ago,


Been catching up on a really good day here at JOM.
Rodham is throwing feces at the WALL like a Corona drunk monkey. It's quite entertaining. I don't know who Cankles thinks her current target audience is, I mean, she's got most of the REEETARDS already.
Here is my story.
Mrs G goes to Stein Mart tonight. Looking at clothes. A....errrrrrr....TRANNIE.....with OBVIOUS TWIG and BERRIES and short shorts, wig and womans blouse, says hello and begins feeling examining "LINGERIE". The Mrs expressed disgust and fear, and left. She did not want to "bump into" the TRANNIE in the LADIES CHANGING ROOMS.

Is she a bigot???

This occurred very close to Henry's office. Not that I'm suggesting HENRY had anything to do with this......(smirk)

the generalisticly deplorable rich

yikes. that would be a can of bear mace!

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

steinmart, I thought you only had to worry about target, why did we swerve into the crying game as the template for this reality?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wretchard's latest.


Ig? Why would you choose the .500 Smith and Wesson??? You don't NEED something like that for hunting squirrels!!!

the generalisticly deplorable rich

>>>Because by running, win or lose, she's added tens of $millions to her net worth? It's only in the last few weeks that the scam (that she can't win) has come out, and all those donors to the foundation and her campaign aren't getting their money back.

Posted by: jimmyk | September 20, 2016 at 12:09 AM<<<

crud, my comment disappeared.

... something about at some point you have stolen enough money and that a minimally competent money manager can keep the Clinton Crime Foundation running even without the bribes ... big finish.

... but her network admin had to go to a public message board for basic questions on email setup ... competence ... wtf!?!


something about at some point you have stolen enough money

You're thinking rationally, these are people who took tax deductions on used underwear and stole furniture from the White House.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

>>>I'll try it from the opposite tack: she's on a downward trend, and skipping the debates can't reverse that. Debating gives her a small chance of landing a significant blow against Trump, and regaining her mojo, baby.

Posted by: Beasts of England | September 20, 2016 at 12:14 AM<<<

I'll change my prediction that'll she skip them just for comity. This whole thing is just weird.

the generalisticly deplorable rich


I wouldn't go so far as rationally (tipsy?), but wow, in another age that sort of grossness would have had them shunned in polite and impolite company.

Beasts of England

Comity at JOM? Boooooooring! ;)

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

they are grifters, that make a mockery of the term,
gluttenous, arrogant, and noisome in their stench,



Narciso, I'm not blaming STEIN MART, I'm merely pointing out that TRANNIE FREAKS are REAL and in very very very small numbers. But there is ZERO REASON to encourage this mentally ill behavior.
And there is CERTAINLY NO REASON for WOMEN to have to be subjected to THE DUKE LACROSSE TEAM using the same LADIES CHANGING ROOM at STEIN MART as WOMEN.

See what I did there??

the generalisticly deplorable rich

well beasts, I've got enough other things going on that I don't want to come here for a food fight and y'all convinced me.

and speaking of food I went a bit overboard and grilled up a steak and scallops with some steamed broccoli and carrots.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

none dare call it treason, because treason doth prosper,


the generalisticly deplorable rich

most likely looking to provoke an incident and sue, sue, sue. happened in Baltimore about a year ago at a fast food joint.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

well writer is a charitable description of conor f,



Rich, people are trying to handicap, what is left of this race in logical and somewhat moral terms.

Rodham is going down. The disgusting witch, is physically, mentally, morally and ethically sick too. Here is the GIG.

There is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too much at stake, for the COMMIES, to not have a BOMB to THROW yet. There will be a HAIL SATAN pass thrown yet.

Imagine being a CONSERVATIVE on the wall of a RODHAM or a DNC strategy meeting. NOTHING you have EVER seen in a movie could possibly rival what is ACTUALLY GOING ON. I mean, talk about HONOUR AMONG THIEVES!!!!? These prix and bastards are ALL IN. They are like a guy cheating on his wife, with a Woman, cheating on her husband. DISHONOR in 3D. It's like THE MOB.


Beasts, just took possession of a vintage early 80's Epiphone solid body electric.

I'm sick.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

and this is when john cleese, slaps them with a mackerel and knock some sense into them



SUE sue sue sue, and have the CORRUPT LIBTARD GOVT. settle for millions. It's SOCIAL JUSTICE.
What we are facing is SHIT that Paul Ryan and his NAIVETTE has never comprehended. It's like a 15 year old white kid, finding out how THE HOOD WORKS.

