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September 30, 2016


Captain Hate

Leon Wieseltier is a pretty smart lib who doubtlessly didn't survive one of the Children of the Cornhole's periodic purges because he wouldn't give up his support of Israel. I wouldn't automatically dismiss watching the show because of him. That doesn't mean he's incapable of saying something nutty although he usually pulls back from that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

Yeah, I can see Jonah sitting there in a smoking jacket lecturing us on excessive political enthusiasm because Hitler or whatever.

I will pass, too.

henry the deplorable

I have plenty of Mel Brooks DVDs for just such an emergency.


Ivanka's first ad:


Deplorable Momto2

I suppose when your candidate doesn't generate any political enthusiasm, the only recourse is to disparage it!

Free James D!

Ch, I wouldn't dismiss it for Wieseltier, I'd dismiss it for Goldberg.

But they'll only be on for 5 minutes to introduce the movies, so tuning in at 8:05 would work fine, if I wanted to see any of the movies in question (which I can skip, too, except for "Mr. Smith").

Speaking of TCM, they're showing "Reds" right now. We tried to watch it the last time they showed it a couple of years ago, and we lasted maybe an hour. It was a chore and a half to get that far.


A Face in the Crowd. What an utterly obvious choice.

Free James D!

Also speaking of TCM, they showed an hour long interview with Gene a Wilder last night. It was fantastic. I believe it was called "Role Models: Gene Wilder" and it's well worth looking for when it's shown again.

Alec Baldwin was the interviewer. He's a horrendous human being with repugnant views and a distressing personal history, but I will say this: he is a damned good interviewer and he certainly knows and respects his movie history.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

Alec Baldwin must be a good actor because in Red October he played a character who loved his country.


From narciso's fishwrap:

The call happened just two days after FBI Director James Comey told Congress that there had been more “attempted intrusions” in U.S. voter registration databases and that the agency was looking “very, very hard” at whether Russian hackers were trying to disrupt the fall election.


They're planting the idea that when Trump wins, it's because of fraud/hacking.

He really needs to win big.


An independent ad retweeted by Kellyann Conway:


buccaneer morgan

that was real acting on his part, also beetlejuice, where he played a hood, was playing to type,


I like Baldwin's acting. Plus we are related - common 17th century ancestor. :)

Free James D!

We will never be rid of Obama:


Many U.S. presidents, upon leaving office, try to fade from the national spotlight and live the rest of their lives as private citizens.

President Barack Obama implied in a Vanity Fair interview that he might choose to go a different route.

Not that any of us here probably expected anything different, but it's distressing to see it being discussed only.

buccaneer morgan

that was the slobberfest with doris kearns, as bgates would say, kim jom il, would wish for this kind of press,

buccaneer morgan

where did they find the staff in a mosh pit, considering tommy 'the dude' vietor probably,


buccaneer morgan

well I thought initially, a passion project to john reed, original political pilgrim seemed flawed, but it showed how the latter was a premature sjw, so emptyheaded he fell for lenin's agitprop, hook line and sinker, also in stapleton's emma goldman, it relates the first wave of repression, which he refuses to accept,


Judicial Watch: FBI Used Redacted Documents to Question Clinton Aides


Captain Hate

The new improved ewok's dissection of MeAgain Kelly is one of the best I've seen. The comments are good too. TK would love it; where is he anyway?

buccaneer morgan

you know I detected a certain feeling of deja vu in dot's remarks (that's what her friends call her, I guess)


Captain Hate

The emails begging for Twitch have reached critical mass; even Schmucky is in on the scam.

buccaneer morgan

I see you a herbert croly, and I raise you a randolph bourne screaming in the ether,



You want to see a fucking psychopath in action???


Listen to this EVIL BITCH and her METHODIST FAITH.


LINKY! http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/30/hillary-is-back-on-the-trail-by-which-we-of-course-mean-coughing-her-butt-off-at-campaign-rallies-video/

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Cooking article. In the 1920's and 1930's, some Jewish people emigrated to Mexicio! (I never knew this.)

