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September 30, 2016


buccaneer morgan

it's really gone down the rathole,



Fox & Friends: guy climbs barricade yelling "Bill Clinton is a rapist!" Heh.



Fans are excited today in C'lumbus. Former coach Earle Bruce "dots the I" during script Ohio.

I would pay cash money to see it spelled "Ahia", just once!

Deplorable Momto2

JIB - I posted about the friends/Facebook poll yesterday. I got the idea from Herman Cain (remember him?)

Anyway - you go to the search bar and type in the candidate's name - their official page will pop up as an option. When you click on their page - over on the right hand side it will show the names/number of your friends who "liked" or follow their page.

I don't know if this works on a phone or not. That's how it works on a laptop.

I don't think it shows anything very significant but most of the people who responded to Herman Cain had a much larger # of Trump supporters. That is understandable as most of them were supporters of Mr. Cain.

Hope this works for you!

Deplorable Momto2

I think it's amusing that while the Dems are out screaming about the Russians hacking into our voting system, their minions are quietly going about registering dead people and allowing illegal immigrants to vote.

Who is going to stand up and demand this be stopped?

JM Hanes

Currently watching The Great War in 10 minute, week by week, YouTube segments. It begins with the last week in July 1914, so if you start now, you can catch up pretty quickly, and thereafter watch an episode a week for the latest in WWI news! The narrator has a quasi-period look and sound, himself, which goes with the documentary footage from old news reels, clippings & pix.

Fav WWI tidbit so far: Conrad von Hötzendorf, the Austrian army chief of staff, was once described as "the most dangerous kind of officer, both stupid and intensely energetic."

There's another site that's doing Real Time WWII in Tweets! This one starts in July 1944 with the invasion of Sicily. North Africa always seems to get short shrift! The only problem is that it takes forever to scroll back to the initial tweet to get started. Is there a trick for doing that? The way Twitter seems to have things set up now, you can only link to a specific tweet, which appears in an overlay; you can't link to a specific position in the tweet stream itself. You could develop carpal tunnel syndrome trying to get back through more than a year's worth of tweeting!

Hitherto unknown WWII factoid: Poor Ukraine can never catch a break. "Not content with stripping Ukraine of coal, grain & timber, Nazi occupiers ship trainloads of fertile black soil ("chernozem") back to Reich."

Captain Hate

Fans are excited today in C'lumbus. Former coach Earle Bruce "dots the I" during script Ohio.

Ol' 8-3 Earle; I really hated that POS for the way that Schlichter's gambling problem blossomed under him. It might have happened anyway but to hell with Earle. His maudlin on air breakdown at Colorado State, where he also went 8-3, is one of my faves.

clarice b. for Brainiac

New thread, possums.

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