PIGFORD. How many Americans know about it.

the generalisticly deplorable rich


>>>There will be a HAIL SATAN pass thrown yet.<<<

hahahahahahahahahaha ... a good one.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

so ducky, the original illya kuryakin, turned 83 yesterday,

the generalisticly deplorable rich

>>>Quoting Cheong's claims that 'no single group or ideology has ownership of the meme," Mensch argues: "That is untrue. While Pepe, one a harmless frog meme, may have started out as a widely used meme, the frog is now a symbol of the Nai Jew-baiting of the alt-right".<<<

We have officially moved into the post-parody age.


Rich!! Have you noticed the EXTREME desperation??
Trump and David Duke. Trump is a BIRTHER on and on and on, and the MFM pushing the STUMBLING SICK and DRUNK RODHAM toward the finish line at the BOSTON MARATHON?????
Trump has NOTHING to do with DAVID DUKE.
Rodham is videotaped and photographed kissing THE WV KKK GRAND KLEAGLE Robert Byrd on the lips. Billy the Rapist learned at the knee of Fulbright.
Sid Blumenthal was shoving BIRTHER IDEA'S up Rodhams INFECTED TWAT.

Those the Rotten Rodham campaign are trying to BULLSHIT and INFLUENCE are too few to be of use.

She is in DEEP TROUBLE. She has health care bennies up her "WAZOO" and she's still VERY ILL, she has MONEY, MUSLIM PAYCHECKS, up the WAZOO, and she is STILL VERY VERY SICK.


the deplorable buccaneer morgan

michigan j, caused all sorts of hardships, did you not read the moving scrolls,


the deplorable buccaneer morgan

these last two, are h/t charlie martin, another old friend, the last seems improbably but awe inspiring nonetheless,


the generalisticly deplorable rich


Her campaign does seem to be in a panic. Like I said, the whole campaign season is just weird.


Yes Rich. We are post parody. We are post parody, because after all the LIBTARDS have lied about and manipulated, and BOUGHT vis a vis VOTES and LOYALTY......THOSE THEY HAVE BOUGHT are not happy. They are not SUCCESSFUL, they have NEVER BEEN RESPECTED by the DEMOCRAT PARTY, and they are NO LONGER going to eat RAMEN, while RODHAM eats steak and CORONA. What is LEFT for the COMMIE PARTY???
Rich, we've seen what our future is.... Bill Clinton found a way to meet with Loretta Lynch and WORK A DEAL. The MEETING on the TARMAC, Bill the Rapist, and AMERICA'S ATTORNEY GENERAL STORY is the worst type of FUCKING BULLSHIT in HISTORY. And it's been swept under the rug for the most part.
IF THIS SHIT CAN HAPPEN. What happens when they have COMPLETE CONTROL???

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

and this last via mark o,



Rich, again, we've jumped the shark. Rodham's entire lifes story and those who surround her, are DYSFUNCTIONAL FUKWADS, YET, the PUBLIC and LIBTARD MEDIA, see's her as Good and Honorable Public Servant. THE SUPPLICANTS are braiding their own NOOSE. They are completely unaware of the lack of INTEGRITY and they don't care.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

But don't they already have control?

It was Obama's AG and his FBI director who declined to go forward with any charges.

We're bombarded with their sloth everyday.

the deplorable buccaneer morgan

and I finish with this silly person,



Oh Yes Rich. Rodham has been a CRIMINAL since she graduated from Law School and was on the Watergate Committee....FIRED.

Nothing she has done, has ever been held ACCOUNTABLE. What would STOP this EVIL BITCH from doing MORE??? Where would she be held accountable, AND.....Why would anyone expect her to be HONEST and abide by the CONSTITUTION.

It's been done before. Rodham is a PSYCHOPATH.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

burgers, chicken, and seafood ... with a side of jihad.

bet the business was mostly a front.


there are white dwarf stars, that admit more light,


Did you see where they just discovered that Black Holes burp?


Rich, Obama is seeking another 110,000 "refugees" from Syria.


Seriously. What is in OBAMA'S interest to bring 110,000 MORE Refugees from Syria to THE U.S.A.??
Why ARE THERE ANY REFUGEES???? What caused this REFUGEE SITUATION, and WHY are these REFUGEES not HOUSED, WELCOMED and FED, until they can go HOME in nearby countries.
AND!!! If it's a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS, why isn't the U.N and THE MUSLIM WORLD helping. AND....wouldn't it be more prudent for us/U.S. to HELP FINANCE this, WITHOUT MAKING THIS AN AMERICAN FINANCED AND PERMANENT U.S. WELFARE PROBLEM????
LASTLY. Where the FUCK is THE GOPe???

the generalisticly deplorable rich

>>>They are completely unaware of the lack of INTEGRITY and they don't care.