Anyway, it resulted in matzoh ball soup with a Mexican flair.


JM Hanes

Designers rate greatest album covers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable



Only saw one of her Idol performances and didn't do much for me.

This suggests Haley Rinehart, if nothing else, will make money in Vegas;)


Implicitly biased deplorable jim

I believe Curb Diver was choking on her words. One of her lies is bound to kill her.
She is pure evil.


Captain or Narciso,

In translation, can you guys please give me a steer toward the Anti-Megyn Kelly article. I scrolled through what I thought was the HotAir website but found nothing on Megyn. Cheers.

Captain Hate

daddy, it's at AoS, which this wonderful software won't link. I'll try to do it on the following comment.

Captain Hate

Nope, didn't work again.

clarice b. for Brainiac



buccaneer morgan

pixie is a harsh mistress, what is striking is bezos has devolved more into the associated kos than even carlos slims, it's not two minute it's something much more pernicious,


AoS??? Kind of like Gateway Pundit?? TMZ??

buccaneer morgan

you know there is a point where you do validate the oppositions's argument,


buccaneer morgan

well gus, it depends on which source hoft uses, now time magazine, which shames it's founder every day,
did their best senior wences impression, and he's been right on some things, as wrong in others,


Clarice, did Trump bring a RESET button with him???


Hoft is a clown.


Clarice, great to see you one the brainiac list. And your new "b" here.

buccaneer morgan

he seems to be aspiring to peak insanity,


clarice b. for Brainiac

Gus--he just was in his element.

Nytol again. and smooches.


Anyone who thinks RODHAM is more capable than Trump is a MORON. Our country is full of FREE SHIT ARMY morons.
Rodham is a sociopath AT LEAST. ZERO MORAL CODE. ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS, And 4 STILL DEAD in Benghazi. And she LIED in front of their FAMILIES, their COFFINS, and THE WORLD.
RODHAM is a DISGRACE. RODHAM has been a LYING DISGRACE since the day she was born.
Her BELOVED Husband is a SEXUAL PREDATOR, and she is COMPLICIT and 100% AWARE of what HER HUSBAND has done.


Thanks Captain. Found it.

Meanwhile, if you thought no Governing body in Sports could be as screwed up as the NFL, think again: Female chess players forced to wear hijab as governing body awards world championship to Iran

The world's top female chess players have reacted with horror after being told they must compete at next year's world championship wearing a hijab...Fide's Commission for Women's Chess, meanwhile, called on participants to respect “cultural differences” and accept the regulations...

...In response, Grandmasters lined up to say they would boycott the 64-player knock-out and accused the game's scandal-hit governing body Fide of failing to stand up for women’s rights...

Nigel Short, the British former world title contender, said: "There are people from all sorts of backgrounds going to this, there will be atheists, Christians, all sorts of people.

"If you are deeply Christian why would you want to wear a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?"

Checkmate, Nigel!

Trump ought to offer to stage the entire Tournament in one of his Trump properties and tell the Iranians to pound sand. Unfortunately, if Trump did that, the media would accuse him of being a Nazi lover.

"Nazí Paikidze---reigning US Women's Champion!


Daddy, she's a damn NAZI!!!!! I'd like to show her my ROOK.
Actually, if you look at what a PAWN LOOKS LIKE.........nevermind.

I denounce my deplorable self.


The Orlando shooter's wife still hasn't surfaced, by the way.

Golly, I sure hope we're able to get her Absentee Ballot to her.


Quit horsing around, GUS.

buccaneer morgan

illustrating absurdity is not allowed,



Daddy, the ORLANDO wife has no doubt gotten immunity from James Commie. I'd love to see Commie get his throat slashed on national TV.
This scandal is as big as ANY in U.S. HISTORY.

buccaneer morgan

she'll be voting from the hamas phonebank in the westbank from the 2008 campaign,


"If you are deeply Christian why would you want to wear a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?"