Posted by: GUS MAS DEPLORABLE | September 20, 2016 at 01:17 AM<<<

I think this might be what is making my teeth itch. They know they are reporting lies.

Just read buc's 1:18.

>>>Shame of all this is that we have an actual problem with Islamist-inspired violence. Trump's rhetoric both diverts and exacerbates.<<<

So we have to lie about everything and hope it all just sorts itself out?

Islam is a religion of peace.
Diversity is our greatest strength.
"That is not who we are."

and so it goes. and by and by an islamist agent at DHS "just made a mistake" and waved through 800 or so terrorists.


You know what Rich. Liberalism, Communism and Socialism DO NOT WORK. Doesn't matter if you have a hard on so turgid that you WANT COMMUNISM to work. It doesn't work!!!
It's like trying to turn copper into GOLD, or like trying to invent a PERPETUAL MOTION machine.
Libtards/Commies, WANT IT TO WORK. However, these dimwitted LOSERS early ON, recognize that....IT CANNOT WORK. At that point, they become FASCISTS.........YOU ARE A RACIST BIGOT, because THEIR FAILED IDEOLOGY ......doesn't work. AGAIN: Early on, the REALLY NICE PEOPLE who are liberal morons, CANNOT FIT THEIR round peg into a SQUARE HOLE...so....AGAIN...You are a RACIST, a BIGOT, Homophobe OR EVEN A BIRTHER!!!!!!!


Rich, why would the AGENT....NOT WAVE THRU, the nearly 900 MUZWADS would were COMPLETELY SET and on a list to BE DEPORTED????

Oh my, if HERR HITLER actually KNEW what was going on, SURELY he would have STOPPED IT!!!!!

If you fight the HORDE, you are UNEMPLOYED.


And this SHIT from the Washington Pile of SHIT and 2 of it's DIMMMMMMMEST bulbs. Both of whom are obviously retarded FUKWADS. To wit:

(((((And it’s unclear what was going through the 20-year-old’s head when he walked into a shopping mall in the small Minnesota city where he’d grown up, wielding a knife.))))

IT'S UNCLEAR, what was going through the 20 year olds head????????????????????????

No it isn't, clearly TRUMP made him STAB PEOPLE.

This shit is EPIDEMIC. We've bred, aided and abetted this FUKWAD nonsense.



Unclear what was going thru his mind. BULLSHIT and NONSENSE.
He walked into a shopping mall in the small MINNESOTA CITY........"WHERE HE HAD GROWN UP"........DUPLICITOUS BULLSHIT...ANGRY MUSLIM "GREW UP" in a culture that is not, was not, and did not fit his IDEOLOGY. NICE TRY LIB MEDIA.

Can we GUESS... just GUESS ...what was going THRU ALLAHU AKBARS MIND??????? Seriously, CAN WE VENTURE a GUESS????????


I am still catching up and seeing questions arise about this Combetta guy's efforts to delete his comments at Reddit today about destroying Hillary's E-Mails:

"If it's true that #StoneTear is Clinton's IT specialist Paul Combetta, would that demonstrate intent to destroy evidence?"

My concern about that is that last week at the Josh Chafetz Hearing, where the immunized perp refused to even show up to answer a Congressional subpoena, Chafetz told us that we did not even know the details of what the Immunization deals covered because the DOJ had refused to release the details to the Congressional Committee. In addition, when the Committee asked the perp who did show up, if he would produce his copy of the Immunization Agreement to the Committee, he refused by taking the Fifth, and the other guy who didn't show up obviously didn't produce his.

All in all this tells me we don't know what was covered under this agreement, and with this corrupt DOJ in office and zero effective oversight, it seems to me they can just make it up as they go along in order to protect their stooges and stonewall the public and the Republicans.


The Wretched link above has this on Angela Merkel admitting she now realizes she "Effed up big time in not thinking thru the consequences of inviting in a million Muslims:

..the internal Western Jihadi threat may become chronic. It will never be solved. Not at least for decades. Acknowledging this fact, Angela Merkel admitted as her political party was drubbed at the polls "if I could, I would turn back time many, many years to better prepare myself, the federal government and all those in positions of responsibility for the situation we were rather unprepared for in the late summer of 2015."

That reminds me of a dog walk conversation Dennis Prager had today in Hour 3 today with former Time reporter Michael Walsh, now PJ Media and the NY Post, who spent 10 years living in Germany:

Prager: Michael, you lived in Germany for awhile.