"If you are deeply Christian why would you want to wear a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?"

"If you are deeply Christian why would you want to wear a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?"

the generalisticly deplorable rich

maybe this works

some text here


Billy Jeff Clinton touched KATHLEEN WILLEY in a SEXUAL MANNER, on the day her HUSBAND committed suicide. Billy Jeff Clinton found a woman in EXTREME DISTRESS and in EXTREME NEED of kindness and in need of a JOB. Bill Clinton acted as a PREDATOR.

CHAMPION OF WYMYN???? Psychopath.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

well the above is a tinyurl to the ace post ... can only figure it is the "?" in the url that is kicking the links here.

might try tinyurl for Scott Adams posts too.

buccaneer morgan

that seems to work, how did I forget that, alright we've dialed to eleven, arriverderci,

the generalisticly deplorable rich

so does this work

a link to scott adams blog


Rich. ACE is a phony and a complete coward. In addition ASS-HOLIO of SPADES is a fukwad.

He has been dead to me for 7 years.

Btw. Patterico is an ass-hole too!!!

the generalisticly deplorable rich

I'm stumped as to why I can't directly link to the Adam's blog but the tinyurl seems to work. The only thing that jumps out is that it is marked as spam by Typhuspad.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

daddy was asking for a link and Captain Hate tried. I have been wondering why I couldn't link to the place either.


"I spent my life fighting for CHILDREN, and I'm not stopping now"

That is a MOTHER FOCKING Psychopath. And HALF of AMERICA accepts it.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

lol ...


I was looking for a link to John Colter, member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Couldn't find one.

My son is named Colter, after John.

Very neat, Caro.

If there's ballsier story in American Western History than Colter's naked race from the Indians intent on killing him, I don't know it.

RSE, Thanks for the Mary Colter, architect links. Great reading.

Captain. Take MannyT's advice and definitely do Canyon de Chelly.


John Colter. BALLSIE!!!
99.9% of Americans have ZERO idea of what LEWIS and CLARK accomplished.
Lewis and Clark were racists, murderers, and disease spreading WHITE MEN.

wtf happened to this country???


Here's a cool final shot from spaceship Rosetta as it smashes into a comet yesterday.

Looks about like Meteor Crater the Captain's going to visit soon.

Many neat images in the archive link as well.


Is ANYONE stupid enough to NOT recognize Obama's personal HATE for Israel??

Not a tough question.

Pretending to honour Shimon Peres, MAKES ME SICK.

Obama is a pile of human waste.


How do you do a write in electronically? Paper?✔


Many dont consider it a symbolic oppression and insist on wearing it everywhere as well as work, like cops. Hides head and some face, not necessarily bad for those forced to view, but bad for the good as evil doers (thiefs 'n terrorists)

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable

Our betters at the UN:



A bit more info coming out on the 19 year old Vote Fraud guy at JMU who signed up the 19 dead voters. He is, unsurprisingly, Andrew Spieles, a junior political science major. His tweet and Facebook pages are rapidly disappearing like Hillary's E-Mails, but the papers say he's a Democrat, and in some mock Election a few months back he pretended to be Ted Cruz, and according to a write-up, turned in a Cruz mocking performance.

He's "Lead Organizer for HarrisonbergVotes@gmail.com" and his picture comes up at the top of the JMUVotes website.

"Every Vote Counts" reads a pic at the JMU Votes link.

Not if Andrew Spiels has anything to do with it it doesn't. He tried to cheat 19 honest Americans out of having their legitimate Votes matter by letting 19 phony votes cancel out their honest votes.

I'd recommend one year in prison for each vote he tried to cheat. Maybe that'd send a message that we're finally ready to take Vote Fraud seriously in this country.


The L.A. Times daily tracking poll (Sep. 24-30, which includes 3 days pre-debate and 4 days post-debate)


has Trump up 46.7% to 42.3%, thus Trump support is down .6% from yesterday while Clinton support is UP .6% and zag back towards Clinton on the first day where a majority of the sampling has been post-debate.

The poll shows black support for Donald Trump down from 18.2% three days ago and 17.7% two days ago, 16.9% yesterday, is now at 16.3% -- hmmmm.


RCP doesn't do its own polling, they do averaging, so their office politics is not much of a factor -- which is a big part of why they're useful.
Posted by: JM Hanes | September 30, 2016 at 11:09 AM

JM Hanes, I disagree. I know RCP doesn't do their own polling. They don't have to is my point. I suspect it is something along the lines of what rse is suggesting; something has been baked into the cake. When you see the visceral reaction of the political *industry* to Trump, that sparks deep, deep distrust in me in the accepted tools of the industry. And RCP is *the* accepted tool for the shapers and handlers, this is (IMHO) why they have lampooned these instant online polls -- they simply can't shape and control them nearly as easily, and they very clearly capture the combination that has bedeviled them this cycle -- a revulsion for the global elite and a very surprising enthusiasm for Trump.

Tom R, September 30, 2016 at 01:17 PM, I'm not so sure the L.A. Times daily tracking model doesn't still retain an ability to play with their model (thank you, fine print - September 30, 2016 at 02:18 PM, for the fine print! as it pertains to their poll).

What I'm curious about with their daily tracking model is whether their shaping and handling (yes, I do presume they can still do so; it's a poll, they ALL retain this ability) runs contrary to those snap polls that showed a very clear advantage for Trump, do they show the debate being a neutral event (the likelihood, IMHO), or do they show an advantage for Clinton. If it's an advantage for Clinton, I know the shaping and handling is far too much with them, too, in this tool that appears designed to be a polling refinement. That's my bias.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

That Ewok column was pretty good, but since I got fed up with her long ago, all I can say is "Welcome to the party, pal."

I do like the moniker for her of "MeAgain." Sums her up in a nutshell.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I thought the checking of each candidate's page for likes by your friends on Facebook (which someone mentioned yesterday) was pretty interesting.

On my Facebook friends it's 16 Trump vs. 4 Hillary.

Now obviously this is weighted by who my friends are, as I don't have too many dem friends other than relatives and the odd acquaintance left from high school. It's also weighted by the fact that some people (like me) don't use Facebook for political stuff. However, I did take the opportunity to like Trump's page when I was there.

Checked with my son, who uses Facebook far more and has a wider circle of friends including lots of democrats due to both his age (Gen X) and his work history. He told me he had checked this a couple of days ago and his friends were running 75% Trump.

I don't know what to think about all of this poll stuff. Can they actually factor in new voters and decamping democrats? I don't know. I also don't know if they are rigging polls to cover voter fraud.

I am well aware that it's easy to be misled. That's why I don't look at polls very much one way or the other.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh, before I forget, I wanted to make a comment about the mic issues.

The microphone in question was Trump's microphone for the hall, not the one which picked up his sniffing. In other words, the people in the hall couldn't hear him well. That is why he sounded sort of loud.

Now, Trump has been working on not shouting everything, as anyone who has been paying attention should have noticed, including NBC and the Clinton camp.

What better way to move him back into talking loud than to goof up his audio for the hall, so that he feels the need to raise his voice so that the live audience can hear him?

That was deliberate. If I were his people I WOULD stop the debate until things are fixed.


Anyone else see bo in shirtsleeves and tie blowing in the wind yelling yesterday at bill clinton yo come on or AF1 would leave him in israel?

He came across as a self-absorbed, skinny jackass no one in the world respects or fears. It was kind of the standing equivalent of his feet on the Resolute desk.


Must be a sleep in morning.

Old Lurker

"He came across as a self-absorbed, skinny jackass no one in the world respects or fears."

Don't you just love it when the mask drops?

Miss Marple the Deplorable



James D.

rse, that's because he IS a self-absorbed, skinny jackass no one in the world respects or fears.

Janet S.