Michael Walsh: Yeah, quite a while. Ten years at one stretch.

Dennis: So when I said earlier on the show, that the German's just tend to be wrong, and you know I totally am OK with guests disagreeing with me, how would you react to what I said. (Dennis had said that the Germans learned the wrong lesson from WW2--They learned the lesson "Do Not Fight," instead of learning the lesson, "Fight Evil.")

Michael Walsh: Oh I would say something that Goethe said about the Germans that I like to quote, he said: "Oh Germans, you make life harder for yourself than it needs to be," which I think sums them up precisely. For example, if you're driving on the Autobahn and you're going 150 Miles an Hour or something, and you see a big fog bank coming, the Germans will drive into that fog bank at full tilt, because an accident ought not to happen therefore it won't happen. So they really are theorists in a kind of strangely...

Dennis: That's brilliant. That's right, they're theorists.

Michael Walsh: They are. What shouldn't happen won't happen, and what should happen will happen. And they are 0 for 2 in World Wars thanks to thinking like that. They don't get it.

Dennis: Thats so interesting, that's right, they love ideas. The French also love ideas!

Michael Walsh: Yeah, but they give up faster.

Dennis: Because they're more interested in having a good time?

Michael Walsh: I think so, yeah. Exactly. And this gets to the Merkel thing, because she didn't think there would be any negative consequences.

Dennis: I know, No, no it's perfect. It's exactly right. Also they're making up for the last error.

Michael Walsh: Yeah.

Dennis: We were too bellicose, now we'll be pacifists. We killed the Jews so now we'll bring in millions of Muslims.

Michael Walsh: That's correct. There's actually something in the German Constitution called (Asylrecht) which means "The Right of Asylum." And after the War they felt obviously and correctly terrible about what they had done to not only the Jews but the World, and they decided that anyone who came claiming asylum would be granted that, pending proof that they weren't really asylum seekers. So this is formulated in the German post-War thinking. But it never occurred to them that a million people from an alien culture, basically seeking Welfare, would show up on their doorstep, so they can't synthesize those 2 ideas---that's the problem there.

Dennis: Her Party there, as I reported earlier, lost for the first time since WW2 in Berlin.

Michael Walsh: In Berlin, right. Exactly.

Dennis: Germans are beginning to wonder, "are we committing suicide?"

Michael Walsh: Uh, they are, and of course some of them think they should.

Dennis: That's correct. A lot of, and no, not just Germans, but Americans, Europeans...Open Borders is suicide.

Michael Walsh: Totally. No question.

So with Wretched and Prager's in-puts, I now click on Merkel's latest comments in the UK Daily Mail: Merkel wishes she could 'turn back time' over refugees as her party makes historic losses in Berlin state elections with mayor warning of 'resurgence of Nazis in Germany'

...But she continued to resist calls from within her conservative bloc to set a formal upper limit for the number of asylum seekers admitted to Germany.
And she struck an optimistic note about the ability of Europe's top economic power to eventually integrate tens of thousands of refugees who will remain in Germany, including many from war-ravaged Syria...

'I am absolutely certain that we will emerge from this admittedly complicated phase better than we went into it,' she said.

Seems to me like she just entered the fog bank and stepped on the gas even harder. G'nite.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


This has portions of an interview with Julian Assange, but no documents have been released yet.

The comments are quite interesting, however.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

And now for something completely different:


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


$500 million to refugee start ups.

Gee, wonder where that money will really go.


Miss M, Hilligula's campaign needs that Dr Canavero stat!

Perr nd Spective Co.

Peter UK, PUK, is laughing. 👻

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


LOL! I should have thought of that when I posted it!

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


The Hill chose a rather obscure "right-leaning" poll.

LA Times has him up by 7.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


Actual headline:

Bombing suspect is a US-hating homophobe: baby mama

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


So, this article quotes Trump who said "a bomb went off in New York and nobody knows exactly what's going on."

Hillary said "“I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey and I’ll have more to say it once we actually know the facts.”

Trump never claimed he was briefed. Hillary DID claim it. So why is this article more about Trump's statement?

Sill question; we all know why.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

I am going to quit posting articles for a bit, in the hopes that TM will start a new thread. People on phones are probably still scrolling through the pages to get to the end of this one.


Work for food(stamps) in WI got 15,000 onto payrolls. That would probably work in Europe once the jihadis figured out no more free lunch.

James D

Appalling media malpractice (and incitement) of the day.