Another good Deplorables t-shirt from Diamond & Silk - http://www.shop-diamondandsilkinc.com/product-p/2001-deplorable-gy.htm

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Truth About Alicia Mecahdo by Paul Joseph Watson


This is a very good take-down of the whole stupid controversy.

I still say, after watching this, that someone should check on when she got her citizenship, when she applied, how she passed the required background check, and if her application was expedited and if so, who okayed it. (I noticed that Hillary made a big deal about her getting her citizenship and being able to vote.)


Miss M, at 8:44, I thought Trump could turn it around on Hillary with the mysterious citizenship thing, but perhaps it's wiser to not comment on it.


"To be fair there is a lot about Hillary that is bafflingly dated."

This is why you are the best, TM.


Farage is going to coach Trump in prep for the last two debates. Heh, this should be good.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is Hannity's show from last night with the three women who had been involved in beauty pageants with Donald Trump. Recommend watching.

buccaneer morgan

since the much ballyhoed inquest on iraq, got so much press,


Jim Eagle

Someone tell me how to do the FB thing where you can check your friend's party inclination?

Also, I'll try to post a photo later but there is a large beautiful estate home at 61 South Main Street, Southampton that has a huge Trump 2016 MAGA banner spread out between the pillars leading to the front entrance. This is BFD and I just hope he has it electrified and has extra security cams and even patrols because that house will be under prog and illegal siege.

The bravery of this home owner to flaunt his opinion right in the heart of Southampton is admirable but I do fear for his house. The progs and liberals in this town are all ex-Manhattanites where their vote doesn't count as much as it does out here.

buccaneer morgan

see if you notice what scott shane fails to,


very ambiguous, I would think,


I was at a small gathering last night (5 couples). We didn't bring up politics, but three of five (including us) declared support for Trump at some point, the other two were silent. This is on the Upper West Side. Not a random sample of course, but the important thing is that no one was embarrassed to say "I'm voting for Trump." (I think the two quiet couples are probably Hillary voters.) Also one of the couples votes in FL.

Which reminds me: Does FL have early voting? This couple mentioned that they might not be in FL on 11/8 and weren't sure if they could still get an absentee ballot.

buccaneer morgan

yes, jimmy from october 24th on, as of current notice,

Jim Eagle


Florida has early voting. 10/24 to 11/5. I am voting absentee this year.

BTW, in re voter fraud. If I vote absentee which is not opened until all the votes are cast on 11/8, then how do they know if I didn't come back to Florida and vote in person at my precinct. Do they check every absentee against the sign-in rolls from the precinct on election day?


jimmy-I voted in Fla for years and usually tried to go down during the two weeks of early voting. If you always vote absentee, Fla will stop sending absentee ballots after several elections under the theory a resident should be there more often than that.

Particularly fun to go vote and then go to Halloween parties at the beach.


JIB-they know who has requested an absentee ballot and whether it has been turned in. We used to get numerous calls to our answering machines where they would say "we see you have asked for but not yet returned your absentee ballot." That was usually my husband who was less likely to be there in person.

My next door neighbor was in charge of the voting precinct and she said they do know a lot and cross-check, but that was walton county in the panhandle.


Yes Jack,
On the rolls it shows you already voted absentee.
Even if you requested an absentee ballot you would have to vote a provisional ballot so that you could t vote twice. It would say you were sent an absentee ballot.

buccaneer morgan

apparently they can't be bff's no matter how many friending requests,



That's remarkable, jimmyk. Maybe the monster vote is real.

buccaneer morgan

probably one know that public disclosure of one's voting inclinations gets you the spartacus treatment,

JM Hanes

Speaking of Facebook friends:

If anyone here has sent me an unanswered friend request, please don't be offended or take it personally! I really haven't used Facebook for anything but checking out pix posted by my kids for years.

I resented Facebook's efforts to worm it's way into every facet of its users lives from the start, and the whole clutter of social media just turned out to be one electronic bridge too far for me. I've been meaning to cancel the whole account and replace it with a family only one of some sort, but just never seem to get around to actually doing it.

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