On the local channel 7 news this morning, they previewed a developing story as follows:

"An unarmed black man with his hands up was shot and killed by a white police officer. More after the break."

So if that's all you saw because you've got the 6 AM. We so. To catch weather and traffic while you dress and eat breakfast and so forth, what impression are you left with as you start your day?

But of course that wasn't the I'll story. When they show the actual video a few minutes later, it turns out the man who was sot was not just standing there innocently. He reached back into his car, apparently against the orders of the police, and that's when he was shot.

Now it may still have been a bad shooting and the officer may have acted wrongly, but to advertise the story with the full BLM propaganda message is irresponsible and dangerous and totally dishonest.


Unarmed black man in Tulsa shot by white female cop - Lots of unknowns, but that the deceased's family spokesman is Benjamin "Show Me the Money" Crump isn't reassuring. Anyone who refuses a LE command to stop, continues walking to his car, opens the door, and reaches inside for what could be a gun is not wise.


Will the rest fall in line?


Appalled (Alt-Moderate)

I see by the news that Poppy Bush has told a Kennedy that he's voting for a Clinton.

Party lines are a fragile thing, but Aristocracy is forever.


More proof that no twig from the Kennedy family tree, even one as insignificant as Kathleen, should ever be trusted. How shameful of Kathleen to publicly report the private musings of a 92 yo man without his permission.


Douchebags gotta douchebag. Obama's SC pick getting moved along. Can't let that barbarian Trump appoint a guy from his list they all said they liked.

Make and Up Body Shop Co.

Clarice maybe you should call MARS and sell your smooches (not the corleone ones).🍫

James D

Deb @ 8:31

Exactly. Lots of unknowns but the headlines are deliberately inflamatory, of course.


Are they trying to lose their elections, henry?

Somehow I don't see GHWB's Hillary vote hurting Trump any.


Have we hit the comment record yet? Hope TM is okay.


Good question from Reddit:

If Crooked Hillary's speeches are so good that they cost 250-750k an hour, why does nobody go to her free ones?



Hillary Clinton is a "style icon" ... claims WaPo Style Editor, followed by pics of some of the ugliest clothes I've ever seen.


I guess "icon" doesn't have to have a positive connotation.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it


My dem daughter (who doesn't like to talk about politics because it is depressing and Trump is evil) just texted me that Politico link.

I noted that 1. source was a Kenndy and 2. I don't really care. I then asked her if she wanted me to start sending heer political articles, because I have a WHOLE LOT.


or "fashion" is back to its traditional place as things guaranteed to make people look stupid.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

Women should think twice about voting for Hillary, because if she wins there will be nothing but ugly pantsuits in the stores.

I am serious. Look at all the ugly crap that showed up after Fashion Icon Michelle showed up.

I haven't bought many clothes over the last few years because everything seems to be sleeveless and made of horrible materials and ugly prints. I blacme Michelle Obama for this.

Melania Trump always looks well-dressed, whether iin suits or ballgowns. I want fashion like that to come back, as well as Ivanka's well-tailored ready-to-wear.


GWB lost reelection 20+ yrs ago for being out of touch. Drudge's feature pic at the moment is a perfect and funny illustration of GWB's disconnect with reality.


Deb, I like that Hillary is holding onto her chair for dear life in that pic.

buccaneer morgan

All the houses of westeros are in agreement, they feel about trump the way they did Ned stark.


Fox just covered the stonetear story.

Ras has Trump +3 in Nevada. That should tip the RCP average.


I bet they wrote the results already. UW / Dane County (aka Madison) to study impact of voter ID in Nov.

Miss Marple 2, Deplorable and Proud of it

Dinesh D'Souza Verified account

And I see the sister of our NY bomber is on a progressive committee to promote "diversity" at Rutgers University


henry, at least she's keeping her knees together unlike Mooch.


Jimmyk 's 12:13 is right on the money.



The democrats will all pile on about the
eldest Bush voting for Hillary. I really don't
care either.


1492, Clumbus sailed the Ocean blue..l and microaggressed the natives


dang... miss timed it.


Porch, that is a very good thing.

Deplorable Momto2

If the electorate were influenced by Bush's choices, we'd all be seeing Jeb! on the ballot in 48 days.


And I see the sister of our NY bomber is on a progressive committee to promote "diversity" at Rutgers University

Rutgers is also the home of notorious Prof Jasbir Puar:



And DeBlasio wants more muzzie immigrants. Why cant he treat them as well as he did Phil the groundhog?

buccaneer morgan

It's like the wicked stepsisters have a franchise, still trying to Jam that shoe, into the foot.

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